Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Truth vs. Presley's Reality, Two Bitter Foes by O Reader

Ok, so it annoys me when these little facebook dumbasses completely misuse statistics. Somebody actually called Presley out on her stats, but rather than back the stats up, she and her gang resorted to calling the guy an abuser. First of all, the stats weren’t just wrong based on the data, they were glaringly wrong on the surface. She reported 4.8% when the real number was 48%. She also concluded that there were approximately 7 false claims of abuse out of 9000. The 9000 number simply referred to the number of divorce cases in the study. The 7 “false” claims of abuse were actually out of 180 abuse claims. These are just the superficial problems wrong with her calculations. They are actually even more misrepresented.
I wanted to see if there was any validity to what she reported, and see if there was any source for the numbers. BINGO. Yes, there is an actual study that she is bastardising the numbers of:
Thoennes, N., & Tjaden, P. (1990). The extent, nature, and validity of sexual abuse allegations in custody/visitation disputes. Child Abuse & Neglect, 14, 151-163.

It’s not the newest study, but it’s still one of the most widely sourced.   Thoennes & Tjaden are well respected in their field and have even presented data on abuse against women for the National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, and the CDC. And just as a side note, Thoennes & Tjaden are both women. So are you wondering just how wrong Presley got the numbers? Let me give you a brief summary of the numbers applicable to Presley’s assertions.

1.Presley : “A study commissioned by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts of 9000 divorces in 12 states found that sexual abuse allegations were made in less than 2% or 180 of the cases.”

Reality: Thoennes & Tjaden actually worked for the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Research Unit in Denver. Funding was actually provided by the National Center on Child Abuse & Neglect.  9000 divorces. 12 jurisdictions. Allegations made in 169 cases, 1.9%.  In this case Presley’s source rounded the numbers when the actual numbers look better in her favor.

2.Presley: “4.8% or 86 of those cases contained allegations that were made by mothers, which means the majority were made by fathers.”

Reality: Mothers accused biological fathers in 48% of the cases
Mothers accused stepfathers in 6% of the cases
Mothers accused a third party in 13% of the cases
Fathers accused mothers in 6% of the cases
Fathers accused stepfathers or a third party in 16% of the cases
Third parties accused fathers, mothers, and others in 11%
The majority were made by fathers??? No, quite the contrary. Try 67% made by the mothers.

3.Presley: “ And 5-8% of those turned out to be intentionally false. “

Reality: 129 of the 169 cases were actually addressed by the courts. (one would assume the remaining 40 were deemed not credible enough to warrant investigation) Of those 129, 50% of cases were likely, 33% were unlikely, and 17% were uncertain. They also attempted to discern the motivation for unlikely reports and found 58 cases in which the case material addressed that issue. In 8 cases (14% of those 58), the allegations were thought to be maliciously made. Factors associated with cases being classified as unlikely or uncertain were younger age of the child, a single incident alleged, non-intrusive sexual behavior, a single report, a report less than two years since the filing for divorce, and animosity between the parents.

4.Presley: “That means if you take the 8%, only 7 out of the 9000 cases were found to be intentionally false allegations. Show me any other area of law that has a lesser rate of intentionally false allegations!”

Reality: This was an actual study. There are real numbers. 8 cases out of the (out of 129 investigated of the 169 abuse claims in the) 9000 divorces studied were found to be considered maliciously made allegations.  Those 8 cases are part of the 33% that were considered unlikely. There were also an additional 17% deemed uncertain. And, that’s just the 129 investigated. There are still 40 out of 169 claims that weren’t addressed by the courts.

5.Presley: “Tell me again how mothers always make up false allegations to gain custody!”

Reality: 67% of the claims of sexual abuse made during divorce proceedings were made by the mothers. Mothers allegations against fathers: 49% likely, 33% unlikely, 18% uncertain. Fathers allegations against mothers: 42% likely, 41% unlikely, 17% uncertain. But remember,  fathers only accuse mothers in 6% of the cases as opposed to mothers accused biological fathers 48% of the time.

6. In conclusion, Presley, I don’t know where you got your statistics by they are GROSSLY incorrect, and your conclusions are JUST PLAIN WRONG. I got my number straight from the study published by the researchers. I’ve include the information regarding the publication. Feel free to see for yourself. If you had any integrity, you’d take that post down because it is MORALLY WRONG TO SPREAD LIES AND DISINFORMATION!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Presley Dauben Continues to Publicly Slander Her Half-Sister

While her old Fraudster in Chief is in jail and awaiting his next trial, her new one Bill Windsor is alive and active again.  Presley posted this on the Lawless facebook page

Presley says (and I'm editing out the child's name because unlike Presley I care about this poor girls future):
"Presley and minor child are survivors of their own father's abuse.  They are standing strong and speaking out about the truth.  They are a pillar of strength for the next generations youth.  Break the silence of the Amador court ordered sexual abuse."  then she links he illegal website and they have a pic of her and her half sister.

Here is the problem, her half sister isn't making those claims or standing up against them.  In fact its the exact opposite, the child has testified in court that her dad has not abused her and that she loves him.  This is what I cant stand about Joey and now Presley.  Yes, they are both unemployed losers in life, but way beyond that, they spend most of their life hurting other people with their online words.  You want to be a loser, fine go be one, my taxes will have to pick up your bill.  But don't take your vile hate and put it on other innocent victims simply because you want the world to listen to you.  Joey, most likely, sexually abused a boy.  Presley is going much farther than that in my opinion as she continues to psychologically scar this poor girl day in and day out.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bill Windsor Reemerges from his Undisclosed Location

The Daubenistas new messiah, Bill "is that pie" Windsor has decided to come out of his self imposed exile, coincidently being the same week that was Thanksgiving.  He has emerged unharmed, refreshed, rejuvenated and carrying several more pounds on him.  

Bill has now announced that the March of the Lemmings is scheduled for Feb. 4-6 where he and his followers will hand their representatives a packet and say "here, can you throw this away for me?"  They will then invite any congressman or media person to their own private showing of their movie which will be about 8 hours worth of 3 minute testimonies of people all across America who didn't like the ruling they got in court.

This is going to be a fun train wreck to watch.  Bill knows he has to figure out something as he continues to amass a large group of nut-cases who expect him to lead them to the promise land.  Poor Bill, this started out as a simple con to get pie, but now he is stuck with a roving heard of angry people.  How much longer can he keep them from figuring out he is just a huckster?  What other tricks will he have up his sleeve after this Mr. Smith goes to Washington bit?

Joey Dauben's Navarro Trail, a Look Ahead

In some ways, things couldn't have gone worse for Joey.  At first it looked so promising, he had a mystery woman from New York come down and make his bail, but Joey couldn't control himself and ended up violating his bond.  His attorney gets the Navarro case delayed to the point where the Ellis County case ends up going first.  His new felony conviction gets him a double punch from Navarro, the first being that his Navarro bond (the one the mystery woman paid for) is revoked because he has been convicted of a felony, and the second is that if he is convicted in the Navarro case his sentence will no doubt be more stiff as he is already a convicted felon.

So lets look at the case.  Who knows what really happened 4 years ago, its possible Joey got caught in the perfect storm.  But its also possible he really did do it.  Either way, he has to be able to give the jury reasonable doubt that he didn't do it.  How is he going to do this?  So far the main attack that has come from team Joey including Daddy, is that the kid is a foster home kid and has a history of making those allegations. Now if this kid really did accuse others to the point of charges being brought and then found false, then he really might have something here.  But immediately after Joey's arrest, he had Brandy post on the ECO his own prebuttal to the charges.  Joey posted the kids name and left a long chat history of his sessions with the boy.  The parts Joey wanted us to look at were related to the boy saying he might accuse this other guy who was with Joey at the Navarro camp, of the same thing.  That may be something but late night online chat session is a far cry from actual charges.

On the other side, the DA is going to ask why he was still chatting with this boy and why did the have such an interesting friendship.  The DA is also going to trot in as much as 20 witnesses that were at the camp that can attest to Joey and the boy being alone on several occasions as well as having a special relationship between the two.  Then you bring in the boy who I'm assuming is going to give a pretty detailed account of what happened and I think the jury is going to be leaning his way.  I know the burden of proof is on the prosecution but I think they are going to make a strong enough case that the ball is going to be kicked back into Joey's court and its going to be up to him to prove he didn't do it.

Monday, November 26, 2012

David Webb's Biased Coverage of Joey Dauben, a Systematic Review

David Webb, who has now added "asshole" to his list of insults to readers of this site, says his coverage of Joey has been fair and professional, while I say he was biased.  Well lets don't just take my word for it, lets take his as we review all that he wrote about this in a chronological order.

The Beginning
The connection between Joey and David emerged before Joey was jailed.

So over at the Dallas Voice, David latches on to this story that Joey had been after for a while, going after the mayor of the barely a community Seven Points for hiring his partner to a police position.  They take down the mayor and then Joey appears to become David's main source for news in his next article.

David uses emails from tea party members to Joey to form the basis of this story which became a non-story as it never amounted to anything.  What we can clearly see emerging here is a little cabal where Joey goes out and makes the news while his buddy David runs the story under the guise of a legitimate news outlet.  Joey's entire adult life has been dedicated to forming these kinds of unholy alliances so there is no doubt about his intentions on this, one can only speculate as to if David really knew what he was getting himself into here.

The Arrest
After enjoying some moderate success with his first two stories with Joey, David then see's Joey arrested on the horrific charges of child molestation.  He was no doubt in shock as he didn't even cover the original arrest.  Not until after he had some time to go over everything with Joey did he decide to put his foot back into the Joey mess with this story:  This is where David decides to start drinking the conspiracy kool aid:

Now again keep in mind that the Daily Light reported that the reason Joey didn't have a public defender was because he never signed the form, something David was unable to find in his "investigation".  Instead, David tries to twist a conversation he has with the court coordinator into some kind of sinister conspiracy to keep Joey from representation.
"Melissa Butler, court coordinator for Judge Lagomarsino, said today that Dauben has been appointed an attorney. “I don’t know who you heard that from, but he has been appointed an attorney,” she said. When asked when the appointment occurred, she admitted that it had just been done Monday. She noted the request had just been filed recently. When advised that Dauben claimed he had filled one out in December, she had no explanation for why it had not been received by the judge. “It did not make it to District Court,” Bulter said. “I don’t know who he filled it out with, but the judge didn’t see it until yesterday.”
Butler said Corsicana attorney Steve Keathley had been appointed to his case, but a call to the attorney’s office revealed yet another surprise. At first, a member of Keathley’s staff said the attorney had refused the appointment. When asked for details, she revised her statement to say the appointment was never received. Finally, she transferred the call to another member of Keathley’s staff who said, “You’ll have to call the court. We decided we couldn’t handle the case” and quickly hung up when asked for her identity.
A follow-up call to the judge’s office failed to get anyone to answer the phone. A message left on voice mail has so far not been returned."
That story, the wording, the way he slants the answers and the lack of full evidence would lead the average reader to believe that Joey was a victim here of official oppression.  The rest of the article is a puff piece sounding like Joey wrote it himself.
Then we have this article:
Its pretty fair in its coverage but the headline is meant to sway.  
Then we get this story/non-story:
Here, Joey is going after the Justice of the Peace in Navarro for her threatening to throw away the key if inmates keep requesting a court appointed attorney.  This if a feeder article into the original one of Joey not being granted a court appointed attorney.  The conspiracy runs even deeper, again this entire article is fed solely on the words of Joey to David.
Then we get this article:
Another interesting headline, but the content of the story is astounding.  David still can't seem to comprehend that Joey is just a blogger and even though its clearly spelled out by the State in the charges against him, David doesn't even mention that fact.  Instead, he continues his conspiracy agenda.
"The case is odd because journalists charged with crimes in connection with their reports usually are working in foreign countries, not within U.S. boundaries. Civil lawsuits typically are the route disgruntled subjects of media reports take when they seek remedies, but in Dauben’s case the Red Oak Police Department filed criminal charges."
Whats really odd is how someone with his credentials failed to do even a basic investigation of what Joey was being charged with and why.  At no point in time, throughout this entire article did David get any other information other than what came from Joey either in the form of a letter he received or in quotes.  He, once again, let Joey write the article for him.
Here we have another story written straight out of team Joey.  Nothing from Wilson, Carroll, or the officers that did the investigation.  No reference to the incitement charges, just Joey talking about them criminalizing a civil case.
Then David gets subpeanoed in the Navarro case for being Joey's mouth piece.
Its at this point that Webb is no longer working for the Dallas Voice and we must follow his remaining coverage at just his blog The Rare Reporter.
David and Joey started a little media alliance where Joey could filter all the news he creates into a controlled media outlet in David.  Then Joey is arrested and eventually David signs on to become his mouthpiece for him while he is in jail.  David ignores all of his journalistic standards and begins writing the narrative that there is a conspiracy against Joey by the powers that be both in Ellis and Navarro Counties.  This is especially evident in his lack of reporting from the other side on those charges.  David's bias gets him canned at the Dallas Voice and now he has to finish his career trying to make something out of being a blogger.  I really wouldn't have seen this connection if David hadn't been so insistent on us looking into his connections with Joey.  They were always out there as clear as day, I just guess with everything else going on we didn't bother to check but thanks to David we now can see it.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

David Webb Continues to Beclown Himself, Threaten's to Shut Down the New Blog

I'm continually amazed at just how intellectually vapid Webb really is. He continues to bludgeon everyone over the head with his credentials because its almost at this point like a "I have this degree despite what you are about to read from me".

Last night he continued his staunch defense of Joey and all out assault on me and those that post on this blog. He took offense at anything and everything while playing the victim card profusely. He continues to defend Joey Dauben and still will not admit that he committed a felony only saying Joey "exercised poor judgment, failed to observe the ethics and and professional standards of journalism." He is now trying to defend Joey over at the site by saying "Anyone who puts a blog up on the Internet is legally a publisher. Why weren't there complaints about the terminology when he was arrested."

The poor guy, like Joey, can't seem to stay with one coherent thought and must resort to name calling and threats once his views are shown to be unsupportable. Last night, as he failed to understand a 2nd grade exercise of similar and dissimilar, I made the observation of: "have you ever heard the expression "don't bring a knife to a gun fight"?" To which he responds with: "This is just more bullshit and defamation. Was that a threat Ginger Sap? Are you planning on bringing a gun somewhere near me to settle an argument?" And "Well, I think I'll let you explain that to the police. You have been attacking me for days, and I think it's a good idea at this time to make sure you aren't planning something more sinister than verbal abuse." Hmmmm, I think the mystery of why did the old site get shut down in the middle of the night due to hate speech is solved.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mommy Dauben Breaks Her Silence, Tries to Put to Bed Rumor that Never Was

She said this over at the site under the comments section.

Cheri Hackler Dauben · Reading/Language Teacher at Desoto Private School
I would like to make a comment on what was suggested in court by the DA, on the hater blogs, and in the Waxahachie Daily Light. Until his arrest, Joey made his own living and WAS NOT living off of his grandmother. It was a family decision that he move in with his grandmother to oversee her care and drive her the store and doctors. As an eighty + old independent woman, she wanted to continue to live in her home and Joey was able to help her remain there. The implication to the contrary is entirely false and can be verified by family members.
I guess we have been elevated to "hater blogs", fist bump to all the regulars on that one.

Now, on to the content. I dont know all what was said in court, but if she is commenting about what was reported, then there is no misunderstanding. As far as this blog goes, he was living with his grandmother at the time of his arrest and I'm assuming it was rent free. I know he was a transient for years before he moved in with granny so I have never said he was living off of her, only that he was living with her. I would certainly question the idea of him making "his own living" before that. I think a better translation would be that he kinda sorta eeked by for a while as a blogger. But anyway, for all you on here saying or implying he was living OFF of granny, instead of just with granny, there will be no more of that.
Further down in the comments was this guy Fred who seems to get the whole story pretty dead on with his summation and points out that Webb is really reaching to try and tie this story into Cedar Creek Lake area.
Fred Kurlander · Top Commenter
Terrible headline! Cedar Creek Lake not even near Ellis County! Coulda said Dallas as it is almost as near. Just trying to get readers?
Fred Kurlander · Top Commenter
So he started a blog! Many people do. Hardly a publisher! Headline is incorrect and gives bad impression of lake area .am I now a publisher since I write this. Arrested in Payne Springs.....does not qualify for Cedar creek lake publisher...Kathy Nailing more publisher than this creep. :-)

Friday, November 23, 2012

David Webb, Joey's Only Public Apologist Adopts Joey's Community

He comes on here and calls us crazy, dumb asses and nuts, but on his facebook page he is friending up with quite a bit of Daubenistas. This would include Loraince, Loryn, Anthony, Presley, Daddy Dauben, and even Connie.

When you look at David's blog page, its clear he is a lonely old man desperate for some from of family or community to accept him as one of them. The problem for David though is this new family of his is going to turn out to be more problems than he ever bargained for as he will slowly start to discover what truly nutty people are capable of.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Ellis County Case, After Action Report

So Joey has been convicted, it took the jury less than an hour to return that verdict and he is now banned from the internet for 5 years, either after he is acquitted in Navarro, or after he gets out of state prison for the Navarro case.  We know what happened, but lets now look at the story behind the story of how it happened straight from Joey in his manifesto.

Kristen Spencer
He starts off with: "If I were female, I’d bash Kristen Spencer’s face in myself, but, I’m not, so, I can only counter with a book, a pen, a notepad or keyboard and/or a future newspaper"
then he goes to this: " Red Oak police had ample reason to find a way to enact revenge on a history of punishing them in print, so with or without Spencer e-mailing me and alleging (later to find out, falsely) that her little daughter was being molested, those jackals would have thought of something.

Then Joey explains why it was he fell for the scam in the first place:

"Unfortunately for me, I was still single and had become instantly attracted to Kristen, mainly because I thought I was helping a little girl by becoming her voice against abuse, but secondly, because her mom was flirting with me. Ah, yes, well, black widow spiders don’t appear as poisonous."
"Kristen Spencer caught me in a vulnerable spot. My mistake was taking the cause and running up the flag pole with it on the drop of a dime. Given that she was somewhat fairly attractive, that blended for total future failure."

So she made him horny, so he would write whatever he could to get in her good graces to possibly score for the night.  Where is the "he had good intentions" crowd when you need them?  And did anyone else noticed that he is comparing this black woman to a black widow spider?  I'm not Jesse Jackson but that may be considered racial.

Ok, brace yourself, we are going to crazyville as we get into what Joey was thinking:

"She said that Buchert’s family was friends with the people who owned the Rockett CafĂ©, the hang-out for influential law enforcement types. I thought, well, there’s a plausible explanation for why Buchert was “getting away with this."

Yeah, the lines of logic here are perfectly sound.  I mean even though she didn't have a youtube video to back her up, the reason was sound.

"Rule No. 1 in this business: don’t fall for every attractive mother you see"

Yes, that is rule number in journalism.  Hey, David, I bet you can tell us.  I bet you got so tired of repeating that motto in journalism class it made you sick?

" I didn’t really want to get involved with mothers because my role was to be an advocate, a voice for those who had no one else to defend them. "  but she was hot, I had no choice

"I fell for Kristen Spencer’s lie because I was focused more on having a sexual relationship with her on top of crusading against child abuse."

thats so brutally honest I really can't add anything to it

"Buchert was scared, and went to the Red Oak PD and filed a criminal complaint alleging that I committed a criminal act by publishing court documents and then threatened to kill him if he were guilty of abusing his daughter"

He was right, you did

"First, a source supplied me with information in an interview, that in of itself, no matter how many perverted prosecutors or wayward cops misinterpret statutes, is not a crime. Second, this case had a striking similarity to the Combine case just two years prior. I wrote the same things, just interchanged the names"

Yeah, they were both crimes.  You really learned your lesson didnt you?

"DA Patrick M. Asshole needed a pretext to shut down The Ellis County Observer, and Red Oak PD gave him one. "

This is what being a Dauben is all about.  Demented view of reality where personal responsibility does not exist.

Monday, November 19, 2012

David Webb's Posts From Last Night

Here they are, just so no one can say I made this up:

David WebbNov 18, 7:51 pm
At the risk of yet more public vilification from members of this site, how is it that Fred Phelps of Westboro Babtist Church and his family can demonstrate at funerals of military personnel killed in battle and carry signs that read, “death to homosexuals” and be protected under the First Amendment? What Joey wrote was flat wrong, but he retracted it and issued a public apology. White Supremacists of all varieties incite violence, and are subject to only civil lawsuits. But Joey got criminal prosecution, and the same may be coming to others who spout off on blogs. I’m interested in the bigger picture here. This is not about Joey.
-Notice how he is trying to lump in what they do with what Joey did, I guess he doesn't know the difference in how the first amendment is interpreted-

Then I point out a hypothetical, and I clearly make it that and I even use Joey's name as to make the accusation by saying what if Joey said you were a pedophile and you needed to die.  Of course, as we know this is exactly what this case is about.  Then David fires back with:
David WebbNov 18, 8:14 pm
Would you please clarify right now that I have never been accused of pedophilia?
-I then do just that but then point out at the end just how powerful the very hint of something like that can have.  He says:

David WebbNov 18, 9:01 pm
Yes, I do, and you should have thought of that before you wrote it.
-of course I thought about it which was the whole point of my comment in the first place, a this point I start to realize he isn't playing with a full deck-

 David Webb
I am not super sensitive as regards myself. That’s why I have never complained about all of the remarks I’ve seen over the last few months about my reporting that insinuated Joey must be gay because I took an interest in the case. I frankly don’t know who you are because you have represented yourself to me as both a woman and a man on different occasions. There is nothing forthright about this website. Before people can be legitimately prosecuted criminally for their words, there is going to have to be a lot of changes to the criminal code.
-of course we then jump on him for a "what the hell are you talking about"-
David WebbNov 18, 11:05 pm
Well, I have a degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin. I’ve written for The Dallas Morning News, The Dallas Times Herald, D Magazine, The Dallas,s Observer and The Dallas Voice. Not to mention national publications, including the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report. In fact, I spent an hour on the phone tonight with the president of SPLC, Richard Cohen, who advised me to tell Joey’s lawyer to call the ACLU. I have already relayed that advice to the appropriate person.

David WebbNov 18, 11:15 pm
There’s nothing more ridiculous than a man calling himself GingerSnap rather than identifying his real identity or a man posting comments under two different names. All of you are really weird. I haven’t read half of the crap you’ve written, dumb asses.

David WebbNov 18, 11:26 pm
No, GingerSnap, Justin or whomever you are, I was getting information because I really was puzzled by all of it. My call to the Dauben side was to ask if they were considering such action. I explained that my reason for asking had to do with my interview of someone. That’s a matter of courtesy. I have no idea whether they will follow through on that or not.

David WebbNov 18, 11:34 pm
There is another person posting under more than one name on this website, according to a source who would know. I’ve had people telling me for months that remarks were being made about a link between Joey and me. I rarely bothered to look. I’m not sure why I logged on last night, but I regret it.

David WebbNov 18, 11:43 pm
I don’t read Yappy. It’s too much bullshit. But Gingerale, it’s common practice to ask someone if they would consider contacting a legal organization based on another legal organization’s assessment. It’s for the story that I may eventually write. That doesn’t make me an active part of Joey’s defense team.

David WebbNov 18, 11:50 pm
The ranges of your prejudice are incredible. Yappy’s last post was short so I read it. “Whiny little old man”? How do people younger than you refer to you, especially your children?

David WebbNov 19, 12:15 am
@nothing: I assure you I am not delusional, but I sure am tired of all this.

David Webb Admits to Being "In Bed" with Accused Child Molester Joey Dauben

Ok, so the hyper-gay activist David Webb gets the blog de-activated without any cause or reason over at wordpress.  Well whatever, this is the Internet age so we can just adapt to a different blog site.  But since you wanted us to single you out for examination, I will be more than happy to oblige you.

David Webb, like Joey, is a former journalist who now tries to keep playing that part but only as a blogger.  He met Joey in the tiny little town of Cedar Creek Lake while Joey was a refugee there.  Joey remarked one time on the ECO that Cedar Creek Lake had a very large gay underground population, I will certainly take his word for that.  Somehow, they formed a very strong bond while Joey was there.

So as a jury took less than an hour last week to convict Joey of the charge that Wilson put on him (a charge that is very clear in black and white), David can not understand and accept this outcome.  He starts calling around and eventually gets to a source that tells him to take the case to the ACLU which David said he took the extraordinary step of relaying that to team Joey.

David Webb has followed this case every step of the way as he continues to argue the Joey defense that this should be been a civil matter and that its a seriously bad new precedent to set by convicting Joey and not treating him as a "journalist".  David did a shockingly poor job of defending this position online as he could not answer any of the contentions and simply devolved into childish name-calling and then getting the blog de-activated.

So one has to ask the question, why does this openly gay man who met and knew Joey while he was living in his neighborhood, have this remarkably strong bond with Joey?  Why can't he accept a simple clear cut conviction that a jury of his peers took less than a hour to return and not one media outlet in the country disputed?