Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Barbara Windsor Gives Thanks This Year

As Bill spends the Thanksgiving weekend holed up all alone in his hotel room writing pointless court brief after the other, Barbara has the pleasure of spending her first Thanksgiving without being legally ensnared to the great American terrorist known as Bill Windsor.  So what does Barbara have to be thankful for this year?

-this Thanksgiving the pie tray will still contain pie when it reaches her seat at the table

-never again will she be forced to say no to the question of "does this Lawless America shirt make me look fat?"

-she can finally take a vacation that doesn't involve pie or casinos

-officials don't come to her door any more with the question of "are you Mrs. Bill Windsor?"

-lemmings no longer call her house asking for Bill

-her days of being on the board of directors of fraudulent associations are over

 -no more confrontational encounters with Bill over escort services showing up on her credit card

-this year she only has to deal with the stuffing left over from one turkey

-family members can receive actual gifts this year instead of card notices saying "a donation has been made in your name to Lawless America, we will take our country back"

-she no longer has to critique Bill's State of the Union response

-doesn't have to pretend that vexatious litigant is a good thing

-by cutting Bill lose, she cut 2% of her income and 97% of her expenses

-all the grand kids can come visit without having to bring a cease and desist notice

-no more wasted time on visiting pointless locations like the biggest ball of twine

I'll let you guys add all the ones I forgot.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Marty Prehn in Medically Induced Coma. In Protective Custody

Fresh off his "I'm Dying" campaign, Marty Prehn is now claiming to be in a coma due to injuries sustained after being brutally beaten at a recent dust up with Rev Terry Jones in Michigan.

However, and there are always plenty of howevers with Marty, Terry Jones was not at any Michigan protests in over a year.  In spite of Marty trying to get that Purple Heart for being the vanguard of Free Speech, it turns out that the above claim is another complete fabrication - apparently to silence a potential whistle blower.

Claiming to be an investigator "working the crime scene", Marty repeatedly sent texts to a woman's cellphone stating that Marty listed her as next of kin and then chastised her for hampering an investigation by inquiring about his wellbeing on Facebook.  Marty then informed her that if she reported this to the authorities she would be arrested.

This is serious business, folks.  Marty's psychosis has rapidly accelerated past his infamous Special Agent hat.

If this one victim came forward - on this very blog - how many others are out there?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Windsor Comes Back From his Made Up Condition

Fresh off his scathing rebuke in Montana, Bill makes a showing to his lemmings who still couldn't figure out that he was just flat out ignoring them.

Bill Windsor 11 minutes ago
BILL WINDSOR REPORTED TO HAVE DIED FROM HEART SURGERY. our first clue that it wasnt true was when it was you that reported it
Yes, that's among the latest reports out there. well now it is, and thanks for that
No, I'm still alive. but not well
I felt I had to take time off from Facebook seems like facebook thought they same thing too to be able to focus. Facebook is quite a distraction. being a vexatious litigant is such hard work
I have been writing and editing, working on the movie what movie?, the pilot for the proposed television series what tv series?, and a Lawless America book oh oh, I know a great name for the book, how about Round America?. I have also moved from Box Elder to Madison, South Dakota it was a pretty easy move since you never actually moved there it was just a lie, and I am still awaiting surgery for the giant tear in my abdominal wall stop eating so much, you ruptured your stomach. The surgery had to be delayed once till a quarter past never, and it will likely have to be pushed to January along with my movie date. I will be unable to drive, think clearly, carry, finish my vegetables, lift, etc. for three weeks following surgery. and certainly well beyond that
In April, I plan to complete the filming of the remaining backstories for the stories that will be featured in the movie. yeah better let that brutal winter get through before you venture out of your hotel room
I plan to publish the Lawless America book in 2014 you mean Round America...and I shall commence holding my breath starting now . I hope it will be effective in providing promotion and potentially some funding for the film. Billy needs $$$$$, thats why he is back
I haven't been updating the various websites some of them you are now court ordered to remove, but I will try to get back on this. It simply isn't as important as the film so why were you so obsessed with it?, TV show, and book. If I can get some revenue generated Billy needs $$$$$, there will be money for people needed to help. No guarantees because he takes his $$$$$ first, but that's the goal. yes, the goal is $$$$$ for Billy
I have drafted my lawsuit against Facebook for removal of the Lawless America website for "nudity, pornography, and solicitation of sex" that the site never had. well I just twiddled my thumbs and guess who's time was better spent?
The lawsuits is rolling along against Allie Overstreet how many lawsuits against her do you have?. There will be a trial you promise?, and I expect to receive a massive award jail time?. Her attorney told me she doesn't have any money which is what I'm after, but I hope the amount of the award will deter future cyberstalkers and defamation mongers. As time permits, I will update better hurry before it is shut down
The lawsuit is rolling along in high gear wow, I would hate to see low gear then against the American Mothers Political Party and Claudine Dombrowski. AMPP and Dombrowski failed to file an answer or anything else probably because they haven't even been served yet, so the court should rule that I win by default thats the only way you could ever win anything. Same goes for Kimberly Wigglesworth. We who is we? will then move to damages as that will be all that remains for those found in default. As time permits, I will update again before you are forced to remove it
The most outlandish order yet out of Montana came down a few days ago. Corrupt judge John W. Larson or maybe kick ass Judge John Larson really outdid himself this time what had he done previously. He certainly proves just how corrupt the courts are there he gives us hope for a better nation. I will post the evidence of his corruption at as time permits ummmmm, contempt on isle 6. I have appealed to the Montana Supreme Court, but I don't hold out any hope for there to be any judge in Montana who is honest meaning these judges follow the law. The TV show is going to be quite an eye-opener. it would be an eye-opener if you actually did something you promised
I have a few surprises out there uh long have you been claiming this?, but I don't want to give them away mainly because I don't even know what they are. I'd rather let them be surprises. to me and to you
I plan to resume weekly television shows in January resume means you want to do it again....when did you do tv shows?. They will be broadcast at I will provide more details on this at a later date but you can bet I will be asking for donations. Because of the current uncertainty as to the date of my surgery, I can't be sure of the start date. since I'm making all this up and those damn joeys made me come out and say something...I'm not sure how all my lies lay out yet
I hope to have the pilot for the proposed weekly TV show submitted to the networks early next year. again...holding breath
I apologize for not posting an update sooner. As some of you know I just don't give a damn about you people, there has been a lot going on in my world and none of it good. I've needed to take some time for myself I guess we can say the diet is out the window, and I desperately needed to focus on the critical work on the movie, TV show, and book. you really want to keep throwing your book in there don't ya
I don't know that I will have any time anytime soon to respond to emails and unless you are wanting to send me money I can safely say I wont, but if you want to contact me, the only way is by emailing Put the subject line in all caps. Please don't call and leave messages as I do not have time to talk on the phone I can't be bothered by you people and your "problems" any longer. I don't even have time to play back the messages very often. I'm retired, have no family and nothing to do, I just can't squeeze those 35 seconds of listening to your message in to my day.
One last thing, JoeyCon was delayed due to my procrastination or maybe thanks to your imagination. I hope it will be held very soon hope isn't a plan. I have spent a lot of time compiling and organizing the overwhelming proof of conspiracy to defame me, conspiracy to invade my privacy, and conspiracy to commit tortious interference. thats a lot of time you could have spent on lemming phone messages instead you waste trying to track down a mysterious cookie The nice thing about conspiracy claims is no claim is too stupid? that when the underlying violations of the law are proven, all of the participants become guilty of the conspiracy action ummm I don't think it works quite like that in your fairytale world. IF there is an honest judge like the ones I have in Missouri and Kansas) and I make it to a jury. he just called the judge in Missouri and Kansas two of the dumbest judges in the country.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who isn't a crook. thats next week Bill
Bill Windsor

it seems Kevin Brady is the only one to state the obvious, and he is exactly right in that Bill had no excuse for not checking in with his lemmings and letting them know he was ok....Kevin will soon face banishment for his independent thinking

Grampa Bill. First and preeminently, I am more than euphoric to know you are in fact alive and apparently well. But I gotta tell you; Americas LA Hero, For me, the bloom is significantly off the rose. For a guy who has been so infinitely aware of REAL and imminent threats on your life, AND, had been so consistently conscientious about keeping your friends informed, you certainly blew it at the end. You brought a huge, ominous and depressing storm cloud into my life for four [4] or five [5] days a while back. I was absolutely convinced that those perverted Montana ‘moon bats’; miscreants of humanity were having the last laugh somewhere dining on Bill Windsor pie. It wasn’t fun Bill. I’m glad everything is o.k now. But I am also PISSED beyond my ability to articulate. I don’t deny you have likely accrued countless wounds that needed licking and time to heal, AND you are certainly entitled. But in the final analysis YOU WEREN’T DEAD and you COULD have sent a message. It would have really been appreciated. That’s all I can say for now.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Windsor Suffers Defeat in Montana

While his lemmings continue to wait for a proof of life, Bill Windsor suffered a humiliating defeat to Sean Boushie in District Court in Montana.  Not only was Boushie's temporary order of protection, first issued by the local municipal court, upheld, it was put in full effect for an indefinite period, possibly forever.  In addition to that, Bill's vexatious litigant status is now established in the entire state of Montana as his terrorist reputation precedes him.

Judge John Larson issued a scathing and long overdue smackdown of Bill.  While Bill claims that he is being stalked and harassed by Boushie, it was Bill's driving to Boushie's home and place of work that triggered the legal rights to the TOP for Boushie.  Sean claims that he has never "met, spoken to or emailed Windsor". For those of us that have followed this squabble the first two are probably true but the last part is most certainly not.  But here is the rub, this isn't Bill's Lawless America Facebook page where he can dictate reality as he sees it.  This is a court of law and he must establish facts with actual proof.  Windsor can't even prove where his place of residence is, much less can he prove that Boushie ever emailed him.  So to this end, there is no evidence that Boushie had anything to do with this squabble, but no matter how you slice it, it got real when Bill, as the court pointed out, "drove from Georgia to Montana to stalk Sean and his wife's home and place of work".  And just to make it easy on Sean, Bill actually filmed his stalking and posted it on his webpages for all to see.  Bill also made it easy for the court as he has, in addition to, had the and websites to show the court that he has a pattern of stalking and defaming others.  In just about every way, Bill cooked his own goose.

The Court also took a stab at Windsor's half hearted attempt to claim journalistic privileges.  If the court had recognized him as such, "any person with a video camera would be absolved or relived of any stalking activities".  "Windsor has no television show, nor has he made any sort of documentary film."......ohhhh ohhhh court, don't say that, or at least please don't let that get back to my followers, they still believe in me. Yes lemmings, those are indisputable facts, Bill has no TV show nor does he have a documentary film, and you know's your fault he doesn't.

And as if this smackdown wasn't enough, the court turns directly at the terrorist that is known as Bill Windsor as they uphold his vexatious litigant status.  Because of Bill's repeated abuse of the State judicial system from his malicious, voluminous and frivolous filings he must be tagged as a paper terrorist.  "The administration of justice will suffer irreparable harm if Windsor is allowed to continue to file frivolous, malicious, and vexatious litigation against persons involuntarily involved in his vexatious campaigns"......amen. Some have wondered why I continue to follow Bill like I have, that statement sums it up.  It is imperative to our Country and our way of order that we continue to expose enemy combatants like Bill, David Schied, Kevin Brady, Marty "I'm Special" Prehn and so on.  It is also important that we don't allow Bill to quietly hit the reset button and try and new scam and pretend like all his sins from the previous one won't follow him. Leeches like Bill depend on the general indifference of the public in order to keep replaying their scams, and its up to us to protect our society by exposing him.

The worst news for Bill in this is it provides a blueprint and recent case law for all his other stalking victims. No doubt the party is over for Bill now in Kansas and Missouri as well as with any of the other people he wanted to try and attack.  They will, most likely, all be able to obtain a TOP as he has documented his physical stalking of their residence as he did with Boushie, and made the case easy for them.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

ITS OFFICIAL: Marty Prehn is a monster.

By Bob Cookout

After the previous two articles were posted about Marty - and he gives out a tremendous belch from the free meals he had Monday by pretending to be a veteran - people continue contacting me with information about him.  

Most of it was already known to us because Marty loves to post on Facebook, but ultimately his voracious appetite for food and fame will be his downfall. There was one item that took my breath away. The following video is that piece. 

Perhaps he can bring a copy of this video with him when he meets with the Governor of Michigan on November 19th to discuss elder abuse

Monday, November 11, 2013

"The Joey's Must Have Gotten Windsor"

Yes that is the common refrain going on now from a group of panicked lemmings who have not received instructions from their Fuhrer.  No doubt Bill must have come under the spell of those dangerous "joeys" down in Texas because he always checks in on facebook that he is alive and well.  Some have said that they must face the reality that he is probably gone as they now look for a new huckster in chief to lead them deeper into the swamp.  Maybe the Scientology people got him?  Maybe that last piece of pie was too much and his heart finally gave up?  Maybe he forgot his password to login and just gave up?

Well here is a bit of truth for you lemmings since this is the only place you are going to hear such a thing in this wacky world of windsor.  Bill Windsor is alive but most certainly not well.  He is an evil, sick, perverted terrorist, who most of all is a narcissist.  And you know who narcissist care about?  Thats right only themselves.  Windor has been very busy filing brief after brief (even this very week) in his vexatious litigation both in Missouri and Montana.  Yep he is still doing what he always does, but since you lemmings stopped sending him money he no longer feels the need to check in with you.  He played you for a fool, a role you seem to be typecast for life.

Oh sure Bill will be back and ready to con again, but he most certainly wants a new group of followers next time around.  Bill blames you, the Lawless followers for his failure.  You didn't send in the right back story videos, you didn't send enough money.  You didn't like enough of his websites and drive up his google hits. Yep, it seems you "nobodies" really are a bunch of nobodies.  You have no connections, no pull, no leverage and in the end you are nothing but a waste of time to Bill.  There is a valuable lesson here, but I doubt you will learn it.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Where's Windsor?

Now that Lawless America is dead, Bill has gone in to hiding from public view but he continues to engage in his favorite form of domestic terrorism in being a vexatious litigant.  But several of his especially stupid lemmings still haven't figured out that he has given up on them.

Susan Ramsey Last I heard he was alive & well but working on getting funding. His jeep was broken into & several items stolen a few weeks ago. He's been busy editing & filing legal charges on several in TX as well. He'd mentioned a few times that he wouldn't be posting much because of all this. 4 hours ago · Like · 1
Kpat Brady WHERE IN TEXAS ?? 4 hours ago · Like
Susan Ramsey All over the State, he's going after all the "joeys" there. 4 hours ago · Like · 1
Kpat Brady lets hope the joeys havent got him 4 hours ago · Like · 1

Ahhh those pesky "Joey's" must have done it. In some ways its true. The constant exposure of his daily scams and lies has forced him in to hiding. He can no longer be annoyed by his pushy followers with their issues, he must focus on his vexatious activities of his own.

And to that end, he has been busy as he goes after Sean Boushie in the Montana Supreme Court. Windsor is throwing a temper tantrum that Boushie and the University of Montana where able to obtain a order of protection against him while he was unable to obtain one against Sean. To make matters worse, Boushie has brought up the Judge Thrash order of vexatious litigant against Bill and that has caused Bill to start a separate tirade about the unconstitutionality of that order. Bill decided and declared Thrash biased and therefore having no jurisdiction to issue such ruling. Therefore the ruling is void and Thrash is guilty of treason in Bill's lawless America.

In the end, Bill will continue to lose in every court he steps foot in. In fact, he can't win because he can't contain his anger and his rage. As he continues to lose it will no doubt spark another public scam of his where he will prey on those who feel victimized by the court system. The beast will need to feed soon, and vulnerable, emotional people will be his prey. Its all he has left.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Marty Prehn Doth Overflow

This Comment Overflow has been inspired by the spillover of Marty's 
abdominous, steatopygous, and just generally corpulent bod. 


I've been told it just oozes out.