Saturday, August 31, 2013

Prisoner of Rage

Connie Bedwell continues her rage filled posts on her own facebook page. Her attempts at derailing justice resulted in her banishment from the courthouse until the jury returns with a verdict.

Unfortunately in our quest for the perfect case study of a true narcissistic psychopath, we won't be able to find the answer to nature or nurture today kids. Daddy Timothy Bedwell let loose his own wrath on the courts just as jury was exiting.  Narcissistic rage (just like Bill feels) is unquenchable. It's a result of getting to the heart of what scares narcissists the most - evidence that they can't fully manipulate their environment.

"Although everybody tends to react to narcissistic injuries with embarrassment and anger, the most intense experiences of shame and the most violent forms of narcissistic rage arise in those individuals for whom a sense of absolute control over an archaic environment is indispensable because the maintenance of self-esteem - and indeed of the self - depends on the unconditional availability of the approving-mirroring selfobject or of the merger-permitting idealized one." (Search for the Self, vol.2, pp.643 etc.)

Apparently baby Connster is so upset by this she's gone back to Bible-coding to regain her sense of control. Sorry Con, I just shook my magic 8 ball to check on your future, and this is what I got:

Feel free and take a moment to learn more about the true face of psychosis by reading the full update:

Friday, August 30, 2013

After Defeat Bill Goes in to Hiding

The showdown in Missoula was supposed to get Bill's mojo back.  He was going to go down there and get Sean Boushie arrested, get a restraining order, or at least fired and declare victory of his chief "hater".  In true vigilante style he orchestrated his own sting operation.  Turns out, playing police officer is a quick way for his adversary to get a restraining order against him.

So Windsor had to flea Montana with his tail tucked between his legs.  Reality is his biggest adversary and it is really bearing down on him now, he can't seem to escape the fact that his entire life is one big lie and a failure.  Bill is out of ideas, and is possibly running out of his never ending supply of cash.  Yes those perpetual trips with $150 a night Courtyard at Marriott bills are catching up to him.  I'm guessing the T-shirt sales are down, not to mention he probably never even sent out the ones that were purchased.  His lawsuit against Allie is going sideways, his stalking against Sean backfired, and all his "haters" have not been fact they have multiplied exponentially.  His remaining few followers are not only nobodies, they have nothing of value to offer bill.  They have no money, no skills and no connections, in short they are all worthless to Bill.

So Bill is left with nothing, and he has to resort to made up accolades like going on a diet or taking great pictures out of his car.  Yes he has failed, but sadly this is nothing new for him.  He has done this his entire life, he will go in to hiding, ignoring all the problems and obligations his most recent stalking tour accrued, and eventually emerge again with a slightly different vision of his same old scam.  This is the life of a gypsy con man.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bill's Death Drive

                          -by lawlessnomore

     In the summer of 1976, Nadia scored 7 perfect tens, and David Richard Berkowitz began a shooting spree that would leave 6 people dead and 7 others wounded.  Olympics be damned, worldwide press cemented the year forever in our memories as the Summer of Sam, due in part to the police manhunt and also to the letters staged by the killer.  While Summer of Sam too poetically for comfort abbreviates to S.O.S., it must also be poetic justice that Summer of Bill abbreviated becomes S.O.B.

     While both men’s adventures may be motivated by narcissistic delusions of grandeur, the truth is that they are play-acting (with devastating results) at the angel of death archetype which we have seen so many times before.  Indeed plagues have stalked civilization since time immemorial, and yet man has always devised a way to survive such onslaughts.  Moses, the father of the neighborhood watch, asked the Israelites to cleanse their doorways with lamb’s blood that the spirit of God would Passover their domiciles.  Glinda, the Good Witch of North, was a bit more cheerful when in syrupy sweet tones she proclaimed to the little people in funny costumes, “It’s all right. She’s gone.  You can all get up.”  And do you know: the practice caught on!  To this day, little people in funny costumes who show up at your door may be fended off with a single bowl of candy. Pagan and Christian rituals around the world sprung up to unite villagers in defending their homes against evil.  While Bill sees a civil conspiracy in the faces of the people gathered here, I see a national neighborhood watch working in cooperation with law enforcement for the safety of the public.

     The more infamous plagues of the middle ages occurred at an intersection of time when population levels sped past a speed bump in medical innovation.  The sciences were religiously regulated by…well, the church, to the suppression of both conventional wisdom (old wives tales) and emerging biological studies.  Rather than accept the changing times and take preventative steps for all mankind, we hear stories of self-quarantine by the wealthy nobility.  This would inspire the Edgar Allan Poe classic, “Masque of the Red Death,” wherein the Spectre of Death progresses further and further into the palace of one Prince Prospero.  Ironically, Bill’s narcissism is such that he is trying to isolate himself while trying to visit ruination upon those he claims are jeopardizing his own life.  Themes inherent in Poe’s “Masque” include revenge fantasies (upon the rich) and the futility of escaping death.

      Themes inherent in the S.O.B. include fantasies of death and sex.  Why those two topics together?  Freud recognized dual instincts which shape human personality: Eros and Thanatos.  Eros is the drive of life, love, creativity, and sexuality, self-satisfaction, and species preservation; and Thanatos, from the Greek word for "death" is the drive of aggression, sadism, destruction, violence, and death.  Freud believed that aggression towards others and self-destructive behaviour were outward projections of this death instinct.  It is a largely held belief that narcissists are not suicidal, and yet self-destructive actions which put oneself in potentially life threatening situations may indeed be subconscious suicidal ideations.  Can it not be said that in leaving reality behind Windsor has committed his own psychological death?  What is left of him but a vampiric like creature that stalks the living in search of lifeblood (in this case wealth and notoriety).  Malignant self-love has rendered him unable to contemplate a world without his existence, and yet this conflicts with the pleasure principle, his desire to avoid pain.

His final solution lies in manipulating the events of the suicide to look like murder. If Windsor can trap his victim into pulling the trigger, Bill dies believing that he has achieved immortality as a martyr and the ultimate revenge in his victim punished for murder.  A narcissist’s suicide then, is an act of mutually assured destruction. 

     One more tidbit: Inspired by Freud, social psychologist Eric Fromm believed the psychologically disturbed people were unable to love.  His theory, known as the theory of decay and epitomized by Adolph Hitler, recognized three main disorders: 1) necrophilia, or the love of death and the hatred of all humanity; (2) malignant narcissism, and 3) incestuous symbiosis, or an extreme dependence on one's mother or mother surrogate.

Summer is nearly over my friends and the fall is imminent!  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yes I Con

 - By The Yapinator (formerly known as Yappy)

This article topic started out with my repulsion of seeing Windsor's heartless post & photo of a homeless man in Missoula. It was painfully obvious Bill didn't care about the man, his plight or how much the man has to struggle on a daily basis for his basic needs. Most days, those basic needs are not met.

As Windsor rolls around in his 2013 fully loaded luxury model leather-interior Jeep (msrp $44,000) sleeping in his $160+/night room at the Marriott Courtyard (rm. 402 in Missoula), we read his endless whining online daily about the perils of living in such a deplorable & corrupt country like the USofA (his words, not mine). He keeps insisting he has no money whatsoever so who's bankrolling the roly-poly beast of Lawless if not his family? It's clear the man has no clue what it truly means to suffer or struggle in life.

The biggest life lesson Windsor could have is being dropped in the middle of a remote (and politically unrest) African village butt naked left alone to find shelter, food, water, clothing (yes PLEASE clothing) and safety. There's no way he could survive past day 3.

Bill's extreme narcissist need to post his every waking moment online provides us with tremendous insight into Bill's psyche. There's a couple in-depth fantastic articles on this blog where people wrote in detail about the narcissistic side of Windsor. Taking their lead, I decided to dig a little deeper and found further interesting information. In my opinion, I believe Bill Windsor to be a high-functioning sociopath with extreme narcissistic tendencies.

In the 10 traits listed below we can see Windsor come to life.

How to spot a sociopath - 10 red flags that could save you from being swept under the influence of a charismatic nut job.

10 signs for spotting a sociopath 

#1) Sociopaths are charming. Sociopaths have high charisma and tend to attract a following just because people want to be around them. They have a "glow" about them that attracts people who typically seek guidance or direction. Watch out for over-the-top sexual appetites and weird fetishes.

Sexual deviant appetite; Seeks out the most desperate victims in our society who hit rock bottom often because they're easiest to charm

#2) Sociopaths are more spontaneous and intense than other people. They tend to do bizarre, sometimes erratic things that most regular people wouldn't do. They are unbound by normal social contracts. Their behavior often seems irrational or extremely risky.

drive around the USA stalking people he hates; sporting a bullet-proof vest while going onto a University campus

#3) Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse. Their brains simply lack the circuitry to process such emotions. This allows them to betray people, threaten people or harm people without giving it a second thought. They pursue any action that serves their own self interest even if it seriously harms others.

Stalking, divorcing without a second thought, suing people and enjoying it. Quote Windsor: When stalking his prey the other day, he was elated and proclaimed, "Such Fun!"

#4) Sociopaths invent outrageous lies about their experiences. They wildly exaggerate things to the point of absurdity, but when they describe it to you in a storytelling format, for some reason it sounds believable at the time.

examples: Lied about the amount the courts sanctioned against in him in the MoM case. He owed around $100K but claimed it was $4 million. Lied about the SCOTUS voiding the supreme court to the point he paid up to $10,000 for a fake press release to be sent out to all media across the nation. He's a FLAWLESS liar to say the least.

#5) Sociopaths seek to dominate others and "win" at all costs. They hate to lose any argument or fight and will viciously defend their web of lies, even to the point of logical absurdity.

Vexatious litigant - vexatious litigant - vexatious litigant. Need I say more? 

#6) Sociopaths tend to be highly intelligent, but they use their brainpower to deceive others rather than empower them.

one area that doesn't seem to fit Windsor unless you consider he's intelligent enough to use and re-use other people's idea's and put his personal take on it. 

#7) Sociopaths are incapable of love and are entirely self-serving. They may feign love or compassion in order to get what they want, but they don't actually FEEL love in the way that you or I do.

Washed his hands of his entire family and within 48 hours he was back on the road stalking people. He wouldn't allow his wife or family to tell him what to do and he didn't even bother to grieve for the loss of his marriage or give an appearance of grieving because he has no idea what normal people do or act in that situation. In fact, he seems overly relieved he no longer has to play THAT role in life 

#8) Sociopaths speak poetically. They are master wordsmiths, able to deliver a running "stream of consciousness" monologue that is both intriguing and hypnotic. They are expert storytellers and even poets.

He sure is able to tell quite the fairytales on about almost any subject he dreams up. 99% of Windsor's world are complete fabrications when fact-checked.

#9) Sociopaths never apologize. They are never wrong. They never feel guilt. They can never apologize. Even if shown proof that they were wrong, they will refuse to apologize and instead go on the attack.

I do not believe Windsor has ever apologized in his life.

#10) Sociopaths are delusional and literally believe that what they say becomes truth merely because they say it!

Bill's words: "To the best of my knowledge, I've never told a lie or I've never knowingly told a lie."   

To see a phenomenal (and remarkably insane) insight into Bill and how he believes the world should run read his own words here:

The Internet is unlike anything any other generation has ever experienced. It's a fast and vast growing machine, tracking our every move, providing insight into all aspects of life from G-rated Leave it to Beaver world all the way down to the darkest glory holes of hell.

In the case of Bill Windsor (Lawless America) what's played out over the past 18 months online at this blog and elsewhere I believe has provided a great warning for the rest of society. Windsor, whom I believe is a prolific life-long con artist has been able to get away with his con's for over 40 years large in part because he moved frequently and there was no one keeping track. What troubles Bill the most about a blog like this exposing exactly what he is (with his own words and actions) is the fact he can no longer get away with what he's doing to others. That's why he's in a rage and is attacking everyone he can locate. His scams are exposed, the jig is up. He knows no other way of life but the con and to take his ability to con and scam away, takes away his entire meaning in life.

When we take a close look at Windsor - the conman - what do we see that fits with every other sociopathic-con man? Below is a great piece that describe's Bill Windsor, the career con man sociopath.

To read the rest, go here:

When we look at the common psychology of con men and scam artists,              what do we learn?

  •  First and foremost, most career con men are sociopaths. They are self-absorbed and believe that anything they say and do justifies a positive outcome for themselves. They can’t imagine or don’t care about the consequences their actions have for the people they may hurt. They rationalize away any concern that they are harming other people with any number of self-delusional discussions, if they consider the ethical side of their scams at all. What’s good for them is, by definition, what’s good…period. 

  •  A sociopath, according to Dr. Robert Hare in his book Without Conscience, is characterized by many factors, including a lack of empathy and guilt, an abundance of charm, an inflated sense of his self-worth, an inability to accept responsibility, difficulty forming deep relationships despite an accentuated ability to fake commitment, heightened skills for manipulation, and a parasitic lifestyle. Psychologically, you couldn’t formulate a better mix of traits to create a con artist, and someone who has developed to this mental point couldn’t find a more comfortable career fit. 

  •  Based on their personal experience and personality traits, they probably have cultivated the skills to be an outstanding con man before they hit puberty, and would gravitate toward a con man’s lifestyle whether or not it was a conscious choice. 

  •  Most career con men have above-average intelligence, and that may help them stay a step ahead of the law, concoct complex money-making schemes, or adopt new technologies to use as tools better than other folks. Studying the complexity of some scams would reveal that the con man has a vast array of skills, from a knowledge of computers to well-developed planning and organizational talents. 

  •  A con man’s “people skills” are off the charts. To be a good con man, you need to be manipulative, charming, and a flawless pathological liar. Being a successful con man often depends on your ability to persuade people to ignore common sense and their own best interests, and you have to be convincing to do that. Sociopaths have developed those skills to the point of instinct. 

other great links on sociopath/psychopaths & con artists for reference:

None of us know how this is going to end but oh I'm so ready for an ending to this horrible fake life of the lawless man. In my opinion, there's no question we're watching a self-destructive mentally-ill man run around the USA continuing to hurt many people. As much as we'd wish Windsor would stop, pack it up, call it a day and crawl back to his wife and family begging for forgiveness, that's never going to happen. It won't happen because Windsor isn't wired like the rest of us. He's incapable of real love, real emotions and real connections. He is heartless to those he harms, in fact, he gets a sickening pleasurable high off of hurting others. The only way to stop him from hurting, stalking and harassing others is to take away his "drug of choice". To do so, we need law enforcement and his family to step in and stop this monster. We need a true selfless real American hero to step up to the plate and put an end to the insanity!

On a side note, I write a blog about a woman named Connie Bedwell. Approximately a year ago she was filmed by the great Bill Windsor. Bill eventually gave her the good ole C&D (no abate at that time because Bill didn't know the word existed). Prior to filming with Bill, she had Joey Dauben write up some very scandalous and untruthful reports about her EX-boyfriend.

She's one of the worst false accusers out there in the court system and has done a great deal of damage to real cases of custody and child abuse. She accused her EX of molesting her child many years ago but upon an extensive investigation it was proved untrue. Back in June 2011 all rights to her child were removed although she had not seen her child since early 2009. Since then, she's been in and out of court with DUI's, 2 felonies and 3 charges of breaking a court order.
Connie's father, Timothy Bedwell is accused of raping several young children over the course of many years. His trial started late last week. Yesterday, Connie was admonished by the court for her outrageous behavior during trial and breaking a gag order that was issued to her moments earlier. She was removed from the court property and not allowed to attend the remainder of her fathers trial.
The land of the lawless where people like her, Windsor and several others believe the rules and laws of the courts don't apply to them. They will act how they want and thumb their nose at the justice system every chance they get. As she and Windsor are learning, there are consequences to their repulsive behavior.
Here's a link to my blog for more detailed information:

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pervert On the Run

Bill Windsor goes to Missoula Montana, spends two weeks stalking and annoying everyone he can, especially all the local adult book stores,  makes up his own "sting" operation and then is served a restraining order from Sean's wife forcing Bill to pack up and leave town with nothing to show for his terroristic efforts. So after cutting and running, he heads to Great Falls Montana where the sexual deviant and national terrorist tries to exploit the death of a young child for his own gain in a vain attempt at diversion from the failure in Missoula.

So it turns out that the great "sting" that Bill orchestrated on the grounds of the University of Montana was the evidence the Boushies needed to go to the local municipal court judge and get a restraining order, not only for her but for the property of the U of M as well.  Windsor filmed the serving of the order to him. Two officers calmly and clearly gave and explained the order to Bill as they both towered over the diminutive, pasty white and portly little coward from Georgia.  The interaction between the 5'8 Windsor and the two officers, who both looked to be in excess of 6'3, was classic.  Bill tried to control the conversation and tried to keep glancing at his stationary camera with his sheepish, insecure little smile that gave away that he was both frightened and nervous all at once.  Despite all his online puffery, when faced with law enforcement in real life, Bill is terrified and deeply insecure and for good reason.  Throw in the fact that both of these officers were actual real men, you then have Bill completely out of his element.  At the end of the video he tried to tell the officers a story about his made up magazine days, but it failed miserably as Windsor is no longer able to converse with real people in the real world, especially if they are not required to listen to him.

Windsor packs up his mobile terrorism vehicle and leaves town with his tail between his legs.  He heads to Great Falls to re-aggravate a story he already covered in his first go round with Lawless.  It its a tragic story of domestic violence that has gained much attention locally, but Bill wants to re-stir that pot especially since he is desperate to change the topic from his failure in Missoula.  Bill, always looking for the shock value, posted several pictures on his personal fb page showing the dead child with the wounds visible.  He tries to blame CPS for allowing this to happen.  I think in a lot of ways, this marks the bottom of the barrel for the sexual deviant, domestic terrorist and murderer advocate.  Exploiting a deceased child in this shock value type of way is something no human being could do.  Windsor is not even a human being, and should not be given the rights and privileges that we give to other human beings.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Collective Narcissism

Or, How too many cooks spoiled the Lawless America stew

We’ve been talking about narcissism in general like it’s a bad thing. But we are all narcissistic, narcissism is necessary to the development of a healthy ego. When we refer to someone as being narcissistic, we refer to a pathological condition, an unhealthy balance of narcissism. The exact causes of imbalance are unknown. Experts theorize that it is caused in a child, with a perfect combination of just the right genetic, social and psychological factors, by excessively doting care givers, by abusive and/or neglectful care givers or some other trauma. Simply put, it appears narcissism is a method of defense to protect a damaged ego. 

There are varying degrees between normal narcissism (which is neither good, nor bad) and the extreme end of the narcissism scale, like Hitler. In between normal and a person with NPD (narcissistic personality disorder), there are the ordinary narcissists. Ordinary narcissists may not suffer from NPD but may have some narcissistic tendencies due to persecution, abuse or injury. In an effort to satisfy NSS, some ordinary narcissists seek external validation in groups that mirror an individual’s purpose.

In his publication ‘Collective Narcissism”, Dr. Sam Vaknin asserts that purpose driven groups take on a life of their own. The longer they are together, the more persecuted, the more intense the physical and emotional experiences are of the individuals, the stronger the bonds and the history are between individuals, then “the more rigorous might an assertion of a common pathology be”.

These groups begin to function as a narcissistic entity and become the ideal-hungry followers for the mirror-hungry leader. Dr. Vaknin provides a list of criteria, of which, if 5 are met indicate a pathological level of function:
  1. feel grandiose and self-important (e.g., they exaggerate the group's achievements and talents to the point of lying, demand to be recognized as superior - simply for belonging to the group and without commensurate achievement).
  2. are obsessed with group fantasies of unlimited success, fame, fearsome power or omnipotence, unequalled brilliance, all-conquering ideals or political theories.
  3. are firmly convinced that the group is unique and, being special, can only be understood by, should only be treated by, or associate with, other special or unique, or high-status groups (or institutions).
  4. require excessive admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation - or, failing that, wish to be feared and to be notorious (narcissistic supply).
  5. feel entitled. They expect unreasonable or special and favorable priority treatment. They demand automatic and full compliance with expectations. They rarely accept responsibility for their actions ("alloplastic defenses"). This often leads to anti-social behavior, cover-ups, and criminal activities on a mass scale.
  6. are "interpersonally exploitative", i.e., use others to achieve their own ends. This often leads to anti-social behavior, cover-ups, and criminal activities on a mass scale.
  7. are devoid of empathy. They are unable or unwilling to identify with or acknowledge the feelings and needs of other groups. This often leads to anti- social behavior, cover-ups, and criminal activities on a mass scale.
  8. are constantly envious of others or believes that they feel the same about them. This often leads to anti-social behavior, cover-ups, and criminal activities on a mass scale.
  9. are arrogant and sport haughty behaviors or attitudes coupled with rage when frustrated, contradicted, punished, limited, or confronted. This often leads to anti-social behavior, cover-ups, and criminal activities on a mass scale.
Lawless America was a collection of individuals and groups seeking external validation. Each with it’s own specific agenda, that is narcissistically more important than the others. In “promulgating his grand plan” to “take back our country” Bill failed to realize that groups trying to address issues like elder abuse, child custody, child abuse, family court, criminal court, civil court, mothers right’s, fathers right’s, discrimination, LE cover up, domestic abuse, etc. are not interested in a revolution to take over the country through letter writing. And, none of the purpose groups are interested in the other groups’ agendas. They want their own issues resolved and Bill promised to do it. As the needs of the groups were ignored, there was no longer a symbiotic leader-follower relationship. The groups began to exhibit behaviors similar to those on Dr. Kaknin’s criteria list above. It appears hostilities resulting from in-group and out-group aggression, aggravated by Bill’s neglect caused most of the groups to disassociate from Lawless America. In my humble opinion, Lawless America self-destructed. From the inside, out.

Susan Harbison (aka Snoozan) was right and wrong when she posted that Bill Windsor is not dangerous. The failure of Lawless America was predictable. Bill does not appear to be a danger to the general public. That may be one reason why Bill is not named by the SPLC. I sleep better at night knowing we have experts watching groups like this one, that know because of the inherent dynamic it will never get any real traction. But, some of Bill’s associates are named by the SPLC, they are still active. It’s the groups with a single purpose and narcissistic pathology we need to keep an eye on. If Susan still wants to argue that Bill is not a danger, she should check in with Wynette Boushie and the University of Montana.

Collective narcissism is not always a bad thing. It was collective narcissism through which this country was founded. Religions and patriotism are also examples of collective narcissism. Without purpose driven groups there would be no balance, no change, no progress – for the good and betterment of society we need and should not oppose or censure purpose groups with healthy narcissism.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Dangerous Leaders - By NBTDT

In past posts, Bill Windsor has been compared to Adolph Hitler.     Given Hitler’s horrific history, this appears to be an exaggerated comparison.   But, it’s important to recognize classic narcissistic traits and know how the dynamic affects a group of people so that a history such as Hitler’s is not repeated.    In fact, Hitler has been studied many times by many people for just that reason.    

In 2007 a study on Hitler’s personality was published by the psychology department at the University of Colorado.    The publication is a compilation of expert opinions formulated through various other studies and a lot of technical data I don’t begin to understand.     Technical data aside, several interesting points are made.    The experts opine that while there is evidence of mental illness, Hitler’s narcissistic personality was the major contributor in his ability to control the German population.    More than Hitler’s psychopathology, it was the social condition of the German people that allowed Hitler’s rise to power.    One expert’s opinion is that “anyone like Hitler could have accomplished the same heinous acts…”.      Hitler was only the facilitator of the holocaust; he fanned the flames of nationalism that “contained the seeds of genocide from centuries of anti-Semitism”.  

The publication quotes a study by John D Mayer (1993) in which Mayer makes a proposal for recognition of a dangerous leader disorder based on three major behavior categories: indifference, intolerance and grandiosity.    Mayer noted “that dangerous leaders typically have apologists who discount their destructive methods in favor of viewing their behavior as consonant with “laudable” goals.”    While Mayer’s study was relative to extreme behavior in preventing international incidents and a future holocaust, we see some of these behaviors in the leader of Lawless America:

Indifference towards peoples suffering:  these traits were exemplified for us in the post “The eyes and lies of Bill Windsor, the narcissist” with the behaviors that are listed under “Difficulty with empathy”, “Using other people without considering the cost of doing so” and “Inability to view the world from the perspective of other people”.

Intolerance of criticism: we’ve seen many examples of Bill’s inability to reconcile criticism, attack those who criticize him, attacks on the friends of his critics, his inability to admit when he is in error, his rage when he is challenged and the most glaring evidence of this behavior is being declared a “vexatious litigant”.  

Grandiosity, manifested by seeing oneself as a “uniter” of people, identification with religion/nationalism and promulgating a grand plan:  Bill Windsor, united victims in all 50 states, designed and implemented TWO grand plans, Lawless America Association and Lawless America the Movie, to ‘take our country back’. 

Dangerous leaders typically have apologists: comments and posts on Bill’s web sites are typically written by supporters who minimize, excuse, defend and encourage behaviors that reflect indifference and intolerance as the grand plans are executed.    As the wheels have come off the Lawless America wagon one by one and stalking games have taken precedence, the supporters continue to applaud Bill’s efforts and quietly accept the change in agenda without any apparent awareness that the activity, if not illegal, is morally wrong. 

As Ninja points out in her post, narcissists need a supply.    Just as Hitler did, Windsor found a supply within a group that has an inflated view of itself and goals.   It operates as a narcissistic entity.    According to a 2009 study “Collective Narcissism and it’s Social Consequences”, collective is an alternate form of narcissism where most individual traits apply but the word ‘group’ can be substituted for ‘self’.     A sub concept, The charismatic leader-follower relationship, theorized by Jerrold post appears to define Hitler and Windsor.   Post theorizes that there are two types of narcissists within this group, the mirror-hungry narcissist leader and the ideal-hungry narcissist followers.    Post suggests that the relationship is symbiotic as supply needs are met for both narcissistic types.   The mirror-hungry leader receives the admiration he needs and his charisma provides the followers with the purpose needed by their ideal-hungry narcissism.    

This is where the comparison to Hitler ends.   Hitler’s collective narcissism had single purpose, national and Arian superiority.    In my opinion, if there had been as many different ideals in the followers of Hitler as there were in Lawless America, Hitler’s army may not have made it across the border into Poland.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Sting

I have really enjoyed our guest writers and their contributions so far and I can't wait for the others. And thanks to OReader for setting this all up.

Obviously I need to jump in real quick so we can recap the infamous "sting" that Bill performed yesterday on the campus of the University of Montana.  Out of all the crazy claims he makes against his "haters", there is one particular area of vulnerability that Sean Boushie had, and that is in his employment through the government at the U of M.  What he does on government time is open to the public just like any other government official.  Up until this point, Boushie has been able to slide by based solely on the utter and complete incompetence of Bill.  But yesterday, Bill may have finally barked up the right tree (even though he is a skunk).

Windsor went to the extraordinary length of fabricating, yes he Bill fabricated something, a made up announcement of something "big" involving Sean.  He then goes to the parking lot of the building that he says Sean works at, turns on his camera and starts filming the truck, he says, belongs to Sean.  Bill thinks that this is proof that Sean is in the building and at work.  So he films for almost an hour of dead air time as he films lots of people whom he doesn't have consent from, and then he says he got his big email response from Sean.  Bill then calls the UM PD....they take his report and give him the "don't call us, we will call you" treatment.  As time goes by and it becomes clear to bill that they are not coming, he then calls the Missoula PD who quickly patch him back to the UM PD once he tells them where he is.  The UM PD sends an car out there to try and shut him up and as they roll up they see a crazy old man out filming the building.

Now we finally have an interesting moment...and guess what....Bill doesn't film and we can barely hear what happens.  But from what you can hear, its clear that the officer asked Bill what he was doing.  Windsor whined about all the things he says Sean did to him.  Bill goes on and on about how he fears for his life and how he must wear the bullet proof vest.  The officer then asks the logical question of why would anyone who fears someone that much actually go to that person's place of employment and start filming their vehicle? Windsor then lies directly to the officer's face and says that Boushie cost him his 42 year marriage and he is dead set on seeing him arrested.  Bill then has to bring up his new favorite topic of glory holes and the officer quickly shuts the creepy sexual deviant with a camera down.

The UM PD tells Bill that they may not have jurisdiction (possibly assuming that Sean might have emailed it from his personal phone device) but Bill....knowing their job better than they, points out that they are wrong. In the end, they tell him they wont be making any arrests today and that they will take his information and look in to it.  This, of course, equals a huge victory for Bill and he celebrated with his "full strength" pepsi when he got back to the hotel.  He shouted out from the rooftops to his 15 remaining followers that they had finally taken their country back.  This was it, the culmination of all those miles, hours, pie, rv's, lemmings, talkshoe shows, congressional testimonies, his entire family and all ends with this.  He called the police, and they responded and took his report.  What a victory.

I think, in the end, this will not result in any kind of criminal charges.  But Sean could be in trouble with his employer.  At some point this becomes an annoyance to them and they may feel its best to extricate the University from this school yard pissing match.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Is it all just Grandiose Delusions of a Narcissist Man Named William M Windsor?

Today's lesson comes to you from the letter N. 
Thanks, Ninja!

A true Narcissist needs to feed their narcissistic tendencies. It's been called, “Narcissistic Supply Sources” or “NSS's.” They look for people to give them compliments, or accolades by whatever means necessary. They crave the attention, it feeds them, propels them, and their constant need for this attention is relentless.

Charlotte X “Our prayers are with you.”
Janet X “We love you Bill...”
Milia X “Bill you are great, sending my love to you.”

But what happens when this supply is cut off? They are propelled into a narcissistic crisis. The need to feed becomes much like an addict looking for a fix, resulting in a the Grandiosity Gap between the fantasies of the Narcissist and reality. This triggers defensive actions, so they can stabilize themselves, with the least amount of emotional liability. He must protect his ego.

”Bill Windsor has now lost almost everything.”
”According to one report, there may have been a plot to have me killed.”
”My family gave me an ultimatum, Stop your efforts with Lawless America or lose your family. I told them I would not allow my family to tell me what I can and can not choose to do.”

One action is to flee the scene of his failures, and thus create an alibi for potential future failures to reduce his egotistic pain. He must transform his life into some magnificent work of art. The narcissist is much like an actor, who's creation is his life. He will adapt to any scene, as long as he has an audience, and he can change and adapt to any audience as necessary to maintain NSS's. The world is a stage to the Narcissist.

”I am mentally making plans to relocate away from Georgia...”
”When I left Georgia two weeks ago, I ceased to be a resident. I am relocating to Texas. Central North Texan to be precise.”
”I am now officially a resident of South Dakota.”

They don't like to work with others because it sets the stage for failure, pain, abandonment and self destruction. To a Narcissist it's really all about self-preservation tactics. They believe they are so unique, and their uniqueness is enough to establish their position. They believe they are entitled to special treatment, in every area of life, without actually creating or achieving anything.

”I am doing this essentially all by myself. No one is traveling with me.”

A partial list of roles or characteristics would include
  • Crook, dangerous, unpredictable, verbally violent, deterring;
  • Businessman, rich, well connected, powerful;
  • Genius, innovator, encyclopaedic;
  • Revolutionary, reformer, non-conformist, rebellious;
  • Asexual, monkish, pervert;
  • Author, intellectual, bohemian, artist;
  • Family man, father, sage, experienced, stable, and authoritative;
  • Charming, childish, honest, open, innocent, vulnerable, requires assistance and support.

Bill Windsor makes plans in case he is killed or disappears while in Montana.
William M Windsor targeted for assassination by U.S. Government
William M Windsor is a reasonably normal 63-year-old husband, father and grandfather.
William Michael Windsor is an American with a business and publishing background. He is chairman and chief executive officer of “The Windsor Companies”.
Lawless America Revolution show with William M Windsor.”

Narcissists deceive everyone around them in more ways than one. It's because they know how to adapt, and use the people around them for their 'NSS feedings.' If they don't get what they need, they create a new stage.

”I Bill Windsor, write this online publication, and I am producing a documentary film and pilot for a proposted weekely t.v. series...I am a card carrying member of the press. I have been a magazine publisher for most of my career. I began my media work in high school. I have been a radio and TV announcer. I have been a radio news reporter. I formerly hosted a weekly TV news show. For the last several years, I have published online and I have produced online radio and TV shows..."
”William M Windsor candidate for Chief Magistrate Judge of Cobb County Georgia, filed criminal charges against 25 Judges who are members of the Judicial Counsel of Georgia.”

The loss of control of their Grandiosity gap turns everything they used to attract the NSS's, against them. What once was projected as benign power, is transformed into rage and humiliation directed at others or groups. What once was wealth, is transformed into overspending, frivolous ventures, or just carelessness. Publicity is sought through lies and fantasies. The Narcissist reacts in numerous ways to the NSS's which no longer feed the need. They are no longer functional to him. To help change this downward spiral he has to use his “Grandiosity Compensation.” It is a vicious cycle in trying to adjust the two. The need is for a more Grandiose Fantasy to lure in new NSS's.

”Bill Windsor files criminal charges against 37 cyberstalkers”.
”William M Windsor of Lawless America has requested correction and retractions to defamation, libel and slander.”
”Justice of the Peace Jim Bailey is corrupt and a criminal”
"Judge Duffy is the most responsible for my failed marriage"

To achieve the superiority fill of the narcissist, he must degrade the NSS and belittle them. They are the polar opposite as he see's himself. This is the way he gains and maintains superiority. Once the NSS's turn against him and rebel against their prescribed role, the narcissist sees this as the ultimate resistance to his superiority. The narcissist will then move on to find other NSS's to feed his need, to maintain his false reality of superiority, greatness, and uniqueness. Any resistors, will be deemed useless, in order to pacify the narcissist's failure for these “objects” and his once necessary use for them. All people are deemed “Objects” to the narcissist, and expendable when rendered combative to his ego. Grandiosity Compensation ensues.

”I thrive on project such as the one right here.”
”And to all the slimeballs out there...I advise them to remember that you should never get in a fight with someone who has nothing to lose. I now longer have anything to lose. So I will go after each and every one of the crooks and sickos with everything I've got. I would hate to lose my family and have little to show for it in the end.”

Standard Cease, Desist (and sometimes) Abate orders are issued here, to anyone and everyone who has ever crossed the path of this seemingly narcissistic man, and refused to placate him or feed his sickness.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The eyes and lies of Bill Windsor, the narcissist

Last week, while researching something I was going to write about Bill, I found a series of essays regarding narcissism that completely floored me. There was article after article that described nearly every aspect of Bill's personality. I shared the website with several people, and we all agreed that there were soo many interesting facets. Some of the articles were very dry and academic in tone, so as a group we set out to highlight some of the best points in our reading. The plan is to give Gingersnap the week off and let us delve into these topics from several different perspectives. 

This first post is from a writer who prefers to remain anonymous rather than face possible retaliation from Windsor. 

The eyes of a narcissist who boasts about being part of a special 2% class of people
(poorly photoshopped by the narcissist himself)

Narcissists typically display most, and sometimes all, of the following traits and signs:

  • An obvious self-focus in interpersonal exchanges
During interpersonal communication there is message sending and message receiving. This can be conducted using both direct and indirect methods. Successful interpersonal communication is when the message senders and the message receivers understand the message. Bill Windsor’s communication is generally one-sided, and in his world, cannot be disputed. He spouts out whatever message he decides upon, no matter how outrageous. He does NOT want anyone to return a comment unless they 100% agree with him. If he gets any “Atta boys”, he gets as giddy as a child, but if anyone voices even mild disagreement with him, Bill Windsor generally attacks them, adds them to his growing list of people he falsely accuses of stalking him, files suit against them, then sets out to stalk them online and in person--often driving thousands of miles and spending thousands of dollars to do so. 
  • Problems in sustaining satisfying relationships
Bill Windsor appears to have (perhaps zero) real-life friends. When he refers to “friends”, he is generally referring to someone he met online, yet has barely communicated with—or, occasionally, he refers to some friend he hasn’t seen in years, or decades, who he claims to have worked with during one of his many other failed business ventures. Additionally, his wife of 42-years has divorced him, he is prohibited from any and all contact with his grandchildren, and he is even prohibited from speaking about his now-ex family members in ANY medium--but he does it anyway, and often.
  • A lack of psychological awareness
Bill Windsor appears to lack even the pretense of an aim beyond conscious desire. He lives in the grip of symbolic physical urges, and is absent of the capacity for self-examination, self-observation and introspection. Absent too is his ability to recognize the links between current problems within himself and with others.
  • Difficulty with empathy
Bill Windsor has demonstrated this hundreds if not thousands of times. Many people have begged him for help in emails, on his facebook walls, during his online “radio shows”, and he either completely ignores them, or, when he can’t get away with ignoring them, he tells them that ‘now is not the time to talk about their personal stories’. In other words, if it isn’t about HIM, whether it be attention or empathy for his self-manufactured problems, he could not care a less.
  • Problems distinguishing the self from others
Bill Windor often refers to himself in first-person and third-person in the same short post—as well as sometimes adding “Lawless America” as if it something other than a name for a now miserably failing “movement” he created. Here is a recent example from a post on one of his sites:
“This sick bastard, Xxxx Xxxxxxx, continues to cyberstalk and harass Bill Windsor.  Here’s his latest email.  I think this is about five from him in the last 24 hours.  he is impersonating me in his email name.” 
  • Hypersensitivity to any insults, real or imagined
The most simple question or comment made in response to Bill Windsor, or about him, is met with righteous self defense, and when that doesn’t satisfy him, he does things like search the internet for photos of those who he falsely claims to be stalking him, and, for example, when finding a photo of one of them on a hunting trip, Bill Windsor then shouts from virtual rooftops that his stalker is a “killer”, and is loaded with “killing tools”, and intends to use them to kill Bill Windsor.
  • Haughty body language
One example of many of Bill Windsor exhibiting this behavior can be found here - Bill Windsor is pompous and self-absorbed, and it shows in everything he does. 
  • Flattery towards people who admire and affirm them (narcissistic supply)
The few people who still “follow” Bill Windsor, and who offer praise and kudos to him, are met with flattering responses from him, where he attempts to reel them in even further into his charade. He needs people to praise him, to worship him, as much as he needs oxygen.
  • Detesting those who do not admire them (narcissistic abuse)
He not only detests people who don’t admire him, but he so detests them that he’ll go to great lengths to try to exact revenge on them by falsely accusing them of wanting to (and trying to) kill him, stalk him, ruin him, take away his family, etc.
  • Using other people without considering the cost of doing so
How many people has Bill Windsor gathered as “followers”, only to discard them when he deems them non-valuable to his self-serving mission? How many has he recruited as volunteers? He cares not about them, or the problems they have faced which ultimately led them to him--and he certainly doesn’t care what happens to them after he discards them.
  • Pretending to be more important than they really are/bragging and exaggerating their achievements
Much of Bill Windsor’s auto-biography has been debunked as fiction on this blog and elsewhere. He is NOT the “Grandfather” of the apparel-printing industry. He did NOT publish a book. He has NOT managed large companies. He appears to have lost every lawsuit he filed or had filed against him which made it to the courts (dozens of them). He failed at two runs for elected office. His self-proclaimed “founding” of “The Revolutionary Party” was a complete failure. His ‘founding’ of the cult-like group he calls Lawless America has bombed. And as of recent, Bill Windsor has become obsessed with his own green eyes, touting that it makes him special, as he’s a member of a 2% class. Yet Bill Windsor demands to be recognized as superior and special.
  • Claiming to be an "expert" at many things
Bill Windsor professes to be an expert at Judicial Corruption, Grand Juries, Journalism, Movie Production, and so much more. He is not, by any stretch of the imagination an expert at anything—except, unfortunately, avoiding being punished for the harm he intentionally causes others.
  • Inability to view the world from the perspective of other people
It is estimated that 1-6% of the general population suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Thankfully that leaves 94-99% of the general population living in somewhat harmony, with joy, hope, love and promise in their lives, and Bill? Well, he has a jeep, some electronics, a hidden bank-roll, and a growing list of people he wants to destroy.

Open Thread

Let's honor Trish better and move over here.

Please be respectful of the last post. We can have a new topic in the morning. (That is if Ginger doesn't murder me.)

If you are missing a comment on the last post, I may have house cleaned you.  I am all for open discussion and debate. I can even handle when it gets heated, but people looking for an obituary are finding the blog.

Can we please move unrelated comments here?

Thank you!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Final Thoughts. . .

On July 27, 2013 Trish Kraus posted a facebook message that included a link to a youtube video entitled "I am not the ineffective communicator here..." I agree, she communicated with chilling effectiveness. I've done my best to transcribe the audio into written form. I am not going to add any commentary, but I feel it's really important to share Trish's own voice and consider the environment that no doubt largely contributed to her mental health. -OReader

Where do we go from here? I have always been the person that has accepted change with ease, with the exception our relationship. The die has been cast moving forward. It is difficult to follow which road to turn on to in our life's journey. We have always moved forward - always focused on looking back at where we are now where we have been. We are completely detached from one another emotionally, mentally, and physically. Where does this lead us?

By all means, it is not your fault. I place 100% of the blame on myself. I am sure you would agree with me on this one. Perhaps I have designed my life to fail, or even set myself up for failure. And, I suppose it is also my fault for your failures.  Emotionally we don't connect. We get by for the sake of getting by. It is something we have slowly grown accustomed with. Perhaps our platonic comfort is part of the problem. I can't say that we've grown apart because we don't know what that is. I guess after spending 35 years with someone, is this normal? For us, yes, our only answer. Sad, in ways, I suppose. On the other hand, is it pathetic? I guess we lean toward the comforts of not being alone. This is too difficult for us along this tipping point.

I reluctantly admit, as you know, that we have been at this crossroad before. I know our current situation will not sustain going forward due to my prior crossroad. Was it cancer that kept us together? Your sympathy for me being sick and me as one epic failure as a partner to you - but is it my fault? I don't think either of us have the skill set to determine that, and most likely never will. Mentally, we have been detached for years. In our long-term relationship, we attempt to blend into one, which is what we're supposed to do I guess. Whether either one of us want to admit it, it is who we are. We have common interests, friends, but not our dispositions. I know that I am the person to blame for everything because it has always worked out best this way. You have always supported me in my too many epic failures while reaching for the brass ring, as I for you in the early days of being a business owner.

Where does this leave us today? I think neither of us knows. It's odd how our children are getting to that place while we are getting further and further away from it. This sucks for both of us, big time. Can the deck be reshuffled and stamped in our favor again? I don't know, and I'm sure you don't either. Physically the disconnect has been there for too many years to count. I know physically it will be four years in October. Yes, I have been counting. I am sure you have been too. It has been twice in seven years, maybe three. Totally, almost ten years we are fooling ourselves if we consider this a successful relationship, on so many levels. I would consider my hysterectomy and the removal of the cervix as a huger complication to an already tarnished physical relationship. However, it was long before which even complicated it even further, maybe even was the last straw for you.

I don't have to tell you that I have always tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I've came to the realization that it just does not fit. I will never stop smoking being so closely connected to so many smokers. I guess I'm okay with that. I get the sense as if we both can't die fast enough in an effort to just end our misery. Yes, I did say both. Perhaps my spirit has been the biggest demon of my life that has affected yours as well. We can't say we've grown apart because we have never been apart.

To answer the thoughts going round in your head, no, there isn't someone or something else. We have a huge disconnect that I don't think either of us know how to correct, or anyone else for that matter. You will always be successful and have security. You are very capable of finding undamaged goods, unlike myself. Perhaps I've just held you back from finding that person - someone that has job stability, looks, pension, and a comfortable financial situation. That is something that I have never been able to provide to you or our family. I do have to say we have designed our lives this way. As a result, there is great uncertainty in my future. Finding someone is just not an option. The last thing I would want to do is fuck someone's life up as much as I have yours.  The pain of you providing someone else with these emotional, physical, and mental comforts is something that I cannot bear because we have been without the basic needs for so long.

I was writing this in hopes to find the answer to these burning issues that are only getting worse. We have been missing these three basic needs for so long makes me feel that we are destined to fail. Having these basic human needs taken away slowly only brings me to one conclusion. Where do we go from here? Because mentally, physically, and now ending the emotional need, we are two people living the same life in completely different parallels. Where do we go from here? Sigh.  We both know we love each other but know it is a different kind of love that we have just got comfortable with. I am lost.

You are the greatest man I will ever know in my life hands down. No one can take that away from either of us. Perhaps you may want and can settle in as a spectator. This could be a bumpy right which is OK due to our past history of being detached in a long-term relationship. With our complete lack of the basic elements of the human need. I really do not know where life is going to take me. But in the same sense is it the same disconnect and has lead me to where I am now by not really fulfilling my own basic need, but substituting it vicariously by fulfilling others we have never been able to talk about what is in my heart and soul. Perhaps because there is too much pain that has been inside. As I said, I am damaged goods, now only really now realizing as I write this, feeling now that I have put into words, something that I have been unable to for so long is one of the hardest things in my life.  We are at the tipping point but must move forward. Perhaps I should go kicking and screaming to God's country out West to find what is that life has in store for you, our future, and me.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

RIP Trish Kraus

As I have spotlighted him for quite a while as Bill's number two domestic terrorist, David Schied leaves pain and suffering to those he leaves behind.  His ex-wife, who reportedly has a learning disability, was left to fend for herself with her son as she lives out of her van.  That was the woman that David "became married to with a child".  Then he leaves her and shacks up with Trish Kraus as we saw them both show up in Missouri to support Bill on his terroristic endeavors against Allie.  So what happened with Trish and David?  Well, this is how they are spinning it at Lawless:

"Marty Prehnposted toBill Windsor 8 minutes ago Bill it is with a very heavy heart that I am sharing with you and our LAWLESS AMERICA family that on Friday August 16, 2013 that our dear friend Trish Kraus died unexpectly and is now in heaven. Please contact me at my cell number and I can share with you more. This has been confirmed by David Schied in a phone call I recieved from him an hour or so ago. When funeral arrangements are made I will see that they are posted so that those in Michigan can attend and say their good bye's to a very courageous woman who took on many battles in her lifetime and won. This one she did not. There is only so much a heart can take before it breaks as was the case here. REST IN PEACE Trish Kraus. Trish was 50 years old. She was the driving force behind LAWLESS AMERICA in Michigan."

But well before that was posted we had this posted on the blog which I believe is very much credible from the second it was posted.  I had emailed with Trish's daughter back in June where she was concerned for her mother and worried that David was causing her great pain and alienation from everyone (much like a cult).  I think its important that the world hears this as it relates to David, again this is just what was posted:

I live long a distance from my mom trish and all of my family. So as i sit at the computer typing to the people i need to notify, i see the link on my desktop to this webpage. i figured id update you. dave and my mother are no longer together. he tried to control her life. he didnt want her working. he was keeping mail from her. he even held her dog hostage for approximately a week. they are no longer together and she is no longer a part of lawless. she committed suicide today :'( she was very mentally ill. because of david, she alienated her whole family. he convinced her we were all the enemy (there are email messages between them to prove this). when she could no longer be with him because of his controlling ways, she ended up with no one. and now she is lost to us forever. i blame her mental illness first, she wouldnt get help. i blame david second. he is why she thought her family was the enemy. i dont think you will ever hear from me again. there is no need for me to be here.

Friday, August 16, 2013

He Came, He Saw, He Squandered

So its now been over a week in Missoula Montana, and Bill has still not be able to get noticed.  Really, the only thing he can brag about at this point is that a Justice of the Peace threw his wadded up paper at him. Sean Boushie is still employed with the University of Montana.  He is still married and with his wife, unlike Bill.  There are no criminal charges out against Sean and it seems Bill still can't even get a judge...any judge to give him a protective order against Sean.

Things are really getting bad for Bill.  His room is piling up in his own filth (usually he leaves by now so he never has to notice just a slob he really is).  He is tired of wearing his kevlar vest....he can't seem to get anyone on campus to care that he is holding a camera.  Yeah, he doesn't much like Montana but he can't seem to leave until he can get a feather in his faded out cap.  Bill has now resorted to touring all the adult book stores to see if they know or have seen Boushie.  Given his proclivity to sexual deviancy, I would image that he will end up visiting all the adult book stores in that entire region for his "research".

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why Won't My Phone Ring?

After spending the last few days waiting by the phone for someone....anyone to answer his request to be recognized while fantasizing about glory holes, Bill has finally decided to make up his own terms and declare victory.  Yes thats turns out the whole purpose of Lawless America was to get Sean Boushie to stop emailing bill.

Has Sean Boushie been silenced for now?  no, not at all it seems
I think Sean Boushie is really running scared now it doesn't seem so but when was the last time you did some running?.  I believe he knows that he could be arrested any moment by either Ravalli County Sheriff’s Deputies, the University of Montana Police, or the Missoula Police I guess you can believe whatever you want, its never stopped you before.
Gee, for the first time in 18 months, I’m not getting emails from him well then someone needs to do a wellness check on a Crystal Cox.
I bet he is shaking in his little boots. but, but said you didn't bet any more, unless you come across a casino
According to our web logs "our"?  me myself and I?, he has been hitting this website once an hour all night tonight.  Eight visits. thats not even half as many as you do on this site
Can you imagine the conversation between his wife, Wynette Boushie, and him after they were both served with subpoenas to produce documents and give depositions? yes I can..."honey, we won't need toilet paper for the next few months"  “Hey Sean, what’s all this about you threatening to kill this man?”  “Does he really have Herpes and Syphilis? ask the escort services  How do you know that?”  “You didn’t make up Facebook pages for his deceased parents, did you?” nope  “It says here that you shot at him on I-90; is that true?” no...I shot at I-90 and he got in the way  “Did you really email him using as the email address?” yes, I use that email for spam only “What’s this about glory holes? Bill is obsessed with them  Have you been to places like that?” Bill wants an invite 
I believe at least one of these law enforcement agencies will arrest him. I believe I can fly My money you are out of money remember? is on the Missoula Police Department.
I don’t think they have Glory Holes in prison. hopefully you will get to answer that question personally in the near future. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone it, People Like Me

Bill is in full drama queen mode in Montana.  He is still trying to get his protective order against Boushie, but now he is turning his attention to the authorities in Montana.  He senses that he is really now in danger as he continues to cross lines.  But instead of backing away when he senses real danger, he is escalating his stalking and paper terrorism activities.  Bill plans to bombard the courts and local law enforcement with 500 plus pages of vexatious complaints (many trees were harmed in the making of these complaints).  Even if he had a point or even proof....good luck finding it buried in that massive amount of wasted paper.

Then Bill takes an odd moment to himself by posting a pic of him wearing a cowboy hat and then asking his few remaining followers if noses grow with old age.  Uhhhhhhh that would be lying that made yours grow Bill.  Constant pathological lying.  Before this, Bill was commenting on how he needed a hair cut.  He seems to know that his body is breaking down, even in the pics he posts, but he refuses to accept the real reason for that.  His vanity won't allow him to accept the truth.

Then we have our old buddy little David Schied dropping in.  He posted on Bill's page that he wanted to know what it takes to get a call from Bill.  Poor little Davey, sitting quietly in the corner waiting for Bill to tell him what's going on.  For the rest of his so-called life, Schied is forever going to be tied to Windsor and his antics and he can't even get Bill to answer to phone.  All those hours of study on citizen grand juries and Bill is wasting it all out conducting his own circus in Montana. These poor sovereign citizen folks can't ever seem to get anywhere in their terrorism, as insanity seems to be a requirement for admission to the group.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Assult With a Deadly Piece of Paper

Well Bill's big showdown in court didn't turn out too well for him.  The Justice of the Peace didn't feel like getting vexatious on a Friday afternoon and told Bill his motion for a protective order against Boushie is denied.  Bill doesn't take no for an answer, especially from someone in authority, so he tried to re-file it.  Justice of the Peace Jim Bailey came out and threw Bill's frivolous request right at Bill and gave him a count down to leave the office or he would call the police.  Windsor considered this to be assault of course.

Windsor then tried to take his appeal up to the district court but they wouldn't accepted it unless it came from the Justice of the Peace.  The whole world must be out to get him.  Of course Bill should know by now just how hard it actually is to get a protective order after Allie tried one against him.  Bill, naturally, has indisputable proof of his claims while no one else does.  So the bottom line is he failed once again, which means he is back to throwing the C world around in reference to the officials in Montana.

Bill, after having a chat with the Sherriff, found out that the company he keeps in Crystal Cox and Michael Spreadburry isn't going to gain him any credibility points with the local law enforcement in Montana.  Turns out....they don't really appreciate being called corrupt all the time.  Windsor is going to have to get a whole new set of names to drop because his lemming's don't seem to give him the upper hand.

The main question on everyone's mind now is.....can he wash that bullet proof vest of his?  Walking around in that all week while he sweats must give it a foul odor but where do you go to get such a think washed?  If he doesn't get it washed I would imagine he could get arrested for disturbing the peace with that alone.