Monday, March 30, 2015

The Waiting Game

Bill is still in jail.  He still has a no bond hold on him as he is a fugitive from Texas.  As to what Montana is going to do with him, I have no idea.  So while we wait (and for comment rollover purposes) here is my favorite Super Bowl commercial from back when SB commercials were funny.


  1. According to Gary Winston aka Snooze aka Sharon aka Susan H who has to post comments along with the other peon lemming's on her Crush's FB page (because he doesn't trust her to give her access to his FB account ) good news is happening this week for her fat crush.
    That, the "Joey's" should prepare themselves for ... LOL !!!!

    1. She's playing her semantic games again. "She believes" which means, "I don't have shit, but if I post this, everyone will think I do." Only the lemmings like MaryD fell for it.

    2. Marchesa must be talking Snoozie ... Ha

      "Marchesa B - Bill was just trying to help. Too many crazy people he ran into sidetracked him"

    3. Bill was just trying to help.

      ...himself by creating a nation-wide bait & switch scam (ie, the Lawless America film) in order to gain political power by recruiting a million people for his new, Revolutionary Party. Although Snoozie won't tell you the truth now, even she knows Bill Windsor is a sociopathic liar.

    4. Which facebook page do you folks read this at?

      The one that I check hasn't had a comment in weeks

    5. She needs an entire week for April Fools Day because she's bored.

    6. @ Jeff. It's BW's FB page.

    7. The old, fat stalker has been on the run for months, got busted, got extradited, is being held without bail facing multiple felonies...??And the Joeys are in for bad news??!! LMFAO..Game over,someone gonna tell this dumb old bitch..LMAO

    8. From the inimitable Heywood Banks...

      Imagine accidentally eavesdropping on a conversation about Snoozan or Mary D.

    9. "Lynn Maris" is only one of a couple names that person has used. She was aligned with PMA as early as 2010 before Bill. She claims to have been homeless, battered and a deep faith in God.

    10. The majority of the Lawless losers came from other groups. This was the only way Windsor could get followers (numbers). Each "group" flocked to him because they saw a flash in the pan, some kind of "savior" that was allegedly going to change the laws they feel they were shafted by.

      Windsor being a "salesman" sold them all a fake dream. He is and was in no position to lead anyone anywhere as far as fixing their court issues. That is, unless he got to his ultimate dream being the "Predominate Party" Leader, which is what he discussed in DC. His goal of getting everyone out of office and replacing with "their" people, making "retroactive immunity" for whatever steps they took to get there.

      This was not discussed when people from "groups" started following him. It was sold as "a man making a movie that would expose corruption and fix their cases."

      Now, all those people went back to their little groups, and sit on FB all day, posting and reposting stories, talking to each other about how horrible that certain story was, and claiming the same things happened to them. Occasionally they find a story where someone was held accountable, for something that clearly was wrong. But, the majority of these people would rather sit on FB and bitch, complain, and point fingers. They live in a world on FB they think is making progress but isn't. Sure, a select few are trying to do things, but those aren't the people stuck on Lawless America saving the world.

      It's sad they still can't see they put all their eggs in his basket, and he really had no intention of doing anything but promoting himself. So lets say Windsor finishes this "documentary." There are two other documentaries that have already been made, aired and are doing nothing. (Many of the Lawless followers have even joined in to supporting those--and still can't seem to see they were pointless) How is Windsor's going to fix anything? He's got a bunch of one sided stories, making allegations with no proof of any wrongdoing other than the person making the allegations. Much like Windsor has done over the past few years on FB, his dot com, and plethora of hate sites. He goes to court, can't prove anything he said, and loses.

      Again, how is anything going to be fixed? How can he help anyone with their specific case? The only people who care to watch these documentaries are the people involved in them. But, the main part of all this is the anti government underlying theme and not specific court issues--which is what these people are still clinging on to. Not gonna happen!

      As he once stated, they would launch their charges against all the "Corrupt Govt Officials" on (or about) April 1st (two years ago...) today is also April 1. I say, he pulled the biggest April fools joke on everyone!

    11. PMA quarreled with Bill but also with JIALK. So how many of Bill's followers are authentic in their support of Bill and how many are just anti-JIALK?

    12. Who gives a shit?
      Windsor is anti-gov't, anti-LE, anti-Veterans, anti-women, anti-everything except himself.

  2. Windsor WhispererMarch 30, 2015 at 6:04 PM

    I like the Trunk Monkey commercials better. Hey, that's what Bill could do after doing his time. Be a stalker's trunk monkey. Hop out and take photos and videos, or offer banana pies to passengers.

    I've been checking this blog on and off for two years. I think I've read every post in that time, but probably missed a lot of comments. Who I've never seen mentioned here is Bill's former employee, Penny Z., who helped with Meet Me in D.C. What's her deal? How could she go along with Bill's m.o. for years and then gladly volunteer time and energy for his congressional project?

    1. Penny is not a Bill advocate. She worked years ago for him then didn't speak to him for years. She then accepted to help with Meet Me In DC and was disappointed (and disgusted ) with his behavior. She has since (very shortly after DC) cut ties with Bill. She's normal. Normal people leave him once they've seen him in action.

    2. Windsor WhispererMarch 31, 2015 at 1:26 AM

      Thanks for explaining about Penny's position, Allie. I agree about normal people and him. I hope you've had some peace of mind since ol' Pietard has been in jail. Truth is stranger than fiction. Pietard wants so bad for his fiction to be truth though. All three con-artists that I've came across personally in my life were men in their 60s.

    3. Likewise, Windsor Whisperer, I do hope you've had some clarity and peace of mind knowing he is in jail. What a crazy trip, that DC week was, lol. Eye opening. Glad I met you there.

  3. Looks like Windbag filed in the closed ID HC case recently.
    "03/27/2015 Request for Certificate of Probable Cause"

    It would be nice to see the court orders from that hearing, to see what Windsor agreed to, and is probably now trying to undo. It would be just like him, to have agreed to a plea in the "Fugitive to Idaho" case, to get out of the charges there, but still attempt to make a federal (pun intended) case out of his arrest in the first place.

    1. How does he file squat on a "DENIED" and "DISMISSED" HC case?
      He also is pucking around with his other two "CLOSED" cases as well ...

      CR-FE-2015-0002390 03/31/2015 Response to Letter
      CR-FE-2015-0002389 03/31/2015 Response to Letter

    2. The vexatious, frivolous filer just can't help himself. It's like he has to have the last word. These are perfect examples of him not respecting the rulings of Judges. It's done, it's over, don't go away mad, just go away...he doesn't ever go away. He stays mad, and takes it out on everyone, everywhere he goes. He is just full of hate, anger and vindictiveness.

    3. Maybe he's trying to make a case, that ID didn't have the right to arrest him, therefore, holding him "illegally" making the extradition "unlawful" because he is William M Windsor (don't cha know) and he is not THE William M Windsor that's "wanted" and even if he was, the warrant is "Void" because the TOP expired (forget those numerous appeals and rulings) because he said so! It's the "I said so" law of William M leader of the Vexatious Windsor!

    4. its an appealed case.

    5. It's a moot case.

    6. It is O V E R for the slower learners.

    7. Its been said before, and I must agree: I love this place!!!!
      Waving :)

    8. :) waves back.

      Well of course he is filing on closed's not over for billy until he runs out of pencils...

  4. When is his army of followers, all 20, coming to his rescue? I doubt he's even getting $ for his cantina fund.....Yumm... Little Debbie's snacks are soooo good.

    1. Can we expect a class action lawsuit from the 20 of them since they are so certain of their leader's actions on their behalf?

  5. With his quotes like this, it will be fun, BTW, what channel picked Bill up, he has a TV Show?

    "Corrupt judges in Montana are trying to take away Bill Windsor’s TV show website, It contains evidence galore of the crimes of Sean Boushie and corrupt judges like Judge John W. Larson"

  6. Second-Chair AttorneyMarch 31, 2015 at 4:18 PM

    While we're waiting, I encourage everyone to go to -- the recording from one of Mr. Windsor's TalkShoe shows in May 2012. I had been looking for this story from his past for some time and finally ran across it the other day.

    At 37:46, he starts telling a story about when he was called into the courtroom of a state court judge during jury duty to be vetted to sit on the jury for a DUI trial. Within that story is the story he told the judge, the attorneys, and the venire of prospective jurors when they asked, sensibly, if any of the prospective jurors ever drink.

    The story involves him playing the drinking game Quarters with "a bunch of employees" at a bar. In true Bill Windsor fashion, he blames the employees, claiming they "got [him] drunk" by using the drinking game as a "setup," rather than owning up to the fact that they weren't taping his mouth open and pouring alcohol down his throat, and at some point he should have just stopped.

    Anyway, he admits to being "completely commode-hugging drunk" but nonetheless leaving the bar, getting into his "ragtop Jeep," and driving, claiming that he lived at the time "literally no more than a mile" away from the bar.

    He then admits to "plow[ing] right over the top of [a] median" on an access road.

    That's right. Squeaky-clean Bill Windsor, just a regular ol' grandpa, got "completely commode-hugging drunk," and drove, and then wrecked his car into a median.

    Of course, when the police pull up, he states that they "worked for [him]" in the sense that his company had "donated building materials" to help the police department build a new jail cell.

    He then claims that the officers followed him home to make sure he got back safely, but ends the story quite candidly (although quickly): "I should've been DUI."

    (Earlier in the story he says that during the voir dire he answered that he had never been arrested for DUI, but he admits here that he should have been and, had the officers not been friendly to him -- a serious dereliction of their duty, if he was in fact as drunk as he claimed to be -- most likely he would have been.)

    Most galling of all, he takes obvious delight in claiming that everyone in the courtroom except the prosecutors were "dying laughing" at this story, which I -- and I think most people -- would find to reflect horrendously bad decision-making and a frightening chain of events that could have killed him or others.

    He obviously sees nothing wrong in anything that happened that night, probably in part because -- as has so often been the case throughout his life -- he was not held responsible for his extraordinarily irresponsible choices and acts, because of who he is. If I had been treated like I was that far above the law when I engaged in criminal activity, I would probably feel like I could get away with anything, too.

    This also obliterates his oft-repeated claims that he's a law-abiding citizen who has never done anything to harm anyone. Really? He admittedly committing multiple crimes by driving while "commode-hugging drunk" and plowing over a median, and recklessly put the lives of who knows how many people in danger that night.

    And that was just the time that he got caught and had a (he thinks) funny story to tell about the experience. I wonder how many other times he engaged in identical or similar conduct but simply got home without killing himself or anyone else or running into bought-off police, so he just doesn't tell those stories.

    In any event, the story pulls back the good-guy curtain that he has repeated so many times he hopes everyone believes it to be true and, most likely, he has started to believe himself. But the story tells the true tale.

    1. Wow!!!
      Nice find.

      And I think the "dying laughing" description he gave is his usual spin. My guess is most of the people in their had that fake grin accompanied by that look of "is the crazy man done telling his story yet". Revisionist history is the only kind of history he remembers.

    2. In Dana Carvey SNL #ChurchLady voice "Well, isn't thar special? Now, who made you do that?"

      Excellent & hilarious find! Perfect fit.

    3. Too bad it wasn't a prostitution/glory hole case.

      Imagine that story...

    4. Wow, what a dick! total turnoff...UGHHHHH!!!

  7. Update from Missoula

    1) Windsor plead not guilty to all five counts of violating a protective order.
    2) His first pleading is due on or before April 8. He is reminded to keep it to 20 pages or less.
    3) He was offered a public defender, but said he would be representing himself or getting an attorney. Judge Haynes ordered the public defender to stand with him in the courtroom anyway.
    4) He said he had been in a courtroom before and is aware of the risks of representing himself.
    5) If he somehow manages to bond out he will be required to wear an GPS ankle bracelet and turn over He will also be required to sign a waiver of extradition if he leaves the area.
    6) There is concern that he lists his address as being in South Dakota, but he doesn't seem to really live there.
    7) Bail was reduced to $5000.00 after his public defender said that he had never confronted his victim in person, had made no threats of violence, and had no prior criminal record.
    8) The civil case under Judge Larson (TOP) has been re-opened, looks like there might be a new law firm. This would be to re-instate the TOP.

    I intended to copy and post some of the documents, but there's not much there of interest, other than a signed check-off list on an affidavit and the minutes of the arraignment hearing.

    1. Thank you so much for the update

    2. So, even knowing the Windsor's weapon of choice is the internet, he'll have free reign to continue his assaults on the www, so long as he gives up the site/domain? Meaning he'll be free to post attacks against SN on facebook, other websites such as and/or his hundreds of other sites? LinkedIn mail blasts, press releases to Brietbart & Prison Planet type whackadoodle sites?

    3. ^ ooops - SB not SN.

  8. "AnonymousMarch 31, 2015 at 3:14 PM

    With his quotes like this, it will be fun, BTW, what channel picked Bill up, he has a TV Show?

    'Corrupt judges in Montana are trying to take away Bill Windsor’s TV show website, It contains evidence galore of the crimes of Sean Boushie and corrupt judges like Judge John W. Larson' "

    Windsor never had a TV show or documentary about Sean Boushie. My guess is, he thought if he claimed his activities were for a TV show, the authorities would leave him alone. Obviously they saw right through that; the lawful restraining order required Windsor to turn that website over to Sean Boushie. The judge noted that all Windsor was doing on it was posting lies and defamatory information against Boushie and his wife, plus assorted others.

    I'm a working journalist (have been for nearly 20 years), and can tell you his Montana activities RE: Boushie don't come CLOSE to real TV journalism or documentary work. What he was doing was stalking, under every definition of the word. And if he were a "card-carrying member of the press" (as he's so often claimed to be), he would know that. Even a real journalist would be warned, if not arrested, for doing what he did.

    I hope this guy goes away for a long, long time. Guys like this make my profession look bad ... and I don't like that. REAL journalism tells a properly-vetted story; it does not pry into people's lives or release personally-identifying details (without permission), fling bullshit around, or spew lies and filth. He's no journalist, documentarian, or anything else.

    1. You're absolutely right. No real Journalist or Movie Producer would do any of the things Windsor has done under the guise of being "Media/Producer/Director. He uses this title as an excuse to get away with stuff. Almost like the story posted about his drunk driving incident. He just throws his weight around, and if he gets away with something, it empowers him, and if he's caught? He unleashes his vengeance. He hates to be called out, or held accountable.

      The only good thing about the youtube videos Windsor made, is playing them, then stopping at random times to see what kind of stupid face he's making.

    2. I love this nose picking one ..

    3. Anyone remember this big fat lie Willy told the lemmings?

      Bill Windsor
      December 30, 2014 ·

      Sorry, folks, but I am traveling to Montana to turn myself in to the authorities there.
      My Montana attorney may not let me do TalkShoe. We shall see.

  9. 1) Windsor plead not guilty to all five counts of violating a protective order. -- No surprise
    2) His first pleading is due on or before April 8. He is reminded to keep it to 20 pages or less. -- He won't. I'm guessing it'll be about 100 pages.
    3) He was offered a public defender, but said he would be representing himself or getting an attorney. Judge Haynes ordered the public defender to stand with him in the courtroom anyway. -- Subtle insult to Windsor, and well-deserved.
    4) He said he had been in a courtroom before and is aware of the risks of representing himself. -- Oh, yeah, he's been in a courtroom before - and lost every time.
    5) If he somehow manages to bond out he will be required to wear an GPS ankle bracelet and turn over He will also be required to sign a waiver of extradition if he leaves the area. -- Doubt he'll be able to bond out. His followers barely have pennies in their bank accounts (one, in fact, is homeless along with her elderly mother), the ex-wife and kids won't help him, and I'm guessing he no longer has his black AMEx with him. IF he manages to do so, he'll stall on doing any of these things, and will likely attempt to bolt before any of them are done.
    6) There is concern that he lists his address as being in South Dakota, but he doesn't seem to really live there. -- Nice catch, guys. He DOESN'T live there. You can't live in a mail store!
    7) Bail was reduced to $5000.00 after his public defender said that he had never confronted his victim in person, had made no threats of violence, and had no prior criminal record. -- Technicalities, but true
    8) The civil case under Judge Larson (TOP) has been re-opened, looks like there might be a new law firm. This would be to re-instate the TOP. -- Boushie thought there was no need for the TOP now that Windsor's in custody. That's apparently not the case; Boushie's applying for the reinstatement.

    1. So....doesn't this comment by Snooze prove even more what a big, fat, liar she is? How she just says whatever she wants to act like she knows stuff? 'Notice me, notice me-- like me, talk to me....I fill your heads with Billshit!' Nothing's going on until at least the middle of next month! Troll!!

      "Gary Winston-- I believe there will be some very good news about Bill early next week...or so. I hope the Joeys are prepared for the disappointment. I don't think they are though.

      March 28 at 8:09pm ·"

    2. I'm sure before he went on his Fugitive Flight, he got his affairs in order, including monies stocked away with someone he trusts to pay bail. (He knew when he ran .. there was the possibility he could be found, arrested and would at some point need bail money.) Also, he came up with the money for a very expensive high-end attorney in Idaho ... so,coming up with Bail money will not be a problem for him IMHO ..especially $5,000 or is it 10% of five grand?
      BUT, he is fucked .. if he does bail out somehow ..they immediately, before he walks out of jail will clamp that GPS ankle bracelet on his fat ankle which will then track his every move, every location etc 24/7 ... if he tries to run (which I hope he does) they will track him, arrest him and throw him immediately back in jail with really serious (felony) charges ... He will be a prisoner of Montana, just not in jail ..Haha ha the thought of that makes me giggle.
      And, if he disobeys the judge's order regarding turning over .. he again will be tracked via his ankle bracelet and arrested and thrown back in jail.
      ..So, he's really has himself in a clusterfuck ..that I don't see him getting out of anytime in the future HAHAHAHHA !!!!
      PS: Doesn't he still have charges in Texas to face? If Montana releases him. wouldn't he have to immediately turn himself into Texas ( since Texas is who found him in Idaho, I don't think Montana can just let him walk free away from the Texas charges. Plus, he has court orders in Texas to pay Sean F & SFW, right? Those are court orders, he cannot just ignore them or he will go back to jail in Ellis Co.

    3. They don't arrest you for not paying a civil judgement.

    4. Anon@ 10:04 ... You can't go to jail just for owing money in a civil case. But if there is a money judgment against you and you
      don't follow a court order or an order to appear in court, you could be arrested for contempt of
      court. An arrest warrant is issued based on the contempt of court order. This means that the
      police can arrest you and put you in jail.

    5. Dang, that Public Defender person got the shit end of a stick, poor thang, they're gonna need Tylenol this week.

      Ankle monitor & relinquish hate .com site? Ummm hmmm, in a heartbeat, I know he will. BAHAHAHAHAHA! Just like rainbow & unicorns have flown out his ass everytime he set foot in a courthouse.
      Yup. That's funny.
      We can just slap up the Welcome back to Texas banner next week.

  10. "7) Bail was reduced to $5000.00 after his public defender said that he had never confronted his victim in person, had made no threats of violence"

    He tried to confront his victim. He recorded video of someone he thought was SB. He broadcast his stalking of SB's vehicle all over the internet.

  11. While Windsor might have a lot of experience in civil lawsuits, he has no experience in criminal defense. It's a different area of law that varies from state-to-state. I doubt that 10 days or so will give him time to research and adequately prepare his pleading. If he chooses to represent himself, he cannot come back some day and claim that he was insufficiently represented by an attorney.

  12. Does Rosie not know Willy is not in Idaho anymore & that his cases in Idaho are CLOSED, done .. finished, null ..void ?
    "TVOI (The Voice of Idaho)
    Rosie Johnson
    Are you going to be able to interview Bill Windsor of Lawless America soon? Hope so :) God bless you as you work to uncover and expose wrong, and to then report it so that it can be addressed. Thank you. :)" Yesterday at 11:17am

  13. This was posted 4 years ago by Snooze. She saw that Windsor was never going to succumb to allowing others their own opinions, thoughts and ideas, and was making decisions on his own, like a one man show. What's changed? Nothing. Why is she suddenly team Windsor now? hummm.....

    "Posted by Reformer on March 18, 2011, 4:52 pm

    Recently, William M. Windsor, sent out a series of press releases addressing the subject of corruption.

    Mr. Windsor publicly stated an intention to spend the rest of his life addressing the corruption.

    Mr. Windsor’s press releases attracted many people who expressed an interest in forming an activist group to help end the corruption. Mr. Windsor indicated a desire to form such a group and began taking steps to do so.

    Unfortunately, it appears Mr. Windsor is and intends to remain, the sole decision maker for the activist group. This is an issue as it sets the stage for an organizer to operate with a hidden agenda. Indeed, many of Mr. Windsor’s actions thus far, seem inconsistent with his stated goals. For example, he claims the group will be an “umbrella” for all those interested in addressing corruption, but he has exhibited zero tolerance for any ideas that conflict with his own. It makes no sense.

    Mr. Windsor has publicly stated that a group now called GRIP has embraced his ideas. This is misleading. Who are the members of this group and where and when did they “embrace” his plan? Mr. Windsor never asked anyone to embrace anything. He announced his intention to do certain things, and forged ahead as if the unformed “group” was on board.

    This board is here to provide an opportunity for people to speak freely to Mr. Windsor. The hope is that Mr. Windsor will open his mind to the possibility of reorganizing GRIP, to become a diplomatically run, productive umbrella group, which promotes and allows free speech among its members. These are basic requirements for any group that is to be comprised of Americans.

    The idea here is not to destroy GRIP, but to publicly question Mr. Windsor's intentions for the group. These questions can’t be raised on Mr. Windsor’s own site, so they are raised here. Simply put, it is time to stop the madness of people following Mr. Windsor down a rabbit hole. We need Mr. Windsor to stop running, turn around, and answer some questions, so we can decide if we really do want to follow him. Here are a few questions that should be addressed immediately:

    1. Are you willing to lend your expertise and experience to a diplomatically run group? (NO)

    2. Are you willing to fully answer the questions and concerns of your supporters? (NO)

    3. Can you allow people with ideas that conflict with your own, to speak freely on your forum? (NO)

    4. Will you immediately form a group of co-founders, and allow them to help you structure a diplomatically run organization? (NO)

    5. Will you structure your group so that no single individual has more control than his counterparts in the management group? (NO)

    6. Will you promise not to make decisions on behalf of the group and then publicly claim those are the decisions of "the group"? (NO)

    Mr. Windsor is certainly free to run a non-diplomatic group if that is his choice. But he owes it to the supporters he's trying to recruit, to be clear on the type of organization he envisions. Thus far, he has been saying one thing and doing another. It is time to clarify the situation and move forward! "

    1. Kind of ironic she'd post that, when she too has a one way perception of laws, allowing others their beliefs, thoughts or opinions.

    2. Why is she team Windsor? She's eaten up with hatred and probably hasn't given up her thirst for easy money. Mommy and Daddy's retirement funds are no longer supporting her. She can't keep her businesses running, and the husband she alleged in March 2013 is non-existent for whatever reason. She better hope sibling rivalry doesn't kick into full gear now that her parents are gone.

    3. She is just a flat out PATHETIC LYING LEECH of society.

    4. Snoozan knows Windsor is a liar and a scoundrel, yet she helps him--why? Because she seeks revenge for being outed, rebuked, and shunned by the folks who post on this blog. She now spends her time trolling this blog even though she knows the posts will be removed quickly. For someone who claims to want justice, she has a warped view of the concept, IMO.


    5. Aw, you guys are no fun today at all. smh It IS a holiday you know. LMAO

    6. Robert Cookout IIIApril 1, 2015 at 4:11 PM

      Only one fool here today Susan, you. But I will say Patrick Wilson and I got a good laugh at my desk when you posted the Tx charges had been dropped. He laughed so hard I thought he might pee. LMAO SMH

    thought some of you might enjoy my april fools fun on my FB... lol!

  15. I have a dream that one day Windsor and Peter Senese will be placed in the solitary unit of a federal prison (any prison will do, actually) and, via the fish line method, proudly share with each other their tales of rampant fraud.

    1. It's called a kite, bitch...

    2. Thank you. I'm not up on prison terminology. I thought a kite was a written request from an inmate to prison staff and a fish line was for inmate-to-inmate communication.

    3. That's called 'droppin a form'. Windsor has stated he does it a lot. I'm sure the corrections officers are terrified.

  16. Too bad he is such a sleeze ball. His stated cause is actually a valid concern. I personally believe that the judiciary is in desparate need of reform and should have some more checks and balances.

    1. What #StatedCause?

      Is it a full moon?

      Wtf took the tinfoil?

    2. WOW Just WOW ...

      Saturday, December 28, 2014
      Lawless America: Bill Windsor Incarcerated
      by Mary W Maxwell, PhD,

      Bill Windsor is a 66 year-old man from Atlanta, Georgia, who started a Youtube series entitled “Lawless America,” intending to make a grassroots documentary about our corrupt courts.
      I have followed the series closely. I can relate to Bill because he seems a lot like me, an individual citizen who worries about “the law.” Now he is reportedly in prison for his trouble, in Texas. This is a real shock.
      I learned of Bill’s October 29, 2014 arrest from the website, which is run by a very energetic detractor of Bill. (A commenter on his blog asks, “Are there 92 inmates waiting to ‘date’ Bill?”)
      Imprisonment is actually a nicer fate for Bill than what I had imagined. Since July 24, 2013, Bill had failed to add any items to his website, I figured he might be dead, or mind-controlled, as he had made an unassailable case against the current justice system in America, especially the family courts.
      (Yes, you heard me. I said I feared for his life because he spoke out against unfairness in America. Zheesh! What a world.)
      Bill Windsor does not help particular litigants to pursue appeals. He only presents cases to us, by interviewing citizens who tell their story. You can watch them all at Bill’s Youtube channel, Lawless America.
      They are stunning: a cross-section of Americans who have been outrageously deprived of due process or fairness. One person whom Windsor interviewed is a Montana senior citizen who showed how her life got ruined when her employer accused her of embezzlement.
      The Crystal Cox Involvement
      Another person in Montana, a lady named Crystal Cox, sought Windsor out, to get relief on a matter of cyber-stalking. She said that a man, whom I will name XX, had threatened her, and that the court refused to issue a restraining order for her protection. Bill made a point of standing up for her, as her case involved “free speech rights.”
      I now have a vague suspicion that she did not come into Bill’s life the way all, or most, of the others interviewees did. She may have been a trouble-making plant from the beginning, for the purpose of undoing Windsor’s excellent work. (I don’t know, and I apologize if I’m wrong.) As I said, she complained that XX threatened her. It is too complicated to go into here; a court has held her liable to pay megabucks to some plaintiffs.
      Anyway, the aforementioned fellow, XX, subsequently sent Bill some threatening emails. Worse, according to Bill (whose honesty and equanimity I admire), XX admitted to having shot at Bill’s car on the highway, but the bullet missed! Reasonably enough, Bill then proceeded to ask the court of Montana for a protective order.
      I think Bill requested protection in order to prove a point, more than to avoid danger, as he had no real need to stay in far-off Montana. Still, the court mishandled his request, and he showed this to us all in a very clear Youtube video, last year.
      Not surprisingly (if this whole fracas be a set-up of some sort), the famous XX then went to court, pleading that Bill is harassing him! So XX asked for, and was granted, a protection order. You can read the Montana Supreme Court’s June 10, 2014 decision on that matter at:
      The decision mention’s Windsor’s “extraordinary abuse of the state judicial system by repeatedly filing frivolous, malicious and vexatious lawsuits . . . .” By the way, Bill has long since proffered the suggestion that any decision to dismiss a case for vexatiousness should be made by a jury. Sounds sensible to me. (You sometimes hear of a total screwball going to court and wasting taxpayers’ money, but those cases could be staged, could they not?)

    3. Wow Just Wow cont ..
      We don’t know what happened during the four months that followed, until Bill’s ‘booking’ took place on October 29, 2014, at 3.18 am. (Love those wee-hours arrivals at jail.) He is now inside, apparently waiting to be tried. The charge against him is ‘disobeying a court order,’ which seems to be a felony.
      The Gag-Order Situation Today
      It is significant that Bill Windsor, who has a big mouth and a lot of self-confidence, has not posted anything at his site for well over a year. It’s not his style to keep his friends waiting. By ‘friends’ I mean the thousand or more people who star in his Youtube video describing their own plight, plus onlookers like myself. A possible explanation is that Bill is under a gag order.
      To repeat, I am not sure of things that have happened to Bill since July 24, 2013; I am making guesses. I say remember Sherman Skolnick, the people’s best friend in the law line? Bill Windsor is of similar integrity and panache. I cannot imagine him deserving to be behind bars. And he might come out without his IQ intact. Seriously. This whole development is frightening. And, as Lopez said of his gag order, it is surreal.

      In sum, would you please stick up for Bill Windsor, O Americans? He sticks up for you!
      – Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB’s forthcoming book is “Fraud Upon the Court: Reclaiming the Law, Joyfully” She can be reached at her website

    4. "Moreover, you have to put your safety on the line! If we are in danger of losing free speech, you have to act now while you still can. "

      "My research has taught me a very basic fact of life, namely that the Americans, the Australians, and every other nationality on the planet are under the command of the same commander. This is a secret group, worthy of the name “World Government.” So it’s really not the US that is pushing Japan around! It is World Government, using the good offices of the Yanks."

      "My interest in treason – for which I wrote a book in 2011 entitled “Prosecution for Treason,” doesn’t have much to do with the traditional definition of “levying war.” Rather, there are people (I cited the US Congress, en masse) who are acting against the nation. When they pass legislation that has violent consequences for citizens, I think they are truly levying war. We don’t have to be limited to the dictionary."

    5. I think her diatribe (above) explains why her book, "Consider the Lilies: A Review of Cures for Cancer and their Unlawful Suppression" has no reviews on Amazon after two years.


    6. ^^^^love the #ChurchLady pic^^^^
      Your review of that bather? Excellent!

    7. Lol Anon@1012 .. Ya think?

    8. They also serve who only stand and wait.
      ~John Milton

    9. Her late husband was a Marine if that's what you're asking.

    10. Yeah WTF are you asking ..Anons@12:58/12:46?
      You both sound pretty snarky to me..

    11. Anons@12:58/12:46--the same poster? I agree with you 1:19...both posts were snarky.

  17. It appears that the appeals cases are on delay for 35 days and he used his one time, "I can not get to my legal stuff or I'm incarcerated" excuses anymore. they told him that he would have to hire an attorney, not his sister who will not be getting his documentation from what I have been told also. That is where the appeals stand. So we wait 35 days and by that time maybe windsor will have his permanent address right there in the State Penn. LOL

  18. So when BW starts up with his lies again:

    As for his claimed medical issues, here's a partial list -

    And as for his residency, please refer to this -