Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Everyone is Out to Get Bill

First it was Google, then Craigslist, Ripoff Report, the AMPPS, the Joeys, Facebook, now its Ma Bell who is out to get Windsor.  AT&T through its Yahoo email site has pulled the plug on Bill's nobodies account. And of course that means they must be in on the conspiracy too.  Maybe this is all part of Judge Thrash's plan.  Bill sees $$$$ in his eyes as he continues to add muliti-billion dollar companies to his lawsuit roster. His cable provider better watch out as they may be next in line after a late night infomercial "lures" Bill into buying a knife that can cut through shoes.

Then again, maybe there is a simple explanation.  Maybe enemy of the State Bill Windsor really is the horrible person everyone says he is.  He did violate the terms of service and has been justifiably shut down....the better question is how was he able to use those conduits for his stalking and terrorist activities all that time?

Bill is also back to bashing Facebook as he claims to have received a message from their legal counsel:

"Then today, I received an email from the attorney for Facebook saying: "...as an active Facebook user you have agreed to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, which provides in part that Facebook may stop providing all or part of Facebook if you violate the letter or spirit of the Statement or otherwise create risk or possible legal exposure for Facebook."

Now the first question is.....if Bill Windsor said it, can it be true?  I would maintain that its not possible. We have read, through court documents, just how these email exchanges go between FB's legal team and Bill. Just about every email he sends is laced with several scurrilous tirades followed by more threats. 
Facebook's attorney's respond with a professional, tempered and topic specific response.  But more to the point....why would Facebook continue to allow this monster to operate a page?  He is already suing them, while using their very service to slander and defame the company to his fellow zombies.  Case in point, he is currently using FB for some kind of countdown till Friday with bloody red background that could be construed as a threat for violence.

All of this is simply another attempt to distract his followers from his utter failure.  Even now they are sounding off their praise for their F├╝hrer, as they thank him for all that he has done (none of them can list one single tangible result, however).  But this little foray into his made up Lawless America world is only a brief exit from reality....and reality has pushed him into a corner he can not escape.  Even a slightly sane person would give up at this point knowing when he was beaten, but Bill has lived his evil life on not taking no for an answer so we can expect him to continue his hopeless endeavour of being a 65 and 2/10ths year old bully.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Windsor Can't Even Keep His Threats Straight

Bill has gone pretty quiet as he tries to endure his recent string of legal losses and public humiliations by sheltering in place at an undisclosed room in Dallas.  He has started a countdown.....which will end on Friday but he wont reveal what its for.  Coming from a desperate, lonely, delusional, obsessed and hate filled person....the fact that he puts each number in the countdown in red background could be construed as a threat of physical violence (certainly by his standards it constitutes a direct threat of physical violence).

I have always said you can not possibly underestimate just how stupid Bill Windsor is.  As all his "joeys" keep running through his hate filled mind, he can't keep his lawsuits or names straight.  This was evident in a comment he made on his facebook page last night:

Bill Windsor Jeff Swiney, cease and desist posting on my Facebook page, harassing, defaming, and stalking me. You will be named a defendant in Windsor v. Joeyisalittlekid.

Jeff is already named, and has been from day one, in the frivolous lawsuit he has in TX against this blog.  To say Bill is "losing it" would be a gross understatement at this point.  He should not be allowed to drive on open roads as he is clearly a danger to society now in every way.  The bully's bluff has been called....the old man is out of tricks.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Bill Windsor Exploits Mentally Handicapped People for his Own Evil Plans

Bill was called out on his facebook page for his continued stalking and harassing of innocent people, oh and the fact that he is a fraud.  He then went into full meltdown as a coward always does when confronted with the truth.  Bill decided to try and change the topic by downloading a bunch of year old video clips from his nobodies doing a "promo" for his fake movie.  You know, its that stupid clip where they hold a mask up to their face saying I'm a nobody...and then removing the mask as everyone screams "ohhh please no put it back on".  Bill did this to rebut a claim that he doesn't even have a trailer for his fake movie.  But the main reason he did this was to drown out the dissent and truth telling that was going on with his page at the time. But bringing up all his old clips and showing all the different people he exploited brings to mind some other videos of his....


This poor woman was part of his "targeted individual" group...yes he did more than one of these. She believes the government is sending her messages in her head by microwave or whatever other big words she can think of. She even suggested that they (the government) control her casino card and allow her sister to win just to make her jealous.  As you can see in the video, this woman has a very clear mental deficiency and anyone who cared about her would try and get her help. Bill most certainly doesn't care, he just wants to exploit her and toward the end of the video you can hear him interject and even lead her on.  Instead of helping her, he is feeding into her mental disorder and making it much worse.  This is why Bill is a monster, he isn't a human being and isn't capable of compassion outside of his own self, thats why he is divorced....can't say his wife's name in public and is banned from contact with his grandchildren.  Pain, despair, destruction and hopelessness follow whatever he touches.  We have obviously touched on his legal woes, but the most despicable act he does is to those who believe in him and actually think he is working for them.

Of course Bill also exploited the truly evil people in this world as well.  You can read about some of those cases here:  http://lifeinpiercecounty.com/Bill-Windsor/The%20Faces%20of%20Lawless%20America.htm

Windsor is due in court in Missouri tomorrow and the big question is will the coward even show up for his scheduled beat down tomorrow?  Will he fake another injury, will he skip it or will he storm into that courtroom with all his anger and fury?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Open Letter to Bill Windsor

Note - this Open Letter to Bill Windsor was originally published on facebook on 07-05-2014 (source post - http://tinyurl.com/Open-Letter-to-Bill-Windsor)

Mr. Windsor

You maliciously registered my name as a domain name. Your intent was to intimidate me, for as we know, you have registered the names of many people as domain names, including judges and officials, as well as ordinary citizens who don’t even know who you are, much less have done anything to you. This includes ‘associates’ of people whom you have targeted—people’s elementary school teachers, their co-workers, their ministers, their family members—none of whom have heard of you much less ever uttered a word about you. You go after innocent and unsuspecting people after finding them linked through social networking sites. And you have asked your followers to hunt them down—to find information on them such as their addresses, driver’s licenses and social security numbers. And you’ve driven across the country to physically stalk and harass people who you say you are in extreme fear of. And you’ve published photos you’ve taken of their homes, their workplaces, their vehicles. And you’ve published hate-dot-com sites about many of these people using hearsay, innuendos, and completely fabricated tales as your “proof” that these people are deserving of your wrath. 

What you have done, much to your despair, hasn’t silenced me, but instead inspired me to publish my opinion of you on the public platform known as the World Wide Web—an opinion formed while observing your activities and behavior over the past two years, as well as the vast amount of court documents and information published by others since the dawn of the internet regarding your history of fabrication, falsification, inflated claims to fame, and your disturbing repeated show of support for many people who were rightfully convicted of heinous crimes against others, including rape of children and cold-blooded murder.

I believe it is safe to assume the reason you haven’t initiated further attacks on me is because 1) you haven’t been able to dig up any dirt on me because none exists, 2) because I’m respected in my community which includes many elected officials, law enforcement personnel and others who, unlike you, are successful, productive, healthy-minded individuals who actually DO things to make our country a better place for all, and 3) because you fear that by posting anything about me, it might lead curious minds to my website – www.LifeInPierceCounty.com - where they can learn things about you that you do not want them to know, in an easy to follow format.

You have claimed I was a volunteer for your organization. That is false, for I figured out before providing you any assistance that you did not meet the basic standards I require of people whom I agree to work with. I explained that to you, and in return you issued me one of your Cease & Desist demands, surely assuming I wouldn’t know my rights under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Then you followed by registering my name as a domain name, and making false statements about me online, and threatening to sue me to the point of homelessness.

You have accused me of conspiring with others to destroy you, and/or to destroy your “movie”, and/or your “business”, and/or your “non-profit”, and/or the “political party” you claim to have founded (and released a State of the Union Address video on behalf of), and/or destroyed your marriage, and/or destroyed your family members’ willingness to allow you to remain part of your one-time family. Your claims are false. I am an individual, with individual thoughts and opinions which may, based on information available to anyone seeking it, coincide with others who have looked into you and your claims—and whom have also chosen to exercise their First Amendment rights by expressing their independent opinions of you. By no means does that constitute racketeering, much less a criminal act of any kind.

As a result of your substantial record of bombarding courts with your perpetual Paper Terrorism activities, which lead to your designation as a Vexatious Litigant by several courts (and counting - see evidence here: http://tinyurl.com/Bill-Windsor-Vexi-Litigant), you have been on the radar of Washington State & local officials for some time now, and if you should decide to take aim at any of our state’s citizens, unless you bring a *legitimate* case before our courts, be prepared for another rightful smack-down, and, as noted in recent court documents, additional sanctions against you.

Until the day comes when you: A) release my domain name AND B) you remove my name from your many bombastic rants in which you accuse me of crimes AND C) you end your assault on anyone who disagrees with you (and the many people who you’ve gone after but who don’t even know you) AND D) you cease your effort to amass a cult of followers, many who are unsavory individuals, in effort to try to “take over” our government, I will continue to openly share my opinion of you and the chaos you intentionally manufacture. Why? Because I believe it is my civic responsibility to forewarn people of known danger, and you, by your own actions, have proven to be quite dangerous.

Stacy Emerson

P.S. To the Facebook attorneys who are currently defending facebook against one of Windsor’s vexatious attacks, if you deem that I have violated FB's TOS by using your platform to publish my open letter to Mr. Windsor, feel free punish me accordingly. And to the many judges and attorneys who are following Mr. Windsor’s vexatious attacks on the courts and people of our country, whether out of personal interest or while fighting one of his many lawsuits, I respectfully tip my hat to you for your patience in dealing with people like Mr. Windsor who finds great joy in abusing people and the people’s justice system. May you find a swift and permanent means to put an end to his rampant abuse.

P.S.S. For those unfamiliar with Mr. Windsor, have a look at his facebook page, and take note of the tone and quality of what you find there, whether posted by him or his cult of followers - https://www.facebook.com/billwindsor1.

Of special interest is two particular recent threads:

Windsor post of 07-04-2014 - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204395786961317&set=a.1865609366531.2111583.1429920220&type=1

Windsor post of 07-05-2014 - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204403999686630&set=a.3465500322805.2164985.1429920220&type=1

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Windsor Again Gets Caught With His Hands in the Cookie Jar

And the hits keep coming.  In the same week that he takes a true beatdown from the Federal Court in Montana, Bill then takes another blow out in California this time from the attorney for Facebook. After Bill played games with FB's demur motion, Julie Schwartz did the most damaging thing anyone could do to Bill....she made that court aware of his horrific past.  Thats right, she Thrashed him:


Uh Oh, Bill got caught with his dirty hand in the cookie jar once again.  He tried to play the same game in Cali as he did in Texas by sending a letter and assuming that no response means a yes.  Well that dog wont hunt and now they are filing an exparte order, and it was granted, to obtain the leave he never got.  The emails from Schwartz to Bill serve as the perfect example of who and what Bill is.  He is a liar and a bully.  He says the Thrash order is void and he will provide proof....but never does.  Of course the order is very much not void despite what he and his partner in crime "susan" claim it to be.  Bill's little game of semantics between "seek leave" and actually obtaining leave are exposed.  His third grade antics won't work here.

Another interesting thing to come out is Bill demands, in the email exchange, that Schwartz tell him who it was that alerted her to the GA order.  How dare she, or someone else bring up his paper terrorist history into this case.

The irony is that just like in the Texas case where Bill played this sneaking little "if you don't say no that means yes" game with a letter to the Federal Judge in that district, the FB case now backfires on him as he has already demonstrated to the court in California the exact behavior that mandated the ruling in the first place.  Had he gone in and obtained actual leave right off the bat...before anyone really knew who this monster was, he might have pulled it off similar to what he did in MO and KS. But as always, the biggest enemy to Bill is Bill himself.