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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Windsor Found Not Credible in Montana{5B24CC86-9BAA-4E96-8863-187A822BB699}
Just a day after being slapped with the vexatious litigant tag in Texas, Bill suffered a humiliating defeat in Montana in his appeal for a temporary order of protection against Boushie.  The Montana Supreme Court issued a memorandum opinion which is not subject to case law (sorry Bill you wont be famous) in which they denied both of Bill's attempts for a TOP against Sean.

Bill had applied for a TOP in Ravilli County, and then once denied, he tried it in the City of Missoula, again being denied.  As we have chronicled, Bill's entire life is built on not taking no for an answer so he appealed it all the way up to the Montana Supreme Court.

The Court found that all of Bill's extravagant claims of cyber-stalking and being in fear of bodily harm were not supported by actual evidence or the facts.  Why would someone drive over a thousand miles and come in to close proximity of the person he claims is threatening his life?  Those are not the actions of a person who is in fear of his life, the Court found (they are calling him a liar basically).  "The District Court thus found that Windsor’s claim of reasonable apprehension of bodily injury “appears specious.”  Thats a fancy way of saying, you lied Bill.

Then they addressed the infamous car bursting on fire incident.  You know, the one where Bill was driving up to go stalk Boushie and the car in front of him burst in to flames, obviously, as Bill claimed, part of a murder attempt by Sean.  Bill quickly got out of his car and took some high quality no doubt copyrighted photos of the incident (again, if you thought you were being shot at why did you stop and get out of the car?)  One photo was submitted in court as "proof" of wild Bill's claims.  The Court addressed it by saying:  "Windsor submitted one of these photos; however, the District Court observed that “[t]he ‘photo’ of this incident submitted by Windsor is a virtually all black Rorschach blot, indecipherable, and contributes nothing of value, except to increase the Court’s skepticism of Windsor’s credibility.”  I hate to break it to you here Bill, but they are basically calling you a liar once again and a bad photographer.

As a parting gift, the Court gave Bill another blow to his other frivolous lawsuits all across the Country.  "There is no credible evidence that Boushie harassed, threatened, or intimidated Windsor.
Moreover, the offense of stalking does not apply to a constitutionally protected activity,
§ 45-5-220(2), MCA, and, as the District Court noted, the blogging alleged here involved
“First Amendment ‘free speech’ rights with which [Windsor and Boushie] each appear
familiar and in which they regularly engage.”
NOOOOOOO Court, you got it all wrong, only Bill's speech is protected by the First Amendment, everyone else is defamation, stalking, identity theft, libel and malicious fill in the blank...and any other words I come across that I can add.

You can find a good scouting report on vexatious Bill over here