Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Windsor Prepares for the Winter

Perhaps anticipating a long cold winter in Montana, Bill has planned ahead by putting his winter coat on now.  In a new video he posted a few days ago, it also appears as if Bill is going to store up extra acorns in his cheeks.. taking a page from the local chipmunk play-book.  Being the self absorbed narcissist/pathological liar that Bill is, he was quick to blame the hotel lighting for his troll-like appearance.  At one point in the long-winded selfie with audio, Bill also took the time to point out that those U of M police officers who served him the restraining order on campus were actually giants.  That, along with an apparently bad camera angle made it appear that Bill was short, but he assures everyone that he is in fact 6 foot tall.....Montana giants aside.

Bill is alternating between nervous and giddy.  He can't figure out what's going on, but in his mind.....he must be winning.  He is not sure if he trial is still on for the 28th, or if it will be delayed. All his stupid motions to dismiss the case in MT were denied, but Bill claims in his trial by facebook that all those motions must have won since Jennifer Clark didn't respond to his denied motions.  None of his appeals/stall tactics are working, but of course thats just more evidence for his fake movie of judicial corruption.  The windsor wheel of delusions never seems to stop spinning.

One thing we can be sure of is that Bill didn't store up all those acorn (Reeces) in his cheeks for nothing.  As long as he is a free man.....and even if he isn't, he will spend all fall and winter filing as many frivolous lawsuits as possible.  It is who he is, at his core.  There is a reason corruption and dishonesty follows him no matter where he goes......he is it.  Windsor, and all the other legal/paper terrorists like him are what is clogging and retarding our judicial system.  If you love what this Nation was founded on, if you love freedom and liberty given to all and the responsibility that derives from must then hate everything Windsor and his ilk are doing.  He is attacking our freedoms by abusing them to a ludicrous end.  To stand up for the principles that this Country was founded on means to stand against the American Terrorist Bill Windsor and his Lawless band of mutants.


  1. "Does this fat make the lighting look bad..."
    (You know he's backasswards anyway--Mr Trees through the Forest.)

    Loved the last paragraph and I agree 100%. He has highlighted all the flaws in the Judicial System with the legal loopholes he jumps through, and even if they aren't legal, he forces the system to answer to nonsensical filings.

    This to me, is where the Vexatious Asshole Laws need some tweeking. It's more than abuses of the system, it's an abuse to the citizens who foot the bills--and to me? This is a big part of the issue in my opinion. I still say it is up to the Government to protect the people by putting a stop to the "Windsors" of the world. Those who make a game out of playing the system, while shitting on their fellow taxpaying neighbors for their source of fun.

    1. I agree Ninja, his abuses in filing endlessly those excessively lengthly claims is an outrage. He believes he is a brilliant legal mind. He is unable to understand that when you continually lose, it's not the judges that are corrupt, it's you that are confused about actual law. He will continue to play in the courts until he gets labelled vexi.


  2. You know, Mr. I love to expose scumbags can sure dish it out, but he can never take it. His opinion is people are corrupt, yet, he cant prove it. People's opinions is that HE is corrupt, AND can prove it, but he just keeps suing and whining to shut them up! He is THE most Corrupt POS I have ever seen. Its high time Mr. Blowhard Bill gets his comeuppance.

  3. Second-Chair AttorneySeptember 17, 2015 at 9:13 AM

    Not the first time he's been jealously concerned about others' perception of his with many other things, methinks he doth protest too much.

    1. Yep. He's not a tall man. Sure, in his head--he's ginormous. He's my guess based on watching him standing next to cars and such, about 5'9.
      One of those cops is 6'1. So, for him to claim he is 6'0 when he towered over Windsor by several inches is laughable. Tiny man syndrome. Little tiny girlie feet too seems to be an issue for him.

    2. I'm 5' 9" tall. His wanted poster said he was 6' tall, but in person he stood a tad less than eye to eye with me. Not that it matters, just an observation. Bookings and wanted posters must go on generalities.

    3. I'm 5'9" too... With heels in court? Windsor wasn't anywhere near 6'. My son was 6'3" then, it was very obvious there was at least a 5" to 6" difference in their heights.
      Why lie about something like his height? Duh.


    4. Probably driver's license information. They don't exactly measure you at the DMV to see if you're lying about your weight and height...

    5. Six feet or 72 inches...most likely his diameter or circumference. Know what the difference is? Ironically, it's π (pi)-->PIE.

  4. I've known Bill for many years, and like everything else, his height is made up.
    He is absolutely 5'9", and at a stretch, 5'10". Napoleon syndrome.

  5. Well sure. If you're gonna lie, lie big. Height? check. TV film crew coming to his aid? check. ACLU is interested in his lies? check. Lying about filings? check. Lying about never lying? check!

    Windsor is manic. Full blown spun out. So much so, all those prayers from the lemmings must have worked, and he actually did spin out in his car. Or, he lied about that too, but his subconscious told him to write it, because that is how he feels deep down. He is spinning out of control and there won't be any "steering into the spin" to save him. He will crash and burn metaphorically into a guilty verdict.


    I emailed the requested information to the ACLU at 2:11 am. So, we shall see what, if anything, happens.

    There's a LOT going on. At the moment, I'm too busy to communicate it. (but not too busy to throw out a token FB lie filled post)

    Prosecuting Attorney Jennifer Clark and I are battling by email on whether she defaulted on filing responses to my motions. (why would you be battling? The Judge already denied all your motions as frivolous and told you to stop filing. Thought you were trying to claim she defaulted on her brief. Did you forget your lie the other day? Which is it? Because neither allegation you're trying to make has merit)

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has graciously given me an extension of time to file my appeal of the U.S. District Court for Montana's dismissal of my lawsuit against the University of Montana and Sean Boushie. I missed the deadline when I was unlawfully incarcerated and denied my files, etc. Corrupt federal magistrate Jeremiah Lynch dismissed my case saying I had no proof. I filed many megabytes of proof and a hue sworn affidavit. There was no evidence to refute any of it. Blatant corruption.

    I have a funny photo to share later. When I went to the federal courthouse in Helena Montana, right in front of the courthouse is a big yellow sign that says "DEAD END." frown emoticon (doesn't sound funny. I think the word you were looking for was Ironic. Yeah--it is for you isn't it)

    I visited the federal courthouse and the FBI's office building just next door" (just my humble opinion, but they probably shouldn't have let you leave. They had a SovCit anti government terrorist in their midst, probably making more false reports)

  7. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorSeptember 19, 2015 at 8:12 AM

    Montana will continue to be bombarded with more frivolous, fanciful and harassment based filings until someone there files a motion to declare him Vexatious--and ban him from filing without getting leave--AND posting a bond. Seems parting with money is the only thing that actually hurts Windsor. (Upon information and belief, and his unwillingness to pay filing fees UP FRONT and IN FULL in other cases)

    A 500 page sworn affidavit? From a LIAR? Yeah--that's evidence. NOT!! Windsor seems to be gathering more frivolous paper trails of "Corruption" for his goal. Each and every time he files something frivolous and gets denied is one more step closer to the "BIG" case I believe he's going to file. SMH. Everyone is falling for the games. WAKE UP!!!


    I have been photocopying my little heart out to send my Appellant's Briefs off to the various appellate courts.

    Of the many corrupt things done to me in Montana, my civil case against Sean Boushie and the University of Montana was dismissed by a Magistrate Jeremiah C. Lynch. Lynch said it was frivolous, made fanciful claims, and other such crap. I had over 500 pages of sworn testimony and thousands of documents in the Court record. The Defendants had zero (0). What a crook.

    Lynch was clearly part of the corrupt conspiracy to stop me from exposing the illegal activities of Sean Boushie and the University of Montana. There's no other explanation other than Magistrate Jeremiah C. Lynch is as crazy as a loon.

    So, let's see what happens. I will post my Appellant's Brief at"

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