Thursday, April 14, 2016

Old People, Nurses, Cats, B&Bs, and Long Walks...

I was really hoping that Bill's nurse was kin with Oscar the Miracle Cat who resides in a nursing home. However it turns out this kitty likes to spend time in the vastly more hip world of bed & breakfasts.

Google Cat image recognition is A-Maze-Ing. If you know where to go, you just upload a photo of the cat, and bee boo bop boo beep . . . here's that cat on social media.

Uploaded Cat:

Resulting Cat:

Weird, right? Almost too hard to believe.  . . 

Anyway, resulting cat had nice things to say about a couple of Air B&B listings in New Hampshire."I've stayed here a lot, and I give the Farmhouse FIVE STARS and two Paws Up! Excellent cat food; clean, modern litter box; and plenty of spots to cuddle up for a nap."  

Only 2 paws?

This is one of the 4 B&B listings she's 

Does that black Jeep look familiar, or is it just me?

Huh, oh well. 

Here's the host. She definitely looks familiar. 

"Hey, I'm Tayna! Happy with two teenage sons; surrounded by loving family and friends. I am a hypnotherapist, reiki master and student of transformational psychology. I enjoy meditation and long walks, tons of laughs and salt of the earth people. I am an advocate through and through."

Anyway, if you need a place to stay, (though I've read conflicting reports about if it has heat or if it's a rental property or if the owner is disabled and unable to work or if she's really busy and likes to camp and hike  . . oh sorry, ADD . . .I read that too) Anyway, if you want a place to stay, between now and May 5th, and you don't mind creepy old men with stories of passing gas and lame old man jokes (from the 1930s), then this is your place! Sorry I'm rambling. There's just so many positives about this place. Anyway, check it out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Meet Bill Windsor's Lawless Mom

It's been pretty boring in Windsorland. Yeah, he's trying to get out of court with a medical excuse. I'm not sure which is more impressively dumb, holding off on surgery just to use it as a scheduling conflict or actually going under the knife for surgery to avoid a court hearing. Either way, he's a giant coward. And, it was totally expected right down to the excuse. So, that's pretty much no news.

However, I did find an interesting piece of reading last night. There's so much, that all I did was skim, but I'm pretty sure I've got the main idea.

In some ways it's kind of no news because again, it's exactly as expected. However, sometimes it's nice to gloat a little. 

Meet Lawless Mom:

There's really a ton of reading there, not just in the documents themselves but in the notes from the court. The major victory was really quite the opposite. When did it begin, and how do I know this is Windsor involved? Well, on February 10, 2016 Hathaway's attorney is finally let off the hook and she's free to go back to being a pro se party (as she began the case). But, somehow, her new filings in February 2016 are different:

She forgot how to spell her name? Hardaway instead of Hathaway? Weird, right?

Next, I suggest you read the 146 page document that is 

In all honesty, I didn't read it (but you totally should. I'm sure there is a lot of interesting stuff).
 After item 1, any doubt I had regarding Bill Windsor's involvement was erased.

Hoodwinked, ha. Yep, I'm convinced this has Bill written all over it. 

Still not sure? Check this out:

There is it. Right there. Undeniable proof that Bill was helping prepare documents for her hearing. Flip through the filings. 


Oops. I was doing so well with being entertained for a few minutes, but there are entirely too many pages of boring filings. I was going to try to summarize and point  you to a few that I skimmed, but I fell asleep. You'll have to wander through them on your own. Same 'ol Bill.