Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Court Time Open Tread!!!

I'm not sure this is what Bill will be wearing to court today....but at some point, if he goes all in as he claims he will, this may be how everyone will see him.  So who knows what happens today:

Judge dismisses
Hung jury
DA drops
Not Guilty

The only thing we can know for sure is Susan is wrong

Monday, January 4, 2016

One Day Away and All of Bill's Followers Phone It In

Tomorrow is the "trial of the century" for Bill in Montana and even though he has given his followers nearly a 3 month advance notice along with hotel accommodations........he still can't get anyone to physically show up.  Between the deeply heartfelt Facebook prayers and the excuse, it seems Bill will be all alone at his one man circus tomorrow.

Allison Ann MacArthur Brown God Bless and protect you Bill Windsor,

Flordeliza Arrojo Ayson Viloria Everything will be fine, Mr. Bill Windsor, Amen

Lise McLain God bless you, Bill!

Connie Fielding If I wasn't in hiding myself to stay alive, I'd show up.

Millie Smith I do feel all will turn out ok,You have many angels walking beside you,

Scotty Stewart Bill I'm sitting here if you need anything just let me know I will help in any way I can my friend I've got your back

Scotty Stewart Give them hell all government is carupt

Leisha Tringali I pray what has been done in darkness have the light shine on it. Keep your head held high Bill your moral character is intact. Although I am unable to attend your trial, know that I stand beside you. Best of luck my friend.

Ronda L Bonnette God is with you, Mr Bill Windsor!! He is working in you right now! Remember this! He will be right there the whole time & will lead the way. Yes! Believe this!

Angela Caine Turner Drees bill, you got this! "it is far better to live on your feet than to die on your knees"....Good luck and I will be thinking of you.

Amy Brohman McDaniel Rooting for you Bill!

Roberta Cutting If I could, Bill, I would be there to support you, but I am supporting you at heart here in Florida.

Michael Warnken I've done as much as I can for you!

Carol Eaglin We are all praying and wishing for a good outcome.

Hope Nardone We will keep praying.

Stephen C Sisson Best of luck, Bill! May God, and the Force, be with you!

Geerte Frenken I'll be with you in spirit (from The Netherlands)!

Audrey Salyers Dotson Wish I could be there. Ohio is a little too far away. I'm hoping the letter of support will help in some way.

Jesse N Jamie Sewell How is your attorney Bill ? Have you used him/her before and how did you pick such... Wishing you well our friend!

Graeme Wagner I support your efforts 100 percent. wish I lived closer.

Vicky Farmer-Daugherty With you in spirit my friend!

Ruth Gange You have no idea how badly I wish I could be there Bill Windsor

With friends like these....who needs.....oh yeah he has plenty of them too.  Apparently, when you need physical support from your "friends" on facebook everyone goes back to the horse and buggy system of transportation.   For years now Bill has been wishing he had the opportunity to stand before a seated jury (a captive audience), tomorrow he will have his wish but he will face them alone.....which, knowing him, he wouldn't have it any other way. The real question going into tomorrow is will he get contempt of court before the jury has a chance to give their say?  His latest posts seem to indicate that he is going to throw caution to the wind (meaning he is going to ignore all of the specific instructions he was given by the Judge) and just go all in.  Bill better be careful, Missoula MT county jail does mug shots with the height chart behind the mug.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bill Gets in the Christmas Spirit....Well His Version

Bill came roaring off the facebook naughty list with a bunch of Christmas pictures and parodies as well as a promise to give a "Christmas Story" on Christmas.  Maybe his tv has been stuck on the hallmark channel this month.  Will he be retelling the classic of where he spent his Christmas last year in county lock up?  Despite a staggering string of scathing defeats in courts all across the nation.....Bill continues his strategy of never taking no for an answer.  Even after the MT courts had ordered him to cease filing, he continues on as if he never read that order.  Bill is still arguing that the TOP was void at the time of his criminal behavior.  In short, he is making it crystal clear to everyone in Missoula that no court is ever going to be able to stop him from filing new litigation or paper bombing his current cases with frivolous motions.  As we have seen, even jail wont stop this (he will revert to pencil scribble motions which no one can read).

We are now two weeks away from a trial almost no one can believe is going to take place. Only someone as legally ignorant and equally arrogant as Bill could actually turn two misdemeanors into a full blown trial that could result in jail time.  Bill will never admit he did anything wrong, nor will he ever accept a plea deal no matter how good the terms are for him.  He will also never cease his stalking/slandering/and defamation of Sean Boushie or anyone else for that matter. Those ingredients have made for a perfect storm of idiocy which will culminate in Bill's self described "trial of the century" next month.

Indeed this will be a trial/circus sideshow for the ages.  No doubt a seated jury will look over the charges and ask themselves...."why are we even here?"  That question will soon be answered as they are introduced to the pro se defendant.  They will then see the menace to society that Bill really and the fact that just about nothing will stop him from his devious behavior.

"15 days until the Trial of the Century. I completed planning my testimony, I thought. Rethinking some of it. I have turned attention to reading and attempting to learn about making and handling objections. Special thanks to Roby for sending me an excellent article. I have prepared a Cheat Sheet that I will have at my fingertips during the trial."

In my head I always figured Bill would prepare for trial by watching a bunch of Perry Mason movies and mimicking them......in essence I wasn't too far off.  Of course the biggest question hanging over all this is.....who is going to be questioning him for his testimony?  As we have seen in his legal filings, Bill is more than willing to assume the role of second, third or even forth person.....but is he really about to go into court and interview himself?  Really though, nothing could be more fitting than for him to interview himself, it will actually show the jury and everyone in the courtroom just how deep the pit of narcissism can become.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Windsor Claims that if His Trial is Allowed to Continue, it Will Cause "Insignificant Injustice"

Bill's latest sob story to the court in Montana contained this statement:

B.      The District Court (“DC”) is proceeding under mistakes of law that are causing a gross injustice.

 "Supervisory Control is appropriate in this matter because the DC’s orders [Exhibits-14-19] are clear mistakes of law and are in direct conflict with precedents of the U.S. Supreme Court, this Court, and MCA, and if uncorrected, will cause insignificant injustice."

I really couldn't agree with Bill more on this.  Bill goes on to set the stage of just how high the stakes are in his upcoming trial next month:

“Windsor is facing a televised trial in which he could be convicted of one or two crimes.  His conviction will be widely publicized." 

Never mind that he is the one doing the filming and the publicizing......it’s important that the court take these into consideration and just let him go.  Windsor goes on to complain that this trial has taken so long he hasn't been home in over a year (we could also point out that he doesn't actually have a home and he's the one that continues to delay the trial....but of course it’s this court's fault he hasn't been there).

"A gross injustice will occur if Windsor is wrongly required to defend against the
same criminal charges a second time."

You might ask....what the hell is he talking about? And yes that is what a sane person would ask, but let me try and translate the very much insane Bill Windsor for you. "If the jury convicts me I will be forced to appeal that decision which could result in another trial on the same charges.....I call that double jeopardy and I read where it’s illegal". Bill goes on to complain that a guilty verdict....along with the humiliation he will suffer may also result in making it hard for him to obtain handguns to protect himself against his stalking targets in the future. Again we can hear Jefferson rolling over in his grave in Columbia Missouri.

This trial has also forced Bill to work hard and endure stress. Never mind that he denied any public defender help, and let’s also try and forget that he denied all offers of settlement from the DA which would have dropped all charges.

As we have seen Bill take on the role of defendant, judge, DA and jury all at the same time, he now has employed a new, not so creative, writing tactic in his motions......he now suggests the answers

 I.       Is 40-15-201, MCA, which describes the relief available in an ex parte TOP, unconstitutionally overbroad or vague?   Suggested Answer: Yes.

 II.       Is 40-15-302, MCA, which automatically extends the term of a TOP during an appeal to a DC, unconstitutional because it results in deprivation of a Respondent’s right without a hearing for as long as 546 days?  Suggested Answer: Yes.

Ohhh this looks like fun.......can we play?

Question:  If Susan says my argument is legally sound can it actually stand up in a court of law?  Suggested answer is No

Question:  If I keep saying the TOP is void enough times despite what the courts have repeatedly ruled......can I make it so?  Suggested answer is please see a mental health professional immediately 

Basically we can sum up Bill's entire argument as this:  it’s unconstitutional to legally mandate that Bill Windsor does anything, and furthermore it’s also a pointless endeavor as Bill will not abide by the ruling anyway.  So judge Windsor has declared the whole thing moot as it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars and frivolous in nature.   Hmmmmm, I wonder where he came up with that type of verbiage?

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Windsor Wants to Get In on the Gun Violence Headlines

Always one to try and co-opt himself into the national news of the day, Bill is back to playing up the gun violence card.  Bill is outraged that Judge Haynes won't take away Sean Boushie's legally licensed firearm.

"Now it appears that Bill Windsor will have to be murdered in the courtroom before anyone will stop Sean Boushie from terrorizing him."

You can always count on Bill for maximum histrionics.  Bill is back on a facebook time-out for being on the naughty list this time of year.  And its just as well because he really doesn't have much to say.  His self proclaimed trial of the century is set for Jan. 5 and he seems to be spending all his time working on documents and exhibits that will support arguments the Judge has already warned him he can't use.  All his life Bill has been dreaming of a chance to put on his full on song and dance performance in front of a jury who is required to listen to the entire ensemble.  Judge Haynes has put figurative handcuffs on Bill regarding just how deep he can get with his conspiracies in defense of why he can't stop stalking Sean.  But if Bill breaks Haynes' figurative handcuffs and rolls into the defense he really wants....he will end up with real handcuffs.  Poor Bill......what a conundrum. 

"Bill Windsor will do a special filming after the trial in Missoula.  He wants to try to get as many victims as possible to come to the trial.  Then he will film a group session followed by filming of individual stories.  So, if you are in Montana or have friends there, please ask them to participate."

Now you just have to picture it....a Lawless America group session filming.  I envision about 15 different monologues all at the same time......this is gonna be cinematic gold.  No matter what the outcome, we can expect Bill to be flying south for the winter as I don't think he can survive a January and February up that way.