Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Upcoming Failure In DC Will Change Everything for Billy

So Lawless America (also known as The Birthert/Fathers Rights/Sandy Hook cover-up movement) is heading for DC.  Up till now, Billy has been having fun on his Pies and Lies tour of America.  It was all fun and games, he could go wherever he wanted, make up a story about what happened there and then tell his tale to his lemmings on facebook, along with a fake picture to prove it.  He could say whatever he wanted and still count on his devoted followers because he represented the hope and promise to correct all their wrongs.

This all changes in DC.  Billy's mask will come off.  He will expose himself and his ineptitude for his most loyal followers to view first hand.  All of their CDs to Congress will turn into a quick frisbee toss to the trash bin.  No one in authority is going to come listen to the open mic night.  In short, no one is going to even know they came or existed in DC, much less get anyone to listen to them.  But Billy Boy has much more to worry about than just the embarrassment of his impending failure.

As we see from his most loyal lemmings, they think this trip to DC is going to literally change their lives for the better.  Many of them are homeless or one step away from it, and they are spending money they really don't have all out of hope and belief that The Pie Man is their messiah.  They are desperate and they have nothing left to lose.  When they finally realize that Billy has been playing them for a fool, the fall out may be fatal for Bill.  He keeps whining about Sean Boushie and all the "haters" out there along with these unnamed government sources after him, but he really hasn't seen anything yet.  Wait till his lemmings turn on him.  He will have to live in absolute fear for his life every single time he steps out of his house.

Obviously this is what he gets for playing with desperate people's lives like that.  But while he has had fun playing the game up till now, it could turn violent for him as he meets his followers face to face and all of his lies become exposed in action.  After next week, just about everyone will be wanting a piece of his pie, but not in the way he wants.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pie Baby Tries To Wave His Magic Wand

Lemming updates:  Mary is calling the FBI and screaming at them.  Several lemmings report that they are not going to be able to make it to DC.  The Minister of Propaganda Allie kicked Josh out for his independent thinking and questions.  The stalker blog that Bill sent out against us is still a one hit wonder.

So Windsor decides to piss on the grave of our fallen soldiers once again with this little nugget:


Arlington National Cemetery. We must ensure that these brave men and women did not die in vain."

I'm pretty sure they didn't give their lives for you Bill, or you self-centred temper tantrum you think is a "cause".

Then he goes on the inspire the lemmings once again by showing them pictures of different stock photos of some of the landmarks they might get to visit on their "Failure in DC" trip.  This is then followed by a quick scare with a new "wanted" poster of the most scary man in the world....Sean Boshie.  And now Windsor has dropped a little hint to downgrade everyone's expectations for this big trip:

"1-30-2013 - 3:55 PM - UNDISCLOSED LOCATION:

Please understand that Lawless America has no staff. We so appreciate the wonderful volunteers who help. But we have no one at this time to take phone calls or return the thousands of voice mail messages. Please don't be upset when you don't get a response to your phone call. We'll try to return the calls some day, but it will not happen before Meet Me in DC. Thank you for understanding.

If you need to contact someone, here are options --

We will have someone answering 770-578-1094 from Sunday February 3 through Wednesday February 6, 2013. Please call if it is about Meet Me in DC.

My stomach problems have flared up again this afternoon. I was told this is a 48-hour stomach flu...and I am getting close to 48 hours. Maybe I got the 72-hour version."

This was in result to several of the lemmings asking some very logistical questions regarding where they were going, how everything was going to be coordinated and who was in charge.  Bill wants everyone to understand that he has no one working for him, even though many have volunteered  and when things go bad in DC just remember that its not his fault, after all he has a new stomach problem to worry about.  Last week it was carpel tunnel and the week before it was the cough of death.  I wonder what the excuse will be next week?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bullies Hate Being Bullied

Instead of outing us like he promised, Pie Baby Windsor has instead continued to focus on Sean Boushie.  Things Billy can't stand is for people to be dishonest and for them to bully him, that is his job.  There is no doubt that Sean is pushing Bill's buttons and doesn't seem to be letting up, this is causing Billy to not be able to enjoy his pie.  So he lashes out with a new edict to his lemmings about the biggest threat they face...Sean.

"Law enforcement authorities from at least three states have been provided with information for investigations into Serial Stalker Sean Boushie from the University of Montana.
Bill Windsor has filed criminal charges against Sean MBoushie in both Montana and Georgia.  The latest state to investigate University of Montana employee, Sean Boushie, called us for information!  Other victims have previously filed charges, and some of his new victims say they plan to file charges as well.

If you have information about stalking or other illegal acts by Sean M. Boushie, he then lists his address or Sean Boushie of the University of Montana, please contact Bill Windsor at as well as your local police department.
Sean Boushie has guns and is apparently talented enough with a bow and arrow to kill animals.  I consider him armed and dangerous."
Ok so you are trying to scare us out of our minds but I don't understand the fear.  Is he going to hunt us down with a bow and arrow or a gun?  Are you impling that if he wasn't a very good shot this wouln't be much of a big deal?  You do remember that you promised to go to his home and face him directly dont you?

"It appears that Sean Boushie drives a 2004 Ford Ranger.  Sean Boushie uses the screen name flintlocknfur, and he said he had lost many jobs -- 5 jobs in 10 years."
Ok, he drives a vehicle...check.  He has had 5 jobs in 10 years, isn't that a great thing?  You brag about the 200 different failed companies you had as if thats something special, so I guess we should assume that this makes Sean successful.

"I do not know Sean Boushie.  I first learned of him when he began sending me bizarre emails.  I quickly learned from Crystal Cox that Sean Boushie stalks her, so I apparently became a target because I believe Crystal Cox."
No one who is credible would believe her.
"I have written articles exposing him as a stalker, a liar, and one gross person, but that's it, and that is not stalking or harassment -- just the news, just the facts."
Ok, well we need a quick definition check, what is cyber stalking then, since you call us stalkers?

"I have received reports that he has misused the name of Crystal Cox as a Facebook alias, including Crystal Cox and crystalcoxisabitch.  He is clearly guilty of impersonating her."

So you are telling us that crystalcoxyisabitch isnt really Crystal?  I can't imagine how many people were fooled by that one.

"Sean Boushie is a little man in stature -- 5'6" tall with extremely small hands and feet I'm told."

This is classic bully talk.  "He is weak, I could take him, but I wont".  How in the hell does that have anything to do with this other than he wants to play his role again as bully?  Either way, I reiterate my plea for him to worry about us.  We are killing your name in the google world and you still won't out us a promised.  Don't worry about Sean, you should worry about what we are doing.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pie Baby Pulls His Puppet Strings

So on last night's Nazi Radio Broadcast, Billy promised to out all of us on this blog, he even pinky swore it.  But instead of the direct shot we have been hoping for, he sends out a lemming to try and out snap the Ginger.  I guess we now have a site aimed at us.  I wanted pie, but I guess we will have to settle for this.  Thanks to our Minister of Alpacaganda for scooping us to this.  This new person said this about us:

Beatrice Just

4:00 AM (edited)  -  Public

A similarly named blog called 'joeyisalittlekid' was originally created by an unknown who calls himself (or herself), "Ginger Snap".  what do you mean similarly, its the same  This blog was created in an effort to cyberbully some guy named 'Joey Dauben' make fun of, the phrase you are looking for is make fun of. Unfortunately, the incarceration of Joey made our poor little Ginger Sniplet a very bored little boy (or girl) who needed to find yet another victim for his childish whims it was Joey and his not too bright Daddy, along with career con artists John Margetis and Jeff Barron that brought us a slice of pie. Enter William Windsor. Bill is a southern gent hey hey, that's short for gentlemen and that is insulting to real gentlemen from the state of Georgia who became fed up with judicial corruption in his home town you mean he was judicially banned from filing his frivolous lawsuits. When people started relating their many stories of injustice to him, he didn't turn his back he saw $$$$$$. Without the conveniences of a crew hey he does use young boys, and the American people as his cast, he rode his little white mini van into the sunset and set out to save America why didn't he start in the morning, why wait till sunset to start it?. He has spent almost a whole year of his own time he is bored and retired, time is all he has left travelling from state to state and somehow Hawaii in an honest liars have to always remind people they are honest effort to collect stories from a predetermined number of 700 victims. As he made his way through all 50 states and drove to Hawaii, the number quickly grew to thousands all they had to do was offer him pie. Bill has become the poster child for those hoping for justice in America and has inspired many to step forward and be heard I would like to see some documentation on this. This made our little Ginger very excited. He took to his keyboard and started using his blog to gain the following of those who, like himself, felt they had been rejected for various reasons wait, everyone is in this movie because they have been denied by the courts in some way, did you forget to think tank that statement?. Most were found to have created fraudulent stories or became disenchanted by the lack of attention that they felt they deserved from Bill and his helpers or Bill threw a temper tantrum and purged anyone he didn't like. Like spoiled children, they've been having temper tantrums ever since yes but it was Bill that had the temper and the tanrum. They have stalked pages and trolled the weekly Talk shoe meetings in an effort to get back at Bill hey we are just good patriots trying to spy on what the Nazis are up too. Ginger has created his own following of little cookie crumbs and they have been so busy snickerdoodling around that they have failed to notice that they too, have been watched oh no, you don't say, are you telling me that we are being watched?  Oh no, I never planned for that to happen. As our spicy little Ginger Sniplet has learned to use his copy and paste function in an effort to make it look like he has really written something special what?  Ohh you are going to have to give us some examples of this claim, his grade school insults and antics about Bill and the Lawless crew have actually encouraged some to check out the Lawless site for themselves well I would hope so, I invite everyone to read it! Many have now come out of curiosity after seeing Ginger's blogs and have decided to add their stories for review I call BS on that whole statement. That's probably not the way that Ginger and his sticky little crumbs envisioned their diabolical scheme to work here is a little inside tip, I have no "scheme" I'm just winging it, but I guess that's just the way this cookie crumbles!heh heh heh
This blog is designed for those who would like to keep track of little Ginger's oh so intelligent posts and stealthy Talk shoe comments regarding the happenings in Lawless America yay, you better not let us down like the Pie Baby and back out of this. (Don't worry Gingerbread boy...we didn't REALLY know that was you and your crumbs trying to distract people from the show! wink) good, we were being so covert I think it would be impossible to see it. This blog will use some of the very techniques if you cant beat em, join em that our little Ginger snippy has used to roll his way out of the cookie jar and onto the list of google fame with honest followers using pseudonyms such as 'nothing better to do' ohhh you want to pick a fight with NBTDT, bad move there.
Since this blogger is too tired to want to mix any more dough right now, I guess it will have to chill until tomorrow.  ok but repeat after me...Paragraphs are our friend

Ok, So Bill Knows Who I am

As we learned tonight I'm an air conditioner guy who lives in Mesquite.  We can let him go with that if he wants, but damn, that's pretty weak.  This is the same person Joey "outed" in his manifestos and it also means Billy must be listening to Presley Dauben again.  Billy will name us now, you can count on it.  Its funny how no matter what side of the fence you are on, we can all agree that Presley Dauben is an idiot.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Did The Pie Man Lie to Cover Up His Un-American Views?

Instead of worrying about his upcoming "Failure in DC" trip, Windsor has been busy working the internet to try and create his own military service.  He wants to use this to explain that he isn't anti-veteran even though his post from last night spit on the grave of every soldier that gave his life for this Country.  So now he has come out with this today:


Meet Me in DC, February 5-6, 2013.

"I spent six years in the United States Army Reserve during the Vietnam War. I have always been extremely patriotic. Unfortunately, I now KNOW that we have had our fundamental libe...rties and rights stolen by our various governments. So, I feel that those who have fought and died allegedly so we can be free and have those rights are being denied their proper heroic legacy.

Every single veteran interviewed said essentially the same thing. They were duped, snookered, misled. Their testimony will be very moving in the movie."


This is a man who brags about everything, even his failures (all the scam companies that he started and failed with), but I have never heard him mention any military service of his own.  Sure enough, neither did his own bio pages until it was mysteriously updated today.  Before the update it read:
"As a junior at Texas Tech University in 1969, Bill became involved in the T-shirt business in 1969, and after eight years as a retailer, wholesaler, and manufacturer, he launched the trade magazine and trade show for the industry in 1977."
After this announcement, his page mysteriously reads like this now:
"Windsor began his business career as a junior at Texas Tech in 1969. He became involved in the T-shirt business. He opened a retail store and founded and operated a bail bond service for students. He was also responsible for tens of thousands of students in Texas obtaining their first credit card (Humble Oil) in the first-ever credit card program directed at college students. Windsor sold his business in Lubbock, Texas upon graduation, and he married his college sweetheart. He served in the United States Army Reserve from 1970 to 1976."
We are obviously now hitting a new low, as he scrambles to combat his previous statements.  He says:
but then says this:
Bill Windsor I wish I had time to edit the veteran's commentary together. But as I don't even have time to eat or sleep, that won't happen.
Trust me, what I say is true, I just don't have the time to prove it.
I wonder if any of our real vets might want to tune in to the Nazi Radio Broadcast tonight and ask him some specific questions about this new found service of his?

Der Fuhrer Issue New Edict and New Naughty List

Bill Windsor spent all day yesterday looking through and blocking out everyone who has any friends that are considered independent thinkers.  Then, in the wee hours of the morning, he issues this edict for all his followers:

Bill Windsor and Lawless America have been attacked, libeled, slandered, and threatened by people associated with the American Mothers Political Party, and others (son of a motherless goat, what the hell do I have to do to get a shout out over there?).  These people are doing this to damage a movement that seeks to save America. (or because you are defrauding a bunch of desperate people who blindly follow you)
These horrendous liars just keep going and going and going.  So, here's my new standard operating procedure. (wait, are you implying you had a previous one, I can't find it on the LA page)  I will be filing complaints and requests for restraining orders in the courts where these liars are active. (ummm, you have been threatening this for about a month now, how is this new?)  This may help some honest spouses to gain custody, etc. or at least serve to set the record straight about the dishonesty of people appearing in that court. (actually its just about your own personal vengeance, which is all Lawless is about anyway)  There's more than one way to obtain "justice" from a court. (that just sounds corrupt)

The judges may not consider my request for a protective order, but they will get the message as will the opposing party. (yeah, that you are powerless to stop them)  I will carefully document the lies so I can prove to the court that these people have lied about me in writing for no reason.  And if they will lie about me when I am trying to help people and save America, then I believe a court should hesitate to believe anything that these people say. (you haven't had much success in a court of law, have you Bill?  I mean afterall, that's why you are running this scam in the first place because you are unable to win anything in a court of law)

So, I say to all the libelers, slanderers, defamers, cyberstalkers, and crooks, if you want to lie about me and Lawless America, I will expose ypou where it will hurt the most. (and down with spell check)  You will become infamous on the Internet, and the opposing party and the court will have evidence to use against you. (we are doing a pretty good job with your internet legacy "old white fat man".  So you are going to try and help the "opposing party" simply because you don't like someone?  I'm glad we will never see you control a court system)

After Meet Me in DC (what, I can't wait that long, you already promised to do this last week), my initial legal filing (you said you did a bunch of them the other day) will be against Claudine Dombroswki, including a filing with the international court trhat she is involved with.  Then Loryn Ryder, Connie Bedwell, Cheryl Sosby, Nancy Goates, Shannon E. Miller Hope Hernandez, Kimberly Wigglesworth, Gail Lakritz, L. Wilson, Diane Gochin, Lisa Jones, Trinity Baker. (that's it, I quit, what do I have to do to make your list?)

I do not like doing this at all (because you are not very good at it), but I am left with no option. (you simply just don't have any options)  Since these people lie, defame, and harass again and again and again, it appears that I either have to allow them to continue to damage me and Lawless America or battle where it will really hurt.(this is going to really hurt you, not them)  Slander and lie about me, and I will provide the evidence and sworn affidavits to the court and to their adversaries. (lets just say your sworn affidavits would be better used as evidence for the other party than the one your are swearing for)

In my 64 years, I have NEVER seen anything like these people. (usually people don't get mad and rise up until after my scam is over) Hatred seems to just ooze out their pores. (they despise all my lies and threats)  Father haters.  Grandparent haters. (there is that little grandparent thing again)  Bill Windsor haters.  Lawless America haters.  Hate, hate, hate, and slander, slander, slander. (that was supposed to be my job)

All lies, and I can always prove it. (just don't ask me to)
It's not worth going into the details, but this group has libeled and slandered me. (meaning I can't prove it but you better take my word for it, that's an order)  They are violating our copyrights. (you mean the ones in your head that you never actually applied for?) They have blatantly ignored cease and desist and takedown notices. (since you are not an authority of any kind, except for pie, I don't see why anyone should obey your orders)  Some associated with AMPP have breached contracts and, of course, lied about it. (so sue them, oh yeah, you can't, my bad)  And they have tortiously interfered with our contracts with people filmed. (somehow I think you have heard that phrase directed at you many times before)  They have harassed me by email, telephone (didn't you call mommy Bridge), and Facebook messages and posts.  I have screenshots, emails, Facebook page archives, and phone messages to prove at least what I and others have seen. (and you aint seen nothing yet)

All hate groups are unacceptable to me and should be unaceptable to you. (if I don't like a kind of pie, you are not allowed to eat it)  I will not allow anyone associated with any hate groups to be involved in the movie or our video presentations. (I will not allow?  You really are a man after Hitler's own heart)  You should know that anyone associated with that group is NOT your friend because they are doing such things in an effort to stop your story from being told and to stop efforts to save America. (isn't this what cult leaders say to their flock?) 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Lemmings Are Getting Restless

So Billy has decided to make his pie private.  A good move in theory as his public commands were being sliced and etched in google history (like the I'm a Pedophile video).  He now is giving out his orders through private Nazi back channels.  The problem with this is that his lemmings are not getting their daily dosage of fear and hero worship.  This is causing the lemmings to act out on their own as they really don't know whats going on anymore.

First we have Julia Fletcher.  She is the lemming that tried to fight it out with our Minister of Alpacaganda, Petunia Snodgrass, over at the AMPP page and infamously proclaimed that something can't be a lie if Bill says it because Bill doesn't lie.  Julia got a little perturbed at Billy's constant disclaimer about what fake pic he is putting up to fire up the lemmings.  She said:

"Bill, Most of us who have witnessed three to four individuals relentlessly stalking you and your photos etc. understand your inside jokes about the photos, but those who have not seen the antics of those three to four individuals have no idea what the references to the photos mean. I am praying that our focus will not, in any way, be moved from this amazing project. Those three to four individuals are hoping you'll take their bait and they simply do not deserve the attention they're receiving from you Bill. You are a true hero to thousands of us. Those three to four individuals are not.

I will be praying during these weeks leading up to February 5-6 that you will totally ignore all efforts to distract you - and the efforts to distract all of us - from this historic moment in the history of our country's judicial system. Thank you so much Bill for being the reason we victims of court corruption are finally united and strong enough to win this battle."

She is actually right, but she is confused with the whole point of Lawless America.  LA is all about the pie and the Pie Man's vengeance against those that make him look stupid.  This insubordination might get Julia more than just a frowny face for the day.

Then our girl Mary B wonders off the reservation:

Mary Bagnaschi
"I tried to be the Lawless America Connecticut State Coordinator for almost a month. I felt very happy and connected to have been honored as Coordinator, but it appears others were not so happy and I have been removed for excessive posts and public statements I have made criticizing all of the negativity flying around Lawless over the past few months in which many decided also to either be removed or were removed from the movie. I am not as concerned about the movie as I am for my Congressional testimony to be delivered and included with those going to Washington. I am and have been looking for support to gain a Grand Jury investigation into government corruption in CT I allege and can prove. Any Lawless America people who have information or knowledge on this or any other information to share, please do. I thought the purpose of having State Lawless chapters was to strengthen our unity by supporting each other. That was my goal. I apologize to any and all who I may have offended in my efforts to do all that I can to be a member in good standing on the team. Thank You for having given me the opportunity to serve the Lawless America Revolution. I want My Country back."

Mary needs monitoring on an hourly basis and the lack of communication from her Fuhrer is having its affects on her.  Hopefully, the weekly Nazi radio rally program tomorrow night will be able to rejuvenate and refocus all his lemmings as they are now about a week away from the "Failure in DC".

Friday, January 25, 2013

Did David Webb Cause Joey Dauben To Recieve The Max?

As people continue to reel from the especially punitive sentence Joey received today, one has to wonder why Judge Lagomarismo would choose such a severe penalty?  The sentencing was originally set for Tuesday but he moved it till today presumably to take more time to research it.  The anger of this Judge was especially evident in his maxing out the probation at 10 years after the 30 year sentence.  This is one pissed off judge, so what sent him to such extreme measures?

Joey's behavior in the courtroom, particularly his testimony certainly irked the Judge, but I think there is something more at work here.  I think someone alerted him to the vomit inducing article that David Webb wrote after the sentencing.  David Webb had already been called to the court for being Joey's mouthpiece while in jail, so Judge Lagomarismo knew the connection.

In Webb's "alcohol binge" article, he clearly blames the consumption of alcohol and the boy not saying no (and being alone) as the main culprit of the rape:
"To the best of my knowledge Dauben was straight, but apparently anything can happen late at night when two people are drinking alcohol alone."
"It didn’t matter that the teenager, now 20, testified he willingly participated in the sexual activity, and that he came from a broken, troubled home that probably contributed to him being alone late at night drinking with an adult 12 years older than him."
Ok, obviously that has already been covered on here, but lets draw our attention to another quote in this article:
"The once-promising writer who started off in high school as a sports reporter for a small town Texas newspaper an hour out of Dallas acknowledged to me after the verdict he was highly intoxicated on the night of the crime."
Red alert, Red alert.  Joey clearly testified that he had only had a "swig" to drink and he wasn't even buzzed.  Most judges don't like defendants perjuring themselves in their courtroom.  Webb, in his quest to write a blame shifting article on Joey's crime may have caused the Judge to come down in such a punitive way.  What an ironic way to end this story full of irony, his friendship of Webb very well may cost him an additional 9 or more years in prison.

Joey Dauben Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison

I guess this is one last little lesson he learns after its too late....don't piss off the judge.  Joey Dauben was sentenced today and they will stack his sentence instead of running them concurrently.  "At the end of the day what this court has to look at is Mr. Dauben is like any other pedophile,” Wolf said. “There’s nothing special or unique about him.” from the Corsicana Daily sun.  How truly sad it is that Joey finds out that the rules do apply to him in such a devastating way.

This ruling is vindication for many of the victims Joey has attacked through his Ellis County Observer, but its a sad day all around.  Most sex offenders are not granted parole until 80% of their sentence is served, so Joey will be a 55 year old man before he gets out.  He was also given 10 years probation once he is released.

First and foremost, we should all thank this brave witness who’s actions and testimony ended countless future crimes by Joey.  And no, the lesson of this trial isn’t about not drinking alcohol, its about a demented mind.  If you think you have even the slightest urge to have sex with a child, please do the right thing for yourself and society and get treatment before your story ends in tragedy like Joey’s.  Tell a trained doctor in private about your problem before everyone reads about it on the front page.

Joey Dauben had everything at his fingertips.  He started out so young and energetic, he was willing to work hard at his job and he loved doing it.  His enthusiasm was certainly an asset to the Ellis County Press, at least initially.  Joey would get in his car and drive all around the county to track down leads wherever they took him.  He especially liked the political election season, as his boss Charlie Hatfield would take the handcuffs off Joey and he would be allowed to write political hit pieces on certain candidates.  This was what Joey really loved to do, and the buzz he generated county wide as a result of it only fueled his ego.

Pretty soon he just wanted to do the shock jock stories.  All the others seemed boring and mundane.  This caused friction with him and Charlie as Hatfield was trying to run a business, not a gossip site.  Eventually they parted ways and there was bad blood on both sides.  Joey took his Ellis County Observer and turned in into a 24/7 gossip site.  He started to get into the missing children and pedophile ring coverage and decided to not limit himself to just Ellis County, but go nationwide instead.  This is what led him to Barbara Farris, Presley Crowe, and Connie Bedwell.  The more he got into this the more unhinged he became, perhaps knowing that he would be accused of this very thing all along.  Even his friends would admit that they don’t really know the Joey Dauben of today, they just remember the fun optimistic Joey they first met.

Joey Dauben will now fade away from the lime light, but he will never be forgotten.  Some will remember him as a political activists, an advocate, a slanderer, a gossip whore, a friend, and now as a convicted child rapist.  There are so many lessons that his life should serve as a warning to us.  I think one of the biggest lessons is for parents in how tragic an ending you can have if you never allow your child to face the consequences for his actions.  If Joey had to pay in full for some of the lesser crimes he committed early on, he may not have had to pay this devastating price now.

Un-American Pie?

Last night, the Pie Baby posted this on his facebook page:


My father was a World War II veteran. He worked at radio stations and with the USO tours, and he returned alive and uninjured. Sadly, those who have died in the U.S. military have not died to protect our liberties and rights as those have been stolen from us by dishonest and corrupt government officials."

First of all, screw you fat boy.  I don't care what little squabble you have with the courts or whatever, you have NO RIGHT to speak of our fallen heroes that way.  This Country is far from perfect, but its infinitely better than the Nazi regime that we fought against in WWII and the kind of regime you want to establish.  Those heroes spilled their blood so that fat worthless pos like you have the right to say the awful things that you do.  Way to piss on your fathers grave like that, I'm sure one of his biggest regrets was ever spawning such a miserable waste of skin of a son.  At first, I was just making fun of you because you are a liar and a fraud, but now you just made it personal.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bill Windsor Gets Owned

So Windsor goes on his page and posts a pic of the Jefferson Memorial and then makes a failed attempt at humor in a direct response to me on this blog when he says:
"This wonderful photo was taken at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC. I have been there. I have many photographs. But this is not my photograph, and I haven't been in DC for seven months. I don't know who took this photograph, but we own the rights to use it, and we thank them. :-)

Oh, and Thomas Jefferson is dead, so you won't actually be able to meet him. There are some folks out there with AMPP who aren't smart enough to know things like this."

Quit trying to use the AMPP's as your shield.  We threw that pie, we also threw the one that cost you your facebook privileges.  Don't blame others, come and stop us, we are right here.  Come tell us what you really thing of us, give us some more history lessons, don't worry, I don't moderate comments so you are free to say whatever you want the only catch is so is everyone else (what a concept huh?).  So come here and address us directly, bring a lemming or two, but quit using AMPP or Sean as your shield......fight like a man.

After all, this is where you need to be anyway.  This is where people from around the world are coming to learn about you.  I'm not kidding.  Just two hours ago someone from Cardiff UK came here to read all about the Pie King.  And you want to know what search phrase they put in that got them here?  "old white fat man"
Yep thats right, people all over the world are seeing what an old white fat man really looks like.  Just like you think you own those stock photos, we are owning your name all over the internet.

The Bully Takes A Punch

Well it looks like the showdown between Windsor and Zukerberg is not going well for the Pie Man.

"Lawless America continues to be stalked by criminals, professional cyberstalkers like Sean Boushie and semi-professional cyberstalkers like the American Mothers Political Party.
So, we will probably leave Facebook because the website caters to criminals like these."

What is a "semi-profesional cyberstalker"?  And more importantly, what do we have to do to get on his bad pie list?  I think he knows better than to pick a fight with us directly since we are armed with WMD's (satire and humor).
This Facebook deal is going to hurt Bill like flaky crust under his pie.  His lemmings were already confused over which Lawless page is real, now they can't link everything to his posts.  How are they going to "google" down their enemies?  How are the lemmings going to have an open dialogue with Der Fuhrer so that their fears can be alleviated or sparked depending on the goal?  Will there be more than 25 people in DC?  Now that Windsor has shown all his enemies exactly how to defeat him, what is going to stop them?  The facebook news is really damaging to our girl Mary B, she writes this:
Mary Bagnaschi I have been posting massive government corruption-naming names and direct accusations against big wigs for over 2 years and I have Never been blocked, banned, or any other problem with face book. What is the problem with the Lawless America site, exactly, that is cause for the ban. I'm confused.
Translation:  I have been making threats and posting BS on my page for 2 years now, why can't you keep doing it?  Do you want me to write a "Dear Obama" letter?  Too late, I already did.

Then, Windsor gives us a little hint of what will happen after the "Failure in DC" event is over.  He hints at the next step of his "final solution":
"Sadly, experience has shown us that our elected officials ignore information like this, BUT they have never experienced such a massive opresentation of evidence on such a fundamental issue.  So, we could see action.  But if we don't see immediate action, we move to the next phase of our Lawless America Revolution, and that is bringing criminal charges against all of the corrupt players and those who aid and abet them.  A little April No Fool's Day Surprise."
So, lemmings, in case you weren't paying attention and we know you were not, he just said that the DC thing will fail, but thanks for playing.  After the event, he plans to go back into his dungeon and write up a bunch of criminal charges against whomever he wants.  That should be fun, huh?

Update:  We have received information that points to us here at joeyisalittlekid as the culprits in Billy losing his facebook playtime.  How about that Billy, we did it, come and get us.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy National Pie Day!!!!

Yes thats right, today is Windor's birthday, sort of, its the national day of pie.

So after telling his lemmings that he was going to spend the day talking to police, lawyers and judges about all us bad people, he has been able to update his facebook page continuously.  But as we have come to learn, if he told the truth he wouldn't be Bill Windsor.

Then we have this email from the Pie Man himself:

Subject: Patti, I am not posting your comments because they are stupid 

From: "William M. Windsor" (Add as Preferred Sender) 

Date: Tue, Jan 22, 2013 3:10 pm 

From Subject (Thread Messages) Date Size 

I just saw them for the first time, but they are stupid. How utterly ridiculous to claim that photos used throughout the trip to show where I was (when I was always in a hotel room filming with rarely ever a chance to go outside) is somehow wrong. Get a life! None of those photos ever claimed I was at that point at that time. They were simply provided as a supplement to an ongoing story about a trip to all 50 states.

Nancy L. Goates is a lying, dishonest, miserable excuse for a human being, and I will sue her.

Now go away. You are hereby advised that any use of my website by you is unauthorized and a theft of bandwidth.

William M. Windsor

Ok, I'm going to pick out just two things to talk about from this (there are many others), but this first one is "theft of bandwidth"?  Did he just invent a new crime?  Is this new crime applicable to anyone who emails him, wasting his time and keeping him from his pie?

The second part is where he say he won't post someone's comments on his facebook page because they are stupid.  Well lets take a little look at some of the lemmings that post on his page on a daily basis:

First, we have Gail.  She appears to be some kind of homeless woman that has internet access.  This upcoming swingers convention in DC is the highlight of her year.  Anyway, she goes on to remind the group about how important it is to protect yourself:
"Just in case anyone has any problems with the cops in D.C. there is an insurance that you can get that covers you with attorneys all over the country for $17 per month, if you would be arrested. The attorneys get you out of jail. The lady that knows more about this service will post this information tomorrow, or I will."
" Well, I was arrested once and had no family here in NM and I was totally stuck in jail (a false arrest). If they only give you one phone call that is an option of someone to call. They can do more for you than anyone else. The lady that told me about it said that she is going to send me the info tomorrow, or she will post it on this page."
Gail Denise Schumacher So important: If you buy the service remember to memorize the number to call, so that if you don't have your purse you can call if you get stuck in jail."

And then we have Mary B.  She really deserves her own reality show.  She posts her daily "Dear President" letters on Lawless America.  She is the one that got into trouble with the minister of propaganda Allie for seeking witness protection for everyone at the DC trip.
Well she posts this:

The Rouse Family has been wrongfully convicted and held as illegal prisoners as kidnapped hostages in a political corruption scandal that is the tip of the ice burg that the Lawless America Revolution just Hit, I anticipate that by February 5, 2013, the day of Infamy when WE The People, Hundreds of True American Patriots and Heroes such as these Men whose names will be known to President Obama on that day as I, Mary Ellen Bagnaschi, Pro- Se Attorney, Patriot in The American Revolution Party, Government corruption whistleblower and PROUD U.S. Army Disabled Veteran, will hand deliver a petition to the White House for President Obama to order the U.S. Justice Department to immediately commence investigation (s) into this and ALL other complaints that WE The People will hand deliver to Congress and to the Senate and the entire world will here our pleas. WE are taking OUR government back and JUSTICE will be restored per the EQUAL rights of EVERY Citizen- The Constitutional rights of these and ALL Men shall be protected and preserved by the blood, sweat and tears of ALL Americans who have shed them in sacrifice to the foundation for which We stand- The Constitutional and God Given rights of Every Human Being! This is the Nation of My For Fathers and All of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of these and ALL Native Americans are carrying heavy swords on the other side of the thin veil, Truth and Justice Victory is assured!

She then proceeds to put up 4 pictures of these individual and I could swear I saw them on America's most wanted, or maybe it was death row inmates i'm not sure.  She then says:

"Just look at the faces of these innocent, terribly falsely and illegally convicted Men! And to hear the horror stories of the children who were molested and also taken as illegal prisoners- kidnapped and held hostage by the State, also for the evil, corrupt 'State's gain! Not on MY Watch! There is a NEW Sheriff in Town!"

I'm serious, the woman needs her own TV show.

So anyway, its good to see that Bill does his best to Nazi out any "stupid" postings on his lawless page.  Now I better shut up before I get caught stealing bandwidth.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

As The Pie Goes Bad, The Tinfoil Triplets Resurface

First., lets start off with Bill Windsor's rap debut

So someone reported Billy to facebook, and he gets put in time-out ...for a month.  He is trying to use his other pages to post on the Lawless page so he can update his lemmings on what it is they should be afraid of right now.  Julia, and then Bill both post that they called Brannon's house and talked to his mom about him, they both agree that she was very polite and maybe they should take down his contact information.  Yooo Hooo, Fat Daddy, we are over here.  Don't blame Brannon, Shane Crowe, AMPP or even Sean for your latest demise, its us, its that damn joeyisalittlekid group.

Joey's sentencing has been moved to Friday apparently.

And then we have the tin foil triplets back in the spot light.  First I will say that I kinda like all three of them personally, I just think they are off the wall insane.

Loryn has found this site and even linked to it on her page.  I'm not really up to speed with her story and I dont think I can't take the time to read it all.  She made a comment that is just drop your jaw stupid:

Loryn Ryder Leslie Allen, Legal Abuse Syndrome is a real injury included in the DSM. You can use it in your court papers, but to use it as evidence you will need to get diagnosed then have that doctor testify. It's a form of PTSD. I believe you may also get disability from it. I currently have an appointment to get diagnosed so I can sue the crooks in Franklin County, Ohio.

Lo Lo, dear, thats not how the world works and on top of that you kinda screwed your chances of getting your quack papers by telling they world why you want it.

Connie IBedwell is back on to whats important in life.....conspiracies.  Bin Laden and Sandy Hook being scams instigated by the government.

Ohhh and then we have Presley "dont call me Dauben" Crowe.  So Presley has decieded to go back to school (good), but seems to want to follow the same career path as Joey (bad) in getting in to politics so that she can tell everyone else what to do.  Presley, I know this is insulting but I say this will all the love I your case at this point in time...Home ec...Home ec all day long.