Thursday, February 28, 2013

"I Can See Clearly Now That Bill is Gone"

Thanks to the Pie Baby's latest temper tantrums, there as been a large exodus from the Lawless America Movement.  Upon leaving the flock, they all start to see things for that they really are.  Mary B is upbeat and positive without all the daily bill drama to bring her down.  Allie O is having fun over in the Clubhouse and getting to showcase her humor which was banned under the Pie regime.

Then we have this woman who decided to create her own blog.  This blog chronicles her journey from kool aid centred diet to a more balanced and healthy one.
btw her account corroborates Allie's in terms of what is now known as AllieGate.  Her creative writing is outstanding.

Ohh, and since Billy called all us Clubhouse members gangsters.....well we now have another movie

Thats like 28 movies from us now Bill, you still dont even have one  *****WestSide*****

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ctrl+Alt+Delete=No More Internet Playtime

On today's episode of "All My Pies", Billy forgets to call his fake tech support and tries to play geek squad all by his lonesome.  Let the conspiracy theories fly as we speculate on why he came up with this story today:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Comment Overflow

Don't got anything, but the comments are already to the "load more" phase on the last you can overflow on here

Bill Windsor to All the "Haters": RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!!!!
sorry about the commercial, but the clip is just too perfect

So Pie Baby said he spent all day Monday filing charges, or planning to, on the 37 yes count them 37 meanies out there that cause him to shake in his bed each night.  So here we go:

On February 25, 2013, Bill Windsor filed criminal complaints against 37 cyberstalkers..
Included were Allie Overstreet, Mark Supanich, Sean Boushie, Claudine Dombrowski, Lorraine Tipton, Shannon E. Miller aka Elizabeth Hope Hernandez, Jennifer Herbert aka Jennifer Dotson, Kimberly Wigglesworth, Brannon T. Bridge, Connie Bedwell, Justin Thompson, Loryn Ryder, Cheryl Sosby, Gail Lakritz, L. Wilson, Lisa Jones, Trinity Baker, Diane Gochin aka Diane Rose aka Diane Rostesky, and others. Wow, Allie and Mark pass up the infamous tiny handed Sean Boushie and now rank at the top of the Pie's most wanted.  Brannon is still ahead of me, but at least I'm on the list, or who he thinks I am.
Stalking is a form of mental assault awwwe, the poor whittle baby needs a hug, in which the perpetrator repeatedly, unwantedly, and disruptively breaks into the life-world what the hell is a "life-world" of the victim, with whom he has no relationship (or no longer has). The separated acts don't you mean separatethat make up the intrusion may not always by themselves cause the mental abuse sometimes that person is already mentally ill, but do taken together (cumulative effect).
Internet technology has enabled online groups of anonymous people like this to self-organize to target individuals with online defamation, threats of violence, and technology-based attacks.  Internet technology has also enabled fat narcissist who seek revenge on the world to deceive desperate souls and prey on them 
In this case, there seem to be some "professional" stalkers at work conspiracy stalking?.  According to online posts, the American Mothers Political Party (a hate group) teamed up several years ago with a group of "Joeys" who operate a hate website at  So let me get this straight, a group of women fighting against domestic abuse decided to team up with a bunch of kangaroos who somehow operate a website?
They have published lies, doctored photographs, threatened violence, posted sensitive personal information, e-mailed damaging statements to many people, and are manipulating search engines to make damaging material about me more prominent.  I'm sorry, are we still talking about the kangaroos?
I fear for my safety and the safety of my family. I am in fear of bodily harm to myself then put down the pie and eat a salad and my family you have no family, violent injury to my property what in the world is that?, and more.
On February 25, 2013, I filed my second criminal complaint My name is Bill Windsor, I'm a criminal and I would like to complain.  This named at least 37 people and entities.  Included were online aliases such as Ginger Snap, Petunia Pigg, and others. also be on the lookout for an alpaca that smiles, a roo, a yappy, a slugo, a mountian lion, a ninja and a guy in a morph suit 
My complaint is for stalking, harassment, harassing communications, threats (including death threats or veiled threats of bodily harm by four people). but if you can think of any other words I forgot, I would like to complain about them too
There is absolutely no question that these people have followed me online and contacted me online for the purpose of harassing and intimidating me I have followed their footprints all over the internets. They have attempted to terrify, threaten, harass, annoy, and offend me with lewd and profane language, lewd and lascivious acts, threats to inflict physical harm, and more I just can't think of any more words, where is Allie when I need her.  
Virtually all of the stalking and harassment has been cyberstalking, the use of the Internet and email to stalk and harass me and those acquainted with me.  so can you please just shut down their internet, I have already asked gmail, yahoo, and hotmail but they wont do anything.
The stalking includes the making of false accusations and false statements. These include that I am a pedophile, a pedophile lover, anti-gay, bigoted, a tax evader, a criminal operating a scam, and much more.  somehow these crazy kangaroos have figured out a way to make a video that looks like me, sounds like me, and claims to be me saying all these things
The stalking includes monitoring, as the stalkers claim to be tracking my Internet activity you mean like how you like to search for escort services?.  Some stalkers participate in my online radio talk shows to monitor and/or to disrupt the calls and the online chat.  The monitoring includes repeated online posts of libelous, threatening, harassing statements. this is treason right?  If that isn't I dont know what treason is
I fear identity theft as they say they have my social security number. they even have my mailing address that I attach to the bottom of all my emails
Many of these perpetrators spend a lot of time gathering information that may be used to harass. so they are good at it?
The stalking is apparently motivated by a desire to control me and interfere with my activities. Their sole goal is to damage me and my charitable efforts.  you even manage to write a puff piece in your criminal complaint?
The initial cyberstalker was a person who I do not believe I know so how do you know he existed?.  He was joined by people I do know and many more who I wouldn't know from Adam thats a stupid statement Bill.  These stalkers have solicited involvement of other people online who do not even know me.  so the kangaroos went and got the help of the alpacas, pigs and cougars?
The libel and slander is truly unbelievable ohhh except it very much is believable, in fact its true.  These stalkers invent one false claim after another.  People who I don’t know make statements in writing that have no truth whatsoever and can be easily proven to be false.just dont expect me to be able to prove it  It’s like they feel they can say anything and get away with it.  
The stalkers have repeatedly violated my privacy rights didn't you make yourself a public figure? and copyright by using photos and videos of me that they have no legal right to use.  Photographs of me have been doctored.  Absolutely sickening videos have been produced about me.  The worst is one that has one scene after another of feces – big piles of shit in various settings – and it’s all attacking me.  dont forget to show them the hitler ones
They have created fake blogs about me containing defamatory content.  so are you saying the blogs dont really exist, they only appear to?  Much like a certain movie of yours?
Internet technology has enabled online groups of anonymous people like this to self-organize to target individuals with online defamation, threats of violence, and technology-based attacks. They have published lies, doctored photographs, threatened violence, posted sensitive personal information, e-mailed damaging statements to many people, and are manipulating search engines to make damaging material about me more prominent.  how senile are you that you repeat what you just said 3 paragraphs up?
It would take a team of people full-time to capture all the stalking and slander so I'm requesting that you put the entire force on this one.  I have 882 megabytes of evidence, but it is a fraction of what is out there.  if you don't at least have a gig, dont bother....oh and byte me
Any reasonable person what would you know about a reasonable person? in possession of this information would regard it as sufficient to cause another reasonable person distress.
I have massive civil charges that I intend to bring against these folks.  because, I dont know if you have heard or not, I'm what the courts call a vexatious litigant.  I once brought charges against a hornet for biting me
I say to all of the people cybertsalking me, slandering me, libeling me, defaming me, etc., CEASE AND DESIST yeah thats cute, but did you forget you are at the police department?.  I consider your actions to be both criminal and civil violations, and I intend to file criminal charges against each of you well unfortunatly its going to boil down to how the police feel about it, not you.  I also plan to file a civil action against each of you if I could just find the money to put up as bond.  And you will be featured in one of two new movies, Slanderella or Slanderfella.  wait, you are making two new fake movies out of it now?  And you stole our clubhouse name on fella.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Billy Doesn't Like His Lemmings

Ahhhh the help these days.  As we have long speculated, the Pie Baby tolerates and endures his followers, but he sure doesn't like them.  You can see it explode when he joyfully cast them off his deserted island.  Sure, these followers give all their time, effort and energy to Bill free of charge, but he still doesn't like what he didn't pay for.

Here is a little peak behind the curtain as to how Billy treats his lemmings:

----- Original Message -----
From: "Bill Windsor" <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 12:32:24 PM
Subject: Database


I cannot wait any longer on the database.  I needed this before I left on
the trip, and now it is the single most important thing needed for moving
forward.  So, tomorrow, I will begin doing the work myself.  If work has
been done, please advise.  Otherwise, I will just start at the top and work
my way through. If you cannot keep up, or a too slow , please advise. I Don't have time for less than intelligence.


William M. Windsor

Office: 770-578-1094

Fax: 770-578-1057 <>

P.O. Box 681236

Marietta, GA 30068

I, William M. Windsor, am not an attorney.  My website and emails express my
OPINIONS.  The comments of visitors or guest authors to the website are
their opinions and do not therefore reflect my opinions.  Anyone mentioned
by name in any article is welcome to file a response.  My website and my
emails do not provide legal advice.  I do not give legal advice.  I do not
practice law.  My website and my emails are to expose government corruption,
law enforcement corruption, political corruption, and judicial corruption.
Whatever my website and emails say about the law is presented in the context
of how I or others perceive the applicability of the law to a set of
circumstances if I (or some other author) was in the circumstances under the
conditions discussed.  Despite my concerns about lawyers in general, I
suggest that anyone with legal questions consult an attorney for an answer,
particularly after reading anything on my website or in my emails.  The law
is a gray area at best.

----Forwarded Message----
Sent: Wed, Feb 13, 2013 3:34 PM CST
Subject: Re: Database

Wow Bill:

Sorry you feel that way, I worked on it as much as I can, have had others working on it as well and still we as in all of us haven't been able to get it done in YOUR TIME ... I guess you will do what you have to do ...


Yep, Billy doesn't have the time to settle for "less than intelligence"

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nazi Radio Show Tonight at 8 central

So Billy had a very bad week, how will he spin it tonight?

I wanted to address this but the AllieGate scandal erupted, but lets look more closely at what our American Terrorist Bill Windsor has planned:

Bill Windsor feels no body cares what you feel Bill corrupt judges and government officials who ignore the Constitution should be charged with TREASON.

Treason is defined as violation of allegiance or duty to one's country or its government.  It is also defined as violation of allegiance or of faith and confidenceand it also has to do with siding with the enemy during wartime, you kinda forgot that part

So, in my opinion your ear lobe has more value in this world than your opinion, there is absolutely no question that these people are committing treason.

Federal officials, including Congress, federal judges, and every commissioned officer in our military take this oath of office:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God."

Federal officials in the United States are bound by this oath to reject anything that violates the Constitution of the United States.  When Constitutional rights are denied, the laws are ignored, and government officials allow corruption to go unchecked, tht's TREASON to me. well its not treason to anyone else, especially those that know and understand the law  This is crystal clear to me.  again, who cares what you think?

Since we have federal government officials who have allowed the Constitution of the United States to be usurped you have not established this as fact, these people are domestic enemies of the peopleNO YOU ARE THE DOMESTIC ENEMY I personally would rather die fighting someone might arrange that against the domestic enemies that have usurped power in our country than live in a country where we think we are free.  then leave Bill, get out of my country if you hate it so much  I believe we must work to educate our fellow Americans about what has happened. you cant because you don't have the facts to back you up  The first step is to expose these domestic enemies at all levels of government, and Lawless America has begun that process. you have begun the process of revealing yourself to the country as a terrorist

Domestic enemies are those within our own government who pursue legislation and programs that are contradictory to the powers and principles embodied in the Constitution. yeah, you better pay attention to what you just said Domestic enemies are those who deny our Constitutional rights as a pattern and practice again, you just made that up out of thin air.  Domestic enemies are those who either refuse to acknowledge the Constitution at all, or speak praises about its importance in public, but in private act in a manner that contradicts its restraint. more magic air  Domestic enemies of the Constitution also include all those who support political officers who themselves are enemies of the Constitution.  yeah lets make sure we don't leave anyone out

Treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against our country.  A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitoragain, you are avoiding the definition of treason

Treason was specifically defined in the United States Constitution, the only crime so defined.  Article III Section 3 delineates treason as follows:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.  No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.  The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

The Constitution does not itself create the offense no; it only restricts the definition (the first paragraph), permits Congress to create the offense, and restricts any punishment for treason to only the convicted (the second paragraph) so maybe charge the constitution with treason?.  The crime is prohibited by legislation passed by Congress. Therefore the United States Code at 18 U.S.C. § 2381 states "whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States." The requirement of testimony of two witnesses was inherited from the British Treason Act 1695.  again, this has to do with wartime

I personally support elimination of the death penalty for all acts except treason well that's about the dumbest anti-death penalty stance I have ever heard, let the cop killers roam free but if they commit my made up crime of treason, they die.  I feel no one cares about how you feel this way for two reasons.  First, our criminal justice system is horribly broken opinion, and way too many innocent people get convicted opinion.  Second, treason is so dangerous to so many that I believe death must be retained as a deterrent. stupid opinion

I love America and our government liar, you hate it with ever fiber of your being.  What I hate is the USA are the corrupt public officials who violate their oaths and have broken America, the traitors who have committed treason. your made up definition of it  I do not in any way advocate overthrowing our government another lie, yes you do, its phase 3 of your Nazi solution.  I advocate ridding us of all the corrupt traitors.  potato patato

Der Fuhrer Purges His Minister of Propaganda

There is sooooooo much going on right now that the best I can do is give a cliff note's version of the run down.  We have all heard at least some of the story by now, but the truth to the story is vomit inducing.

Apparently, leading up to and certainly after the DC event, Allie had started to really pay attention to this blog and the questions we were raising (such as the fake fb profiles).  She even began to ask bill some questions about them, and as a dictator he expects blind loyalty and nothing else.  So they quietly parted.

Well, the problem is, she was too big of a figure in the movement to just fade away into the sunset   Many of the followers started asking questions and thinking that Bill banned her.  At this point, it became clear to Bitler that he had to make a public exaction and example out of his former number two.  So he devises a plan only Satan himself could come up with much like Hitler and his Reichstag Fire.

He decided to choose a story he covered in the same town as Allie, in fact it was someone who was brought to Billy by Allie, and this story involved a troubled teen.  Since Bill hadn't had any real hero worship from this family since his filming of them, he figured he would throw them into the purging as well.  So late in the night, bill receives a facebook message from someone he believes to be (translation:  I'm lying) the mother of the child saying that he had committed suicide.  Bill runs with this story all over his plethora of facebook pages and tried to use the story to rally the troops to his cause.

Then he stated to receive messages back that the story was bogus.  Instead of taking responsibility for posting the story and apologizing, he then moves to phase two of his plan, blame it all on Allie.  He bans her and everyone involved in the story from facebook so that he can control all information given to his lemmings.

But there is a reason you never out your number two, because they have all the goods on you.  And that is certainly the case here as Allie has enough to bury Bill once and for all.  Before she was banned, Allie posted the greatest post in the history of Lawless America, as she shot a hole in everything:

Allie Overstreet That's it? This is your big public ousting? A simple trace on the computer that sent that suicide message, would clear things up. Although I doubt that gets posted. Unblocking me so I can watch the train wreck, yet blocking me from commenting to defend myself is a bit juvenile I think. Tell them, Bill, of the donations receipts. Tell them of the movie and Sundance fiasco. Tell them of the thousands of emails you copied me on. Tell them of the one where you are calling them stupid. Tell them of Homeland Security list Bill, and the filming at the capitol. Tell them how Stacey did send your hard drives back and how you gave permission to use the banner and camera. Tell Dottie what you really think of her. Tell them about Montana and the cops chasing you out of the state. Tell them how many social security numbers you have. Tell them about your database Bill. Tell them about the emails you DONT publish. Tell them about the tv show Bill. Tell them of your bad guy list and why they are on it . Tell them how many times you were in your basement when you you said you were on the road. Tell them about the death threats, or rather, the lack there of. Tell them about the trademark and copywrites Bill. Tell them how you sent me every email you ever sent any of them. Tell them about the meetings with movie agents. Go ahead, tell them. Tell them about your precious spreadsheets with all their personal info Bill. And while you are at it, tell them how to track IP's and proxy's, and how you never should have trusted a woman with brains enough to keep everything you ever said. ...You have made a grave mistake jerking innocent people around for your own midlife crisis. Haters aren't causing you to fail, YOU are causing you to fail. Lying about stupid shit trying to ruin peoples name, just because they dared to not bow correctly to you. Go ahead, trace the computer. I dare you. Tell them where all these criminal charges you have filed are. Tell them that you knew two weeks before DC we couldnt film in the capitol and that no legislators were coming. Tell them about the two under cover FBI agents in the Senate theater Bill. Tell them how you changed from a regular room to the biggest suite the Crowne had. Tell them how you told me there wont be any movement and you are going to back out. Tell them the timing in which this suicide message appeared. won't do that, now will ya. Tell them how many letters you have written to congress Bill. Tell them who actually wrote them . Tell them who does all your work for you. Tell them why your son won't associate his company with Lawless. Tell them how you didn't renember Noah until I told you who he was. Tell them who got Stop the Silence to endorse you. Who got Washington Families United to endorse you. Who got you conference calls with media. Tell them how you forgoymt to copywrite Lawless and asked me what to do. Tell them how you have tens of thousands of unanswered emails. Tell them who did what Bill. I do dare you to sue me and file charges on me. I cannot wait. I will expose the real corruption within Lawless America gladly, and not on faacebook to a bunch of people who believe in you. I hope you do go to the cops, but I know you won't because they already know you well. You are the sick one, for not giving a shit about these peoples stories unless it is good PR for you. You are good at talking sweet but suck at covering your tracks. Bring it on Mr. Windsor, we will see where that suicide message came from and we will blow you wide open for all your lies and using these folks vulnerabilities to your advantage. I am not your average lemming and lying about me to publicly and maliciously discredit my name was a big mistake.

Bill made a fatal mistake in choosing to purge Allie.  He also made a major moral error in choosing this boy as the crux of his made up story.  He exposed himself to the world as a monster, and a stupid one at that.  Now, as the vultures are swirling above, the final chapter of Bill Windor's lawless america has begun.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Clubhouse Radio Tonight!! New Movie Premiere, and Billy Wants to Make an Announcement
That's right, tonight at 10 est, 9 central.....I hear its going to be a blast and the last show had nearly 1,000 listeners.

And if that where not enough, Spawn and OReader have collaborated to bring you our newest box office hit:  Biligan's Island

Oh and Billy has a big announcement to make at high noon today.  Maybe he is switching to decaf.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Bill Windsor Has Lost His Mind

Billy needs to get back on the road and start filming again for his fake movie.  When he spends extended periods of time in his dark, lonely, soon to be foreclosed home, his paranoia engulfs him.  One of the problems with being a compulsive liar is you honestly forget what the actual truth sounds like.  Late last night, Billy tossed away all his marbles in a vain attempt to try and capitalize on what he believed was a tragedy.

According to him, he received a facebook message last night from the mother of a boy named Noah whom he had previously filmed in Jefferson City Missouri.  The message stated that Noah, out of fear of being taken back into CPS custody, took his own life.

Without any verification whatsoever, Billy excitedly put the news all over his different facebook pages as a rallying cry for all his lemmings.  Windsor proclaimed that Noah was now a somebody in heaven.  He even brought up that he might have been sexually molested even though thats a claim that Noah never made, but Billy called it the "elephant in the room" in his post-mortem recap of the boy's life.

Well, not so fast.  Fortunately the story was false, but instead of owning up to his mistake, he starts to push the blame in the direction of his former Minister of Propaganda ms. Allie O.  Yes, thats right, apparently Allie has quietly been moving away from the American Terrorist known as Bill Windsor.  So this means she is back in the middle of the spotlight as this non-incident happened in her town with a family she convinced to go to Lawless in the first place.  Here is how Billy starts to paint the picture after he realizes he screwed up:

  • Bill Windsor Kini, there are only perhaps six people who could have written this Facebook message. I know it wasn't me, and I ruled out Noah. That leaves Brenda and three women. The messages and posts about the bologna came from Mark Supanich, Allie Overstreet's new boyfriend. So what are the odds that Mark, Allie, and Noah are sitting around eating bologna sandwiches at 1:00 am when a message is sent saying Noah is dead is sent to me...followed an hour later with messages from Mark saying it isn't true. Very strange stuff.
    6 hours ago · Like · 4
  • Bill Windsor For those who don't know, Allie Overstreet is in the Jefferson City, Missouri area where Noah, Brenda, and Allie were filmed. Mark Supanich is from Missoula, Montana.

See lemmings, this all must be Allie's fault, and maybe Sean Boushie while we are at it.  Allie comes on to give her defense of the situation and deny any part of charade:

Allie Overstreet pfft....I saw your "Noah commited suicide" comment and panicked. I know Noah and his mother very well in real life. I called her immediately because I knew something wasnt right with your story. I had just spoken to them three hours prior. Sure enough, he is alive and well and she is in shock that you would post that. Do not play like I had anything to do with this. That is just cruel. I love Noah very much and know him personally. Brenda and Noah aren't even your followers. I talked them into filming with you, and she has only had minimal contact since Jeff City with you. She is not on fb very much, does not read your wall, and is not known by your followers. She did not do this. And a man in Montana wasn't watching young boys in Missouri eating. I told him Noah was alive because your post caused alot of pdople to pray, cry, and mourn, including Mark in Montana. It was only right I let him know that Noah was not dead. And really, Bill, what if he was dead? You think it is okay to post that stuff without even knowing if it was okay with his mom ? She is crying herveyes out and cursing up a storm because you knew her son IS suicidal from CPS. My God Bill, have some compassion. And try asking people before you go saying their son is dead. I know Brenda and she did not send you that. I certainly did not send you that. You are out of line. I have done nothing to you, and have been kind in explaining why Icam not here anymore. Why would you put my name in a post suggesting I sent this sick piece of garbage? Say your sorry for Gods sake, instead of accusing everybody for YOUR mess ups. Noah Williamson is alive and well. Leave him alone.

Well that all sounds right and all, but the lemmings are well trained to avoid the truth and instead they start to gang up on Allie as their Fuhrer had inferred:

Sharon Noonan Kramer Wow! That is diabolical manipulation. Its interesting that they picked a friend of Allie Overstreet's for that horrid message knowing Bill Windsor would probably post it. Wonder if they did that on purpose to try to bring the recent rift into an all out public feud? Who would be so callus to send a false message that a troubled young man commited suicide and what were they trying to accomplish? Bill and Allie, both be careful you are not being manipulated. There are professional corporations out there who do this kind of stuff for a lving. See info on HGBary who the USDOJ put in contact w/the US Chamber. Bary wrote a proposal of how to infiltrate and cause desent among Chamber detractors. Annonmous hacked Bary and got the proof of what they were doing.

Patricia L. Adame @ Allie Overstreet You are a problem. GET OUT OF THE WAY, Bill is a good man doing whats right even through all attacks against the cause for justice. You probably wrote that letter and turn around and write your comments in attempt to discredit Bill and the cause and cause additional stumbling blocks to this quest for justice. Back Off.

The bottom line is Bill cares nothing about any of the families or stories he has filmed for his fake movie.  It pains him to even tolerate their existence as he must endure their endless postings and thoughts on his facebook page.  The only real value they give him is the exploitation and shock value he can use to try and leverage in his personal battle against the court system.

-oh and for more on this and everything else, tune in to the clubhouse radio show tomorrow night at 9 central time

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Billy Tries to Make a Joke, But the Lemmings Freak Out

So Billy boy, in the middle of all the what happened to our facebook page drama, decided (over on his personal FB page) to inject some humor out there for his followers.  Bad idea, as it only underlines just how especially stooopid his remaining lemmings really are.

Bill posted your usual Nigerian bank fraud scam where they offered him $3.4 million and all they needed was all his personal financial information.  Here are the comments that followed:

Bill Windsor Can you imagine the noise we would make with $3.4 million?

He is trying to be funny

Tammy Stroud Bill .... your too much!!! I almost fell for that one too!!!! Must be the same guy!!!

Tammy Stroud Well ... I must be honest with you ... I followed throught with someone who sent be a check ... I still have it ... I went to the bank to show it to them ... they did not want to get involved ... since I brought it to report it. I even wanted to get some one official to help expose it since I had other pertainant info that could maybe track it back ... no help to be found!!! Imagine that ... I have no respect for policenow ... because of the organized crime to citizens here ... and no one wants the "real Threatful evidence" see howw vulnerable we are!!!!

Brian Stripling this could be very useful to the cause

Then Tammy and Brian spend about 80 comments going back and forth about their conspiracies of the banking industry and how they need to fix it.

Then back to the original topic:

Ron Goodman Looks like the letter is a HOAX to me. I've received many just like it. Just sayin.

Tammy Stroud Scam or Not ... There out to hurt an unsuspecting person...or worse.

Ken Auman ive gotten those. a friend of mine got one and responded and got a certified check and deposited it. the bank gave her the money. then the check was found to be no good and the bank went after my friend for the money. if she had sent part of the money to the foreigner, the foreigner would have had some easy money.

its time for some new friends Ken

Ron Goodman Bill needs to be warned NOT to give them any information. Can someone do that?


Ron Goodman Anyone have his phone # or email? Try contacting him before morning.

Ron Goodman Why did he post this then? Makes no sense if he was on top of it...right?

Ken Auman Bill, in this version of who wants to be a millionaire, have you used your "call a friend" up yet. what about "most popular answer"? lol or are you testing your constituency for their knowledge level of scams!

Gail Denise Schumacher I have had plenty of those types of emails. Finally the scammers realized that they couldn't fool me. I even had a facebook friend that was one of those scammers looking for easy bate in my friends list.

Gail is always here to give us an especially stooopid take on the simple things in life.  Yeah they wised up and moved on.

Albert Fiorini Those emails are still going around? I guess the Chinese are still trying to get Americans to pay off their debt by having access to our bank accounts.

Those Chinese and their brilliant scams to get their money back.

Irene Holmes better look it into it and find out if it is for real. I have got some of these like this that want to give me money cause of someone died.

Irene Holmes i even gave my info to them, but nothing happe

Sharon Anderson Could be a Ruse?

Finally Bill has to chime in, realizing that he will never again try and inject levitty into this group of clowns.  He says this while secretly hoping he can get a new set of lemmings as these bottom feeders just wont do it for him.

Bill Windsor This little bit of humor has gotten more comments than anything lately.  Friends, if it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is.

The moral of the story is that only here at the clubhouse are you going to find thought provoking humor and satire.  You picked your poisen over there Bill, only anger, hate, paranoia and desperation are the acceptable moods for Lawless America.