Thursday, January 30, 2014

You've Got MY Mail

We have chronicled many times just how stupid Bill Windsor is.  But I have to say, this one takes the cake. After threatening Google with adding them to his frivolous lawsuit, Bill asked Google to provide him with this:

2.  All documents relating or referring to, or evidencing, reflecting, or constituting communication to, from, or information about names, screen names, registration information, and server log information for users of Gmail who have emailed the Plaintiff at,, or from January 1, 2012 to present.

Thats right, Bill can't keep up with his emails, so Google could you help a brother out here, and while you are at it tell me everything you know about anyone who has emailed me in the last two years.  That is all.....well not really I have 84 more requests just like this.  Windsor continues to waive his vexatious wand of paper terrorism at any and everyone he can think of.  But one thing keeps coming up again and again...he is too dumb and lazy to ever remember any details.  Lets just throw everything out there and make the court sort it out while I just claim its a nationwide conspiracy.  Oh, and then we have another short and sweet request to Google:

3.  All documents relating or referring to, or evidencing, reflecting, or constituting communication to, from, or information about names, screen names, registration information, and IP activity for users of YouTube who have accessed from January 1, 2012 to present

You see, under some of these videos that I have put up where I single out judges and call them corrupt and guilty of treason, some people click the "thumbs down" button and some even leave meanie comments about me on these public pages.  I am Bill Windsor and I make the laws and I consider that defamation and I want everyone's personal info so I can stalk and harass them for unliking my youtube page.  So you better pony up that info Google, or you too will be on the receiving end of my sensationally frivolous lawsuit.  Oh and fyi....I'm loaded just in case you want a piece of my pie for legal fees.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Will Bill Windsor Give a State of the Union Response Tonight?

A year ago, Bill gave his SOTU response on behalf of his anti-american revolutionary party.  He spent over 30 minutes explaining how he wanted to destroy America and replace it with his own form of dictatorial anarchy.  Well, a year has gone by, and thankfully Bill's plans have been foiled by....reality, and now he just sits as a lonely old man who can't even boss his cat around any more, much less the Nation.  Its been a bad year for Bill, and 2014 looks to be even worse.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Windsor of Oz
The scene in that movie at the end is so perfect to where we see Bill at this point.  The curtain has been pulled back, everyone can see he is just a crazy old man trying to play god, but he still keeps acting as if his cover isn't blown.  More analogies for that movie is that the lemmings are to follow the Lawless American brick road and never take one step off it.  And they do this to see their wizard, why?  Well because....because of the wonderful things he does none of which any of them can be give an example. Why is the Oz great?  Because they said he is, and he said he is, no more verification needed.

So the very public figure and man who gave the response to the State of the Union address on behalf of his political party, thinks he can play district attorney as well. This was posted by Bill back on the 7th of this month:

Bill Windsor- By the way, any Joey who would like to get a release from the lawsuit should contact me with all the info they have. I am willing to give one more release to someone who would rather spill the beans to me than go through this litigation. All Joeys should be aware that I am asking that each Joey be held jointly and severally liable for the damages. That means, Curtis Butler and Brannon Bridge and Megan Van Zelfden and all the other people who have posted defamation on will owe the full amount of the damage award. Consider this like a plea's your chance for a get out of Bankruptcy Free Card. And guess what, a judgment of this type is not dischargable in bankruptcy, so you will owe me forever and ever and ever. 6 minutes ago · Like

Ok, for like the 20th time now, Megan has nothing to do with this blog, and never has. But beyond that, he actually says the words "consider this like a plea bargain", he is playing DA and making his extortion offers public. Then he goes on to respond to his precious "Susan" with this little titbit.

Bill Windsor Thanks, Susan. Nice to see you on the right side. I anticipate that Joeyisalittlekid will default, and I doubt that Google will answer the lawsuit for them. I detailed a lot of the facts in the lawsuit simply so they have to respond to each point. Disclosures have been served, and Requests for Admissions should be ready tomorrow, to include a digital copy of every article and comment that has ever appeared on their site. 10 minutes ago · Like

Notice how he is bragging about how he intentionally got vexatious with his filling so that Google would want no part of the Windsor of Oz. His filings are just too much for Google to deal with and because of that he will roll them. Then, as of last night we got more attempts at intimidating Google from Bill.

The attorneys for Google have been very cooperative. My sense is that they don't want to be the one to pay tens of millions for all the defamation, stalking, and crimes perpetrated on their BlogSpot website.
I have given them a specific list of tings that I want, and they were served yesterday with several hundred document requests that will expose the identities and/or IP addresses of all the users on the Joeys site and other BlogSpot sites.
I can't wait. 17 people like this.
Ahhhh, the good ole blackmail Google approach, its gotta work right? They better play ball with Bill and give him the "several hundred document requests" he has sent them or if they don't watch out they will be at the mercy of this vexatious litigant known as Bill Windsor in the form of a named defendant. Thats right, this is Windsor's world where even Google is at the mercy of his legal skills.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bill Windsor Thinks He Scared Us

Leave it to Bill to think that his vexatious actions somehow "scares us". is the website that has defamed and/or harassed, stalked, and emotionally distressed me many thousands of times in the last 16 months. I think these people have finally shut up because they know they are in serious trouble. Yappy, nothingbettertodotoday, anonymous, attorney, Ginger Snap, Allie Gate, lawlessnomore, Windsor Sluggo, Brannon, Curtis Butler, O Reader, Ollie Reader, tinylittlefeetnhands, and many others should be afraid to say anything more in public.

Awwwwe, "we" emotionally distressed you? Donations for your fake movie has really tailed off hasn't it? The truth is that this blog has kept you from harming others. And no Bill, you don't scare me and I'm not going anywhere, but you do, however, bore me. This same ole song and dance is beyond old. When is your next radio show?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Joey Dauben, One Year Later

So its now been a year since a jury convicted Joey Dauben of 3 counts of sex with a minor, and the Judge decided to stagger his sentence giving him a 30 year prison term which really is staggering.  It was not the end of Joey's life, but it was the end of his online life as he and we knew it.  No doubt he has now had to adapt to the new reality of prison life.  He is still trying to work the appellate process, but in all reality he isn't going anywhere any time soon.

The conviction marked the sad end to a life that got off track.  Joey had lots of enthusiasm for local politics, and he would no doubt be having fun covering hotly contested local races this year.  He had a zest for that and frankly its something that more people need to do, it served a purpose in the community. But he learned that his biggest reactions to his stories came from those where he made the most outlandish claims.  He enjoyed the spotlight and for him to stay in it, he had to continue to state wild accusations against elected officials and community leaders.  He would do this all on hearsay, rumor, or in some cases...pretty much made the entire thing up by connecting his own dots.

Joey also started to hang out with the wrong crowd as he got a little too close to some dirty gypsy cops in Bardwell and Combine.  They corrupted him and helped push him more down the path of everything is a conspiracy.  Then he teamed up with the infamous John Margetis, a member of Lawless America, and the man who spends most of his time attacking judges and officials with extreme slander.  Joey liked the limelight that came with this, even though it was decidedly negative.

He then decided that he had cracked the decades old murder case of Amber Hagerman.  Even though his theories were dismissed by law enforcement, he crusaded on with his claims to having found the killer as well as an underground child sex ring.  This eventually evolved into him getting involved in family court/custody issues and is how he eventually crossed paths with Bill Windsor and Lawless, although his conviction came before they could ever really work together.  Once Joey was convicted of sex with a child, Bill dropped him and moved on.

Unlike Bill, Joey was truly likeable as a person, and I do believe he really did mean well, at least originally.  He wasn't trying to deceive people he just never learned that there are two sides to every story.  His zeal and arrogance caused him to libel many people.  Thats the main reason this blog ever started was a way to give his victims and others a chance to tell the other side of the story that Joey ignored.  Joey missed his sister's wedding this year, among other things.  I hope for the day where a responsible Joey can emerge, one who has learned that you must investigate to get all sides of a story before printing something.  But even more than that, as the name of this blog implies, I hope Joey can move on with his life and realize he can't fix all the worlds ills, and instead he needs to focus on his own problems.  That is what separates those like Bill and the Lawless crowd, from all the actual adults in society.  Superman is a fictional character.  The real supermen and women in life are the ones that handle their own lives and families.  They realize that for them to even make a minor change for the better in just their own community, they need to put down the bullhorn and get involved with their community and try and change it from within.  You may not end up in history textbooks for that 80 years from now, but you will live a life that actually did something about your world as you knew it, instead of just complaining about it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bill Windsor Never Lies

So Bill decided last night it was time to answer our calls about why he isn't even bothering to make his fake movie anymore.  Its funny how he ignores all his followers but he answers anything we say over here, instantly. 

Those who haven't read my recent posts here may be asking this question well actually they are asking that exact question? There are several reasons (divorce, medical problems), but the primary reason is the perhaps unprecedented libel, slander, and defamation that has been unleashed on me by people who I believe are either mentally ill or paid by someone to do this, or both hey thats slander, at least by your definition of the word.
When people search for information about me online, instead of reading good things about what I have been trying to accomplish, their eyes get drawn to beyond outrageous lies well maybe if you had done something good, just one thing, they could read about it. Sadly, in today's world, it seems folks love to believe the crap that gets splattered on the wall. especially when its true
Until I can get courts and law enforcement to do something about these people, it is unlikely that I will obtain the financing needed to complete the film properly or a distribution deal ohhhh now you need financing for the movie, I wonder if you told that to all those people you filmed for the movie? Nope, that little issue was never raised until now. So, my focus hast to be on trying to bring these creeps to justice. mainly because I don't know how to make a movie and never intended to do it....the "haters" can be my scapegoat.
The latest lawsuit is against the people who have posted on ummm there is like 37,000 comments on this blog. This is a case where a number of people have what, who?, with extreme malice not just regular malice?, conspired no we didn't to destroy me through thousands hundreds of published articles and comments I dont moderate the comments, they just happen. Published statements that I am a pedophile never happened on this blog, a pedophile lover never stated, anti-gay never, bigoted nope, a tax evader your own divorce filing states that you haven't filed a tax return in 3 years, a criminal operating a scam didn't call you a criminal but where is the movie?, a terrorist Paper terrorism refers to the use of false liens, frivolous lawsuits, bogus letters of credit, and other ungrounded legal documents to harass others, especially against government officials. It is the filing and sending of false documents to intimidate police, government officials and private citizens. , a sexual deviant you asked to hear people's stories of rape and incest, oh and you posted a screen shot of you surfing porn, a liar where is the movie?, and a con man are false where is the movie?, and this constitutes defamation, slander, libel, intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy, conspiracy, and stalking those are a lot of big words....used randomly and without a shred of proof.
The Joeys what the hell is "the Joeys", I run this blog set out to do harm to me, and they wreaked havoc with one defamatory statement after another or just exposed what you...a self proclaimed public figure said and how it was not quite factual.
In Texas, the elements of libel as defamation are: (1) false and defamatory words (2) published to a third person (3) that defamed the plaintiff (4) while either acting with actual malice or negligence regarding the truth of the statement. An organization may be liable for the defamatory utterances of its agent that are made while acting within the scope of the agent’s authority. A statement is defamatory if it tends to injure a living person's reputation you were already labelled a vexatious litigant in the eyes of the court before we ever said a word about you, there wasn't much of a reputation to start with and thereby expose the person to public hatred, contempt or ridicule, or financial injury or to impeach any person's honesty, integrity, virtue, or reputation. The Joeys have published false and defamatory words about me no. Published statements about me that are false and defamatory include that I am a pedophile we are repeating ourselves but never stated, a pedophile lover, anti-gay, a bigot, a tax evader, a criminal operating a scam, a terrorist, a sexual deviant, have had sex with animals what the hell? never stated by this blog, am a liar where is your book, your movie? , a con man, a con artist, a huckster where is the movie?, created the movie as part of a con game right, so where is it?, am conning people movie?, am a fraud movie?, am Hitler never stated, am Hitler-like you are dictatorial in your rule over your lawless minions, am psychotic never stated, claim I have a movie but it is a fake exactly, had a psychotic break never stated, threatened people with physical harm never stated, am a dickless coward lol thanks for sharing but never stated, am mentally ill boy you really can't stop talking about that can you?, want payoffs from people to not extort them on YouTube never stated, have published complete lies where is your movie?, have published a distortion of any reality huh?, am mentally disturbed you keep saying that, am showing a distorted one sided view of every story I dont think that was stated here....but you do, am showing lies what does that even mean?, am showing less than half truth so like a quarter truth?, am not intelligent you are not, you are below average, am of dubious moral character yeah, my Lawless America business has died you just said you can't make the movie, have no significant intellectual skills never stated but I wouldn't disagree, am a sociopath never stated but do agree, had a woman sitting on my lap during filming in Michigan and was grabbing her on the ass you mean like that pic I have up at the top from your own facebook page? Thats perjury Bill, got convicted sex offenders to do my filming never stated by this blog, am a maniacal monster thats one way to put it, have herpes never stated on this blog, falsify information you faked your facebook "likes", was cheating on my wife never stated on this blog, my wife (now ex-wife) and I are going to jail never stated on this blog; support cold-blooded killers you did; Washington DC event was a disaster it was, not one single Congressman or media official ever knew you even came, have lost my mind never stated; The Plaintiff “has hurt so many through black mail, coercion and has threatened the safety of so many mothers and their children by sharing their intimate and confidential information.” thats wasn't stated by this blog Other published statements that are defamatory include that the Lawless America movie does not and will not exist it doesn't, and you just said unless some money falls out of the sky it wont; I have been making up information about Soushie for years what?; the itinerary with the movie was filled with pedophiles never stated; I am a sexual deviant you are, you showed us your screen shot, a sick animal never stated, moral-less, unethical you are, and a freek its spelled freak but never stated; I am a psychopath never stated; I was fired for being a crook never stated, am operating a scam where is the movie?, and lie about anything and everything where is the movie?; there is no movie exactly, glad you admit it; I am a monster well what are you?; anything I am involved with is bound to be a complete lie and a distortion of any reality never stated, at least not like that; I am only showing my mentally disturbed and distorted one sided view of every story you keep saying that, most of it lies and less than half truth; Anyone like me who is stupid enough to support a extortionist, scam artist, elderly abusing scum like Crystal Cox is obviously not very intelligent and of dubious moral character never stated by this blog; I have scammed people all my life there are decades of court records that seem to indicate that. The Joeys have conspired no conspiracy with one person's blog to libel, slander, and defame me to put him in a false light and cause me emotional distress or tell the truth about you. They succeeded yay.
None of these defamatory published statements about me are true but all the true comments carry on, and I have sworn to this under oath under penalty of perjury and just committed it...see picture above .
These people haven't just damaged me; they have damaged all of us who are trying to correct the massive INjustices that we face with government, law enforcement, and the judicial system. — in Waxahachie, TX we saved our country....yay again
Then Bill posts more lies in the comments under this:
Bill Windsor Michael Warnken and others who don't know the divorce story: My wife of 40 years divorced me because she is in complete, total fear due to the stalking, threats, and more that comes from these cyberstalkers. She is afraid she will be killed. My children have the same fear. These sick people caused this. 52 minutes ago · Like · 2
That is absolutely not true, we saw the divorce papers and Bill himself admitted that his family gave him an ultimatum, either keep obsessing with this fake movie or move back with your family.....he said he won't let them tell him what to do and bam, he is divorced. More specifically, neither I or anyone associated with this blog has ever contacted Barbara or any of his offspring in any way, nor has anyone associated made any kind of threats of physical harm. You can keep saying it over and over, but it will never make it true.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bill Windsor Continues To Purge His Followers

While Bill continues to brag about how many people he is suing, some of his followers are starting to ask the logical question....what about that movie thing you filmed all us for?  Why not quit complaining and just go ahead and produce the documentary?  Seems like a pretty good idea to me, but not to the Supreme Chancellor of the Milky Way Galaxy in Bill Windsor. 

Ben Keller *sigh 29 minutes ago · Like
Ben Keller How's the film going, Bill? 28 minutes ago · Like
Robert Hodge thing lives in another state and is making threats against you that is something you should contact the FBI for help. 23 minutes ago · Like
Robert Hodge I am still praying for you Bill Windsor. 23 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat There should be lots of excitement Bill. When you learn, nwho is the churning behind this B.S. Mr. Above The Law. I do what what I want. The rules. They are for everyone else..not me. Been allowed to run wild without consequences. Way out of control now. Has to ge reigned in. 22 minutes ago · Like
Ben Keller I think it's ridiculous, really, and kind of childish how many enemies Bill makes and then threatens with frivolous lawsuits and then posts the resulting drama on facebook. I thought he was a filmmaker, making a film? I feel sorry for the people who trusted in him to tell their stories, because Bill isn't focused on a film. He's focused on boyish internet squabbles. 20 minutes ago · Like
Ben Keller Not exactly more than I ever will. I like Bill. I just think his energy is better spent focusing on the film, rather than these sophomoric squabbles. 3 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Bogus post, done by the joeys. Who have nothing better to do today. Such a shame. That it came to this. I had high hopes for success. Gained kn our own efforts. I never felt fraud would be a big part of who you are. Biggest part. Whatva let down. Over it now. about a minute ago · Like
Debbie Lynn Marie Smith Oookay then. 10 minutes ago · Like
Ben Keller Yeah, I don't Nancy's post either. It's incoherent. All I'm trying to say is focus on the target. Produce the film. Many were counting on their stories being told. I speak for myself, and probably others too, when I say I don't give shit about this other drama. 8 minutes ago · Like
Debbie Lynn Marie Smith He has stated the reason for this a few times. Even though we may not agree with it, we all do what we have to do. I have chosen another route but that's me. I think fighting this cesspool is a big waste of time too, because I've been doing it for years, with nothing gained. I think it's a losing battle. But what do I know? Maybe Bill knows something that we don't. Maybe he's attempting to wipe out all the judicial corruption, BEFORE he even gets started on everyone else and their cases. Otherwise, what good would it do, if the same people were still in office? NONE. 4 minutes ago · Like
Bill Windsor Ben Keller, if you don't like what I am doing, your option is quite simple: go away, and don't come back. I am doing what I feel I need to do personally, and I also believe it is the right thing to do for the film work I am doing and the hope to do something that will make a difference. about a minute ago · Like · 1

Yes thats right, there is no board of directors...there is no members, Lawless America is a simple dictatorship. Bill decides what is best for everyone, and whatever he decides is to be considered the best choice for everyone. Bill Windsor hates America. He has said that our soldiers all died in vain. He wants to destroy our Nation and install his own form of vigilante justice as he, and only he, sees fit. Fortunately, he will never accomplish this as he isn't very good at anything, in fact he is far below average.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Lawless America Mockumentary 2014, The Movie

Well Sundance is in a week and....spoiler alert, Bill's fake movie didn't even make it on in this year's festival. So while Billy can't even make a promo, here is a movie to start the new year off right and take a close look at just who are these lemmings following Bill.

Ohh and Bill backed out of his talkshoe show last night...even though he promised his lemmings.  Maybe he isn't ready to answer all the questions about his porn surfing habits just yet

Friday, January 10, 2014

With No Leadership, The Lemmings are Confused

As we have pointed out before, the remaining few followers that still haven't put two and two together about Bill are not safe to be left alone.

Nancy Evans Figat Those joeys, are Mike Figat. One person. Being Nancy Evans Figat Uses the same words as Mike also. about an hour ago · Like
Bill Windsor Nancy, you know I care about you and your case...but the Joeys are not Mike Figat. I know who the Joeys are (for the most part), and they are real people. Plus we have real IP addresses from a variety of locations. about an hour ago · Like
Lin F Duty Bill you seem to have crazies working for you! No wonder you have yet to track Curtis Butler down! You Want his boat it is mine not his! Try again. Curtis filed for bankruptcy for other reasons not you! 52 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Filed for Bankruptcy likely so that Bill does not discover that he is just another one of your alters Mike. 32 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Glad you answered me Bill. Mike is the "Man Behind the Curtain". What he is doing to you is similar to what he does to me. He does have quite a few brainwashed and blackmailed/bribed..FOOTSOLDIERS. Bill I saw your court papers you posted pdf. Prior to dismissing my claim. That theyvwere signed by the same man that has signed. Tens of thousands of Deeds etc. Tell me where to send a sample for comparison. Do you want checks he signed, police reports he wrote, some of my hundreds of court documents sent to me. Signed by Mike. Judges let him sign their name. Before you doubt..take a look. He is stalking the s..t out of you. Projecting onto you Bill. Word for word. Every character defect HE HAS. Everything he writes is him. Liar, Conman, Deviant, Pervert Allabout money Mike. 24 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Mike is also copying my posts here onto his joey blog.He is just a pissed off schoolyard taunting Bully. Emotional five yr.old. 22 minutes ago · Like
Bill Windsor We know exactly where Curtis Butler is, and his bankruptcy filing to try to avoid liability with me doesn't work. He will still be held liable, and bankruptcy does not forgive judgments awarded for the intentional, malicious torts of Curtis Butler and every single person who has posted on Everyone who has posted should be accountable due to the conspiracy that had the stated goal of destroying me. "Lin F Duty," I am sure you will be named as well. I hope you have money. 21 minutes ago · Like · 2
Ahhhh, poor Nancy, she doesn't know it yet but she just disagreed with her messiah. She will now be cast off to the isle of lost lemmings where her own paranoia will doom her.

Then we have "ticked off" Mary who just wants to play with Bill, whatever game it is he is playing:
Mary Deneen Many Joeys' aided/abetted Sean Boushie's civil and criminal (HIPAA) violations, cyberstalking, bullying, humiliation, intimidation, aggravated assault w use of a 'Big Knife' against me. 33 minutes ago · Like

Forget that there is nothing at all anywhere that would support any of their claims...this is Lawless America. Bill set it up this way, reality is what you say it is. And how dare Bill try and rain on Nancy's hallucination? Its every bit as insane as any one of his delusions yet only he seems to get to smoke the magic pipe and tell everyone what he sees. No wonder the real word scares these people to near death.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bill Windsor Attacks Facebook, Will Facebook Bite Back?

Bill's vexatious fantasy tour is about to hit a hard stop as he is now biting at the big dogs who may be in the mood to finally bite back.  Yes, thats right, Windsor is taking on Facebook.  He is suing them for "luring" him in to using Facebook to promote his non-existent movie.  Bill claims that because FB took his page down, he lost years of information, his 50,000 followers who had registered with his page...and get this....the promotion of the movie was effectively ended.  Well try as he might, this little attempt at history revision isn't going to pass the smell test.  

Everyone can quickly get a sense of what this lawsuit is all about when Bill says "The defendant thumbed its multi-billion dollar nose at the law and plaintiff". Thats right, this is about money, Bill wants it and Facebook has it. He then goes on to blame FB for allowing his haters to spread their hate of him and then finishes it off with the usual sob story of how FB has cost him his marriage, his kids, his job, and even his home.

But lets not forget what the real truth was. Bill Windsor had 50,000 "likes" at one time (or close to it) on his public page but as we looked in to those profiles, the overwhelming majority of those likes were from fake profiles. Remember this story for instance
So Windsor defrauded Facebook with these likes in the first place and once we exposed his lie he hid all the likes.  This was way before facebook suspended his account.  I'm sure the logical question any judge would ask is how could someone go from 50,000 followers to just 100 by simply losing a facebook page?  The answer of course is there never was 50,000 real followers, only a Windsor illusion.  But don't let facts or even his fraud get in the way of making up a good story and trying to attack Facebook and their mulit-billion dollar company.

Since Bill has made himself a public figure and since he has taken the first shot at Facebook, this gives the Facebook legal team an easy target to make an example out of.  People need to know that there are consequences for artificially inflating the number of followers you have for financial and political purposes. Bill Winsor is loaded and has plenty of money to cover FB's legal fees and damages, just ask Maid of the Mist how hard it is for him to cut a big settlement check when he has too.

As Bill Windsor claims in this lawsuit:
. The DEFENDANT’s conduct as
described above is willful, wanton, wicked, intentional, and malicious resulting
from fraud, insult, and malice, and it is associated with aggravating circumstances,
including willfulness, wantonness, malice, oppression, outrageous conduct, insult,
and fraud, thus warranting the PLAINTIFF’s recovery of punitive damages from
the DEFENDANT. The PLAINTIFF should receive an award of punitive
damages. Exemplary damages serve to provide the claimant with recovery above
and beyond compensatory damages in order to punish the wrongdoer for egregious
conduct and to deter the wrongdoer and others from similar conduct in the future.
Since the PLAINTIFF’s damages can never be erased in this case; there is no
amount of money that could compensate the PLAINTIFF for the loss of the loves
of his life, his wife, children, and grandchildren; there is no amount of money to
compensate a decent, honest, law-abiding citizen for the destruction of his career
and reputation.

I think he is making a great point...just in reverse.  He used, for free, FB's page to go out and lure people in to signing up with his fake movie he would never produce and then solidified it by artificially inflating his "likes" on his FB page to deceive people in to thinking he had a big following.  The usual slap on the wrist just won't do here.  Facebook needs to show everyone what happens when you defraud them and users nationwide like Bill did

Monday, January 6, 2014

Same Ole Same Ole

Hip hip hooray, Bill Windsor chimed in today.

Hi gang what do you mean by gang?. This should be an exciting year for all the serial liars out there. you mean your "gang"?
I am very pleased to report that I got a bad cold on New Year's well that is great news...I sure hope you spare us the details, but the good news is that I was finally forced to blow my nose you have to be forced to blow your nose, maybe you need a court order next time? after a three week order to not blow. As I started blowing my nose, some stuff in my right inner ear apparently got jostled around, and my hearing has improved a bit well thanks for sparing us all the details.
I had another cat scam, and it shows that the skull fracture is healing, but there is some "debris" in the inner ear that will likely have to be removed with a procedure its called hot air. I suspect that is debris from all the garbage I have heard about over the last seven years, but it could also be dried blood. or maybe from all the lies your poor ears have had to endure
I am so tired of having medical problems!!! well make up a new lie then
I need to post the various lawsuits that have been filed you don't have to. I will try to get that done in the next day or two. We have a San Mateo County California action -- William M. Windsor v. Facebook for fraud and tortious interference through the removal of the Lawless America page claiming "nudity, pornography, and the solicitation of sex." that wont even make one hearing We have an Ellis County Texas action -- William M. Windsor v. Joeyisalittlekid and 1,000 Joeys one may ask what a Joey really, what is a Joey?. This is a massive case of defamationis the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation (what was said that was false Bill?, conspiracy  an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act (A. Thats not true, and B. You don't even have a shred of evidence to back that up. , libel which is just defamation but in print...once again what have we said that was false?, slander defamation that is spoken (I'm pretty sure I have never spoken anything about you), tortious interference you don't have a legal business so how can it be interfered with? Is this about us pointing out how your 50,000 likes were fake?, and more what jaywalking?. Service has already been obtained for Joeyisalittlekid why kind of service?, Google oh good, that will make it real fun, and several of the other defendants many of whom have no idea what the blog even is, much less had any part in it. We have a federal lawsuit in Montana you mean you want to -- William M. Windsor v. Sean M. Boushie, the University of Montana, and John Does 1-100 why not 1000?. This is a massive defamation and conspiracy action not really, there are only 100 Does vs 1000 Joey Does.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bill Windsor Drops the Cookie

The leader of the revolutionary party and lawless America which wants to "take back this Country", slipped up and posted a screen shot of his computer which he didn't really think through.  Thanks to an anonymous reader catching it, we now have this  notice on the first screen shot, between "bank of America" and "scam tv".

That's right...the sexual deviant sometimes referred to as Bill Windsor surfs porn even in the middle of the day.  Is this what Lawless America supports?  Does Bill know what kind exploitation of underage girls he is supporting in doing this?  What other things does he film with his movie camera?  We will look for the lonely old pervert to answer these questions that the public demands at his next scheduled radio show.  Has he disqualified himself from leading this movement?  Has he sought help for his porn addiction?  I would suspect so, but tune in next Sunday as Bill Windsor must answer to Tabgate 2014 which is spreading like wildfire.