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Thursday, January 29, 2015

"The Joeys" Dunk Windsor!!! Case Dismissed

What a bad day for the multiple felon/fugitive/vexatious litigant/national terrorist named Bill Windsor.  First, the South Dakota Federal District Court said your fee so we can rule on it. Bill finally paid, and they said this:

"pro se baby".....real smooth move there Bill.

Then today, in front of Judge Joe Grubbs in Ellis TX, the case of Windsor vs. The World was dismissed for want of prosecution.   You know, this was the case where Bill said everyone he decided to name to the case would be writing him a "big fat check" that would no doubt bankrupt each defendant?    Well as it turns out it will be Windsor that must open his checkbook (involuntarily) as he must pay dearly for his frivolous and vexatious litigation addiction.

The essence of this lawsuit boiled down to one thing....a nation wide huckster/defamation artist wanted to shut down, through intimidation, any and everyone that would dare speak the truth about his immoral/illegal activities on a public stage.  Lawless America was a fake movie/scam where Bill would go state to state filming any and everyone who would be willing to say something negative about our current judicial system.  This served to create two kinds of victims.....on one side you have his film subjects who were unaware of the fraudulent nature of all that is Bill Windsor.  They poured their heart out on film for that they thought would be some kind of documentary movie...instead Bill used their stories as leverage against them.  Then, on the other side you had judges all across the nation being slandered and defamed with zero evidence or proof to back up any of the crazy claims. As Windsor set up domain names under each and every one of these judges it was clear that his goal all along was retribution to a judicial system that rendered him justice......a justice he was unable to swallow.

In the end though, truth, freedom of speech, and justice reign supreme.  The United States of America has defeated Bill's Lawless America.  Windsor wanted to live in a nation of double standards, he wants everyone to do as he says....not as he does.  But, in the end, the rule of law applies to everyone....even Bill Windsor.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Just Before He Loses, Bill Wants to Start a New Game

As Windsor was about to receive his anti-slapping, he tried to remove the case to federal court at his made up home in South Dakota.  Cute trick but only a defendant can do that and even then the proper venue would be in the Texas Federal Court system.  Well lets don't sweat the details as the whole scam is a smoke an mirrors trick anyway.  Windsor knows full well it wont work but he is only trying to stall so he can pretend the deadline passed for an anti-slapp ruling:

"So, the good news is that Bill Windsor called the Clerk of the Court for the United States District Court for South Dakota in Pierre, South Dakota.  The case was docketed.  Windsor v. Joeyisalittlekid, et al (formerly case #88611 in the 40th Judicial District Court in Ellis County Texas) is now Case #14-3020 in the United States District Court for South Dakota.  The Joeys will now have to try to remove it to Ellis County.  But the action of the corrupt judge in Ellis County who had no jurisdiction is wiped out, and Sean D. Fleming and his lying attorney, Barbara Hachenburg, lost on their motion to dismiss under the so-called Texas Citizens Participation Act, and there is no $320,000 judgment against Bill Windsor.  An order under the Texas Citizens Participation Act had to be issued within 30 days, and the 30 days has passed.  Now all they can do is appeal.  If the appellate court judges are honest, they will croak at the actions of corrupt Judge Bob Carroll and this other corrupt judge whose name Bill Windsor never even caught.  Gee, first Bill Windsor beat corrupt Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson in court and then dishonest attorney Barbara Hachenburg.  Pro Se, baby!"

Yeah Bill, you are doing a bang up job as pro-se right now.  Incidentally this is the first time Windsor has acknowledged his judgement to Fleming....even though he can't even remember the name of the judge who gave it.  Repeat after me:  the honorable Judge Davis.

Bill says he received this from the MT DA's office by email:  

"Mr. Windsor:  We will provide discovery when you make an initial appearance in Montana.  You may bring a jump drive for a download of the all the documents.  The file is too large to send via email.  You should have been advised to appear in Montana within 10 days of your release, however I will ask that an appearance be set for January 29 to allow you to arrange travel.  Will that date work?

Thats right, you the criminal fugitive do not get to decide the rules here.  Turn yourself in properly to the MT authorities and they will be happy to show you all the charges (which are too vast for a mere email) you are going to face.  Well Bill doesnt like that response so he tells the effect, Ellis County is corrupt, you're corrupt, everyone is corrupt and I'm not turning myself in.....but could you do me a solid and still send me all the charges so I can try the case on my facebook page with my fellow lawless terrorists?  Bill is also having a hard time finding an attorney to represent his fugitive self.  But the person who said he was broke and had no money claims he might hire a very high profile attorney to represent him.

Then today, after claiming he was starting up his fake movie filming, now Bill asks his zombies what should be the name of his new book.....ohhh ohhh I know, how about Round America? What is that a sore subject or something?  Oh and bill's fingers are getting carpel tunnel from typing lies.  They are asking for a new host body from which to operate.....the current body must recuse.  Windsor plans to sue his and through carpel tunnel.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Windsor Has a Bad Week

Reality hit Bill like a ton of bricks this week.  First we had the deposition of Allie where he was unable to come up with his magical smoking gun that would turn the case around.  Then we had the "emergency" meeting on the 5th, this was to get out of the agreed upon meeting on the 6th. Bill's reason for the emergency was he wanted to go stalk Sean Fleming instead and had his hearing for a ridiculous PPO on the 6th.  But the situation in the MO case was much more dire than that for Bill, he knew his time was up.  He had harassed, distracted and eaten up as much time as he could possibly do on Allie and now it was getting to the point where he was going to have to start answering questions.  This is something a coward like him refuses to do.  With that in mind, Bill had a motion in to stay that case (stay being a word he first learned about in the TX case).  This would be his way of saying "I don't want to play any more you guys" but still keeping the case open in case he needed to abuse the case for future terrorist activities.  Well lets just say it didn't go well:

Pro Se Plaintiff appears in person. Defendant appears by attorney Matthew O'Connor. The Motion to Reset the Hearing scheduled for 8-6-2014 is taken up and denied. The Motion for Stay is taken up and heard but results in a moot point as the Pro Se Plaintiff advises the Court that he is dismissing his case at this time.

Judge Rolf said no mas to Bill's games.  Once Bill's poor excuse to change the meeting on the 6th and his stay was denied.....Bill said "you can't fire me I quit" and dropped the entire case.  All his "massive evidence" disappeared into thin air as the reality struck that after all this time and all that discovery.....Bill still can't produce any evidence would back up his insane assertions he made in the original filing.  So in essence, when Judge Rolf calls his bluff.....Bill runs like hell.

Now its on to Michigan where he filed for a PPO, or a criminal trial as Bill and Marty put it, against Fleming for daring to use his 1st amendment rights.  Windsor still hasn't figured out how to spin and break the news to his followers about the huge loss in MO, but here is how he tried to spin the MI loss:

Lawless America. That's when judges don't go by the law. I was denied a protective order against Sean D. Fleming by Judge Karen McDonald in Oakland County Michigan. She said she didn't want to deal with the issue because of the Ellis County Texas lawsuit. But that's a civil suit; this was a criminal charge. The Texas court has NO jurisdiction. At least the judge acknowledged that what Sean D. Fleming has done is stalking under Michigan law.

And Michigan has what's supposed to be the best cyberstalking law. Problem is that it isn't enforced by the courts. So, I'll appeal.

I wasn't surprised, but obviously disappointed. I'd rather have a protective order, but all I have is another story for a movie.

I'm sure its regular practice for sitting judges at a protective order hearing to mention that the applicant has been stalked as they then deny the request.  Thats what Bill wants us to believe. I guess his star witness Marty was never called to the stand.  The bottom line is he lost, once again and now its hard for even him to know where to go from here.

What can Bill do now?  The door was slammed on him in MI, TX is still stayed, FB is ready to destroy him in California if he ever shows up to that case, and now he can't play in MO any more. Is it time to move on with life and recognize that everyone else has the same 1st amendment rights that he has? Of course not, one way Windsor will always be the same....but even with that, he is out of options at the moment.  Will his desperation force him into crossing that legal line that gets him thrown into jail finally? 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Everyone is Out to Get Bill

First it was Google, then Craigslist, Ripoff Report, the AMPPS, the Joeys, Facebook, now its Ma Bell who is out to get Windsor.  AT&T through its Yahoo email site has pulled the plug on Bill's nobodies account. And of course that means they must be in on the conspiracy too.  Maybe this is all part of Judge Thrash's plan.  Bill sees $$$$ in his eyes as he continues to add muliti-billion dollar companies to his lawsuit roster. His cable provider better watch out as they may be next in line after a late night infomercial "lures" Bill into buying a knife that can cut through shoes.

Then again, maybe there is a simple explanation.  Maybe enemy of the State Bill Windsor really is the horrible person everyone says he is.  He did violate the terms of service and has been justifiably shut down....the better question is how was he able to use those conduits for his stalking and terrorist activities all that time?

Bill is also back to bashing Facebook as he claims to have received a message from their legal counsel:

"Then today, I received an email from the attorney for Facebook saying: " an active Facebook user you have agreed to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, which provides in part that Facebook may stop providing all or part of Facebook if you violate the letter or spirit of the Statement or otherwise create risk or possible legal exposure for Facebook."

Now the first question is.....if Bill Windsor said it, can it be true?  I would maintain that its not possible. We have read, through court documents, just how these email exchanges go between FB's legal team and Bill. Just about every email he sends is laced with several scurrilous tirades followed by more threats. 
Facebook's attorney's respond with a professional, tempered and topic specific response.  But more to the point....why would Facebook continue to allow this monster to operate a page?  He is already suing them, while using their very service to slander and defame the company to his fellow zombies.  Case in point, he is currently using FB for some kind of countdown till Friday with bloody red background that could be construed as a threat for violence.

All of this is simply another attempt to distract his followers from his utter failure.  Even now they are sounding off their praise for their F├╝hrer, as they thank him for all that he has done (none of them can list one single tangible result, however).  But this little foray into his made up Lawless America world is only a brief exit from reality....and reality has pushed him into a corner he can not escape.  Even a slightly sane person would give up at this point knowing when he was beaten, but Bill has lived his evil life on not taking no for an answer so we can expect him to continue his hopeless endeavour of being a 65 and 2/10ths year old bully.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Bill Windsor Files his Writ of Ignoramus

After reading Judge Solis' order to pay the $46 filing fee and hear what Solis thinks of him, Bill decided to protest paying the $46 by filing a $500 case with the US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. That's right, Bill just dropped the legal equivalent of a nuclear bomb in his Texas case.  Bill needs this "emergency" motion because he claims that Judge Fitzwater and Solis' slow and then disheartening responses are damaging his vexatious behavior.

Windsor's convoluted argument seems to be based on his claim that Judge Fitzwater/Solis have no jurisdiction over him since State Courts and Federal Courts are separate (repeat that 10 times). The problem for Bill is that he seems to understand the authority when he wrote his two, if you don't say no I will take that as a yes, letters to Judge Fitzwater's office.  Then you have the additional factor of Judge Bob Carroll, in the State Court, saying that Bill had to get leave from the Fed.

No Windsor filing would be complete without a straight up lie:
"70.  Windsor has already had one party dismissed in the Ellis County lawsuit, and if Judge Fitzwater/and or Solis does not act, all will be dismissed.  This is an emergency"

No Bill, that's a lie.  Non-party Google was dismissed but no party has been.

If he pays the $46, Bill thinks that will give Solis personal jurisdiction over him, and he doesn't want to deal with that.  Instead, he spends the majority of his 41 page filling lecturing everyone on how Judge Thrash doesn't know the law, rules, and is corrupt because he wouldn't recuse himself. Judge Thrash has "foreclosed" on Windsor's ability to wield his paper terrorism across the Nation.You can almost hear Judge Thrash responding with a sigh "that was the point".

In the end, Bill is trying to paint himself as some kind of Constitutional martyr.  But too bad for him, no one cares.  Anyone that reviews his history will see exactly why the courts had to take the action that they did. Bill is always complaining about his rights but its the rights of everyone else that are being trampled in his vexatious fury.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Bill Windsor Defies Judge Carroll's Direct Orders

While Bill has gone quiet, at least in talking to his lemmings, he has stayed busy with his paper terrorism. First, in the Bill vs. The World case, there was the hearing with Google in which Bill was told not to file anything more until he got leave from Federal Judge Fitzwater.  Google correctly argued that they should be dismissed under the Communications Decency Act as they are not a responsible third party content.  Judge Carroll mentioned that this was the case and as soon as the case resumed, Google would be dismissed.

Well apparently this was one of those days where Bill had trouble hearing, kinda like how he can't read during tax season.  He then filed an 82 page answer to the objection by Google which was unobjectionable. It seems that Google and Judge Carroll can't quite understand the CDA the correct way that Bill does.  Then he files a 376 page affidavit all related to Sean Boushie and is simply a copy and paste job of his failed legal efforts in Montana.  You know, the one where the Appellate Court called him specious?

That got Judge Carroll's attention and he issued a stay as well as affirmed Google's special exception.  The stay would be in effect while the Court takes time to review the vexatious litigant ruling by Judge Thrash as well as all the legal ramifications related to it.  In short, if Bill's reputation didn't already proceed him, his actions quickly made it clear why he has this special legal definition behind him.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Windsor Found Not Credible in Montana{5B24CC86-9BAA-4E96-8863-187A822BB699}
Just a day after being slapped with the vexatious litigant tag in Texas, Bill suffered a humiliating defeat in Montana in his appeal for a temporary order of protection against Boushie.  The Montana Supreme Court issued a memorandum opinion which is not subject to case law (sorry Bill you wont be famous) in which they denied both of Bill's attempts for a TOP against Sean.

Bill had applied for a TOP in Ravilli County, and then once denied, he tried it in the City of Missoula, again being denied.  As we have chronicled, Bill's entire life is built on not taking no for an answer so he appealed it all the way up to the Montana Supreme Court.

The Court found that all of Bill's extravagant claims of cyber-stalking and being in fear of bodily harm were not supported by actual evidence or the facts.  Why would someone drive over a thousand miles and come in to close proximity of the person he claims is threatening his life?  Those are not the actions of a person who is in fear of his life, the Court found (they are calling him a liar basically).  "The District Court thus found that Windsor’s claim of reasonable apprehension of bodily injury “appears specious.”  Thats a fancy way of saying, you lied Bill.

Then they addressed the infamous car bursting on fire incident.  You know, the one where Bill was driving up to go stalk Boushie and the car in front of him burst in to flames, obviously, as Bill claimed, part of a murder attempt by Sean.  Bill quickly got out of his car and took some high quality no doubt copyrighted photos of the incident (again, if you thought you were being shot at why did you stop and get out of the car?)  One photo was submitted in court as "proof" of wild Bill's claims.  The Court addressed it by saying:  "Windsor submitted one of these photos; however, the District Court observed that “[t]he ‘photo’ of this incident submitted by Windsor is a virtually all black Rorschach blot, indecipherable, and contributes nothing of value, except to increase the Court’s skepticism of Windsor’s credibility.”  I hate to break it to you here Bill, but they are basically calling you a liar once again and a bad photographer.

As a parting gift, the Court gave Bill another blow to his other frivolous lawsuits all across the Country.  "There is no credible evidence that Boushie harassed, threatened, or intimidated Windsor.
Moreover, the offense of stalking does not apply to a constitutionally protected activity,
§ 45-5-220(2), MCA, and, as the District Court noted, the blogging alleged here involved
“First Amendment ‘free speech’ rights with which [Windsor and Boushie] each appear
familiar and in which they regularly engage.”
NOOOOOOO Court, you got it all wrong, only Bill's speech is protected by the First Amendment, everyone else is defamation, stalking, identity theft, libel and malicious fill in the blank...and any other words I come across that I can add.

You can find a good scouting report on vexatious Bill over here