Friday, February 27, 2015

Will Ada County Prove to be Fugitive Friendly?

Bill Windsor made it quite clear on his facebook page that his main hangout would be a state that is fugitive friendly on extradition.  He must have thought that Meridian Idaho would be the perfect place to "get out of jail free" if he was recaptured.  Today is his arraignment hearing at 9:30 MT. Will a judge prove that he was right?  Or will he find out that Idaho is not open for fugitives.

If the judge gives the two state bond jumping fugitive a new bond, it will be clear that Bill did pick the right place to hide out.  Bill is a multimillionaire facing the rest of his life in prison, he can handle whatever bond they give him and use it as another chance to go on the run.  So I guess we will watch and see if they do the right, or very wrong thing in Ada County Idaho today.


So it seems they had the hearing at its continued till the 5th.  They don't seem to be playing the game Bill had hoped, so maybe ID isn't fugitive friendly like Bill thought

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bill Windsor's Own Private Idaho

Its ironic that Bill's last facebook profile pic is the one that is on there.....the Lawless jeep pulled over to the side of the road while the sun sets in the background.  Its also ironic that Bill choose Idaho as his final destination as a free man.  Everyone has heard of the movie or even the song...but notice the actual definition from the Urban Dictionary:

"This is a phrase taken directly from the 1980 dance pop song, "Your Own Private Idaho" by the outrageous party band, the B-52's. 

It means "living inside an Idaho potato", or a very small space. Metaphorically, it refers to someone who is not paying attention because he is daydreaming, or under the influence, or otherwise wrapped up within his own very narrow sphere of interest or frame of reference."

Wow....that really sums up Bill.  He spent so much time wrapped up in his own stupid internet game, which no one else believed anyway, that he forgot that there really is a real world out there and one in which he is a wanted individual, and no his get out of jail free card wont work there.  If there was ever a time to come out of his potato its now as he is facing, most likely, the rest of his life in jail.  But early reports seem to indicate we will see the exact same Bill that the Nation has come to know and despise.  Windsor was to be arraigned on the 20th, the day after his arrest, but its now scheduled for the 27th with a new judge.  Supposedly Bill asked for the first judge, whom he knew nothing about, to recuse. Thats right Bill, just keep being yourself, I'm sure it will work this time.

Also, unconfirmed reports are coming out about his arrest.  Word is that Bill was arrested in a posh home in a gated community in Meridian ID.  His arrest was shortly after the noon hour and he was on his computer in his jammies at the time of the arrest.  Have we taken our country back yet?

The good news for Bill is he is now getting the attention of the somebodies.....and he might finally get that long sought after trial in front of a jury.  The question now is, how many different jurisdictions want him?  We know of TX and MT, but is ID also going to charge him and might the Feds still be looking to join the fun?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Idaho is the End of the Line for Bill Windsor

First hand reports when Bill was arrested in Ellis County say that Bill Windsor sobbed and screamed uncontrollably as he was put into custody.  Well, look at those eyes, he can't fight back the tears...the sorrow.  Those eyes tell the whole story, its over and he knows it.  On the bright side, Bill gets to finally get back into a courtroom.  Of course the downside is its a criminal court and none of his games work there.  Windsor is finally going to learn something he has spent his whole life running from....the rules really do apply to him.

Something tells me Jennie Morton wont be picking up his vehicle for him.

Who will he use as his phone a friend?  He just disinherited Ryan.

Leave it to Bill to be so vain that he can't change his appearance, even as a fugitive.

Will information on Bill's laptop incriminate "Angel" and "Butch".....others?

Windsor really picked the wrong guy to mess with in Patrick Wilson.

Now that he is in custody and can be legally served, how many of his victims are lined up strike back in civil court?

Just how many felony counts will Montana slap him with, hundreds?

Which state will he be extradited to first?

Will Bill depose himself at his own trial?

Load up on your popcorn, this is gonna get interesting...and hilarious.

Bill Windsor Arrested in Idaho!!!!!!

Today is a great day for America, after 66.6 years of hurting other people, Bill Windsor has hopefully breathed his last breath of free air.  A big shout out has to go to the DA's office in Ellis, particularly detective Ward and Alwardt, as well as the DA's office in Missoula county MT.

37 mins ·
I am happy to report that the multi-state fugitive William Windsor has been arrested. He is now in custody in the state of Idaho.
I want to extend special thanks and congratulations to two of my investigators, Jeff Ward and Bob Allwardt, for their diligent and thorough efforts in tracking down this wanted man.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

So Whats Up With the National Liberty Alliance?

The above picture is an action photo of John Darash/Virdurek researching up for one of his weekly papers to the court.  Well, so how is the new lawless america...aka the NLA doing these days? Have they taken their country back?  Not quite, in fact they are still in the same place they were about a year ago.....writing pointless papers to the court and making inept demands.  While they are not getting anywhere in terms of the court or even any real recognition.....John has started to combine his stupid people with some of the other stupid people groups out there.  Just this week, the NLA picked up Redneck Radio who will simulcast the NLA's redundant Monday night call on their network.   In exchange for that great privilege, the NLA will start hawking some of the Redneck Radio crap on their website. If you are looking for a good deal on Freedom oxygen or survival you can go to the NLA website for all your shopping needs.  So to sum up, they are still stuck in neutral but donations are up so lets keep going.  Are you jealous Bill?

Anyway, the main reason I brought back up this topic was mainly to highlight a comment that came on this blog the other day in response to my last NLA article about the unmasking of John Darash as Virdurek.  We got this comment/threat:

"AnonymousFebruary 16, 2015 at 3:09 PM
Everything about this article is non-sense. Show me some of your work poster. You like many others that came before you, like to shine the light on those who stand up to the gang bangers. Let me just say this, how would you like it if i told EVERYBODY, that every freaken single law out there does not apply to us. But that it applies to you, the PERSON, CORP. in the day to day operation of your businesses, and in the courtrooms, to beef up your juris-FICTION. Every law is copy-write protected meaning that when "we the people" use these laws, you ignore us as you are not operating under any constitutionality or oath of office unless i disclose your w-9, Dunns Account and Cage # and GSA account. For which the public should write up so many bills you won't know what hit you. People, the only way they have power over you, the CIVILIAN, is when you CONSENT. There are 12 presumptions of law you must rebut, so look that up and rebutt them have them pre-written up so you can send these charlatans to hell. They are using Lieber Codes, Special Admiralty, Title 50, spoils of war, and use no laws whatsoever people. They are using opinions, they call it case law, you call it common-law, but it is only the common law of their inner circle. Don't mess with me, I'll spill some more beans on your sorry behinds, i'll cream your arses in court too."

Ahhh, there you have it, the typical SovCit rant complete with no paragraphs and random all caps and multiple threats. My favorite part of this rant by this this domestic terrorist is this part here:  
"Let me just say this, how would you like it if i told EVERYBODY, that every freaken single law out there does not apply to us. But that it applies to you, the PERSON, CORP. in the day to day operation of your businesses, and in the courtrooms, to beef up your juris-FICTION.:

There we go, and yes that really sums it all up doesn't it?  Not only is that Windsor's life-long mantra, thats the key ingredient to all these Me the People mutant's creed.  The law applies to us, but not to them, they are above it, over it, superior to it.  They will bully, intimidate and threaten anyone who dares speak against them. They will use the law or abuse the law more accurately to go after those people, but that same law never applies to them.  He should be the new PR person for these people.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Windsor Disowns Windsor

Another lonely valentines day has hit the American terrorist/fugitive Bill Windsor hard.  He rants, rants and re-rants but it still won't satisfy that empty feeling inside him, that feeling that can only be satisfied by vexatious litigation.  He even tried to retell his Maid of the Mist escapade....even though no one was listening or cared.  It seems that no matter where he goes or whom he meets, corruption, dishonesty and unethical behavior seem to surround him. And while he continues to hash out several outlandish conspiracy theories as to why that is.....he still can't seem to put his finger on it.

In a weekend where Bill was obsessed with yoga pants, chocolate candy, and continuing his trial by facebook (which now includes terroristic demands to the governors of Texas and Montana)....we get this interesting little post:

I am publishing this here so there is a public record somewhere in case something should happen to me. I did not use an attorney.
I have left 50% of whatever I have to each of my two granddaughters. I have specifically disinherited my two children in recognition for what they have done to me.
I want to be cremated and scattered as quickly as possible because of my claustrophobia. I have named one of my siblings as executor.
And if I die anytime soon, expect foul play. The list of suspects will be a mile long.
And I want my granddaughters to know that I love them soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, and I never wanted to be removed from their lives."

Now, we know he must love his granddaughters because he put sooooooo many ooooooooo's after his "s".  That of course is called incontrovertible evidence of sincere love.  Now, once you brush aside his usual hyperbole about being killed and scattering his ashes, I would like to suggest the unthinkable....I think he's actually telling the truth about the disinheriting of his offspring.  Yes, I know I can't believe I'm actually saying I think something Bill posted is actually true, but in this rare case....I think he really did it. He of course would be summoning his Power of an Attorney here, but I think he did change it. So what should we take from this?  Well, his daughter had pretty much cut Bill off quite a while ago as even before we knew who he was he wasn't allowed to even say the name of his granddaughters. So that's not new, but it is new and a big deal for Ryan who hasn't stuck up for his dad but hasn't stood up to him either. When Bill says he has named a new executor of his will (most likely his sister Wendy)....that also is probably Bill taking that away from Ryan.  Maybe paying all the bills for a known fugitive became Ryan's line in the sand.....but what ever it was has caused Bill to retaliate....and to do it the only way he knows how......loud and online.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Bill Windsor: Still Ugly

Bill reports that he has a new look and is now "invisible." So, let's take a look at his possible make-over. One option is  to simply shave and dye his hair dark. Maybe "invisible" just means invisible to the ladies. He's seriously not attractive. The Santa Claus beard adds a certain harmless grampa mistique, and he could be a creeper on the DL. But, when he doesn't have a beard, it's just all out there. Run girls!

This guy has smarmy written all over him.

Total Creeper
I mean, come on, the guy looks like Grumpy Cat. Am I right?

No. Seriously.

No, it's not just because he's a sad and bitter old man. 

They're like totally separated at birth. The only difference is the fabulous outfit. 
Look again.

And now, for a low budget, no effort look at several possible new looks for Bill.
Bum, bum, buuuuuuum!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Still Lost at Sea

It seems we are now entering the Ted Kaczynski phase for Bill Windsor.  He claims he is now holed up at a secret hideout location in the "boonies" as he now waits for the courts to give him the all clear signal.  Today, bill asked for help:

Would someone who knows how to run a warrants check please run a check for William M. Windsor, age 66, Madison South Dakota or Marietta Georgia or Dallas Texas?
I used a website once before, but I can't find it now. I used, but it shows no warrants. I haven't received word if Montana quashed the bench warrant, and I need to know if the crooks in Texas did anything.
If you could email me at, I'd really appreciate it.

Yeah Bill....come on out, its all clear.  None of your crack investigators can find even a trace of a warrant on you, that must mean that they approved your motion to quash a bench warrant.  I can't really come up with any other logical explanation.  I wonder how long until Bill employs his tried and true method of sending a letter saying "if you don't say no that means yes" in regards to finding out of he still has a warrant out for him.  Windsor just got at his supposed secret hideout and he already wants out.  What do you bet that he can't make it the 30 days he claims he will stay holed up?  He is certainty now stuck on his own secluded more ways than one.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Bill Windsor, Hopelessly Adrift at Sea

Reality is the bitter enemy of Windsor.  As I have been highlighting, this little fugitive trek Bill started out on is really backfiring on him now as he is beginning to realize that he can no longer scare anyone with his usual terrorist threats.  He can keep screaming and yelling and cursing any and everyone that has ever come into contact with him, but he is still drifting away into his own abyss and no one is left hear his cries.

No matter how many times he tries his criminal case on facebook, and no matter how hard he tries to convince himself that he is inflicting pain on others......the results are just not there.  Ohh and Bill, here is the other huge problem for have to go appear before the MT court before you can start making your criminal defense argument.  I'm sorry, but they are not going to make up special rules for you.  You can make all the demands you want, but you are the last person on earth a "somebody" is going to listen to.

Bill decided, over the weekend, to elevate his wilful insubordination of a protective order over cases of rape.  His temper tantrum knows no bounds as he continues to demand attention and fear.  Even his loyal followers are now confused over which references is another lame attempt at humor, and which one is just another empty threat.  As he continues to drown his sorrows away in a bag of chocolate (his version of "changing his appearance") once the sugar rush wears off.....his bitter life long foe, reality, sets right back in again.  Day 43 of not being in a courtroom has taken a toll.....he doesn't seem to be able to hold out much longer.  But a court appearance will equal prison.....what an ironic situation for a life long vexatious litigant.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Bill Windsor Dreams of His Future

As he continues to manufacture his daily papers of copy and waste, Bill's thoughts and dreams start to betray him as he knows where his future now lays.  While he tries his best to picture his days in a Montana prison like the above picture....he knows its going to be much more gloomy than that.

Now that he is a fugitive, his rants and threats are even less threatening than before.  Because of this, his tone is becoming more and more Sovereign Citizenish in nature.  He says he is bringing forward charges against 5 different DA's and thinks he will do this before a grand jury.  Well surely even he knows this wont be happening before a real grand jury...but are we back to his citizen grand juries now?  Maybe he could call the clowns over at National Liberty Alliance and ask to borrow their official state stamp they have (express order from office depot).

Reality is slowly seeping in on Bill and even he is getting tired of his boring 3rd person "I'm alive and free" daily drivel.  He can't get the attention he demands, and he can no longer appear in a court....its his own vexatious limbo.  He tries to rely on his daily tantrums and threats to fuel his resolve....but even that is wearing off.  How long can Windsor survive without appearing pro se in court?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tyler Dugger School's Old Man Windsor in Court

As Bill continues to drift off into his own personal abyss of irrelevancy,  he received a major slap down to his motion to quash a bench warrant.  Bill has been dismissive of Tyler Dugger, an intern for Missoula County DA.  Bill likes to say he's too young and inexperienced to go up against the likes of Windsor.  Well, Tyler took Bill behind the legal woodshed and gave him a whooping.

Once again, Bill can't seem to get anything right in his motions....including the title.  The order is not void, its in effect, prohibits the actions Bill took and continues to take and the worst part....its not even a debatable point.  Its settled law.  Dugger also harpoons Bill's claim of being part of the press. Bottom line is its check mate for Bill Windsor.


There is more

Ohhh no, this is going to violate Bill's non-existent constitutional right to get vexatious.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bill Windsor Gets Scared

So Bill says more lies, threats blah blah blah.....he's getting mad because no one cares, and they don't:

Bill Windsor is taking a stand for Freedom of Speech at 7:30 pm Eastern Time no you are not, you are sitting down deep in your dark room hiding from reality on February 2, 2015 -- Day 36 as a "wanted" you are a fugitive, but trust me no one "wants" you man no, you are not a man.

Freedom of speech is as fundamental a right as there is yeah thats what fundamental means...this sentence is superfluous.  What these crooks ummm you are the mutiple felon on the run here are trying to do to Bill Windsor is beyong outrageous -- put him in prison for life for sending a Tweet its a lot more than that, sending an email to an attorney, and publishing the name of Sean Boushie felony who attempted to murder him thats a proven lie and you know it and mercilessly cyberstalked him you don't even have a child's understanding of what the word cyberstalk means.

Bill Windsor thought the jig was up it is, you just can't figure it out...

They haven’t caught him yet you are living in your own worst one is in a hurry.

But something happened today that scared the bejeezus out of Bill Windsor what?  Did Susan send you a selfie?.  He doesn't want to share something tells me even going back to your baby days you were never much on sharing the details as he doesn't want to give ideas to the bad guys don’t worry, no one cares, but he reports he was terrorized for about an hour did you find that fugitive show on cable tv?.  So, a quick change of plans and a new state yeah that will fix it.  Good thing there are 50 of them you are down to 48 and dropping.

Bill Windsor is taking a stand about Freedom of Speech don't you mean "for"?, but will many people ever know about it or care no, and no, but quite a few are laughing hysterically?  With Bill Windsor, it's the principle that matters speaking of laughing histerically.....I'm gonna need a moment.  Corrupt judges, corrupt law enforcement, corrupt prosecutors like with cyberstalking, you don't have any idea what the word corrupt means, and all of them trumping you can't even write a sentence anymore up charges over Ned and the First Reader Bill....lets just have a talk about your know like your jokes...the first step is admitting you have a problem freedom of speech rights.  They are protecting an evil scumbag you mean the non-fugitive private citizen? who terrorizes people people?  like real people? for fun before he goes to his favorite public restroom with again, you just are better off skipping the whole attempt at humor thing ....  Sean Boushie oh wow, you just committed another felony has committed hundreds of real crimes this is called projection Bill....look it up, yet he's protected because he gets paid by the government to terrorize people like Crystal Cox and Bill Windsor I'm still waiting for you to name an actual person.

Bill Windsor is not and cannot be oh yes you can restricted on publishing the name "Sean Boushie," felony though these corrupt Montana folks want to claim he is what you call corrupt is actually justice and you can run but you can’t hide from it.  Since August 23, 2013, Bill Windsor has not allowed the name "Sean Boushie"felony to be published on this website, Facebook what do you mean not allowed?  You are the only one that publishes anything on it...Did Bill Windsor not allow Bill Windsor to post Sean Boushie?, or any other site I'm not sure you have that kind of power.  So the crooks took away his fundamental right of freedom of speech you fundamentally have no clue what free speech means - the right to say or print or type or handwrite or spell out in blocks or sky-write in the air a two-word proper name go find the Constitution and show me where it says that, Sean Boushie felony.  Well, the gloves are off why were you wearing gloves?.  Bill Windsor says if he dies, he'll die with his boots on but no gloves? (or orange fluorescent flip-flops if they put him in prison.)  So in the meantime, he wants everyone this creepy third person stuff is old to expose that Sean Boushie felony is a government-paid stalker could you please provide evidence of this?  And keep in mind you also are unfamiliar with the definition of the word evidence who terrorizes people not people, threatens to kill them, and attempted to kill Bill Windsor never stop lying huh Bill?.  Judges, police, sheriffs, prosecuting attorneys, FBI, legislators, governors, etc. all let him get away with it well then maybe it’s probably time to just admit he won.  People need to know this type of stuff is happening right here in what has become a police state, the USA well they dont, mainly because it’s not true....that’s the uphill battle you have been fighting this whole time.....lies never win,

For those who don’t know and probably dont care, the short story emphasis on story is this: Bill Windsor set out to film a fake movie exposing government, judicial, and law enforcement corruption I mean justice. He traveled to every state (except Alaska), and he filmed over 750 stories again, emphasis on story of corruption and has thousands more who wanted to be filmed but you were too lazy. Evil people what exactly makes them "evil" as opposed to, some working for various government entities evidence please, set out to destroy Bill Windsor and the fake movie, Lawless America you can't destroy that which never existed. Bill Windsor has been defamed you mean exposed online in the largest case of defamation in U.S. history evidence please. His life has been threatened many times evidence please. A UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE you mean Sean Boushie?  Copy and Haste attempted to murder him yeah ummm, thats a lie. He was put into the Ellis County Texas Jail illegally no very much legally for 53 days as a political prisoner nope, just as a common fugitive. The State of Montana has filed five criminal charges against William M. Windsor don’t worry, it will be much more than that now for sending a Tweet, publishing the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE‘s name (the would-be killer) four times, sending a legal notice email to a University of Montana attorney, and filming the movie what movie? and the pilot for a TV  what tv? show that will expose Montana as the most corrupt state in the country umm no, that one is for not turning over the website that you were court ordered to do. Now Bill Windsor is wanted a fugitive, but not really wanted for these dastardly crimes multiple felonies is the correct term, and he is hiding out like the Koward he is in exotic places like Tahiti and Bora Bora ohhh and he lies profusely . All of that was true except the last four words no, none of it was cute little lies at the end don't cancel out all the other ones. And in a recent development, “law enforcement” means you have no clue who did it but lets say LE because it fits my lying narrative better had removed from the Internet. This website contains over 1,400 articles exposing corruption you mean lies. Bill Windsor worked wth a friendly offshore hosting company I though your "techie" did that to return the website to the Internet outside the clutches of American evildoers if you hate America so much why don't you just leave?

Bill Windsor will continue to have a short boring and repetitive article published every morning and every night so you will know he is still as “free” as one can be in Lawless America you mean in America...we rejected your Lawless America. That’s where we live thats where I live.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Comment Overflow

Bill is now saying Boushie's name online...still no one cares.  He's facing the rest of his life in prison and he knows his days as a fugitive are nearing an end.  His incoherent ramblings and feckless threats continue to be more off the wall and wacky.