Friday, March 28, 2014

Windsor Tries To Do Math


I know some of you aren't interested in my battles against cyberstalkers actually no one is. But unfortunately, it is currently the most important issue to me personally so you gave up huh? -- more important than than the effort to expose government and judicial corruption especially since you were not really going to do that anyway. Until this is resolved, I cannot accomplish much with corruption issues you didn't accomplish one single thing before it, not one tangible accomplishment.

You might be interested to know the magnitude 7.2? or even higher? of the defamation and cyberstalking. There have been 455 published articles on ummm, you pinky swore to the court that there was 320 articles posted as of Jan 7 2014, and there has been less than 30 since, you just called yourself a liar. plus 44,362 published statements by 681 screen names, 95% of which are anonymous I think you missed a few, go count again. Based on my calculations, there are 3,312,027 words in the 455 articles and comments given your kind of "calculations" I can see why the IRS would need some further information from you. According to a study mentioned in Wikipedia, the average person writes 19 words-per-minute when composing. This means 174,317 hours were spent by the 681 screen names as they composed ok so 174,000/681=255 hours over a two year period which equals 1.5% of their time, thats about right Bill, you take up about 1.5% of my time, maybe 2%. There are 8,760 hours in a 365-day year its almost April Bill, you shouldn't be able to read, much less do math, what will Uncle Sam think?. This means 20 years of 24/7 time was spent composing plus an untold number of years spent reading by the 681 "people uhhh, now you lost me." The average adult reads prose text at 250 to 300 words per minute but in this case we are reading cons. While proofreading materials, people are able to read at 200 wpm on paper, and 180 wpm on a monitor. Assuming 180 words-per-minute for me whoa think you are anywhere close to "average"?, it will take me 306.67 hours JUST to read what has been written and at least 408,579 hours to understand it. Assuming I can stay at it eight hours a day why just 8? You have nothing else to do, you just said it, lets bump that up to at least 14, it will take two-and-a-half months for me to do a first read all the hands go up at this point....shouldn't you have read it before you filed it in the court and called it defamation?  Or is this like the Minority Report thing where you know its defamation even before you read it?. Joeyisalittlekid is just one of the blogs what blogs?  there is more blogs with this name?. I have identified dozens of them "dozens" is a word liars use to say I didn't really count. Then there are videos and talkshoes. One of the defendants, Sean D. Fleming, has 561 videos of his own on his YouTube site oh yeah, from the Sean Fleming Show. There are perhaps 700 or more videos and radio programs that need to be reviewed, many of which have been hidden from me. And I have no way to determine the identity of these people without court orders or law enforcement intervention and you will never get that so is this you waiving the white flag finally?

In Texas, I cannot find a reported case that is ANYTHING like my case thats because they get thrown out immediately. If anyone knows of a defamation case anywhere in history I think US courts usually like to cite US cases, taking it to the world court now are we? involving this much stuff, I'd love to know about it. Maybe I can read up on any such cases "in my spare time." hahahaha, that is so funny

Then in the comments section, we get some tinfoil Billy:

Bill Windsor How could a group of people justify spending 20 years of time publishing comments defaming me and others? I just have to wonder if someone hasn't paid some or all of these people.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Windsor Can't Stop Himself in Montana

Bill can't take no for an answer.  So after losing in MT, then losing his appeal, its time to go to the Montana Supreme Court as he is requesting supervisory control, with control being the one thing that continues to elude him.

Windsor thinks this is deserved because the judges are corrupt, Boushie is a serial liar, and he forgot to alphabetize his table of contents.  But here is what really fries his circuit board:

30. Judge Larson also issued an order placing filing restrictions on
Windsor. The filing restrictions injunction is outrageous. [APPELLANT'S BRIEF
in DA-13-0785, Exhibit#21.] [Exhibit#22,165; Exhibit#24,165.] There has been
no finding of anything that Windsor has filed that was frivolous or improper. No
court in Ravalli County or Missoula County made any such finding, nor could any
honest judge so claim. This issuance of the injunction was done in complete denial
of due process to Windsor. Windsor received no notice or opportunity to be heard.
Windsor does not have $50,000, so the requirement of $50,000 BOND deprives
Windsor of any ability to ever file a lawsuit against this judge and the other corrupt
judges and judicial employees who Windsor intends to sue and intends to seek a
grand jury to bring criminal charges against the corrupt judges, corrupt court
employees, and corrupt law enforcement officials. There was no show cause order
issued to Windsor, and Windsor was not given an opportunity to be heard on this
matter as is required by law. Meaningful access to the courts is a Constitutional
right that has been denied by DC, and this alleged ORDER denies significant
rights. [APPELLANT'S BRIEF in DA-13-0785, Exhibit#21, RECORD.]

Its like we are in a time warp, this could just as easily be Judge Duffy in Georgia and the year is 2012.  Bill's "rats" have been violated because he has to post $50,000 which he most certainly does have but doesn't want to post, so he thinks he no longer has meaningful access to the courts.  Meaningful being the operative word here.  Bill has had more access to the courts than thousands of people put together.  There is nothing meaningful about any of his filings as they are all copy and paste jobs of his previous frivolous filings.

Notice also Bill's terminology....he didn't say before a jury, he said he intends to bring these judges before a grand jury.  He doesn't want to let John Darash and the National Liberty Alliance steal all his fun, he wants to play judge, jury and executioner as well.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The National Liberty Alliance Stole Bill's Pie

As Bill continues to scream and demand attention, the fact of the matter is his lemmings have moved on. John Darash has been able to gain the attention Bill has yet to get, in just a few months.  Darash has taken over the controls of the Me The People movement and isn't playing games.  Unlike Bill, he really is a 99%, he doesn't have two mansions and over $1 million saved up in a retirement account to fall back on.  He is just a mere carpenter.  He doesn't seem to have a personal vendetta either.  To Darash, this isn't a game, he isn't scamming people, he is a true believer.  Darash also adds a religious twist to his movement that gives it "extra" authority on top of his citizen grand juries and Common Law.  Darash is a Harold Camping disciple so we know he doesn't posses an iota of discernment, which, the lack thereof, is a prized asset in the Me The People community.

Darash comes from the Oathkeeper movement but after forming his National Liberty Alliance (he did a better job than you Bill in picking a name) he has begun to execute on the plan Bill had set out a year ago.  John is taking over the Country, county by county and claims to already have the State of New York with 67 counties in Florida.  He also claims to have three world powers backing him too in UK, Canada and Australia.  What do you have Bill?  Just some youtube videos?  Darash is targeting all the county elected sheriffs as he demands they take action on his made up citizen grand jury charges.  He even has his own seal and everything, you couldn't even register your movement's name Bill.

This Darash guy is proving to be what they had hoped for in Bill.  Bill's lemmings are flocking to him as even old Niki gave Bill the link to the new movement and said he could call in and listen to their blogtalk shows....I pause for the irony.  Bob Shultz, Jon Roland and even David Schied have moved on to this new Davash guy. When David was being questioned by the FBI, it was the National Liberty Alliance website, not LA, that David told the agent to go check out to get some "education".  Poor old Mary B now writes her daily affirmations about her new hope, the NLA.

All along, they have been looking for someone like this.  They have plenty of creative writers, they have a script, supporting cast, and even a stunt man.  What they lack is a lead actor that will get them the media attention they desire.  Darash is proving to be that person as his citizen grand juries are getting the attention of the local media and the FBI.  John is a quoteist, in that he uses out of context quotes from many of our Founding Fathers to fit his current purpose.  Its not about him, its about the cause.  The nobodies believe in him because they can sense that he really is one of them, not an actor like Bill.  He is focused, specific, and on target and most importantly he seems motivated to do something instead of just endless chatter. Obviously, all these factors make John exceptionally dangerous and is why he has the attention of the FBI. But for the time being, he is their new William Wallace...not another William Windsor.  Bill had his shot, and he blew it.  Now they all move on as Bill continues to scream and cry like a baby who just lost his candy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bill Puts Barbara Windsor Front and Center

Sean Fleming, of course from the Sean Fleming Show, has another great video where he shows the direct deception that Bill has engaged in.  As Sean points out, most scam artists choose the State of Delaware to incorporate their organization because it gives them a year to report specific information.  Well its been over a year now since LA was incorporated, and guess what?  No annual filings have been done as required by law.

Sean then goes on to discuss the Barbara Windsor connection as she is the only named director of Lawless America.  She claims in her divorce filings that she never had anything to do with LA, and then reiterates it in a recent email to Sean (or at least from an address appearing to be from Barb as it sounded very Bill-like in its response).  Bill is also putting Barbara right in the middle of every single one of his frivolousness lawsuits right now as he lists her divorcing him as one of the reasons he is due damages.  She also knows full well why Bill can't speak to his granddaughters and it has nothing to do with some blog  How much longer can she do the Windsor thing and hide from her obligations?  Will she forever be known as Mrs. Bill Windsor, or will she finally stand up to Bill and his lies and tell the truth?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Bill Windsor Defies Judge Carroll's Direct Orders

While Bill has gone quiet, at least in talking to his lemmings, he has stayed busy with his paper terrorism. First, in the Bill vs. The World case, there was the hearing with Google in which Bill was told not to file anything more until he got leave from Federal Judge Fitzwater.  Google correctly argued that they should be dismissed under the Communications Decency Act as they are not a responsible third party content.  Judge Carroll mentioned that this was the case and as soon as the case resumed, Google would be dismissed.

Well apparently this was one of those days where Bill had trouble hearing, kinda like how he can't read during tax season.  He then filed an 82 page answer to the objection by Google which was unobjectionable. It seems that Google and Judge Carroll can't quite understand the CDA the correct way that Bill does.  Then he files a 376 page affidavit all related to Sean Boushie and is simply a copy and paste job of his failed legal efforts in Montana.  You know, the one where the Appellate Court called him specious?

That got Judge Carroll's attention and he issued a stay as well as affirmed Google's special exception.  The stay would be in effect while the Court takes time to review the vexatious litigant ruling by Judge Thrash as well as all the legal ramifications related to it.  In short, if Bill's reputation didn't already proceed him, his actions quickly made it clear why he has this special legal definition behind him.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bill Windsor Tries to Scrub His Past

Bill Windsor never lies, as he reminds everyone repeatedly.  But one important component to that statement is the ability to erase everything he has said in the past.  Late last night, Bill sent out a plea to his followers for spying, but this time its to spy on himself.  You see those over 100 talkshoe shows of him blabbering on and on may have statements in them that contradict what Bill has already sworn in court that he never said.  You see, all those "haters" are lying about me, but just in case I'm gonna need to review and edit all the shows that I did where I spoke about grand juries, 501 c3 non- profits, proposed legislation (I never did that did I?), donations....oh and I forgot all the different things I said about the fake movie.

If Bill Windsor never lied then he has no reason to worry about all those talkshoe shows.  But he did, and now he does have to worry.  Oh and anything anyone else said is not important, only what Bill says....but then again we already knew that didn't we?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lawless America a Non-Prophet?

I guess Bill should have seen this coming when he scrambled to sign up his Lawless America as a non-profit.  Sean Fleming, you know from the Sean Fleming Show, has a great video explaining Bill's shenanigans between trying to play LLC and 501c3 non-profit corporation.

Bill, as usual, is trying to play both sides of the coin.  He registered Lawless America as a non-profit listing his wife as the Director.  But non-profits are not allowed to engaged in the political arena as that is specifically reserved for that is called PACs (Political Action Committees).  Beyond that though, both are to be set up with a committee and must track all donations and expenditures.  As a non profit, LA could have paid Bill's expenses and a "salary" for running his fake movie, but that would have to have been approved by the Board of Directors with a full accounting of all revenue and expenses.  As we know, Bill just took the donations and says he can't read when it comes time to file his taxes.  So Lawless America, the non-profit, engaged in political activity without a PAC and took in donations with no appropriate BOD approval and accounting.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

For Windsor, Its Always Someone Else's Fault

As we continue to look at the mountains of documents filed in the Maid of the Mist case, and appeal, we see a clear pattern of a complete lack of personal responsibility from Bill.  The judges are mean to me, I'm just a pro se litigant, the housing bubble popped and took all my money.  But what really drives Bill over the edge is when a judge uses a word that perfect describes his actions.

114. Judge Duffey even branded me as a “litigious plaintiff” in the order dated July 30, 2009 (attached hereto as Exhibit 2). “Litigious” is identified as “tending to engage in lawsuits.” (Exhibit 3 hereto.) A “litigious plaintiff” is a person who tends to file lawsuits.” Judge Duffey has no basis to say that. He would have no idea what I have and haven’t been involved with in terms of litigation unless he has false information obtained from some extra-judicial source. Other than Maid of the Mist’s totally improper lawsuit against me, the only lawsuits that I have been involved with personally for the last 15+ years were two legal actions involving real estate (one was an eviction in which my wife and I prevailed but never got paid, and the other was a small claims lawsuit by an attorney trying to buy our home that was dismissed because it was improper under the law). A third lawsuit was filed against me in California by a National Park Service employee who claimed his photograph taken by me at a National Park while he was on duty should not have been used on my personal travel web site. My insurance carrier paid the man $1,000 to go away. My 15-year history as what Judge Duffey describes as a “litigious plaintiff” is that my wife and I sued some people who bounced their rent checks on our unsold Ohio residence, stiffed us for $30,000 or so, and refused to vacate. Contrary to Judge Duffey’s presentation in the order dated July 30, 2009, that I am involved in “three cases,” the truth is that I am involved with one issue: Maid of the Mist and their attorneys. Maid sued me wrongfully. I have sued Maid. 115. The “litigious plaintiff” case that Judge Duffey cites in his order is Martin-Trigona v. Shaw, a case in which a litigant had filed over 250 lawsuits and used litigation as a cruel and effective weapon against his enemies, who are more often imagined than real. Trigona has reportedly sued literally hundreds, if not thousands, of attorneys, judges, their spouses, court officials, and other human beings. His lawsuits have been pursued with "persistence, viciousness, and general disregard for decency and logic." He has used legal pleadings to ventilate his contempt and hatred of persons of Jewish heritage and to level accusations which "have often been personal, have often emphasized racial or religious affiliations, and have often involved the members of ... judges' and counsel's families." The purpose, nature and effect of his resort to multiple litigation has been to involve as many persons in as many confounding legal processes as possible.

Judge Duffy hit the nail on the head, and Bill objected He then selectively choose 15 years because more than that would definitely prove the Judge's point. But what is particularly amazing is how Bill has an out of body experience as he characterizes the Trigona case as something far different than what he is doing. Unlike Bill, Trigona filed tons of lawsuits as a cruel weapon against his enemies, many of which are imagined. This monster even included "judges, court officials, their spouses and other human beings in an effort to involve as many persons in as many confounding legal processes as possible". Right, and we can all see how this Trigona monster differs from what Bill is doing?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Windsor Can't Read During Tax Season

This is going to be a series as we look into Bill's past filings, particularly in Georgia civil action 1:11-CV-01922-TWT and the second amended notice of appeal.  In this filing, we get a pretty good look at all the financial failures, as Bill tells it, that Windsor has been involved in over the past 30 years.  As usual, its everyone else's fault but Bill's that his financial endeavours have been a disaster.   In this filing, Bill tries to claim a negative net worth of almost $1,000,000 while owning two homes worth about $2,000,000 total and having an investment account with Wachovia for over $1,000,000.

Even back in 2011, Bill was playing all kinds of financial games through his wife Barbara as they tried to hide assets from the looming judgement they were about to receive in the Maid of the Mist case.  Bill even shows what kind of game he is playing when he says "there is no law to make a spouse liable to use her separate property to pay for debts of her husband".  The District Court even pointed this out by saying that the Windsor's financial affairs were convoluted.  Then, Bill uses his son Ryan to come up with a $1,000,000 "loan" Bill says he owes to Ryan and Alcatraz for the legal fees in the Maid of the Mist case with a wink and a nod.

Then we have the problem with his taxes.  As we learned in Bill's divorce filing last year, he had not filed a tax return since 2009.  But in this court document we get a little more info on what he did in 09.  Bill says, and I quote:  "The 2009 tax return is inaccurate.  It was submitted when Windsor was unable to read.  It will be amended when time and reading permit.  The 2010 return is on extension due to the same factors."

You see Judge, I suffer from a very rare condition.  Every spring, up till April 15th I can't seem to be able to read.  My doctor diagnosed me with what he called a BS syndrome, but he failed to provide me with medication (rest assured that I am suing him).  So you see, I am simply unable to provide you with current tax returns that could better describe my "convoluted" financial situation.