Friday, May 15, 2015

Bill Prepares for Court

                                              Windsor Takes the Stand

Windsor is taking all those rules, laws, procedures and protocols he never learned, understood or followed in civil court and is now applying them to his criminal case.  While complaining about how he doesn't have enough time to properly prepare for his preliminary hearing next week, Bill has spent all his time composing (while typing with his two fingers mind you) all kinds of frivolous and spiteful motions.  He doesn't like the judge, and for that matter he isn't going to like any judge that follows the law, so he is back to playing his game of "you can't be the judge because I say you are conflicted". This time, instead of saying the judge's wife is a "joey", Bill is going to call the judge as a witness. Bill also spends an entire motion calling for the case to be dismissed for not giving him a speedy trial within 6 months while completely ignoring two major facts to that point: 1.  He fought extradition both in TX and ID and 2.  He was a fugitive from justice for nearly two months.

Bill gives us a sneak peak into a "chapter" of a "book" he is never going to publish.  And guess what? That sneak peak chapter just so happens to be a rant and spew fest against his family. How dare Ryan not take Bill's phone call while he was in jail.  After all, it was Bill that took Ryan's stupid ticket scalping internet company and made it into one everyone across the nation now knows.....and laughs at.  He then goes on to violate his divorce order by mentioning his ex wife, ending it by saying he will never speak to them again.  That may be true but you can bet that they still we get spiteful messages from Bill through some kind of internet conduit.

While Bill is still spewing and ranting about judges.....he has a special hatred for Missoula DA intern Tyler Dugger.  Tyler and Bill are polar opposites.  Tyler earned, from hard work, his current position in life.  Bill was handed everything he had which he then squandered.  Tyler has his whole life in front of him, Bill is nearing the end of his.  It is no wonder that Bill has a special hatred of Tyler. While Bill gives Tyler the usual online defamation treatment that he loves to do, Tyler continues to whip him in court....and that will most likely continue on to trial.

If there was ever a time in Bill's life to focus and get to work....its now.  But he's as distracted as he's ever been.  In usual Bill form, his legal defense strategy seems to be  to throw thousands of pages up against the wall and hope something sticks.  He is also finding out that the discovery process is much more focused and regulated than what he was use to in civil.  He can't quite understand why he isn't allowed to go intimidate, bully and defame the listed witnesses.  Windsor wants no part of an America that wont allow witness and jury tampering.......that's why he calls it Lawless America.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Windsor is Free....Sorta

Bill Windsor finally bonded out and is a degree.  Bill must wear his ankle monitor and stay in Missoula County until his upcoming trial at the end of June, but other than that he is free.  As always, Bill ran home and immediately jumped on facebook.  He seems to now understand that he must focus on this upcoming trial in Montana.....but he hasn't figured out that he needs to hire a lawyer.  Thats right, he is still going all the way pro se, and he thinks he found a good argument.  He is going to argue that he didn't get a speedy trial because MT didn't schedule this new trial until well after his math says it was 6 months. I guess we are just supposed to forget that whole fugitive and fighting extradition thing.....yeah lets just pretend that never occurred.

One thing Bill's time in jail has seemed to effect is whatever filter he had left is now gone. His little diary he kept in jail which he now promotes as a "book" is a deviant's reflection of his time in county lock up.  Is it any wonder his grand daughters can't speak to him?

Then we have this:

"Bill hadn't had a haircut in 81 days.  Bushy is the word.  The barber has Parkinson's Disease.  Seriously.  Bill says he was shaking so badly that he could't even imagine what might happen.  His comb was like a lawnmower blade.  When the barber took his razor to Bill's unruly eyebrows, Bill said all he could do was close his eyes and hope for the best.  He still had eyebrows when he opened his eyes.  His nose was missing, but Parky said it will grow back.  Bill Windsor would never think of getting up and leaving after seeing the man shaking like a washing machine on an uneven floor.  It was a hair-raising experience, but Bill Windsor says he was shocked to see that he got a really great haircut.  No idea how, but it appears that Parky the Parkinson's Barber knows how to control it."

Real classy Bill....making fun of a poor old guy trying to make a living and dealing with a horrific and debilitating condition.  Windsor always was just a junk yard school bully and this is it on full display.  Leave it to Windsor who has never worked a day in his life to make fun of the local barber.

"So, you may be wondering about P & P Nail Salon.  Yes, real men do get mani pedis.  Sierra worked wonders.  Bill Windsor went 60-some-odd-years without ever having a mani pedi, but his ex-wife talked him into accompanying her one day, and he now goes about once a year.  He says it's like getting a new pair of feet.  After Parky the Barber, Bill was quite apprehensive about Sierra.  She spoke ENGLISH!  Bill asked if she trained in Viet Nam, Korea, China, or The Phillipines.  She laughed and assured him that she got her training right there in Missoula Montana.  Bill Windsor promised Sierra and Parky autogaphed copies of his Wanted Poster."

Uhhhhh, here we go again with the belittling of the working class.  No one is ever going to hold up Bill Windsor as the standard bearer for male masculinity and heterosexuality, and that was true before he admitted he is addicted to manicures.  Then its on to Asian stereotypes as Bill's mind is blown by the fact that the woman doing his "manly" nails isn't from the far east and can actually speak the language.   What a wonderful person Bill is....inside and out.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Windsor Gets His Jury Trial

From the official.....well not really official, public mouthpiece for Bill right now:

Cruz Gomez 14 hrs · 5/7/2015 Greetings Lawless America participants and supporters, Today I received the following message from Bill Windsor. Please help if you can. Bill is still in jail in Montana. "Bill needs help. He needs one or two typists (must type at least 60 wpm) and also one or two people to help with legal research. Pay would be $12/hour contract labor. His Trial is set for June 22-25 in Missoula. If there are any people who can come on the 25th to testify on his behalf, please email him at"

This post is true, Bill now has a jury trail set for those dates. And as you can tell from his request....."pro se baby" is going to be his choice of defense. I'm not sure if Bill is all that in tune with the economy these days, but $12 a hour contract labor doesn't exactly get them to come running to you for work. Of course $12 an hour is bigtime money for his followers, but he would also have to supply with a computer.....and be a little flexible on the 60 wpm standard. His followers can type 60 things per minute....some of which can be considered words.

Anyway, more to the did Bill get to this? Is this another case of Bill being Bill? Did he reject any and all plea deal offers? Is he fully aware of the serious time he could face if his dog and pony show backfire? Certainly, some things have had to occur behind the scenes here. Regardless, the date is set, and it sounds from this request that he plans to stick to that date (of course Windsor reserves the right to postpone anything for any reason with no notice). Just how big of a circus does Bill plan to put on in Missoula court? Will he call himself as a witness? Does the jury get to hear all about the wild story about Bill being shot at on the highway? Ohhh, how about how these all powerful "joeys" control everything and everyone and somehow set this whole thing up? One thing is for sure, there will be a tinfoil shortage in Missoula MT that week.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Windsor Continues to Wait in Jail

Not a whole lot to say this month other than Bill continues to be held in Missoula County detention center.  Its not clear if he is waiting on/fighting extradition back to Ellis County TX or if MT is still holding him. purported as being one of the conditions for Bill's release, has gone offline and bill has claimed that he paid the bond for the MT charges.  Bill continues to file away in all his civil and criminal cases.....objecting to any and everything.  He says he likes the Missoula jail (its nicer than Ada and Ellis according to him).  I think the taxpayers across the nation hope he continues his stay in this county jail.

Most of the info from Bill has been coming out by way of Cruz Gomez.  Bill seems resigned to being in jail for a while longer and wants others to update his facebook page and slander sites. Gomez decided he lost his country in 1985 when he had a heart attack and he didn't get the care he thinks he deserved.  He is now a full blown conspiracy nut who wants to bring down the nation.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Can Windsor Take a Plea?

As we now approach the 100 day (cumulative) incarceration milestone for Bill, we have to wonder if he is now ready to consider taking a plea deal, if offered.  Its all fun and games hiding out in his room with his recess and facebook, but jail is jail and the longer Bill languishes away in there the more likely he will be to make a deal.  Windsor has defiantly stated that he will not release the Sean Boushie website.  No doubt any deal, including even a bond release, must include that.  Is Windsor going to finally live up to his word?  Will he waive extradition to Texas where he is facing a felony charge and owes Ellis County $100,000 for the bond he ran out on?

The other question is will Missoula add on charges to the original 5?  Are they going to let all those facebook rants Bill made, while a fugitive, about the University of Montana and Sean Boushie slide? Even if they offer Bill what would amount to a slap on the wrist, I still wonder if Bill is capable of agreeing to that.  And if he does, can he go back on that agreement?  This is a man who has clearly, and recently, in a court of law shown that even before the ink dries, he is ready to violate his own agreement.

Lets keep in mind that in Windor's World, he never did anything wrong....ever.  So why would he agree to a deal, the whole thing is bogus remember?  We also have the emerging story of sister Wendy Harper/Windsor as she is now his go to person "on the outside".  She is the one travelling to Missoula to assist in his legal and financial matters.  She is, no doubt, the new sibling that bill mentioned as his new executor of his will.  Is her involvement creating a kind of civil war showdown in the Windsor family as both Ryan and Barbara have stayed out of Bill's recent activities?  Is she doing this all for money?  Does she really know just how much of a monster her brother has become? Maybe she is trying to ultimately help him to change.....then again maybe she is simply enabling a monster to continue on his path of destruction.