Friday, May 31, 2013

Oh The Never Ending Life of Pie

First up, we have more P, B and Y Clubhouse radio tomorrow night at 9 Central

As Bill continues to vacation in the kinda great State of Arizona, he has thrown up two testimonies, both of which show just how far down at the bottom of the barrel he is operating from.

First up, we have the case of Julian Soncco, Bill lays out the case like this:


Four years ago, Julian and his family were wrongfully evicted from their home. No foreclosure. Done while they were not at home. Someone else is living there. But I am holding a 2011 letter from GMAC Mortgage confirming that the mortgage is paid in full and remitting a $3,650.28 overpayment. But no one seems to be doing anything about this.

I believe this story is why the Arizona Attorney General's Office wants to go on camera. This story stinks so badly that they may be looking to do damage control. Julian cc'd me on communication with the Attorney General a while back, and that seems to be why the AG's office has been pursuing me for an interview.

To the Arizona Attorney General I say this: Get Julian and his family back in their home, and I will make the Arizona Attorney General's Office look good in the movie with a success story such as this will be.

That is patented  Bill.  Nothing but lies and deception ending with a threat to a law enforcement agency under the guise of his fake movie.  Now, how about the truth?  The truth is this man, like many others, had a home that plummeted in value from the housing crash.  He became upside down on his loan, and he was duped in to a lease back offer.  So he sold his home...the mortgage was satisfied, but the new owner didn't like the lease back idea and kicked him out.  The Attorney General did sue on behalf of many homeowners who fell victim to this scheme, but the guy is now insolvent and no one is going to get restitution.   This isn't a story about government corruption or anything like that.  This is a story of a guy who became upside down on his mortgage and in desperation fell prey to a run of the mill scam artist, and now he is falling prey to a new scamster in Bill.

Then we have the porn star and B movie actress Sheri Thomas.  Even though Bill had just explained to a follower that he was not in position to quickly upload their movies to youtube, Bill excitedly welcomed this washed up porn star in to his private hotel room for some "filming".  Bill quickly uploaded her video's to youtube and set up her sob story this way:


Sheri is the mother of two boys who are now young men, and she has seen them only five times in the last 20 years. Her sons were courtnapped, and she (a stay-at-home mom) was literally put out in the street -- left homeless and penniless. Her aerospace executive (six figure income) ex-husband planned the whole deal while his lover waited in the wings.

Sheri's story is incredibly maddening. Her life was destroyed by this man. 

But as they say, karma is a bitch. It seems the divorce never actually went through. Her "husband" remarried, and if this is confirmed in court, that makes him guilty of the crime of adultery. He should also have to pay spousal support and cough up at least half of the marital assets.

I look forward to the new developments in this story. Sheri is a beautiful woman inside and out, and I hope her sons see her Love Letter to her Children and begin to understand how she was victimized.

Thats cute, and she gives everyone a taste of just how talented of an actress she is with this clip (which Bill would like you to click on the thumbs up btw)

Well the truth is she divorced in 1988, the father was awarded custody of their two boys and they seem to be living very well adjusted lives now in their early thirties and twenties respectively.  Sheri, in contrast, has devoted her life's profession to selling her body in the form of adult videos.  Now, in her 50's and hideously deformed by too much botox along with ageing) that she can no longer sell her body for the kind of living she has become accustomed to, so she is after her ex for alimony money.  Yes...I know, tomorrow was supposed to be the big day for the grand jury stunt..but now this, apparently, is how we take our country back.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beware of the Shadows

So Bill spent the night again at the Residence Inn in Mesa Arizona.  And of course, he also reads this blog religiously, as he has from the very first day he became aware of it.  Bill is now freaking out that we have him on our terrorist watch list:


The serial stalkers you know it is true, sometimes in the morning I am a cereal stalker and terrorists who are stalking and threatening citation needed here me are now publishing names, addresses uh no, but I could if you really want me to, and even photos of the places where I am staying and will be filming I even have pics of inside your hotel room....but I'm saving that for later.

I will be meeting with the Mesa Arizona police tomorrow I bet they could use a laugh, and I will be requesting protection. Perhaps the police will send someone over to be here during the filming, or we may relocate the filming to the police station I think there is a very secure location inside the police station we would all like for you to relocate to.

Everyone who comes to be filmed in the future needs to bring a driver's license which is generally a good idea anyway for those that drive to your hotel room or passport and a photocopy of the license or passport for my stalking records. I am also now refusing to film anyone who does not provide the required information in advance meaning if you are a female, single, and you look good...I will consider it.

These safeguards are necessary for my protection you mean for your stalking...don't deceive people Bill. I hope these crazy people will not be able to figure out where I will be in the future you mean after you announce your itinerary on your site? . I don't believe they will be dumb enough or smart enough? to continue to stalk and threaten since every new effort builds the case against them I thought we were already toast, you mean you are just now starting to build a case?. And surely they won't be smart enough to figure out where I will be filming at my next stop -- San Diego surely not

Bill wasted the day yesterday, the one thing he did to was break with his norm of supporting murders and criminals.  After seeing a picture of Sheri Thomas, and being told that she is ok with coming up to his hotel room alone for a private "filming", he was more than happy to make an exception for her.  He noted how pretty she was and can't wait to follow any further developments in her case.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bill Windsor Stays Within His Budget, Oh and Lies

This is the hotel room Bill Windsor spent the night in last night.  The Residence Inn in Mesa Arizona with rooms starting at $110 a night and up.  Yes, thats right, he has no money, but how many of you followers get to stay at places like that every single night?  This man is burning $3,000 a month on hotel rooms alone.

As we also pointed out yesterday from an inside source....Bill spent all night and the morning stalking the blog instead of attending to his daily fake movie duties.  This caused him to miss his big filming in Arizona because he simply left El Paso too late.

So after surviving the violent and dangerous dust devils (which he said can cause dust storms) and brushfires of New Mexico, Bill got caught in his own web of lies as he missed his meeting in Pima County Arizona.  On his way down there Bill tried to set up the story this way:

Lawless America I'm sitting outside the Pima County Juvenile and Family Court building. I've done some filming, and I am waiting for my group to appear. 5 pm 5-28-2013 MDT

of course that was a lie as he was still trying to book it across New Mexico since he started way too late after his all night stalking spree of this blog. 

Lawless America john larson told me that judge hector campoy of tucson told him that because he believed i god, he would never be suitable as a parent

So this John Larson didn't exactly enjoy being stood up in the hot sun all afternoon by Bill and the truth got to come through:

John Larson What ??? I stood there for 3 Hours in the hot son with my protest signs; in front of the Pima County Juvenile and Family Court Center. None of the 13 people who said that they would show even showed up. Also......NO BILL WINDSOR !!!!!!


The truth shall set you free...or in Bill's case expose you to the world for the liar and fraud you really are.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Who is Stalking Who?

So a very reliable inside source confirmed to me that Bill Windsor spent the night in the Marriott Hotel just off of I-10 and right behind the beautiful Franklin Mountain State Park.  Not only that, but this source can also confirm that Bill spent the entire night, from 1 am to late this morning, reading up on the blog.  No time for sleep, no time for the lemmings, just nothing but "the Joeys".  The poor old man can't look away, he has to keep up with every single post and every single comment, it consumes him.

Further evidence of the man's complete detachment from reality can been seen in this post this morning:


Beautiful sunset in El Paso on May 27, 2013. It takes forever to drive from San Antonio to El Paso. There was no one on the list to be filmed along the route, so I stopped for a photo at county courthouses that were along the route.

Filming in three cities on May 28. Then I will be filming and working in the Phoenix area for several days.

You may no longer see comments on this Facebook page. I haven't figured out another way to keep the riff raff out. When finally gets restored, I will set up a chat forum there.

Ok, well aside from the fact that everyone can still see and comment on there, we also have this:  "filming in three cities on May 28".  Ummm Bill, thats called today, most human beings refer to it as "today" instead of May 28 and you can't even remember the names of the three cities you are going to today?  Thats right, none of that is really important anyway, just sit back and keep reading the play by play broadcast of your own self-destruction.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

So as most of the Nation pauses to remember the men and woman who fought to keep us free, Bill Windsor, who said those that died in battle died in vain, continues to unravel at the seams.

First, we had a very well done Ripoff Report on the scam that is Lawless America:

Bill gives his usually tired old tactic of trying to discredit the source because of actions he has taken against them.  Example...."I filed criminal charges against so and so, therefore nothing they do or say is credible".

Then Bill decides to really scare everyone by releasing this:


The laws of some states provide that I should clearly and definitively demand that stalkers, haters, harassers, libelers, slanderers, and anyone posting anything negative about me or threatening to my family... or me cease and abate his or her pattern of conduct. So, cease and desist and abate.

Let there be no question whatsoever that I will personally pursue criminal charges against each and every one of you, and I will sue you for general damages, special damages, and punitive damages.

That's right...did you hear that everyone, from now on we are all on notice that he will not hesitate to file charges against us and vexatiously sue us and anyone around us.

Of course the joke continues to be on him as his bluff has been called.  He can't stop anyone, he cant do anything about free speech.  He is biting his own tail and too stupid to realize where that sharp pain is coming from.  Yes Bill, keep operating out of that same ole playbook, its doing wonders for your sanity.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sometimes You Eat the Cookie, Sometimes the Cookie Eats You

So yeah...Bill had a complete meltdown last night.  The failure, the stress, the loneliness, the aimless nature of all of it must have come to a head late last night.  Bill put up a post, which he has since deleted, where we pleaded for help from anyone to help him stalk down Connie Bedwell (I kinda thought she was out of the picture at this point).  He is heading out Californi way to stalk down Connie and is desperately pleading to contact her ex.  As he said last week..."I hate to sound vindictive, but I guess I am".  Something tells me he will regret incurring her wrath.

Then he lashes out at me and the clubhouse, naming a $1,000 reward for information that will lead to the arrest err I mean stalking of the infamous Ginger Snap and other main characters of "the Joeys" (though not specifically designated).  Curtis decides to take him up on that offer and tells him he will surrender his information to Bill for the money.  Well it turns out that the 1K was for all of "the Joeys" collectively.  Yeah Bill if you want a box of cookies, you better up that offer substantially....maybe like start with putting that RV that you cant drive up as an offer.  By the way, would any of the slow kids still in his class like to ask the obvious question of how it is he has no money but can offer $1,000 bounty for a cookie?  You can read more about the exchange between Bill and Curtis over at Curtis' blog

This morning, after taking down his wanted add against us and Connie, he replaced it with an all points bulletin out on Lorraine.  Now we are back to the AMPPs again as the cause of all his self destruction, the insanity has gone full circle.

The other interesting thing about last night was that in his rush to delete all the new posters that flooded his blog, his responses to them were unusually loopy, even for him.  At this point...forced institutionalization is the only appropriate option.  He needs protection from the cookie, or the AMPPs, or big bad Connie, Allie, Elizabeth, the man with tiny hands, or the most terrifying Brannon.  Its simply too much for him, he needs his own witness protection facility inside a secure mental health compound.

Friday, May 24, 2013

P B & Y Show Tonight at 8 Central

Yappy and Brannon are allowing Petunia to roam free tonight, don't miss that.  Plus they will take calls.

Bill's vigilante justice tour is now in support of child abductor and murderer Thomas Matusiewicz.  This is a man who, after abducting his children and taking them to several foreign countries, opened fire on a Deleware courtroom killing the two woman he had targeted and wounding two officers before (thankfully) turning the gun on himself and ending his miserable life.  Murder, vigilante justice, child abduction, terrorism, sexual perversion and stalking.  This is what Lawless America, led by Bill Windsor and his number two man David Schied, is now all about.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sexual Deviant Bill Windsor

So Bill tried to co-op a real reporters story on rape and incest.  Bill used it as an opportunity to seek out people to tell him their stories involving rape and incest.  He can no longer be bothered by women with custody issues, but he is more than happy to hear a detailed sordid story of rape or incest.  He sent out this plea:


I am communicating with a newspaper writer who is researching a story on spousal rape and incest. He is particularly interested in speaking with survivors whose abuse allegations were handledeither in criminal or family courts. If you would be interested in sharing your story, please email with the subject in all caps: RAPE.

Well this started a fire-storm as one woman named Jan, rightfully gave the direct contact info to the real reporter doing the story, telling the lemmings to bypass the creepy old man trying to get in the middle.  Bill then lashed out at her Lawless America Hey Jan, go away. You must be one of the sickos.
Then her friend Lynn stuck up for her saying that she said nothing that was either on the order of a liar or a sicko.  So bill then lashed out at her saying all kinds of sexist and delusional things, Bill asked for stories about rape, but instead he exposed himself as being a liar and a perverted fraud:

  • Lawless America Lynn, you are a liar and a slanderer. Go away. Cease and desist the slander and stalking. I have helped many true victims, not you liars. No one named Lynn Buss has ever em ailed me nor is there a Lynn Buss in my database. You are one of the pathetic liars out there.
  • Lawless America I am asking anyone with information about Jan Halley or Lynn Buss to contact me. I want to expose these people.
  • Lawless America No, Ardith Cunningham. Lynn Buss never emailed me anything. She appears to be a serial you likely are. You say you know, well, put up or shut up. Paste the proof right here for all to see. I won't ban you for an hour to give you the opportunity. You have libeled me with your comment here, so I demand an immediate apology and retraction. Absent that, I shall see you in court.
  • Lawless America I didn't lose a damn thing. You are a libeler, slanderer, and liar, and your associates are the same. You aren't in my email or database either -- just another scumbag in my opinion. You have 50 minutes. Show us the proof you hav4e "right there on your computer."
  • Lawless America I am sick and tired of all the women who lie their a$$e$ off. Anyone with information about Jan Halley, Lynn Buss, and Ardith Cunningham are encouraged to contact me at I am interested in speaking to former spouses or significant others in the case of some.
  • Lawless America You are a real sicko, Ardith Cunningham. You are a liar, a serial liar, and I look forward to pursuing you and all the liars in court and with law enforcement.
  • Lawless America Horse manure. I don't know Lynn Buss. She's a liar. The only thing I care about with her is exposing her as a liar. If she has an ex, I want to talk to him or her. My experience is that anyone who would lie about contact with me will damn sure lie claiming abuse. It's a disease among a bunch of you that severely damages the efforts of honest women who have been abused.
  • Lawless America Ardith Cunningham is probably a fake identity being used by someone like All Lie

Clubhouse Radio Friday Night at 8 pm central!!

Don't miss this one as Yappy and Brannon take off the halter on Petunia and let her roam free, by popular demand.  They will go over all the crazy stalking activities of Bill as well as take calls.

Speaking of Bill, he needs money.  His stalking campaign is expensive and he is burning through money faster than even I anticipated:


Are you rich do you mean filthy like you or just well off? We who they hell is we? could really use a rich person to help finance the movie ummmm why don't you volunteer?. I wish I had the money, but I don't. The cost for the first month of this trip was $10,000, and we received donations of $100 so who paid for the remaining $9,900, oh thats right you did with you super secret stash of cash, hmmm I guess you lied.

I don't want to accept donations from anyone who doesn't have plenty of money but I will certainly still take it. But if you do, please send your donation to Lawless America Association, PO Box 681236, Marietta, GA 30068. I no longer live in Georgia, but the Lawless America mail will be forwarded forget the suffering folks in Moore Oklahoma, I need a bigger petty cash fund...gimmie.

Buying a T-Shirt is a great way to help Lawless America as we make $6 or so on each shirt ohhhh BS, you are telling me you got those dumb t-shirts at $17 a piece wholesale?. S, M, L, and XL are $23 and XXL and XXXL are $27 (includes shipping). Please send your order and check to Lawless America Association, PO Box 681236, Marietta, GA 30068 I thought you ceased and desisted everything from there?. Be sure to specify the size that kinda goes without saying...but sure go ahead and say it. All shirts are black with white and highway stripe yellow lettering celebrating your never ending vacation.

Bill then goes on to explain that he is done with meeting people at their place to film.  From now on he will just set up where ever the hell he wants and if you happen to get in the way of his camera while he is too could one day be a youtube star.  This will help give him more stalking time as he won't have to waste all that time finding each person and uhhhhhhh having to talk to them and hear that personal stories.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Bill Windsor Show

There will not be a movie, tv show, or even a book, but we are all getting a 24/7 look at the ugliest kind of person..a self absorbed, self centred, egotistical tyrant in Bill Windsor.  He hates his country, he hates his followers, hates his family and is obsessed with his critics.

Bill tried to apply some humor to his usual deception.  He made a news headline-like report that he was rushed to the morgue on his facebook page.  Well none of his followers know what humor is nor have the time to even look it up, so they freaked out.  They censured Bill for this little stunt and he tried to explain his way out of it by saying "hey it was technically true, I did go there", but none of the lemmings were buying that.  Then he goes out and posts a generic photo and then comments underneath it that his account was hacked and he didn't post what he posted.  Ironically, that post he claimed was hacked got more likes than any of the ones he claims.  Anyway, this was all part of his scheme to create plausible deniability with his lemmings.  If he says something you like....that was me.  If it was something you didn't like, that was this mysterious hacker.

He then sticks his rapidly ageing body back in front of his unmanned camera to attack Sean Boushie once again.  He then takes shots at all his other "haters" and vows to continue his stalking of us.  He scolds his followers for not waiting all day for him to arrive for their big youtube filming and chides them to not waste his time like that.  He even tells them that they will be removed from his imaginary movie.

The more he allows himself to be consumed by his hate of us exposing him for who he really is, the less time he has for ruining other people's lives.  This blog, and others will be what writes his obituary, at least in terms of the internet.  And as Bill knows, it doesn't really matter what is said on your tombstone its what google says about you in the end.  He has literally destroyed the Windsor name and reduced it to trash, and some of that falls on the rest of the family for not publicly distancing themselves from this monster (and its not like they can pretend to be a private family).  Bill knows he is losing this battle, and the more he tries to lash out, the more we can cement his legacy as to what it really is...not the windsor spin.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Bill Spends All Weekend Travelling, Can't Seem to Get Anywhere

Talk about spinning your wheels, Bill continued his Texas vacation and stalking tour all through the weekend.  After taking two days to go after Brannon, he then tried to find me and then it was off to Austin to do a prop with 5 hippies who don't like laws.

Bill doesn't really hide the fact that he is just on a never ending vacation as he keeps posting up all his site-seeing pics including the places he likes to eat.  He is an attention whore who no longer has any real family whatsoever so he is using the zombies that follow him as his captive audience.  He even uses his facebook page as a venue to do his creepy old man flirting that he apparently is unable to contain:  Lawless America Bambi, I would be delighted to have you as my bodyguard. 

Beyond all the jokes and non-stop hilarity that Bill provides, the truth is that this is a rabid psychotic on the loose and until he ends up either behind bars or institutionalized, more people are going to be harmed by him.  At this point it really doesn't matter why he is the way he is, since he won't seek a remedy for his condition society must do it for him.

We also get more of the same in his constant contradictions.  He continues to point out how he has no money, but then gives us a screen shot inside his fully loaded jeep with his own mobile terrorism command center.  The man (or man-like creature) has to be burning at least $200 a day while he begs his lemmings to donate $300 for a stupid $50 banner that says "crime scene".  So at day 330 or something, he has had to burn at least $60,000 just on gas, food and lodging alone.  This doesn't count the crazy RV that is sitting in his driveway.  Yet he has no problem taking donations from people who don't even have enough gas money to get back home.  This ridiculous story needs an ending.

Friday, May 17, 2013

What Bill Says Vs the Truth

Yappy made a great, point blank, factual video using the most damning thing out there on Bill Windsor...his own words.  So for all those new to this never ending stalking vacation of Bill's and need a quick run down, here you go:

Bill Windsor: "I Hate to Sound Vindictive, But I Guess I Am"

So Bill says he has to cancel the filming of his fake movie yesterday because of the weather, even though it was partly cloudy and nice all day.  So instead of fake working, he spent the day doing what he planned all along, hunting all over the area for a certain spicy cookie.  He was able to locate, after being pointed to the break room in several of the local police stations, several chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, but not what he was looking to file charges on.

Well then its back to the tried and failed method of trying to file charges against someone in your address book.  So Bill waddles up the steps to the Ellis County Sheriff's office to whine about Brannon making videos.  As the deputy continues to point out the front door to Bill, he finally relents and says well you can take all this crap to the DA if you want, oh and feel free to fill out one of our comment cards in the suggestion please, exit the building.

Windsor then takes his shifty eyes, shaking hands, and overly swollen neck on in front of his camera to do a video to document his stalking activities.  He also releases the video he did in Biloxi while he was stalking EHH.  He blames the "haters" for the loss of his wife, his daughter, and the reason he can't speak to his granddaughter.  He attacks Brannon and this blog and took a swipe at Joey Dauben as a way to gain leverage against Brannon (will David Dauben be liking this post as well?).  He may have forgotten the history, but we have not.  While this blog was always against the slandering and liable that Joey did, he Bill Windsor went down to film Joey while he was held in the ECSO detention center awaiting his trial.  This is how, and why, Joey's particularly stoooopid father painted up his beloved blazer to the Lawless America paint to match his new messiah Bill Windsor.  Once Joey was convicted, Bill dropped him like a hot potato as he was now a pr liability.  But Brannon, as a true friend, did not.  Brannon doesn't support or stand for any of the actions of Joey, but he won't abandon his friend just because its no longer advantageous to claim you know Joey.

Another interesting facet of both of his videos, which also shows his unbridled vindictiveness,  is how he goes into detail about how he wants Brannon and EHH to be incarcerated   He even hopes that EHH is moved to a prison he filmed earlier in Mississippi so she can fight of the rat infestation while she serves her time.  This is no doubt a lonely, perverted old man who has allowed his jealousy and rage literally eat him alive.  He also mentions, for the first time, how the "haters" are harassing not only him but "others".  This new wrinkle is a shout out on behalf of is little shrimpy friend David Schied who is still quietly hiding in the corner trying to karate chop some wood.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Billy Stalks the Clubhouse Looking for the Hammer Man

He had said that he was going to spend the day taking care of personal matters, but of course he lied.  He spent the day stalking our very own Brannon, both at his residence in a late night drive by, and at his former place of employment in Italy Texas.

Bill also managed to squeeze in time for his other favorite hobby of manufacturing his own drama.  Bill posted this:  "The mother of all thunderstorms hit here this evening. Cars pulled off the road. It was severe. It's still storming as I type this."
Thats not true either, the "mother of all thunderstorms" hit about 30-40 miles west of him, but why let facts get in the way of a "look at poor me out here braving the elements all for you lemmings..worship me"?

His website is down once again (its that time of the month), and Bill again blames his abject failure on someone else.  " is down because the tech guy I have used is more than worthless. He's had months to complete the move from GoDaddy to BulkRegister, and GoDaddy finally zapped the site again."
He is worth exactly what you pay him, nothing.  That is also what your entire 64 3/4ths years on this earth has amounted to.  Once again, for those scoring at home, you failed as a son, a father, a husband, a granddad, a student, a businessmen (many many many many times), a terrorist, a webpage owner, a facebook page owner, a networker, an RV driver, diet, victim's advocate, a member of the press, a protest organizer, a book publisher, a movie producer, a pro se litigant, a bully, trip organizer, radio show producer, a home owner, politician for office, and much much more.

Bill did his late night drive by of Brannon's home and said this on his facebook page:  "He's a guy who threatens to beat me with a hammer in a series of videos he does to stalk me. I drove by his home, and I visited his place of employment. Both are as strange as he is. I'm hoping I can help get Brannon Bridge committed to a mental institution."
Thats funny because most of society is hoping for that very outcome for you.  You can also read between the lines when he talks about wanting Brannon to be committed to a mental institution, that means he was run out of the local law enforcement office. 

So what's next?  More of the same, more stalking and support of murder as the terrorist network know as Lawless America will ride again, and riding shotgun right there with Bill is his fellow co-conspirators:  David Schied, Trish Kraus, Nikki Hannavig Cary-Andrew Crittenden, Mary Deneen, Naomi Chambers, Julia Fletcher, Stupid David Dauben (stuipid was his parental given name), Angie Gilmore, Nick Marrs, Kevin Brady, Matthew Orames, Dottie Lafontaine, Dennis Lawrence, Glen Gibellina, Sharon Anderson and many others.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

David Schied Can't Hide From His Involvement With Bill Windsor

He declared Mission Failure in a secret email to his followers regarding the citizen grand jury ploy.  He has expressed his dissatisfaction with the direction Bill is taking the movement.  He has stopped doing his weekly shows and updating his Lawless Michigan page.  For all practical measures, it looks like he and Trish want to quietly fold up their tent and camp elsewhere.

But thats now how this is going to work.  Bill publicly announced David as his number 2.  David and Trish came down to the hearing in Missouri to both directly and publicly stick their necks out on behalf of Bill.  David Schied is a co-conspirator to any and everything Bill is doing.  If you google his name, this blog comes up on the first page and will soon be number 1 on any searches for his name.  Schied publicly put himself into this and if he wants to remove himself from Bill Windsor he must publicly state it.  Nothing short of that will suffice.  Until we hear a very public statement of disassociation from Bill, he will continue to be tagged with any and everything that Bill does.

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Stalking He Did Go

Bill celebrated Mother's Day the only way he knows stalking a young mother.  The creepy old pervert spent the day taking pictures of the former places of residence he suspects Elizabeth Hernandez to have resided.  He even got vexatious in local restaurant which he believed Elizabeth was fond of.

Windsor then went down to the Biloxi PD to have a "sit down" with the police and to file criminal charges against EHH.  He says the matter will now go before a judge, but he is forgetting a key step...the PD must go forward with those charges.  More than likely his charges went the way of the morning junk mail.  Another failure for Bill Windsor.

Of course this is really all about bullying.  Bill wants to stalk and intimidate anyone who dares speak out against him, but like everything else in his life, he isn't very good at it.  How the zombies at lawless america can still support this kind of pathetic behavior is a testament to their own character.

Next up is Texas.  Bill plans to spend a week and a half in the Lone Star State.  No doubt his stalking campaign will continue.  Meanwhile, what about the fake movie?  The grand jury stunts?  Congressional hearings?  Local public access TV?  Has he "taken his country back"?  All of that was just lip service to an old man who wants to stay on vacation for the rest of his life, forever in search of someone to give him unquestioned love and attention.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

David Schied Announces Lawless America Failure

First, I would like to thank Life in Pierce County for finding this little nugget.  This is the most intellectually complete summation of Bill you can find (keep your dictionary handy)

So Schied sent out a secret email to all the Lawless America operatives, and unlike Bill, he doesn't mix words.

Sent: Sun, May 5, 2013 2:27 PM PDT
Subject: ** PLEASE READ VIP **

We would like to hold online workshops in order to empower you all:

-Assist in the composition of your letters to officials
-Obtaining updated video testimonies
-Submitting proposed legislation
-Effective lobbist effort in Lansing
-Coordinating our next state meeting
-Teaching how to download and burn your stories from YouTube
-Assist in teaching how to submit stories on public access
-Assist in raising awareness using news outlets of your individual cases
-Creating a distribution ad slick for "your" personal, state, and national
-Creating and implemnttion of a television series
-Creating a virtiual support group

David Schied and Trish Kraus met with an institute this past Thursday and
will be having at thair disposal an entire pre/film/post production
resources in the beginning of the institutes next term including graphics
just to name a few of the supports they are offering.
The institute is very receptive of the content due to it being a private
institute. David and Trish have been asked to speak on a panel of an
audience of the entire student body.

***Each and everyone of US are critical in solving your problem because we
a HAVE to work together***

Please email your feed back to:

David Schied
Trish Kraus
Bill Windsor
Lawless America
Lawless America - Michigan

Please hit reply to all and they will get the message and GIVE THEM YOUR
FEEDBACK don't let your stories die just because it has been filmed

The next Michigan State Meeting is Saturday June 8th.

Lawless America (Michigan) Show is going to be made and each and everyone
of your testimonies are going to be incorporated into the television
series. This will entail picking people or groups of common victims and
building a back story of your cases and EXPOSING THE CORRUPTION!

Cheers & Thank You All!

Lawless America - Michigan

David is taking over in this email.  He is correct, there is a lack of interest mainly because how could anyone follow all of this with the daily antics of Bill and still know what they were supposed to do?  Forget the fake movie, David says its time to focus on a television show, and by that he means local public access channels (nothing to do with anything Bill is producing).  Even though Bill just said that the grand jury is his only remaining hope for justice, David is trashing the entire stunt.  David is pragmatic, he is trying to salvage what is left, but this puts him directly at odds with his despot in chief.  But he cannot escape the blood that Bill has put on his head.  He is directly responsible for Bill and his antics.  Continuing to hide in the corner will no longer work, the spotlight is now on him, what will he do?