Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Movin' On Up?

While the absolute monster formerly known as Bill Windsor is stalking his children and grandchildren through Facebook, Instagram,, and good 'ol real life road trips that include sneaking into gated communities, I thought I'd give a nice update on what this nobody has become.

This is just one of two homes that he owned in the Atlanta area:

**edit 7-28-2017 This video has been removed. I wonder why. Here's some photos of the home instead

This was his vehicle for the April 1, 2003 Round America Trip

And this was his vehicle for June 13, 2012 Lawless America Documentary (ha) project.
 Five years!

So, what mansion is Bill living in now? What sports car? What fancy SUV? 
Did he ever get that cool RV?

Your burning questions answered here:

I'd add a photo here, but that'd spoil your fun. Click click. 

"Largest home on the largest and most beautiful corner lot at the corner of Buccaneer Drive and Bayberry Drive in The Lakes at Leesburg. It's the best-looking home in this huge Over-55 gated community, located in a quiet part of the development on a street with attractive, well-cared-for homes, and absolutely wonderful neighbors! 

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Den, Laundry Room, two Florida Rooms, Storage Room, and large carport that will accommodate two cars, long driveway. If you want the biggest and the best, THIS IS IT. "

Yep, that's it.

I guess if you can't have a house & an RV, that's what you pick?

As for his current SUV:

And his current sexy sportscar? Well, that's a sore subject. 
Bill's new hobby is accident reconstruction:


So, I guess when  you get in trouble for stalking strangers, stalk family. 
And if you can't win suing people in civil court or defending yourself in criminal court, 
there's alway traffic court!

**Oops, I can't forget this!


  1. That's hilarious!

  2. Ol' BamPa just might get to add a few chapters to "Bob Barker and Me".

    How exciting!


  3. Bills soulmate.

  4. Bampa is just proving that his family should keep him away from their kids. He's toxic and, IMO, dangerous.

  5. Smooches!!!! ~waving ~ Hi y'all~

    So.... Bampa had an "accident" & now in between stalking his estranged family, he's Sovereign Citizen flurrying the Florida court's with fuqery about the trooper, truck driver & Boise Cascade? I got all that correct? Helllllurrrr!!!!

    We're gonna need to make a beer run, get some Mike's,.... I'll be in my floatie in the pond, just holler & I'll hot hoof it back up to the Clubhouse yard to add my pearls to the discussion.

    Luffs y'all!

    1. I'll never understand how the stripper chick let this one get away.

      Ooga Bobbies flashback...

    2. Boobies, bobbies, whatever.

      It's all the same, as long as their tick-free.

    3. Did tankass Windsor get that hernia repaired yet? What about his hearing from last 'head injury'? The tremors & shuffling?
      Lawd! I hope that cough & raging diarrhea cleared up! Oy!

      I was just pondering his tremors when reading his replay of wreck... his physical ailments couldn't possibly have been reason for wreck! #eyeroll #sarcasm
      Old assrag should be required to take written & driving test! #elicfail

  6. Here we go again...
    5:17-cv-00272-D Spence et al v. Spence et al
    James C. Dever, III, presiding
    Date filed: 06/07/2017
    Date of last filing: 06/20/2017

    Case Summary

    Office: Western Division Filed: 06/07/2017
    Jury Demand: None Demand:
    Nature of Suit: 440 Cause: 28:1331 Fed. Question
    Jurisdiction: Federal Question Disposition:
    County: HARNETT Terminated:
    Origin: 1 Reopened:
    Lead Case: None
    Related Case: None Other Court Case: None
    Defendant Custody Status:
    Flag: USMJ Swank

    Plaintiff: Kimberly T. Spence
    Defendant: Kimberly T. Spence
    Petitioner: Carl J. Willis, II
    Defendant: Wellstar Medical Group Pediatric & Adolescent Center
    Defendant: Roman Catholic Church Cardinals
    Defendant: the Roman Catholic Archdiocese
    Defendant: St. John the Evangelist Catholic School and leadership
    Defendant: United Methodist Church Bishops
    Defendant: the Ben Hill United Methodist Church
    Defendant: the Ben Hill Christian Academy
    Defendant: Woodward Academy
    Defendant: Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company
    Defendant: Georgia Farm Bureau Casulaty Insurance Company
    Defendant: Create-A-Load Kennesaw
    Defendant: Reunion Place Subdivision
    Defendant: Pat Astrin
    Defendant: Re/Max of Georgia
    Defendant: Pat Astrin Property Management LLC
    Defendant: Chelsea Bynum
    Defendant: Mia Nicole Spencer
    Defendant: William M. Windsor
    Defendant: Maid of the Mist Corporation
    Plaintiff: William M. Windsor
    Defendant: Sean M. Boushie
    Defendant: The University of Montana
    Defendant: United States of America