Saturday, December 20, 2014

Windsor Wastes No Time Throwing his Temper Tantrum

It didn't take long for Windsor to start venting against Ellis County.  As soon as he got home (and not at a hotel at the Marriott but an undisclosed secret hideout) Bill went straight to facebook to start his rant against all the elected officials of Ellis County.

Windsor has declared war on DA Patrick Wilson, Sherriff Johnny Brown, and Judge Bob Carroll.  With his partner in crime John Margetis now feeding him his info, Windsor has become Joey Dauben and hopefully it will end the same way  it did for Joey.  Bill is going to use his legal terrorism to try and harass, intimidate and bully any and everyone who followed the law in his legal case and detention at the Ellis County Detention Center.   He wants to sue them all...and rally other lawless individuals to join in him a vexatious class action lawsuit.

Bill isn't telling his worshipers the truth on his facebook page.   He is playing it like he defeated Wilson and Carroll and was set free.  Far from it, and Bill's problems are all still hanging over him.  But why be truthful now?  Why not whip up his followers into a frenzy as he leads his new lawless crusade, this time against those that treated him with the respect and dignity he didn't deserve, but followed the law none the less.  If you defend and support our legal system and respect those in authority over are an enemy of Windsor and his ilk.  Windsor can't follow the law, and as such he seeks to destroy our legal system wherever and whenever he can.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Windsor is Free On Bond, Then Gets Slapped

Ok, here goes:  So today at Bill's extradition hearing, Bill made the case that he should be given a TX bond if he were to be continued to be held in TX for charges arising in MT.  Bill claimed they had the wrong Bill Windsor....I guess there is another Bill Windsor who is suing Sean Boushie in MT?  He claimed he had been exposed to herpes while in jail....and much much more.  He claimed to have been illegally arrested and detained, and that he suspects Judge Carroll is behind everything. Montana was still waiting on the governors warrant to be signed but it should be today and in to the TX governor's office in two weeks.  Next hearing was set for Jan 21rst but Judge Cindy Ertiminger did give Bill a $100,000 TX bond which he quickly bonded out on and is now free.  Ellis County DA Patrick Wilson pinned Bill down on where exactly Bill's residence is.  First, Windsor said a PO box in Dallas, then the mail forwarding address in SD, and then finally saying he stays at the Marriott hotel in Richardson.  Bottom line is he has no physical address......and for someone that just posted a $100,000 bond there is a reason for this.

It seems that Judge Murphy and certainly Judge Carroll knew what they were doing with the events that transpired on Wednesday.  At the Thursday hearing, Bill quickly dismissed Judge Knize and in came Judge Richard Davis.  Windsor tried to remove the case to a federal court in SD claiming thats where he resides (a lie that was pinned down by Wilson today in court) but was denied.  The hearing went on until into the evening yesterday with Barbara Hachenburg making her case for the anti-slapp ruling that Carroll had issued but not signed with Windsor doing his usual dog and pony show of why the ruling is incorrect.  Today, Judge Davis issued his ruling granting the anti-slapp motion for Sean Fleming and granting $77,000 in attorney fees, $3,000 in court costs and $250,000 in sanctions while dismissing Sean with prejudice from the case.  Bill always said someone would be writing a big fat check in this lawsuit and thats exactly what will happen.  Congratulations are in order to Barbara Hachenburg for her outstanding and diligent legal work.  Congrats are also in order to Sean Fleming who prevails over Bill's bully attempt to shut down his 1rst amendment rights.

This is a HUGE day for justice as Bill's unchecked aggression is starting to meet its end.  While he is probably excited about his release, its bitter-sweet in that he knows Montana will have everything in order on the 21rst of January and they will be bringing him up there to face his charges. Compounding that he now has a major judgement against him in Texas and if he continues his vexatious case, more are likely to follow.

Windsor is now trying to claim his usual corruption nonsense but thats just simply not true.  He was granted a TX bond, his insane motion to recuse judge Carroll was given full examination (much more than was deserved).  In short, Bill has has gotten more than fair treatment in Ellis County while claiming the opposite.  This is true for every judge, sheriff, guard, court coordinator and assistant, and even the DA.  He made his own bed, now he must lie in it, and while that may be in a comfy quiet bed tonight......his future vexatious activities are now in grave doubt.

Extradition Hearing

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 18, 2014 A Date Which Will Live in Imfamy

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Windsor is Granted HIs Circus Act by Judge Mary Murphy

I know everyone is wanting to know what the update is, but right now its hard to say, everything went nuts yesterday.  Judge Mary Murphy came down and acted more like the judge Mary Murphy so you think you can dance, yesterday.  After reading Bill's obvious attempt to circumvent justice by claiming that Judge Carroll is biased just before he issues his ruling, Murphy decided to put on her tinfoil cap and play the insane game with Bill.  She was going to grant his motion for continuance and allow Bill discovery (which is the legal equivalent of giving a terrorist a bomb)  for his utterly baseless claims. With Murphy's intention to grant the continuance apparent, Judge Carroll decided to recuse himself.  This was the only possible way to try and save the anti-slapp ruling he was in the process of making in favor of Sean Fleming.  Had Bill been granted a continuance as Judge Mary intended, this would have blown way past the strict deadline of the 20th that was needed to issue the ruling per TX rules on anti-slapp.

So then its off to the 378th court and Judge Joe Grubbs who quickly said he wanted no part of this circus (and who can blame him).  So, as it stands today, there is a hearing at 1:30 with former 40th District Judge Gene Knize presiding.  But what happens if Judge Knize adheres to the law which means Bill will claim he is biased?  The situation is fluid.  Clearly Judge Mary had no clue what she was dealing with and more importantly who she was dealing with in terms of Windsor. This is one of the main reasons Bill has been able to survive in court as long as he has....he feeds off of a new judges' naivety in terms of not knowing the monster they have before them. Windsor capitalized on this with Judge Carroll initially as well, as Carroll made mistakes in terms of the anti-slapp timelines and requirements.  He was trying to atone for those mistakes by issuing this ruling but he didn't get any help from wild card Mary.  Now he is out and no one seems to want to hold the hot potato.  Bill got to yell bomb in a movie theater and no one reprimanded him.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Interesting Week Ahead for Inmate 14-1898

Windsor's plan to hamstring Judge Carroll and delay his ruling till past the 20 day mark needed for an anti slapp ruling was foiled when Carroll called his bluff and scheduled a hearing for tomorrow at 1:30 with Judge Mary Murphy presiding.  Bill's dog and pony show tomorrow will be missing both the dog and pony as he won't be able to back up any of his assertions about Carroll's alleged bias other than "just take my word for it".  What's worse, super attorney Barbara Hachenburg will be there and has already put in an answer to Bill's motion to recuse that categorically refutes everything that Bill claims, while using......actual evidence.  In short, he's going to get a legal bitch slapping tomorrow but I guess it still beats hanging out with "the guys" in the tank.  Maybe he can catch up on his sleep in the courtroom tomorrow.

Bill has in effect, hit the nuke button in the Ellis County case.....and like a North Korea test fire, it never even got of the ground before malfunctioning.  But the intent was duly noted.  Now Judge Carroll has experienced first hand the depths of Bill's lies, harassment, and intent to use the court for his own for his personal goals of vengeance.  In short, the jig is up for Bill in Ellis County and while he will try and appeal, even he knows that has virtually no shot.....its time for a new venue, one which isn't up to speed on the American vexations terrorist know as William Windsor.

Friday we have the extradition hearing, and if everything is in order, that could be the last day for Bill in Texas as he might finally be off to Montana to face the music.  Bill was hoping that he would be let go after 30 days based on his misunderstanding of Texas extradition laws.  Turns out they have 90 days if he chooses to fight extradition but Bill didn't want to read it that way.  This again will be another hearing where Bill will try everything he can think of to change the subject. He will want to talk about bond postings, the merit of the charges and just how much he really hates that Sean Boushie guy....but the problem is none of that will matter at the hearing.  The only thing that will matter is: does MT have the governors warrant in?  Is this the right person?  And are the charges in order?  Outside of that, he is off topic for that particular hearing.