Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Movin' On Up?

While the absolute monster formerly known as Bill Windsor is stalking his children and grandchildren through Facebook, Instagram,, and good 'ol real life road trips that include sneaking into gated communities, I thought I'd give a nice update on what this nobody has become.

This is just one of two homes that he owned in the Atlanta area:

**edit 7-28-2017 This video has been removed. I wonder why. Here's some photos of the home instead

This was his vehicle for the April 1, 2003 Round America Trip

And this was his vehicle for June 13, 2012 Lawless America Documentary (ha) project.
 Five years!

So, what mansion is Bill living in now? What sports car? What fancy SUV? 
Did he ever get that cool RV?

Your burning questions answered here:

I'd add a photo here, but that'd spoil your fun. Click click. 

"Largest home on the largest and most beautiful corner lot at the corner of Buccaneer Drive and Bayberry Drive in The Lakes at Leesburg. It's the best-looking home in this huge Over-55 gated community, located in a quiet part of the development on a street with attractive, well-cared-for homes, and absolutely wonderful neighbors! 

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Den, Laundry Room, two Florida Rooms, Storage Room, and large carport that will accommodate two cars, long driveway. If you want the biggest and the best, THIS IS IT. "

Yep, that's it.

I guess if you can't have a house & an RV, that's what you pick?

As for his current SUV:

And his current sexy sportscar? Well, that's a sore subject. 
Bill's new hobby is accident reconstruction:


So, I guess when  you get in trouble for stalking strangers, stalk family. 
And if you can't win suing people in civil court or defending yourself in criminal court, 
there's alway traffic court!

**Oops, I can't forget this!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Old People, Nurses, Cats, B&Bs, and Long Walks...

I was really hoping that Bill's nurse was kin with Oscar the Miracle Cat who resides in a nursing home. However it turns out this kitty likes to spend time in the vastly more hip world of bed & breakfasts.

Google Cat image recognition is A-Maze-Ing. If you know where to go, you just upload a photo of the cat, and bee boo bop boo beep . . . here's that cat on social media.

Uploaded Cat:

Resulting Cat:

Weird, right? Almost too hard to believe.  . . 

Anyway, resulting cat had nice things to say about a couple of Air B&B listings in New Hampshire."I've stayed here a lot, and I give the Farmhouse FIVE STARS and two Paws Up! Excellent cat food; clean, modern litter box; and plenty of spots to cuddle up for a nap."  

Only 2 paws?

This is one of the 4 B&B listings she's 

Does that black Jeep look familiar, or is it just me?

Huh, oh well. 

Here's the host. She definitely looks familiar. 

"Hey, I'm Tayna! Happy with two teenage sons; surrounded by loving family and friends. I am a hypnotherapist, reiki master and student of transformational psychology. I enjoy meditation and long walks, tons of laughs and salt of the earth people. I am an advocate through and through."

Anyway, if you need a place to stay, (though I've read conflicting reports about if it has heat or if it's a rental property or if the owner is disabled and unable to work or if she's really busy and likes to camp and hike  . . oh sorry, ADD . . .I read that too) Anyway, if you want a place to stay, between now and May 5th, and you don't mind creepy old men with stories of passing gas and lame old man jokes (from the 1930s), then this is your place! Sorry I'm rambling. There's just so many positives about this place. Anyway, check it out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Meet Bill Windsor's Lawless Mom

It's been pretty boring in Windsorland. Yeah, he's trying to get out of court with a medical excuse. I'm not sure which is more impressively dumb, holding off on surgery just to use it as a scheduling conflict or actually going under the knife for surgery to avoid a court hearing. Either way, he's a giant coward. And, it was totally expected right down to the excuse. So, that's pretty much no news.

However, I did find an interesting piece of reading last night. There's so much, that all I did was skim, but I'm pretty sure I've got the main idea.

In some ways it's kind of no news because again, it's exactly as expected. However, sometimes it's nice to gloat a little. 

Meet Lawless Mom:

There's really a ton of reading there, not just in the documents themselves but in the notes from the court. The major victory was really quite the opposite. When did it begin, and how do I know this is Windsor involved? Well, on February 10, 2016 Hathaway's attorney is finally let off the hook and she's free to go back to being a pro se party (as she began the case). But, somehow, her new filings in February 2016 are different:

She forgot how to spell her name? Hardaway instead of Hathaway? Weird, right?

Next, I suggest you read the 146 page document that is 

In all honesty, I didn't read it (but you totally should. I'm sure there is a lot of interesting stuff).
 After item 1, any doubt I had regarding Bill Windsor's involvement was erased.

Hoodwinked, ha. Yep, I'm convinced this has Bill written all over it. 

Still not sure? Check this out:

There is it. Right there. Undeniable proof that Bill was helping prepare documents for her hearing. Flip through the filings. 


Oops. I was doing so well with being entertained for a few minutes, but there are entirely too many pages of boring filings. I was going to try to summarize and point  you to a few that I skimmed, but I fell asleep. You'll have to wander through them on your own. Same 'ol Bill.  

Friday, February 26, 2016

Bill Windsor: "Make America Date Again, no really, I Know How Now"

Ole Billy isn't up to much these days as he continues to play fugitive from reality.  He constantly brags about how no one can find him and how he has outsmarted everyone as he hides away in his undisclosed location in Nampa Idaho.  He expressed his admiration for Donald Trump and his wife Melania, a former supermodel who knows to never speak while letting her husband do all the talking.....Bill thinks she will bring back "class" to the first lady position.  He of course filed some frivolous motions here and there (TX and MT)....but no one cares.

As I pointed out in my last post, Bill is on to his new love.....helping out women who were conned. Bill has found his calling by being able to really identify the mindset of these individuals as he moves in and "helps" the so called victim mothers.  You can tell Bill's disgust for his dubbed Don Juan really boils down to jealousy.   Here Bill has been wasting his time going around the nation trying to "help" people with their court case issues while this guy simply uses the internet to seduce women, sleep with them and then take their money.  This reminds me of when ole Joey Dauben couldn't stop writing about this fascinating world of underground pedophile rings, right before his arrest and conviction, Bill just can't stop doing "research" on this Don Juan fellow. You can tell Bill is actually picking up pointers from his adversary.

ONLINE DON JUAN DAY IS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2016 I just made that up, but go with it-- THE DAY THE VICTIMIZED MOM SHOULD PREVAIL IN COURT I think you just jinxed her.
If you haven't read the previous articles on this that means you don't have hours of time to waste, there's a chubby fellow wait strike that..."fellow chubby" who romances women on online dating sites like Lots of women. At the same time. He must have a special gift of BS don't you just wish your gift of BS was that special? because he succeeds in attracting beautiful women...lots of beautiful women. At the same time. and here you are going around playing movie producer like a sucker
He proposed to our "our" she is community property now? Lawless America Mom while he was engaged to and living with another woman ok, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say LA mom isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. He traded some used office furniture for the ring. and here you had to buy a ring and you still lost the house He used the same ring with both women he's frugal, who have now become fast friends what does that mean? in trying to expose this "charmer."
His first wife found him romancing I'm not really sure that counts as "romancing", maybe by your standards women online within a few months after they were married.
There is an unconfirmed rumor that the Online Don Juan may have had as many as five other wives. ok, well since we are talking about a fictitious person and an unconfirmed rumor....I'm gonna go ahead and bump that up to 10.
Our Mom who's mom? discovered that he had a date with a woman he had been pursuing two days before Mom and Don Juan tied the knot she's not to bright, after they had been engaged for six months. He, of course, lied about it, but Mom and the Wedding Eve Date have now become fast friends, too. are they going to enter marathons together? 
Bill Windsor has counted at least 153 lies in his affidavits and sworn testimony which, once you remove the flaw of Bill math, it actually comes out to 4. Mom saved every email and text message. She has thousands I'm sure the court can't wait to read all those. She can prove (with documents) that just about everything Don Juan has claimed in court is a lie. as long as she doesn't have you there to screw it up
But first things first oh its way too late for that, the Petition for Divorce that Don Juan signed claiming he lived in a state 1,500 miles away from where they shared their Marital Bed was not signed by the attorney for Don, a basic legal requirement. If there is one thing that really grinds Windsor's gears its someone who claims to live in a state but doesn't actually live there Don's attorneys were notified on February 10, 2016, and it is still unsigned. State law says the judge has to dismiss the Petition. Mom wins Round 1. I'm pretty sure the final round is the only one that matters 
The effort by Don Juan is to claim he is the sole owner of their Marital Residence and thus misappropriate all the money Mom spent on the home -- $150,000 oh wow, she is a "special" one huh....she flopped down $150K into a house she didn't own?. Bill Windsor of Lawless America has been aiding and at night a bedding this Mom, and he doesn't believe Don Juan will get away with it.Bill wants to steal his stolen money? Mom seems to be dealing with judges who are not acting in a corrupt manner in this case. so you are accusing them of not following the law? Fingers crossed. always a great strategy 
Mom is disabled and clearly mentally following a horrific accident when a big truck hit her. Most of the money from her settlement of that claim was spent on their home which she didn't own?. Taking this money from her will wipe her out. She does everything she can to provide for her two teenage sons. She suffers from an extreme case of legal abuse syndrome a newly made up Windsor condition and has been so diagnosed by a major university hospital. you mean a school nurse?
Please hold a good thought for Mom on Online Don Juan Day what the hell does that mean? -- Monday, February 29, 2016.
And, by the way this is all by the way, the Online Don Juan is an ATTORNEY!  an all caps attorney, that is something 
Bill Windsor filmed one fascinating you really are fascinated by these things aren't ya and sick story about a Craigslist Romeo who screwed, glued, and tattooed a Washington DC mom thats really a little too much info there. He was an ATTORNEY! oh wow....beware of the all caps attorneys
If you have been victimized, and would like to be again please email

Thursday, January 28, 2016

To Catch a Predator

Bill has found his new calling in life.  In fact,he has been training his entire life for this.  He has found that he has the ability to spot other con artists and explain their tactics and goals.  Bill has decided to take advantage of a woman who was being preyed upon by a Bill.

"I was reminded of this yesterday when helping a sweet Mom with an online predator who I believe is trying to take all that she has. There are a lot of documents and court filings. Big mass of stuff.
And the most effective way to lie in court is to lie so much that it takes forever to deal with all the lies. And then, how do you get a judge to ever do anything about it?
Dealing with one lie and perjured statement after another, I discovered two tiny little pieces of information that should win the day for this nice Mom."

For a man who finds massive corruption wherever he goes....he sure does "know" a lot about this doesn't he?  Imagine a monster overwhelming court documents with so many lies that no one would know where to start in terms of dismantling them all.  That is the "most effective way" as Bill has learned.  If you tell just 3 lies, they will call you out, so cover those 3 lies with 450 more and everyone will just roll their eyes and ignore it.

Bill is "helping" this sweet old mom out by applying his old convoluted saying of "can't see the trees for the forest".  Basically, like with all his failed legal cases, he doesn't have a good argument, can't refute the facts so lets just seize on one little remote piece of paper that really doesn't have anything to do with the overall case and pretend it will "win the day".  FYI to "a sweet Mom"......don't let Bill's confidence fool you, he never wins in court for a reason and his understanding of basic words and concepts is completely inverted.

Windsor might have struck a nerve here with this story (even though he isn't giving out any details). Believe it or not, it seems his few remaining followers all have the same kinds of stories in terms of people taking advantage of them and then leaving them high and dry.  Maybe Bill can become a modern day (not nearly as clever) version of Frank Abagnale.  It seems he has a great gift of knowing exactly how these monsters think. Imagine that.