Friday, March 6, 2015

Bill Windsor Scribbles His Life Away

Yesterday, Bill had another preliminary hearing in Ada County ID on his extradition.  And, yet again, the case was continued, now till the 25th of March.  Bill was given a bond but it was upped to $1,000,000 for each of his counts (he has two).  Word is though, that even if he posts that bond he still has two fugitive transit holds from both TX and in short, he isn't going anywhere. Windsor incorrectly surmised that Ada County ID would be fugitive friendly to him, they are sending a clear message that fugitives from other states should steer clear of Idaho.

Bill's FB page has remained inactive as it seems this time he didn't trust anyone to update his few remaining follows of his status.  A special appearance was made by an attorney named McKay on Bill's would assume this would be high profile Ada County attorney Scott McKay  Windsor and attorneys don't mix, and its only a matter of time till McKay and Bill get crossways.  As much as Bill wants to try the TX and MT cases in ID, his act is going to wear thin especially with an attorney who is adherent to the law. Bill probably thinks he got out of the TX extradition by stalling and stonewalling at every turn. That is not at all the case, it was his propensity to lie and bail jump that got him out. The problem for Bill is you can only pull that trick once, and he emptied his holster in TX.

We get our first look at something Bill wrote as we see this motion for a stay in the Texas 10th Court of Appeals.  This is for the Fleming anti-slapp ruling which Bill's appeal has already died anyway, but lets just see what he is up to these days.  Maybe he has changed courses?

Same ole song and dance.  Big ID is violating his rights too.  He is also sticking with his story about going to jail for tweeting.  I guess saying wanted for being a fugitive bond jumper in two states doesn't have the same sympathetic ring to it.  The irony of all this is that now Bill Windsor is stonewalling.....Bill Windsor.  The more he drags this out in ID, the more uncredited days he spends in jail in Ada County.  He will be extradited, there is no way out of it this time, the only reasonable thing to do is stop fighting it and get it over with.  But reason and Bill are life long adversaries.


  1. Whoever said Windsor has below-average intelligence was absolutely right. Same old song-n-dance for nearly 10 years ... and it hasn't gotten him anywhere. But he keeps believing it will. This guy is so dumb, he makes Kim Kardashian look like a Rhodes scholar.

  2. Will he be able to keep a decent lawyer ?
    If he has McKay, he seems like a competent lawyer , at least from his WWW, profile.
    What is the outlook on Bill keeping McKay as a lawyer ?
    This should prove to be most interesting.

    1. IDK how long he will keep McKay after McKay tells him "No more frivolous filings written on toilet paper from you in your jail cell while I'm your attorney"

  3. GS,

    Although your blogs have always been of the highest caliber, I think this one is truly inspired; well done! I hope you and OR know how much you're both appreciated. After all, I have been labeled a Joey, and have even been sued for it. Frankly, because of your continued and collective work, I can at least wear the moniker (Joey) as a badge of honor.

    I'm also delighted by yet another rich irony: while Windsor's lawyer has won the prestigious Gargoyle Award from the Idaho Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, his new client Windsor is a gargoyle who likes to hang around court houses across the county.

    Kindest regards,

    Sluggo in on laptop.

    1. Thank you. And thanks for all the hilarious sluggoisms.

    2. Ditto what Sluggo said!
      And also accolades to Sluggo for the hilarity he brings & that of all the commenters & their insights.


    3. Very well written, GS.

    4. Double Ditto for me what SFW & Sluggo said ... I'm kinda a new Kid@the Clubhouse but I have so learned from GS & this blog and so enjoy hanging out with the "Cool Kid's" @the clubhouse ... Thanks so much GS !!!

    5. Triple Ditto...'We' at Zero's World are delighted for you!! We had no idea why we were being stalked by these criminals...Our jobs called,Slandered, Friends contacted and harassed ect...

      The "Joey's" taught me so much...Enjoy this moment, you earned it!!

  4. 2 Million people incarcerated in the US. No cell phones, computers and faxes for their private use. The computer helped get him into this position as well. But he just doesn't get it, again and again, he want's a special exception just for him so he can litigate to his hearts content. The computer is one of his nefarious tools, but still he demands one.

    He argues the validity of charges in MT in other states, in the wrong courts, etc. with the same rambling diatribe, few facts, just vague reference to fairness, justice (his version) and despite being told time and time again that his filings are ridiculously long and redundant he nevertheless continues to file the same garbage. He's not insane, but he is certainly mentally ill, and I'm guessing reduced capacity will at some point come into play (if he eventually retains an attorney).

    He's had ample time to prepare for MT, no one told him to jump bail in TX, but what did he do? Insulted the authorities in MT and TX, went on a daily rant spewing insults and accusations on his website, buying domains of other peoples names, including judges, fired up his handful of lemmings and probably did absolutely nothing to prepare for apprehension and being in the predicament he's in now. If he does have an attorney in ID, or gets one in MT, just wait 'til they see what Bill has filed and all the admonitions from courts throughout the country.

  5. The whole premise of suing over a thousand people for $100,000,000 as a Pro Se, including government officials, getting subpoenas to cross reference IP addresses, examine computers, cell phones etc, because he didn't like what people think of him was nuts. It would take an small army of people to examine all of that evidence even if he was allowed to. He threw people into that TX lawsuit with no idea of what (if anything) they supposedly did or said. If they were people who disliked him, they must have been a part of it.

    With Bill it's all about hate and making people pay.

    1. Sick POS!! He's the true definition of a Narcissist! He hurt so many, what a dick, sigh...

  6. if anyone knows how to analyze handwriting, I think they will notice he is unable to focus and his penmanship is pathetic. I think you will also notice he is full of chaotic rage and potentially out of his mind LOL It's not even his shaking hands, it's his inability to even write in a straight line or choose between cursive and printing. Any court clerk forced to read his billshit should at least get flowers!

    Seriously, dude writes like a 4 year old. LOL

    At this rate of decay, his handwriting will be illegible scratches any day now. So without his computer, or someone to write for him, he won't be able to submit anything soon. BWAHAHAHAH

    1. Exactly. Writing utilizes the parts of the brain needed for language, cognition, visual and motor skills. If it was just a tremor then the writing would only be shaky. That it is illegible is only one thing an expert would notice: letters are written sideways or are unfinished, he writes over himself to cover misspellings sometimes even in his own name, he writes with pressure from anger, and his spacing is way off. The repetitive filing allowed him to memorize some of this which allowed muscle memory to take over, but where he is denied cut and paste he runs out of things to say, and has to take his pen from the paper to think about things. That is probably why the first part of the letter is squished together and last part is not. Many people with disabilities find it easier to read and write in block letters. Muscle memory allows him to sign his name in cursive, but notice he gets lost in the loops, misspells his own name, and dots the wrong loops for i's. I have a whole chart of his signatures now, and he has regressed. I'd love to see it professionally analyzed.

  7. Bill demonstrates some new from of mental illness, some odd compulsion linked to a computer. Perhaps, the Med Profession has not tagged this bug that Bill has.
    Bill operates under the premise that he can go around and trash 100's of people, many states, many Courts, many judges.
    Yet, when it came to one MAN, SEAN B, in MONTANA, a line was drawn in the sand.
    Bill never addressed adequately that matter in Court, (*when he had his bits at the apple). Instead he ran, and got on his computer. Now, Bill has created a nightmare for any attorney even willing to stand up as an OFICER of the Court for Bill.
    What is it with Bill selecting as his Law Firm, the Law firm that did the legal rep for the master-minds of 9-11. This is astounding, an irony of great proportions.

  8. He wants his computer in jail, the very weapon that got him there in the first place.

    Isn't that like giving a gun to a murderer?

  9. You Heinous Repugnant persons, as Honorable Bill Windsor is an Educator re Title 26 IRS CODE

    1. Why so angry?

      Let's start over. Hello Mrs Anderson, how are you today?

    2. with any luck god will call him home

    3. with any luck god will call him home

    4. Sharon, You friend bill has not filed an IRS tax form in years. PFFFFT. Seriously. He should get to know Form 1040 much better.

    5. I have a serious question Sharon. If you were elected to the AG of your state of MN. What would you do for the citizens of MN?

    6. Sharon needs to get her Senator, Al Franken to address this and advise Bill, in character of course, as Stuart Smalley.

      "I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggone it, people like me."

      If he's convicted, her former Governor "Jesse The Body Ventura" might be a better choice.

      "You don't need lawyers making laws. Regular citizens can make laws."

      Lived in MN 10 years, what a place.....

    7. You Heinous Repugnant persons,

      1) Neither adjective owes its origin to a proper noun; therefore, neither should be capitalized.

      2) The adjectives "heinous" and "repugnant" are in the same class and should be coordinated. Insert a comma or a conjunction (ie, "and") between them.

      Hope this helps.

    8. They are proper legal terms, right? I believe they can be found in the Dictionary of Sovereign Law. Refer to the chapter titled "Why to Capitalize Words in Your Legal Document." The more capital letters you include the more force your document will have. In my opinion, she used the "Shift" key very tastefully. After all, other people in the movement might have capitalized every word.

    9. I'll have to look those terms up the moment I get back from our annual unicorn round-up and centaur hunt.

    10. Amazing that Sharon has the audacity to post that here, considering the ONLY place she, Lynn & Julia have gotten any information about their fat (now jailed ) Crush, has been from this blog.
      Sharon cuts, pastes and posts on her Crush's Facebook page all documentation, info about him that she gets here !!!
      Without this blog, those Whack-A-Doodle's won't even know he was arrested, or in jail, or that he retained a attorney or when his court dates are ..etc

      She should be thanking GS & this blog for keeping her in the loop.

    11. I haven't laughed this hard in a while :)
      I "Luff your guts"!!!

    12. Yup, true Sharon Anderson form! Yay! If she hadn't dropped one of her gabillion links? I'd have been so disappointed!
      I have never understood why Windsor refuses to accept Sharon's repeated attempts at advising him on his #ProSeCrusade! She IS an expert, just read any of her endless links!
      *this reading of Sharon's links is very similar to reading of Vic's Facebook posts & come to himself, either will cure any form of insomnia in 10 minutes or less, after initial hysterical laughter subsides*

    13. **...Vics FB posts & comments to himself...
      ***snicker snorting & can't blame autocorrect!

    14. Wow, Cra Cra Sharon now posting on Idaho's Governor's website .....

      Lawrence g. Wasden IDAG ET AL
      FREE EDUCATOR BILL WINDSOR, in your Executive Police Power, your Roman Catholic Beliefs, please in the Interest of Justice, Free Speech, trigger investigation into the Matter of Illegal Incarceration of Bill Windsor, at least let him have his Computer to file Legal Briefs.
      With instructions re Separation of Power Doctrine in your Executive Authority triggering a hearing before you in the Matter of Bill Windsor.
      Bill Windsor vs.
      STATE OF IDAHO Bill Windsor charged with Crimes in Landmark Case that voids Freedom of Speech in Montana
      Affiant undersigned Mrs. Sharon Anderson is duly concerned about the Health,Safety,Welfare of Mentor Educator Bill Windsor. )

    15. Anon @12:38? ^^UNICORN ROUNDUP^^
      giggle giggle giggle snicker snort! Hiccup!!!

      The Governor of Idaho? Sharon has dashed off a few lines WITH LINKS ATTACHED!!!

      These bucket futz fools are likely to injured themselves today & tonight!!
      Making dashing migration south & bringing wagon full of popcorn!
      I call first dibbs on Clubhouse hammock!

      ℗ ♛ ❥

    16. [img][/img]

      Well, the unicorn round-up was a success. We were able to bait and capture a unicorn with Skittles and rainbow juice. Of course, the only way you can take down a unicorn is to bore it to death. Fortunately, we had hired Ben "Bueller? Bueller?" Stein to read one of Windsor's palaverous affidavits. The tactic worked well.

    17. Thank the Lord!!!
      Unicorns don't deserve that or Vic or MaryD's prattlings!

    18. Not that she (or any of the other Windsor followers) will read this, but in case she does:

      Sharon, your precious Windsor is NOT wanted for violating free speech. He's wanted for violating a valid, lawful Montana protective order (which he appealed twice and lost both times). Want to see that for yourself? And see the conditions he violated? Copy and paste the link below to read the Montana Supreme Court's decision on that order of protection: (click on the green link that says 2014 MT 153)

  10. I see "Tick Mary" is back posting Tick-Talk on the inmate's FB wall
    The following popped up in my FB feed today & made me think her ...

    "If someone comes to your front door saying they are checking for ticks due to the warm weather and asks you to take your clothes off and dance
    around with your arms up. DO NOT DO IT!! THIS IS A SCAM!! They only want to see you naked.

    I wish I'd gotten this yesterday. I feel so stupid "

    1. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
      I have recently begun to fantasize about shipping MunchausenMaryD, (the #RN, #SovereignCitizen, and staunch Windsor supporter), a small box of brown ticks covered in glitter!
      Those little ticks would just JUMP outta the box! All shiny & sparkly! "Hi MaryD! We're here!"

    2. But, that would be tacky to the ticks...not even parasites deserve to be near her.
      I like ticks too much to punish them with MunchausenMaryD.
      It is funny to imagine though.

    3. [img][/img]
      "If someone comes to your front door saying they are checking for ticks due to the warm weather and asks you to take your clothes off and dance
      around with your arms up. DO NOT DO IT!! THIS IS A SCAM!! They only want to see you naked.

      I wish I'd gotten this yesterday. I feel so stupid "

      You should feel stupid. Being that I am a licensed Tick Inspector, in addition to removing your clothes, you must also apply a thick coat of baby oil over your body (it suffocates the ticks) and all of your undergarments should have been carefully examined for eggs and immature ticks. In addition to dancing, squats should also be done to determine if some might be nestled in places not readily visible.

      Lastly, pictures are normally required to certify the results.

      Bob Smith
      Lic #19251

    4. I'm about an hour out! Can one of y'all come out the Clubhouse gate & bring shears? I need a thorogh going over!

      Spam? Could you check me for #ticks?

    5. My apologies, perhaps the MOST important thing for the individual being inspected for ticks, is to bark like a large dog during the examination. Often, when ticks hear the sound of a canine, they will jump off the human host in search of the animal.

      I frequently assist during the exam by ordering the person to "Bark like a dog!".

      Bob Smith
      Lic #19251

    6. Petunia:


      Next flight out...

    7. Listen MIKE!!! I am SICK and TIRED of you and all your fake profiles harassing Mr. Windsor!!! Why don't you and Mr. Michelle Obama get a life!!

  11. Considering the video of "Tick Mary" that Bill did .... I'm surprised anyone would want to see HER naked. That's just nasty.

    1. But, wouldn't you rather she be an #RN? I mean with her vast experience & firsthand knowledge on all things #ticks & #Lymes?

      Mary Deneen
      I am an experienced licensed RN in CA and MT and have attended International Lyme and Associated Disease ( iScientific Conferences since 2006 while I was "very very sick" while state of MT denied me access to my assets and then even in bad-faith w retaliation, fraud, deceit, reckless indifference, and extortion even held me hostage w law enforcement from my own rights of my choice of treating out of state specialists care under my private insurance w cruel and unusual punishment and excessive force - w gross negligence, fraud, blackmail and extortion state of MT has caused significant damage and nearly fatal harm to me and my two minor children's health, safety and welfare w long term consequences.
      Then even further, w by and thru (HIPAA) and other invasions of privacy, victim of US Interstate stalking, defamation, threats and intimidation w veiled and vile threats and w use of "Big Knife Icons" on alleged employee time by and thru U of MT Dept of Biological Sciences " Sushie" who has an association/relationship w the MT State Epidemiologist who make alleged outrageous and ridiculous fraud and false claims, "MT does not have Lyme disease because MT does not have deer ticks." ( Deer ticks and Lyme disease cross all borders and boundaries on birds, rodents, squirrels, chipmunks, moles, fix, deer, elk, bear, dogs, horses, etc and even humans.)

      Now? What facility would deny this type of skilled professional employment?
      Add in her immense legal knowledge? Down to the correct verbage: #ByAndThru #VileAndVeiled
      Derrrrrrrrrrrr! Ticks and humans alike should be afraid! Very afraid!

    2. Oh, indeed. The inability to get over things that happened close to 10 years ago; seeing things that aren't there (i.e. a picture of a knife = personal threat); hanging up in the middle of a custody hearing by phone; going through four lawyers in her final custody battle; keeping her children from their father; getting them expensive and likely unnecessary tests and "medical treatment." And, believing in Windsor as her savior and guru. This is a candidate for "Employee Of The Year" in Crazyville.

  12. VIA the Ada Jailhouse grapevine, I heard there was quite a scene this morning involving a inmate elderly named "Montana" and the commissary lady, when she gave the last Reese Peanut Butter cup to a inmate named " Big Dawg" ...
    Apparently, Montana had to be physically removed from the commissary cart & restrained by 4 jail guards ... as he had thrown himself atop the card, screaming, wailing and sobbing .. preventing the Commissary lady from servicing other inmates.
    He also threatened the Commissary lady with "I will sue you for violating my civil right to the last Reese Peanut Butter Cup, and as soon as I get my computer back, I'm making a Hate-Website about you & calling it ( The Corrupt Commissary Lady ) .."

    1. They just thought that was a snit hissy fit!
      Wait a few days 'til he gets his much anticipated 'legal mail'.
      That? Should be video worthy! There better be a stash of paper & pens for the fast & furious dashing off of strongly worded #corrption accusation filings that will be flying outta that facility. Hope his money's on his inmate account! I don't foresee that Attorney McKay poofing much time on Windsor's hate hobby.
      Kinda gives me a cozy, fuzzy feeling just thinking of Windsor, while his new gaggle of #Guys witness him ranting & raging.

      I'm also curious how the Idaho #Guys decide which state to nickname Windsor? He was a fugitive in Texas & Montana. And, at one time recently, he drove a vehicle with Georgia plates, he lived in Texas, got his mail in South Dakota & who knows which state his Driver's License or Voter Registration was issued out of! Tricky, tricky! I think they should just call him #BigVexi, that term would cover just about any state.

    2. Oh please tell me Montana's hissy fit story is true; I'll pop the lid on some Fava beans* and a nice Chianti to celebrate!

      *Fava beans are also known as broad beans, pigeon beans, horse beans, and windsor beans--no kiddin'.

    3. ***just satire, would be a safe wager*** however, it could easily happen! Stranger things have with Windsor!

    4. @SFW - Yes, it was just satire but who knows what really goes on behind those jail bars with the fat jailed dude .. LMAO !!!

  13. The Honorable Caesar DesistoMarch 7, 2015 at 7:21 PM

    @6:30 Let's try not to picture.

    1. @THCD .. I enjoy picturing him behind bars ... wailing, whining. sobbing hysterically over a Reese peanut cup while "Big Dawg" slowly eats it ... licking his lips and glancing sexly at "Grampa Montana" ... HA HA HA

  14. I'm not seeing BigVexi's formal relationship with his attorney of record lasting past the next hearing. BigVexi cannot resist filing SOMETHING every week. McKay is going to take one look at it and ask to be excused. He might want to secure the website in his own name now, just in case a judge in Idaho buys the billshit and allows BigVexi to post his $2 million bond. BigVexi would do ANYTHING to get his hands on his computer again. Then lookout Idaho legal employees.

    1. Anon@7:32 - I agree ... And if he only has to post 10% of the 2 million .... he can and will.
      There is no price high enough for him to pay if it means having access to his computer. IMHO

    2. Don't I understand correctly, that even IF Windsor posts the bond, a percentage or the full cash amount, he has TWO (2) #HOLDS? One for Texas and another for Montana? Post up and still sit?
      That's the way I understand it. And, he's yet to complete the ID process, having yet anothe pre-liminary hearing on 3/23. Correct?

    3. [img][/img]

      Post Up, Sit Still.

  15. In my youth, I'm now in my late forties, I worked in bail bonds, it was great when DUI's required bail, but as things changed, a lot became PR, which dinged our business. SO, if Bill owes 2Mil to a BB, he would need to pony up 200-300k, that's not refundable. Being a flight risk and out of state, I'd be amazed if a BB bonded him out, unless a title to a house somewhere was used for collateral.

  16. Flash back jack, from the 4-26-2013 L-A Blog:

    "Who is Producing The Movie?

    Bill Windsor is the Producer/Director. The film has been financed solely with donations, primarily from the victims. Professional video and audio equipment has been provided. Everyone helping with the movie has been working for free.

    A non-profit 501 c 3 entity was formed: Lawless America Association."

    Stories paid for: what a price.

  17. "Tick Talk, with Mary Deneen".

    Coming to TalkShoe...

  18. Sunday Moaning breakfast in Ada Co jail is served ...
    although FAT JAILED DUDE, only got one pat of butter as punishment for his hissy fit with the commissary lady, yesterday.

  19. Baltimore Sun, March 10, 2003:

    "...its current irrelevancy hasn't deterred Bill Windsor, a 54-year-old Dunwoody, Ga., entrepreneur, from compiling one of the largest collections of 45s around.

    ...His priciest single is a rare $300 1965 Beatles EP with songs such as "I'm a Loser" and "Mr. Moonlight."

  20. That same piece said BILL sold some I-net company(jobs, something) for millions.
    How does American not know that it was some fake P R release, and Billy BOB got no more than some chump change. That same piece noted Bill lived in Cleveland , Ohio, then moved to Orlando(around 2,000. Bill floats so much via fake P R pieces, can any put much credence in what shoves out as P R,(that is now in google pop ups), other than he owned old records on the "LOSER" ? YEAH, the LOSER.

  21. It was Walter, who was the big record collector, so it is curious how Bill plants the notion(in the Press) he was the collector. Funny, the way Bill twists so much to conflate things

  22. Here is a comparative law item:
    RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia defended its human rights record on Saturday in its first public reaction to international criticism over last year's sentencing of liberal Saudi blogger Raif Badawi to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in jail for
    "insulting Islam"
    Not to infer that Sean Boushie is a Mulla, but Windsor is not deep in the Bible
    Belt in Montana-IDAHO

    1. You are concerned that Boushie is being protected in Montana like he's a Mullah and Windsor only made a few blog posts?

      The answer is it's not just about his blog posts. Windsor traveled from Georgia to Montana for the purpose of harassing Boushie at his home and his workplace. Windsor has also filed harassing lawsuits, since around 2003, against anyone who publicly disagrees with him.

    2. V& V - Thank you for pointing the facts out to Anon@10:58 .. Everybody knows that he is not a Blogger ...

      He's a Movie Producer .. LOL !!!

    3. I'm very excited to be at the opening. I wonder if I can buy the tickets at the event or do I have to pay the extra booking fee to get them through Alcatraz Media?

    4. @Veiled and Vile? You did mean all that #byANDthru, right?

      And? It's a #Documentary! Ugggg! Y'all! Pay attention!

    5. You're right SFW, again ... Lynnie say's he's a Documentary Filmmaker ... LMAO@Lynnie&the Lemmings

      Hope Nardone - What??? Making a documentary suddenly transforms into a felony? How is this even possible?!
      March 7
      Lynn Maris - This is clearly an attempt to silence Bill, and destroy Lawless. And Bill is not the only documentary film maker who has been targeted.

    6. They're just jealous they don't have a Wiki page like Sharon Anderson does. Sharon needs some help editing her page:

    7. someone should do one for Bill now...... like C. cox wiki....,_LLC_v._Cox

    8. Someone really should make a #Documentary of William Michael (Winkopp) Windsor!
      A 'don't let this happen to you' type of video-diary for millionaires that can't find anything to do worthwhile with & for their families. Highlighting the many outrageous attempts to be significant in any way posdible & repeatedly failing miserably. Cameo appearances by the multitude of brainiacs that gladly supported & handed over ALL their failings & their monies to a monumental blowhard to blast across the www.
      The debut(s) could be shown at graduation parties for law schools across the nation! That? Might actually get the attention of real media that Windsor has spent fortunes & decades chasing. (BuzzFeed, TheOnion, iFunny, etc)
      At most?
      Curtain closes with #VexiFoughtTheLawAndTheLawWon playing, as corrections officers do their prisoner head count at lights out, just chose a state prison, anywhere. Windsor demanding their name, hollering #Corruption! #Cease #Desist #Abate!

      I admit, I'd watch THAT.
      Pass popcorn.

    9. Yes, the U of Mont Law school should get together with the UM Communications Dept and come up with a documentary on how the Cyber era caused Bill to loose it, and lessons learned, in RE: the Justice System In America, and SOCIAL MEDIA, and Truth, and Conmen, and hucksters, and Society, and Commerce. Universities will be fighting over grant money to study the WINDSOR EFFECT.
      Can we put together a proposal to the Dept Interior on the:
      BIG FAST loud mouth, who ran his camera over the LINE, and SUNSHINE IN AMERICA

  23. Lynn Maris Zero I read your blog with an open mind, and am happy that you included a screen shot of my comment. My comment is based on actual witness statements, court orders, and other evidence. Even if you do not support one side or the other...just looking at the things B-- has posted online, and his various threats and sick sexual innuendos-going back for years, and targeting numerous people...would make any sane, rational person question why B-- has gotten a protective order, and the support of the court, when clearly he is a threat, and clearly B-- is not afraid of Bill.

    1. Because Crystal Cox and Bill Windsor made fake profile and fake post to frame SB…. Hoping for Buzz for the fake movie and maybe a big paid day from U.M …… Just like he fake a child death, for Buzz….. Just like he paid for likes to his Facebook page….Just like he lied and said the riot police went to the hotel in DC all for Buzz…. To keep you fools on the hook for money and helping him keep up the Con!!!!!

    2. CC the "He-She" is the most repulsive creature I have ever come across.
      Just a mean, ugly nasty "Thing" ... who because she hates and loathes her LOSER self has hurt, destroyed and viciously attacked others
      Just her pic's with that huge, bloated .. FAT FACE with that "He-Man" haircut are sickening. I cringe everytime I see her FAT UGLY FACE.

    3. No! Say it isn't so!
      THE Reverend Cox? The same Cox that is suing the snit out Windsor's cling-on-forever supporters? THAT Crystal Cox?

      blink blink blink! I'm stunned!


      What the Hell? How can Windsor's supporters that are under fire from Cox, NOT realize their connection? TonFoil is too tight? Glare from glowing screen blinded them?

      I just want to watch Cox & Windsor square off! That? Should be a #PayPerView event!

    4. @SFW - Lol .. Fat Jailed Dude & CC squaring off would be incredible .. one thing I know for sure is CC has a bigger pair of balls than FJD .. (physically at least) ...
      That CC the He-She is one scary FREAK of nature!!

    5. Get it right ... it's "MRS." Reverend CC - as CC got married in January ..Geez!

    6. My apologies!
      I was unaware the Reverend Cox had married. I don't follow Rev Cox, at all. I saw enough in early 2014 to thwart any interest.
      However, I could swivel my ignore stance for a drama filled Windsor vs Cox war! I would find that #Delightful & entertaining. I am of a firm belief that Cox has some interesting tidbits onWindsor & given enough time, Windsor will irk Cox enough that she will unleash on him! Doing so while he's incarcerated would just be superb, IMO. I can think of no one more deserve of her wrath!

    7. Just skimming comments, sorry, not reading all....but....Crystal Cox got married???!!! I don't follow her, same reason as SFW (only a few views were enough for a lifetime). So....who's the bride?

      Allie Gate on a (gasp) work computer

    8. I'm telling!!!!
      That's corrupt! I need your supervisor.'a name, address, SSN, list of their family members & their addresses & SSNs!
      Gesh, work computer? Really?
      *eye roll*


  25. Where is Richard Fine on doing a crusade special on Bill, after all Bill put him on his slick movie clips, uploads to the WWW. Recall, Fine was a debarred attorney from groovy Beverley Hills Calif, home of Hollywood Flick Producers. As to Sean in Mont, what exactly set Windsor off on his cross country journey to hassle with Sean B ?
    Was there some C Cox links in the equation of justice.
    Was Bill up on some high horse like an EYE FOR AN EYE ?
    Granted Bill does not do factual documentaries, he is into the FAKE.
    He really faked himself out, is this under the heading: KARMA KICK-BACKS

    1. To my understanding, Mr Fine cut ties with Windsor pretty quick, upon learning Windsor wasn't what he professed to be. Windsor glommed onto stories he believed would propel HIM into the spot light, not highlight stories for victims. Mr. Fine's story is unlike Bills. Any story with merit is. Bill's story is all Billshit. He needed others to come forward to give him some credibility, however, anyone with a credible story cut ties once they learned the truth.

      All there is now, clinging to life support, are those just like Bill. Butthurt and bitter that they didn't get their way in the Judicial System. How come out of the danglers like Lynn, Munchausen Mary, Vic the dick, Sharon I'm blind in more ways than one Anderson, none of them could appeal and win? Yeah, just like Bill, they got nothing! In Bill, they found a way to simply state their butthurtness on film, and they feel vindicated. Boo fricken hoo. He lied to you! All he wanted was more butthurt people on film, to make HIS case --even though every court from here to there, agreed, Windsor was not credible, he didn't have a case, and sent him home with a big "L" on his forehead. (L- pick your poison, Lemming, Loser, Lambaster, forever a Litigant?)

      A small part of me wishes Windsor would have put his millions where his mouth was, and made that train-wreck of a "documentary" just so everyone on the flip sides could have sued the crap out of him. In one fail swoop all those whining lemmings would have been humiliated, put in their place, and ordered to STFU once and for all. That would have been worth the 10$ ticket, not including Alcatraz Tickets "because we are greedy assholes" mark-up.

    2. How do you know R Fine(Beverly Hills) cut ties will Bill,
      as Bill has his glossy story up,(WWW), had him sign the papers. Fine has not ran a slam on BILL. Didn't Fine have a big "L" embossed on his Forehead, are some playing a BILL , Super Judge to wash the BIG "L" off some foreheads. My My.. Some playing Bill, exparte, sua sponte,
      para-jurisprudence, a la higher powers.

    3. Just because Bill still has a "glossy story" up, doesn't mean those people still support or follow the crazy man. Not all people resort to internet shit-slinging like Windsor does. Fine is fine, went on his marry way. What Windsor doesn't know, won't alter his course one bit. But, it will keep some people from being harassed, slandered, harassed and trashed via Windsor's version of the WWWest.

      (as a side note, those little "contracts" he had people sign? They aren't valid. Funny thing, Windsor should appreciate the word VOID. He knows it too, why didn't he tell them this? Why didn't he contact everyone and say he needed new ones? Why didn't little Miss Helpful Dottie L. do it? Is she even still with Windsor? Whelp whatever the case it could be because there is no "Lawless America ASSociation LLC, PAC or other? Uh yeah. I'd say the man that demands people sign his frivolous crap, learn, it's frivolous, and no one needs to listen much less do anything he demands.

  26. Some of Windsor's followers are not stupid or crazy. They are just people who, like most normal healthy people, take what others say at face value and naturally believe what they are being told. So they haven't read or seen enough to realize it's a con. They haven't been victimized, yet. That is unless you consider them to be victims of being fooled.

    Why does Windsor not have the, "Support of the court?" It's because judges are trained to spot liars. It's their job. It's pretty much what they do all day. The story that he presents to the courts over and over again is so long and twisted that just by looking at its face you see it can't really be true. And the courts that have researched his supporting evidence find that it also is not true. He's like an elephant in the court room. Or a Pinocchio. This is why he never wins.

  27. I think most, about 98% of his followers that he has left are nuts, deluded, delusional and have criminal records or have been jailed.
    They are not ignorant of the truth about him, they are not incapable of researching his lies .. they are just butthurt, bitter & full of bullshit... and choose to repeat, reprint repost his lies and bullshit.
    I say 98% because he basically has about ten lemmings/followers left and that's being generous ... out of the ten, all of them have been in jail .. (except Cruz) ... Don't make excuses for nasty, ignorant, bitter butthurt, ... LOSER'S !!

    1. I don't understand why the remaining Windsor Supporters are not filing lawsuits against the State of Idaho? Windsor would expect at least one of them to DO something!
      They should at the very least, be bombarding his attorney of record, McKay, with calls and giving him their sworn affidavits ASAP! McKay, is after all, only a mere member of the bar! What could he possibly do for an expert such as Windsor, without firm guidance from those that know Windsor best? Duh!

      What really boggles my mind? After ALL Windsor has DONE for these staunchest of his supporters over the years, WHY are they not organizing a trip to Idaho? Nothing shows support like a true en masse protest! Signs! Banners! Matching shirts & caps! Just imagine the actual media coverage they could garner?
      An #IdahoOrBust caravan should have left weeks ago!
      These are not true #LawLess members!
      They have not done one thing Windsor would deem worthy in his battle against #Corruption!
      They're all snuggled up in their bunkers, logged in, doing nothing!

      Worse yet? They're over here! At Windsor's arch nemesis's blog! Yikes! They could absorb actual facts through #osmosis! A sin that is unforgivable in Windsor's world! Damn them! He gets arrested & incarcerated, and they wander around aimlessly! What dolts!
      The pure rage building in Windsor has got to be immense, by now!
      Just wait until he finds out who's been reading AND dared to comment!
      Hell hath no fury like Windsor upon a shunned lemming! The stalking & smearing of those? Omg! That's gonna be F U G L Y!

      For his 'supporters'? By now? Windsor would have smeared every Judge, clerk, Sheriff, Prosecutor & corrections officer online! He'd have purchased each ine's domains & created sites! Then, he'd have packed up his vehicle & ran to whatever facility was holding them (against their will). Windsor would have already demanded they be released. He'd have whooped out at least 18 reams of paper terrorism errrr, Motions for their release! Heck, Windsor would even have posted their bond, no matter the cost, just as he did for those strangers in EllisCounty, Tx & he'd have this mess all cleared up! That's just what Windsor does! He leads by example!
      Bwahahahahaha hahahahahaha!
      Windsor wouldn't even respond to their Facebook comments, much less go out of his way to do squat for them.
      Windsor only does all those described above activities for himself!

      Lynn? What have you done for anyone lately? Marlene/Julia, you? What about Vic? Cruz? Tim, what's Tim doing with his expertise? Or MunchenMaryD, she should be leading the brigade!

      Look out Idaho! There are bound to be strongly worded private Facebook messages or snail mail letters coming! Brace yourselves in Idaho, it could get ass deep to a giraffe in paper, when & if all 12 were to write on the same day!
      Take a knee & pray one official in Idaho has a decoder ring & translator!

    2. Oh yeah, what happened to Lynn's big speech about how Windsor's incarceration wouldn't stop them? Cricket, cricket...and darkness falls. Such a bunch of FB spouting, internet sniveling, diaper babies. Oh, it's all the big, bad, meanies out there stopping their Justice. Uh, how's that work exactly? Are we physically blocking the courts? Are we shredding their documents? How exactly did "we" a little old blog, deny their precious bumbling leader the capacity of footing the bill for that POS low budget savior production? Because he lied to them and said he was broke? Again, how's that our faults they are gullible? The man has more money than all of them combined, including Mr. "I'll foot the bill Bill" Mr. Nash? How exactly did "we" keep him from doing anything for the past year and a half that he chose to ignore them? Only feeding their fragile little egos with "updates" on what he wasn't doing?

      Yeah that's right. Part of being a member of a Lawless Bunch of losers is being completely incompetent and impotent, and sitting around whining and crying about how everything going wrong in their lives is due to someone else. Pshhhh

      Step 1) Change diapers
      Step 2) Unplug from Facebook
      Step 3) Open front door
      Step 4) Go outside and see the real world.
      Step 5) Don't break any laws and you should be fine.

    3. So let me get this straight: Windsore has been in jail for just under a month, after his previous 53 day stint. This has yet to make actual news, rather than fake blog land news. And the best that his lemmings can do after all their promises to spring his release, is to spam various internet sites?

    4. Anon@857 - as of today, it appears the lemmings have given up completely on him according to Julia.

  28. Poor Poor Guy .. He's "Fat Dude's" cellmate ...

    Cell: 713

    1. Poor Dick Puckett
      sat on a bucket
      eating some pie in jail.
      Along sat beside him
      the infamous Pieman
      who moaned, "f*ck it...I'm not making bail!"

    2. This is Mr. Puckett's arrest record from last August:

      Age: 45

      Date: Friday, 8/22

      Time: 11:40 PM

      Status: I

      Garden City Police F Driving Under The Influence-(Third Or Subsequent O I18-8004(1)(A) 8/25

      Garden City Police M Driving Without Privileges I18-8001 8/25

      Garden City Police M Drug Paraphernalia Possession Of I37-2734(A) 8/25

      Garden City Police M Possession Of Controlled Substance I37-2732(c)(3) {M} 8/25

      Garden City Police M Alcoholic Beverage-Unlawful Transportation I23-505(1) 8/25

      Garden City Police M Vehicle Insurance-Fail To Provide Proof Of Insuran I49-1232 {M} 8/25

    3. Third! 3rd? OR subsequent offense of DWI? Then, umpteen more driving while under the influence!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! THAT? Is CORRUPT & LAWLESS! Why continue releasing a drunk &/or stoned fatality accident out of prison?
      IMO? Second offenses should result in no less than 25 years with no parole!
      On the upside? Puckett, hopefully, is vey sick withdrawing & Windsor is getting the up close effects. Both Windsor & Puckett are addicts, to chemicals & to abusing the judicial system, they can deservedly commiserate together.

    4. Oh I hope he is going through withdrawals & puking 24/7 on his cellie, Grampa Montana.

  29. Do some have a clue on the interlinked in BILL AFFAIRS.
    Well, see this from the Man over at TEL AVIV(off WWW, BLOG CENTRAL):

    RICHARD FINE - former US prosecutor, who exposed and rebuked the taking of bribes by all California judges in Los Angeles, was falsely imprisoned in solitary for 18 months in 2009-10.
    LeOccupy Tel-Aviv, December 31 - today, news arrived here of the unknown fate of notable US activist WILLIAM WINDSOR - producer of the unreleased documentary "Lawless America" .
    t's pray for the Human Rights of the people of the United States, a failed nation, falling into the abyss and posing great risks for the entire world in the process, and in particular - for the peace and welfare of the brave activists, who expose the central role of corruption of the courts and the legal profession in the current socio-economic crisis in the United States!
    All three, Richard Fine, Roger Shuler, and Bill Windsor, are activists with whom I collaborated until my escape from the United States under clear and imminent danger...
    YEAH, Fine was ex DOJ, and dealing in what ?
    Odd, how some got their butt-hurts all twisted up, in their Beverly Hill
    glitz talk

    1. Anon sounds like FragnonMarch 9, 2015 at 3:16 PM

      LMAO. Take a story written by any nut, and it's real? It some how becomes news? Some crack pot who links names together for their own promotion? WTF ever! You're reaching Anon. Try finding a common link to people from a credible news source next time.

      We've all had quite enough of the Whacky Windsor WWW articles & paid press releases of the pathetically unimportant, so they get any old nobody to write one, or they write it themselves linking to at least one well known story for the Google hit they so desperately need-- to be found way out there in the WWW. ZZZZ you're starting to bore me with your riddle me this crap. Clearly you don't comprehend how these people use each other for self promotion. No one's got any butthurts twisted up, just don't like people who can't figure out the whole story--attempting some Zernik spin. (he's the one you really are after right?) Go start a blog for him.

    2. I'm so bored with this Anon's "Zernik" & "Richard Fine" crap babble, too.
      Hit the road, Toad ... !!!

  30. What is this Toad thing, are you trying to coverup the Windsor inter- circle, 1/2 brain trust.
    My My. Do they forget the big "L" embossed on Beverly Hills Fine's forehead. Oh, sure, like they want to treat that "L", as special, what a bunch of 1/2 wits, so gullible, like the L A fast lane is too much for the Ellis County Country bunker boys to fathom. Sure, babble, when it comes to zippy babble, Windsor had some supporters, and you all ignore the main babble generators. You all are so in the dark, after all your cyber buzz. Wilson would be very disappointed you are not as swift as you all blabber you are., some of that Lone Star P R

    1. Tired of FragglepussMarch 9, 2015 at 5:18 PM

      Look fragglepuss, you seem to want to create some "conspiracy" with the Windsor inner circle. You have provided this blog with zip on any "conspiracy." A few scattered Zernik references but that's it. You litter this blog with guessing game babble, yet offer nothing cognizable in sentence structure to understand a quarter of what you're trying to say.

      Yes, crazy people were supporting Windsor. This? Is old news. A few higher profile people too, got sucked into the Windsor vortex of endless promises, but did the intend to overthrow the Govt? Not likely. Just people with a story they thought would be highlighted had a documentary been produced. Doesn't make them evil like Windsor, just a bit gullible. Do we care about those gullible ones? No. Why? Because none of them stated they wanted to be the leader of the primary party--The Revolutionary Party. That was all Windsor and the majority of the reason no one here likes him. He was anti Govt. He wanted to be the leader. To be the one to forcibly remove those currently in office, and replace with their selected peeps. Unless and until you can provide one ounce of truth or evidence that any of those gullible ones were absolutely 100% behind an overthrow of our current Govt, with the intent to uphold the death penalty for those they found guilty of treason, keep floating down your Zerick river. Aint no one got time to follow each and every whack-a-doodle like that. (Except you, who keeps trying to derail the conversation) sure, we poke fun at the remaining brain dead, but that's just the perk. We don't think they even know what Windsor was doing.

    2. Well done, 5:18! Your post is not only literate and coherent, but IMO, factually correct in every respect.

      ~Sluggo on a laptop

    3. Ignoring fragglesMarch 9, 2015 at 6:07 PM

      Thank you Anon 5:30. Putting fragglerock back on scroll-by-ignore. Can't believe I even replied at all. Thought it might "get-it." Guess I gave it too much credit. Oh well...

  31. Holy ZEUS, the guy blew his cork, what next 5:18 converts to a Windsor defender.
    Talk about fragmented wack- babble, who brought up some over throw of your GOV ?
    Oh, like it is your Government and Bill's. As to Rivers, you been floating down the heart of darkness muddy currents, until it caused some short fuses in your latest think wack job of "We don't think they know what Windsor was doing".
    You are not thinking real clear, can't you take the rest of the day off and play 18 holes. Just don't try thinking too much wacky-do, it is causing some real troubles for you on your latest to
    go down some Alice in Wonderland "rabbit holes".

    1. Oh Frag, it's been awhile.
      You been ok?
      You're all caught up?
      I sure wish you'd dash off a few lines to BigVexi in the Ada County, Idaho detention facility! Notbonlyneouldbyou entertain them mailroom staff, but you could really put a spin on Windsor!!
      Please? & thank you!

  32. As someone who is relatively new here and trying to understand the whole Windsor story, I would support seeing comments that are written in complete sentences with punctuation. It would also be welcomed to see use of CAPS only where gramatically correct. No offense intended, but some of the comments posted here are, well, incomprehensible, mostly due to the overuse of hashtags, all caps, sentence fragments and intentionally unclear references to old comments and events.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing this frustration. Several different sites around the internet refer to this site as a reliable source of information regarding the Windsor saga. It doesn't help your case (not that it needs help because Windsor has pretty much f*c*ed himself) when someone visits here and the comments come off sounding more mixed up than the lemmings.

    #forabetterplace #noOFFENSEintended

    1. @Small-Knife - As someone who is fairly new at commenting here, I suggest you do as I did and read what is posted not concentrate on grammar, punctuation & Hashtags , like I did.
      ... I seemed to somehow "Catch-Up" and I enjoy the comments-posts that may be fragmented or hashtagged.
      The people who post some of those comments have been put through pure unadulterated hell by this fat old man, as far as I'm concerned they've earned the right to hashtag, capitalize, etc, all they want. IMHO

    2. Anon@7:52
      Your point is well-taken and I agree with you. "Unadulterated hell," is completely accurate. I'm trying to offer some constructive criticism and maybe my wording was too harsh. I've been reading this blog for about a year and still often don't understand what people are talking about. I've also read nearly all of the court filings that are accessible online. Clearly Windsor is someone who deserves to be locked up for a long time. I can't imagine the horror of being one of his stalking victims. It's only the fact that he is in jail now that I feel comfortable commenting for fear of being named in one of his lawsuits.

    3. I don't know what's being talked about on here half the time

    4. Who knows. Perhaps sometime in the future they'll be a TV show featuring a talking horse. Until then, we have to put up with a few troll/asses who routinely post here.

      It's too early to hit the hey and too late to eat it.

      ~Mr. Ed

    5. Oops...they'll → there'll

    6. Ha ha not to mess with ya Anon@9:50 but ....
      I think you ,meant hay not hey.

    7. If we take out all the inside jokes and references, then the movie won't be nearly as interesting. The Lemmings are predictable, not funny.

    8. You're right 10:05--it's "hay" not "hey," but then again, it's a quote from a talking horse.

    9. tO KnIfE: iS ThIs tYpeIng bEtTer, #nooffenseintended

    10. gOOD1Anon@@@1137 ... #iB'sLOLOLOLOLOiNg~

  33. Did Windsor have any enablers, abettors ? His so called victims fed his flame, and some manned the Billy ship ? 2nd mates. Further, court reform, and take -back America sorts fed his ride. It is silly to think Bill was a mere lone wolf. But there are those who seem unable to see the big PIC, yet, if law enforcement does a complete run down of his cyber devices they will put the whole pic, together. In the meantime, some will dwell on CAP letters, and logos on the "L".
    Nit pickers who miss the big PIC are like herd think.

    1. Birds of a feather flock together, as do criminals and addicts.

    2. You sound kinda like Bitter Butthurt Snooze Anon@10:06
      And wtf are you talking about his "victims" fed his flame?
      You were his only enabler, you, Gary Winston ..Susan, Sharon .. well, you tried to get him to pay attention to you, you sucked his fat ass, encouraged him to sue, sue sue ..rub, run ..taunt, taunt taunt LE across the US. ... helped him create Hate-Sites and only you and now he's in jail waiting to have his fat ass hauled to Montana to sit in jail, maybe prison and you're left with nothing. He has a attorney in Idaho, he doesn't call you for advice or legal advice & all you have to look forward to is being charged with is aiding and abetting his fugitive run from the law.
      You know he hates you and will spill every bean he has on you to save himself.

  34. If Bill was a mere Lone Wolf, why did Wilson and his Tx investigators go the extra mile to assure Bill was timely placed behind bars, in Id, with the objective of enforcing interstate warrants ? Obviously, Id(and the interstate task forces) are not issuing daily press releases on the all !

  35. The presumption of innocence ?
    Did that evaporate as Bill fled, to play his games ?
    Who enabled that raw stupidity ? Was that all Bill's doing ? He had people urging him on, didn't he ? All be. it will be Bill who pays the ultimate price, on his very bad

    1. Why exactly are you here, 10:29? Every sentence in your inane posts prove unequivocally you're an illiterate troll. I know third-graders with more
      mastery over the English language than you. How, oh how can you not know there's no space between the end word of a sentence and a question mark? Furthermore, you are absolutely clueless on how to use a comma properly. Please take a clue from this cat --clearly your intellectual superior:


  36. Really, back up(so to speak) on the clock, when Bill was in Ellis County, on about Feb 19, 2015.
    Would any competent attorney(or advisor, or amigo friend) have advised Bill, to flee the State of Texas, & write a few really nasty letters,(PLASTERED ALL OVER THE WWW) before you go underground, and good luck Bubba, there is a free lunch for that kind of show-boat, at the end of the road, @
    cyber charades place.
    No sane person would have told Bill to do what he did..
    Now, Bill has gone off the radars of the cyber shows, in his cell, in Idaho. He reaped what he sowed, why was he oblivious to how it would unfold ? And end ? Why did Bill not consult with one competent attorney in Texas, before
    his goofy game led him to Idaho... SAD. tragic in some ways.

    1. Anon@10:44 ... Huh ? = "back up(so to speak) on the clock, when Bill was in Ellis County, on about Feb 19, 2015."

      ( What are you high, or something? He was in Meridian, Idaho on Feb 19, 2015, being arrested and sobbing like a little girl as he was booked into the Ada Co jail )

  37. Kat, it is not coma, it is coma. Is the presumption of innocence something that bothers you and Wilson in Texas ? OH, wow, the ZAR on >>.??????.
    Please don't tell us you are a guard at a local Texas prison and get your jollies off on spaces on ???, like you have power over spaces and ???? Gee, aren't you
    enlightening, ZAR KAT, but it is you have made a total ass of your zar antics.
    You might even be more stupid than Bill, surely you did not advise him to run from Texas, but since you can plant your silly as pussy kat photos , there must be more to your control freak ways, than first meets the eye !

  38. Kat is in a coma. What next a sermon on a comma, before a period?
    Kat poopy is wondering why he is here. Is it to claw his way around
    his lil old turf, and use his Cyber radar, in his litter box at the Wilson Turkey shoot?
    This is amazing,

  39. Excuse me, this litter box is not an Ellis County Court is it?
    So, Bill gets a free ride to Montana, with a stay over in Id, but does he get afforded to him any constitutional right on the presumption of innocence?
    Granted it was real stupid of him to run from the Texas lynch mob, but then
    is there so much Kat litter in Ellis county, he could not stand the stench.
    Is his Id attorney worth even a 1/4 fart? Guess you all will find out, soon.

    1. Fraggles? Are you off your meds? Got your Kitty pants in a bunch? Can't read? What's the deal?

      Windsor fled from TX, after he promised to return to court (which is why Judge Cindy allowed him to get out on PR bond) which then kicked in a warrant for his arrest in TX. What the hell do you keep babbling about? He broke the law. Period. Are you one of those "Lawless" peeps who believe you can scream "constitutional rights" and get a free pass when you break the law? Ellis is following proper procedures when a felon runs. Stupid isn't an excuse. Clearly, something you're unfamiliar with.

    2. Was Bill confused, all those complex TEX procedures? Except, he went on his whizzy bang coma-computer, and ran his special; the Wilson cheap suit.
      That was the straw that broke the camel's back, as Wilson put his best
      blood hounds on the case. But, still how come some in the TEX Vortex are ragging on the constitution, did none of you in the litter box take an oath to defend it?

  40. Excuse all, but are you a Judge In Texas ?
    Some just thought you were a hay sales person.

    1. Fraggles...cover your computer camera!!

    2. Well, derrrrrrrrr.
      We are ALL judges, DAs, prosecutors & their spouses & extended families! (those that aren't Mike)
      Duh! Didn't you read Windsor's who's who list?


  41. Are you taking orders on hay sales ?
    The Ellis County hay and pork belly exchange, is open for biz.

    1. Are you going to learn about English and how it is written correctly?

      Let's start with commas. In your second sentence, the comma is superfluous--Look it up! While you're at it, you need to look up the terms "comma splice" and "fused sentence" too.

    2. Oh, you mean the comma after pork belly exchange. Ok you are right, that never she have been put in there. Thanks for the edit. I am sure if I poured over all the verbiage here, I could offer up some edits, also.

    3. Yeah, let edit my own, change "she" to should, in the matter on "pork bellies",

  42. ...

    Breaking news !!! JuJu say's the fat jailed dude has been "NEUTERED" !!!

    "Julia Fletcher Individuals funding and associated with "The Joeys" apparently, in political terms, have "neutralized" Bill and his Lawless America project for now. That was some feat. Two years ago, who would have thought it possible for anyone to conduct a campaign to undermine a project/documentary that was exposing court corruption?

    At this point, it would help very much if a private investigator(s) and/or an investigative journalist would pick up where Bill left off. Finding out if those who attacked The Lawless America project funded themselves or if someone paid them to do what they did will help Bill find justice and should be headline news for investigators/journalists who'd like to investigate and report about those who don't want court corruption exposed.

    Althought Bill might disagree, it seems to me that many of the individuals Bill lists on his websites probably aren't those who are most responsible for "neutralizing" him and undermining The Lawless America project. Those mostly responsible are probably a much smaller group - maybe about ten people - in Texas and Montana who provoked and/or paid others to undermine, stir up conflict, call people names and post threats online etc.

    It seems like even though most good people in law enforcement agencies benefit from citizens investigating court corruption, those same good people haven't had the time to investigate this because they already have full days just trying to fight other crimes.

    Anyone still waiting for justice in your courts: Find others in your state who have been through what you've been through. Meet with them. Support each other. Find good people in your local and state offices and help them help you. Keep counting all blessings and keep the faith.
    5 hrs "

    1. she said Neutralized

    2. Anon@4:29 .... Wow, you're quick, Lol .. do you not get a sarcastic play on words?

    3. Wow. Didn't Cox say she was an investigative journalist? And SV Galloway and Company, aren't they also claiming to be movie producers? So what's the freaking problem, Julia?

    4. @4:55 ... I'm not surprised, you lemmings are not the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree & have zero sense of humor.

    5. Not a Julia/Marlene fanMarch 10, 2015 at 5:59 PM

      Anyone else find it odd, that Julia Fletcher doesn't use her real name, like ever, yet she posts the most passive aggressive posts, prodding people to do stuff that she's
      A) Either too chicken shit to do herself-- or
      B) Doesn't even believe herself will work

      Who made her Queen of the Lawless? How is it, that Julia seems to know for a fact, yet won't post any evidence to support her stance, that there are at least 10 people here, who are being paid to destroy "Lawless America" what she calls the "Project/documentary."

      So, then with the term "Project" does it seem that she knows the real agenda? The Revolution part, using the premise of filming people to lure them in? So they'd tell everyone they knew about Windsor, and to be watching for them on film? Always waiting...looking...searching...talking about...and discussing, something that is no closer to completion than the day he set out?

      Marlene Debek is the biggest pot stirring, troublemaking bitch out there in the whole "Advocacy" land. She does this in every group she trolls. Shit talks people by pretending to be all nice, while provoking infighting, all to block them and move on. I for one am glad the Judge saw through her crap. I'm only sorry the father of their child chose to remove himself from her life, instead of stay and keep some sense of normalcy in her life. Perhaps some day, that child will find her father, and learn just what an evil, manipulative, conniving troll her mother, Julia Fletcher AKA Marlene Debek really is. Shameful!

      But for now, all her life is, is hijacking other peoples work, putting it on her stupid blog, and pretending she's making a difference.

    6. @5:45 I'm not a lemming and Christmas trees are dumb, so is that analogy

    7. Well, you sure as shit, fooled me .. Anon@6:01-
      ... Good job trying to sound stupid, ignorant & humorless,
      you, had me convinced you are a lemming ...LOL
      PS: No need to snitty nasty about Christmas trees.

    8. I laugh my ass off every time someone claims we're being paid. Where the hell is my check?

      I speak out against Windsor because I think he's an asshole. I think he's a narcissistic, tyrannical dictator who's sole purpose is to inflict misery upon others while he makes a "Name" for himself. Screw that noise. He's a traitor in my book, and he's the only one who should be charged with treason for attempting to grow a group of anti government fucktards and implement the laws he deems just. I loved the nick name someone gave him as Bitler, and that's exactly what he is IMO. Baby Hilter.

    9. @Not a Julia/Marlene fan - Well said, thanks.
      I'm laughing at "Who made her Queen of the Lawless?" ... I wonder if Snooze know's Marlene is wearing her crown.
      HAHAHA ...

    10. @6:13 so, pointing out that she used neutralized and not "NEUTERED" , is the same thing as being a lemming?

    11. @629, NO, not understanding it was a sarcastic play on words & that I intentionally used NEUTERED plus having no sense of humor, does ...

    12. @6:34 right, so from now on I will just say, Oh wow this idiot must be typing in a sarcastic manner. They type "Breaking news" and then do all caps on a word, obviously they are being sarcastic, ---------- in all seriousness though, Im just fucking with you, just felt like arguing for the time - Brannon

    13. Ha ha ha Brannon ... I was beginning to think you were Queen of the Lemming's, Marlene/Julie
      I was also keeping in theme with the Crazy Cat-Bill on his computer pic at the top of this blog, like Crazy Cat Bill got "Neutered" .. awww, never mind

    14. looool - Brannon

    15. Couldn't agree more Anon 5:45/6:13/6:57!!....Sigh, its too freakin pathetic, LMAO!

      @NotaFan: Julia really is dogshit! Following right in the footsteps of former "Queen of Dopes", Dorothy Price Hill, not an original thought or fact from either one, and yes, oozing rage, jealousy and bitterness just beneath the surface!....FILTH

    16. ....."Joeys being paid", huh?? Wonder what Windsors agenda was when he bonded out those 7 criminals??...Puhlease!!

    17. Exactly Anon1222 - And because Billshit claims the Joey's are paid & his moronic handful of followers repeat his BS.. does make it true and even if the Joey's were paid to post/blog ... SO WHAT?
      Everyone knows we-they are not paid to post/comment here, but what if we were .. ?????
      Billshit & his lemmings may not like it ..But what?
      No law is being broke, nobody cares.

  43. That is an interesting insight, the notion of ill reputes "hijacking" other's lives.
    Some of those so called "legal reform" bloggers, cross bred in a WWW sense with
    Wild BILL, and his take back America crusade. Also, this sIte noted George McD the twin of WILD BILL. Twin that is in the sense their brains are wired with bad chips, programmed with toxic dogma
    HA HA HA, bad chips and Bill, let the chips fall where they may.

  44. It's strange.

    I've been more or less following the Bill Windsor story ever since he named me in a lawsuit for leaving a negative comment on one of his YouTube.

    How I cherished those "Cease And Desist" notices.

    I took them as seriously as I did being named in one of his "lawsuits".
    A quick Google search revealed to my complete satisfaction, that he was nothing more than a circus clown.
    I admit to becoming fascinated by what I knew was the slow degeneration of a human being into mental illness. His hour and half video of Sean Bushies truck, which he actually posted on Youtube was confirmation for me that this could only end one of two ways:

    1. Bill Windsor hurts himself
    2. Bill Windsor hurts someone else.

    Bushies restraining order combined with being physically thrown off the U of M campus was the last of a string of humiliations that Windsor could endure.

    If I recall correctly, that was the same trip in which the judge himself wadded up Windsor's "appeal" and physically (as well as hilariously) threw in his face. The Missoulian Newspaper handed him back his stuff and the Ravalli County Police reveal that other than one sheet of paper, they never bothered to even record Bills charges. That was the beginning of the end.

    I'm very glad it ended with Bill harming himself (in a non fatal, and oh so karmic way)

    I guess what I don't understand is why there are 160 posts still arguing about Bill Windsor. Or for that matter even taking the time to care that much.

    You "Joeys" (I think I've been classified as a Joey in one lawsuit or another) and the few lemmings he has left, are the only ones who care enough to post hour by hour. It's like a habit. I get it.

    The truth is, if you want to TRULY drive a stake into the heart of Bill Windsor:

    Never mention his name again.

    It's the ONE thing that he really couldn't deal with.

    This post is meant as nothing but respect for those of you have been sucked into Bill Windsor's world.

    It's done now.

    1. Oh we've pondered not mentioning his name, and truly that will happen soon enough. We have promised him it will. But the thing is that he and his group were still targeting and lying to the public, while harming people here. Bill does NOT think this is over and neither do the lemmings. He has continued to stalk people even in jail by having them send his filings. A stake through the heart? Isn't that what they do to vampires? If that is the only way to know that he is finally and once and for all no longer able to hurt people, then by all means, find a hammer. This group was here before Windsor, and it will be here long after people have forgotten who he is. Many of us are only here to escort this man to justice.

    2. It matters not what Bill thinks anymore.

      Truly. :D

    3. "Never mention his name again. "

      This blog does not tolerate redundancy on this blog...

    4. I don't know what that means

    5. Ok, it's a grammar
      thing. ;)

    6. Jeff? I derive great pleasure in following Windsor's long overdue demise.
      In my opinion? I own it! There is no amount of humiliation, nose rubbing & court buitchslaps that will ever suffice.
      For myself & others, that got Windsor-ed? Inclusive of his online hate.coms after he purchased our domains, his continuous online harassment, then the circling of our homes, photographing our families, ALL this while being defendants in his year long lawsuit in Ellis County?
      I feel more than entitled to relish every moment of his downward spiral into the depths of several correctional facilities in at least two states.
      His continued scribbles to the Texas court in which the case is closed? Just an added hilarity bonus.
      Once his judgements from the court are paid & he reaches prison, I'll be content.
      Then, I'll be content.
      Consider me biased.

      I'm glad you feel as you do! Kudos to you!
      For others of us? Especially the Boushies & Ms Overstreet, that endured much more than most? Try to see that point of view. It's very satisfying to see the consequences unfold.

      As the commenter above stated, many individuals will remain long after the Vextacious stalker flails unheard behind prison walls in Montana and Texas, just as they were here long before.

      Waving @Jeff! Best regards to you & yours!

    7. Cheers to you, doll!

      I do hope that you obtain that peace.

      Your pal,


    8. I can see it from here!
      The view is spectacular!

      You are my pal, cause you kinda get it~

  45. Ha Ha Ha, in a twisted way, the Joey's are addicted to BILL, as Bill is addicted to his cyber rage, it is a circle of rage. Bill was a pathetic failure in operating in the justice system, some people like to watch train wrecks, and Bill has been a monthly train wreck for some time. If you all could not get satisfaction on Bill's train wrecks,(the BLOG rap), and sticking thorns in his feet of bad clay, some of you would have absolutely nothing to do. Except maybe play in the litter box. It is a circle within a circle. It is like a new sport, & if Joeys did not mention Bill, his name, his falls from society's grace, & his pies, his lemmings, his follies, there wold be no J-Blog.
    You are like linked to Bill in some strange ways, like he is engrained in the very fiber of your souls, such as they are. Like the Romans watch the lions devour Christians, the Joeys are fixated on extracting the last drop of Bill's cyber blood, and Jeffy boy admits his blood lust. You all can't admit you are a cult, but really look in the mirror.
    Telling what has emerged, as Bill rots in jail as Easter approaches.

    1. "A Circle Of Rage"

      Is a PERFECT way to describe it.

      And also the name of my next band.

    2. Anon 11:39?

      I am not a 'Joey'.

      I'm a Kellie, that's a mother, a daughter, a lifelong Texan & a very proud American.

      Windsor made up that label, because he's a headline/title reader, judging books by their covers, without bothering to even read a few pages. Obviously, his methods failed, just as his label of 'Joeys'.

      I'd say those that have read here over the last year or longer? Are better labeled SNAPS.
      Windsor is getting snapped, now....repeatedly, right into the reality he created.

    3. When a cat mistakes other areas of the home for a litter box, it may be a sign of age, infection or stress. It could also mean that their own box needs to be cleaned.

    4. Don't look at or judge me...

      I'm Sluggo.

    5. Hi Sluggo. I was referring to the cat lady troll with the raging verbal diarrhea.

    6. Don't look at or judge me...

      I agree. I'm not Spamanon.

      PS -- Is the COR (Circle of Rage) troll also the cat lady troll? I wish she would find another cat box.

  46. I write a comment here maybe once a week. I check here maybe once a day.... probably not that... for news. Sometimes this blog gained 1 comment in a day. Divided amongst, say 15 people, that's two comments a month.

    Nothing better to do?

    **ck off. We're DOING better things to do.

    There are folks here who've been legitimately harmed by Windsor. As to the extent, that's none of my business, but they're entitled to some helping of schadenfreude. Myself? I don't fault myself or any of the other casual, anonymous readers of this very well written and illustrated blog.

    No. No one cares or even knows about Windsor in the grand scheme of things. But us having our own well crafted clown show, where the star clown seems hell bent upon destroying himself for our entertainment? Not one damn thing wrong with that. Part of the allure, in fact, is that Windsor is obscure. For me, a rare and wonderful random find on YouTube. Denounce us all you want. That's entertaining as well.

  47. Oh, and by the way, naming someone in a lawsuit is an act of aggression. It deserves some measure of concern because aggression commonly escalates and changes form - especially when fueled by mental illness.

    1. Anon 12:22 and 12:35,


    2. Bill started the circle of rage. one day, we may hear of a famous band, that
      set it all down, in (is it heavy metal, surely not Country and Western ??

    3. My band (just me) is called Circle of Cows and THAT'S not even a country band.

  48. So has Big Baby filed anything since hiring his lawyer?

    1. Well, he (or someone) did something last Thursday (3/5) that got his Idaho preliminary hearing postponed until two weeks from today (3/25). Quite possibly that was the result of McKay making an oral request to Judge Steckel.

      But otherwise, no, it appears he hasn't—or at least not in the Idaho proceedings.

      Ironically, one of the most significant benefits Windsor might reap from hiring a competent attorney is that in important circumstances the attorney doesn't file things. Ridiculous things that hurt Windsor's own case, that is. That's a significant improvement from the status quo ante.

  49. This is for Jeff, and Frag and whoever else thinks that this is some kind of hate blog focused on vengeance against Bill.....
    1. This is a stupid blog, always has been and always will be
    2. This stupid blog is run by myself and OReader
    3. This stupid blog is about satire....we come here to laugh at Bill, not to obsess over him (notice all the pics at the top of each post). And we have much more hilarity to look forward to with the "trial of the century" coming up.
    4. This stupid blog is not about vengeance, advocates, causes, self-help groups, political rants, or whatever else
    5. This stupid blog has attracted about 350-400 loyal daily readers and up to about 1,000 casual observers literally in every state and read all over the world. So when you see all these comments, it really is a result of lots of different people reading this blog, not 3 or 4 people obsessed with Bill as his side would have you believe.
    6. This stupid blog may die off after Bill is sentenced or it may continue on, I have no idea....everyone said we were done after Joey was sentenced. Either way, I'm more than fine with that. It doesn't even equate to a hobby to me or OReader...more like an interesting aside.

    1. Here is something to think about. While Bill sits in jail, the idea of the next "Bill Windsor" who will come along and convince people who belong to AMPP or PMA and other activist groups will come alone. These "activists" have their own issues still as individuals and are always looking for some miracle of a person coming by to take up their story or give them more publicity. Whether it be Divorce Corp or some other movie or documentary they still have the same issues until they take care of them without post thousands of times on Facebook being a FB activist wasting time online and not taking care of their real issues. Some day there will be a new Windsor to take advantage of these people because of their hate against the courts and that they feel they are being slighted by the government. That is what I am waiting once again to observe.

    2. Thank you very much, Ginger Snap. I like this blog a lot, and I'm a professional liker--or I used to be. You see, since Mr Bill's arrest, I've been laid off from the click farm and had to seek other work. I'm working part time at a local Qwik Mart, but (ironically) I don't like retail as much as the Facebook service industry because it's affecting my health. As a clerk, I have to stand a lot and now I've got a bad case of "Slim Jim" sciatica. Moreover, I've developed Squishy™ finger from working the frozen beverage machine. Anyway, thank you for your blog.

    3. Umm, Ginger...

      Does this mean I won't be getting my paycheck on Friday?

    4. Whatever Ginger, I'm already bored. That's why I hardly ever read the comments. Too much bicker.

      To all of the various readers who have tried to make this blog about some kind of advocacy group, a self help group for ex-Lawless Americans, or some great warning to save the world from falling into the trap of Bill Windsor . . . that's just not what it is to me. Sorry about your lofty goals. It is just some stupid blog with some stupid pictures. It didn't destroy Bill Windsor. Bill Windsor destroyed Bill Windsor.

      It's not my job to save people. The smart people that got involved with Windsor during the peak of his PR hype have all left. Even if I could convince one of his few remaining followers that he's never been capable of what he promised, they'd just go find themselves a new Bill Windsor and a new group of people that think change happens through Facebook likes.

      So, why am I here? Bill Windsor is a circus act, a meme, a cartoon. He's spent his life thinking he could bully and intimidate people into submission. In reality, anybody that was a somebody had bigger and better things to do. They just walked away.

      For me watching Bill is just interesting. And illustrating who Bill really is has been entertaining. Bored as I may be at times, if I went silent, Bill would chalk it up as a win. So instead, while we wait for the trial of the century, I'll keep wandering by with photos or posts that serve no purpose other than remind Bill that he's nothing more than a funny cat photo.

    5. Yes, Thank You GS .. I give you great credit for dealing as nicely and politely as you do with these jealous, wanna-be " Joey Blog Bosses" ...
      It's so clear that they want to have a blog like this and control it, make it into a success like you have ... IMHO if Jeff is "Done" with the fat fuck in jail ... then he should go along on his happy-ass way not come here and tell everyone else to be done and stop posting about the FFIJ .. same with the Cat .. she should find or make a damn blog about freakin' cats and worshipping the fat jailed dude ... I don't consider this a hate blog except for the jealous wanna-be bloggers "Hatin' on this blog" .. I enjoy watching the fat jailed fuck implode = pure entertainment ... and he did nothing to me but I have read ..seen what he has done to others and any amount of pure hell he is in now, is deserved as much as laughing at him, his stupid filings in court and his idiot followers inane comments

    6. Why are you here, or why is any here or there? Spaces..
      Some watch CBS, some watch ESPN, some watch the Wild Life channels, some the NFL Combine features
      How can any say why any are here, from afar, just because they tab in.
      Some read snippets of the BILL buzz, some read snippets of GS/ Joey.
      Some read the record, and pleadings in Maid of Mist, some have
      read assorted things on the reactions to peoples trips in Courts, justice systems. How did a guy who got so jacked up from some Yahoo in Mont, end up in the grips of the criminal justice system in 3 states?
      Because he took a camera to Mont, and filmed the U of Mont, or some lab joker's BLDG, the BAH BAH SEAN cry baby?
      Really, some of you have your version of Bill, others have a different version. Now, missing is the cyber froth from Bill, the W C Fields Master, which made the whole comedy what it is(was). Can't O'Reader intervene in Id, and MT Courts to move to give Bill back his computer, you all are missing lots of laughs since Bill's computer was confiscated.
      Can't we just start a movement to have the American justice system return Bill's computer, so he can add more fodder for GS/ O'Reader, the whole reason most are here, is for the Comedy show. RAGGING ON RAGE. Some wonder if Edgar Steel was framed, some wonder about his lousy representation, some wonder, about why Bill is in jail if he is just a butfoon, or some don't deem him just a butfoon, or wonder if he is the King of loons. Isn't the flip side of the coin, really a new form of W C Fields, karma for Bill's relatives making fun of the way W C Fields told jokes. The revenge of W C Fields is present. Don't you all get it?

    7. No Anon@113 - I don't get your loony babble or why YOU are here, telling everyone else why they are here, what they read snippets of, are interested in and what they wonder about & think of Bill ...
      Again, why are YOU here, aside from trying to stir the pot of controversy?
      I'm here because it humors me & I as I said have enjoyed watching a fat old man make a fool of himself across the US and end up in jail for stalking.. this Billshit is better than a comedy show.

    8. Don't YOU get it? No one wants you here. You're a troll, and an illiterate one at that. You are so clueless about this blog and the people who contribute to it. If you want to start a movement, why don't you start with your bowels? It's so abundantly clear your head is deeply impacted in it.

  50. I fixed it. No more overflow. Many many many apologies regarding the lost comments from the person that recently fell back off the wagon after nearly a year sober.