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Monday, January 19, 2015

For Bill Windsor, Today is Deja Vu

Today is Monday, January 19th (MLK day), but for Bill it could just as well be a Thursday in June. When he woke up each time during his 53 days incarcerated as inmate 14-1898 in Ellis County, I'm sure he thought he was living a nightmare that seemed to never end.  Well, it turns out that for him, running from the law has become a different kind of nightmare he can't shake.

Windsor is no longer like other human beings.  He can't just be happy with a nice spring afternoon, or enjoy his favorite sports program, a good book, nature, or friends and family.  Those were all replaced many years ago by abject rage and vengeance which was carried out by his never ending vexatious litigation. Now, when he wakes up, every day represents another day he can't attend court, another day he is unable to scare anyone with his threat of imminent litigation or intrusive discovery. He is a vampire who lost all his fangs but can't seem to accept his new reality.  Yes he is happy to not be in jail.....but he is beginning to wonder if it was worth it.

As Windsor continues to file "mega-affidavits" and pointless motions no one will ever bother reading, he is starting to realize that he has lost his least he has lost his ability to hurl his venom at others.  All the little things in life most humans enjoy just wont cut it for Bill now. Food just doesn't taste the same.  Sleep is a hassle instead of a relaxing exercise.  While he seems somewhat disappointed that he hasn't made the FBI's 10 most wanted list yet, his own paranoia is still eating him.  He needs someone to drive him around, he needs someone to dictate his words on to the computer.  In essence, just as he talks in that creepy third person form.....he is slowly becoming a disinterested third party observer to his own life.