Monday, December 31, 2012

Poor Presley, Her Adopted "Daddy" is Ignoring Her and She is all Alone Once again

This is so sad to watch poor little clueless Presley pleading out to her newest messiah to have mercy on her, and put back up her little video.  Kimberly, of course, is very confused as well.

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  • Kimberly Harrington I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Loryn Ryder I didn't even get a choice. My video was removed even though I am not affiliated with AMPP and have been actively involved with the Lawless project.

  • Stacy Slaton No one should have to choose. Corruption is corruption. Victims of these crimes may not always come across the way others feel they should. I know amy charron doesn't support her parents as grandparents this doesn't mean that she believes all grandp...See More

  • Kimberly Harrington all i know i want to see presley sister out of her horror and loryn out of hers and connie out of hers these children or not in a good state here fighting corruption is a job and takes alot of money not everyone has that i see what presley is saying but if itis not going to help her and others then she should step back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kimberly Harrington oh and by the way why was loryn's video taken off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am renewing the call I gave out to Presley one year ago, which she refused like a coward.  Come on here to those that actually want to talk to you.  Open up a forum, just me and you, no BS no scams, no emotions just good old common sense.  You can Connie read this blog religiously anyway, so what do you have to lose at this point?  Step out of your fake shelter and stand up to for your accusations with the courage and conviction one should have if they are actually speaking the truth.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Presley Dauben, Ummmm, Tries to, Ummmmm, Get Joey's Story Out, ummmm, On Bill's Blog

I guess Bill will let her post this one but not her own story now. This was filmed before Joey was convicted in Ellis County. Several points to this:

  • Joey can't be gay because I'm his girlfriend (I think we all saw this defense coming)
  • The boy in the Navarro charges is a liar
  • Presley isn't very good at this fraud game, she is still to much like a normal person. Its hard for her to lie and keep a straight face
  • She hasn't got the slightest clue what she is reading from, no idea the history, gap in facts and overall nonsensical nature that she presents this manifesto written by Joey.
  • She gives a shout out to fellow Daubenista Webby.
  • Blame everyone else in the galaxy besides Joey
  • Joey must be released because he is the only one that can find Amber's killer
  • Another backhanded slap at Brandy and Curtis in this statement from Joey

Meanwhile, the scissor sisters Connie and Presley are talking about us over at Connie's FB page.  They call us demons while Old Man Webby is still complaining about us over at his blog still calling us vipers.  So the crazy people call us vipers and demons.....we must be doing our jobs then.

The Pie Man Strikeith!!!

Well it has happened even quicker than I expected. Adolph Windsor has decided to unleash his gustapo on a group called American Mothers Political Party. Apparently someone in that group said some mean things about Der Fuhrer and so now he has decided to call them a hate group and ban all video testimonies from anyone associated with his new hate group. This wide net has caught our little Daubenistas Presley and Connie as they have been considered a part of the group and now their life's work which was a 3 minute sobbing youtube video has been erased. As of now Presley and Connie are desperately trying to brown nose their way back into der fuhrer's good graces, most likely sending him some "personal" pics of themselves to their "daddy", but Bill's anger may not be tamed on this. And then we have poor stupid Daddy Dauben and his new customized blazer. What does he do now, who does he follow, and can someone explain to him what happened and why he is no longer on team Lawless? Who would have thought that a group of anarchist would end up eating each other alive? This is so unforeseen, and with Joey's trial next week will Presley be too busy trying to get back into Bill's movie to notice that her fiancée is about to be convicted of rape of a child? Ohh what a tangled web these people weave (and yes David Webb probably took offense to that statement)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Lawless America Makes Big Progress

It may have taken a good while but Bill Windsor announced a major step forward in their goal to take over the County.  He has now set up, with an actual email address, all the 19 different volunteer positions with the name, phone number, email address and fax number.  Never-mind that all the phone and fax numbers are the same, this is big, trust me.  Now that this big hurdle is out of the way, there is very little left to stand in the way of Bill taking over this nation and righting all the wrongs.  This kinda reminds me of when Joey said he started 30 different newspapers meaning he signed up 30 facebook pages.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Connie IBedwell thinks Her Father's Rape Charges are Funny

Her dad is accused of multiple counts with several different victims.  The details are horrific and graphic, making Joey's charges look like a friendly get together.  The ages on these kids are as young as 2 and he is being held without bond in Alaska.  Certainly this isn't something to joke about, but the sick reprobate Connie thinks its hilarious, and so does her scissor sister Presley.

Yay I got to finally talk to my dad! Ok now this gets even more Not only are the accusing my father in the police report of being Elijah the endtime prophet that can forsee the future from the Torah, they have further elaborated that he can call Fire from heaven! Hold on, It gets even better, they are also accusing my brother of being Moses!!! Oh my goodness! If anyone wants to buy plane tickets for this trial, I will let you know the date, it might be the worlds funniest druggy demon false accusing circus Trial anyone has ever seen. I'm definitely calling the media to be there for this one!

Presley Renae Dauben-Tuma Seriously about to pee my pants from laughter...I like the pay per view idea! I'm waiting for them to be screaming about the bible codes on them! Bwahaha summons your super powers Connie!

I'm glad Presley and IBedwell can see the humor in violent child rape.  I would say they are one of the few who see it though.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Daddy Dauben Has a Crisis on His Hands

With his son facing the trial of his life in two weeks, David has sent out an urgent plea to everyone for help on what is important to Daddy Dauben.......helping out fellow redneck racing buddies.

Below is info on a racers worst nightmare, the picture is of the truck that stole the race car and trailer! Please help!

PLEASE SHARE!!! Stolen race car and trailer. 03 white pace 28' enclosed trailer with an express limited modified insid...e. Chassis #65 black frame with black deck and blue,white and Black wrap with 26f on it. Trailer plate #92359E Please keep an eye out for it please ! Contact Eric @361-781-4069

Stolen today from cypress tx.

Truck pulling it was a white dodge dually mega cab 2011-2012 with a grey or black stripe on the bottom.
See More

Its good to see he still has his priorities in the right order.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Daddy and Presley Dauben Turn on Joey

Daddy shared a link, liked by Presley, that speaks out against verbally abusive bullying.  So as the father of the biggest bully in Ellis County, I can only assume this means he, along with Joey's fake fiancée  are now turning against him.  I wonder what it was that helped them become aware of this serious problem?

Its once again funny to see how a Dauben thinks.  To be a Dauben means you have the ability to overlook all self awareness thoughts and make your own reality whatever it is you say it is.  Dauben fact-checking works like this:  If a Dauben says something it must be true because a Dauben said it.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Did Jeff Barron Pay People to Run with his Story?

Obviously the answer was yes in Joey's case, but how did he get fellow scam artists like Bill and John Margetis to do it as well?  Windsor is running his own fake news story on the partial reversal of Judge Ferguson's ruling on Jeff Barron going into personal receivership.  This really isn't much of a victory for Jeff as he will still be bankrupt and the appellate judges did mention that Ferguson had to take some extraordinary steps due to the vexatious nature of Barron, hardly a ringing endorsement of the man.

When we look at Windsor, he has hundreds of guys like Barron, yet he is taking special time and attention in to creating media around his case and giving it special attention.  The same was true for John Margetis who spent almost all his waking time spitting out the propaganda on the Jeff Barron case.  Why would they do this, these are career con artists that have seen much worse.  Is it because Jeff is able to pay them for this work, or is it because they feel that the same punishment Jeff received will soon be aimed at them as they are running similar scams while being branded a vexatious litigant?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blogger Post

Ok, this blogspot format is causing many people problems with posting.  I hate google, I don't even consider them to be a real company.  Anyway, for Slim Shady and anyone else having problems posting on my blog try OReader's blog (yes I know its another blogspot) and I will incorporate those comments to mine if it works over there for you.  Or you can just follow OReader better on there as the spam blocker doesn't seem to be as sensitive.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Joey Dauben's Business Partner in Crime Jeff Barron Shows Himself For Lawless

He looks oh so nervous and uncomfortable and for good reason. He like Bill Windsor is a vexatious litigant. He ran a scam and used Joey's worthless name to his advantage as Joey had hundreds of thousands in punitive judgments against him thanks to Jeff's shady business. Jeff used Joey to take out domain names that sound extremely close to well known sites and then put advertising links on them to products similar to those of the site the user would have originally intended. Obviously the whole operation is predicated on fraud and deception.

We need to stand up and support judges that throw the book at career scam artists like Bill and Jeff who abuse the legal system with the size of their volumous frivolous filings. Bill and Jeff are whining about how far the judges went in their case, I would argue that they didn't go far enough because neither one is currently in jail.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Will Lawless America Evolve into a Domestic Terrorist Group?

The hardcore elements over at Lawless America seem poised to take the group over.  I think Bill will stop short at violence, but he is starting to attract elements that sound as if violence is their only way out.  The tone has become much more serious as they start to identify any law enforcement as enemies.  "The police in America are becoming increasingly the enemy of God and God's people" is an example of the the kind of rhetoric going on at bill's facebook page.  Its only a matter of time until they become angry and frustrated and look to take down Bill as leader of this group.  They want results, no matter what it takes.  Many of those that are the most vocal in this group have nothing to lose and are in a desperate state.  Once the peaceful demonstrations like this little song and dance in DC do not produce any results, what will they turn to?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Joey Dauben, Erica Morse, David Webb, and Patrick Wilson

This is a tangent from what a commenter started on the last blog.  What is, if any, the role in the complaints that Erica Morse made to Joey having his bond revoked?  Here is the story Webb ran that would probably contain most of what this commenter is talking about:

"The blogger, Erica Morse of, alleged on the website that Dauben through his blogging in the past had made false allegations of child abuse and pedophilia, had published minor's medical records, names and ages, made false allegations of murder and illegal disposal of human remains, incited readers to seek revenge against his enemies, threatened his detractors, harassed families of missing children, misrepresented meetings that never took place with public officials and used the Internet to retaliate against people who filed harassment complaints against him. Morse claimed that a national team of reporters are seeking to substantiate the claims against Dauben.

When Morse,of West Texas, contacted offering support and was advised no intimidation by Dauben had ever occurred, she repeatedly refused to believe the statement and insisted that a writer had told people he was "terrified" at the prospect of a reprisal from Dauben. Although has published several reports about Dauben's former muckraking and his legal problems, there has never been any negative criticism received from Dauben or his associates."

Then David goes way out of his way to try and show that Joey wouldn't dare violate his bond restrictions as if he was trying to communicate to Wilson on Joey's behalf.

Anyway, back to what the commentor said:  "At least Joey never personally stalked anyone at their place of business and elsewhere (caught on tape) that he wrote about. Nor did he write on a major news station their name, address, and unlisted phone number falsely claiming they were an FBI informant against the Mexican drug cartels solicting them to act against an innocent person. Nor did he solicit groups such as the hacker group Anonymous and the Occupy Movement to act against someone without any cause, or write online for people to contact them for deviant sex including their pictures, and calling for them to be beheaded. He also didn't submit their info online for telemarketers and others to harass them. He didn't stalk minor children, or fabricate allegations they posted online to look like email from someone who never heard of them. But one of your regular posters DID! Eventually this person will end up just like Joey, in jail where they belong! Pot meet kettle!"

That comment seems to match up with what David was alluding to in his article.  Are they trying to say that a commentor on the blog is Erica?  And even if they are, where is the evidence to back all of these claims against her that are being made?

Then we have this from Webb's article:  "Wilson reportedly asked for the hearing after receiving complaints from several Ellis County residents who claimed they were frightened by Dauben's release. The complaints apparently were sparked by a blogger and advocate for missing children who contacted people to advise them Dauben was free on bond and to urge them to take action."

When Webb says "reportedly" it means this is what Joey told me.  So what is he saying about some hearing?  Is he blaming Erica for the conditions of Joey's bond, or was this some attempt to get a hearing to revoke his bond right out of the gate?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bill Windsor a Vexatious Litigant

I had never even heard what that word meant until I started following Joey Dauben.  We were first exposed to what a vexatious litigant was when we met his business partner Jeff Barron and then his partner in crime John Margetis.  Once you really dive into the details you learn what filthy scum these people are.  These people are the opposite of taxpayer advocates, they stifle our judicial system with thousands of frivolous motions and suits.  Joey attracted all kinds of scum, but these people are especially repulsive.

Daddy and Presley Dauben's new messiah is also a vexatious litigant.  This is what he spent his life doing prior to this Lawless scam he is now running.  In fact, they finally shut him down from his vexatious ways which is why he had to take to the streets with his claims as no court will hear him.  Bill has "filed hundreds, if not thousands of frivolous pleadings, wasting the Court's time and parties' time.  He should not be permitted to continue his abuses and this Court should enter a protective order to ensure, to the extent possible, that this case does not result in any further waste."

At some point in time you have to accept the courts ruling.  You go in there, you present your case you make your argument and you can even appeal the ruling if you like.  But after all of that has run its course, good standing citizens have to accept the ruling, even if they still don't agree, and move on.  Fat Bastard Windsor can not accept the ruling of numerous courts on his case.  He is defiant, like a 2 year old that just lost his candy.  He is content to burn hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to try and change the ruling, and when even that doesn't work he wants to bring his cult down to Washington and tear down our entire system of government simply because he didn't win in court.  And speaking of that, this is civil court, not family court which just about all of his cult followers are raging against.

It is incumbent on us to stand up against taxpayer waste and judicial abuse by these vexatious litigants   They must be exposed as the societal viruses they are.  Joey Dauben has inadvertently raised awareness to these sick individuals that plague our country.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Is Presley Dauben On Drugs?

Her Lawless video has hit the market and its not pretty, in many ways.  I know I have poked at her for her weight gain but in this video she looks horrible.  She looks like a woman in her mid 40's and her facial expressions seem almost robotic and creepy.  Throw in the fact that she can't seem to remember anything and spaces out through the entire video and one has to ask the question, what is Presley on and what is it doing to her?

In the video she hits the water works button right out of the gate and plays her damsel in distress card throughout it.  She tries to remember all the judges, cps works and officers who dealt with the case but offers no single shred of evidence in the entire video.  Zero.  Her whole case seems to be built on "look she is crying, she must be telling the truth".  She found a quarter in the child's diaper, and I think we all know that is proof of sexual molestation.  I can't tell you have many child molesters have been caught by leaving their calling card, a quarter, in the victim's diaper.!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

David Webb's Missing Link

Since its now clear that all Webb is going to do is name call and try and pretend he clashed with a pit of vipers, its up to me to track down and report actual facts.  David continues to claim that the initial problem he had with us was that we started the rumor:  "If a gay reporter is covering Joey Dauben's case and the Dallas Voice is the only publication covering it, then Dauben must be gay, the gay reporter must be sexually attracted to Dauben or the gay reporter must be supportive of adults engaging in sex with minors or all of the above."

Now, as we all know that was never even hinted at on my blog, but the first part of that sentence was in fact stated over at another blog run by another journalist.

I have never heard anyone insinuate that David must be supportive of adults engaging in sex with minors before he came on and attacked our blog (thats just his eternal victim complex kicking in) but the connection between the Dallas Voice and Joey being gay was made by others, just not me.  The guy that wrote that blog was a reporter in the Lancaster/DeSoto area during Joey's first years with the Ellis County Press.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Truth and What David Said

Ok, so I had to do my little add on statments to his post as he raises way too many different issues all at once, so here we go:

If you've got snakes in the cellar there's only one way to get rid of them. You've got to do down into their dark, stinking den and chase them out in the sunshine. you could just spray the basement

That's how it seemed when I recently went to battle with a nest of vipers who pose under pseudonyms and congregate every night we do it in the day too on a defamatory blog thats a charge of a crime, need evidence please to hiss and spit their venom vipers usually transfer their venom by biting. The blog and the cowardly bullies hey, thats name calling, you are a bully Mr. Webb who frequent it began breeding quite a while ago, but the menace mattered little to me until I also became a target of their wrath you mean you came on the blog and attacked us.

I suffered bites from several of the serpents because I began reporting about the legal problems of Joey Dauben well the main reason you suffered is because you couldn't back up anything you said and you were woefully ignorant of the subject matter, former publisher of the Ellis County Observer blog, after he was charged in Navarro County in December 2011 with four counts of sexual misconduct with a 15-year-old male teenager. The assault allegedly occurred five years ago on a church camping trip that Dauben and the teenager attended.

While jailed, Dauben wracked up yet another felony charge, fraudulent use of identifying information, in Ellis County in connection with a blog post he wrote in mid-2011 that named and suggested violence against a Red Oak man whose ex-wife had accused her ex-husband of child molestation. In the story Dauben gave the man's name, address, phone number and place of employment. He also wrote that the man should die if the allegations proved true.thank you, that was at least a better understanding of what he was charged with.

As it turned out the allegations against the Red Oak man proved false they were false to begin with, and it landed Dauben in the biggest jam of his life -- next to the allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor, which he is scheduled to fight in a trial early next year why did you say "fight"?. Ellis County recently tried and convicted him on the fraud charges, and he received a probated five-year sentence another way to say this would be a jury of his peers took less than a hour to convict him.

Dauben, who started off as reporter for a small town newspaper and then moved on to self publishing under the Ellis County Observer banner as a blogger good, you got the distinction now, managed during his decade of reporting to probably make more enemies than any other writer that I've ever encountered -- even more than me probably true, notice how you make yourself the victim even in an unrelated matter.

Dauben's style was so reckless and unprofessional and exhibited such a total, unapologetic disregard for the truth that he absolutely intrigued me thank you, you said truth, thats a new and important word use in describing Joey. I felt compelled to meet him and attempt to influence him to mend his ways because I thought he probably possessed a natural raw talent that could be cultivated. Who's your daddy?

When I sent Dauben an e-mail he accepted my invitation to lunch, and he seemed interested in what I had to say about learning accepted standards of professional journalism and practicing them he was such a good listener. He had started writing for newspapers in high school and afterwards went to work for a small newspaper without obtaining a college degree. After talking to him, I attributed his overly-aggressive style and unprofessionalism to a lack of education and training thats a pretty bad diagnosis, its called ego.

At the time of our meeting in the summer of 2011, Dauben had just moved to Cedar Creek Lake from Ellis County to live with his 81-year-old grandmother and help care for her and not pay rent. He mentioned that he had left behind a professional matter in Ellis County that worried him, and I later realized he had referred to the botched story he wrote about the Red Oak man.

He confided in me that he feared he had finally given his enemies translation, I committed a crime -- which apparently included people of all walks of life from police officers to city and county officials, to lawyers and judges -- an opportunity to destroy him.

I exchanged a few e-mails and some media information with Dauben over the ensuing months, but I didn't see him again until this year, long after he was jailed on the sexual assault charges. His arrest stunned me when I read about it in local newspapers and saw it on television stations. The heinous nature of the charge especially shocked me I think I speculated those exact words about you.

I wrote to Dauben in jail and expressed my surprise about his arrest. He wrote back, and he assured me of his innocence poor word choice here David, you mean he claimed his innocence, if he assured you of his innocence you are now certian he didn't do it, do we have to teach you everything?. I decided to withhold judgement until I heard the evidence against him presented at trial why, he already assured you of his innocence. It was a combination of my finding his story believable and giving him the benefit of the presumption of innocence unless he is proven to be guilty. Nothing about Dauben ever gave me the impression he would be interested in sexual activity with another male of any age or with a child your gaydar might be off a little.

I started covering his case because it is an interesting one, especially because he believes that he is a victim of a conspiracy orchestrated by his enemies to silence him ditto, but we call me a hate filled viper while you are some kind of respected journalist?. Dauben had a high profile in Dallas and around Cedar Creek Lake prior to his arrest ahhhh, thats a stretch. Every major publication in Dallas had featured stories about Dauben prior to his arrest not every major one, probably in part because he is such a colorful character.

The Ellis County case made his legal troubles even more interesting to me because the prosecutor applied a law in his case that Texas legislators designed to prosecute people who commit fraud through the use of other people's credit cards and other financial instruments yeah but they have that extra language in there. Dauben argued that it should be a civil libel case rather than a criminal one, and that is the legal action I would have anticipated so you and joey are in the same boat here.

I'm uncertain why all of Dallas' publications dropped the story after initially reporting his arrest, but I decided that it merited much more coverage. At the time I still wrote columns for the Dallas Voice so it published most of those stories, and it finally became the sole publication in Dallas covering the Dauben case.

At one point my coverage of Dauben's case caught the eye of the Navarro County prosecutors and apparently so annoyed them that they subpoenaed me to testify in a gag order hearing intended to silence Dauben, who was sending out press releases regularly so they didn't really want the case to be tried in public, whats up with that?.

During the hearing the Navarro County prosecutor asked me what I considered to be an inappropriate question. "What is your interest in this case," he asked. Dauben's attorney objected to the question, but the judge allowed it maybe because your coverage was clearly biased. I answered something to the effect that there was a lot of interest in the case because of Dauben's high profile in the media. I don't believe a straight reporter working for a mainstream newspaper would have been asked that question, and I should have realized it was an indicator of unpleasant things to come play the victim card once again and why dont we just go ahead and impugn the Navarro DA while we are at it?.

That's when the rumors started wait, what rumors and how do you know when they start?. They went something like this. If a gay reporter is covering Joey Dauben's case and the Dallas Voice is the only publication covering it, then Dauben must be gay, the gay reporter must be sexually attracted to Dauben or the gay reporter must be supportive of adults engaging in sex with minors or all of the above ummmm ok, but that never came up on my blog.

About this time I received electronic messages from two of Dauben's bitterest critics I'm not at all a bitter critic, just a critic. Both apparently held grudges against him because of his previous reporting about them or someone close to them apparently you are wrong.

One woman who worked at a radio station in West Texas and got involved in the search for a missing child apparently hated Dauben there is that word again, did she say hate or did you put that word in her mouth? because he had accused her of faking a photograph about alleged evidence of human remains.

The woman contacted me and said she had heard that the thought of Dauben being released from jail terrified me, and that she had consulted with a prosecutor in Ellis County on his jailing Dauben on the fraud charges if he managed to make bail in Navarro County. I denied being afraid of Dauben, and she immediately signed off the Facebook account and blocked me. I later contacted her via her e-mail account because I wanted to know how she got the erroneous information she knew you were a Dabuenista. She refused to believe me, and she accused me of getting drunk somewhere oh wow, now we have this claim coming from someone else too and telling people that Dauben frightened me. It never happened, but she remained unswayed by my protests.

Then the author of the blog I referenced earlier as a snake pit contacted me, implying that he understood that I had some kind of special connection with Dauben oh no, who remained jailed at the time. He asked me if I would agree to be an anonymous source for his blog so he could write updates about Dauben's situation not really. The author said, "If there is some actual information ... or any message Joey is trying to get through ... I could post it on my blog and leave you completely out of it ..." The obvious implication was that I had an inside view of what message Dauben wanted the public to hear or that you were the only guy covering the Joey case.

I declined, saying that I really had no special inside track, nor would I do something like that in connection with any story, even if I did have an exclusive source you didn't say anything, much less decline. The truth is that Dauben probably would have communicated with anyone who would have reported about his situation true statement, even this enemy who started the blog for the specific reason of attacking Dauben enemy? thats Daubenista speak. What is extraordinary is that someone would hold such a bitter grudge against someone to start a blog devoted to the sole purpose of condemning them first of all, that isnt extraordinary, I bet at least 2000 such blogs go up a day, second of all I dont have a bitter grudge in any way shape or form as I told you in my email I personally hope he gets out of jail.

As it happened, Dauben finally made bail in Navarro County you mean some woman from New York came down and randomly bailed him out, now there is a story "as it happened", but it would not be for the entire length of his pre-trial period. Dauben couldn't refrain from exercising his passion for writing and reporting the news now you just said he reported the news, did you read what he wrote while he was out? You just called that reporting the news just so we are clear on this, and he eventually wound up violating the terms of his release on bond, which forbid him from using the Internet in any manner. During this time, I met Dauben twice for lunch, and we communicated occasionally about his case via text messaging, in addition to a brief conversation following a hearing.

After his return to jail and his trial in Ellis County, I wrote another story about Dauben's conviction. It apparently proved to be more than Dauben's critics could stand because I began again hearing the rumors about me, my sexuality and my motives for covering the Dauben case so you hearing rumors equals us committing the act?. The Ellis County district attorney made several harsh statements about Dauben that area newspapers reported, and I had not because you are biased. I didn't attend the trial so I could hardly quote someone I didn't hear speak you could after you read them quoted in a real newspaper. I reported the results of the trial, and the reaction to the verdict from the defendant's perspective -- which was ignored by local newspapers I agree completely in fact if you remember the oringal thing you came on my blog to whine about was that I said that your story was the only one Joey would approve of -- as relayed to me by his girlfriend. I couldn't talk to Dauben because he remained jailed in Navarro County awaiting trial.

After hearing about the resumption of the rumors once again, where is your evidence?, I finally decided to confront the critics on the blog, and a week ago I went online into the snake pit with my real name and my picture and took them all on at once. I acknowledge provoking them to spark a dialogue thank you for being honest, but I had no idea how much pent-up hostility awaited me.

It was a bloody fight, and I was bitten repeatedly. I punched one to the left, elbowed another one behind me to the right, kicked them one after the other with both feet and held two incredibly ugly, foul-breathed snakes by the neck choking them when suddenly I'm not sure thats an accurate description -- the website went down.

The blog's author, who goes by the name of a cookie that sounds like a woman's name but who is reportedly actually a man, later revealed that the hosting service company shut down the blog and sent a message saying that the terms of service had been breached by the hate speech, which had characterized me as an old lonely gay pervert who wanted to get it on with a younger guy who liked to engage in sex with minors lets be specific, that was the opinion of one particular commentator. One also accused me of being drunk, which revealed to me who she must be I dont know what the hell this means.

The author repeatedly referred in the days following the blog's shutdown to my "extraordinary relationship" with Dauben, which actually had only amounted to three lunches in more than a year's time thats certainly more than with any other reporter, and one brief conversation after a court hearing.

Naturally, the first words out of the snakes' mouths would be that I somehow had orchestrated the shutdown of the blog. Actually, I didn't complain about the hate speech (I was too busy fighting), but even if I had what the OJ Simpson?, the stupid statements of the vipers obviously got the website shut down, not me no, someone complaining about hate speech towards a gay man got it shut down.

The author of the blog relaunched it on another hosting service the following day, and the attacks against me immediately continued with a little more restraint restraint? I thought I increased them. I stupidly continued to argue with them no you argued stupidly, there is a difference, and they added a false claim that the Dallas Voice had "canned" me because of my alleged "biased" coverage of Dauben well you stopped covering the joey story right after your subpoena.

That was yet another lie published on the blog about me. A personal decision, which included a summer of travel, led to my decision to quit writing columns for all of the magazines that previously published my columns just about everyone who was fired last year would say the same thing. I am after all retired and receiving Social Security checks after more than 30 years of newspaper work you just said retried again, no semi.

Now, Dauben's enemies there is that word again claim that I "drank the Kool-Aid," and that I am officially a "Daubinista," lol, I can't believe you said this on your own blog, this is like reading a journalistic obituary but that's not true either. I don't believe Dauben's conspiracy theory that should be very plural, but at the same time I don't think the hatred so many people feel against him because of his former blogging helps him any. Navarro County's first attempt to try Dauben on the sexual assault charges ended in a mistrial because of an inability to seat an unbiased jury out of a jury pool of 50 people so an unbiased jury member now includes someone who doesn’t want to give probation to a child molester? good to know what you call unbiased.

I did contact a former supervisor of mine from the days when I worked at the Southern Poverty Lawn Center in Montgomery, Ala., and asked him what he thought of the verdict in Ellis County. Based on my description of the case you mean your confused interpretation of the facts of the case?, Richard Cohen ewwww name dropping, I'm not sure he will love being thrown into this, the president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, said he couldn't understand how Dauben got convicted on that charge under those circumstances. He suggested that Dauben's lawyer might want to contact the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas because the organization pursues free speech litigation, and I relayed the information to Dauben's camp thats insider trading. At the same time, I used the opportunity to ask if he intended to appeal his conviction, and I learned an appeal already had been filed.

To me, the Ellis County case represents a free speech issue to a jury it represented a crime. I frankly can't understand why none of Dallas' publications are interested in this aspect of the case, but I make no apologies for my interest in it maybe because your understanding of the case is flawed. As I understand which is our problem, it is the first time for the Texas law to be used in such a manner so I think the appeal court's review of it will be especially interesting. It will be setting a precedent if the verdict stands if this is true, I say good.

Dauben's attack on the Red Oak man was reprehensible, but I don't understand how what he did met the criteria for that particular law thats your problem. If the verdict is allowed to stand, who knows how the law will be interpreted next time against a blogger. It might even be applied to the snake pit when hate speech erupts on the blog again, you do not understand this situation. If it happened once, it probably will happen again. Perhaps, tonight.

Dauben's critics apparently are angry with me in part because they think I should more fiercely criticize him or just be balanced in your reporting. They also complain that I should have written more about the complaints of Joey's enemies rather than summarizing them, but I'm not writing a book you are also not a reporter.

In addition to ridiculing me for being old and gay and suggesting I might be a child molester thats cute, the eternal victim, they claimed I no longer am a journalist based on our own words including in this article, that I am washed up and will be ending my career as a mere blogger who will be disgraced for covering the Dauben case that is extremely likely at this point.

I disagree. It's not up to me or any other journalist to punish Dauben we wanted balance, not punishment. That's not my job you dont have a job. It is the job of the legal system to determine if he is guilty or innocent, and he deserves the same Constitutional protections that anyone else would -- no matter what the alleged crime I think we all agree on that.

As far as it goes for myself and how badly I may get beat up for covering the Dauben case and sticking to my beliefs, it goes with the work of the job again, you dont have a job, but if you do I'm assuming you are still playing reporter and since when does "sticking to your beliefs" become part of the job?. You come across all sorts of people when you cover the news and if you mess with snakes you probably will get bit. But I think I'm going to stay out of the snake pit in the future I bet you wont.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Continual Misinformation of David Webb

So David decides to give us his front page treatment at his blog the rare reporter. We are a pit of vipers and spew a bunch of hate speech according to David. He is actually forthcoming in several aspects of his coverage with Joey which I appreciate, but he flat out lies about several of his claims. His first lie is that he continues to blame this blog for rumors that his coverage of Joey was because both of them were gay. Thats absolutely not true, neither myself or any other commenter on here made that claim before he came on here attacking us.

Then he makes this statement: "Then the author of the blog I referenced earlier as a snake pit contacted me, saying he understood that I had some kind of special connection with Dauben, who remained jailed at the time. He asked me if I would agree to be an anonymous source for his blog so he could write updates about Dauben's situation. I declined, saying that I really had no special inside track, nor would I do something like that in connection with any story, even if I did have an exclusive source. The truth is that Dauben probably would have communicated with anyone who would have reported about his situation, even this enemy who started the blog for the specific reason of attacking Dauben."

The first part of this is a straight up lie, I never said he had some kind of special connection, and the second part is a mischaracterization of my words.

So here you go, our entire email conversations unedited and unspun. You can reach your own conclusions:

Hey David,
I have been following your stories on the Joey Dauben situation. I have been a longtime critic of Joey, not because of his current charges or what he said his causes were, but of the way he did things. He was sloppy, wreckless and arrogant, and I knew sooner or later it would get him. Anyway, I have been running a blog about Joey for a while now
and I was wondering if there is any real information you had that we could update everyone with? I'm not sure all the Judge ended up ruling on you, or if you can or can not continue your blog, but if there is some actual information such as when and where the trail date is, or any message Joey is trying to get through with, I could post it on my blog and leave you completely out of it. I'm not trying to get Joey convicted, but then again I'm certainly not on his side either as I despise the way he goes about things.


The judge's ruling had no potential of affecting me in anyway. I was called to testify in the gag order hearing by the prosecutors who wanted the judge to order Dauben, his attorney and prosecutors not to speak to the media. The prosecutors wanted me, as a member of the professional media covering the case, to testify to the court about the amount of media coverage that has occurred, which is routine in gag order motions and in change of venue motions.

The judge denied the gag order motion, but Dauben's attorneys have advised him not to talk to the media about his case. That's the reason I haven't written anything else. There hasn't been anything to say.

I am not advocating anything other than that the public be kept informed, which has been my role as a professional journalist for more than three decades. I would hope that everyone believes as I do that Dauben is entitled to a fair trial, regardless of how many people he has angered over the years with his reporting, which admittedly has sometimes not conformed to accepted standards of professional journalism.

You can read the last story I wrote about Dauben at

I don't anticipate writing anything else until the trial, unless something unexpected comes up. The date of the trial is available to anyone because it is public information. You should contact the court for that information as I'm not certain when it is scheduled. Trial dates often get reset multiple times before one actually takes place.

I have no idea what Dauben is currently thinking about his legal problems. The last time I talked to him, which was after the gag order hearing, he told me that he planned to follow his lawyers' advice to the letter.

Hope this answers all of your questions. Thanks for reading my work.

David Webb
justin thompson<>

to David
Yeah I hope he gets a fair trial and frankly I hope he gets off on these charges (he can't entertain me in prison). I have seen one of these papers of his, but it looks like there are more. Do you know how many he has out there and where you can go to get them?
thanks for you answers
David Webb <>
May 31
to me
I actually have not seen any of the newspapers. I interviewed him via telephone text messaging for that story about publishing the papers. He said something about someone scheduling a protest, and that they planned to distribute them during it. I think that was supposed to be before primary election day. To tell the truth, I've put Dauben on the back burner until the trial and haven't given the case much thought. I just looked at your blog. Your information is more current than mine. I didn't know anything about books being written or the radio talk shows. Humorous.

justin thompson <>
May 31
to David
I have the link to this one
like a 13 year old wrote it.
David Webb <>
Jun 6
to me

I read your recent blog post. I actually know very little about Dauben and his history. I met him about a year ago when I wrote a short story for about his relocating his office to the area. The stories in the Dallas media about him sparked my interest so I invited him to lunch at a local restaurant to interview him. Then, I resumed contact with him via mail, and later phone, after he was jailed to write about his legal problems. I've actually only seen him in person twice, once at lunch and then at the gag order hearing.

I noticed your references to his family and in particular his father. Has Joey followed in his father's footsteps somehow? This is just for background. I'd just like to have a better understanding of how Joey was brought up and what has led him to be a religious, political crusader. I'm not actually planning on writing anything else at this time, other than a final wrap-up after the trial.

justin thompson <>
Jun 6
to David
Hey David,
Yeah he is very similar in his dad's beliefs, but differs in application of those beliefs. His dad is very conservative/traditional, he has said things (this is coming through Joey) that could even be considered somewhat racist as well as regionalist (he hates the yankees), and Christian although I would say its more of part of the puzzle piece for their world view than would I say he is a devout Christian. The big kicker though is he is deeply conspiratorial. You know, we didn't really land on the moon type. Joey adopted this worldview, everything that happens has some sort of deep mastermind presence behind it that is evil at its core yet those that are orchestrating it have all the power so there isnt anything you can do about it. This is the part where Joey and his dad differ, his dad told him keep it quiet or they will get you, Joey said no I'm going to make it my mission in life to expose this for what it is. And thus a very interesting career is born.
Yeah I have known Joey since about 2006. I'm kinda like you in that we may have lunch together once a year or so but most of the correspondence would be through email. Joey in real life and what he writes online are two completely different people. He is very friendly and somewhat meek in person, when he gets behind his keyboard its a different Joey. When he was first starting out, just out of high school, he had a ton of potential but he always gravitated towards people that shared his dad's worldview. Do both of the DA's want to silence him for good? Of course, but the problem is he fell right into their lap by doing stupid things.
David Webb <>
Jun 6
to me
What type of work does his father do? Was his father public in his views, such as at city council or other types of public meetings? Are his parents still married? Do you think his father is a white supremacist or one of their sympathizers? What you described is very similar to the anti-government views of white supremacists. Thanks for your input on this.

I thought Joey was very personable, and I honestly didn't get any gay vibes from him at all. I was shocked when he was arrested. Did other people think Joey was gay? I've heard rumors that the person he is accused of sexually assaulting (and I know absolutely nothing about him at all) is gay.

justin thompson <>
Jun 6
to David
Joey admitted on his blog way back when he first started it to having a homosexual affair, but said he "repented" and that part of him was gone. I would say he is bi at the least, I know he was after younger girls as well.
I dont know Joey's dad just what Joey has said about him and what he has posted online. They are still married and I think still live in Ovilla. He was very much not outspoken as Joey was, his dad would never voice his opinions in an open forum such as Joey did. I doubt he was an open racist just more of your typical blue collar guy who is extremely libertarian and has this us vs. them mentality about most things.
David Webb <>
Jun 6
to me
Wow. Thanks for the insight. We will see what happens. I understand the trial and jury selection is supposed to start June 18, unless something changes. I have a long-planned cruise scheduled for late June so I may miss the trial. I'm actually retired, but I'm having a little trouble letting go of continuing to write the news. The sense I'm getting at this point is that if something happened it was consensual, but the guy was obviously underage. The law is the law, and there is just no way of getting around that. Thanks again for answering my questions.

justin thompson >
Jun 6
to David
yeah I dont think it was aggravated and I certainly dont think it ruined anyone's life or such, but this is exactly why you dont spend you life slandering and going after public officials like this because when you get caught in the cross hairs like this what do you think they are going to do? They will apply the law as its written.
David Webb >
Jun 6
to me
You aren't Susie's son are you? I had a friend whose son's name was Justin.

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justin thompson >
Jun 6
to David
David Webb >
Jun 6
to me
Thanks that would have been weird

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