Friday, June 28, 2013

Are George McDermott and Bill Windsor Identical Twins Seperated at Birth?

While Billy continues to hide in an undisclosed location for an undisclosed reason, I thought it might be interesting to look at some of these other characters that were with Bill when Lawless America was formed.  We, of course, have already looked at his number two man David Schied. But this George McDermott, like Schied and Jon Roland, were with him in the beginning.  The similarities between Bill and George are staggering.  And, we even have a tie-in with Joey Dauben in all this.

McDermott is a slow-witted "corruption" fighter who dressed up his van and drives all around Maryland fighting what he calls corruption.  He fell into this career choice after he became a self-described victim of mortgage fraud. And because the courts didn't rule in his favor, he decided to declare war on the court system.

George was a very visible part of the start of Lawless America as well as its sister group GRIP.  He was a frequent guest on Bill's Talkshoe program and supported the cause wholeheartedly.  (Notice the comments in this article.)

But apparently there was not enough room for both George and Bill to play together, and eventually he broke away from the movement but not from his "cause."  George has his own Talkshoe program.  He "advocates" for individuals who have a beef with the court system.  He frequently does poorly edited videos in front of court buildings to ramble on about whatever his subject is that day.  He even accuses the judicial system of using terrorism and calls attorneys corrupt and nothing but a group of gangsters.  George has run for Congress multiple times, and uses each endeavor to try and link more people to his cause.

George has even taken up advocacy for the infamous vexatious litigant Jeff Barron.  We of course know the Barron story quite well since he used Joey Dauben to help him create and maintain thousands of domain names in a cyber squatting effort.  The Jeff Barron case has apparently been a cattle call for all kinds of hucksters and grown-up children all over the place as it has trapped Joey, Bill, George and the infamous John Margetis who unsuccessfully tried to sue this blog.

Pictured are Jeff (on the left) and John as they emerge from a court building in yet another huge waste of taxpayer money.

McDermott runs a website, where he records his so called judicial fraud in numerical order, along with a poor quality video with each entry.  Barron and Margetis can be found in entries 400, 401, 410, 403, 404, 405, 409, 411, 418, 419, 421, 422, and 424

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Billy Stops Paying Attention to His Latest Scam

Windsor gave this update last night on his personal facebook page:

BILL WINDSOR OF LAWLESS AMERICA ohh you mean that Bill Windsor IS TAKING A SHORT BREAK FROM FILMING you mean youtubing TO ATTEND TO PERSONAL MATTERS the only thing you ever do is attend to personal matters. IF YOU KNOW WHERE THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN, YOU DO NOT KNOW WHERE HE IS. so you stole another picture and posted it?

I am not here that statement is fundamentally flawed on the most basic level, but it does look delightful. The only scenery I am seeing tends to be the four walls of a hotel room hopefully it will be redecorated soon with some iron bars.

The folks in the room next to me last night had a great time uhhhhh, did you send them a cease and desist?. I've never heard anything like it. I was blushing, I imagine *sigh*, no comment...but you know.

I did a lot of research on places to live there are lots of them out there huh, and I thought I had things narrowed down pretty well...but photos can be deceiving too bad you have never been able to go out and see all these places in person, like on vacation...oh wait. Little is easy that's especially true for stupid people.

I filed criminal charges against Curtis Butler of Springfield Missouri today.  and the crowd goes wiill...oh wait, no one cares any more

Thanks to his stalking obsession, Bill has been unable to properly respond to his vexatious filing in Missouri.  Yesterday, he tried to file and emergency motion for continuance.  He based this request on several parts:  1.  He says the court clerk is being mean and denying him subpoena powers to go out and discover what a ginger snap is.  2.  He has been out of town and unable to keep up with all the filings.  He claims he hasn't even seen Mark's answer.  3.  Brenda still hasn't been served, and Bill doesn't seem to know how to do it.  4.  Allie's attorney is being corrupt because he has only recently started to send everything to bill via email.  Bill says it can take up to two weeks to get his snail mail so its important that everyone take the extra effort to scan everything on to the computer and email it to him.

In light of this, I thought it would be nice to just go ahead and set the stage for a hearing between the judge and Bill at this point:

Bill:  Please allow me more time, I am out of town
Judge:  Why are you out of town? 
B:  Because I'm filming a movie
J:  Why are you filming a movie?
B:  Because judges are corrupt
J:  Why are judges corrupt?
B:  Because they ruled against me and labelled me a vexatious litigant
J:  Hmmm, ok lets back up a little, why did you have to file this lawsuit?
B:  Because Allie said mean things about me
J:  What?
B:  That my movie is fake
J:  Well when is this movie going to be out?
B:  I don't know, I need a rich person to fund it, someone to edit it, someone to write the story, someone to direct it and someone to produce it.
J:  So what do you have at this point?
B:  I have over 3,000 hours of random testimonies of people on youtube
J:  Ok, so why can't you get your mail?
B:  Because my wife divorced me and I had to leave
J:  Why did she do that?
B:  Because I wouldn't stop filming my movie
J:  So who are these 1000 John Does?
B:  I don't know, I was hoping you would help me find out
J:  Let me guess, they too said something negative about you "movie"?
B:  Exactly what is it gonna be Judge?

J:  this case is dismissed 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Windsor Goes In To Hiding

Ever since everything went down last Saturday, Bill has gone underground.  His facebook page, which was really the last remaining conduit for communication with his followers, is still nowhere to be found.  He has sent a few smoke signals up their various channels such as some of the state pages and on his own facebook page.  The latest one, on his personal fb page, another lame joke about a sunset and if you know where that is, keep it quiet.  But the key new term he used is that he now admits he is actually in "hiding" versus his story about taking a break a few days before.

No doubt, that after Bill made that post listing specific dollar amounts in terms of past donations, something happened.  Reportedly, it was the internet crimes division within the FBI that put Bill under the microscope.  Whatever it was, it was real, and Bill can feel it.  He will never survive an investigation of any kind mainly because he can't show his paper trail.  He has most certainly taken in donations, and there are plenty of people who can attest to donating to him.  But can he show, on his end, where that money came in, and eventually back out?

The longer this drags out, the more followers Bill will lose.  He can't afford to lose contact with them but since he already told them to forget bothering to email him, what does he have left?  Who is he going to tell about his sightseeing events of the day?  What about all the "haters" he wants to stalk?  What good is the stalking if he can't broadcast it?  I think we are now at the end of the nightmare known as Lawless America, but what we need is the end of Bill Windsor and his scams.  I hope they shut him down for good, because if they don't, he will be back on the road again with some new scam with the same results.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kiss Bill Goodnight

*****Update, it seems that the sites are now back up and operating but I am still under the understanding that they are all being investigated*****

Bill goes to his facebook page to cry and complain about his lack of financial support.  He claims that donations amounted to $35,000 on his first tour (IRS did you catch that?) but that he has had to pick up the rest of the $90,000 plus on his own from the first round and now this pointless second version. 

Windsor also, more or less, admitted he has no clue what his movie is going to be or even look like.  He decided to blame his failure on the lack of funding from his lemmings.  He said after his stalking showdown with Boushie in Montanta, he would be out of people to stalk and may need to just shut down for a while.

Then the switch got pulled.  The FBI's internet crime division, based on numerous complaints, decided to investigate Bill's facebook, stalker sites, and even the main Lawless America website.  In typical Bill speak, he blamed it on something that was not true:

Lawless America Tennessee · 107 like this
30 minutes ago near Pikeville, TN ·
Lawless America Facebook page has been removed, shut down. Appalling to say the least.

(post from Bill Windsor)

Once again he sets up his own false flag...but this time he is playing with the big boys and I think they have seen this game before and will know what to do with it.  Is this finally the end of the domestic terrorist organization known as Lawless America?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Even In Victory, Bill Loses

Windsor made a victorious 18 minute video talking about Connie Fielding being released from the mental ward.  Bill goes on and on about how she looks completely sane to him and builds his own straw man argument that she was put in there for thinking the government is corrupt.  But when did facts ever get in the way of a good recreation of history for Bill?

But the more interesting, and telling point, is how Connie got back her freedom.  Was it Bill's testimony that did it?  No.  Was is Bill's media exposure that did it?  No.  Oh yeah, thats right it was a professional, experienced, accredited and licensed attorney that brought about the victory.  Pro se?  No way.  "Media" and facebook exposure and or protesting?  Waste of time.  Nope, the lesson we are learning on this trip is that if you want to actually win a case that involves legal matters, you need to have those highly trained professionals that do this for a living on your side, not against you.  So enjoy your "victory" Bill, it came at the hands of everything you say you are standing up against.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Over Here, Over There, But Never Headed Anywhere

Bill continues to wander around in the Utah wasteland.  He is currently trying to get his foot in the door to see Connie Fielding a woman whom her family committed to an institution.  Bill doesn't know her, knows nothing about her story, but since she posts on his facebook page and all her posts are very much pro Bill, he has declared her perfectly sane just on that alone and therefore wrongfully detained.  He does a video outside the facility that he is not allowed to enter.  In his self shot and poorly edited video, he rambles on for 8 minutes and looks to have put on about 25 pounds just in the last two weeks.

Windsor is gearing up for his delayed showdown with Sean Boushie in Missoula Montana.  Bill keeps claiming it will be a TV series (which will go straight to youtube) as he tries to get impressionable young college students to go on camera and say bad things about Sean.  Bill has even stooped as low as taking out an add on Craigslist seeking subjects to go on youtube for his fake documentary.  He also posted that he is renting a bulletproof vest for his stalking expedition in Missoula.  He wants to make sure his few remaining followers realize just how dangerous his made up crusade of stalking Sean really is.

While Bill was in Utah, he decided to go by the Sundance festival and see what real movie producers do.  It was more like a nostalgia trip down his own lying memory lane as it read as a "remember that lie I told you guys about my fake movie going to Sundance?  Well, I went by their information desk and had a conversation with the clerk how cool is that".

What happened to the RV?  Bill says he decided to sell it, he even said "we" sold the RV.  Of course the question is who is the "we"?  He and the voices in his head?  It wasn't listed as an asset in the divorce.   Does  "we" mean the non-profit that he set up but hasn't been keeping records of?  Where will that money go?  How will it be disbursed?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bill Tries To Turn Up the Volume

Windsor tried to pull the ole "I know who you are but I'm not gonna tell ya" stunt yesterday against me and everyone else on this blog.  Of course he wouldn't be Bill Windsor unless he was lying, and that is the case once again.  But the more he screams and complains about his "haters", the more he ignores his followers and his stated goal (which changes daily).

Speaking of stated goals....he keeps making up new ones as he congratulates himself on accomplishing his new made up goal:


An important part of the Lawless America project to me is visiting all 50 state capitols. I was in Salt Lake City 6-7 months ago, but I forgot to go to the Capitol as I geared up for a 500-mile day of driving. I remedied that today.

To reach Bill Windsor and Lawless America, email

The mysteries of the universe will now slowly start to unlock themselves for Bill as he now nears the holy grail of visiting all 50 state capitals.  How can one human being accomplish so much in just one lifetime? 

This American Pie Tour version 3.0 was supposed to be about filming back stories to cases he filmed on version 2.0.....but where is this?  So far all he has been able to film are back roads and prison buildings, and maybe a dust devil.  What version 3.0 has actually emerged as is a support tour for criminals, particularly violent ones.  Mutilation, torture and vengeance are the stories Bill has been drawn too, while he stalks and tries to terrorize any and everyone that disagrees with him.

One of the things that eats at Bill is the inescapable feeling that he is supposed to be better than he is.  This is the first born son of Walter Windsor, he was born and trained to be something special and he had all the resources at his disposal to do it.  Bill Windsor is in the 1%.  But he has no moral character and below average intelligence.  This is why he has fundamentally failed at every single endeavor he has embarked on, and will continue to fail until his body has finally cease and desisted..ohh and abated.  Deep down, Bill knows he was supposed to be more than this, you can hear it in his latest videos as he tries to pin the blame for this failures on his haters and his followers.  But as he reminds us, its just him on this trip, and he is a nobody.  He made up his own crusade, he pushed away at anyone trying to help him, and in the end he has absolutely no one else to blame but himself.  Bill Windsor was born a somebody, but will die as a nobody and there is nothing he can do at this point to change that.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Great Cookie Caper

I guess this is the end.  We are all about to be outed.  That's right, Bill Windsor, the admitted mail fraudster, has people working behind the scenes on all of our identities and he will soon get that information, and he plans to raid the cookie jar.  Ahhh yes this lonely father's day is tough for the man with no home or family, but it will all be worth it if he can find that ginger snap he so longs for.


I want to thank the wonderful folks who have provided information and assistance in my battle against stalkers, harassers, libelers, slanderers, and those who threaten me in various ways, including those with death threats.

I understand that I am now the recipient of a report that identifies the people with the screen names used on I anxiously await the forwarding of my mail.
So is he going to pay up on that $1,000 offer he made a few weeks back?  What about his ever sliding showdown with Sean Boushie that has already been dubbed Piemageddon?  Yesterday Bill marked his 365 day of failure by filming himself in the dessert during a windstorm.  You couldn't really hear anything he had to say, but that's ok because he didn't have anything new to say.  He has failed as a stalker, he has failed as a bully, a father, a grandfather, an American, a son, a husband, and as a human being.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Susan Gets Schooled - posted by Anon

Well Susan, ask Attorney and ye shall  receive . Susan made the following request of Attorney today: 

"If you show me where you refuted something I said, I will happily own my error. Nothing pleases me more than to learn something new and to correct something I have misunderstood. I anxiously await my lesson!"

The following lesson has been provided by the letter "A"

If you show me where you refuted something I said

I have done that repeatedly. You are welcome to review my comments.

I will happily own my error.

That has demonstrably not been your prior practice. Instead, in each case you have run away from the issue, either throwing a childish tantrum or trying to change the subject.

Backing up a few lines:

"I sincerely don't remember you ever REFUTING anything I have said. I remember you QUESTIONING fundamental statements of law, but"

You are, yet again, radically mistaken. On the past two comment threads in which we have conversed, I have either refuted your statements or exposed the baseless presumptions inherent in them over and over again. This is obvious to anyone who simply reads the threads, but given your convenient lapses of memory whenever accuracy would prove to be troublesome to you, it would appear to be useful to refute you yet again. Which is what I now intend to do.

Refutation/Exposure of Baseless Overconfidence #1 (June 10):

Your "WTF Missouri" comment sounded like you thought it highly unusual that they don’t follow the FRCP rule numbers.

Attorney response:

It communicated nothing of the kind. Instead, it conveyed my feeling that categorizing the overwhelmingly common Motion to Dismiss under the unwieldy rule number 55.27 is notably convoluted and ugly. What I said is that Rule 55.27 is "a terrible name." You bizarrely inferred from that statement that I was surprised and/or previously unaware that some states "don’t follow the FRCP rule numbers"—a notion that finds no support in my "terrible name" comment.

To the contrary, all of three paragraphs above my "terrible name" comment, I had specifically pointed out that Missouri might not "follow the FRCP rule numbers":

So, again presuming that somebody has been properly served, my guess is that we’ll see a motion to dismiss (also known, though maybe not in Missouri (?), as a "Rule 12 motion") reasonably soon.

Where in the world you got the idea that I needed to be informed that different states number their procedural rules differently I have no idea.


You made a statement. I refuted it. You responded by running away and and have thenceforth entirely failed to address the issue.

Refutation/Exposure of Baseless Overconfidence #2 (June 10):

As far as I can tell "Attorney" and Life in Pierce County are in good standing here, meaning they have not yet dared to disagree with any of your [Ginger Snap’s] doctrine[.]

Attorney response :

False. I have openly disagreed with and corrected Ginger repeatedly on this blog. I have, however, done all that with somewhat more tact than you apparently feel moved to display.


You made a statement. I refuted it. You responded by running away and and have thenceforth entirely failed to address the issue.

Refutation/Exposure of Baseless Overconfidence #3 (June 10):
Statement  :

I don’t see you [Ginger Snap] taking the time to explain to them [Attorney and Stacy “Life in Pierce County” Emerson] why their request to stop the anon posting will not be granted.

Attorney response  :

I have never requested that Ginger "stop the anon posting." I don’t recall seeing Ms. Emerson make any such request, either. I have no interest in telling the proprietor of this forum how he ought to run it. She and I, instead, have suggested that commenters on this blog post under pseudonyms (or their real names, if they prefer) rather than anonymously.


You made a statement. I refuted it. You responded by running away and and have thenceforth entirely failed to address the issue.

Refutation/Exposure of Baseless Overconfidence #4 (June 10):
Statement :

All I’m saying is that since you [Ginger Snap] DO claim to respect them [Attorney and Stacy "Life in Pierce County" Emerson], I would expect you to have the courtesy to respond to their suggestions/queries.

Attorney response :

To reiterate, I have no expectation that Ginger will respond in any way at all to the Attorney/Emerson suggestion that commenters here eschew anonymous posting in favor of pseudonymous posting. I did not direct that suggestion to Ginger, and I do not consider it the slightest bit disrespectful of him not to have responded to it.

When I have criticized and/or corrected Ginger on issues other than this one, I have found his responses to be entirely respectful and appropriate—which is not to say that we agree on all of the issues involved; in fact, I gather we don’t. I believe and hope that Ginger feels that my submissions have been likewise respectful.


You made a statement. I refuted it. You then ran away and entirely failed to address the issue.

Refutation/Exposure of Baseless Overconfidence #5 (May 27):

Statement  :

Missouri has no interest in and therefore no power to compel an out of state ISP to provide the identity of an out of state poster unless the offending post somehow targeted or involved Missouri.

Attorney response  :

It’s simply obvious (isn’t it?) that any statement posted on the internet "involve[s] Missouri," in that anything posted on the internet is available to and therefore, at least in theory, is read in Missouri.

To the extent that Windsor’s lawsuit is a defamation lawsuit, the publication element—i.e., the transmission of the allegedly defamatory statement to someone other than the publisher himself—clearly "involve[s] Missouri," because all of the relevant statements were published in Missouri as well as everywhere else on the planet that has unfettered access to the internet.

So declaring that Missouri "has no interest in" Windsor’s claims "unless the offending post somehow targeted or involved Missouri" simply begs the question: does an internet defamation suit like this necessarily "involve[ ]" Missouri?


You made a statement. I exposed the unfounded presumption inherent in that statement. You claimed that you would address the problem ("before I take the time to support my comment on thejurisdictional issue...."), but you never did. You then ran away (covering your cowardly retreat with a sneering insult—I will refrain from listing the flaws in your hypothesis, but itis clear that as you say, torts and PJ are not your forte”) and entirely failed to address the issue.
Refutation/Exposure of Baseless Overconfidence #6 (May 28):

Statement :

[I]t is my understanding that your practice does not involve civil litigation.

Attorney response  :

You are mistaken. My practice involves almost nothing but civil litigation.


You made a statement. I both refuted and exposed the baseless overconfidence inherent in that statement. You then ran away and entirely failed to address the issue.

Refutation/Exposure of Baseless Overconfidence #7 (May 29):

Statement  :

Interested readers [of my declarations] can always ask for more detail[.]

A simple request for clarification would have been sufficient.

Attorney response :

Interested readers are also capable of being badly misled by (presumably unintentional) implications of few-word contributions that lack relevant nuance. Oversimplified legal analyses can be very dangerous, as I hope you recognize.


Readers without an extensive legal background had no idea that "a simple request for clarification" was even necessary to elucidate issues that you glossed over.

Presuming, as it appears, that you don't have a relevant citation regarding the application of the International Shoe doctrine to internet defamation cases, I don't particularly need further clarification from you. The people who do need it wouldn't know that they need to ask you for it. Such are the pitfalls of oversimplification.


You made a statement. I exposed the baseless overconfidence inherent in that statement. You then ran away and entirely failed to address the issue.

Refutation/Exposure of Baseless Overconfidence #8 (May 28):

Statement :

I don’t recall seeing any citations in your posts here.

Attorney response  :

Again, you’re mistaken. I have in fact posted a handful of citations in my contributions to this blog.


You made a statement. I both refuted and exposed the baseless overconfidence inherent in that statement. You then ran away and entirely failed to address the issue.

Refutation/Exposure of Baseless Overconfidence #9 (May 29):

Statement  :

I was speaking about the scenario you mentioned, where Windsor, who has no ties to Missouri, attempts to bring claims there against an out of state defendant, who presumably lacks sufficient general contacts with Missouri.

Attorney response :

First, the International Shoe standard only requires sufficient contacts, not sufficient general contacts, in order to meet the Constitutional requirement for personal jurisdiction. In order to defeat a personal jurisdiction defense, Windsor would not need to demonstrate that Missouri has general jurisdiction over any defendant.

Second, how can you possibly "presume" that the defendants lack sufficient contacts with Missouri? Windsor has explicitly alleged that the defendants have continually defamed him on the internet. Both the internet and the allegedly defamatory statements the defendants posted on it are widely available in Missouri. Are those facts not enough to establish sufficient contacts (or even sufficient general contacts) with Missouri—for the purposes of Missouri’s long-arm statute and state and federal case law pertaining to personal jurisdiction?


You made a statement. I exposed the baseless overconfidence inherent in that statement. I also directly exposed the fact that you had applied an irrelevant legal standard to the question—an error that would, under some factual circumstances, destroy your entire argument. You then ran away and entirely failed to address either issue.

Indeed, in response to the above refutations and exposures of your errors, you elected not to address any of your mistakes but rather to throw your infamous "
as I read through your various posts, I can see that yourknowledge is far more advanced than mine" tantrum. As I’ve indicated more than once since, such a petulant and childish response is an indicator of the confidence you have in your ability to discuss matters relevantly and rationally, not to mention a signal that your motives on this blog have nothing to do with conducting respectful discussion or seeking the truth.

To conclude, then:

As I said and have now proved, Anonymous, I have repeatedly refuted and/or exposed the baseless overconfidence inherent in statement after statement you have posted on this blog. And your unceasing tendency in response has been to duck and dodge every issue, not infrequently utilizing insults and tantrums to cover your cowardly escape. In the long list, above, of your misstatements and my corrections of same, you have not once admitted error or even communicated anything short of overwhelming confidence in your declarations.

In short, as I have now demonstrated, your entire behavior with regard to me (not that you've treated anyone else here any better) reveals you to be a coward, a boor, and a troll. A duty to defend the image of my profession (not to mention to protect the public from your miseducation) may force me in the future to respond to you in order to continue refuting your fallacies and exposing your thoughtlessness, but clearly your behavior is not worth anyone's time.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bill Is Going No Where Fast

Remember when Lawless America was going to save the Country by an award winning documentary movie?  Well, what about the sweeping changes that would take place in Congress by way of legislation as a result of the "indisputable evidence" Bill would provide them?  What about how he and his partner in crime David Shied were going to take their country back by way of citizen grand juries?

Well all of that must be put on hold indefinably, as the man who gave his own State of the Union response now needs help saving his website.


Ahhh yes, how the mighty have fallen.  And while he spends his days and nights reading this blog trying to figure out how to subpoena a cookie and some farm animals, his confused followers keep dropping off or end up institutionalized.  Yes, these are troubling times for the so called Revolutionary Party, as their dictator in chief has gone awol from reality and has no clue which road to take to get back.  Ohhh and one other little thing, you know Bill's youtube account?  Yes that one that holds all the video footage that he has uploaded from his fake movie for two years?  Yeah, ummmm, he kinda forgot his password and can't log in to it any more.  Have we taken our country back?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Windsor Finally Heads To the Mental Institution

After going crazy with the heat in both Arizona and Nevada, Bill now heads to the funny farm to check out the operation.  The man with no home had been previously touring prison facilities, but now he wants to check out his other possible final destination.

The reason for this visit is he plans to spook the latest Lawless follower to be institutionalized (even odds on either Mary Deneen or the Rhode Island woman as next up) in Connie Fielding.  Bill even points out that the "likes" on his facebook page are dwindling but he blames that on the new settings he said he put in place.  The truth is the core of his followers are ending up in jail or committed.  It is fun watching them give Bill advice on his health when Bill is either complaining about his ear or the heat.

Domain Names:  Windsor has decided to adopt the Crystal Cox tried and failed method of taking out domain names in the name of the person or group you are stalking.  He has recently put one up on Boushie, Claudine, and all of the AMPPs.

Crazy with the Heat:  Bill gave daily and sometimes hourly updates of the current temperature on the Las Vegas Strip as he took his photo's all from a half mile radius of the MGM Grand

Drive-by Shotings:  The Jeep now has a ceiling cam on it so that now Bill won't even have to get out of the car to do his filming.

Utah:  Bill took his crime scene tape to Utah as he filmed a woman he knew nothing about for 3 hours.  He was fascinated by her story calling it maybe the most compelling story he has filmed yet.  The main reason he believes her is because she apparently has some gruesome images Bill can't wait to upload for shock value.

Ear owie:  He blamed the gale force wind from the hotel air conditioners (someone should let him know that he can control those) for having an ear ache.  He claimed to visit several clinics in the area but disagreed with their diagnosis and told them to cease and desist.  He used that excuse as a way to stay a few extra days in Sin City as he lived it up and worked on his Missouri lawsuit filings.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Windsor AMPP's Up His Wild Goose Chase

Bill has been quiet on his vacation.  Thats because he is busy writing and preparing for his civil case in Missouri.  He posted that he plans to add all the known members of the AMPP as his John Does, currently he claims that number to be 33.  He claims his residence is changing to South Dakota, aka that's where I will receive my nomad mail.

This is really no surprise actually, we are back now full circle as Bill wants to, admittedly, devote the rest of his short life to terrorising women who disagree with him.  As we speculated all along, he is trying to use the lawsuit in Missouri against Allie as the catalyst to his all out war against his naysayers.  He found a federal judge foolish enough to grant him the right to get vexatious in Missouri so he is going to milk this frivolous lawsuit for all its worth.  But there is one big problem for Bill.....

Allie has representation, outstanding representation at that.  She will quickly be off the hook, and therefore, I believe, get everyone else off the hook as well.  Once Allie and Brenda are out of the picture, there is really not good argument for jurisdiction in this particular court for them to go wild goose chasing down the AMPPs literally all over the Country.  Yes, technically he could do it, but I think this Judge will be done with it once it turns into a John Doe hunt.

Bill doesn't enter these cases to win.  I'm not sure there is any documented proof of him winning anything in his overly vexatious career in court.  But what Bill can do is tie up both the court and the defendant with his astounding level of frivolous and voluminous filings.  Much like his entire life is a waste, he has a way of brining others down in to the muck that he resides in (and its not somewhere in South Dakota).  But, this will fail as I believe that his true motives will be revealed once Allie is able to dismiss herself from the case.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Money? There is No Money!

A very interesting nugget to emerge from the divorce filings is that Bill has not submitted his tax return, not only for 2012 but for 2011 as well.  As Bill lives it up in Vegas right now, between stalking expeditions and spending over $3,000 a month on hotel rooms alone, he clearly isn't focused or even thinking about his taxes.  Not only that, but he is about as far away, physically,  from his records in Marietta Georgia as you can get and still be in the US.

No, it doesn't appear that he has anything on his schedule that has to do with him completing his way past due tax return.  The time period that he has declined to report on directly coincides with the ramping up with his Lawless America scam.  As we have heard, he doesn't keep records of donations.  No receipts, no paper trail no nothing.  In short, he can't file those returns without committing tax fraud by omission.  He didn't keep records.  Just like his answer in the MOM case, he must plead the 5th on answering any questions related to his finances as any answer would incriminate him, either intentional or unintentional.

So I guess the real question is how long can you play chicken with the IRS?  How much longer can he continue to tour the Country, taking under the table donations and not reporting them?  Well, probably a lot longer before it was put all out there on the internet for everyone to see.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bill and Barbara's Divorce, Lets Hear Some Details

While Bill is out trying to make Claudine his stalking target of the day, a woman he now admits he is devoting his life to exposing her (kinda sounds creepy from a sexual pervert), the details are emerging from the one woman who had the unfortunate experience of spending most of her life with this man.

Bill claimed his divorce was caused by all the threats from the "haters" and the distress it has caused his family.  We said no, it was the American Terrorist named Bill Windsor that caused his divorce and the details show that we were right...and he (wait for it) lied.

First, and certainly foremost, the great news is that Barb got the cat.  Kitty really dodged a bullet on that one.  She also got full possession of both homes while Bill got to keep his drum set (I guess he needs something to beat on).  Even the Jeep, the mobile terrorism command center, is in her name.

What does she not want?  Anything that has any association whatsoever to Lawless America or Round America.  She wants all of that out of her house, and she wants to make sure that she is no longer associated in any way shape or form to any of Bill's scams.  "The Wife has no, nor has she ever had, interest in, responsibility in, or association with Lawless America, its legal matters, videos, or films produced by them or her Husband".

Then, just because Barb knows just how evil and vindictive Bill really is, we get this:  "The Husband shall not mention the Wife, or any other family members by name on inference, without express permission of that person, on his website or facebook page".  Ahhh yes mister 64 and 3/8ths year old grandfather, you are not a grandfather, you are not a father, you are not a husband and you are not even a man.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Deja Vu....All Over Again

For Bill, it seems like every new day is the same as it was yesterday.  He is still in the Phoenix area.  He is now filming, and at a 2nd grade level I might add, at places and stops he already covered a year ago.  It's not like he needed to new footage he just simply doesn't have anything else to cover.  There is nothing new to see here.  And he can't even get the subjects to go on camera, showing just how far he has now fallen.

Ohhhhh, but hold on, here is something new:


I will film a TV special June 17-21, 2013 in Missoula, Montana.

I am spending a lot of time in Missoula as I believe a man who has threatened to kill me is there. He is an employee of the University of Montana. I intend to try to locate anyone and everyone I can who knows anything about this guy. The special will explore whether this man actually works for the government through the University of Montana as a paid cyberstalker. There isn’t any other logical explanation for why law enforcement ignores what this guy does. There are as many as a dozen people who have come forward to report that he has cyberstalked them. I hope to interview most of these people for the TV special.

While in Missoula, I will be filing charges against this man and the University of Montana with the university, the police, the sheriff, and the FBI. This man indicates that if I drive by his home in Stevensville to film his home, he will shoot me. I plan to drive by and film, but I will wear body armor while in Missoula, and I will hire an off-duty police officer or sheriff to accompany me. I will also travel in an unmarked car.

Anyone who would like to join me while I am in Missoula is certainly welcome. Bring protection, if it is legal in Montana. I could REALLY use a cameraperson to go with me and film me as I do all this stuff.

I have been contacted by two distribution companies that say they can syndicate my stories for TV and online TV. This will be the first test of this proposed deal. 

Yay, something new......or wait, check that, no we have already had the big high noon showdown with Sean Boushie out in Montana.  Remember Bill, you chickened out?  And, by the way, how can you get any sympathy on a guy you say wants to kill you when you drive all the way up to his house to stalk him for 4 days?  Not only that you ask some lemmings to come along with you to be bullet stoppers.

The good news is, from the videos he uploaded, that the old, lonely, sexually perverse, American hating terrorist is just about gone.  He can't even go once sentence without losing his train of thought, or lack there of.  His body is pale, swollen, and you can visibly see his shaking hands increase in intensity.  His mind is consumed with his haters and his uncontrollable desire to have vengeance.  Soon his body will cease and desist, and it will finally be a brand new day for everyone else.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Clubhouse Radio Tonight at 9 Central

Curtis Butler is newest threat to Lawless America as Bill spotlighted him with a video Curtis did a few weeks back.  Well, as usual, the sheep say Baaaaa.  But what wasn't usual is that we had the....yes the Judge Snooty taking time out from trying to jack up our insurance premiums, to condescend from on high and give her unsolicited opinion on someone else she knows nothing about.

Sharon N. Kramer I find this video to be very disturbing. It reminds me of Robert Dinero in the movie Cape Fear. I can completely understand why you would fear for your personal safety, Bill Windsor.