Friday, November 20, 2015

Bill is Again Sternly Corrected by the 10th Court of Appeals

Today Bill goes to his pre-trail conference on his remaining two misdemeanor charges in Missoula MT.  He continues to reject any common sense plea to settle the charges as he is making it crystal clear to the court that he has no intention of ceasing his stalking and malicious litigation against both Sean Boushie and the University of Montana.  But I don't think we should expect anything other than that from him at this point.  All Bill has left to live for is vengeance stalking, and he will never agree to anything that would hamper that in any way.

Windsor was, once again, reprimanded in the 10 Court of Appeals in TX.

His four cases are on life support (without the support) in that court and he continues to beclown himself.  Bill's number one strategy is to bombard courts with voluminous, duplicative motions in the hope that the court doesn't really bother to read them all the way through.  After about the first two pages I'm not even sure Bill could tell you what it is he is trying to say after that....he just cuts, copy and pastes repeated random paragraphs that then cites the previous random paragraph as its source. Here we have the court pointing out that once again his entire argument of rule 12 is actually inaccurate because that rule doesn't apply to him.  Thats another little problem of Bill's.....he's not really into understanding the details.  He skims through rules and statutes and tries to cram them into his motions based on what the first one or two sentences said.......forget the fine print.  After all, his only goal is to stall and delay his cases as long as why sweat the small stuff?

Bill also went back to his old tried and failed doctrine of trying to intimidate and threaten judges when they don't give in to his demands.  The 10th points out that his threats of sanctions against the clerk and the justices isn't helpful....but then again who's trying to be helpful?  Bill didn't go to law school, he didn't take the bar, he isn't an officer of the court and he doesn't adhere to the ethical standards that the others must abide by.  And it certainly show.

The big problem now for Bill is that his jig is up so to speak.  Even though he probably has about 400 lawsuits ready to file all across the nation.... he has burned all his bridges legally speaking. His reputation proceeds him.  In the past, he was able to go to a new state and start new litigation.  Now he has legal judgements left unsettled.  He has been labeled as vexatious litigant in numerous states as well as in the federal courts.  In short, he just can't get his foot in the door. The legal system has adapted to his vexatious intentions.  Bill Windsor has been de-fanged, but he still can't seem to accept it.


  1. Bravo! As always, GS, you point out Windsor's absurdity so perfectly. Thank you!
    I'm pleading, begging you to puhleeeeease, pretty Paca please, do your spectacular bold overs of BillSchit's latest spiel of his version of the pre-trial hearing? I was giggle snickering just reading the windbag's whining. Please?

    ℗ ♛ ❥

    1. It's sooo long. But yea it is hilarious

    2. is it still out there? His website seems to be down when I check. LOL

      Got to love that picture :)

    3. His lawless america page is still up. His fb was suspended for a month

    4. Tapping little hoof, waiting kinda patiently...need GS inspired giggle snorts STAT

      ℗ ♛ ❥

    5. Defanged or milked as they call it in the scientific community. LMAO:,0.jpg