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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bill Windsor's Own Private Idaho

Its ironic that Bill's last facebook profile pic is the one that is on there.....the Lawless jeep pulled over to the side of the road while the sun sets in the background.  Its also ironic that Bill choose Idaho as his final destination as a free man.  Everyone has heard of the movie or even the song...but notice the actual definition from the Urban Dictionary:

"This is a phrase taken directly from the 1980 dance pop song, "Your Own Private Idaho" by the outrageous party band, the B-52's. 

It means "living inside an Idaho potato", or a very small space. Metaphorically, it refers to someone who is not paying attention because he is daydreaming, or under the influence, or otherwise wrapped up within his own very narrow sphere of interest or frame of reference."

Wow....that really sums up Bill.  He spent so much time wrapped up in his own stupid internet game, which no one else believed anyway, that he forgot that there really is a real world out there and one in which he is a wanted individual, and no his get out of jail free card wont work there.  If there was ever a time to come out of his potato its now as he is facing, most likely, the rest of his life in jail.  But early reports seem to indicate we will see the exact same Bill that the Nation has come to know and despise.  Windsor was to be arraigned on the 20th, the day after his arrest, but its now scheduled for the 27th with a new judge.  Supposedly Bill asked for the first judge, whom he knew nothing about, to recuse. Thats right Bill, just keep being yourself, I'm sure it will work this time.

Also, unconfirmed reports are coming out about his arrest.  Word is that Bill was arrested in a posh home in a gated community in Meridian ID.  His arrest was shortly after the noon hour and he was on his computer in his jammies at the time of the arrest.  Have we taken our country back yet?

The good news for Bill is he is now getting the attention of the somebodies.....and he might finally get that long sought after trial in front of a jury.  The question now is, how many different jurisdictions want him?  We know of TX and MT, but is ID also going to charge him and might the Feds still be looking to join the fun?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Windsor Breaks Down in Jail

After one week in County lock up, Bill is at the breaking point.  This is someone who has lived his life on the upgraded plan.  He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and it was ripped away from him for the first time in his life, last week.  As he continues to wait for his no frills ride up to Montana, Windsor now knows that his life as he knows it could be coming to an end.  Frivolous lawsuits, stalking, harassing, defaming people online must take a back-seat as he now must find a way to rebut the very serious charges the State of Montana is charging him with.

His lawsuit against Facebook was dismissed last week and his crazy Joey lawsuit is hanging by a thread as he has a hearing Thursday morning and I'm guessing this won't be an excuse that will fly. Will he even be here Thursday?  Will the County let him go to the hearing if he is?  If he can't copy and paste his motions....what argument can he come up with?

And then lets think ahead to his looming Montana case.  Remember how all Bill ever wanted was a chance to be heard in front of a jury?  He may get that chance.  Will all of his past sins and victims come together to testify against him?  I think a DA could make just about any jury hate Bill with his long established pattern of behavior.  Will he be offered a plea?  So much drama yet to unfold, and we will be glued to our keyboards in anticipation.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Windsor Goes Back On the Road

With August approaching, its time to get out of Texas, and what better way for Bill to spend his summer vacation than by filming more frivolous actions and filming people for his YouTube channel? That's the plan anyway.  No movie?  No problem as he seems to have no shortage of idiots who want to go in front of the creepy old man's personal camera.  But first, its off to Missouri where he has a pointless 8 hour deposition of Allie which he has already stated will be a waste of time.


At long last, Allie Overstreet will appear for deposition testimony for eight hours on Friday, August 1 in Missouri. It should be interesting. The deposition will be transcribed by a court reporter, and it will also be taken by video.

Then it's off to beautiful Madison Heights Michigan and the Oakland County Courthouse for a hearing on whether I will be given a protective order against Sean D. Fleming. That's at 1:30 pm on August 6.

If you want to be filmed in Detroit Michigan, Springfield Illinois, Sioux Falls South Dakota, Wichita Kansas, or Tulsa Oklahoma, please be sure to email me at

Graphic copyright 2014, William M. Windsor

At long last?  He forgets to point out that its he who has been cowardly backing out of the depositions so far. Can anyone care to wager on how many times Matt O'Conner will have to say "objection, how is this relevant"?
Ahhh, but did you notice how he seems to be heading out after that deposition on the 1st?  That is interesting because he has a hearing in Missouri on the 6th and then he scheduled an "emergency hearing" in MO on the 5th to try and get out of the hearing on the 6th.  He also wants a stay in the MO case.  If there is one thing Bill should be a pro at, its knowing when a lawsuit is about to get thrown out. He seems to know his goose is cooked there.  But surely he won't flat out go AWOL will he?


Well, it's not like the two previous 25,000+ mile trips, but I'm off. The schedule keeps changing between Kansas City and Detroit. First stop is Kansas City. second stop is Sioux City South Dakota. Then a quick stop in Rockford Illinois before Detroit Michigan. we have his "home" in South Dakota in between MO and MI.  Judge Rolf scheduled the hearing on the 6th specially for that case as its the only one on the docket that date.  Bill and Allie agreed to that date a month ago in the Judge's presence.  Since that time, Bill filed for a PPO against Sean Fleming and now has a hearing on that scheduled on the same day, the 6th, as is the one in MO. Naturally, a new judge in Michigan who has not seen or heard of Bill Windsor is going to take precedence over the one who has had all he can take of the liar in chief.  This seems to be Bill's way of throwing in the towel in Missouri as he looks to ignore the case.  Remember, Bill has built his entire miserable life on starting things....but never finishing them.  He is also one of the biggest cowards in this nation as he loves to stalk women but runs like hell when its time to account for his evil deeds.
As we have said, Bill is a terrorist.  He is literally addicted to filing frivolous lawsuits and other legal filings. His addiction is out of control and only forced institutionalism or incarceration will help protect the American public from this evil monster.  Is there a judge out there that wants to be an American hero?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Windsor Counts Down to Nothing, Then Changes the Subject

After delaying the bloody red countdown for no particular reason, Bill finally capitulated and said: 


The countdown hasn't worked out yet. There was to be a significant development announced on Friday. Then I was told it would be Monday or Tuesday. Now I'm just waiting. I'll post the news just as soon as I receive it.

So now it must be time to change the subject huh?  First Bill did this with a disgusting slap against his mother:


Today is my mother's birthday. She died 36 years ago of breast cancer. She was one of the most wonderful ladies who ever walked the face of the earth.

Sadly, my cyberstalkers and Facebook have conspired to de
secrate her name. I have repeatedly sent reports and letters to Facebook and their attorneys complaining that Facebook has allowed one or more criminals to use her identity to set up a Facebook page. That page was then used to defame me as if it was my mother. But even worse is the image that these criminals have used -- a pile of skeleton bones with a wig thrown on top. The Facebook page says she lives in Hell-Ville, but my mother is firmly in place in Heaven.

If you want to see what the scum of the earth can do, do a Facebook search for Mary Windsor, and click on the one from Hell-Ville .

Obviously Bill Windsor hates his mother.  I have no idea who set up that tasteless facebook page but virtually all the traffic that has come to it has been from Bill linking and drawing attention to it.  If Bill actually cared about his mother or her memory, the last thing he would do is draw people to that page. But, as we know, Bill only cares about himself even if it means pissing on his mothers grave to try and get a one up in his miserable existence he calls his life.  I'm sure his mother greatly regrets the biggest mistake in her birth to Bill and unleashing this plague on society.

But the mothers day bit didn't really distract people enough from his countdown to nothing, so he had to come up with a new tactic.  Windsor looks like he is headed to Michigan to set up shop and do his stalking and paper terrorism in that State.


I am headed to Michigan for a hearing in my petition for a protective order against Sean D. Fleming of Madison Heights Michigan. The hearing is on August 6. 

If you have not yet been filmed for Lawless America...The Movie and would like to be, please send me a Facebook private message, and give me your name, email, and phone number.

For security reasons, I will not publish where I will be filming.

And if you are along the route from Detroit to Chicago to Kansas City to Tulsa to Dallas and want to be filmed, please Facebook message me.

So now he is heading up to Michigan to file a frivolous PPO order against Sean Fleming, of course from the Sean Fleming Show.  Oh and sure, while I am heading up there, if anyone is on my route I will film them for a youtube upload especially if they donate something to me.  I know I may have already told everyone the movie is dead, but my deceiving people will never end.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Everyone is Out to Get Bill

First it was Google, then Craigslist, Ripoff Report, the AMPPS, the Joeys, Facebook, now its Ma Bell who is out to get Windsor.  AT&T through its Yahoo email site has pulled the plug on Bill's nobodies account. And of course that means they must be in on the conspiracy too.  Maybe this is all part of Judge Thrash's plan.  Bill sees $$$$ in his eyes as he continues to add muliti-billion dollar companies to his lawsuit roster. His cable provider better watch out as they may be next in line after a late night infomercial "lures" Bill into buying a knife that can cut through shoes.

Then again, maybe there is a simple explanation.  Maybe enemy of the State Bill Windsor really is the horrible person everyone says he is.  He did violate the terms of service and has been justifiably shut down....the better question is how was he able to use those conduits for his stalking and terrorist activities all that time?

Bill is also back to bashing Facebook as he claims to have received a message from their legal counsel:

"Then today, I received an email from the attorney for Facebook saying: " an active Facebook user you have agreed to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, which provides in part that Facebook may stop providing all or part of Facebook if you violate the letter or spirit of the Statement or otherwise create risk or possible legal exposure for Facebook."

Now the first question is.....if Bill Windsor said it, can it be true?  I would maintain that its not possible. We have read, through court documents, just how these email exchanges go between FB's legal team and Bill. Just about every email he sends is laced with several scurrilous tirades followed by more threats. 
Facebook's attorney's respond with a professional, tempered and topic specific response.  But more to the point....why would Facebook continue to allow this monster to operate a page?  He is already suing them, while using their very service to slander and defame the company to his fellow zombies.  Case in point, he is currently using FB for some kind of countdown till Friday with bloody red background that could be construed as a threat for violence.

All of this is simply another attempt to distract his followers from his utter failure.  Even now they are sounding off their praise for their F├╝hrer, as they thank him for all that he has done (none of them can list one single tangible result, however).  But this little foray into his made up Lawless America world is only a brief exit from reality....and reality has pushed him into a corner he can not escape.  Even a slightly sane person would give up at this point knowing when he was beaten, but Bill has lived his evil life on not taking no for an answer so we can expect him to continue his hopeless endeavour of being a 65 and 2/10ths year old bully.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Windsor Again Gets Caught With His Hands in the Cookie Jar

And the hits keep coming.  In the same week that he takes a true beatdown from the Federal Court in Montana, Bill then takes another blow out in California this time from the attorney for Facebook. After Bill played games with FB's demur motion, Julie Schwartz did the most damaging thing anyone could do to Bill....she made that court aware of his horrific past.  Thats right, she Thrashed him:

Uh Oh, Bill got caught with his dirty hand in the cookie jar once again.  He tried to play the same game in Cali as he did in Texas by sending a letter and assuming that no response means a yes.  Well that dog wont hunt and now they are filing an exparte order, and it was granted, to obtain the leave he never got.  The emails from Schwartz to Bill serve as the perfect example of who and what Bill is.  He is a liar and a bully.  He says the Thrash order is void and he will provide proof....but never does.  Of course the order is very much not void despite what he and his partner in crime "susan" claim it to be.  Bill's little game of semantics between "seek leave" and actually obtaining leave are exposed.  His third grade antics won't work here.

Another interesting thing to come out is Bill demands, in the email exchange, that Schwartz tell him who it was that alerted her to the GA order.  How dare she, or someone else bring up his paper terrorist history into this case.

The irony is that just like in the Texas case where Bill played this sneaking little "if you don't say no that means yes" game with a letter to the Federal Judge in that district, the FB case now backfires on him as he has already demonstrated to the court in California the exact behavior that mandated the ruling in the first place.  Had he gone in and obtained actual leave right off the bat...before anyone really knew who this monster was, he might have pulled it off similar to what he did in MO and KS. But as always, the biggest enemy to Bill is Bill himself.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Windsor Returns from Facebook Suspension

So after getting a 30 day time out on fb for violating their terms of service, Bill has given his few followers a proof of life as he re-emerged with really nothing to tell them.


My 30-day suspension from Facebook is up I'm sure it will happen again. I was suspended for posting a photo of a cyberstalker's face no you were suspended for violating the terms of service for should know this by now. I wonder if it has anything to do with the lawsuit I have against Facebook no but I'm sure if Facebook were to connect the dots that you are suing them and trying to operate a Facebook page they would do more than just put you in the time out box.

I continue to work more than full-time on my lawsuits I can see, based on your career as a serial entrepreneur how this might seem like real "work" to you against my cyberstalkers ummm, no one is stalking you, no one even cares about you. The evidence is literally overwhelming oh well, maybe you can get a better hold on it next time much of it. I've become a poor man's expert on defamation how many poor men have over $1 million on deposit with Wells Fargo?.

If you are interested in following the "trials" heh...funny you used "" because you know you will never have a real trial and tribulations I'm sure just driving down the street is a "tribulation" for you, I won't be able to do much of anything on the movie what movie? until my name and reputation get restored after the vicious defamation. you see folks, I can't finish the movie because of all these people who said I wouldn't make a movie.  I know that may not make any sense to you but so what.....I create the narrative 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Facebook Responds to Windsor's Lawsuit with "So What?"

While Bill continues to file his hurt feelings report across the country, he now has another female attorney to add to his can't stand list as he received the legal equivalent of a bitch slap in California from Facebook's legal department.  As you might recall, this lawsuit is because his feelings were hurt when FB took down his site due to sexually related material.  Of course this is very much within their right, but Bill's feelings were badly hurt and a frivolous lawsuit must ensue.

After not being served correctly, Facebook finally got notice of the lawsuit and they filed a Demurrer.  In this, attorney Julie Schawrtz points out that even if every single thing Bill is claiming is true, which btw he didn't document any of it, it still doesn't meet the standard for making a claim.  In another of words, its another frivolous lawsuit by someone whom seems incapable of filing anything but.

Ms. Schawrtz's assessment of Bill is spot on with the first sentence in the Introduction:

"Plaintiff William Windsor' s (" Plaintiff') Complaint against Defendant Facebook, Inc.
(" Facebook") is replete with inflammatory rhetoric, but it is entirely bereft of any factual
 allegation of misconduct attributable to Facebook."

Indeed, and well put.  In fact, you could apply that statement to all of Windsor's legal filings.  He is big on claims, short on evidence, and as we will see in this response.....he can't even provide even the most basic forms of evidence in support of his crazy claims.

"Each of Plaintiffs claims fails because Plaintiff fails to identify any Facebook account or any of the alleged actionable statements, leaving the Complaint devoid of even the most rudimentary facts necessary to support his claims."

Wow Bill, you didn't even save any evidence of the facebook pages you are claiming somehow harmed you? You expect FB to provide you with all the evidence that you need in order to sue them?  This ranks right up there with asking Google to give you all of your own emails.

The response goes on to list the TOS for FB which show that they were well within their rights as well as cite the CDA in that they are not responsible for 3rd party content, same as with Google.  I wonder if they know that Bill doesn't consider the CDA to be Constitutional?  But the real fun is when Schwartz gets to the different claims Bill tried to make:

"Negligence. To state a claim for negligence, a plaintiff must plead " the existence of duty
( the obligation to other persons to conform to a standard of care to avoid unreasonable risk of
harm to them); breach of duty (conduct below the standard of care); causation ( between the
defendant' s act or omission and the plaintiffs injuries); and damages." Merrill v. Navegar, Inc.,
Cal. 4th 465, 500 ( 2601). Plaintiff alleges no facts giving rise to liability for negligence.
Indeed, Plaintiffs contention that Facebook owed him a duty to keep Facebook safe is directly
contradicted by the Terms. ( See Schwartz Decl., Ex. A at §§ 16.2, 16. 3.); see also Young v.
Facebook, Inc., 5: 10- CV-03579- JF/PVT, 2010 WL 4269304, at * 4 ( N.D. Cal. Oct. 25, 2010)
The plaintiff' s] first contention is without merit because, as noted above, Facebook expressly
disclaimed any duty to protect users' online safety"). Because Facebook had no duty to Plaintiff
to prevent others from posting content that Plaintiff finds objectionable or for guaranteeing that
content posted by Plaintiff would not be removed, Plaintiffs negligence claim fails."

"Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. The elements of intentional infliction of
emotional distress are: "( 1) extreme and outrageous conduct by the defendant with the intention
of causing, or reckless disregard of the probability of causing, emotional distress; ( 2) the
plaintiffs suffering severe or extreme emotional distress; and ( 3) actual and proximate causation
of the emotional distress by the defendant's outrageous conduct." Christensen v. Superior Court,
54 Cal. 3d 868, 903 ( 1991) ( citations omitted). " Conduct to be outrageous must be so extreme as
to exceed all bounds of that usually tolerated in a civilized community." Id. (citing Davidson v.
City of Westminster, 32 Cal. 3d 197, 209 ( 1982).) The defendant must have engaged in " conduct
intended to inflict injury or engaged in with the realization that injury will result."

-With this kicker of a sentence to sum up the essence of Bill Windsor:  
"That Plaintiff disagrees with Facebook' s decisions does not mean that Facebook' s behavior was " false," " malicious," or outrageous."

In response to Tortious Interference:
"In addition, because Plaintiff described the Page as about a movie that is still in production with no known release date, there can be no economic damage resulting from its removal."
You don't understand, all of his cases are based on that faulty premise....if you take that one away all he has left is Barbara left me because someone said meanie things about me.

In relation to Fraud:
"Not only are Plaintiff' s general conclusory allegations insufficient
to satisfy general fact pleading standards, but they are unquestionably deficient in satisfying the
heightened pleading standards required for fraud and other fraud -based claims, such as Plaintiff' s
unfair business practices claim."
Don't you know that Bill Windsor is smarter than all of the lawyers out there?  He is on a level you just can't even begin to comprehend Julie.

On Unfair Business Practice:
"Plaintiff' s allegations similarly do not plead an " unfair" practice. An act or practice is
unfair if (l) the consumer injury is substantial; ( 2) the injury is not outweighed by any
countervailing benefits to consumers or competition; and ( 3) the injury is not one that consumers
themselves could not reasonably have avoided."
-Those sound like really high marks to reach, can't we just all agree to the Windsor Rules of Court and say that if Bill said he had a business and that business was harmed.....thats good enough for court?

Ms. Schwartz sums all of this up nicely with this zinger for Bill:
"When Plaintiffs hyperbolic characterizations are removed, at most, Plaintiff alleges that
he disagreed with Facebook' s decision to remove the Page. And protection from spurious claims
of wrongful removal is exactly what the CDA was implemented to protect."

Once again, when you remove all the histrionics....all that is left is spurious allegations.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Bill Windsor Files his Writ of Ignoramus

After reading Judge Solis' order to pay the $46 filing fee and hear what Solis thinks of him, Bill decided to protest paying the $46 by filing a $500 case with the US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. That's right, Bill just dropped the legal equivalent of a nuclear bomb in his Texas case.  Bill needs this "emergency" motion because he claims that Judge Fitzwater and Solis' slow and then disheartening responses are damaging his vexatious behavior.

Windsor's convoluted argument seems to be based on his claim that Judge Fitzwater/Solis have no jurisdiction over him since State Courts and Federal Courts are separate (repeat that 10 times). The problem for Bill is that he seems to understand the authority when he wrote his two, if you don't say no I will take that as a yes, letters to Judge Fitzwater's office.  Then you have the additional factor of Judge Bob Carroll, in the State Court, saying that Bill had to get leave from the Fed.

No Windsor filing would be complete without a straight up lie:
"70.  Windsor has already had one party dismissed in the Ellis County lawsuit, and if Judge Fitzwater/and or Solis does not act, all will be dismissed.  This is an emergency"

No Bill, that's a lie.  Non-party Google was dismissed but no party has been.

If he pays the $46, Bill thinks that will give Solis personal jurisdiction over him, and he doesn't want to deal with that.  Instead, he spends the majority of his 41 page filling lecturing everyone on how Judge Thrash doesn't know the law, rules, and is corrupt because he wouldn't recuse himself. Judge Thrash has "foreclosed" on Windsor's ability to wield his paper terrorism across the Nation.You can almost hear Judge Thrash responding with a sigh "that was the point".

In the end, Bill is trying to paint himself as some kind of Constitutional martyr.  But too bad for him, no one cares.  Anyone that reviews his history will see exactly why the courts had to take the action that they did. Bill is always complaining about his rights but its the rights of everyone else that are being trampled in his vexatious fury.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Windsor Melts Down, Admits He is a Fraud

With all his legal endeavours collapsing on him, Bill took to his facebook page in an effort of revisionist history.  He lashed at out Sean Fleming for putting Bill's words in his mouth, specificity his plan to form citizen grand juries and use them to try officials for treason.  Well lets look at the facts:

Seems pretty clear cut, surely he isn't pretending he didn't say and send all that?  This was in the comments under his meltdown post last night with his new #2 (of 2) Susan:

Susan Harbison Bill, Fleming and some of the other GENII indicate you propose the formation of citizen grand juries which would hold criminal trials and sentence the convicted. Is that statement true or false? Did you propose that the citizens grand jury could impose the death sentence and somehow see that it was carried out? I never heard you suggest such a radical plan but there are those that insist they did hear it. ???

Bill Windsor No, Susan, I never said any such thing. I never said any jury of any type could impose a death sentence and somehow carry it out. I spoke many times about the fact that citizens grand juries were worthless because no one pays attention to what they do. What I presented was a way for people to go to the county/ state and federal grand juries with their criminal complaints, and I shared the list of criminal statutes that I researched and determined to be possible. There have always been links to this information At one time, I used the term "citizens grand juries" (unfortunate choice of words since I feel they are a joke) as to something I proposed that could be done if the government grand juries could not be reached, but that was to be like the case review that the New Hampshire legislature has done. It would have no power, but it would be a way to highlight injustice and alleged wrongdoing. There were never any details discussed about that. These Joeyisalittlekid people have no evidence of any of this outrageous stuff they say.

Susan Harbison OMG, all this time from what I read on Joey I thought you were a proponent of citizen grand juries! So you were really just trying to help people REACH legitimate grand juries to try to get indictments? Incredible.
Bill Windsor They knew the truth. there are multiple looong TalkShoe shows about this. There are links on the home page of about this.
Bill Windsor There is a video where I used the term "citizens grand juries." That was a bad use of words by me. All the TalkShoe shows will show that my thought was never defined. My ideas had been made crystal clear, and there is massive proof of the grand juryeffort being the county/state and federal government-sanctioned grand juries. They then take the fact that I feel the death penalty should be abolished except for treason to be that a jury would find that death should be the penalty for treason. Treason is punishable now by prison and with the possibility of death as a sentence. I never ever said I wanted people to be sentenced to death. In fact, I joked about some of the victims volunteering to work for free at the prisons where the traitors would be put (if a legal jury found them guilty). I never planned executions and murder and all this garbage that these sick people have written. And the only way to get new people in office is to have them elected; that's how it works in America. Since these cyberstalkers cannot produce videos or audios or stories where I said I was going to kill people or have them executed, they have a big, big problem. Accusing someone of being a killer, murderer, executioner is defamation to the extreme.

Now, obviously we have the clear fact that his pants are on fire.  He lied, he didn't just misspeak one time on he made that the crux of his threatening letter to Congress (where he stole their seal too).  He can't run from his past, but he sure is trying.  I want to highlight another fact that he just gave away in his meltdown.......Bill admitted that what he was preaching to his followers was "worthless, waste of time, and a joke".  That is exactly why I call him a fraud, he doesn't even believe in what he is proposing.  Its all an illusion intended to scam his audience.  Last night, Bill said that very thing.  Its not defamation if its true.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Windsor Report

Remember that movie Minority Report where three psychics could see the future through precognition with such certainty that they could prevent crime before it happened?  Well Bill has added that power to his super vexatious abilities.  Yes he can sue you before you defame him, he just knows you will.

Bill Windsor 32 minutes ago · Edited
WITH JOEYISALITTLEKID ALONE, APPROXIMATELY 8,000 PAGES OF STUFF what is stuff?, SINGLE-SPACED well why would you double space it?, 9-POINT TYPE.  yeah you are the master of specificity
The Joeys include many people who were filmed ummm name one? and proved to be dishonest your definition of proof doesn't jive with Websters'. You all know many of the names you mean random names you constantly throw out?. You may be surprised at a few that will soon be disclosed. don't tell me Santa Claus is next
I can't even hazard a guess how many libelous statements there are well you kinda have to in a court of law. I would guess tens of thousands not millions?. Each libelous, defamatory statement is a separate violation of the law. It could take the rest of my life just to cite them all what a fulfilling life you have here Bill.
These things you can't sue objects Bill, but I would leave it to you to try will not be able to prove that any of these libelous statements they made are true.
Let me state a few things for the record: the record is now on a facebook page?
I am not now and never have been a so-called "sovereign." you can't stand their monthly dues Anyone making such a claim to the FBI or anyone else is making a false accusation and is defaming me by trying to link me to radical groups. other than adopting all their ideology and trying to carry out most of it on my own, I have nothing to do with them
I am absolutely non-violent, and I have never proposed or supported any violence. Anyone making such a claim to the FBI or anyone else is making a false accusation and is defaming me by trying to link me to radical groups.  this is starting to sound like you know you are in trouble
I have never proposed that any American be put to death except public officials for treason. You believe what you choose preferably the truth, but I personally support abolishing the death penalty in all cases except treason well you just contradicted yourself, maybe we can see a Windsor vs Windsor case coming to a courthouse near you. I believe treason is as serious as it gets forget murder, potentially affecting every American. I believe the death penalty should remain for treason as a deterrent and lets let the cop killers run off. And if a jury finds a person has committed treason and decides the death penalty is proper, then I support that and who gets to define this treason of yours?. I am totally opposed to the death penalty in all other matters because the system is so hopelessly broken with dishonesty, corruption, and an apparently widespread convict-at-all-cost mentality that sounds like a lot of death penalties you have lined up then doesn't it?. Anyone making the claim to the FBI or anyone else that I have proposed killing all (or even one) elected official, appointed official, or government employee is making a false accusation of a crime and is defaming me. YOU JUST SAID THAT EXACT THING BILL.  You can't even make one sentence between lies anymore
I have never proposed "citizen grand juries" as the solution to our problems yeah, you proposed them without the "". I proposed the creation of "Special Regulatory Grand Juries" by state legislatures well this is news to all those Lawless Followers and all those talkshoe shows where you gave them step by step instructions to infiltrate local grand juries. This has been fully explained on www, we can both agree on that. IF we can't get some honest people elected who will try to save America from the rampant corruption, then I proposed that we create some type of citizen review structure where we bring the corruption to light uh huh, case by case. Anyone claiming that my proposal is to create citizen grand juries of the type that have failed in the past is making a false accusation and is defaming me. ohhh here we go with the Bill semantics....yeah, you only propose the kind that won't fail, other than that its the same ole garden variety citizen grand jury.
I have never in my life scammed anyone where can I get a copy of Round America?, committed fraud what happened to the donated RV?, or conned anyone where can I see the movie Lawless America?. Anyone making such a statement is making a false accusation of crimes and is defaming me. or being deadly accurate with what you have been doing
I have never evaded taxes in my life you just don't file tax returns, at least not lately. All donations received by me for the movie what movie, videos what videos?, and Lawless America projects like pie eating contests? have been fully accounted for where is this?  Why not be transparent?. The movie trips and work have been financed approximately 75% by me wow, that's a lot more donations than I thought. Until I formed a 501 c 3 was it approved?, I never said any donation was tax-deductible yeah you said they might be, and I have proof galore of that. Once the 501 c 3 was formed, a very small number of donations were received (perhaps less than $2,000), and I don't know if those are deductible or not show me the money. Anyone telling the FBI, IRS, State of Delaware, or anyone that any money is unaccounted for, a receipt was not provided if requested, or that anything improper was done is making a false accusation of a crime and is defaming me. why not prove that?
Neither my ex-wife, my son, nor any family member has ever owned any part of Lawless America, my websites, or the movie uhhhhh, if you say so Mr. Bill. I used to use my son's hosting service uh huh, but when the threats got to be too great, he told me I had to leave he said dad has to go. I moved to Godaddy you took him literally several years ago -- before the movie trip and then to Bulkregister wait so the "threats" were that bad even before you started your fake movie tour?. My ex-wife was listed as the administrative contact for all web domains that I own yeah that would kinda imply she had something to do with it. That does not in any way indicate ownership but certainly points to it. I always owned them. I set them all up you did do lots of set ups, I'll give you that. I paid for them. Anyone making claims about involvement of my family and ex-wife is making false accusations for which there is and can never be any proof, is defaming me, and is wrongfully attempting to include people who are not involved just to cause trouble. sounds like you are pretty worried about Barb getting sworn in for court testimony
Anyone who claims I ever stalked anyone is making a false accusation of a crime and is defaming me so you just drove by Allie, Boushie, Brannon, and Hernandez's houses and post the pictures of them online by happenstance?. All I have ever done is expose criminals name one, and I will continue to do so with every ounce of energy that I have so you stalk and you will continue to stalk?. If you don't want to be in a video or movie, be honest and don't defame and cyberstalk me. If you do, I will expose stalk and harass you. I will come to your town to film, if possible. that's what we call stalking...Mr. bill
I will soon start posting the evidence to you are coming over here to stalk us now? It will chronicle all the legal filings and evidence in this case. I bet the court clerk loves seeing you come in Other evidence and legal filings may be seen at ,, www,, those are three examples of cyber stalking, and
We we?  all the voices in your head? now have a very good system for capturing all the online statements wow, most people had that 15 years ago. I have sued every person who has defamed me or will defame me what if the other two agatha's disagree?  Sue em as I have named "John Doe, Jane Doe, and Joey Doe" parties sounds like you really have them pinned down. I would be delighted to add you as long as the courts allow it he is now speaking to all humanity here, and if you defame me, I will sue you and expose you and even if you don't, consider yourself sued. That's not a threat; it's a promise and you have the vexatious badge to back that up. I want to make each and every one of the cyberstalkers famous but you don't have a movie though do you. I hope my cases will establish precedents that will serve as a deterrent to others hope isn't a plan.
I could type for the rest of my life, so I will stop. you should try sleeping sometime, maybe a nice walk in the park or a night out on the town, your obsession is consuming you
I pray that I have gotten lucky with honest judges and that I will get to present this outrage to jurors we don't have enough trees to survive that. These people have all but "killed" Lawless America good that was the goal, the movie so you admit there is no movie, and me you are still around aren't ya?, and we need a massive financial award and removal of all the defamation and stalking to have a chance to continue effectively. so no movie it.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Many people are getting letters from the very lonely and desperate Bill Windsor this Valentines Day, but none of them are filled with love.  Its hard suing in 6 different states all at the same time all for the same thing.
But this is how the divorced Bill Windsor is spending this Valentines Day.  Hopefully this is the last Valentines Day Bill spends as a self made public figure.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

You've Got MY Mail

We have chronicled many times just how stupid Bill Windsor is.  But I have to say, this one takes the cake. After threatening Google with adding them to his frivolous lawsuit, Bill asked Google to provide him with this:

2.  All documents relating or referring to, or evidencing, reflecting, or constituting communication to, from, or information about names, screen names, registration information, and server log information for users of Gmail who have emailed the Plaintiff at,, or from January 1, 2012 to present.

Thats right, Bill can't keep up with his emails, so Google could you help a brother out here, and while you are at it tell me everything you know about anyone who has emailed me in the last two years.  That is all.....well not really I have 84 more requests just like this.  Windsor continues to waive his vexatious wand of paper terrorism at any and everyone he can think of.  But one thing keeps coming up again and again...he is too dumb and lazy to ever remember any details.  Lets just throw everything out there and make the court sort it out while I just claim its a nationwide conspiracy.  Oh, and then we have another short and sweet request to Google:

3.  All documents relating or referring to, or evidencing, reflecting, or constituting communication to, from, or information about names, screen names, registration information, and IP activity for users of YouTube who have accessed from January 1, 2012 to present

You see, under some of these videos that I have put up where I single out judges and call them corrupt and guilty of treason, some people click the "thumbs down" button and some even leave meanie comments about me on these public pages.  I am Bill Windsor and I make the laws and I consider that defamation and I want everyone's personal info so I can stalk and harass them for unliking my youtube page.  So you better pony up that info Google, or you too will be on the receiving end of my sensationally frivolous lawsuit.  Oh and fyi....I'm loaded just in case you want a piece of my pie for legal fees.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bill Windsor Thinks He Scared Us

Leave it to Bill to think that his vexatious actions somehow "scares us". is the website that has defamed and/or harassed, stalked, and emotionally distressed me many thousands of times in the last 16 months. I think these people have finally shut up because they know they are in serious trouble. Yappy, nothingbettertodotoday, anonymous, attorney, Ginger Snap, Allie Gate, lawlessnomore, Windsor Sluggo, Brannon, Curtis Butler, O Reader, Ollie Reader, tinylittlefeetnhands, and many others should be afraid to say anything more in public.

Awwwwe, "we" emotionally distressed you? Donations for your fake movie has really tailed off hasn't it? The truth is that this blog has kept you from harming others. And no Bill, you don't scare me and I'm not going anywhere, but you do, however, bore me. This same ole song and dance is beyond old. When is your next radio show?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bill Windsor Continues To Purge His Followers

While Bill continues to brag about how many people he is suing, some of his followers are starting to ask the logical question....what about that movie thing you filmed all us for?  Why not quit complaining and just go ahead and produce the documentary?  Seems like a pretty good idea to me, but not to the Supreme Chancellor of the Milky Way Galaxy in Bill Windsor. 

Ben Keller *sigh 29 minutes ago · Like
Ben Keller How's the film going, Bill? 28 minutes ago · Like
Robert Hodge thing lives in another state and is making threats against you that is something you should contact the FBI for help. 23 minutes ago · Like
Robert Hodge I am still praying for you Bill Windsor. 23 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat There should be lots of excitement Bill. When you learn, nwho is the churning behind this B.S. Mr. Above The Law. I do what what I want. The rules. They are for everyone else..not me. Been allowed to run wild without consequences. Way out of control now. Has to ge reigned in. 22 minutes ago · Like
Ben Keller I think it's ridiculous, really, and kind of childish how many enemies Bill makes and then threatens with frivolous lawsuits and then posts the resulting drama on facebook. I thought he was a filmmaker, making a film? I feel sorry for the people who trusted in him to tell their stories, because Bill isn't focused on a film. He's focused on boyish internet squabbles. 20 minutes ago · Like
Ben Keller Not exactly more than I ever will. I like Bill. I just think his energy is better spent focusing on the film, rather than these sophomoric squabbles. 3 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Bogus post, done by the joeys. Who have nothing better to do today. Such a shame. That it came to this. I had high hopes for success. Gained kn our own efforts. I never felt fraud would be a big part of who you are. Biggest part. Whatva let down. Over it now. about a minute ago · Like
Debbie Lynn Marie Smith Oookay then. 10 minutes ago · Like
Ben Keller Yeah, I don't Nancy's post either. It's incoherent. All I'm trying to say is focus on the target. Produce the film. Many were counting on their stories being told. I speak for myself, and probably others too, when I say I don't give shit about this other drama. 8 minutes ago · Like
Debbie Lynn Marie Smith He has stated the reason for this a few times. Even though we may not agree with it, we all do what we have to do. I have chosen another route but that's me. I think fighting this cesspool is a big waste of time too, because I've been doing it for years, with nothing gained. I think it's a losing battle. But what do I know? Maybe Bill knows something that we don't. Maybe he's attempting to wipe out all the judicial corruption, BEFORE he even gets started on everyone else and their cases. Otherwise, what good would it do, if the same people were still in office? NONE. 4 minutes ago · Like
Bill Windsor Ben Keller, if you don't like what I am doing, your option is quite simple: go away, and don't come back. I am doing what I feel I need to do personally, and I also believe it is the right thing to do for the film work I am doing and the hope to do something that will make a difference. about a minute ago · Like · 1

Yes thats right, there is no board of directors...there is no members, Lawless America is a simple dictatorship. Bill decides what is best for everyone, and whatever he decides is to be considered the best choice for everyone. Bill Windsor hates America. He has said that our soldiers all died in vain. He wants to destroy our Nation and install his own form of vigilante justice as he, and only he, sees fit. Fortunately, he will never accomplish this as he isn't very good at anything, in fact he is far below average.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bill Windsor Attacks Facebook, Will Facebook Bite Back?

Bill's vexatious fantasy tour is about to hit a hard stop as he is now biting at the big dogs who may be in the mood to finally bite back.  Yes, thats right, Windsor is taking on Facebook.  He is suing them for "luring" him in to using Facebook to promote his non-existent movie.  Bill claims that because FB took his page down, he lost years of information, his 50,000 followers who had registered with his page...and get this....the promotion of the movie was effectively ended.  Well try as he might, this little attempt at history revision isn't going to pass the smell test.  

Everyone can quickly get a sense of what this lawsuit is all about when Bill says "The defendant thumbed its multi-billion dollar nose at the law and plaintiff". Thats right, this is about money, Bill wants it and Facebook has it. He then goes on to blame FB for allowing his haters to spread their hate of him and then finishes it off with the usual sob story of how FB has cost him his marriage, his kids, his job, and even his home.

But lets not forget what the real truth was. Bill Windsor had 50,000 "likes" at one time (or close to it) on his public page but as we looked in to those profiles, the overwhelming majority of those likes were from fake profiles. Remember this story for instance
So Windsor defrauded Facebook with these likes in the first place and once we exposed his lie he hid all the likes.  This was way before facebook suspended his account.  I'm sure the logical question any judge would ask is how could someone go from 50,000 followers to just 100 by simply losing a facebook page?  The answer of course is there never was 50,000 real followers, only a Windsor illusion.  But don't let facts or even his fraud get in the way of making up a good story and trying to attack Facebook and their mulit-billion dollar company.

Since Bill has made himself a public figure and since he has taken the first shot at Facebook, this gives the Facebook legal team an easy target to make an example out of.  People need to know that there are consequences for artificially inflating the number of followers you have for financial and political purposes. Bill Winsor is loaded and has plenty of money to cover FB's legal fees and damages, just ask Maid of the Mist how hard it is for him to cut a big settlement check when he has too.

As Bill Windsor claims in this lawsuit:
. The DEFENDANT’s conduct as
described above is willful, wanton, wicked, intentional, and malicious resulting
from fraud, insult, and malice, and it is associated with aggravating circumstances,
including willfulness, wantonness, malice, oppression, outrageous conduct, insult,
and fraud, thus warranting the PLAINTIFF’s recovery of punitive damages from
the DEFENDANT. The PLAINTIFF should receive an award of punitive
damages. Exemplary damages serve to provide the claimant with recovery above
and beyond compensatory damages in order to punish the wrongdoer for egregious
conduct and to deter the wrongdoer and others from similar conduct in the future.
Since the PLAINTIFF’s damages can never be erased in this case; there is no
amount of money that could compensate the PLAINTIFF for the loss of the loves
of his life, his wife, children, and grandchildren; there is no amount of money to
compensate a decent, honest, law-abiding citizen for the destruction of his career
and reputation.

I think he is making a great point...just in reverse.  He used, for free, FB's page to go out and lure people in to signing up with his fake movie he would never produce and then solidified it by artificially inflating his "likes" on his FB page to deceive people in to thinking he had a big following.  The usual slap on the wrist just won't do here.  Facebook needs to show everyone what happens when you defraud them and users nationwide like Bill did