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Monday, March 17, 2014

Bill Windsor Defies Judge Carroll's Direct Orders

While Bill has gone quiet, at least in talking to his lemmings, he has stayed busy with his paper terrorism. First, in the Bill vs. The World case, there was the hearing with Google in which Bill was told not to file anything more until he got leave from Federal Judge Fitzwater.  Google correctly argued that they should be dismissed under the Communications Decency Act as they are not a responsible third party content.  Judge Carroll mentioned that this was the case and as soon as the case resumed, Google would be dismissed.

Well apparently this was one of those days where Bill had trouble hearing, kinda like how he can't read during tax season.  He then filed an 82 page answer to the objection by Google which was unobjectionable. It seems that Google and Judge Carroll can't quite understand the CDA the correct way that Bill does.  Then he files a 376 page affidavit all related to Sean Boushie and is simply a copy and paste job of his failed legal efforts in Montana.  You know, the one where the Appellate Court called him specious?

That got Judge Carroll's attention and he issued a stay as well as affirmed Google's special exception.  The stay would be in effect while the Court takes time to review the vexatious litigant ruling by Judge Thrash as well as all the legal ramifications related to it.  In short, if Bill's reputation didn't already proceed him, his actions quickly made it clear why he has this special legal definition behind him.