Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"I'm Out Of Order? You're Out of Order!"

Weasel Curly (aka Attorney Matt O'Conner) strikes back.  A new motion has been filed for dismissal of the Windsor vs Overstreet case, and Bill dropped his pie.  Bill decides to go after Weasel Curly and directly call him a liar (isn't that REAL defamation?) while taking the chance to "educate Judge Rolf on the corruption that I experienced in federal court in Georgia".

Oh yes, that means its trash Thrash time for Windsor.  Bill claims that Thrash's ruling is voided (btw why is he even messing with any court anyway since he voided the Constitution, maybe it would help complete to picture for Judge Rolf it he knew Bill has also voided the Constitution).  Bill claims that the ruling should be voided because Thrash had no jurisdiction over his case when he named Thrash as a defendant to his case (when he saw that he wasn't going to like the outcome of the case), which was a cute little trick if we were all still in the 3rd grade.

Then Bill goes and steals Joey Dauben's tin foil hat and goes full nutter.  He claims that Thrash violated due process, committed unlawful acts, is part of a criminal racketeering enterprise, and perhaps most shocking of all....he doesn't have an updated oath of office.  Windsor said that Judge Thrash exhibited pervasive bias when he didn't recuse himself with Windsor's cute little kindergarten trick of adding Thrash as a defendant to Bill's case.

And if you thought he had gone too far already, Bill goes even farther.  He brings up the T word once again. Bill says Thrash committed treason in his case.  I wonder if Judge Rolf would like to know what Bill demands as the punishment for treason?  Bill says that "meaningful access to the courts is a Constitutional (its void though right?) right".  I wonder if Bill understands the difference in the words meaningful and meaningless?

In essence, this is Bill hitting the nuke button.  He knows he is going to lose, so its time to strike out at the authorities.  His cookie hunt has failed to produce that smoking gun of criminal conspiracy he was so sure must have taken place.  So now its time to go up the latter and blame the officials for "covering up" for those he wants to attack.  How long until Bill starts asking for a citizen grand jury to hear charges against Judge Rolf for treason?

Monday, July 29, 2013

I Guess He Is Not in Kansas Anymore

Bill spent the weekend stalking Allie and Cluadine and continuing to avoid his showdown with Boushie in Montanta.  He fired up the Claudine site and listed this sworn affidavit he says he filed with the court there:
I, William M. Windsor, the undersigned, hereby declare under penalty of perjury which means nothing to me anyway:
  1. I am over the age of 21 way way way over, I'm 64 and 7/10ths years old, am competent to testify ohhh, I'm a pathological liar so you might want to take that with a grain of salt, and have personal knowledge of the matters stated herein.  I provide this affidavit to be used in this matter and in any other legal proceeding never stop vexaiting.
  2. I failed at life to include Exhibit 5 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 5.
  3. I failed at life to include one document in Exhibit 6 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 6A.
  4. I failed as a son, husband, father, grandfather, RV owner, movie producer, activist, taxpayer, author, business owner, being a human being to include Exhibit 8 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 8.  This exhibit is information posted on the American Mothers Political Party Facebook page.  Page 4 shows one mention of watching the movie “Kill Bill.” it's a pretty good movie  The members of the organization were encouraged to watch it.  This document is filled with many other defamatory published statements.  DOMBROWSKI has published that she and she alone is responsible for everything on this website.  This is shown in Exhibit 47 hereto.
  5. I failed at everything, yes we know Bill to include Exhibit 9 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 9.
  6. I failed a telling pattern huh? to include some documents with Exhibit 10 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 10A.  Sean Boushie has stalked me by email I think we all know just how serious email stalking can be, Facebook messages and posts oh my, by mail you guys are pen pals, and through published information online.  He has threatened me in many ways the worst of which is he challenged my manhood.  He uses lewd language and is continually telling me to go fuck myself but judge....I don't even know how to do it.  He publishes information online pretending to be me, and he uses aliases including John Smith and John Brown btw...isn't this about Claudine?.  He sends me emails showing the email address as and and I have reason to believe he created those email addresses just for me.  He is associated with DOMBROWSKI and the American Mothers Political Party as well as with how?  I don't see him listed on the member list.....bluff called.
  7. I failed so just quit to include Exhibit 19 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 19.  This exhibit shows some of DOMBROWSKI’S websites.  She stalks and defames a number of local attorneys, doctors, and social workers by setting up websites in their names.  Note that she publishes all of their personal information – name, address, phone, email, and more and we know how horrified you must be of someone that would do something like that.  These websites were set up before she and her organization and associates began stalking me how many times has she driven by your house and taken pictures of it?.  It demonstrates a pattern and practice of wrongful behavior by DOMBROWSKI.  Page 1 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Dr. David C. Rodeheffer.  Page 2 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Dr. Milfred ‘Bud’ Dale.  Page 3 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Christopher Dykes.  Page 4 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Kara Haney.  Page 5 of Exhibit 19 is one of several websites about Rene Netherton.  Page 6 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Donald R. Hoffman.  Page 7 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Drex Flott.  Page 8 of Exhibit 19 is a website about Jill Dykes.  Page 9 of Exhibit 19 is the website about GAL Scott D. McKenzie.  Pages 10 and 11 of Exhibit 19 are websites about her former husband, Hal Richardson.  Page 12 of Exhibit 19 is another website about Jill Dykes is this give a shout out night?.  Page 13 of Exhibit 19 is another website about Rene Netherton.  Pages 14-18 of Exhibit 19 is a website called Glenn’s Cult that also attacks Rene Netherton.  Pages 19-21 of Exhibit 19 is a website called The Truth About The Family Court.  Pages 22-23 of Exhibit 19 is a website called Kansas Court Whores, one of the sites that published an article calling me a sexual predator.  Pages 24-29 of Exhibit 19 is a website called Kansas Fatherhood Initiatives, one of the sites that published an article calling me a sexual predator.
  8. I have been unable to locate Exhibit 7 oh no, not exhibit 7....this whole thing doesn't make any sense without exhibit 7.  A recent posting online by DOMBROWSKI said she would have an army to meet me when I came to Topeka but after checking with the Pentagon, she doesn't have command of any known armies.
  9. Exhibit 47 hereto includes several publications by DOMBROWSKI that make it clear that she is the American Mothers Political Party and claims full responsibility for everything that appears on its web pages.  She states that she created the American Mothers Political Party.  Thousands of people involved with family court issues nationwide know that DOMBROWSKI is the American Mothers Political Party have you actually talked with all of these people to verify this or are you just talking out of your ass?.
  10. Exhibit 48 hereto contains two published articles by DOMBROWSKI on the news service, Newsvine.  One shows the video that I filmed of her and says I am a con man you are.  The other says I am a sexual predator.  These articles clearly show they were published by her.
  11. I ask the Court to realize you can't ask the court to realize anything, present evidence and allow them to make their own conclusions that it is not possible for the hundreds and hundreds of defamatory articles posted in the name of DOMBROWSKI could have been done by anyone other than her.  She also claims responsibility for everything published by theAmerican Mothers Political Party, and there is a massive amount of stalking and defamation done on their Facebook page, which is provided as part of Exhibit 1 – flash drive hey, flash drives get thrown in the trash, just saying.
  12. Exhibit 49 hereto is a publication that DOMBROWSKI made that talks about the Safe At Home program and shows her card with the assigned address.  This is the address published online for the American Mothers Political Party.  This is defamatory and stalking what is?  the Safe at Home program?  Have you just randomly said those words so many times you forget their original meaning?.  For someone else to have written this article, they would have to have access to her state-issued ID card as well as information about this program.  DOMBROWSKI wrote this, just as she has written and claimed all of the stuff that has been published.
  13. Exhibit 50 hereto is the home page of a website titled “I-am-a-pedophile-william-windsor.”  It shows 102 articles have been published about me on this site in 2013.  It lists many other sites about me, including sites about me being a pedophile, having a tiny penis do you plan to contest this in court?, being a terrorist you are a paper terrorist, by definition, being a sexual deviant asking for strangers to tell you their stories of rape and incest qualifies as sexual deviancy, not having balls you plan to show the court that this is not true?, liking to suck cock I, and I'm sure the court, can't believe you actually filed all this, and other such outrageous terms.
  14. Exhibit 51 hereto is DOMBROWSKI’S most recent post on her website.  In this post, she admits that she and the American Mothers Political Party are on in the same.  She speaks of an article that recently denounced her written by internationally-renowned spousal abuse advocate, Lundy Bancroft Lundy advocates spousal abuse?.  This article is included in a prior exhibit.  Additional pages from her website are included with comments about me.
  15. I have shown that I am in fear for my safety look hands, even now they are shaking.  I have demonstrated that my family is terrorized in fear for their safety what family? They are doing much better after they dumped you.  I have shown a perhaps unprecedented volume of stalking ohh you mean that flash drive...yeah sorry about that, in terms of both the number of people involved and the volume of written material I think what is unprecedented is the amount of vexatious litigation you have done in your so called life.  I have shown that Google shows over 15,000 web pages did you really count them all? that publish that I am a sexual deviant.  I am not a sexual deviant uh huh, don't ask for strangers to send you their stories of rape and incest then.  I am not any of these things that these sick people publish.  I have shown a continual publication of hundreds of articles over a long period of time that is continuing as I type this well stop typing.  I have proven as well as anyone could ohhh others could have done a much better job that DOMBROWSKI published an extensive amount of defamatory and stalking material.  To say that she didn’t publish this material would be to say that someone has stolen her information, ID card, identity, business, Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, MySpace pages, YouTube pages, WordPress pages, numerous websites, Business Week login, Newsvine login, and has done all of this without the very active DOMBROWSKI ever saying someone was doing this I seem to remember you pulling that trick...."my facebook page was hacked, I didn't post what I posted".
  16. I have filed criminal charges with the Topeka Police Department you filed a complaint.  I ask this Court to contact the District Attorney and ask him to investigate guys got to help me out here or I'm just chasing my tail.  If this doesn’t meet the criminal defamation statute, I don’t believe anything ever will and I can not overstate how much the State of Kansas cares about your opinion of defamation.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Walt Windsor World

Hi Walter. I’ve read a good bit of your autobiography, and I agree with your assessment that you have lived a very unusual life. I thought we’d take a moment to explore your childhood in your own words. It seems to me that your son, William Windsor, is simply following in the footsteps of you and your father.

Let's get started -  Your father, he was actually the very first of the Windsor name. Since it wasn’t immaculate conception, can you please tell our readers how the Windsor name came to be.

My father was born Walter Winkopp. In his early days in vaudeville, his act was due to play a theatre in The Bronx, New York, and the fellow putting up the “billing” complained that Winkopp was not a suitable name and should be changed.  My father looked up at the marquee and saw the name of the emporium was Windsor Theatre.   Then and there he became Walter Windsor, and subsequently so did I.  I was named after a theatre!

Wow, too weird. I recently heard something on the news about a fellow who named himself “Clark Rockefeller.” It seems he's pretty famous now too! 

So, your mother died when you were quite small. That must have been hard.

At the age of one, I was placed in the care of my paternal grandmother, who, along with assorted aunts and uncles, harbored me for several years.

Harbored? Isn’t that what they do with crim . . .  Nevermind . . . uh. . . So, where was your father?

 All this while my father had mostly been “on the road” staging shows, occasionally popping in with a gift and a “hello, Pal!” One day he stuck his head in the door and said, “Guess what I brought you this time - a new mother!”

Well, that certainly was a lovely gift, wasn’t it?

He and his new wife, and a new baby half-brother named Howard, came to visit and ended up staying with us in what was already a crowded house.  Not long after that he announced that he had made a big deal and we would be moving as a family (pop, mom, two boys)  to California.

Oooh California.

We traveled by train to Youngstown, Ohio, where, nearly as I can tell, Dad was booked to put on a holiday show, then move on to Los Angeles.   We had Christmas and New Year’s in Youngstown.  The highlight of Christmas was my receiving a beautiful tenor saxophone.

A saxophone for Christmas? My, you were a lucky lad, weren’t you?

Soon after that, we were on another train, heading west, all except the saxophone, which I have since deduced was one of a number of items that ended up in a Youngstown pawn shop to raise the money for the trip.

Ummmmm. That’s just sad.

Moving on . . . . So, about this big deal in California, we’re all excited to hear about how Walter Sr hit it big.

The “big deal” that took us to California became tragically entangled in the maelstrom created when “talking pictures” took over from silent movies and sounded a death knell for most live entertainment of the day, particularly for vaudeville.

Oh, no, not the maelstrom? Golly Gee. Nobody could ever have foreseen that the "talkies” would stick around.  

My dad’s deal with the theater tycoon Alexander Pantages was to produce and stage live shows to accompany the showing of silent movies in his many theaters across the nation.  Just as the hopeful young Windsor family hit L.A., the stuff hit the fan.  Pantages backed out on the deal.

Well at least your father can say he nearly had a deal with Pantages, what a claim to fame! So, what exactly happened with the “stuff hit the fan?”

I have never been privy to the details, but I know he welshed on the contract. There were many long telegrams back and forth  (I think this was the only way that Mr. Pantages communicated), and litigation existed for some time, all to no avail.  At first, Dad passed up other work opportunities, feeling he would win out in his war with Pantages.  

Litigation ensued? The Windsor legacy is born!

Soon there were no offers for stage work, and he was forced to accept directing burlesque shows to keep bread on the table. 

So what did your father do once he burned all his, err, I mean, after the work dried up?

He opened a dancing school called Windsor Castle . . .

 He started a business and named it after himself?? How very Windsoresque!

 . . . but it failed, just after I started taking tap-dancing lessons. 

A Windsor business failed? Say it isn’t so!

That was the end of my dancing career!

Well, knowing the Windsor family, I’m sure it was onto something bigger and better.

There was a feeler from the Warner Bros., even then a big force in the film industry, suggesting that Dad might choreograph and/or direct musical movies. 

Warner Brothers! Musicals were HUGE! Wow, perhaps it was best that the previous partner welched on the deal. It put him precisely in the right place at the right time. Warner Brothers!

He was thoroughly convinced that sound movies would fade out as a brief fad, and vaudeville would revive, so he spurned the idea.  I think the fellow they eventually hired was named Busby Berkeley.

Oh, well.  . . uh. That’s alright. He’ll get the next one.

This “fork in the road” of Dad’s life was most costly.  He could not support his family.  He continued to dream of great productions and plan them on paper, but nothing ever came of them.  His wife went to work for a real estate company that was then developing a large parcel of land that today is West Los Angeles.  She would sit all day in empty new houses, to show them to prospective buyers.  He would sit at home, dreaming dreams of his comeback and the return of the two-a-day, sending me to wherever she was working to borrow a quarter for two packs of Lucky Strike cigarettes.   He was a chain-smoker, and had been so since the age of fourteen; there always had to be cigarettes, even when there was no food.

Hmm. Chain-smoker who forced his kid to go beg change from his mom while she was working and dad was home day dreaming. . . . umm. I’m not feeling too good about this guy.

I have to do my father justice on one point.  He always took temporary work during the Christmas season, usually in the toy department of a local department store.  He saw to it that there were gifts and toys, although most of them were defective or damaged items the customers had returned, which the employees could purchase at a great bargain.

Broken toys totally make up for no food and begging for him.

So . .California! Such a fun place for a young boy to grow up!

 It was there that I had my twelfth birthday.  My greatest wish for some time had been to own a bicycle.  Every other kid had a bike.  With a bike, you could become a newspaper carrier and make money.  Nothing was promised, but on the birthday I was instructed to come straight home from school and not leave the house.  I disobeyed and left for a short time.  I was properly punished, but was also led to believe that the bicycle was to have been delivered and I wouldn’t get it because I wasn’t there.  I soon realized that, if not a terribly cruel punishment,  this was a cover-up for not being able to provide a bike.

The Windsors have great parenting instincts. Nobody wants to disappoint a little boy by telling him he can’t have a bike. Instead, just make it “his fault” he didn’t get it. That is brilliant!

Well, maybe you didn’t have wealth, but at least you all had each other!

The unfortunate domestic situation brewed conflict between husband and wife, which was complicated when some of her relatives from Nebraska moved into the house.  After numerous battles, Virginia took Howard and left some time in 1930.  I was then in the sixth grade.

Oh well, they had a good run - second grade to sixth.  . . . I bet you sure were sad without your brother though?

One day my father used me as a tool in an attempted abduction of Howard, but the law soon prevailed.  I never could figure out how he proposed to support three when he had no income with which to support two.  Virginia sued for divorce and charged him with a crime called, in California, “non-support.”  He was found guilty and sentenced to six months in the Los Angeles County Jail.

Umm. Well I’m positive Walter Sr was justified in trying to abduct his son. Food and shelter are overrated. I can’t believe Walter was jailed for this! I am shocked that corruption runs this far back!

So what happened to you then?

During much of this time, I had been living at 1936 Greenfield Avenue, in the house we had formerly rented, as the “guest” of an elderly woman who had been our landlady.  She loved to play the card game Casino, and I more or less earned my room and board playing this game with her.  Not gambling; she just wanted someone to play with. 

Not gambling. Right. Just like how we read that Bill doesn’t gamble. He just bets on green every time he passes a casino. . . .

One day my father, released from his incarceration during which he had worked as librarian,  came walking up the driveway.  He obtained a small apartment in downtown  L.A., and was involved in some proposed business transactions with two lawyers whose acquaintance he had made during the earlier legal proceedings. 

Earlier legal proceedings, I understand. But, friends? With lawyers?? A Windsor???

One of these ventures was the operation of a souvenir stand at the 1932 Olympic Games.  I helped out in selling items at the stand, and was rewarded with a ticket to attend the track and field events for one day.  Dad had also developed a board game, called OLYMP-O, which we tried vainly to sell at the Olympics.

I find it hard to believe that something developed by a Windsor would not become and an immediate success.

About this time, Dad opened, with the backing of his attorney friends, a little sporting goods shop in Westwood Village, about half a block from the entrance to the UCLA campus, called the Diversion Shop. 

Such a small world. Bill opened a similar shop right next to the Texas Tech University Campus!

I never knew what happened to this short-term venture, except that it ended quite abruptly.

UCLA and TTU must have a poor sports programs – only explanation.

Then the attorneys got the idea they wanted to own and operate a game attraction on The Pike in nearly Long Beach, to be managed by my father.   This was a great amusement park in its day, rivaling Atlantic City in its variety of rides, shows, games, dance palaces, and other diversions.  The game chosen was basically what we know as Bingo, except it was called OLYMP-O, and was based on the flags of the various nations on cards, with marbles shot to determine on which countries  you would place your markers..  I think we used dried beans. 

So, your dad invented Bingo? Or he just made it “better?” You must have been raking in the dough!!

Of course, we were broke, except for whatever compensation Dad received for managing OLYMP-O. 

Oh. Hey well, still, it must have been pretty fun to be a kid surrounded by games and prizes?

It was really a  gambling operation by this time, the prizes being cartons of cigarettes, which the winners could redeem across the street for cash.

I’m sure it wasn’t soo bad to be raised around gambling so long as it brought in the money and taught you the value of hard work, right?

The bingo game was closed down when the City of Long Beach decided to clean up The Pike.  Again my dad had no means of support.  We were “on relief,” which principally meant we could go stand in line for free food, usually potatoes and beans.  Dad was too proud to stand in the line, so I was elected to this honor.  It certainly did nothing to improve my self-esteem. 

Well, the Windsors are nothing if they aren’t proud.  It’s very important to stick to your core values.

My father was again dreaming of the big show he was going to produce. 

Well, there you go. The seeds of the Sundance Film Festival were sown.

He was always able to “con” people into believing in these projects and advancing cash for their preparation. 

Con is such a harsh word to use about your own father; it’s very important to have “investors.”

The Clarkes, owners of the apartment house, the Natalie, were also the parents of  Caryl, my best friend through most of the scout years.   I think we escaped rent-free for some time while these folks were involved in backing Dad’s latest fantasy.  There was an old piano in the lobby, and I nearly drove the residents crazy teaching myself to play by ear in the key of C.  Even today this is the only key in which I can play.

I’m with you. Who needs black notes?

One day there was a huge celebration at the Natalie.   Dad had spun his tales of his high times in vaudeville to one and all.  Mrs. Clarke was listening to the radio, and they introduced a song as being from, as she heard it, “a Walter Windsor Production.”  This seemed the first real proof of Dad’s high-flying past, and everyone in the apartment house knew about it and celebrated the occasion with a party at which Dad was the guest of honor.   It was years later that I realized it was a “Walter Wanger” (rhymes with “danger”) production.  But it was a great day at the Natalie, and my father took the accolades with modest grace.

Bravo for him! 

Well Walter, we have waaaay exceeded the time alloted for our interview. We'll just wrap it up on this high note in Bill's grandfather's career. In our next interview we'll delve into your adulthood and see exactly what you did to pass the Windsor ways on to Bill. I can hardly wait!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lawless America Goes to Deadwood

As Windsor continues to spend his summer of stalking north of the Mason-Dixon line to avoid melting in the heat, he continues to chase his tail in the heartland of America.  He travelled to the Black Hills of SD and to the town of Deadwood.  So that means that Wild Bill Windsor went to the town where Wild Bill Hickok was murdered.  Its also ironic that Windsor would take his Lawless America travelling circus show to the town of Deadwood.  Deadwood is a very small town of a little over 1,000 people who continue to live/act and reside as if we were still in the wild west days. Lawless America, of course, is also a very small movement of about 20 people or so who still think they can take the law in to their own hands just because they want to.

Bill records a video where he claims that the judges in our court system still operate in the wild west.  He has become accustomed to accusing others of the exact thing he is currently doing, and this is no different.  And this is the case here.  It is Bill Windsor, and people like him, who are tying up our courts with voluminous and frivolous filings.  They want our legal system destroyed, and they are more than happy to assist in the destruction of it.  Windsor, and people like him, are our enemies....they are the face of domestic terrorism in America.  But instead of literal bombs, they use paper bombs and aim them right at the heart of our judicial system.  The end is still the same destruction of our government and way of life here in America.  Windsor, like the foreign terrorists, doesn't want to work within the system and try and fix the flaws, he just wants to blow up and destroy the entire thing.

Some may wonder why I continue to cover Bill since it has nothing to do with me directly.  The answer is he is my enemy, he is a sworn enemy of the United States.  Our Country is not broken and that includes the Judicial system.  It is most certainly flawed, as it always has been....but not broken.  We must work to fix and learn from the flaws but fight to protect and defend this system that has produced the greatest Nation in the world.  Bill Windsor perverts and exploits the very freedoms that this Country has given him because, at the end of the day and despite being born in the 1% inside the greatest Country in the world, Bill Windsor can not measure up to anything other than a 100% maggot of society.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stalking is Conflicting With His Stalking

After hyping up and promising his long awaited showdown with Boushie in Montana, Bill, once again, postpones it as he claims his stalking of Claudine has now impeded his stalking of Sean. Windsor claims he has to race back to to Kansas for a hearing/trial against Claudine for his temporary restraining order he applied for.  But what about the camera crew that was waiting in Missoula?  How about the big already scheduled press conference with all the major media outlets in the area.  What about that vexatious lawsuit in Missouri?

All this driving back an forth from South Dakota to Kansas and on to Montana is causing him to lose whatever remaining marble he had.  He still pretends that he is filming for a movie (you know the one that we must wait for a rich person to pay for it).  He congratulated himself for driving down a road where the pavement ended for having the where with all to turn around and go back. Metaphorically speaking, it perfectly sums him up.  He doesn't know where he is going, or even why.  But don't let that stop him from pointing out how successful he is.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Windsor Plays With A Ball of Twine

So after his day in court in Missouri and then spending a few days stalking Claudine in Kansas, Bill headed up to South Dakota to work on getting his drivers license with his fake residency (nothing about this man is not a scam). On the way up he stopped off at a place in Nebraska that has the worlds largest ball of twine.  Bill is fascinated by this completely pointless attraction because it reminds him of all his endeavours, maybe its symbolic to him of how he ties of the legal system with layers and layers of worthless motions.  The only problem for Bill is he lacks to focus and discipline it takes to accomplish anything, even something as frivolous as making the worlds largest ball of twine.  He tries to make the analogy to his Lawless America movement, but forgets to mention that his ball of twine is completely entangled and there is nothing left to do with it but throw it away at this point.

After he attends to his fake documentation in South Dakota, its off to Missoula Montana for his long delayed showdown with Sean Boushie.  Bill is ramping up his twitter feed with any and everything he can think of related to Sean, including 280 plus criminal charges he says Sean is guilty of and demands that the authorities arrest him, as a way of setting the stage.  And who can blame him, how could any follower possibly keep track with all 1000 John Does who all seem to be the worst person in the world when Bill addresses them. So a quick refresher course is in order. Windsor wants to film people on the campus of the University of Montana and get them to say something bad about Boushie which he would then blast all over the internet in triumphant fashion. Will he actually do his patented drive-by stalking of Boushie's house?  Will he even go? What happened to the charges in Kansas?  All we ever get with Bill is endless questions but never an answer as Bill continues his terrorism in the heartland tour.

Friday, July 19, 2013

AMPPing It Up

After stalking Claudine for two days in Kansas, Bill has decided to "craft" a lawsuit against many of the member (former and present) of the American Mothers Political Party.  Bill says he is bringing this against: Claudine Dombrowski, Lorraine Tipton, Jennifer Dotson, Shannon E. Miller, Kimberly Wigglesworth, Connie Bedwell, and Loryn Ryder.  The lawsuit is to be filed at the Shawnee County Courthouse in Topeka, Kansas.  Tipton (Wisconsin), Dotson (Florida), Miller (Mississippi), Wigglesworth (Connecticut), Bedwell (California, and Ryder (Ohio) will all have to come to Kansas to participate.

He gives away his true intention right off the bat as he admits this is all about inconveniencing his detractors. Keep in mind the operative word still here is wants to file this lawsuit; he has not yet been granted the right to take his vexatious handcuffs off.  Bill claims that the AMPP's have caused harm to his business.  What business is that Bill...the fake movie?  the fake non-profit?....ohh how about the Revolutionary Party?  He says his reputation in the community has been lowered as a result of their actions.....not possible Bill, it could not possibly get any lower than it was thanks to the actions YOU have taken.

Even if Bill gets his wish and is allowed to file this lawsuit, he may want to re-think this.  Uniting all these women together in a court of law in Kansas may just allow them to turn the tables back on him and all his many past actions.  Barbara Windsor better hope Bill doesn't file this as she was the one writing all the checks when all the "events" took place.  Getting a divorce won't extricate her from her role in the scam formerly known as Lawless America.  What would happen in discovery when the books that were hidden in the Maid of the Mist case are finally revealed?  Something tells me there are still plenty of assets left for a counter-claimant to find worth their while.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We Have Reached a Verdict: Not Competent

Yesterday in Lexington Missouri, Windsor had most of his motions tossed out along with Mark Supainich being dismissed from the case.  But he was allowed to continue on with a specified discovery process that will include a deposition of Allie.  Obviously this is going to be spun as a big win for Bill as he avoided contempt of court (although he was threatened with it) and the entire case was not thrown out and he gets to keep playing Perry Mason, at least for a little while longer.

Apparently the Judge needed more in the way of discovery to be able to rule on the merits of the case.  One point that was made very clear to Bill, and I'm sure ignored, is that he really needs to hire an attorney, his utter incompetence is basically unreadable in a court of law.  He was visibly shaking in the courtroom and fumbling over his mountain of vexatious documents.

In Bill's mind, Allie committed the ultimate sin by retaining counsel in the lawsuit he filed on her.  Now he knows he is going to lose, he knows he is going to be exposed and he is now directing that anger at her attorney Matt O'Conner:

"I have developed an instant intense dislike for Allie Overstreet’s attorney, Matthew J, O’Connor.  He wears these really ugly alligatorish patchwork black shoes.  Picture a slick hair used car hustler, and that’s what I see when I look at him.  He has lied in court pleadings, and he has filed false pleadings.  He lied to the judge today, and I called him on it right there.  I’m going to refer to him as Weasel Curly.  My late former father-in-law used to tell stories about a guy he knew named Weasel Curly.  The guy looks and acts like a Weasel Curly, in my opinion." 

Translation.....this guy is smarter and more connected than me in every way.  He is legitimate....Bill pretends. He works for a living, Bill spends his life trying to avoid actual work.  He is a somebody, Bill is a nobody. He gets asked to be on TV, Bill can't even hijack a real television camera.  He knows the law, Bill knows he hates any kind of law.

Windsor blames us, his "haters", for the demise of his movie scam, his drop in fake followers, and his family leaving him, and we should all pay him a cool one million each at the very least for resitution.  Why thank you Bill, I guess what you are admitting to is that we literally own you in every conceivable way.  You have allowed your unbridled hate for anyone that calls you on your bluff to the point that it has completely consumed you.  Case in point, today you are back on the stalking warpath as you try and stalk Claudine at her Kansas home.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Its Court Day!!! Windsor Stays in His Own World

The case of Windsor vs. Overstreet and a civilized society gets its first big hearing today.  Allie has a motion to dismiss while Bill got vexi with it yesterday by throwing up 15, yes count them, 15 motions or notices.  Bill is trying his best to give the Judge no other option but to hold him in contempt of court.....let's review what factors can lead to such action:

A finding of contempt of court may result from a failure to obey a lawful order of a court check, showing disrespect for the judge double check, disruption of the proceedings through poor behaviour you can count on this, or publication of material deemed likely to jeopardize a fair trial ummm like

But before Bill heads to court for a very possible contempt detaining, along with watching Allie be dismissed from the case, he left everyone with a funny story that did or did not happen to him the other day:


I was driving over to the courthouse in Lexington Missouri this morning about 70 miles per hour on the Interstate crazy old me who shake and can't hear shouldn't drive that fast. Up on my right came a man in a pickup truck honking and waving and motioning for me to roll down my window he wanted to point out that you were in the median. I did. He was VERY excited to tell me: "MY cousin is in that movie!" I'm sure he meant the real movie with Tom Hardy and Shia Labouf His cousin was filmed in Minnesota if it was with you he means youtubed. I love it when things like this happen out of nowhere. It helps remind me how important the movie is to people did you bother to mention to him that you have given up the movie idea and moved on to stalking people 24/7.

I worked until 4:30 you mean vexaited, dont call that work am preparing my filings, and then I was up at 7:30, off to the UPS Store for notary service and copying, then over to Lexington its not easy being vexatious is it?.

We have hearings in Lexington Missouri tomorrow in the case of Windsor v. Overstreet and the world. According to my reading of the laws and case law involved, I should prevail on everything to bad you have no training or understanding of the law whatsoever. Fat chance in your case that's always true, though. But I'm told the judge is excellent, so we shall see that means you have zero chance of prevailing, zero.

Some people are upset with me posting about my battles with the cyberstalkers, death threateners did you just make up a word?, liars, libelers, slanderers, and thieves of my life as I knew it how dare they, those are my things, that is for me to do. I say to you: Sorry. Thanks for visiting and for you donations and pie, but you probably need to move on to another project and page because I'm tired of even pretending to care about your issues. Throughout my career, I always told my fellow employees in orientation you mean confused interns that took a left instead of a right at the end of the hall that if you ever find you don't enjoy working here, please do us both a favor and go somewhere else and no one has ever made it past that first step. I explained to them as I am explaining to you who is you? now that I don't mean that in a mean way at all it just comes out that way because I'm mean. It's just a way to be happier in life than you would have been otherwise ummm, lets rework this sentence shall we?. My personal primary goal in life is to expose these people given your proclivity to sexual perversion, what kind of exposure are you talking about?. I will continue to battle judicial and government corruption you mean end up in court for breaking the rules, but the two will have to split my time. Each will get at least 40 hours a week as I usually work 80+ thats right, stalking the first half of the week and then in court for stalking the second half of the week.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Windsor Keeps Playing Games

With his big showdown in court tomorrow, Bill has put his vexatious self in overdrive.  He continues to pretend to be a real attorney as he hires a court reporter to document his made up deposition of Allie.  He didn't find neither Allie's nor her "alleged so-called" attorney Matt O'Conner's reason for not being able to come as an acceptable excused absence.  So he went ahead and filmed it, with the smirking court reporter sitting there wondering if she should have looked to see if his check bounced before showing up.  He posted all of this on his new lawless facebook page which only has 81 Likes, down from the previous 46,000 just a few weeks ago.

Winsdor then did a solo-youtubing of himself coming out after the mock deposition stunt.  Bill called Matt a prick.  He then went on to confirm the death of Lawless America because he has decided that stalking people critical of him is now more important than exposing his made up corruption, I guess this is bad news for all those murders in jail hoping he was their white knight. Windsor said that we, his critics, cost him everything including his family (wife, kids, and grand kids).  The only thing he seems chocked up about losing was his grand kids, no real love lost for his wife and kids.  Of course this new story doesn't jive with his previous version where he said his ex-wife gave him an ultimatum....either stop driving around the country putting random people on youtube, or lose your family.  He chose youtube, and then subsequently lost his log in password to it.  He lies by saying he never knowingly tells a lie, and he vows to hunt down stalk, harass, libel, slander and intimate all his critics for the rest of his life.  Never mind that he has, as of today, been completely unable to bring successful charges against any of them, civil or criminal.  And what happened to the Sean Boushie tv show?  Please don't tell me you are cancelling that one again.

Friday, July 12, 2013

You Want Us To Get A Life?

As Bill continues on his rampage of hate and stalking (he is now AMPPing up his attack by going to stalk Claudine), he and his fellow zombies like to accuse their critics of not having a life.

Windsor figured out, late last night, that I must be JoAnn Livingstone, formerly of the Waxahachie Daily Light.  I'm not sure how or why he came to that conclusion but he did.  He posted her picture on his new lawless page and said "God, please let Jo Ann Livingston have money and assets if she is the Head Joey". That kinda sums up what all his lawsuits are about doesn't it?  I'm sure Allie's attorney might find a quote like that useful in terms of showing a judge what this vexatious litigant is all about.

But that is nothing unusual, I want to look at what Bill and one of his favorite lemmings, Kay Kay, had to say about us.  Karen is the woman who wants to take her country back because her taxpayer funded housing in Boston is well....treated like a taxpayer funded project.  She refuses to get a job and spends all her time complaining about the poor service of her apartment unit.  Bill of course is Bill.  Both of them, last night, made the claim that we don't have a life or anything better to do.  For me, this is a hobby, and barely one at that, and I suspect most others would say the same thing.  But what about Windsor?  He has no life, literally. No family,  No job.  No purpose for even waking up in the morning other than his own invented reasons. Bill Windsor by definition has no life, and that is why we cover him in our spare (hobby) time.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Power of An Attorney

With his Lawless America scam completely dead and gone, Bill is now trying to claim legitimacy and special powers as both a member of the press and a pretend attorney.  He has channelled his inner Joey Dauben and started to set up dozens of websites named after any and all of the people critical of him.  He claims he can do this as he is a member of the press.  He has even turned up his attacks on Mist, Curtis and Stacy.  But, as the man who destroyed the Windsor name always seems to do, he failed.

Bill is using his not-so-pro-se attorney powers to the most vexatious end he can conceive off in Allie's case. He claims that Allie's distinguished and credentialed attorney, Matt O'Conner, should be disqualified from representing her because Bill didn't feel that Matt made the proper introduction in Bill's most unprofessional opinion.  Bill is also angry that Allie won't agree to meet with him Sunday for his own personal deposition of her.  He is not satisfied with her explanation of why she and Matt can not meet with the American Terrorist and sexual deviant known as Bill Windsor at some shady hotel room on a Sunday afternoon.

Allie Overstreet refuses to show up for her deposition scheduled for July 14-15, 2013.
Matthew J. O’Connor is the alleged so-called attorney. He had his assistant call me and claim that Allie Overstreet had a prior commitment. I asked her to identify what prior commitment took precedence over a legal matter, and she failed to respond. She then claimed Matthew J. O’Connor had a court hearing on Monday that would make that day impossible. I asked for the court, judge, and case number, and she failed to respond. I asked the same information of Mr. O’Connor, and he failed to respond. I have developed a strong dislike for Matthew J. O’Connor in very short order. In my opinion, he seems to be the type of attorney who is a discredit to the broken legal system.For those who don’t know, Allie Overstreet is the thing who swore under penalty of perjury that I published many times that I had bought a gun and planned to use it on her and a group of people. She lied her a$$ off. She is a serial liar.
According to a filing by Mark Supanich, he and Allie Overstreet are no longer dating.
- See more at:

"the alleged so-called attorney"
Blames another assistant and infers that they are lying
he calls Allie "the thing"

Bill says that he has developed a strong dislike for Matt in very short order.  This is that same dislike that he has developed for all his past judges and attorneys.  Throw in law enforcement in the mix as well.  Windsor hates the law, in whatever form.  He hates anyone who adheres to it and anyone who upholds it.  For Bill, the law is not the bedrock to a civilized society, its his own imagined roadblock that keeps him from achieving his goals.  People like Bill are what is wrong with society.  They are the cancer, and they must be exposed to the world as the deadly sickness that they are.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gambling Round America

Bill told this story on day 12 of his "I love Pie" tour in 2003.  We all wonder how this mindless monster we now see before us ever got this way.  Was it sudden?  Was there some kind of incident that triggered it?  Or was this something he has been building up to his entire life?

Now for a little history. In 1977, Boz and I took a six-week driving trip around Europe. We had big plans to finance part of our trip costs with gambling success in Monaco. We set aside a little money, and walked into the very snooty casino there, and we went to a roulette table and put all of our money (probably just $250 or so) on red. It came up black, and they took our money. We went back to our little green Ford Fiesta and felt devastated. We planned to win and then let it ride and win again and live happily ever after. The truth is that we had spent a lot more than we had planned, and we could have really used some cash. We didn't have much money, and thinking back, we have no idea how we could afford the time or the money for the trip. Back to the Ford Fiesta...we sat there and discussed whether we should take our last $250 and go back in and put it on red. We finally decided that Bozzie would go back in and do just that. She returned in a few seconds. It came up GREEN! Losing was bad enough, but there's only one GREEN spot and tons of red and black spots on a roulette wheel, and we hit GREEN. The next day, we learned how you can get a cash advance on a MasterCard. We swore off gambling, though every time we hit an area with a casino, we bet on red, and we almost always lose.

Now, this takes us back 36 years ago.  This isn't about gambling or any of that, this is about the mindset of both Bill and Barbara.  First, he admits that they had planned on their gambling winnings to pay for the trip.  Where have we heard a version of that (I just need a rich person to donate the finances for this trip).  So they decided to put i all on red and notice he says they planned to "let it ride" even if they had won.  They lose and then go to the car and have a discussion about whether they should blow their remaining money on the exact same thing that just took their money.  Barb goes and blows it and Bill complains that it hit green.  He then says it was at this time that he learned about cash advances on MasterCard, this from a guy who ran a credit card business in college.  He then says that they swore off gambling, but directly contradicts himself in the same exact sentence as he goes on to say that they bet red at every casino they crossed paths with.

Bill is a gambler, and a very poor one at that.  He has gambled his life away, his inheritance, his legal battles, his business adventures and now even his own family.  The guilt lies directly with Bill, but he spends his every waking moment of the final few hours he has left on his earth, blaming his failures on everyone BUT himself.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Windsor Can't Keep His Eye on the Prize

Remember that Lawless America scam?  The fake movie?  The radio show?  The citizen grand juries?  The Congressional testimonies?  The Constitutional amendments?  The RV?  The non-profit?  The response to the State of the Union?  The Revolutionary Party?  Ahhhh, ain't nobody got time for that.  Bill Windsor has only ever been about one thing, and one thing only, what Bill wants.

Bill went on his website to give everyone an "update" about the death of Lawless America which is the same ole same ole.  Boushie is mean to me, I need a rich person to give me money.  I'm single and I'm lonely.  Allie cheated by getting an attorney.

While Bill has gone stone cold quiet about his now defunct Lawless America scam, he is literally obsessed with his two new stalking sites devoted to Allie and Sean Boushie.  On the site he has about Sean, he continues to post updated threats and talks about his upcoming TV show in Montana devoted just to Sean (have we taken our Country back now?).

Then we have the site.  What better way to show the court the depth of the stalking and harassing Allie has done to you by setting up a site in her name and asking everyone to give you any kind of dirt they can find on her.  Bill continues to claim he is a member of the press, and wants the superpowers associated with it.  He does not recognize Allie's attorney and says he should be stricken from the record in Bill's "expert" opinion.  He continues to vexaite the court with continuous filings and already alludes to suing the court for corruption.

As to the death of Lawless?  Well that's facebook's fault.  He is going to sue them as well.  Sure facebook provided a free service to Bill with all the rights reserved to revoke it for any reason they decide, but don't let that stop Bill from trying to file a lawsuit.  Lawsuits and pie, lawsuits and pie, that is why this monster even gets up in the morning.