Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bill Windsor Chicken's Out

Its been well over a year now since Bill brought legal action against Allie in Missouri.  After tons of document production, question and answer responses and Bill asking Judge Rolf to force Allie give him a deposition......Bill still can't go through with it.  Bill and Allie agreed on the deposition to take place on June 2nd, this has been agreed upon for several weeks now, but like Bill backtracking on his own settlement in the Maid of the Mist case, the coward (sometimes pronounced Koward) decided to run and hide when he finally got his big showdown with Allie.


The deposition of Allie Overstreet in the case of Windsor v. Overstreet in Lafayette County, Missouri has been postponed. Repeated failure to produce documents necessitated the postponement.

It's going to take a very specific order from the judge on all the discovery abuse before I can move forward with the deposition. — in Kansas City, MO.
So you see Judge, despite the thousands of questions and documents that Allie has responded to.....well I still don't have anything to make my case.  Its incumbent on Allie to produce something that proves my crazy conspiracies are true.  As we have said all along, Bill doesn't have an iota of evidence to support any of his claims, but that never stops him.  What does stop him is when its time to put up or shut up.....that's when he calls in sick, asks for a rain check, or a do over.
Bill has now reached an impasse in the MO case.  Unless Allie gives him something she doesn't have, he doesn't have anything to prove his claims.  This is the exact situation with his cases in KS, TX, CA and MT.  Bill thinks he can make up any "claim" however insane and then its up to his targets to give him something that supports those claims.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Insurrection Within the Insurgency?

Well guess what? The NLA won't get to take back their country on June 2nd after all.  It seems you have to pay the filing fee if you expect to get on the court docket.  Darash explained to the clerk that he is the People, and Me the People don't have to pay fees.  Somehow that circular logic didn't impress the clerk and everyone now has to wait for Darash to make up a new "plan".  What is it with these SovCit types that don't think they need to pay the filling fees?

Anyway, as I have pointed out, the NLA is not only out of gas, they are actually going backwards as infighting and finger pointing now rule the day.  Darash is about the find out why all these anarchist groups end in failure....they have no structure.  Just like he tries to tell the US Government that they have no authority over him, the same holds true to his followers and him.  Who is he to say their idea as any dumber than his?  He seems to be backtracking and his followers can sense it.  A regime change inside NLA may soon be at hand when you look at the kind of comments that are being posted now:

"The courts have shown their contempt. They have shown their intent to simple brush us off. They have shown their willingness to prefer prison to enforcing the constitution. We have shown no method to compel them. They have all the power they need as long as we are unwilling to use force. The answer is in the sheriffs, who apparently, at this point are cowards and traitors and worthy of punishment reserved for traitors. The only entity that has so far shown a willingness to enforce the constitution is the militia. A meeting with the militia is the next nessessary step, to gather their support and influence."

That comment is dead on...paper terrorism isn't working.  The government ignores it.  The only way they can get attention including media attention is to go to show of force like the Cliven Bundy showdown.  This is the inevitable next step and is exactly why all these people are considered domestic terrorists.  Darash may not agree and come up with a new "plan", but it wont matter, his sheep are finding a new master and they want to see action, much like Gene Paulson got tired of Bill just talking about citizen grand juries and instead took action.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

National Liberty Alliance Faces the "Now What" Phase

With the Me the People movement suffering another embarrassing turnout in their latest ploy to "take their country back" called Operation American Spring, John Darash continues to struggle to plug all the holes in his sinking ship that is the NLA.  Infighting, moving dates, lack of funding and the inability to get any court to notice their existence has Darash on the brink of irrelevancy.  He still says they are on for June 2nd in a Fed court in NY, but he is becoming increasingly worried that they may never get their foot in the door.  Darash penned this letter as he feels the pressure building:

They were able to at least get a file number for this case:

Unified New York Common Law Grand Jury v. Lippman et al

Date Filed: May 09, 2014
Nature of suit: 470 Racketeer/Corrupt Organization
Assigned to: Judge Glenn T. Suddaby
Case in other court: NYS Supreme Court, Greene County, 14-00384
Cause: 28:1332 Diversity-Racketeering (RICO) Act
Jurisdiction: Federal Question
Jury demand: None
Referred to: Magistrate Judge Christian F. Hummel

Docket Proceedings
Req # Filed # Docket Text
1 May 09, 2014 1 NOTICE OF REMOVAL from New York State Supreme Court, Greene County, case number 14-0384 (Filed over the counter, in Albany, NY with no fee paid and no IFP application filed) filed by Unified New York Common Law Grand Jury. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet)(tab) (Entered: 05/16/2014)
2 May 09, 2014 2 NOTICE of FILE ON DEMAND by Unified New York Common Law Grand Jury (tab) (Entered: 05/16/2014)
3 May 16, 2014 3 PRO SE HANDBOOK and NOTICE mailed on 5/16/14 (tab) (Entered: 05/16/2014)

Wait what?  They filed it but didn't pay the fee?  So they pulled a Windsor?  Just in case this goes the wrong way and the court might want to use their jurisdiction over them they think they can claim "oh wait we never paid the fee, never-mind".  This shows exactly what this is all about.....same as Bill, they are just playing games.

Then we have Darash and the NLA embracing, while rejecting, their domestic terrorist status:

Interesting that they correctly identify their main problems with the letter topic headlines of "Conspiracy Theorist, Domestic Terrorist, and Mental Disorders".  That kinda sums up the NLA (new lawless america). They go on to say:  
"If these false liens, frivolous lawsuits, bogus letters of credit, and other legal documents lack
sound factual basis why aren't they just defeated in a court of law, the reason they cannot is
because of the fiction of equity courts, that corporatists have been using to fleece the People for
over a hundred years, and now that the People discovered how to use the equity courts of fiction
to get justice from the judges and lawyers that have been making a fortune at this fraud, now cry
foul when their own tactics are used against them."

Please stop calling us Sovereign Citizens or domestic terrorists even though we fully support what they are trying to do and how they are doing it, not to mention that we are doing it ourselves.  We prefer to be called patriots or The People thank you very much.  Any other label is considered harassment (defamation for Bill). Me the People desire a free country where everyone is free to say and do whatever they long as they approve.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Windsor Returns from Facebook Suspension

So after getting a 30 day time out on fb for violating their terms of service, Bill has given his few followers a proof of life as he re-emerged with really nothing to tell them.


My 30-day suspension from Facebook is up I'm sure it will happen again. I was suspended for posting a photo of a cyberstalker's face no you were suspended for violating the terms of service for should know this by now. I wonder if it has anything to do with the lawsuit I have against Facebook no but I'm sure if Facebook were to connect the dots that you are suing them and trying to operate a Facebook page they would do more than just put you in the time out box.

I continue to work more than full-time on my lawsuits I can see, based on your career as a serial entrepreneur how this might seem like real "work" to you against my cyberstalkers ummm, no one is stalking you, no one even cares about you. The evidence is literally overwhelming oh well, maybe you can get a better hold on it next time much of it. I've become a poor man's expert on defamation how many poor men have over $1 million on deposit with Wells Fargo?.

If you are interested in following the "trials" heh...funny you used "" because you know you will never have a real trial and tribulations I'm sure just driving down the street is a "tribulation" for you, I won't be able to do much of anything on the movie what movie? until my name and reputation get restored after the vicious defamation. you see folks, I can't finish the movie because of all these people who said I wouldn't make a movie.  I know that may not make any sense to you but so what.....I create the narrative 

Monday, May 12, 2014

With friends like these…


I was looking at the list of people that provided affidavits and other documents in support of Bill Windsor for the Missouri case; there are a lot of unfamiliar names.    This raised several questions.     Who are these people?  How are they connected to Bill?     How long have they known Bill?     How well do they know Bill?    Do they know Bill aside from sitting in front of his camera for an hour?     What do they know about Bill other than what he posts on the internet?      When these people approached Bill to be in the movie, did they expect to become part of a revolution?   Or, did they offer their testimony only in hopes of resolving their own specific issue?     If they weren't active within Lawless America, then why were they motivated to help Bill in this way?    What did they say about Bill?    
I found that most of them gave their “testimony” to Bill.     In the moments when I've had nothing better to do over the last couple weeks, I watched the videos of the people on the list and gave Google search engines a good work out in an attempt to answer some of the questions.      The people whose videos are posted fit into one or more of 5 categories: complaints about child protective agencies, complaints from people who have been, or are advocating for someone convicted of a crime, complaints regarding losses in civil court, complaints of elder abuse, and complaints of government corruption from people who dislike and fight bureaucracy.    
The categories break down according to primary complaint as follows:

Child Protective Agencies
Total number = 15:  4 people complained that children were removed from the parents due to accusations of sexual abuse.   The other 11 people complained that children were removed due to accusations of physical abuse or neglect.      

Criminal Convictions
Total number = 18: Complaints of judicial and/or law enforcement corruption in conviction of 6 murders, 3 sexual offences involving children, 2 for physical abuse of children,  3 for kidnapping, 1 terrorist threat, 2 for fraud and 1 who did not disclose his crime (he gave his testimony under an alias).   All are claiming innocence.   

Civil Court “corruption”
Total number = 35:  Of these, 8 were for property claims, 27 were complaints of family court corruption in a divorce and/or child custody case.   Of the child custody disputes, 12 involved unsupported accusations of sexual abuse by one parent against the other, 6 complaints were either for not receiving enough child support or wrongfully ordered to pay support and there were 7 unsupported accusations of domestic violence.   All of the custody cases involve at least one accusation against the custodial parent, a few have two.    Except for Yevgenia Shockome.   Yevgenia deserves honorable mention as she hit the trifecta – she is accusing her ex-husband of sexual abuse, domestic violence and she is refusing to pay court ordered child support.    She is fighting the court order to pay support in two states.   She went to jail for contempt of court.  

Elder Abuse
Total number = 6:   All complaints were similar, regarding poor physical care and liquidation of estates.  

Government Corruption
Total number = 19: Complaints regarding judicial corruption, various government agency corruption and civil rights violations.   

There were 7 people on the affidavit list not counted in the category break down: 3 were just friends of someone else Bill filmed, 4 do not appear to have given their testimony to Bill and no connection to Bill or Lawless America was found in searches.      
There are 100 names on the list.    Bill has about 1200 testimonial videos posted and many followers that were not filmed.    Affidavits were publicly solicited from all of the Lawless America followers.   Surely the active and familiar members of the group responded to Bill’s call for help.   Sharon Anderson responded.   But she’s not included on the list.   So why stop at 100?   Why not submit 101 affidavits?   Does Bill just like even numbers or did he cherry pick his supporters?    How many other followers responded to Bill’s call for help but were not chosen?    Are the 4 people not filmed the only real world friends Bill has?    
Of the 100 people listed, I recognize 21 names as being active after the D.C. event last year; 7 have joined up with National Liberty Alliance, 10 espouse SovCit rhetoric and 3 are conspiracy theorists.    My count of active members may be slightly off, but roughly 79% of the people listed do not appear to be participants in the Lawless America revolution.   This causes me to wonder if the majority of these people were motivated to assist Bill only for the promise of resolving their own issues and securing a place in the movie.    

As for what these people have said in support of Bill, maybe the affidavits will be obtained through FOIA or shared once the case is disposed so that we can judge the credibility and validity of the statements for ourselves.   In the meantime, if the affidavits filed in Texas are an indicator, I suspect the Missouri court is holding on to 100 worthless pieces of paper.