Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bill Sees the Doctor

There is nothing in this world that Windsor loves to do more than filing frivolous, malicious and duplicative lawsuits.  But what ranks right behind that is going to the doctor and telling the doctor what new illnesses he has (to be used in future litigation as a stall tactic).

Bill was back at it this week:

BILL WINDSOR HAS BEEN TO THE DOCTOR MORE IN THE LAST YEAR THAN AT ANY OTHER TIME IN HIS LIFE mainly because this is the only kind of human interaction you can get these days, BACK AT IT TODAY.
I haven't wanted to say anything about it because I have had way too much medical stuff to report uhhh, that's a lie. But, a few people know, so here goes.
I am having difficulty walking you are old and fat, mystery solved. It started just before I went to Missoula Montana for the hearing scheduled with only 22 hours' notice no, its been going on for years.  You have been waddling in and out of court rooms now for quite some time. The 11-hour marathon drive didn't help!  so how does driving impair your waddling ability, or lack there of? 
Tests are being processed today.  yes they are, all around the nation I think I have the best doctors and nurses in the world. Just look at this team above! you are so funny bill...don't ever let reality tell you otherwise 
Nurse Mary gave me some things to try like telling the truth?, and I really appreciate her help. I fell over today next time make sure you don't have to reach as far for your Reeces while sitting at your desk, so I decided I couldn't put the doctor off any longer.
Dr. Raul feels there is only the tiniest of chances that there is a blood clot. That was a relief.  you dont have lupus either  My blood pressure was excellent (as it always is), but my pulse was really high compulsive lying will do that. I was poked and prodded and squeezed  its been a while hasn't it?. And Nurse Christine jabbed several holes in me as she tried to get blood. I am a phlebotomist's biggest challenge as my veins just don't want to pop up. that's the result of a lifetime spent avoiding exercise or manual labor of any kind, your muscle tissue is virtually non-existent and the blood veins are buried deep
Dr. Raul won't offer an opinion until after he gets the blood work back.  uhhh that's how all doctors operate He did say that I really need to get in to see a neurologist you do, you are insane, so hopefully he can make that happen.
My calves feel like I have the world's worst charley-horses, but only when I put weight on them.  I think you just figured out your problem, weight  And then there's the tremor. May or may not be linked. More likely its linked to a lifetime of lying
Nurse Christine says I haven't been eating enough bananas. So, I'm eating bananas!  did you tell her you have been practically living at Snuffers, Fuddruckers, Dickey's and Burger King?
Please don't worry about me. I won't I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm sure you will be, but that's not what you will be telling the judge now is it?  Hey, worst case, maybe I can get a handicapped parking sticker... or a cane... or a wheelchair.  scooter, fat lazy man wants scooter.. or a wonderful woman to care for me. ohhhh, a two seater scooter? This reminds me of when you wanted to install your "movie" cam on the top of your car so you didn't even have to get out to "film" your subjects for your "movie"  Walking is for suckers isn't it bill? 
If you don't know the story and boy is it a story of the trauma that has likely causes this "causes" what?  you being fat and lazy?, here's a summary:…
Photo copyright St. Vincent's Hospital


  1. "If you don't know the story of the trauma that has likely causes this..."

    HAHAHAHA how to blame others. Classic Windsor. Always looking for someone else to blame, instead of taking responsibility or accountability for his own poor choices. (or lies) Just ridiculous how he always manages to twist his drama back onto his anti government crap.

    Is there anyone who's actually compiled ALL of Windsor's illness excuses over the years? Surely the list would be almost as long as his litigation list.

    Funny bold over as usual! He makes it so easy.

  2. If LE is reading his stuff, and he is admitting to having some kind of medical issues, along with his admittance of almost hitting a woman while driving, and his running off the road (forget his excuses as to why) it seems pretty scary to allow him access to a vehicle until he's been checked out to see if he is capable of driving. He admits to driving hundreds and hundreds of miles, and that puts innocent lives at risk. It's not funny one bit--and him dismissing it with his "nurse nancy told him to eat bananas" as a cure--shows he has no intention of valuing the lives of others he could be endangering.

    1. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorSeptember 24, 2015 at 10:29 AM

      Yeah, that was my concern too. If he is claiming he has issues with his legs, just exactly how much control over the gas and brake does he have? Along with his shakey hands? He keeps admitting this stuff and it seems he really should not be allowed to drive at all. All his whining about being SOOO dizzy, and he wanted to blame the Judge? All he needs is to get into an accident and then try to sue them for his own incompetency behind the wheel.

      Which makes me wonder, was it really the "dust storm" that caused damage to his car or did he crash into something and he's just lying about it?

    2. Bravo! The bold overs are on point and hilarious!

  3. I thought he was forced to make an appointment 3 months out with a neurologist? Wasn't that 4 months ago? And his fall was 2 years ago? And his hernia nearly a year ago? He's said he needed surgery multiple times. He's got medicare. He does an awful lot of whining about his "conditions" for someone who never seeks an actual solution. Apparently he's a vexatious patient too

    1. Yep, you're right. I think he made some comment or motion in a court document when he was trying to get out of jail or reason he should be allowed to leave MT, that he needed to get back to TX for his primary doctors since MT was so booked. That time frame is way blown.

      Emergency Hernia surgery? hahahaha yeah, about that. Years later just how much of an "Emergency" could it have been?

      Vexatious patient!! You nailed it. Perhaps he's got a touch of Munchie too.

    2. Giggle snicker snort! What if the attending physicians find out how litigious Windsor is?
      Vexi Vexi Vexi!

      ℗ ♛

  4. Wow. Of course, I'm sure this has NOTHING to do with a last-ditch effort to postpone the criminal proceeding set for next week.

    In other news, in Texas civil trials, at least, you have to provide some evidence that you are not medically fit to attend the trial on a given date. This generally requires some degree of evidence from a treating physician or the request will be denied.

    I wonder what Bill will try to come up with . . .

    1. Allegedly, the criminal trial has been postponed until after the new year.
      Giving him a few more months of vexi freedom in all state and federal courts.

    2. Yes, I was wondering, Anon @12:01. I only stuck my nose back in Windsorland last night for the first time in a while, but I noticed a suggestion that the trial has been pushed back to January.

      Is there an easy/simple way to get a summary of what's happened in the MT case over the past month or two? Not asking for a commenter to run it all down (I'd appreciate it, but I imagine it'd be a PITA)—instead, perhaps, a website where important filings are posted for public consumption?

      If it's all too much to describe, then never mind. My rights as an amused gawker don't take me very far.

    3. Attorney, Missoula county does not have an online system. The case # is DC-14-509. You can order copies if you call, but I think the clerk is overwhelmed today. Petunia says she will be posting Jennifer Clarks brief soon and a plethora of Billschit soon over on her blogosphere.

    4. Thanks, Anon @3:23!

      I have to admit, reading legal filings in Windsor cases is a bit addictive.

    5. Clark's newest smack-down can be downloaded safely from here -

    6. @ Attorney--when you're done laughing at that "in your face" response from Clark, perhaps you'd grace us with your opinion vs Windsor's where he claims that the Judge must dismiss now. I sure don't see anything in there that would support his belief. Seems he "screwed, glued and tattooed" himself butt good!

    7. Nope. You're wrong Snoozie. You're always wrong.
      You and your fellow Vexi have a really difficult time understanding statutes, and the courts shouldn't have to waste time and money trying to educate your pathetic asses.

      Swing and miss! Crawl back into your crypt.

    8. Nope. I don't bet with the devil's disciples.
      And this IS my screen name Sharon. SMH

    9. Hey LegalEagle? I can't speak for @Anon8:33am, but I'll wager with that your Willy is fuqed like a tied goat on fair day. He's recently been claiming rape anyway....somehow fuqing himself over just doesn't seem to qualify.
      Whatchya got of any value to wager? Your SSI crazy check and food stamps don't count. Havta be something you earned. bwahahahahahaha! Needle in haystack search ensues.
      Ms. Clark's brief really stomped your ass, you're much more bitter and venomous than usual. That'd be Clue 1 it was your legal eagling that got your Willy bitchslapped. How is it so many female attorneys best not only Windsor, but you? #OUCH
      Just reading how miffed you are? Made my bright and shiny day even better!
      Why won't the window licking lunar tuners let you chime in with them on your Willy's Fakebook page?
      bwahahahahahaha hahahahaha

    10. I'd think the government would frown on Susan gambling with her SSI check or her food stamps. And as you know Susan, I'll always sign my posts.

    11. Above was in response to SVG.
      Clean up crew can nix mine too.
      She made me laugh with her spin out.

    12. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorSeptember 25, 2015 at 8:55 AM

      Sharon? Just like every other prediction you've made, you'll lose. When you crawl out of your crypt and attempt to sound happy, it further proves exactly how angry you really are. Your help for Windsor with his games failed and both of you are fixing to eat a giant helping of butthurt pie. (Windsor is claiming he hasn't had enough, so get your forks)

      The TOP was in force and Windsor knew it. He even made a post about it, safely screencaptured and all. You want to claim that reading is the issue for others, but fail to acknowledge that is your downfall. Stop projecting, admit defeat and wave good-bye to your willy. Actually? This should make you very happy. Now you can finally take over the Lawless agenda, like you were "Scouting" to do the whole time.

  5. Oh my...

    "Deborah Lynne Connor-- Father we don't have time for Bill to be sick, he is too important. I bind up the Spirit of Infirmity in his body by the blood of Jesus, I release health and healing in the name of Jesus! Now Satan, I command you to loose your clutch on Bill, he is bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus, get your filthy hands off of him now, and you drop that lawsuit NOW!!!"

    1. Creepy. Her and the other Prayer Lady, I always picture them chanting and waving charms made from long deceased pets, in a purple cloud of incense.

    2. Y'all know I still wonder and worry about Windsor's cat.
      Poor kitty.
      I would really like to know that custody of the kitty was granted to the ex Mrs.

      ℗ ♛

  6. " I am a phlebotomist's biggest challenge"

    At this point, Windsor would be a lobotomist's biggest challenge as well.

  7. I wonder why these people ever even bother going to the doctor in the first place since they are all experts in the area of health (like they are with law).

    Jan Smith I know this sounds stupid but make sure and get foot massages. If you have toxins in your system that will help relieve them and clean your system out. Toxins settle in the feet
    8 hrs
    Jan Smith
    Jan Smith Cilantro too. If you by some chance have been exposed to heavy metals, cilantro (and yes it comes in extracts too) bind together with metals and clean them out.

    Mary Deneen Colloidal silver, garlic, cucurium (tumeric), ginger, cloves, cinnamon, organic apple cider vinegar, fresh squeezed lemon water (no sugar), parsley, cilantro, basil, mint, lemon balm, blessed thistle, milk thistle, artimesium, spirulina, etc. help rid of pathological bacteria, parasites, candida and toxins that cause inflammation which cause neuropathy.

    1. No kidding. Maybe Windsor's next gig is Lawless Medicine.

      Well, considering he is trying to claim this is all just stress and blames the joeys, the corrupt govt, le, and others he hates he probably won't heed the need to shovel mass amounts of all the above down his throat. Of course, there is the contradiction from the other day when he admitted his dad had that disease...but you can't really spin that into blame on the "haters."

    2. Wow Mary, do you have any remedy to rid oneself of pathological liars?

      Maybe Windsor's next gig is Lawless Medicine.

      What about Medless America? (Seems Munch Mary's got a corner on the thistle market).

    3. HAHAHA!! She can trade her whistle for some thistle--same result.
      No corruption--no cure for cray cray.

    4. Oh between his daily stress (and the additional stress from being in the lab) and the obesity, he does have hypertension. High blood pressure and obesity can also damage blood vessels which makes it harder for doctors to take blood. He just doesn't want us to know he also suffers from ED. It's kinda suspicious how he gave them names but didn't use their full names for once, like maybe he didn't really go but wants us to think he did. He also didn't mention what they thought about his ankle bracelet. Bananas have potassium which have potassium, which is helpful in preventing leg cramps. The fact that he even mentions charlie horses----yeah, he probably just suffered from leg cramps due to a lack of exercise, adequate nutrition and obesity. Doctors don't always know a ton about nutrition, but they like to give quick fixes that children and elderly can remember. Bill of course, not only needed the attention, but was hopeful that the least pain could be exploited.

    5. Colloidal silver? We can only hope Bill would take enough of that. Heavy users develop argyria, that is, they gain a permanent greyish-blue tint to their skin, eyes, and finger nails.

      Tint Bill Blue, give him a pair of red overalls and he could play Papa Smurf (only not as bright as Papa Smurf, nor as much of a leader, nor really as wise as Papa Smurf). So yeah, okay, he'd just look like him.

      But wouldn't it be fun to rent a billboard in Montana between him and the courthouse with a huge picture of Windsor-as-Papa Smurf so that he could see it every day on his way to Court for the "trial of the century"?

    6. Here ya go!!

      TAB ID: 404487
      Location: WEST BROADWAY @ SCOTT F/E #!
      Lat/Long: 46.87612 / -114.00802
      Media/Style: Poster/Retro
      Impressions: 36303/week
      Panel Size: 10'6" x 22'9"Spec Sheet
      Facing/Read: E/Left Of Road
      Illuminated: Yes

  8. Ok, this is all lies. He doesn't have all those Briefs due, nor all the replies. He's now flat out lying once again about why he can't update these morons with more lies. Where's the JC Brief you promised them? Why are you hiding it? Afraid they will see all the times you tried to appeal and lost? Afraid that will prove you are in fact a giant liar? Because you've not told them everything? Zero merit, zero character, zero truth!


    I never sent a Tweet, but you don't have to commit a crime to be charged in America by corrupt prosecutors. I'm doing everything possible to avoid spending seven years in the Montana State Prison.

    Sorry I haven't published much lately. I have six appellant's briefs due by Thursday, and I have 10 replies to responses to motions due within a few days thereafter."

  9. I know GS wants us to "bring the funny," so I thought I'd share. This image is from my post on the Daily Mail which got quite a few "likes."


  10. Ok, help me out here. I have searched and searched and can not find the word "SLAMMED" on here. Windsor said we said it, so it must be true. Can anyone find it?

    I have found "Smack-Down" and "Bitchslapped" but no "Slammed."
    On the back 40 I found another "Bitchslapped" and an "Ass kicked" but still no "Slammed." I say, once again Windsor lied.


    "Lise McLain-- Is this for real?

    "Bill Windsor-- Just what the Joeys say."

    "Brandy Bee-- Where did they say the slammed thing?"

    "Bill Windsor-- Joeyisalittlekid blogspot . com is back."

    Anyone, anyone?

    1. Oh hahaha ok--I'll throw this in too because MaryD is trying so hard to fit in. Where did Boushie admit this?

      "Mary Deneen-- Like Boushie's admitted Slam, and BAM on the highway!"

      Where? Where exactly are those word at Mary? Tell the ticks to quiet down for a hot second, I really want to know...

  11. One of the anonymous JoeysOctober 1, 2015 at 6:17 PM

    Does anyone know what's up with Petunia's blogspot? It's by invite only now? I'm not one of the "in" folks, mostly just a lurker who posts anonymously once in a long while. But I lurk every day keeping up with Bill's menacing and enjoying the humor and distillation provided by the "notorious joeyisalittlekid gang." lol So, how do we go about getting an invite to the club? There is no way to contact the owner when the notice comes up that it's now invite only. Please, please, please, please, please don't make me miss out on the finale of Windsor's "movie."

    1. Sorry. I think I was one of the instigators who forced Petunia to lock the door. It will be OK. For me, I'm more than capable of getting ol' Billy to sue me a few more times all by my damn self. You know why that's true? Because I'm "evil" and "scary"...very, very "scary."


    2. I think you will all live. It's hardly a crisis. Feel free to comment here using a screenname from any one of several services. WordPress allows comments using a fill in name and url, but Blogger doesn't allow that when I eliminate comments from the username "Anonymous."

      Ginger may change it back, but I wanted to give readers the ability to choose to read or skip comments before going down the "rabbit trail" (ha) of stupidity. You're welcome.

    3. Giggle snicker, Ollie!
      I and the other admins were off being busy in the sunshine most of the day yesterday and had concerts, sporting events and dinners to attend last night.
      "Crisis" is averted and I, like you Ollie, believe everyone survived. I'm just not nearly as GoogleBlogger ™ savvy as the admins here at the Clubhouse ©. Just used the easiest & quickest settings to #pause the pasture. The gate will re-open later this morning!

      Happy Friday everyone!


      ℗ ♛ ❥