Thursday, April 14, 2016

Old People, Nurses, Cats, B&Bs, and Long Walks...

I was really hoping that Bill's nurse was kin with Oscar the Miracle Cat who resides in a nursing home. However it turns out this kitty likes to spend time in the vastly more hip world of bed & breakfasts.

Google Cat image recognition is A-Maze-Ing. If you know where to go, you just upload a photo of the cat, and bee boo bop boo beep . . . here's that cat on social media.

Uploaded Cat:

Resulting Cat:

Weird, right? Almost too hard to believe.  . . 

Anyway, resulting cat had nice things to say about a couple of Air B&B listings in New Hampshire."I've stayed here a lot, and I give the Farmhouse FIVE STARS and two Paws Up! Excellent cat food; clean, modern litter box; and plenty of spots to cuddle up for a nap."  

Only 2 paws?

This is one of the 4 B&B listings she's 

Does that black Jeep look familiar, or is it just me?

Huh, oh well. 

Here's the host. She definitely looks familiar. 

"Hey, I'm Tayna! Happy with two teenage sons; surrounded by loving family and friends. I am a hypnotherapist, reiki master and student of transformational psychology. I enjoy meditation and long walks, tons of laughs and salt of the earth people. I am an advocate through and through."

Anyway, if you need a place to stay, (though I've read conflicting reports about if it has heat or if it's a rental property or if the owner is disabled and unable to work or if she's really busy and likes to camp and hike  . . oh sorry, ADD . . .I read that too) Anyway, if you want a place to stay, between now and May 5th, and you don't mind creepy old men with stories of passing gas and lame old man jokes (from the 1930s), then this is your place! Sorry I'm rambling. There's just so many positives about this place. Anyway, check it out.


  1. I thought she was "disabled" of some kind. Must not be very good at Reiki. I also thought she claimed the home didn't have any heat.

    "Tanya was very welcoming and communicative, even though she had an emergency and couldn't be home when we arrived. The place was just as pictured - spacious, cozy, and warm. She helped shoveling my car out the next morning, which was really nice of her! We had a great stay at her place and would like to return in the future! :)"

    Unless you're booking before May 5th, fat chance of a return visit....

  2. Well the "Cat is out of the bag" for sure. WOWZERS!! If that isn't the same Windsor kitty nurse as the B&B spokescat. Damn!! That is some funny shit right there!

    Only one person knows where I am...yeah...sure.
    How many times has he said this? Is that how long he's been shacking up with this bimbo?

  3. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorApril 14, 2016 at 10:53 PM

    Here's an interesting thought...what if Windsor was running from the law, you know the whole Fugitive from Justice thing, and Tanya also appears to have had a bench warrant, to "wanted" people -- working together, colluding and hiding out...

    Or the fact that it appears that Tanya was "hiding Windsor" does she now become an accessory to that crime?

    1. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorApril 14, 2016 at 10:54 PM

      ***two*** "wanted" people.

    2. RE: Windsor running from the law and those who assist, being held criminally responsible -
      As we say in Michigan - "You betcha!"

  4. "Michon L. Hughes lied her a$$ off to the Court stating that Bill Windsor promoted on that people should inundate the courts with filings. She's a lying *itch. Bill Windsor has done just the opposite."

    "Thursday, 14 February 2013 23:00 William M. Windsor
    Now that we have presented undeniable evidence of nationwide corruption to every member of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, the next phase in the Lawless America Revolution is to file criminal charges against the corrupt government officials, judges. attorneys, perjurors, and others in our cases.

    People all across America will file corruption charges with their local grand juries in April. Here's some background information on how....

    We will be filing criminal charges with both state/county and federal grand juries. In states where citizens may file criminal complaints, we will be doing that as well.

    This is our best short-term hope for relief with the injustices we have faced.

    If we get no relief there, we will begin putting the criminals on trial. That process will be explained in mid-April after the Grand Jury Phase of the Lawless America Revolution is completed."

    Now, just an FYI for new readers, Windsor had to go back and alter "grand juries" from "Citizen Grand Juries" after the FBI contacted him and questioned him about this Sovereign Citizen tactic. Windsor then put his pompous tail between his legs and shut his site down (pretended it was hacked) so he could go delete and edit his original wording.

    If someone has the link to the clip from DC, where Windsor proudly boasts about Citizen Grand Juries, and how he was going to lead his "Revolution" (throw your penny on the desk to join in...) please post it.

  5. Wow, Windsor is sure in a snit. I don't think he's spent so much time and energy on one person's story ever. Besides his own.

    I think it's really because he's irked that his moronic filings flopped. But sigh...that's nothing new.

    Who on earth would actually allow Windsor not only access to their court case, but to file actual documents for them?

    His blustery Bill attitude is just that. Blustery. He's a moron in court. Unless -- he really wanted to lose this case for Tanya, so he can get back at the courts. I mean, in really thinking about this, there is no way he could actually think the arguments he's making are valid. It might actually earn Tanya a Vexatious title of her own. Barring her from filing anything else because they are solely designed to be harassment. Nothing "colorable" about any of it.

    He's even gone to the whole "recuse a Judge" game that he does in his own cases. Didn't she research the court documents from his MOM case? Hasn't she followed along with the civil suits across the US? Surely she couldn't be THAT stupid to actually believe him when he says it's all "Corruption."

    Because if she does? She deserves everything she doesn't get from Winston, and everything she does get from the courts. SMDH.

    1. I know Tulsa Court Clerk's office has a hanging sign that warns about fines for frivolous or fraudulent filings.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Are you talking about from MT?

  7. Anyone see this?

  8. Anyone recognize this handwriting??


    1. LMAO!! Attorney William M Windsor!

      Uh, duh, gee George, only one person knows where I am...uh, not so much fat boy!

      When is Windsor getting charged for acting as an attorney?

    2. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorApril 18, 2016 at 7:08 PM

      It doesn't take the envelope to convince me he's been taking over in that case. Just look at the filings. All the same Windsor crap, lame excuses, insults towards the court, and wrong law codes.

      He wrote in a recent motion, that the court was stupid. Who is stupid again? I think he just earned that pole troll some sanctions and contempt.

  9. I'm guessing Willy is in FB Time out again? Hasn't updated his life line recently, so that must be the reason. What on earth will he do now that he isn't getting his ego stroked, and gloating about some moronic filing that he wants to claim was a winner, but in reality was DOA. Such a pathetic loser he is.

    1. Yep, he's on a 30 day time out for posting nasties about the Tulsa attorney. It was posted to his friends only. Some of us have spy accounts, tee heeee.

    2. LOL!! You know, I always wonder if they ever connect the dots when they suspend him. After all, he did fail to sue them too. Oh, and they also had that kick ass woman attorney. You know he can't stand being schooled by women let alone women attorneys. LMFAO!

  10. Ok, so what is there left for Windsor? In reality, not Windsor World.

    It's been 4 years of games, stalls, delays, excuses, endless vacations and sight seeing since he started making all those empty promises to "Take our country back."

    The last 2 years alone have been all about Windsor frivolous civil suits, so really, what is there left for him? He's purchased hundreds of domain names, spent tons of money in his failed litigation, owes huge Judgments, and hopefully more sanctions will be imposed shortly against him. So, basically, little rich tantrum boy has done nothing but spend money he claims he doesn't have.

    I don't know anyone who could do all he's done travel wise, litigation wise, hotels/motels/pole dancer B&B's, eating out every day, with no money. Then, come to find out, he does have money, and he handed over the secret trust to Wendy for safe keeping.

    Ok, we all believe he's a pathological liar, and he easily convinces the sheeple over on his FB page to just stick with him a little longer, but really, what can he possibly pull out of his ass now, now that it's undeniable that he's loaded, and that money is how he's been able to continue on doing all the nasty things he gets off doing?

    Suing and being involved in litigation, whether personally attacking, or using a proxy like Tanya, this is his Viagra. But what's the point in stringing along the FB sheeple? He's done nothing for them, taken their money, made false promises, and followed through with nothing. When he's not posting, it's like he's not even there. So, why bother?

    1. Why? I'll tell you why.

      He's shooting to be one of the lucky 21 recipients of Marty Prehn's Dan Haggerty Humanitarian Awards, that's why...

    2. Wendy and Ryan TOOK control of the trust from windbag. He is allowed room, food an transport, nothing else. If he wants to file bs litigation, it has to come from his social security or the one non black Amex he has. Do I know this for fact, yep...

    3. Maybe this is why he chose to get vexatious by and through Tanya? Make her foot the bill for his Viagra fix?

      All in all though, even with them holding the purse strings, it's a very large purse that ultimately will have to shell out over a half million in current Judgments against him. Doesn't matter who's holding those strings, which, could have been just another scam by the Windsor clan to hide the money.

  11. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorApril 20, 2016 at 7:44 AM

    Will Winston Frost file bankruptcy to attempt to avoid paying $214,837.34 to Tanya Hathaway? ( That's your game Windsor. You know, sign promissory notes to pay someone after taking their hard earned businesses, and then not just file BK, but write yourself a big, fat, salary write-off first, then tell the IRS to kiss your ass basically?)

    On April 12, 2016, a New Hampshire Judge awarded Tanya Hathaway $178,442.74 against Winston Frost aka WTF. ( Uh, no, he granted the pathological, and malicious "team" of Windsor/Hathoway/Lawless a 30 day injunction until you all appear in court to state your fraudulent claim ) Tanya Hathaway now has a lien on the home and 9 acres that I believe Winston Frost tried to misappropriate from Tanya Hathaway. (Good for you. This is in direct violation of the Judgment, retaliatory harassment -- another violation of the OOP, and undoubtedly malicious. Court documents signed by Tanya, prove she granted OK Jurisdiction. Your failed attempts to argue this Windsor, as an unlicensed attorney, not once but twice, proved just how stupid you are, and will now prove just how vindictive "Lawless America" members will be in their Anti Government Revolution/paper terrorism, malicious refusal to accept any "Just" rulings you don't like.)

    In addition, Tulsa, Oklahoma Judge J. Anthony Miller awarded Tanya Hathaway $29,000.00 from Winston Frost. She is also due $7,394.60 in an insurance refund that Winston Frost has withheld from her. ( Ok, well in Windsor world, if you just said OK didn't have jurisdiction, and just fraudulently filed for Jurisdiction in NH, how do you justify "Jurisdiction" when money is owed again? Such a moron. BTW? IMO, the Judge OK Judge should revoke any monetary judgments now for Tanya, since team Lawless just committed fraud.)

    So, the grand total owed to Tanya Hathaway thus far is $214,837.34. WTF! Pay up, Winston Frost. ( Liar. Keep dreaming Vexi boy. Keep dreaming. )



    220-2016-CV-00058-Summons-2016-04-12 2016-04-11-Complaint-Mechanics-Lien


    1. Interesting considering she already admitted in a court document that she was making "unauthorized repairs" to that home. In April 2015, it was ordered that the home was Winston's.

      I hope she goes to jail over this fraud. How completely vindictive and malicious! She's no "Victim" she's the perpetrator.

  12. I call BS...
    Bill Windsor is filing more criminal charges against the University of Montana Employee. I am going to drive from state to state as the University of Montana Employee cyberstalks me and makes false claims that I have committed crimes. This way I can have multiple states for my stalking and criminal charges against him.

    How will you make all your follow up medical appointments. The person who really needs to be on Dr. Phil is Windsor himself. Why is Billy all caught up on reading short erotica stories from someone's old emails? Sounds creepy to me.

    1. My opinion? He's not moving from his comfy NH B&B, he just wants everyone to "think" he is otherwise he wouldn't be so obsessed with Winston, and frantically tying up defamatory posts for his GF.

      Part b? "Research." lol
      Clearly Windsor is personally obsessed with Winston. Probably wants to be just like him. However, Those "erotica" personal emails? Not so much "erotica" but to a nasty old man, who's previous obsession was writing in depth about what a "Glory Hole" was, and asking for women to send him stories of their children's sexual assaults (pretending it was for someone else, even though it wasn't -- because whoever shared that information with him, also shared the same thing with others, which had the direct contact for the actual reporter, so Windsor was absolutely NOT part of it) and all of the other posts that borderline on personally twisted level of perv. To me, there is something really "off" about him.

    2. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different positive outcome. Windsor is right back to his old tricks, create fake defamatory pages, fill it with lies, crap and fake sexual blackmail, then make fake responses blaming the other victims. I really would love to chat with any Leo's that he really does contact.

    3. OMG this is so old! Windsor? Seriously. You have committed "Crimes," and you were convicted by a Jury. Not one single thing you utter has ever been proven, or substantiated, and has actually been proven false. You're reaching way too far now, trying to link Winston with the "Joeys" as YOU named "haters."

      You and Cox really need to get a life outside of fakebook and defamation blogs games you purchase in the names of those you don't like. Pathetic re-runs are boring. Your "Sting" type set-ups are abysmal failures. Remember? You're attempt to create "evidence" because you write it, has never worked out for you. But won't have any "drama" stories to write without all that will you? Your "on line" self made "celebrity" status you live for, and can not function without will suffocate you. Look, you've been in FB time out for less than a week, and it's killing you.

      eye roll to the drama queen Windsor.

    4. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorApril 21, 2016 at 9:36 AM

      So let me get this straight. Windsor has been helping Tanya for a very long time, attack and harass Winston. Slithereing behind the scenes making moronic little "hints" like "Frost Heaves" (as if that's funny?) throwing out that he is talking about Winston Frost, without letting on to the lemmings his moronic sense of humor.

      Now, all of the sudden, "Winston is a Joey?" Does the idiocy ever cease with him? Lets see, so if Windsor posts the name of this blog all over the internet, with tag words such as "Winston" and that happens to lead him here, or his attorneys, looking for OOP violations from Tanya, that suddenly means that Winston and or his attorneys have been involved? Involved in what? The fact that people know how to use "Google" search? Find your name and want to read something that isn't personally written by you? To verify all your billshit claims are truthful? 5 seconds later? Bam, Windsor is a lying Vexatious POS. Courtesy of factual court documents.

      There is no "Conspiracy" you old coot. You drive people to read here. You want it, or you wouldn't post it. If they came here, after your attacks on them, then good for them. They need to know what kind of fricken monster you are. If they haven't? Hopefully all your tags, links, and OOP violations on behalf of Tanya will lead them here.

      You need to be exposed for the POS I believe you are.

      Oh, and if you want to say that anyone that posts here is a "Joey" you might want to turn around and look at your GF. She's a "Joey" then too.

  13. Frank Lee BillsadickApril 21, 2016 at 8:38 AM

    Not too long ago, Windsor wrote ANOTHER lie filled Anti Gov "Corruption" post, claiming some wrong doing by the Idaho courts denying his appeal. Here is yet one more bit of proof that Windsor's malicious fabrications about "Corruption" are nothing short of Domestic Terrorist/Sov. Cit games of Paper terrorism. This "game" he plays consistently, in each court he targets with baseless frivolous filings, that are deliberate IMO, for the sole purpose of harassment are costly to not just the system, but taxpayers. While his lies are to paint a "Corrupt" system, every time, it actually shows it's him, misfiling on purpose, mis-citing or misquoting laws, statutes, and codes, attempting to use the appellate procedure to reargue, or bring in issues that are not part of an appeal. It's all abuse to bog down the courts, stall and delay rulings and Judgments. This is the Sovereign Citizen methods of court/citizen harassment.

    William M. Windsor appeals from the magistrate’s denial of his petition for a writ of habeas corpus. A petition for a writ of habeas corpus is a pleading analogous to a complaint and is subject to the Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure. Lopez v. State, 128 Idaho 826, 827, 919 P.2d 355, 356 (Ct. App. 1996). Generally, appeals from magistrate decisions must be taken first to the district court. Idaho Appellate Rule 11(a); I.R.C.P. 83(a). This Court lacks jurisdiction to hear cases decided by a magistrate where no intermediate appeal to the district court was taken. Olson v. Montoya, 147 Idaho 833, 839, 215 P.3d 553, 559 (Ct. App. 2009).
    Here, Windsor’s writ of habeas corpus was heard and decided by the magistrate. In response to the magistrate’s judgment denying his petition, Windsor filed an appeal directly to the Idaho Supreme Court. Because Windsor did not first file an intermediate appeal to the district court, we lack jurisdiction to hear his appeal. Thus, we need not address Windsor’s arguments on appeal. The appeal is dismissed.

    He knows this. He has pulled this repeatedly, and the same "explanations" have been documented over and over. The "Courts" are not "Corrupt", Windsor is.

  14. I couldn't stop laughing over this one...

    "I have no idea what this means, but I’m not a coward, and I’m not jerking off behind my keyboard. I do have a lifelong commitment to seeing the University of Montana Employee sent to prison for life along with his Joeyisalittlekid Gang members. LMFAO."
    1. Yes you are a fat worthless waste of oxygen coward.
    2. You dang well know you are sitting behind your keyboard, reading all that worthless "erotica" wanking your little Joey.

    I wonder what Babs thinks of you now?

  15. Omg, just omg....

    1. Frank Lee BillsadickApril 22, 2016 at 10:23 AM

      OMG is right. Just for starters...

      I do not own a car. My most significant asset was stolen in February 2016 when my car was broken into at Candlewood Suites in Dallas, Texas.

    2. Well isn't this fun?? His surgery dates always change.

      In MT he's saying the 26th. In OK for Tanya's pathetic stay request he said 29th.

    3. I'm trying to remember, but wasn't it in MT, during trial that Windsor committed perjury about the trust? And he completely leaves out the trust in his indigent "because I said so only, no proof needed" excuse?

      Which state was it that said he was not indigent? And if he's really going to open that can of worms to the Windsor pot of gold, wouldn't that open little ol' Wendy up to being deposed? As "executor?" as he stated under oath during trial?

  16. 2nd Billshit motion in MT{80EF3954-0000-C71F-91EF-0E940EC03942}

    1. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorApril 22, 2016 at 11:10 AM

      "a. Montana statutes regarding temporary orders of protection are unconstitutional"
      "b. Montana statutes regarding violation of temporary orders of protection are unconstitutional."

      Translation, I don't like that I can't be a stalker and harass people at will. You must change this immediately as it is now Ordered by Billshit Windsor of Windsor World.

      "d. The Prosecuting Attorneys committed fraud upon the court."

      Uh, who has committed "Fraud upon the Court" again? That would be you Windsor. And tampering with evidence, and perjury among a litany of other things you should have been charged with.

      "k. William M. Windsor was denied the right to a speedy trial."

      LMAO! Knew this excuse was coming. NO, YOU sir, agreed to put off the original trial date remember? You said something about needing some fake head dr or something? You used a plethora of excuses to NOT have the trial, stall and delay it, so that excuse is frivolous. Not even "nice try."

      "q. The Temporary Order of Protection was invalid and/or had expired, and there was no legal basis to pursue criminal charges against William M. Windsor."

      O.M.G. Again? Seriously? How fucking dense are you? You've been schooled repeatedly on this.

      I can't even go on...
      This is moronic. Everything he's claimed is a lie.
      He was given a public defender and chose not to accept him. Now, he want's to cry about it. Then, if they give in to this frivolous crap, and grant him a PD, he'll turn around and claim they were in "Colluision" with the state, "Corrupt" and start another appeal all over again.

      Windsor? You were declared vexatious in MT. This shit is straight down that same alley again. It's a fart in a stiff wind, and should be dismissed/denied on it's face. It's full of contradictions, lies, and doesn't have ONE solid fact of "wrong doing" to deserve an appeal.

    2. Typical windbag, he's already been told no once, so.. He does it again.
      Wait for it....

  17. Bill seems to be infatuated with frost


    2. He's justifying that internet bully label he earned in MT.
      (along with the extremely jealous undertones of projections)

    3. Forgot link...

  18. After reviewing some of the documents regarding the B & B upgrades Tanya got the court to grant her money for, here's a question I don't see being addressed by the court.

    From a real estate/business prospective, Winston would like to sell that home. Well, since Tanya made it a B & B without his permission, and has been running it as such (even though she denied it in court) she never applied for a "business license" that I can find. So, with that regard, upon selling, the home is no longer "single family" with all the kitchenettes and such, but there is no licensing for a business, so it might actually depreciate the value of the property, because the potential buyer looking for a B&B specifically, will want one that's legal, with a history for repeat business, and they will want to see the past income potentials, of which I guess Tanya being the B&B operator (and not Winston the actual owner) would be able to provide. I&E's are important to investors. Even if the license isn't transferrable, it would make applying for an already existing licensed B&B far more appealing.

    Also with that, if the state learns that there is no license, and there was none for the entire time she was running it, who's getting popped for that fine? Winston? As the legal titled owner?

    This is humorous -- "Transient lodge" -- with Windsor's car in that picture ^^^.

    Was she providing alcohol? Or selling it?

  19. look anyone who deems decrees Void do you really think they are going to follow the law? I wonder is the home insured to be a B&B or how does that work out for her taxes? Will she not file taxes?

    1. If she's following Windsor's lead? Then no. She didn't have insurance as a B&B, and she won't claim it on her taxes. Probably won't even file. She'll probably take his lead in excuses that her eyesight is bad, and she can't read...(per the Maid of the Mist excuse court documents)

      Windsor's own divorce records stated they hadn't paid their taxes for what? like 3 years or something?

      Knock, knock...IRS.

      (another funny tell tale sign that it's Windsor's filings besides the "Void" crap, was his previously used "Brow-beat" term. Who says that? Along with the repetitive numbered complaints in her sworn affidavit. He does the same thing. Repeats himself over and over, and nauseam.

  20. This is going to be fun to watch!!

    John L. Welsh, II, attorney for Bill Windsor’s Ex-Wife, has threatened him with Stalking Charges by Barbara G. Windsor a/k/a Barbara Jane Gray.

    1. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorMay 6, 2016 at 11:11 AM

      Very interesting.
      How many times did he violate the divorce agreement he made to NOT post her name? Or inference to her and other family members?

      Let's hope Mr Welsh II is a no nonsense, no Billshit kind of guy, and files whatever is necessary to shut that blustery vindictive prick down. His history of stalking, harassment and "Cyber/Internet Bully" antics are well documented now.

      Even though she went silent while he attacked innocent people who just wanted to "Expose" Windsor, I wish her well in what appears to be his next Target of Wrath in Windsor World.

    2. LMAO!! Big bad blustery Bill is really going to duke it out again in a GA court? No way. He's too much of a pansy for that. He claims he was going to re-open the divorce anyway? Now there is "theft" again of his "stuff?"

      O.M.G with the continuous re-run drama. "Theft" "Slimeballs" "Corruption" blah, blah, blah. He doesn't have it in him to go back and certainly, he won't poke that bear holding the purse strings. He agreed to the disbursements and having a change of heart is not "Corruption."

      Even though his history is well documented of stalking through the courts and frivolous litigation, something tells me this is just another drama story because he's
      A) Bored
      B) On Facebook timeout
      C) Doesn't have any lies about some fake "wrong-doing" to sell the lemmings
      D) Just misses being a vindictive ass on line

      I personally don't see him doing anything...

    3. I'm wondering why bolt cutters were necessary to open the storage unit? Windsor claims only he & the ex Mrs had keys to the storage unit.
      These golly whopper hate fest tales of Windsor's all going on simultaneously are spinning out of control, it seems. Pesky details & dates...Windsor can't appreciate that some readers do actually recall what he's claimed in the past & his online dear diary chronicling of his goofiness.
      I hope the ex Mrs Windsor's attorney has a good time making Windsor more miserable.

      ℗ ♛ ❥ ~waving~

  21. Bill Windsor’s Furniture and Lawless America’s Furniture has been STOLEN.

    Question. Why does a self admitted "Homeless" vagabond need furniture? What exactly is "Lawless America Furniture" anyway? And, perhaps Windsor forgot to pay the storage facility, and is trying to blame Barbara. Doesn't he watch "Storage Wars?" They'll just sell your crap if you don't pay. Perhaps there is a tad more to the Windsor V Windsor saga? Just a few initial questions I have.

    1. Wait a second --- I thought Windsor moved everything he owned from Georgia to Texas in December 2013. Windsor claimed he fell on the ice in Texas while unloading the Uhaul - a day or so before a major ice storm - and fractured his skull.

    2. Yeah, he did. Also interesting? Claiming he has 3 storages in GA? Also admitted he has storages in TX? Mr. Indigent? "Please don't make me pay the court fees for my frivolous filings? Oh, and don't re read the transcripts where I admit I have a trust..."

      So, some fun stuff came down recently. TX Criminal appeal? Yeah, he can take that and shove it. They're not addressing it.

      MT appeal? Well, he filed late in the MT appeal, asking for an extension of time to get vexi. They already sent it to the court. He lies his ass off about the dates. Says the clerk emailed him on the 29th of March about something, but he didn't get it because he was in the hospital and didn't have internet access until the 12th of April. Well, he filed something in SD on the 29th, and he was helping Tanya with her crap, along with the "letter" for the Judge to recuse himself, with the hand written Windsor envelope on April 11th.

      Then in Tanya's divorce, that he's so hot and bothered over? Yeah, missed the time frames there two. Awwwww. No poll dance for you tonight Windfart.

    3. 12192014-LA.ComPost-Windsor-Affidavit-HeadInjury-FracturedSkull-DallasIceStorm-12082013-Statement-16--Statement-17

      #15 - "On December 4, 2013, Windsor flew to Georgia to drive a truck back with his household posessions, files, etc. "

    4. Oops another manufactured story.

    5. My one question is after 40 years of marriage and having multiple businesses together and 2million dollars of homes. Only a several page divorce decree is made in Georgia?

    6. So when your facing litigation that you already started you quit claim all your property over to your wife and the divorce her trying to make her not liable while suing for loss profits for a yourself and a company she was part owner of? I call it a fraud and hiding of asserts.

    7. Bwahahahahahaha! Those pesky #affidavits Windsor is so fond of filing, and filing, and filing....
      Good one! "#15 - "On December 4, 2013, Windsor flew to Georgia to drive a truck back with his household posessions, files, etc. "

      giggling ℗ ♛ ❥

    8. Frank Lee BillsadickMay 9, 2016 at 9:39 AM

      I like how he always claims he will be "linking the evidence" when time permits, but that never seems to happen. He has no evidence of shit. All he has are his own articles with his lies, documenting fictitious events that never happened. Then he relies on the lemmings to go forth, disseminating this same fictitious stories for him.

      Then also fun is #7 where he claims the wife divorced him out of fear for her safety, and that of her children/grandchildren, then he posts her whereabouts and theirs on line, numerous times, including details that no one would know had he not posted them. He himself, if anyone, puts them in public. He posts pictures on line that no one would have access to, if it were not for him sharing them. So if anyone gets that information, because it's all public, it's on him. His "Round America" notice me tour has the entire family splattered all over the internet, and he wants to blame people for this alleged "Fear" they're under? WTF? Lies, lies, and more lies. Solely on his fat ass.

      Then we have the whole "Flying" lie. How many times has he claimed he "Can't fly due to his claustrophobia issues?"
      So, then, if this is a lie, and he does indeed fly, how many times has "Convicted stalker William M Windsor" flown into states unnoticed, rented vehicles to carry out more stalking? Then writing a "Sworn affidavit" that he was not in that town, because his documented fabricated "Evidence" on FB shows he said he was in some other random place, at that time, fake filming or some shit?

      Also interesting is Mr. Document all things Windsor? Seems to have not only scrubbed his own personal FB page, but the Lawless America one as well, for not just that time frame in Dec 2013, but quite a few months. Whatcha hiding Windsor?

      In the mind of Windsor -- "Damn those pesky "Joeys." Those nit picking, fact finding, lie exposing creeps! How on earth can I go on my day to day Billshitting scams, when there are people out there who don't just simply believe me. How dare they! They're Gov. employees for sure, because no one else would question me, second guess me, make me actually back my shit up, or call me out on it. This is why I prefer lemmings in my life."

    9. @ Fleming -- yes, that is fraud. I have to believe the Windsor's know this too, which could be why the sudden need to "sue" the ex is looming. Perhaps the Vexatious tyrant falsely believes if he fake sues the ex, it will tie up all assets from Judgments and bond payments that are due? They played this game during the M.O.M case. I am surprised the M.O.M attorneys didn't dig more to show this consistent fraud and asset hiding, because it's all right there. Name changing company CEO's, registered agents, etc. Probably why he freaked out and did the tell all affidavit of standard excuses in Windsor World of Barbara's medical issues for sympathy, and also why she freaked out when finally called to the mat to produce income documentation, when she "settled" the debt in lieu of testifying.

    10. What if his crap wasn't stolen, and actually taken into custody/seized for evidence or to pay debts? :-0

  22. Somebody is bored. Look! He's starting his own rumor again.

    "Rumor has it that Bill Windsor is facing 7 years in prison for threatening someone’s life and that he is an escaped convict.

    Bill Windsor has never threatened anyone’s life, and he isn’t an escaped convict. he isn’t wanted for any crimes. He has never committed a crime."

    Pretty sure he needs to delete that last part from his copy/paste excel program because he was/is convicted of the crime, and he needs to alter the other parts to say, "at this time" because at one time, it was true.

    Oh Windsor, truly pathetic. So bored, lonely, useless and worthless, just can't survive without your on line life lines can you? The "Lawless America Mocumentary" is becoming more and more true every day of your frivolous life. Fading off into your legal abyss....

  23. Trouble in paradise?? Have Bill and Oscar the cat been evicted or just moved on? The latest photos of the Philbrick Hill B and B are lacking the Windsor mobile and Tanya's appeal appears to be lacking a certain "Billness" to it...Could it be the attorneys fees motion i.e. the bill for Bills services? or is Camelot passing?

    1. Nah, Vexi boy is on the road back to poll land. He had a long trip to go fetch his "stuff" and figure out how to make more fake drama in Windsor World. Wait for it...

      The answer to the latest filing for attorney fees -- because she and vexi boy are clearly harassing, and ramping up their court abuse by proxy games -- will be all blowhard billy. He needs to save fat face here, and defend his flopped filings, which Tanya will end up paying for. Which is good IMO because she's been a vindictive troll from the start, who picked an even bigger troll to help her get vexi and abusive.

  24. Here's the latest Airbnb review "Tanya left the key in the door for our arrival but we never actually met the host and there wasn't much communication on arrival day. Kitchen was very tiny to be "a shared space" so consider renting the place on your own. The temperature was very comfortable and the shower attractive however, the hot water heater must be small and so it was not able to be enjoyed for long..." So the heat IS on...and it appears Tanya is morphing into a "vexi-landlord" as her response indicates "I am shocked by the negativity in this review. My listing is very clear and any "complaints" would be negated by disclosure. The fireplace is EXACTLY as the picture shows so if she wanted to be negative about it's aesthetics, maybe this wasn't the place to stay. I'm so surprised. We communicated via email and as my listing says I am sometimes not available to meet and greet but provide information. She emphasized privacy was desired and hoped no one was staying in the other room so that they didn't have to share the kitchenette and bathroom. It worked out perfect for them. At check out time, they texted they were running a bit late and apologized and I let them know there was no rush and they could stay the day til 5 p.m, if they wanted. They did just that. I heard no complaints while they were here. WOW! I even let them know when I was back home if they wanted to meet. There are some things on the side of the house that need to be tidied up ...true; but it also is change of seasons and spring cleaning is what was about to take place. My suggestion to Alaina is to not expect so much when you have received value and to review the listing before you stay, maximize the benefit and then complain about it. Oh well, What I liked about Alaina and her boyfriend were they were good with communicating but I suggest if you call and get voicemail, to leave a message. All the best...spoken like a true Lawless American...

    1. Tanya is a classic example of passive aggressive, with Narcissistic personality disorder. She's abusive and tends to try to cover that up, like, "Fuck you, I'm perfect, but have a nice day" as if that excuses her abusiveness.
      She's also a justifier. Here she admits to something, with the quick justifier, then hits with deflection and insults to negate her attempt to admit any personal responsibility for anything.
      (Just an opinion from my observation of her written crap above.)

    2. "My suggestion to Alaina is to not expect so much when you have received value and to review the listing before you stay, maximize the benefit and then complain about it."

      The above sentence fails on several levels. Ironic it is follow up by:

      "Oh well, What I liked about Alaina and her boyfriend were they were good with communicating but I suggest if you call and get voicemail, to leave a message."

    3. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorMay 12, 2016 at 10:51 AM

      LOL. "to not expect so much when you have received value" Uh, isn't the customer always right? And the consumers/customers usually complain when the product or service they PAID for failed to meet their expectations. Possibly the failure to communicate lies with Tanya and her misleading people in what to expect? Might have a little something to do with her inability to be truthful. "no your honor, I am not running a B & B..."
      The rest of her sentence there, is just a bunch of words, attempting to make a sentence.

  25. it appears Bills 2nd in command is alive an well. He even was able to convince this woman in this video to present herself in a sovereign way. if you watch further they still want citizen grand juries.

    1. No Flem still does not appear he is well. Still touting the same Sov. Cit delusions as always.

  26. Oh look - Schied did a video on the suicide of a veteran:

    Wonder when and if Schied will do a video on the suicide of his former girlfriend Trish???

  27. It's pretty sorry that this Shannon Debacker has taken the advice of david schied and has landed up in jail and now she has joined the ranks of he national Liberty alliance. Her mother has no clue of the issues that she has gotten into now. SMH hoe some people can get tricked and ropped into this crap but then again she has always hung out with Michigan for Parental rights.

  28. I notice windsor has stopped posting BS on Boy that Ex Wife of him put a kabosh on his writing quickly.

    1. Same thing with Winston Maybe a PPO action took place.

    2. Bill adhering to a PPO against him? Have you learned anything to this point?

  29. [IMG][/IMG]

  30. It's the whole show! Not just a clip! What a trainwreck!

    1. O.M.G.
      A) She is a total liar. She had to keep closing her eyes while spewing her lies.
      B) Sociopathic and passive aggressive.

      Winston is way too magoo to be a player like she's trying to paint out, but she fits the gold digger mold to a "T".

      Now having watched this, and seeing the frivolous filings and arguments she's making, it makes perfect sense who and what she really is. Her "I have the evidence" sounds just like Windsor, when they've got nothing.

      Thinking Winston needs to up the anti with stiff sanctions on top of his attorney fees. He totally deserves it.

    2. I'm surprised Winston's attorney's haven't filed anything yet with the court about Tanya's OOP violations and asked to add the also convicted OOP violator "cyberbully" Windsor be added in as co-conspirator. She listed him as "helper" in her "I need a continuance because my helper/vexi/paper terrorist is sick", included the email to him in her filings, of which the OOP says she can not share with anyone. Now, the two of them have not only conspired to further defame, harass, annoy, attempt to intimidate Winston further, (also the attorneys) with more domain/websites, but it was done with malicious intent -- all which appear to me, to be more OOP violations.

  31. Windsor is now targeting Ellis County Assistant Prosecutor Ann Montgomery Moran...

    1. Where did he file these complaints? Through one of his citizen grand jury "one is me court" douchebags in SD?

    2. From Windsor's ramblings, it appears that he filed these with his Ellis County court filings...

    3. He's always claiming something, and the sheeple (all 6 of them that are left) rejoice as if he's right. It's really too bad their research capabilities are limited to FB posts, otherwise they'd see he's almost 10 years down the road now, with his dirty diapers still full of the real "evidence".

    4. Ah yes, I see them listed now on the Ellis docket. SMDH.

      I have to wonder why Windsor continually files in the courts, when back in DC he claimed they were making their own citizen grand juries, with their own people in South Dakota. Makes me wonder if even he, big bad blustery bill, knows that won't work, can't work, and against the law. But, then again, he doesn't like real laws so...

      What's the matter Windsor? Afraid to use Paulson and his fake court documents? Along with being afraid to piss off those very staunch supporters of yours who are still waiting for you to follow through? LMAO

    5. Frank Lee BillsadickMay 23, 2016 at 1:15 PM

      And just like he keeps the lemmings hanging on waiting for the movie, he keeps those sovereign's dangling with comments like he made the other day, in his "drinking" post.

      Windsor-- "That, or pursue the game plan I set out three years ago."

  32. No problem when a woman lets her 11 yr old drive a golf cart when the woman Mall says there is no question she was wrong. You must be 16 and have a valid drivers’ license to drive a golf cart on Bald Head Island.

    Of course Sovereigns believe you can drive whatever you want without any training and no license.

    1. Laws? What laws. Who cares if the entire little island ALL use golf carts as their primary transportation. Who cares that she acknowledged that people have been killed from falling out of those golf carts, and who cares if she and her husband allowed the 11 yr. old, to also drive his 7 yr old sister, along with 3 adults and a dog. That's not irresponsible or poor parenting. It's just good fun. Just a few blocks. No one ever gets in an accident a few block from their homes! Come on, she's innocent.

      Seriously. I think we should just abolish all laws. Each person will have their own version of what happened, and a good excuse as to why they don't need to follow laws, and how everything is their "right" to do, even if their neighbor doesn't like it. It's all just innocent. Think about that.

  33. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorMay 22, 2016 at 7:07 PM

    LMFAO!! Lemming award for the day goes to this guy!!
    While Windsor's busy asking how many cops it takes to arrest that woman, who acknowledges she broke the comes this brilliant comment.

    "Eugene Wrona -- How many "Bill Windsor's" does it take to withhold a "Video" created for Lawless America from the 'guest speaker'?"

    Answer? Just one. The leader of Windsor World, THE Lawless American, and all around con man! There never was a movie Eugene!

  34. just for laughs Here is something that a woman in Michigan Tried and it got her in Jail.

  35. I have to to say those hackers are awesome. Shoutout Hackers!

    1. Frank Lee BillsadickMay 28, 2016 at 9:18 AM

      LOL! Right. Just lies and drama. I see he is blowing the cobwebs off his LA dot con site as he is fueling his Anti Government Vexi Jet to zoom around the internet picking up stray Sov's like he did last time he got bitch slapped by the US Supreme Court.

  36. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorMay 28, 2016 at 9:30 AM

    On the Tanya front, his motion to reconsider his denied reconsideration was denied. HAHAHAHA OMG!

    Now comes the Motion to object to attorney fees. This too, will be denied. Tanya just can't grasp the fact that she chose a sinking ship to jump in, that she thought was her speed boat to a sure win. Tanya? You jumped on board the sinking PieTanic. You have now entered the world of Sov Cit Domestic Terrorist by and thru the Paper terrorism plot that is "The Revolutionary Party" main agenda.

    Get your check book out. Dumbass.

    1. Speaking of the domestic terrorist sov cit group "Lawless America" aka "The Revolutionary Party," seems the plot against the Govt via original game plan of citizen grand juries, has in fact been revamped since his DC promise and the subsequent failures to pull it off via members like Paulson who failed, and Windsor's admittance that Citizen Grand Juries don't work, with his combined previous 10 years of frivolous, harassing, meritless litigations, that he has been acting out the Sov Cit agendas, but actually using the courts to do it.

      The recent bombardment of frivolous filings in his Ellis County Case against his bond Judgment have opened another door, the loophole so to speak, where he can attack the Judicial System and Gov. Employees, without obtaining leave.

      Perhaps the alleged US Supreme Court frivolous complain against ID is also a loophole? And his continued frivolous harassment suits against the individuals was another way in? He gets to attack the courts, elected officials, Judges, clerks, all of the same things he wanted via Citizen Grand Juries, with his perceived notion that it's a "Constitutional Right" to sue.

      Also could be why he's personally taken the time to "help" Tanya, and other's, as he claims. 10 years of taxpayer money wasted by a Sov. just on his own frivolous cases, and now, add in how many others he's aiding?


    2. Upon information and belief my assertion of frivolous SC Billshit crap is spot on. I bring these two pieces of information for your viewing giggles. Vexi tales, v Law.

      From Windsor's post -- "Now Bill Windsor has presented the U.S. Supreme Court with two cases.

      Can the Idaho Supreme Court deny Bill Windsor's appeal of his unlawful incarceration in Ada County Idaho by claiming he appealed to the wrong court? It's a totally outrageous order designed to provide some insulation for the State of Idaho in a multi-million dollar civil rights lawsuit. Bill Windsor was legally raped by Ada County Idaho, and Bill's legal actions nailed the County and the State. Since the Idaho Supreme Court had no legal basis to deny Bill Windsor's appeal, they claimed he appealed to the wrong court. The Supreme Court said he had to appeal to the District Court. Just one problem -- the district court issued the order that he was appealing. The Idaho Rules of Appellate Procedure state absolutely clearly that the appeal goes to the state's ONLY appellate court -- the Idaho Supreme Court.

      There's not a chance in Hell that the U.S. Supreme Court will address this travesty of justice because it simply isn't a legal issue worth addressing -- it's just a fraud."
      (I'll agree with you on one thing Windsor, it is Fraud. Committed repeatedly by YOU.)

      Took me 5 seconds to search the Law Windsor refuses to acknowledge in his blah, blah, which to me, means this is yet one more willful, intentional, malicious, harassment, frivolous SC attack on the courts.
      (I pulled a MaryD and ran on words...LOL)

    3. Same goes for his argument about the denial in SD for his already ruled upon/denied "Frivolous and Malicious" attempted suits. It's laid out pretty clear, just as all of his frivolous suits are. No merit, frivolous and malicious. Hundreds and hundreds of the same rulings, showing him to be nothing but vindictive, belligerent, and abusive. Never proof, or evidence, just him writing it down that he does. And each complaint further proving that he will never give up his relentless pursuit of Paper terrorism. And any court or person that thinks he will is a sleeping target. IMO. (not sure if there is a more recent smack down or not, but either way, surely it's just the same)

      No. CIV 15-MC-00098
      WILLIAM M WINDSOR, Plaintiff, v. GINGER SNAP, et al., Defendants.
      United States District Court, D. South Dakota, Southern Division.
      October 16, 2015.

      "LAWRENCE L. PIERSOL, District Judge.

      Before the Court is Pro Se Plaintiff William M. Windsor's Complaint seeking temporary restraining order, preliminary injunction, and permanent injunction against Defendants Ginger Snap, et al. Doc. 1-2. Based on the Defendants named in the petition and the allegations contained therein, the Court finds the action to be frivolous. See Hagans v. Lavine, 415 U.S. 528, 536-37 (1974) ("Over the years this Court has repeatedly held that the federal courts are without power to entertain claims otherwise within their jurisdiction if they are so attenuated and unsubstantial as to be absolutely devoid of merit[] [or] obviously frivolous[.]") (internal citations and quotations omitted). See Porter v. Fox, 99 F.3d 271 (8th Cir. 1996) (affirming district court's sua sponte dismissal of "fee-paid, nonprisoner-filed complaint" under Fed.R.Civ.P. 12(b)(6)); Sieverding v. Colorado Bar Ass'n, 469 F.3d 1340, 1343 (10th Cir. 2006) (quoting Tripati v. Beaman, 878 F.2d 351, 353 (10th Cir. 1989)) ("`[T]he right of access to the courts is neither absolute nor unconditional and there is no constitutional right to the courts to prosecute an action that is frivolous or malicious.'") (alteration in original).


    4. In any event, pursuant to an Order from United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia, Windsor is permanently enjoined from filing any complaint in any federal court without first obtaining leave from the federal district court wherein the complaint is to be filed. Pursuant to that Order, Windsor filed a request for leave from this Court on July 1, 2015. Doc. 1. Finding that the underlying Complaint is frivolous, however, the request for leave is denied. See Jn re Martin-Trigona, 737 F.2d 1254, 1262 (2nd Cir. 1984) (upholding a court order restricting plaintiffs access to all federal courts. "We need not wait until a vexatious litigant inundates each federal district court with meritless actions to condition access to that court upon a demonstration of good faith."); Martin-Trigona v. Shaw, 986 F.2d 1384, 1387 (11th Cir. 1993) (''The only restriction this Circuit has placed upon injunctions designed to protect against abusive and vexatious litigation is that a litigant cannot be completely foreclosed from any access to the court. This Court has upheld pre-filing screening restrictions on litigious plaintiffs.") (internal citation omitted) (emphasis in original). See also In re Tyler, 839 F.2d 1290, 1293 (8th Cir. 1988) (quoting Phillips v. Carey, 638 F.2d 207, 209 (10th Cir. 1981)) ("`The Court may, in its discretion, place reasonable restrictions on any litigant who files non-meritorious actions for obviously malicious purposes and who generally abuses judicial process. These restrictions may be directed to provide limitations or conditions on the filing offuture suits.'").


      (1) That Plaintiffs request for leave to file the Complaint, Doc. 1, is denied.
      (2) That Plaintiffs Complaint seeking temporary restraining order and injunctive relief is denied as moot.
      (3) That Plaintiffs Motion for Clarification of Filing Method, Doc. 4, is denied as moot."

  37. The upcoming talkshoe show should be entertaining with loads of great sound bytes. Can't wait to listen to it.

  38. Frank Lee BillsadickMay 30, 2016 at 2:59 PM

    While Windsor is standing on his ego inflated podium today, talking about corruption and greed, and the lack of resources for veterans and foster children, I have to stop and think, How much money has the multi millionaire HIMSELF cost the US that could have gone to those homeless vets and foster children? How many FRIVILOUS LAWSUITS concocted by Butthurt assholes who are really pissed off that they couldn't pull off a corrupt hijacking of a profitable business, and take that butthurt across the US, draining each and every citizen who pays taxes?

    I'd like to thank those who gave their lives to save this country, those who served and are suffering at home, struggling to find someone to help them here, and a big, fat FUCK YOU to Windsor, who is a plague on society IMO, who uses people's stories of personal pain to highlight himself, while he continues using up already depleted resources the truly need could desperately use!

    1. Bill Windsor -- "I was no hero in the Army! I was the company clerk (Radar's job). My contribution to the war effort was entertaining my fellow soldiers with a newsletter called Rumor Control in which I made up stories about the men in the brigade."

      And he's still hunt & peck typing his way through the courts via made up stories of corruption. And that is the story of frivolous Bill. Never a hero in any regard, more along the lines of enemy, living life as if it were a movie, with made up stories, that really aren't that good. Less than a "B" rater. Sums him up himself. "I am no Hero."
      True dat pie boy, true dat.

    2. This is Windsor's bright idea, after paragraphs and paragraphs of copy/pasted stats from various other sources. One whopping paragraph of stupidity.

      "A solution to part of the problems is really quite simple. Automatically release people arrested for victimless crimes on personal recognizance bonds. If needed, release additional prisoners to serve their time in their own homes wearing a GPS monitor. This will open up well over 500,000 beds in jails and prisons. Open those doors to the homeless. The costs of housing them are already covered. I believe that if we release all the people who shouldn't be incarcerated, 1.5 million people will be released at a savings of $450 million annually. But if there are new costs, just stop giving money to countries that could care less about us; put Americans first!"

      (We all know Windsor's beliefs of what "innocent" is, and who should be in jail, charged with treason, and awaiting the death penalty)

    3. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorMay 31, 2016 at 9:42 AM

      LMAO!! Windsor is so disconnected from reality of life, he tried to dispute a pretty accurate comment by Jan Smith about drug addicts, and couldn't defend his idiocy.

      See, this is the problem when a pompous, arrogant, rich boy, tries to step into an arena where people who actually live it, understand and his "simple ideas" are simply stupidity Lawless America style.

      He's never been open to other people's ideas, and god forbid you ask a question of him. The longer he goes down this road of fake leadership, the more some of these people understand just how detached from their core concerns he truly is. Since basically his entire history has been about himself, how could he possibly learn? Narcissist could'NT care less.

    4. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorMay 31, 2016 at 10:57 AM

      And more LMAO comments from Billtard. First, he is saying to let the drug addicts out of jail, because they are incarcerated as "victimless crimes." Jan says, no, they need to be incarcerated, which was when he went silent. Probably after me laughing at his stupidity, he tried to redeem himself, and come back again -- confusing the issue of his idiotic idea of housing homeless in prisons to begin with. So, basically, he would advocate their release from typical "prison" living, yet turn around and put them back as living quarters, because they should be used to the prison environment. Facepalm. Poor Jan is so confused now about his his term "Prison" she's caught in semanticville and can't figure out if it's as in they were convicted and serving their sentences, or prison homeless home? HAHAHAH

      "Bill Windsor-- Jan Smith No better place to deal with addicts than in a prison as they are quite experienced. As to whether the homeless want to live there, this is a service...a long-term homeless shelter and soup kitchen. Not a referendum."

      Then we stumble into Windsor math. He claimed it would save millions to get the inmates out, then forgets the money spent on inmates would be cut off then, but also claiming the money is already being spent on inmates so it could house homeless.

      Windsor? A body in the door is a body in the door. How does this save money exactly?

    5. Clueless America leader claims 450 million would be saved? Here is some real math Windsor. It's not just housing, it's health care, treatment systems, etc. No, your real agenda is to put 1.5 million criminals back on the streets, enabling them because they know they can commit crimes, and not be held accountable. Stop pretending you give a crap about homeless, drug addicts, etc.

  39. Take note on Thursday he will explain how to get criminal charges on judges etc.

    1. So who is going to go over and .participate in the big smell shoe show tomorrow? Maybe we should have a code word, like, red, or windsorisalyingfatass. ?
      All it's going to be is a big beg for money, to the penniless masses.

    2. RE: Windsor's TalkShoe Show on June 2nd - Hang, on let me check my schedule...
      Let's see - beach day all day with some Margaritas and a good book. Evening is booked too... sitting on the beach with my man, and watching the sunset - followed by sitting around the campfire and stargazing with my man, until the wee hours.
      Sounds so much nicer than listening to Windsor lie, whine, complain, rant, and lie some more, eh.

  40. For everyone's laugh of the day.
    He crystal he didn't get a copy, but look who he sends his copy to, not Boushie. Such a moron.

  41. So Windsor basically has nothing new to sell his followers. He clearly doesn't know how to help any of these people. But, hey, lets publicize everything. Lawless America is top in the search engines. Let me post your stuff, to elevate ME.

    It's all about Windsor and how to elevate Windsor. Zip on help. Oh, and the really funny part, is him telling people to only post the truth, when all he does is lie out of his big, fat, ass! So basically my take away, is Windsor never had any plans to help anyone, and his main objective is flooding the courts with frivolous lawsuits so he can write up lies about how "Corrupt" everyone is, buy up domain names to slander and defame people and that is the end of it.

    Harass through the court, via lies filed in "Affidavits" because he actually believes an Affidavit documents evidence (here-say) as real factual evidence.

    Viva LostAmerica followers.