Thursday, December 3, 2015

Windsor Wants to Get In on the Gun Violence Headlines

Always one to try and co-opt himself into the national news of the day, Bill is back to playing up the gun violence card.  Bill is outraged that Judge Haynes won't take away Sean Boushie's legally licensed firearm.

"Now it appears that Bill Windsor will have to be murdered in the courtroom before anyone will stop Sean Boushie from terrorizing him."

You can always count on Bill for maximum histrionics.  Bill is back on a facebook time-out for being on the naughty list this time of year.  And its just as well because he really doesn't have much to say.  His self proclaimed trial of the century is set for Jan. 5 and he seems to be spending all his time working on documents and exhibits that will support arguments the Judge has already warned him he can't use.  All his life Bill has been dreaming of a chance to put on his full on song and dance performance in front of a jury who is required to listen to the entire ensemble.  Judge Haynes has put figurative handcuffs on Bill regarding just how deep he can get with his conspiracies in defense of why he can't stop stalking Sean.  But if Bill breaks Haynes' figurative handcuffs and rolls into the defense he really wants....he will end up with real handcuffs.  Poor Bill......what a conundrum. 

"Bill Windsor will do a special filming after the trial in Missoula.  He wants to try to get as many victims as possible to come to the trial.  Then he will film a group session followed by filming of individual stories.  So, if you are in Montana or have friends there, please ask them to participate."

Now you just have to picture it....a Lawless America group session filming.  I envision about 15 different monologues all at the same time......this is gonna be cinematic gold.  No matter what the outcome, we can expect Bill to be flying south for the winter as I don't think he can survive a January and February up that way.


  1. Bill now says he "plans to call the judge and the prosecutor as witnesses. That should be fun. "

    It should, actually, but not in the way Bill thinks.

    1. I could definitely see the whole local Missoula legal crowd sitting in on this out of morbid curiosity