Monday, March 30, 2015

The Waiting Game

Bill is still in jail.  He still has a no bond hold on him as he is a fugitive from Texas.  As to what Montana is going to do with him, I have no idea.  So while we wait (and for comment rollover purposes) here is my favorite Super Bowl commercial from back when SB commercials were funny.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bill Windsor is Extradited to Missoula Montana

He will be arraigned in the morning....should be interesting

Windsor Has Left the Building

All of Bill's stall and delay tactics have come to an end.  He is now on is way to Missoula Montana to account for his actions.  Will he have representation waiting for him?  Is his sister Wendy Harper going to be there to help him?  Will he continue with his stall tactics or seek a speedy trial once there?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Is Today D-Day for Bill Windsor?

Bill has been following his formula that he used while incarcerated in TX now in ID.  That is....stall, file, delay, recuse judges for the hell of it, and then stall again as he tries to run out the clock to his magical 90 day mark where he thinks he can walk out of Ada county jail as a free man at that point. To that end, he has filed numerous motions in his extradition case, he opened up (of course) a Habeas Corpus case as well....which he has already supplemented his initial filing with more scribble and fanciful writing. At this point there is no telling how many new conspiracy theories he has come up with on how Ada County has been working with Missoula and Ellis all along, and how many of these new judges he is going before are actually secret "Joeys".

But all his fun and games may be finally coming to a head as Ada scheduled a hearing today at 9 (mountain time) for all his cases including his HC appeal.  Maybe MT has the warrant in and everything is ready for Bill to finally face all his charges in Missoula County.  Windsor has lived his entire life as a fugitive from his own responsibilities.....maybe finally now in his 66.6 years of living, he will have to stand and ultimately pay for some of his actions.  Will he go out kicking and screaming?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bill Windsor - Feelin' Sketchy

So Bill hired his "super attorney." Since we all know Bill will just take a backseat and let the attorney drive, it left me wondering what Bill would do with his free time if he had internet privileges. 

I figure it's the perfect time to update his online dating profile. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Bill Windsor Scribbles His Life Away

Yesterday, Bill had another preliminary hearing in Ada County ID on his extradition.  And, yet again, the case was continued, now till the 25th of March.  Bill was given a bond but it was upped to $1,000,000 for each of his counts (he has two).  Word is though, that even if he posts that bond he still has two fugitive transit holds from both TX and in short, he isn't going anywhere. Windsor incorrectly surmised that Ada County ID would be fugitive friendly to him, they are sending a clear message that fugitives from other states should steer clear of Idaho.

Bill's FB page has remained inactive as it seems this time he didn't trust anyone to update his few remaining follows of his status.  A special appearance was made by an attorney named McKay on Bill's would assume this would be high profile Ada County attorney Scott McKay  Windsor and attorneys don't mix, and its only a matter of time till McKay and Bill get crossways.  As much as Bill wants to try the TX and MT cases in ID, his act is going to wear thin especially with an attorney who is adherent to the law. Bill probably thinks he got out of the TX extradition by stalling and stonewalling at every turn. That is not at all the case, it was his propensity to lie and bail jump that got him out. The problem for Bill is you can only pull that trick once, and he emptied his holster in TX.

We get our first look at something Bill wrote as we see this motion for a stay in the Texas 10th Court of Appeals.  This is for the Fleming anti-slapp ruling which Bill's appeal has already died anyway, but lets just see what he is up to these days.  Maybe he has changed courses?

Same ole song and dance.  Big ID is violating his rights too.  He is also sticking with his story about going to jail for tweeting.  I guess saying wanted for being a fugitive bond jumper in two states doesn't have the same sympathetic ring to it.  The irony of all this is that now Bill Windsor is stonewalling.....Bill Windsor.  The more he drags this out in ID, the more uncredited days he spends in jail in Ada County.  He will be extradited, there is no way out of it this time, the only reasonable thing to do is stop fighting it and get it over with.  But reason and Bill are life long adversaries.