Monday, September 30, 2013

Windsor Goes MIA!!

After shouting out one threat after another along with more empty promises for "something BIG" coming, Bill has gone ice cold quiet for about a week now.  Maybe he still hasn't figured out how to use system restore on his computer.  Maybe he was finally arrested, maybe the IRS finally showed up.  Who knows, but one this is for certain, he doesn't have anything good to tell to his lemmings, and he is even out of ideas to hype to them.

His websites like Round America and other Alcatraz Media related sites have started to disappear in the last week as well.  Has the family finally stepped up to the plate and pulled the plug on Bill? If so, its long overdue but better late then never.

Bill's legal problems continue to escalate as many of this stalking targets are poised for legal action ageist him. Not only that be Matt O'Conner has given a very rational fact based response and request for dismissal in Bill's weak case against Allie in Missouri.  Matt makes the long overdue point that Windsor is not the author and arbiter of what is truth.  Just because Bill makes claims doesn't not mean they are established as facts. And this is exactly where Bill is the most vulnerable, his "proof" can't back up his big mouth.  He makes wild and asinine claims but when it comes to proof he is far short of anything close to meeting the standard he is required to show. His few subpoenas have most likely come back empty and he still has nothing to go on in his never ending search for an online cookie.

With all this going wrong and Bill no closer to stopping any of his "haters" than he was over a year ago...its probably time he just close up shop and go underground for a while.  There is no happy ending for people like him, and I think he is beginning to realize that.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Windsor Needs Tech Support

Tomorrow he takes over the United States of America, but today he is going to need help turning on his laptop.  After spending last weekend making one empty threat after another against all those who ever said a negative word about him, Bill has been very quiet this week and it seems because all that late night porn surfing has crippled his hard drive once again.

Hey folks, sorry I haven't posted much lately. I have been very busy, and I have a computer problem that I hope will be repaired tomorrow when a nice rent-a-geek comes calling with his magic.
I'm not going to disclose a lot of what I have been working on until it happens. But please stay tuned as there is some BIG stuff coming down.

Bill, its not "magic, its called "system restore". He says he is not going to disclose what he has been working on until he figures out what exactly he has been working on. And yes Bill, with you weight problem we are all aware that there is some BIG stuff coming up. How many more empty threats can he possibly make? Does he think it really scares anyone now that he has been exposed to the world for who he really is?

Then one of his new lemmings feels sorry for Bill in his helpless state and makes this suggestion:

Camille Zohar Carmelit McMillan Bill, is there a way that some of your friends can get together and legally purchase you a new computer? about an hour ago · Like · 2

Camillie, first of all pick a last name and go with it, second, I know you are new here but Bill doesn't do anything "legally" so you lost him there. Now if you would like to send him donations for his illegal non-profit, he is always down for that, but there will be no talk of doing something legally in his Lawless America. Oh and another point....Bill doesn't have any friends, just a few lemmings.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What Does Windsor Think of ALL Judges?

This is just an fyi for all judges and law enforcement that may wander in here after a crazy old fat man demanded they take action.

This is what Bill Windsor said and believes about our judges:

"I believe that just about every judge in America is a felon who needs to be arrested, convicted, imprisoned, disgraced, and removed from office."

And if that wasn't enough, be prepared to be sued by Windsor for having the audacity to abide by the law:

"Sue your judge!  That's what I do.  (This is Judge Frank M. Hull -- corrupt federal judge in Atlanta, Georgia.  I am suing her and 15 of her running buddies.)
I've learned some tricks of the judge suing trade.
I am happy to share them with my friends....
Sue your judge where he or she committed wrongdoing against you. 
This is important: It doesn't matter if a judge is a FEDERAL judge, you DO NOT have to sue them in federal court.  Their job is irrelevant.  The only thing that is relevant is whether they violated state law.  If they have, then sue them in state or local court.
Here's why: The federal judges are hoplessly corrupt, in my experience.  They cover for each other.  When I have sued the crooked judges in federal court, one of their co-conspirators throws out the case without a legal basis to do so.  But it doesn't matter as the appellate judges will cover for them as well.  In addition, the federal court rules about discovery are very unfavorable.  In addition, the federal judges have devised a ridiculous system that makes it easy for them to block your efforts at deposing them...but that does not apply in state and local courts when the judge has been sued."

Also, in Bill's Lawless America, all judges should be tried and convicted for treason, the only crime punishable by death in his world.  This is the man you are dealing with in his own words.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Bill Thinks He Scared Us

Yes Bill spent the weekend ranting and raving about all the meanie people in the world he wished he could get.  He thinks his never ending barrage of threats is somehow having an effect on us.  The truth is he is simply a bore and has nothing new to say, just a tired old rehashing of his empty threats.  Its been what like 8 months now that he has been promising to have a "big surprise for us"?  Lets just say no one believes you or cares any more Bill, you have been exposed as a liar and fraud so there is no reason to believe anything you say.

Bill sent out this feckless rant over the weekend:


My father would have been 95 today he also would have been wishing for death knowing the monster his oldest son turned in to.. He was a "special" person . Sadly, his memory is one of the victims of the criminals who have stalked me thats all you can remember about him?. If you didn't see it and almost no one did, these scumbags be specific please set up Facebook pages in his name with photos of him in his casket and on his deathbed I only remember seeing one page. They also published a photo of what was allegedly his bones, and in another photo, they showed him on his deathbed talking on the phone with a caption saying he was having phone sex with my dead mother who died 30 years prior so see judge, this couldn't have been true. This scum will be held accountable for this this scum, that scum, those scums....who are you talking about?.

This is a photo of me at age 2 you were even a liar at age 2.

There have been a lot of developments Syria has agreed to give up its chemical weapons. A lot of the defamation, libel, and stalking has disappeared nuh uh, you are still posting as these criminals are trying to hide their work before they have to deal with the courts and law enforcement I'm not hiding anything...its all here you don't even have to download my site. Fortunately, I downloaded all the sites what did I just say? that I was aware of many megabytes were harmed in the process. I have also sent preservation notices to Facebook, and subpoenas have been issued to a boatload of people and entities what exactly does a liar consider a boatload to be...hey bill dont get your hopes up too high on those, just saying.

Claudine Dombrowski of the American Mothers Political Party has been put out of business by the courts I think that would be news to her, but she is violating the court order if you say soOn Monday, I will file a motion to have her found in criminal contempt not just contempt but criminal contempt?, and I will file a complaint with the Topeka Kansas Police Department to show that she is in criminal violation of the court order and KSA 21-5924 and KSA 21-5427 when was the last time those little stunts turned out like you wanted?. I expect her to be arrested but you know she wont be, and she should be subject to both state and federal firearms restrictions so should you be.

I have sued the American Mothers Political Party, Claudine Dombrowski, and her co-conspirators (which includes every member of this so-called group). Discovery is beginning and its ending just about as fast as it begun..

The new judge in Missoula Montana has terminated Sean Boushie's protective order against me yeah well great but wasn't the PO from his wife and UM?. I filed a civil action against Sean Boushie yeah and I just clipped my toenails but I was planning on sparing everyone of that pointless detail, and I am preparing to name the University of Montana, President Royce Engstrom you just did name him, and all the players so you are going after the athletic department?  there in a very special legal action again special needs to be "".

My lawsuit against Allie Overstreet is rolling along after I whipped her attorney, Weasel Curly, in federal court. He filed an absolutely outrageous and frivolous I'm pretty sure you still don't know what the word means removal to federal court of the Missouri state court action. So, discovery is flying out of here on that case and I think you will discover that you know very little about anything. I have set a hearing for October 8, 2013 in Missouri to ask the judge to throw the book the phone book? at Allie Overstreet and Weasel Curly for contempt, sanctions, failure to appear for depositions, failure to provide discovery, etc. I have asked the judge to order a mental examination of Allie Overstreet, and much more do you think you can pass such an examination Bill?  careful, these are dangerous waters for you.

I appear to have pretty much stopped the Joeyisalittlekid people from their criminal activities ummm, it appears not as I'm back to your "criminal" activity of taking your own words and commenting on them. I've now got two of the Joeys seemingly wanting this is seemingly not much of a sentence to trade information for a release from liability and criminal action by me too bad there is no such "information" to trade. A BIG surprise is coming to the Joeys as I am holding JoeyCon, a national convention of all the Joeys yay, reunion, I know you must mean it mr bill, you wouldn't keep lying to us all this time would you?. It is an invitation-only event sponsored by some high-ranking people high ranking like what? who's who?. There's a lot of exciting stuff coming to the Joeys thats right, this is the party that never stops.

All of this legal activity can require that I change direction quickly please use your turn signal, but I am hoping I can get to California for filming in mid October or early November yeah that will make it a California thats all your movie lacks. It appears that filming in the midwest and east will have to wait until Spring nooooooo, what are those poor people going to do without you saving them?.

I am still working on financing meaning you have none other than your inheritance from daddy. That's one of the reasons I need to get to California they don't finance idiots.

I am working on the pilot for the proposed Lawless America TV show no one is going to fly that. It is being edited now, and I am drafting a script for studio segments that will introduce some of the pieces sure, and while we are making up things why not say its being produced and directed too?. It will be a one-hour show they have already done a show about nothing, and it will be presented as the first show in a weekly series as long as its just one week. The first show is all about cyberstalking, Sean Boushie, and the University of Montana you mean your stupid "stakeout"?. Subsequent shows will feature three stories each week as well as important brief updates on stories covered in previous shows you might as well promise to have a unicorn guest host it. All of the stories will be about victims of various forms of INjustice.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Windsor Resorts to Blackmail

So the man who supports convicted murderers, engages in stalking, harassing, slandering, lying, mail fraud, cyber hacking, and internet threats has turned to blackmail now as his way to crack that cookie he can't seem to break.

HEY ALL YOU JOEYS -- WANT TO AVOID THE HUGE EXPENSE OF CIVIL LITIGATION? WANT TO OBTAIN A "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" CARD FROM LAWLESS AMERICA? WANTED: ONE JOEY WHO WANTS TO BE PROTECTED WITH A RELEASE FROM ME IN EXCHANGE FOR THE LIST OF SCREEN NAMES AND REAL NAMES FOR ALL THE JOEYS. Just email me at with JOEYS RELEASE WANTED as the subject line. Or private message me on Facebook. This is a one-shot deal for one person other than Ginger Snap, OReader, Megan Van Zelfden, Brandy Owens, Curtis Butler, or Brannon Bridge. Better hurry.

Wow, what a deal.....for giving up that list of all of our names and addresses he is just sure must exist, you won't have to answer for all that wire fraud, witness tampering and general criminal racketeering you most certainly are going to face. Can you trust him? Why sure you can, he hasn't told a lie that he is aware of and he hasn't had a parking ticket in 10 years so what more do you need to know?

Then the lemmings chime in with their brilliant thoughts:
Trisha Wakat Shafer Joeys a little kid said some bad post about me.. I am not sure how I got involved in the mess. I.just try to ignore the negatives 52 minutes ago via mobile · Like Danny Scheltgen their has to be someone who wants to have a cleaned heart that's a great start bill 48 minutes ago · Like Bill Windsor Trisha, this is all about a group of criminals, a stupid group, but none of it is about childish games. This is a major part of the group that I intend to see brought to justice both criminally and civilly. 41 minutes ago · Like · 2 Bill Windsor Okay, we have one Joey candidate. Do we have more? I need someone with as much identity poop as possible. 39 minutes ago · Edited · Like Trisha Wakat Shafer Are you still doing the movie? I hope things are going great for you. 38 minutes ago via mobile · Like Bill Windsor The movie is alive and well. Just dealing with scum for a while. 30 minutes ago · Like · 1

Oh now we are stupid? And yeah Trisha, the movie is alive and well he is just not ever going to think or talk about it again.

The only thing this really reveals is that he is both desperate and hopeless in his chase of the "Joeys". He has played pin the tail on the donkey with names for over a year now and he is no closer to cracking the cookie than he was back then. At the end of the day he can't take away our right to espousing an opinion on our own site about the things and words he chooses to make public. His continued over the top threats and resorting to racketeering is his way of admitting defeat. Just like his movie...after all that time, money and effort he has nothing.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Windsor Admits to Cyber Terrorism

So this site was temporarily down last night for a brief period and both Bill and his former partner in crime "Susan Harbinson" immediately jump on facebook to gloat and proclaim the death of joeyisalittlekid.  Evil hates exposure, and for a brief moment they screamed with glee at the thought of not having their words and actions critiqued.  Bill of course bragged that he gotten the site taken down so he was left chewing on his foot when the site came back several minutes later.

But it was what Bill said in the comments after that are really interesting:
Bill Windsor I guess they were trying to figure out how to stop the total download of the site along with all logins and passwords that has been running on their site for 20+ hours so far. If any of you need a magic way to totally download a website, just email me at 29 minutes ago · Like · 2
Bill Windsor 27,459 files and counting 29 minutes ago · Like · 2

Hmmmmm, that sounds a whole lot like he is trying to hack and cyber attack the site. So now we can add cyber terrorism to paper terrorism, mail fraud, sexual perversion and constant stalking that Bill has directly admitted to doing.

Then this morning he is back to his stalking practices:
It's Joeys' Time! Now if I just knew who these screen names are and where they live. The court clerk says "under a rock" is not an acceptable address.
I'm going to test my "under a really slimy rock" theory. My position is that it is the last known address.
William M. Windsor
Thats right, every single one of you...even though we have over 20,000 comments on this site Mr. Bill is going to drag every single on of us to Criminal...yes, Criminal court. What kind of crimes have we committed you might ask? Ahhh, we are part of a racketeering enterprise according to Mr. Bill. And just so we know what he is actually alleging by is what Criminal Racketeering means:
Racketeering is an illegal act which constitutes the operation of an illegal business or scheme in order to produce a profit. Racketeering is a broad category that can include a variety of criminal acts, such as bribery, illegal gambling, the exploitation of children, money laundering, etc.
Yep....he sure pegged us on that.  There is so much money flying around on this blog its almost as if its not even there in the first place.  What if someone made up that they were making a movie and took in volunteers and donations with no tracing of the funds to any organization whatsoever along with avoiding to file a tax return?  I'll just let all you other gangsters weigh in on what you think about this criminal enterprise we have going on here.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Terrorist Bill Windsor Rides Again

Well the idea that maybe if you just ignore him, he will go away just wont work with with Bill.  As Bill went in to hiding after his defeat in Missoula, he has spent all that time doing the only thing he can do....stalking people.

First, Bill went back to his old stand-by stalking target of Claudine and the AMPP.  He claimed to have gotten a restraining order against her and her organization which includes anyone who has ever said a meanie thing about him.  He says everyone is connected and that must be true because he said it and he is Bill Windsor.  Of course the only "proof" of such an order is coming from Bill and it most certainly does not include all those that he is trying to broad brush it in to pertaining too. 

Then its on to stalking his favourite cookie and us "racketeers" at Joeyisalittlekid:

BILL WINDSOR OF LAWLESS AMERICA a now defunct terrorist organization IS HEADED TO IRVING AND PLANO TEXAS BECAUSE IT IS JOEYS' TIME well then why would you go to irving and plano....Joey is in Prison in West Texas?.
My attention has been focused on bringing Allie Overstreet, Sean Boushie, Claudine Dombrowski, and the American Mothers Political Party to justice and I failed miserably on all counts. Now that each of those projects is well underway projects? you mean you made a website and tried to go stalk their residences?, it's Joeys' Time I'm sure Joey will appreciate that, he has been waiting for that his whole life. I will now turn some attention to as opposed to reading it every waking hour......night and day?. I want to see everyone associated with that criminal racketeering enterprise put in prison yeah its a hell of a racketeering operation we got going on here.
Megan Van Zelfden has been the person behind Joeyisalittlekid no, she has nothing to do with this site and never are slandering her and I hope she sues you for that. I have received reports to indicate that she is a dangerous person who may be capable of doing just about anything uhhhh, no that would be you. I will be investigating the Church of Scientology and a practice called Scientology Fair Game thats a great idea Bill....I hear they love people snooping around their operation asking stupid questions. See:
Megan Van Zelfden, Curtis Butler, Brannon Bridge, and assorted others...their time has come I bet Brannon is ready to do the happy dance. I will be visiting the Church of Scientology facility in Irving Texas, and I may take a quick trip to Longmont Colorado where some strange stuff has happened yeah you do that Bill.
I am going to strategically position myself between pie and adult book stores for a few days in states where defamation, libel, slander, and stalking may be prosecuted in the state where the crimes are received kinda sounds like entrapment. This will make it easy for me to get all the Joeys in one friendly court a bunch of baby kangroos in a kangaroo ironic.
William M. Windsor
Then, in response to that we get this from his number two terrorist:
David Schied Bill: They have published so many fraudulent and defamatory statements about me and I have captured numerous screen shots. They also contributed to the defamatory pressures that Trish Kraus felt before she committed suicide. I understand that there has been at least one (other) suicide caused directly by these defamatory practices. Contact me. My info has not changed. 20 minutes ago · Like

Schied has been franticly trying to do everything he can to try and divert his own culpability in Trish's death and project it on to both this site and to her loving family. This included unleashing this especially stupid individual:
This is Marty Prehn who considers himself a special agent for the gubment. He has been out saying all of this about who he, Bill and David, all think run this site and trying to shift the blame away from terrorist David Schied in the suspicious death of Trish Krauss.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Presley Dauben-Tuma

We all remember Presley Crowe through one way or the other.  We got to see her first as Joey Dauben played a Nancy Grace wanna-be in trying to raise publicity for selected cases of sexual molestation of a child.  Joey fell head over heels for Connie Bedwell and her story as soon as he saw her picture.  Based on her picture, she had to be telling the truth so Joey turned everything over to her including his then nightly radio show.  It was there that we were introduced to Connie's partner in crime, Presley Crowe.  Presley had become Connie's "plus one" to just about everything they did out there in California.  As Connie slowly rebuffed all of Joey's attempts to get a "personal" interview, Joey started to turn his attention to Presley. And, unlike Connie, Presley was willing to give Joey the time of day even without him asking.

Presley's story is somewhat unique in that she is not fighting for her own child, she is claiming to be fighting for her half sister whom she says was abused just as she was.  Presley decided to come forward with her own claims of sexual abuse by her dad over a decade after the fact and during a contentious divorce between her dad and mom.  Her claim to fame was going on the Dr. Phil show with her claims even though she didn't use her real name on the show.

So Joey, having been shown the Heisman pose from Connie, decided to really start interjecting himself in to Presley's war on her father.  This included Joey making posters that Presley then passed out at her half sister's school, calling her dad a pedophile with a picture of him on it.  Then the hammer dropped and Joey was charged with having sex with a then 14 year old boy on a camping trip.

Presley dropped everything out in Califorina and rushed to Ellis County to be with her new hero and boyfriend Joey Dauben.  She even changed her last name to Dauben and used the disgraced reporter David Webb to proclaim that she and Joey were engaged.  The clear inference they were trying to make is that "Joey can't be gay, see he is in love with Presley and they plan to be married".  Well as the trial started Presley bolted and left Joey to fend for himself as he was convicted on all counts and sentenced for the main part of the rest of his life in prison.

No, it was on to her new hero in life, none other than Bill Windsor and Lawless America.  Presley thought he would be her saviour and she filmed several youtube clips for Bill where she sobbed uncontrollably and rambled off a bunch of incoherent names, dates and instances.  She was so taken with Bill that she called him her daddy, and of course being the sexual deviant that he is....he went along with that name calling as well.

Well trouble brewed again as Connie, who had also fallen for the Lawless scam, got in to a fight with Bill and of course he banned her and all her friends including Presley.  This put Presley in a tough spot as her former "daddy" was now calling her a liar and threatening to sue her, so she went back crying to Bill and pleading with him to take her back.  Bill did, in that he didn't name her on the list of people he wanted to sue, but she lost her youtube rights and her connection to Lawless.

Now its back to Connie.  And low and behold Connie's father is now accused of being a serial rapist of young girls.  Once again Presley shows her undying support for child molesters by changing her last name to Tuma in support of Connie's pedophile father.  And, once again, he is convicted and will spend the rest of his life in prision.....and does Presley learn her lesson as recently as last week?
Presley Renae Crowe I'm so proud of you & wish I could be there to raise some hell with you! I LOVE YOU! #FreeTimothyBedwell we should get that hashtag trending on Twitter! 31 August at 23:27 via mobile · Like · 1

Nope, looks like nothing has been learned even still. Now why do I bring all this up again? What still kills me about Presley is that she, absent all the stupid she has inserted in her life, is a bright young girl with her whole future ahead of her. But she is choosing to fight other peoples battles and it is sucking the life out of her. She has pushed away all her family, and the more isolated and alone she is, the more she gets used and abused by all these predators. We saw how this can end tragiclly as it did for Trish Krauss, who like Presley was a smart vibrant person full of life but allowed others and these "causes" to literally suck that life out of her.

We are never going to change the minds of the Bill Windsors, David Schieds, Connie Bedwells of the world. They sold their soul and there is no turning back for them.  I can only hope that we can do something to help the future Presley and Trish Kraus' of the world from falling in to their web of lies and abuse.  If Presley had never met Connie, Joey, and Bill....I have no doubt that her life would be in a much better, more productive and happy place.  If Trish had never met the vampire known as David Schied....I have no doubt she would be alive and well.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Windsor Goes Back to the Drawing Board

With his movie scam played out and his stalking hunts yielding nothing, Bill is using his time to re-tool and come up with a new scam to unleash on the general public.  He knows he has burned many bridges.  He liked taking donations during his Lawless America scam,  but it wasn't crucial to his needs as he had a seemingly endless supply of money.

Now he is divorced, the money is drying up and now he has to get serious about pretending to care what others think and want.  This will be a painful departure from his 24/7 Windsor World show, but its one he must do in order to scam new people in to forking over their money to him.  This means the IRS will have to wait several more years on those unfilled tax returns.

We can already get a hint of his new direction as his last two facebook posts show.  He is going back to his tea party roots as he focuses on a more political and generic reconfiguration of "take our Country back". This means he better start naming a real residence as he can't run for office without a homestead.  And of course....the objective of any campaign is to take in donations, not to actually try and win the thing.

Fortunately for all of us, no matter what his new endeavour may be, he is still just as stupid as he is lazy, and with the amount of eyeballs and exposure on him that he has now, he won't be able to get far in any new con game.  His internet footprint has been cemented, and it will follow him wherever he goes.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Bill Takes To the Streets to Beg For Money

Out of ideas and now low on funds he said he never had in the first place, Bill has gone into hiding as he begs and pleads for someone to give him money.  Windsor had let his emotions and his rage cloud his scamming instincts as he kept banning and vanquishing any and everyone from his group.  While this served his most basic revenge element, it was not wise in the more grand scheme of his scam.

Lawless America never cared about what your particular story was, everyone was welcome as long as they wanted to overthrow the government and as long as they worshipped Bill as their unquestioned leader.  But as he turned all his attention to his stalking and terroristic activities, he lost the remaining followers he had. Now the bloom is off the rose.  There is no longer any buy in from all those that he filmed as most of them can now see that it was a hoax all along, they don't even ask about the "movie" anymore, they know they were duped.  This also means he has poisoned his well, he can't go back to the same characters, for the most part, with whatever new version of a scam he comes up with.  He must now come up with a whole new set of future victims to scam and he will need to put and emphasis on getting their money this time not just their following on facebook.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lawless America Dies!!!!

Bill Windsor has gone into hiding.  He has stripped off the advertising on the Jeep and ordered all his followers to stop harassing him with their issues.  This is his way of admitting complete and utter defeat. After all the miles, all the videos, all the hype, all the pie, he is right back where he started.....with nothing.  No movie, no funding, no tv show, no home, no family, no reason to even get up in the morning and exist.

While its clear from his history that Bill will re-emerge with a new scam and ultimately new victims, it is comforting to know that this Lawless chapter is over.  Windsor has scammed people all his life, but never before did he prey on the raw emotions of people desperate for anyone to listen to them like he did with Lawless.  He wasn't just taking their money and time, he was taking and crushing their hopes and dreams. This scam lasted much longer than I ever anticipated, and while he still has his court cases in Montana and Missouri to lose, I am happy to announce that the scam known as Lawless America is over.

Even though Lawless is now over, the stalking and harassing of others from Bill will not cease till he has taken his last breath.  You can bet that he will continue to devolve in his methods and tactics as he seeks to bring pain and suffering to others.  To this end, we can only hope that law enforcement or the judicial system will finally put a stop to him.