Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Windsor Continues to Wait in Jail

Not a whole lot to say this month other than Bill continues to be held in Missoula County detention center.  Its not clear if he is waiting on/fighting extradition back to Ellis County TX or if MT is still holding him.  Seanboushie.com....long purported as being one of the conditions for Bill's release, has gone offline and bill has claimed that he paid the bond for the MT charges.  Bill continues to file away in all his civil and criminal cases.....objecting to any and everything.  He says he likes the Missoula jail (its nicer than Ada and Ellis according to him).  I think the taxpayers across the nation hope he continues his stay in this county jail.

Most of the info from Bill has been coming out by way of Cruz Gomez.  Bill seems resigned to being in jail for a while longer and wants others to update his facebook page and slander sites. Gomez decided he lost his country in 1985 when he had a heart attack and he didn't get the care he thinks he deserved.  He is now a full blown conspiracy nut who wants to bring down the nation.


Friday, April 3, 2015

Can Windsor Take a Plea?

As we now approach the 100 day (cumulative) incarceration milestone for Bill, we have to wonder if he is now ready to consider taking a plea deal, if offered.  Its all fun and games hiding out in his room with his recess and facebook, but jail is jail and the longer Bill languishes away in there the more likely he will be to make a deal.  Windsor has defiantly stated that he will not release the Sean Boushie website.  No doubt any deal, including even a bond release, must include that.  Is Windsor going to finally live up to his word?  Will he waive extradition to Texas where he is facing a felony charge and owes Ellis County $100,000 for the bond he ran out on?

The other question is will Missoula add on charges to the original 5?  Are they going to let all those facebook rants Bill made, while a fugitive, about the University of Montana and Sean Boushie slide? Even if they offer Bill what would amount to a slap on the wrist, I still wonder if Bill is capable of agreeing to that.  And if he does, can he go back on that agreement?  This is a man who has clearly, and recently, in a court of law shown that even before the ink dries, he is ready to violate his own agreement.

Lets keep in mind that in Windor's World, he never did anything wrong....ever.  So why would he agree to a deal, the whole thing is bogus remember?  We also have the emerging story of sister Wendy Harper/Windsor as she is now his go to person "on the outside".  She is the one travelling to Missoula to assist in his legal and financial matters.  She is, no doubt, the new sibling that bill mentioned as his new executor of his will.  Is her involvement creating a kind of civil war showdown in the Windsor family as both Ryan and Barbara have stayed out of Bill's recent activities?  Is she doing this all for money?  Does she really know just how much of a monster her brother has become? Maybe she is trying to ultimately help him to change.....then again maybe she is simply enabling a monster to continue on his path of destruction.

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Waiting Game

Bill is still in jail.  He still has a no bond hold on him as he is a fugitive from Texas.  As to what Montana is going to do with him, I have no idea.  So while we wait (and for comment rollover purposes) here is my favorite Super Bowl commercial from back when SB commercials were funny.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bill Windsor is Extradited to Missoula Montana

He will be arraigned in the morning....should be interesting

Windsor Has Left the Building

All of Bill's stall and delay tactics have come to an end.  He is now on is way to Missoula Montana to account for his actions.  Will he have representation waiting for him?  Is his sister Wendy Harper going to be there to help him?  Will he continue with his stall tactics or seek a speedy trial once there?