Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bill Sees the Doctor

There is nothing in this world that Windsor loves to do more than filing frivolous, malicious and duplicative lawsuits.  But what ranks right behind that is going to the doctor and telling the doctor what new illnesses he has (to be used in future litigation as a stall tactic).

Bill was back at it this week:

BILL WINDSOR HAS BEEN TO THE DOCTOR MORE IN THE LAST YEAR THAN AT ANY OTHER TIME IN HIS LIFE mainly because this is the only kind of human interaction you can get these days, BACK AT IT TODAY.
I haven't wanted to say anything about it because I have had way too much medical stuff to report uhhh, that's a lie. But, a few people know, so here goes.
I am having difficulty walking you are old and fat, mystery solved. It started just before I went to Missoula Montana for the hearing scheduled with only 22 hours' notice no, its been going on for years.  You have been waddling in and out of court rooms now for quite some time. The 11-hour marathon drive didn't help!  so how does driving impair your waddling ability, or lack there of? 
Tests are being processed today.  yes they are, all around the nation I think I have the best doctors and nurses in the world. Just look at this team above! you are so funny bill...don't ever let reality tell you otherwise 
Nurse Mary gave me some things to try like telling the truth?, and I really appreciate her help. I fell over today next time make sure you don't have to reach as far for your Reeces while sitting at your desk, so I decided I couldn't put the doctor off any longer.
Dr. Raul feels there is only the tiniest of chances that there is a blood clot. That was a relief.  you dont have lupus either  My blood pressure was excellent (as it always is), but my pulse was really high compulsive lying will do that. I was poked and prodded and squeezed  its been a while hasn't it?. And Nurse Christine jabbed several holes in me as she tried to get blood. I am a phlebotomist's biggest challenge as my veins just don't want to pop up. that's the result of a lifetime spent avoiding exercise or manual labor of any kind, your muscle tissue is virtually non-existent and the blood veins are buried deep
Dr. Raul won't offer an opinion until after he gets the blood work back.  uhhh that's how all doctors operate He did say that I really need to get in to see a neurologist you do, you are insane, so hopefully he can make that happen.
My calves feel like I have the world's worst charley-horses, but only when I put weight on them.  I think you just figured out your problem, weight  And then there's the tremor. May or may not be linked. More likely its linked to a lifetime of lying
Nurse Christine says I haven't been eating enough bananas. So, I'm eating bananas!  did you tell her you have been practically living at Snuffers, Fuddruckers, Dickey's and Burger King?
Please don't worry about me. I won't I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm sure you will be, but that's not what you will be telling the judge now is it?  Hey, worst case, maybe I can get a handicapped parking sticker... or a cane... or a wheelchair.  scooter, fat lazy man wants scooter.. or a wonderful woman to care for me. ohhhh, a two seater scooter? This reminds me of when you wanted to install your "movie" cam on the top of your car so you didn't even have to get out to "film" your subjects for your "movie"  Walking is for suckers isn't it bill? 
If you don't know the story and boy is it a story of the trauma that has likely causes this "causes" what?  you being fat and lazy?, here's a summary:…
Photo copyright St. Vincent's Hospital

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Windsor Prepares for the Winter

Perhaps anticipating a long cold winter in Montana, Bill has planned ahead by putting his winter coat on now.  In a new video he posted a few days ago, it also appears as if Bill is going to store up extra acorns in his cheeks.. taking a page from the local chipmunk play-book.  Being the self absorbed narcissist/pathological liar that Bill is, he was quick to blame the hotel lighting for his troll-like appearance.  At one point in the long-winded selfie with audio, Bill also took the time to point out that those U of M police officers who served him the restraining order on campus were actually giants.  That, along with an apparently bad camera angle made it appear that Bill was short, but he assures everyone that he is in fact 6 foot tall.....Montana giants aside.

Bill is alternating between nervous and giddy.  He can't figure out what's going on, but in his mind.....he must be winning.  He is not sure if he trial is still on for the 28th, or if it will be delayed. All his stupid motions to dismiss the case in MT were denied, but Bill claims in his trial by facebook that all those motions must have won since Jennifer Clark didn't respond to his denied motions.  None of his appeals/stall tactics are working, but of course thats just more evidence for his fake movie of judicial corruption.  The windsor wheel of delusions never seems to stop spinning.

One thing we can be sure of is that Bill didn't store up all those acorn (Reeces) in his cheeks for nothing.  As long as he is a free man.....and even if he isn't, he will spend all fall and winter filing as many frivolous lawsuits as possible.  It is who he is, at his core.  There is a reason corruption and dishonesty follows him no matter where he goes......he is it.  Windsor, and all the other legal/paper terrorists like him are what is clogging and retarding our judicial system.  If you love what this Nation was founded on, if you love freedom and liberty given to all and the responsibility that derives from must then hate everything Windsor and his ilk are doing.  He is attacking our freedoms by abusing them to a ludicrous end.  To stand up for the principles that this Country was founded on means to stand against the American Terrorist Bill Windsor and his Lawless band of mutants.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Windsor Demands Everyone Speak American in his Lawless America

While Bill continues to exact his favorite form of terrorism on the Montana courts (paper), he made a very telling declaration in the comments on his facebook page.

Bill Windsor I agree. I would LOVE to be able to speak Spanish. I took it for two years in high school, and I just didn't learn. I've always felt that if you want to be an American, learn American. But I have sooo much respect for anyone who speaks more than one language!!!

Maybe he was having trouble seeing the trees from the forest? Bill has also decided to tout his new made up category he uses in measuring just how many people pay attention to him. He noticed that by exploiting pictures of the dead body of a 2 year old girl he was able to get more views on his page. But still that number wasn't anything to write home about so he made up a new category called "clicks" and decided to say he has over a million of them. So now have we taken our country back?

Bills admission of failure to learn a new language can now be added to his pot of other failures: father, son, husband, grandfather, CEO, terrorist, RV owner, home owner, any kind of math, movie/tv/book producer, detective, pro se litigant, humor and satire, politician, pro se tax accountant, promoter, website operator, radio show host, photographer, tattle tell, clothing (pro se), medical diagnosis (pro se), employer, employee, cat owner........