Friday, February 27, 2015

Will Ada County Prove to be Fugitive Friendly?

Bill Windsor made it quite clear on his facebook page that his main hangout would be a state that is fugitive friendly on extradition.  He must have thought that Meridian Idaho would be the perfect place to "get out of jail free" if he was recaptured.  Today is his arraignment hearing at 9:30 MT. Will a judge prove that he was right?  Or will he find out that Idaho is not open for fugitives.

If the judge gives the two state bond jumping fugitive a new bond, it will be clear that Bill did pick the right place to hide out.  Bill is a multimillionaire facing the rest of his life in prison, he can handle whatever bond they give him and use it as another chance to go on the run.  So I guess we will watch and see if they do the right, or very wrong thing in Ada County Idaho today.


So it seems they had the hearing at its continued till the 5th.  They don't seem to be playing the game Bill had hoped, so maybe ID isn't fugitive friendly like Bill thought

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bill Windsor's Own Private Idaho

Its ironic that Bill's last facebook profile pic is the one that is on there.....the Lawless jeep pulled over to the side of the road while the sun sets in the background.  Its also ironic that Bill choose Idaho as his final destination as a free man.  Everyone has heard of the movie or even the song...but notice the actual definition from the Urban Dictionary:

"This is a phrase taken directly from the 1980 dance pop song, "Your Own Private Idaho" by the outrageous party band, the B-52's. 

It means "living inside an Idaho potato", or a very small space. Metaphorically, it refers to someone who is not paying attention because he is daydreaming, or under the influence, or otherwise wrapped up within his own very narrow sphere of interest or frame of reference."

Wow....that really sums up Bill.  He spent so much time wrapped up in his own stupid internet game, which no one else believed anyway, that he forgot that there really is a real world out there and one in which he is a wanted individual, and no his get out of jail free card wont work there.  If there was ever a time to come out of his potato its now as he is facing, most likely, the rest of his life in jail.  But early reports seem to indicate we will see the exact same Bill that the Nation has come to know and despise.  Windsor was to be arraigned on the 20th, the day after his arrest, but its now scheduled for the 27th with a new judge.  Supposedly Bill asked for the first judge, whom he knew nothing about, to recuse. Thats right Bill, just keep being yourself, I'm sure it will work this time.

Also, unconfirmed reports are coming out about his arrest.  Word is that Bill was arrested in a posh home in a gated community in Meridian ID.  His arrest was shortly after the noon hour and he was on his computer in his jammies at the time of the arrest.  Have we taken our country back yet?

The good news for Bill is he is now getting the attention of the somebodies.....and he might finally get that long sought after trial in front of a jury.  The question now is, how many different jurisdictions want him?  We know of TX and MT, but is ID also going to charge him and might the Feds still be looking to join the fun?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Idaho is the End of the Line for Bill Windsor

First hand reports when Bill was arrested in Ellis County say that Bill Windsor sobbed and screamed uncontrollably as he was put into custody.  Well, look at those eyes, he can't fight back the tears...the sorrow.  Those eyes tell the whole story, its over and he knows it.  On the bright side, Bill gets to finally get back into a courtroom.  Of course the downside is its a criminal court and none of his games work there.  Windsor is finally going to learn something he has spent his whole life running from....the rules really do apply to him.

Something tells me Jennie Morton wont be picking up his vehicle for him.

Who will he use as his phone a friend?  He just disinherited Ryan.

Leave it to Bill to be so vain that he can't change his appearance, even as a fugitive.

Will information on Bill's laptop incriminate "Angel" and "Butch".....others?

Windsor really picked the wrong guy to mess with in Patrick Wilson.

Now that he is in custody and can be legally served, how many of his victims are lined up strike back in civil court?

Just how many felony counts will Montana slap him with, hundreds?

Which state will he be extradited to first?

Will Bill depose himself at his own trial?

Load up on your popcorn, this is gonna get interesting...and hilarious.

Bill Windsor Arrested in Idaho!!!!!!

Today is a great day for America, after 66.6 years of hurting other people, Bill Windsor has hopefully breathed his last breath of free air.  A big shout out has to go to the DA's office in Ellis, particularly detective Ward and Alwardt, as well as the DA's office in Missoula county MT.

37 mins ·
I am happy to report that the multi-state fugitive William Windsor has been arrested. He is now in custody in the state of Idaho.
I want to extend special thanks and congratulations to two of my investigators, Jeff Ward and Bob Allwardt, for their diligent and thorough efforts in tracking down this wanted man.