Thursday, January 29, 2015

"The Joeys" Dunk Windsor!!! Case Dismissed

What a bad day for the multiple felon/fugitive/vexatious litigant/national terrorist named Bill Windsor.  First, the South Dakota Federal District Court said your fee so we can rule on it. Bill finally paid, and they said this:

"pro se baby".....real smooth move there Bill.

Then today, in front of Judge Joe Grubbs in Ellis TX, the case of Windsor vs. The World was dismissed for want of prosecution.   You know, this was the case where Bill said everyone he decided to name to the case would be writing him a "big fat check" that would no doubt bankrupt each defendant?    Well as it turns out it will be Windsor that must open his checkbook (involuntarily) as he must pay dearly for his frivolous and vexatious litigation addiction.

The essence of this lawsuit boiled down to one thing....a nation wide huckster/defamation artist wanted to shut down, through intimidation, any and everyone that would dare speak the truth about his immoral/illegal activities on a public stage.  Lawless America was a fake movie/scam where Bill would go state to state filming any and everyone who would be willing to say something negative about our current judicial system.  This served to create two kinds of victims.....on one side you have his film subjects who were unaware of the fraudulent nature of all that is Bill Windsor.  They poured their heart out on film for that they thought would be some kind of documentary movie...instead Bill used their stories as leverage against them.  Then, on the other side you had judges all across the nation being slandered and defamed with zero evidence or proof to back up any of the crazy claims. As Windsor set up domain names under each and every one of these judges it was clear that his goal all along was retribution to a judicial system that rendered him justice......a justice he was unable to swallow.

In the end though, truth, freedom of speech, and justice reign supreme.  The United States of America has defeated Bill's Lawless America.  Windsor wanted to live in a nation of double standards, he wants everyone to do as he says....not as he does.  But, in the end, the rule of law applies to everyone....even Bill Windsor.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The 10th Court of Appeals Slapp's Bill Windsor

Ok, before I get into what the court said, I would like to point out as an aside (and since this is a blog I guess everything is that).  First, Bill posts about the Missoula DA and the investigations into the allegations that they were being dismissive of rape allegations particularly on the U of M campus. Then, two posts later he shows the example of Brian Banks, a football player who was sentenced to prison for rape and later exonerated.  This only highlights something fundamental with Bill and all his followers.....they are simple.  They don't even have the foggiest idea what words like corruption and illegal actually mean.  The world is complex and Windsor is simple...instead of trying to educate himself to the complexity of issues that most adults most understand......he sticks to 3rd grade name calling and bullying as his way of coping with a world his mind can't grasp.

Anyway, now on to what you all paid to see:

They could have just said denied.....but no, they gotta torture Bill by telling him to get leave from an order he already voided and one that his legal counsel (Susan) assures him has no authority in a State court.  For Bill, this is cruel and unusual punishment, no wonder he stopped talking about those appeals and now starts using the Supreme Court in his new lexicon of threats.

All one can do is just shake their head and say "pro se baby".

Monday, January 26, 2015

Bill Windsor Identified as a Ring Leader for Bill Windsor

As Bill continues to spin his own wheel of insanity deeper and deeper down into his own narcissistic abyss, this week shapes up to be a very bad one for him.  As he continues his countdown, now day 29 of never going to civil court again, the reality of his dire situation will really set in later this week as the courts get to make their say on his latest antics and the best part is he won't even be there to see it.

American terrorist and now fugitive felon Bill Windsor has made his terrorist demands to Montana that if they don't drop all his charges he will start saying Sean Boushie online as many times as he feels necessary.   You can almost feel the internal struggle going on with him....should I say it, why not, I'm Bill Windsor I can say whatever I want.  He can also feel that cold hard steel of life in prison closing in around him as well.  Which side will win today.....Windsor's rage or his fear?

I have spotlighted several times the paranoia that continues to overtake Bill as he tries to cope with life as a fugitive.  In his boring daily updates, you can see hints of that.  He continues to be unable to sleep at night (can't blame the Ellis County Detention Center for that any more).  He craves pizza in whatever new town he drives through, but upon seeing a police officer inside, his fear forces him to settle for chicken nuggets down the road.  He has played all his sending motions to the Supreme Court is about the same as writing a dear Santa Claus letter at this point.  His followers have grown bored with him as its clear to them once again he won't be helping them with anything.  Its game over for Windsor and he knows it.  His miserable hate filled life is about to spend its dying years behind bars.....and yet he still keeps screaming LOOK AT ME!!!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bill Windsor Has Trouble Adapting to His New Life

It has now been 25 days since Bill kissed his civil litigating career goodbye.  That really is what his countdown is about.  As he continues to try and fill that void with voluminous motions and feckless internet threats, that empty space just won't be controlled.  Windsor's continued and unapologetic criminal behavior continues on his facebook page.  He has given the new DA of Missoula County an ultimatum......either drop all his charges or he will be forced to name Sean Boushie publicly.  I can't see how this strategy could fail.

Meanwhile, the world continues on without him.  Courts all around the nation are called into order and adjourned without Bill.  The more he posts and rants on his page, the more everyone else tunes him out as he becomes irrelevant.  No matter what storyline he tries:  "wanted for tweeting, worlds largest case of defamation, senior citizen wanted, illegally.......", he can't get any of the somebodies to notice.  No media will cover him.  Even the "alternative media" doesn't seem that fascinated with his ordeal.  Windor's fate is staring him straight on....a life in a cold harsh prison in Montanta.  He knows its true, but the more he tries to escape that reality the deeper he digs his own grave.  It turns don't really have any leverage anywhere when you are a fugitive at large.  How can a life long bully operate in these conditions?

Monday, January 19, 2015

For Bill Windsor, Today is Deja Vu

Today is Monday, January 19th (MLK day), but for Bill it could just as well be a Thursday in June. When he woke up each time during his 53 days incarcerated as inmate 14-1898 in Ellis County, I'm sure he thought he was living a nightmare that seemed to never end.  Well, it turns out that for him, running from the law has become a different kind of nightmare he can't shake.

Windsor is no longer like other human beings.  He can't just be happy with a nice spring afternoon, or enjoy his favorite sports program, a good book, nature, or friends and family.  Those were all replaced many years ago by abject rage and vengeance which was carried out by his never ending vexatious litigation. Now, when he wakes up, every day represents another day he can't attend court, another day he is unable to scare anyone with his threat of imminent litigation or intrusive discovery. He is a vampire who lost all his fangs but can't seem to accept his new reality.  Yes he is happy to not be in jail.....but he is beginning to wonder if it was worth it.

As Windsor continues to file "mega-affidavits" and pointless motions no one will ever bother reading, he is starting to realize that he has lost his least he has lost his ability to hurl his venom at others.  All the little things in life most humans enjoy just wont cut it for Bill now. Food just doesn't taste the same.  Sleep is a hassle instead of a relaxing exercise.  While he seems somewhat disappointed that he hasn't made the FBI's 10 most wanted list yet, his own paranoia is still eating him.  He needs someone to drive him around, he needs someone to dictate his words on to the computer.  In essence, just as he talks in that creepy third person form.....he is slowly becoming a disinterested third party observer to his own life.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Bill Windsor Issues His Fatwa to Montana

Yesterday, Bill sent out his "love letters" to MT which read more like a novel except it was just copy, paste, and repeat.  Fugitive Windsor let MT know his demands.  Montana must drop the charges, or he simply wont come up there to surrender.  Most rational observers would probably point out that he really isn't in any position to be making demands....much less at law enforcement......but, we are talking Windsor here.  He even copied his fatwa to every official in the state whose email address he could find.  The tone sounded more like a defeated man who knew his dog and pony show had been exposed.

Then today, Bill claimed that his website was hacked....he then exposed his lie by later claiming that law enforcement had requested it be taken down and the host site obliged.  That's quite different than hacking...but why let a lie get in the way of a good headline?  All those defamation sites, all those lies, hate and cyber terrorism vanished in one moment.  It's like what is left of his so-called life is now all wrapped up on that one site.

Windsor then put up a picture of a woman firing a gun with the headline of "what to do if facebook removes my page." Now I'm not one to jump to conclusions....but the pretty clear implication Bill was giving was if they take me offline grab your gun (you know, the ones we all told everyone we never had).  The unravelling of Bill Windsor continues now at breakneck speed, at this pace he may just end up turning himself in by the end of the long weekend just so he can finally get back into a court room.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Windsor Just Needs a Hug

Its now been 18 days since Bill said goodbye to his civil litigating career.  He continues to try and fill the void with pointless motions and appeals at locations he knows he wont be attending, as well as domain name defamation.  He desperately keeps reaching out to his followers for reassurance, but they continue to dwindle and only the especially insane are the ones left to give him a hug.

This fugitive thing was supposed to be more fun than its turning out to be.  He expected the world to wake up each morning with a where is Windsor quest, turns one really cares including his followers.  His trial by facebook of his criminal charges in MT isn't generating much buzz so now he figures its time for phase two of his master plan......paper bomb MT with 13 gigabytes of his repetitive blather under the title of "love letters" to Montana.

Reality, a dirty word in Lawless land, is starting to set in on Bill.  He ran to avoid jail.....but in the process he opened himself up to all his victims to exact justice on his vexatious litigation.  His vexatious soul is about to die a death of a thousand paper cuts of hearings he can't attend and sanctions he won't be able to fight.  Being a fugitive on the run isn't exactly an excused absence for court.  And even worse than that, his own paranoia continues to consume him....."is that a Joey"  "is that police car coming my way"  "will they track that credit card payment" "why is that waitress looking at me funny" "can they see my IP"

Monday, January 12, 2015

Billy Starts To Get Bored With this Fugitive Thing

The exhilaration of being a fugitive on the run is starting to wear off for Bill.  Windsor is a multimillionaire who has lived his life in luxury.....this living on all cash on the run thing is starting to irritate him.  To make matters worse, he has scared off all his worshippers on facebook.  They really don't care any more what day as a fugitive it is for him and where he may or may not have been that day.

Windsor tried to focus his pure evil into his second love, besides frivolous lawsuits, that being defamation on a widespread scale.  He set up all kinds of websites on anyone he decided he doesnt like, defaming them by copy and paste including even Barbara Windsor's sister in law. But the ole question arises, if a tree falls in the forest and no one was around to hear it....did it make a sound?  There is no one left to care about Bill's daily defamation exploits and his countdown to eventual prison time.

Bill is waging his new jihad against TX and MT, but it could just as well be any state that follows the law.  As a criminal and career con artist, Windsor hates the law and therefore anyone who enforces it. When Bill says corruption, just replace that word with justice and you have turned a lie into a true sentence.  Windsor has lived a life of corruption and in his classic narcissistic way, he is trying to project his evil on to everyone else as a way to try and cope with his own internal immorality.

At this point though, the only thing that really matters is that Windsor is a fugitive on the run.  He seems content to max out his charges while on the run.  No one will every accuse him of being remorseful.  This will remain true at his upcoming trail....he will go down in flames kicking and a rabid animal, he knows no other option.  His time is short, and he knows it. The greatest part is he has no one left on his side to defend him.  He can write in third, forth or even 5th person but it still wont change the reality that he is alone and nearing the end of his life outside of prison.

Friday, January 9, 2015

BIll Windsor's Crimes of Fashion - By OReader

This blog has been many things to many people. We've covered many topics in various ways - parody, illustrations, games, commentary, and we've even delved into the DSM. But, somehow it seems we've overlooked something very near and dear to Bill Windsor.  . . . fashion.

"It was old pro se me against The Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson. Patrick Wilson is the main man. He’s probably typical of many small county district attorneys – not that sharp. Patrick Wilson is bald and always wears what appear to be Walmart suits that have pants that are too tight and a suit coat that is way too short. Sorry to be rude, but this does paint the picture – wouldn’t want anyone to think I was up against a super attorney or a sharp dresser. I didn’t feel that under-dressed in my orange-striped prison jumpsuit and my orange fluorescent rubber shoes. "

The fabulous Mr. Windsor is likely delighted to share fashion tips galore!

Mr. Windsor is wearing a classic navy blazer with khaki slacks. Notice his blazer is adorned with brass buttons. These are the height of fashion (for 1982)!

Let's see what our stylistas have to say about brass buttons for today's hot fashion:

The brass buttons don’t say, “Trusted professional!” They say, “I seem to think I’m a Navy admiral who’s forgotten the rest of his dress blues.”

When I see a gold buttoned blazer, I don't see a blazer. I just see gold buttons. To me, it seems rather garish. Yeah it’s a classic, but so are fedoras.

No thanks to this good old boy look...its lame. I swear this is like the old man’s uniform seriously...look at them all, pleated (disgusting) khakis, with a blue button down shirt, under this most of the time boxy monstrosity.

The whole look is too collegiate or country club, and is too often the default look for guys that don't know how to dress or what to wear. When I see someone wearing one I can't help but think "nice buttons Admiral."

Ouch, that hurts.

Well, that’s just the buttons. Let’s take a look at the fit.

Don’t the sleeves seem just a tad long, and is the jacket supposed to hang down like that in the front? I thought that the shirt sleeves were supposed to peek out, but what do I know? Let's see what the experts say:

 It doesn’t matter what it says on your business card if you’re handing it out with a hand swimming in fabric. It may sound minor, but if the sleeves of your shirt and jacket are not the right length, you’ll look silly.

Most men assume that once their pants are hemmed, they're done. (Bill forgot that step.) But jacket sleeves are just as important, if not more so, to have tailored. Too-long sleeves look careless, and too-short sleeves look dorky. Make sure the jacket ends 1/2 inch above your shirt sleeve. In addition, take care to tailor the jacket width around the bicep and the torso. Most guys' suit jackets are way too roomy, making them look heavier or simply sloppier. (or both)

And now that the expert has mentioned it, what’s up with the way it gaps at around the lapels? It's like Bill found a fashion website while suffering from his tax blindness, and he picked the wrong illustrations from the above diagram.

Yeah yeah, I know what you trendsetters are looking at: those shoulders. Are there shoulder pads underneath that broad spance across the top? Or, is it possible that Mr. Windsor has such a manly physique?

I’m not sure that he even has shoulders.

Well at least when he was in Atlanta somebody knew to get his shirts pressed, though I’m not sure it matters when the shoulders are 3 sized too large. 

More recently, Windsor has been known to shun an iron.

If he can photoshop his eyes, maybe he could smooth out those wrinkles digitally too. Just sayin’ 
(He could probably retire that Lawless America hat too.)

Is this a dress or a shirt? Oh wait, maybe it’s a tunic. 
That’d look great with some jeggings.

And who is he calling tiny feet?
Those are some princess feet if ever I saw them. . .

                                        It'd probably be fashionable to buy hairspray too, 
                                             it’ll really help keep that combover in place.

But, does this all really matter? Let’s look at Bill’s audience. I just know they will be highly judgemental of the mere idea that Patrick Wilson shops at Walmart.

That’s what you wear to go on camera and be in a movie?

Well at least he knows where to find a hat to go with his jacket.

So what does a sharp dressed man look like?
I’d say like this:

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Just Before He Loses, Bill Wants to Start a New Game

As Windsor was about to receive his anti-slapping, he tried to remove the case to federal court at his made up home in South Dakota.  Cute trick but only a defendant can do that and even then the proper venue would be in the Texas Federal Court system.  Well lets don't sweat the details as the whole scam is a smoke an mirrors trick anyway.  Windsor knows full well it wont work but he is only trying to stall so he can pretend the deadline passed for an anti-slapp ruling:

"So, the good news is that Bill Windsor called the Clerk of the Court for the United States District Court for South Dakota in Pierre, South Dakota.  The case was docketed.  Windsor v. Joeyisalittlekid, et al (formerly case #88611 in the 40th Judicial District Court in Ellis County Texas) is now Case #14-3020 in the United States District Court for South Dakota.  The Joeys will now have to try to remove it to Ellis County.  But the action of the corrupt judge in Ellis County who had no jurisdiction is wiped out, and Sean D. Fleming and his lying attorney, Barbara Hachenburg, lost on their motion to dismiss under the so-called Texas Citizens Participation Act, and there is no $320,000 judgment against Bill Windsor.  An order under the Texas Citizens Participation Act had to be issued within 30 days, and the 30 days has passed.  Now all they can do is appeal.  If the appellate court judges are honest, they will croak at the actions of corrupt Judge Bob Carroll and this other corrupt judge whose name Bill Windsor never even caught.  Gee, first Bill Windsor beat corrupt Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson in court and then dishonest attorney Barbara Hachenburg.  Pro Se, baby!"

Yeah Bill, you are doing a bang up job as pro-se right now.  Incidentally this is the first time Windsor has acknowledged his judgement to Fleming....even though he can't even remember the name of the judge who gave it.  Repeat after me:  the honorable Judge Davis.

Bill says he received this from the MT DA's office by email:  

"Mr. Windsor:  We will provide discovery when you make an initial appearance in Montana.  You may bring a jump drive for a download of the all the documents.  The file is too large to send via email.  You should have been advised to appear in Montana within 10 days of your release, however I will ask that an appearance be set for January 29 to allow you to arrange travel.  Will that date work?

Thats right, you the criminal fugitive do not get to decide the rules here.  Turn yourself in properly to the MT authorities and they will be happy to show you all the charges (which are too vast for a mere email) you are going to face.  Well Bill doesnt like that response so he tells the effect, Ellis County is corrupt, you're corrupt, everyone is corrupt and I'm not turning myself in.....but could you do me a solid and still send me all the charges so I can try the case on my facebook page with my fellow lawless terrorists?  Bill is also having a hard time finding an attorney to represent his fugitive self.  But the person who said he was broke and had no money claims he might hire a very high profile attorney to represent him.

Then today, after claiming he was starting up his fake movie filming, now Bill asks his zombies what should be the name of his new book.....ohhh ohhh I know, how about Round America? What is that a sore subject or something?  Oh and bill's fingers are getting carpel tunnel from typing lies.  They are asking for a new host body from which to operate.....the current body must recuse.  Windsor plans to sue his and through carpel tunnel.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bill Windsor Plays the Geezer Card

As Windsor tries to adapt to his new life as a criminal fugitive,  he continues to have difficulty accepting his new reality.  He can file all the new motions and appeals he wants, but without being able to attend any more hearings, his vexi career is over.  He has now adopted his new defense strategy.....I'm a senior citizen how could you arrest me?

Meanwhile, as he continues to name just about every public official in Ellis County as a "Joey" his followers continue to dwindle as it becomes clear to them, once again, that he isn't the least bit concerned with their issues....only his vengeance.  In short, he picked his poison and now he doesn't want to take it.  Its pretty hard to try all his court tricks and stall tactics when he is a verified fugitive from two different states.

Windsor's life story is pretty simple in a way.  He wanted to break the rules to give him an advantage in life.  When he was called on that and sent to court...the court ruled appropriately.  That is what Windsor calls "corruption" and he and his few remaining followers are nothing more than people who can't accept what a court decided in their personal situation.  Thats why Windsor has no proof of anything, and never will.  As he continues to slander, defame and attempt to intimidate public servants, he falls deeper and deeper into his own hole and alienates the few lemmings that are still following him.

Sleep deprivation continues to be Bill's complaint.  That is only going to get worse for him as his own paranoia will start to eat him alive.  Who is tracking him?  Who is calling him?  Does this hotel know who I am?  What happens when they get my bank account information?  Yes, fear and paranoia are reigning supreme in Windsorland.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Fugitive Bill Windsor Tries to Disguise Himself

Now that Windsor is a wanted fugitive in TX and MT, he is starting to let out hints that he never planned on going to MT in the first place.  As he writes about himself in creepy third and sometimes even 4th person....he is giving clues that he is a fugitive and will be one for a long time.  He claims he ditched his phone, reminded everyone that he uses IP hiding software.  He claims that well now that all of his fellow criminals are advising him to not turn himself in....maybe he should listen to them. He is even asking for a PI to loan him his license number so he can look up something illegally. Multiple requests have gone out for "helpers" to help him carry out tasks in the Dallas area he can no longer do.  Anyone considering that at this point should know that they are aiding and abetting a known fugitive.

Windsor is not cut out to be a fugitive.....mainly because he can't shut up and he can't overcome his addiction to filing frivolous lawsuits.  DA Patrick Wilson has Windsor scared, and rightly so.  Just like a cornered animal that is scared, Bill continues to lash out relentlessly with constant lies and defamation as its the only defense mechanism he knows.

Another big problem for Windsor now is his assets.  Was he able to hide them all in time before he had to flee TX?  Will this make it easy for Fleming to collect his $250,000?  Geico their $80,000 and Ellis County their $100,000?  Those are all default judgements and while I'm sure he would love to appeal that.....not being present, along with having no grounds anyway, is going to greatly hamper his appellate process.  What happens when they find the honey pot of Bill's seemingly endless supply of money?  Bill is going to have to be present at the hearings on asset seizure and court document production.  But being present will mean prison.  Yep, Windsor is on the run now and you can't unring that bell, the problem for him is while it may delay his looming prison sentence, its going to greatly hamper his vexatious desires and asset protection defense.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 On The Run

Windsor is starting out the new year as a full fledged fugitive.  He is now wanted in two states and he has taken to the road to run from his responsibilities.  Out of all the terrible things Bill is, chief among them is he is a pure coward.  He will not go to Montana or TX to face his charges, he will run for the rest of his life if he has to. 

Bill has brought in fellow paper terrorist Susan to help organize and carry out his latest war on trees.  Windsor incorrectly called her a "former Joey", but that's not true as she tried for months to hang with the cool kids but was never accepted as there was always something wrong in her sick mind.  Now she is right back where she belongs, aiding and abetting a known terrorist and fugitive from the law.  The good news is, like Windsor, she really isn't actually good at anything and the last thing she is good at is rallying other people to a cause.  They can write all the affidavits they want, reach out to as many Me The People groups as they want....but at the end of the day they will still be right back where they started.  All of Bill's remaining followers are not good at doing things, if they were, they wouldn't be following Bill.

Windsor is going to find that life on the road as a fugitive is going to hamper him greatly.  His vexatious desires must end, his constant public statements now must be filtered.  His paranoia will be at a level never before experienced as now he knows for sure if MT ever gets ahold of him he will spend the rest of his miserable life behind the cold bars of a Montana prison.