Saturday, November 29, 2014

Judge Carroll SLAPPs Bill Windsor

Inmate 14-1898's 30 days of terror culminated in a civil ruling that is the worst case scenario for Windsor.  Judge Bob Carroll meticulously reviewed all the scribble writings of Bill's and then ruled in favor of granting Sean Fleming's Anti-Slapp motion to dismiss.  This is a crushing defeat as inmate 14-1898 must now open his pocket book.  Congratulations are in order to Barbara Hachenburg and her outstanding and disciplined legal work.  This is another big win for Sean Fleming over Bill, who you of course will know from the Sean Fleming Show.  Windsor started this frivolous lawsuit with the idea in mind that he would get a "big fat check" from every defendant.  As you can see in the order, he is now REQUIRED to cover court costs, attorney fees and other expenses.  He can only hassle over the actual amount, not that he must pay a large penalty.

Windsor will no doubt appeal this as he always does, but even for that, he must put some big money on the table in order to make that application.  On top of that, his entire TX case is now looking like a giant fiscal hole as the longer he stays in it, the more money he is going to owe to the defendants. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Bill Windsor Nervously Waits on Judge's Ruling

It was a busy week for inmate 14-1898.  First he had his day in court Thursday on the Fleming anti-slapp motion.  That didn't go well for Windsor at all as Judge Bob Carroll wasn't interested in the stall tactics and Bill's motion for a stay was denied.  This meant that inmate 14-1898 had to......gulp......argue his point with his "evidence".  Once "upon information and belief" was thrown out the window, Bill literally had nothing.  Out of all the thousands of alleged statements of defamation by Fleming, Bill couldn't even show one in court Thursday.  That's right, after nearly a year into this case, he can't even show one example of defamation by defendant Fleming.  Judge Carroll is going to be fair and deliberative and make sure he considers the motion fully before ruling. A ruling is expected before Thanksgiving.

Other interesting revelations from that day......Bill has a new
He also brought up Jennie Morton, whom he said was simply hired to run legal tasks for him and that they are not friends.  I wonder if she realizes this while she holds his unlimited American Express card?  Inmate 14-1898 will appeal any and everything.  This was proven as he appealed the dismissal of Sam Round who was removed on the very legitimate grounds of jurisdiction.  But as we have learned, Bill must protest every ruling no matter how airtight the argument.  I would anticipate, with anything short of a direct denial of Fleming's anti-slapp motion, Bill will start to work in the corrupt word in relation to Judge Carroll.  That, also, is standard operating procedure for Bill once he doesn't like a couple of rulings from a judge.

Then it was on to his extradition hearing Friday in Judge Cindy Ermatinger's newly created 443th judicial court.  This was the hearing for Bill to either waive his right to be extradited to MT, or officially contest it.  Guess which one he did?  Inmate 14-1898 decided he wanted to spend the holiday with "the guys" in the tank in Ellis County.  He wants the court to give him a Texas bond, not the Montana one listed.  He claimed to have identified 12 different violations of his rights in his arrest, detention, and subsequent bond denial.  This now sets up the process where Montana must now issue a signed governor's warrant and present that at the next hearing which is set for Dec. 19th at 9am. This of course is only delaying the inevitable as MT simply must show that the charges are in order and that they have the right person to proceed.  Judge Cindy advised Bill that he can hire an attorney or have one appointed if he is indigent.  Windsor stated that he would not qualify as indigent.  That of course is a radical diversion from his civil claim where he states he has no money or home thanks to the defendants.  Now he can hire an attorney, but will he?

By all accounts, it appears that 25 days in county jail has been good for Bill.  He appears to be in good health, appearance looks better than normal and his conduct in court is just like it always was. Which of course means when it comes to making a decision, he's still completely irrational. This is maybe the first time in his entire life where Bill had an authority figure watching over him at all times and 100% obedience is required.  To this end, this is exactly what he needs and has been missing in his life.  Wild Bill Windsor has lived a life that flaunted the rules, he picks and chooses which ones he wants to adhere to and ignores the others while not facing any consequences for it.  Will Bill finally start to focus on his serious criminal case in Montana?  Or will he continue to focus everything on his baseless TX civil case?  If he loses much at risk is he to losing several more rulings for the same reason?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mr. (Alleged) Black Amex Card

  1. Kenneth I. Chenault              Ryan Windsor          Monica Zotter       
    American Express, CEO         Alcatraz Media        Purveyor Inc
So today, I thought we’d have a little blast from the past and look at what Mr. Black Amex card himself posted on Lawless America (.com).  This is a filing from just over three years ago. It relates to Windsor requesting to proceed in Forma Pauperis with one of his many lawsuits against judges. Remember, this is before he spent 2+ years on the road spending his own money (what did he claim $200,000?) to make his “movie.” This is before he spent nearly every night for 2 year in hotels (not motels). This is before he ate out every day (well, maybe he already did). This is before the gas money spent to drive his fuel inefficient (alleged) stalker mobile around the country. This is before the divorce and the division of assets. Bill was poor. So poor that he couldn’t go on without the financial assistance of the very courts he was suing.  Just 3 years ago, the serial entrepreneur claimed a negative net worth of $932,648.

On page 44 is where Bill really gets into detail about the sad state of affairs.  There’s really way too much to go into. You really should read the whole thing for yourself. The highlights?

Negative net worth of $932,648 as of March 21, 2011

By October, Bill estimates that the Ball Mill Road home has dropped another $50,000 in value. It’s been on the market for 5 years and no offers to lease or sell.

Bill’s previous income tax returns were either filed wrong or on extension because he was unable to read.

Bill sold his magazine publishing business but foolishly (his words) invested the proceeds in developing land. Then Bill blames everybody else for putting him in a financial bind. He claims to have had an appraisal of $8.1 million on the land. (remember, it’s never Bill’s fault.) Then oddly Bill drops the name of one of the potential buyers that he hoped he could salvage $1 to $2 million from after debt. Vernon Hulme. Bill claims that in the end (1987), he walked away from  this potential $8.1 million dollar investment with nothing but furniture and clothes.  And to blame? MAI scandal, economic problems, the bank, the state of Texas, Vernon Hulme, the SEC, Chapter 7, and the “wonderful world of trustees, attorneys, courts, and dishonest creditors.”

Sidenote: I wonder if this is the same Vernon Hulme? Mugshot

From 1987 to 1996, Bill did the unthinkable. He worked for others.  *shudders* Good news, from the proceeds, he bought another Dallas home. Bad news, while he was living in England, the property value plummeted  as neighboring property became a center for drug activity. Two years? Things go downhill quickly in Windsor land. Once again, all equity lost.

Remember Hotties? Apparently, he didn’t do so hot with that either. After two years "working" on it, he and Barbara were only minority owners, and they sold their interest in 2003 for no profit.  I’m not sure who he blames for this one as his wife, daughter, and son-in-law were all among the top level employees.

Bill’s mutual funds? 9/11 reached in and stole a bunch. Basically, if there's a scandal or recession or any way to lose big bucks, Bill will claim that it impacted him heavily.

In 2009, Bill retained bankruptcy counsel, but instead decided to withdraw IRA funds and borrow heavily to keep afloat.

Page 48, Assets:  In Bill’s list, he attempts to claim that the furnishings of his $2,000,000 of homes would sell for a measly $10,000. Yeah, right. But, he didn't forget the $5,000 watch that's worth half the furnishings of the two homes.

Page  49, Liabilities: Bill includes $1,000,000 owed to Ryan Windsor (with a wink and a nod) along with $132,000 estimated costs to sell his home.  He owes $13,215 on his Bank of America credit card alone.

So, how does a man with no income pay bills and obtain these lines of credit? He says that Ball Mill Road property costs him $4,000 a month on just interest, taxes, insurance and maintenance (and that’s the cheap house). Apparently Judge Duffey had the same question. See page 52 for the answer. Spoiler: He can’t.  Basically, it boils down to beg, borrow, and steal.  But, with the pledged donations from people around the county (pg 50), Windsor is confident that donations will enable him to continue paying his litigation expenses. (then why even ask to proceed in forma pauperis?)

My favorite pages of this entire 108 page document are contained in Exhibit D on pages 44-59. If you only read one part, start there. Bill tries so desperately to sell his sob story that he has no money. He paints a picture of failure that starkly contrasts the self-promoting social media and vanity articles he’s plastered all over the world wide web.

So, I’ve already been rather long winded in my brief summary. But, I can’t wrap up without at least touching on the purchase of the home at 3924 Lower Roswell Road.  Bill was “attracted” to it. He just couldn’t help himself. And even though his Ball Mill Road property wasn’t selling, he just had to have another home. So, he called up Wachovia for a loan. They asked his gross income. And Windsor, being Windsor, gave $1,000,000 the answer. You see, that’s what he claims Round America, LLC represented in gross annual income on tax returns. Mind you, he also claims that Mrs. Windsor is the sole owner of Round America (pg 69). Bill knew what the bank was asking, he knew he couldn’t afford the home, but he just couldn’t help himself. And that home? $1,133,000 purchase price of which $305,427 was paid cash, built by a corrupt builder.  Bill was swindled again.

So where is the money? According to Bill, he’s made and lost several fortunes. And, everybody else is to blame. And, if you’re looking for money, he has none. Don’t ask Barbara.

The interrogatories from page 61 to 98? Yeah, you really should at least skim those too.

When asked if any person, firm, or business entity holds any property for his or his wife's benefit, his answer includes “from time to time, the Windsors take clothing to the cleaners, the car for maintenance or repairs, other items for repairs, etc, but Mr Windsor knows of nothing that is in the possession of anyone else at this time."

When asked if anyone owes him or his wife any money, his answer includes, “credits for returns on credit cards happen from time to time, but Mr. Windsor does not know if any of these are pending for anything that Mrs. Windsor may have returned.”

When asked about interest in life insurance or annuity policy, he includes that he “might also have had life insurance coverage by virtue of using American Express for air travel in the past, though Mr. Windsor has never been killed in an airplane crash and has not been on an airplane in over a year.” Seriously, don’t you just want to slap him?

Bill set out to paint a sad sad picture of his finances. The vast majority of money lost over the years can't be attributed to anything Maid of the Mist related. In the end, he just shows what an utter failure he's been for the last 30+ years. Because as we've witnessed last few years of Windsor still hemorrhaging money, it's pretty obvious the well wasn't dry in 2011. 

As Bill tries his best Obi-Wan, this is how I suspect the judges and attorneys all viewed his little game:

These assets are for sale if you want them.
You don’t need to see her financials.
These aren’t the assets you are looking for. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Who is Jennie Morton, and Why is She Picking Up Bill's Property?

Questions are swirling around a woman in Athens Texas as it has been confirmed that she was the one who picked up inmate 14-1898 property including his cell phones.  Morton filmed with Bill back in 2012:

She is almost half his age, but it appears that a secret connection was made.

How long have Bill and Jennie been together?  Is this why Bill made his secret home in North Texas? Did Barbara know about this?  Jennie claims to be for "children's justice" on her facebook page.  Is she aware of all the harm inmate 14-1898 has caused to mothers and families all across this nation? Did she play a role in his now alleged felonious activities in Montana?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Inmate 14-1898 Tattles on The Guards

It's never a good idea to complain about the corrections staff while under their supervision, but Bill Windsor aka inmate 14-1898 doesn't seem to be aware of that or fact.  He scribbled out several motions and the following two need careful examination:

You see, inmate 14-1898 needs his computer.  He has personal matters to attend to, stranger's information to post and harass, frivolous lawsuits to attend, incriminating files and emails to delete and a no good ungrateful son to chew out.  His "family" in both Georgia and Austin have so far ignored his pleas for assistance  I'm guessing they don't really want to be an accomplice to a felon. This jail thing is really inconveniencing inmate 14-1898, and he demands that Judge Carroll step in and tell those meanie guards to give him special privileges as requested.  Oh and he has lots of medical conditions, take your pick.  Because of these complaints, he needs his computer and phone.

Then we jump over to inmate 14-1898 second emergency request for a stay in his frivolous lawsuit in Ellis County.  You see, he is currently in jail and.....let me pause for effect......being held against his will!!!  Lets just take a moment to let that fully sink in.  If that's not an emergency, I don't know what is.  He tried to pay the proper Montana out of state bond, but the judge rejected his properly paid bond.  I guess he will be lecturing the Montana judges on Montana procedures when he gets up there.

He doesn't have his evidence (he never had any), he can't get emails from Susan to get his "research". In short, he is flying blind.  His mail service in jail is not up to par, he has mailed 6 letters and they haven't even gone out yet.

It seems that staff member "Dennis" told the attorney for defendant Fleming some information about Bill that he really didn't want the court knowing.  This must mean that "Dennis" and probably some of the defendants, are colluding to ruin his case.  An investigation must take place, and he is asking the court to send him the paperwork to open up a lawsuit against the Ellis County Detention Center. Therefore, he is asking that the case be stayed except for discovery for the "wrongdoing of defendants and Ellis County Jail employees".  Inmate 14-1898 is special, the rules don't apply to him, he deserves special treatment in the jail and if he isn't given that he will open up a legal war against those currently over him.  His constitutional rights have been violated thanks to his alleged felonious activities in Montana.

None of these excuses are anyone else's fault but that of inmate 14-1898.  He made his bed, now he refuses to lie in it.  He picked this fight, now he refuses to fight it.  Now its time for him to face justice both in civil and criminal court.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Comment Overflow

In his TX filing, simply saying "Comment Overflow" is defamation according to Bill.  So enjoy this well thought out bit of defamation.  The picture is entitled "Bill and The Guys"

Friday, November 7, 2014

Bill Windsor Has a Bad Day In Court

Still waiting for his ride up to Montana, Windsor was brought into the Ellis county court yesterday in his prison outfit and shackles along with that security escort he always wanted.  Windsor's elaborate lies started to seep out on him in court:

-the entire Boushie episode was read aloud in court including the PPO and Bill's omission of telling that to the Court.

-He is more than capable of handling the $100,000 bond in MT and said he is going to hire an attorney for his criminal defense (no public defender), but I think he forgot he already told the court he was broke and couldn't afford an attorney, that is why he was pro se.

Judge Carroll noted that it seemed that Bill had sued defendant Sam Round and Sean Boushie in Texas because he could no longer continue litigation in their home states (he's a vexatious litigant in MT and GA).  This is exactly true.....and further evidence is with two of the other defendants Allie and Claudine.  Bill, of course, sued Allie in her home county for the exact same thing he is suing her in TX.  That case went on for over a year and then Bill dropped the case when it came time for him to answer questions.  That case is in Lafayette Co in # 13LF-CV00461
He sued Claudine and the American Mothers Political Party in her home county in KS again for the exact same thing:  Shawnee County KS  case number 2013-CV-001045

This is how Bill operates. All of these cases are about harassment and intimidation, not justice. He will modify his lies however he needs to in order to get his foot in the door with a lawsuit. Then its immediately to discovery where he tries to force the court to make the defendants give up personal information which he will then post on website domains he took out in their names. And even if he is ordered to remove his defamatory content from a website...he still wont do it....enter Montana and their 3 felony charges, or at least part of those charges.

Bill wanted to ask for a stay in the TX case. He used a couple of his classic excuses. Seeing how the jail wasn't up to Marriott Rewards standards, he has developed a cough that seems to only effect him during court time. Some of you will remember way back when, he used this same excuse about an uncontrollable cough as a way to get out of talking to his followers. Then he employed my personal favorite of the ole "I can't see" excuse. This time it was because he didn't have his glasses. I wonder if the Court knows that this is the same person who claimed this in court in GA:

"The 2009 income tax return is inaccurate. It was submitted when Windsor was unable to read. It will be amended when time and reading permit. The 2010 Income tax return is on extension due to the same factors."

Windsor wants his laptop back.....BAAADLY!! Those meanie guards took it, and it seems it may be heading up to MT as *gulp* evidence. Uhhh Ohhh, it just got real for Bill and all of those on his email list. No telling what kinds of incriminating evidence they will find on that poor machine. Bill tried to get the TX court to intercept his damning evidence before it reaches Montana, but TX will have no part of that.

He claimed to have an attorney for his criminal case...and named dropped Clay Jenkins, but he said he hadn't paid the retainer. This of course would also expose his "I'm broke" lie. He says, in true Windsor fashion, that he is going to fight extradition to Montana. I guess he wouldn't be Bill Windsor if he didn't.

Judge Carroll asked him if he was still interested in dismissing the crazy case as he mentions in his emergency stay motion. Bill claimed it was a moment of weakness, or maybe clarity, and that his vexatious blood had returned and he was ready to continue on to the bitter end.

The next hearing is on the 20th where he will have to deal with Anti-slapp motions. It doesn't help matters that he claims in his 3rd amended petition that even after suing the "Joeys" they still won't shut up. Yeah thanks Bill, thats the exact essence of Anti-Slapp. Will he even be in Ellis County on the 20th? Or will the extradition hearing be over and he's on his way up to Montana?

Heh, I forgot to mention one of the main procedural points from the day.....Bill is a limited purpose public figure and must prove actual malice in statements by defendants.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Windsor Breaks Down in Jail

After one week in County lock up, Bill is at the breaking point.  This is someone who has lived his life on the upgraded plan.  He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and it was ripped away from him for the first time in his life, last week.  As he continues to wait for his no frills ride up to Montana, Windsor now knows that his life as he knows it could be coming to an end.  Frivolous lawsuits, stalking, harassing, defaming people online must take a back-seat as he now must find a way to rebut the very serious charges the State of Montana is charging him with.

His lawsuit against Facebook was dismissed last week and his crazy Joey lawsuit is hanging by a thread as he has a hearing Thursday morning and I'm guessing this won't be an excuse that will fly. Will he even be here Thursday?  Will the County let him go to the hearing if he is?  If he can't copy and paste his motions....what argument can he come up with?

And then lets think ahead to his looming Montana case.  Remember how all Bill ever wanted was a chance to be heard in front of a jury?  He may get that chance.  Will all of his past sins and victims come together to testify against him?  I think a DA could make just about any jury hate Bill with his long established pattern of behavior.  Will he be offered a plea?  So much drama yet to unfold, and we will be glued to our keyboards in anticipation.