Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Independence Day

Happy July 4th weekend to all you guys not wearing ankle monitors.

 Here's a new post.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Windsor Takes Medical Leave

With a Thursday deadline in the TX 10th COA to show cause looming, Bill has decided it’s time to get sick and get a doctor’s note.  If the hospital in Missoula is unwilling to write him a sick note then Bill will file a motion to recuse the doctor, motion for reconsideration, motion for clarification of the diagnoses, motion for a stay and of course appeal the visit to the state hospital in Helena MT.

Bill Windsor is going to the Emergency Room in Missoula Montana.  Bob Dole approves of this message

Bill has been ill for three weeks well actually his entire known adult life, and the onset of extreme dizziness has him worried...

Sorry to report that I just can't seem to get well we know you are not, and never will be.
I've been waking up with the room spinning at high speed a mind can only hold so many layers of lies until it short circuits.  I was dizzy throughout the weekend and all day Monday ummm these court filings of yours show that you have been dizzy for the entire 21st century.  It is impossible to get much work done when the room is spinning and even harder when you have no idea what the word work means.

My self-diagnosis is that this may be related to the fractured skull that I had in December 2013  yeah usually head injuries take about two years before they start showing symptoms.  When I was recovering you didn't, I had to be careful to not put any pressure on the back of my head.  I slept propped on my side with my head elevated on a couch you could probably also point out what color your shoes were at the time but this is all under the heading of too much info or tmi for short.

I don't have a suitable couch at the motel in Missoula Montana are you gonna write them a negative report on Ripoff Report?, and it seems that pressure on the back of my skull from a cushion or pillow sends me reeling you know. . . if you really stood back and looked at where you are in your life right now, maybe it’s time to start reeling.

So, I am going to the Emergency Room to get a proper exam yeah emergency rooms just love it when people use them for a checkup.  I need my Parkinson’s-like tremors to be considered as well  you are elderly and your body has endured a lethal level of BS. . . no wonder its shaking.  Ever since I was unlawfully incarcerated and held without bond in tiny little confined spaces, my once-mild tremor has become an earthquake not were shaking like a bowl of jello way before that.

Thank Heavens I am not in jail because this would be largely ignored your health seemed to be at its best while you were incarcerated. . . incidentally.  You could die just waiting for a response to a medical kite figure of speech.

I don't know how long I will be at the hospital or even if you will go because a hospital gown doesn't go well with the ankle bracelet.  I certainly hope they don't find my brain is bleeding or anything terrible like that meaning I sure hope they do so I can stay everything indefinitely.  I do anticipate a Cat-Scan.  I had a half dozen of those after I fractured my skull well that’s pretty stupid they would all show the same thing. . . one incredibly demented mind.  Those have always been quite the challenge for claustrophobic me most junk yard garden variety bullies can't stand to be confined by rules or boundaries. . . kinda metaphoric for your entire life huh?.

Should the hospital keep me don't worry, after you file your first motion against them they will release you, I will get word to someone or something so an update can be posted on  Please don't worry if there isn't a report until Tuesday afternoon no one cares Bill. . . they stopped caring years ago.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Another Road Trip?

As a vagabond at heart, Bill Windsor must roam.  He has announced his Summer Road Tour, and it appears he wants to "return to the scene of the crime" as he put it:

"But then, I am "returning to the scene of the crime" for filming at the Missoula County Detention Center in Missoula Montana, the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge Montana, the Montana Supreme Court in Helena Montana, the Ada County Jail in Boise Idaho, the Federal Express store in Meridian Idaho, the AT&T store in Meridian Idaho, and the Ellis County Jail, courthouse, sheriff's department, and district attorney's office in Waxahachie Texas.  I will be requesting official permission to film at most of these locations."

Ummm, that sounds like an outstanding idea Bill.  Oh, and he even has more:

"I am obtaining a Bob Barker special orange-and-white striped prison uniform to wear during some of the filming.  Some of my former fellow inmates are planning to meet up with me to go on camera and tell their stories.  I will ask FedEx if the woman who called the police and got me arrested for tweeting would be willing to go on camera.  I'll have an autographed copy of my Wanted Poster for her."

Pro Se Baby!!!  Your instincts are simply spot on here Bill.  Of course, we all know when Bill uses his claim of "filming for his movie" that's just an excuse to do some quasi-legal/maybe completely illegal activity in the realm of stalking and bullying.  Somehow, I just don't think filming Patrick Wilson's office building is going to provide you with the missing link you are looking for.  So let the Summer Stalking Tour of 2015 begin.....all in the name of "gathering evidence"

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bill the Summer Movie Critic

After begging for extra time to find this "evidence" that proves Bill isn't guilty of the crimes he is accused of, Windsor was granted extra time to prepare for his criminal trial (this is after already crying about not having a speedy trial).  Well I can't think of a better way to spend that extra court granted time than to use it watching movies and then writing a review of each movie on your facebook page. And no matter what movie he is watching, Bill finds a way to make that movie all about him.

The infatuation with DA Jennifer Clark has faded.  She, along with local law enforcement, has refused to give in to Bill demands and has yet to drop all his charges as ordered.  Bill swore in a affidavit that he didn't do those crimes therefore the charges must be dropped.

We also have that pesky National Liberty Alliance (New Lawless America) that keeps raising its head and into bill's facebook page:


Bill Windsor Pat, I find this National Liberty Alliance stuff to be kind of "out there." Sorry.

Kathy Lester They are not out there Bill Windsor you have to listen in please do a lot of folks thought you were out there but we stood with you though many of us never got our stories heard be humble and open minded they might be of help to you as you were VIOLATED AND STILL ARE BEING VIOLATED so give it a THOUGHT PRAY ABOUT IT I have been studying them for five months they walk the talk

Oh no, not Kpat.....they got him too?  I'm not sure how Darash is "out there" any more than Bill is. Its like a group of people arguing over who is the best unicorn rider.  They are all full time snake oil salesmen and fear mongers.  The only difference is Darash keeps updating the cures his snake oil has while Bill throws a temper tantrum at his own pity party. Darash just saved the nation from Jade Helm 15.....what have you done Bill?  He voided the 49 cent stamp and reinstituted a 3 cent stamp for the whole nation to can't even void that pesky Thrash order.  Yes, in the world of make believe for these sovereign citizens/conspiracy nut jobs, the NLA is running circles around Bill and stealing all his former lemmings.  Sorry Kpat, but Bill isn't gonna bite, if its not about him he isn't interested.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Windsor Wants a Do Over

I guess Bill was able to delay his criminal trail till the end of September.  Which means he has all summer to sweat to speak.  The Texas 10th Court of appeals told Bill that he needs to pay the fees, get leave, and make a salient argument or they are tossing out all his appeals in that court.  Bill came up with a brilliant idea......lets file a new appeal in that court.  I'm sure the court will be dazzled by his cunning ways.

The Montana Supreme court said no to bill's motion to recuse Judge Haynes.  Bill disagrees with that ruling:

I mean come on, Judge Haynes called Bill a whining child.......he must issue a formal apology.

Windsor continues to wait on the Missoula law enforcement to take action against Boushie, if they dont meet bill's demands, he will conclude that they are all corrupt.