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Friday, May 22, 2015

Windsor is Captivated by the Missoula County DA

At a meeting with DA Jennifer Clark to go over jury instructions, Bill claimed he is starting to have a change of heart.

"William M. Windsor reports that he has a new viewpoint on things after the meeting...
Bill Windsor wants to believe that Jennifer Clark and Chris Shermer are not corrupt.  They say they aren't, and Bill wants to believe them.  They looked him straight in the eye and said they are not corrupt"
Here is the thing Bill.....they aren't corrupt.  Neither is Judge Haynes, Judge Larson, Patrick Wilson, Judge Carroll or Judge Thrash.  All of them are over worked, understaffed and are taking a pay cut over what they could be making in the private sector because they are public servants. They are all doing what they can to protect the public from the bad guys. Which of course brings them on the opposite side of you.  Mrs. Clark didn't make you drive all the way up from Georgia to Montana to stalk Sean Boushie.  She didn't force you to film and document your stalking episode and then post it on youtube for the world to see giving the judges in MT then no other choice but to grant the PPO in favor of Boushie.  She didn't force you to take out a website in Boushie's name and then defame him on it  She didn't force you to violate that order after it was issued. YOU Bill Windsor are the corruption and dishonesty you keep circling the nation looking for. YOU are what is wrong with our legal system.  Mrs Clark and Judge Haynes must enforce the law....the law you violated. Judge's orders and the rule of law must be upheld, or whats to deter you and the legion of other would be stalkers from continuing that criminal activity?
Even when Bill is sorta complimenting the DA.....he can't keep from still making a snide joke:
"Bill Windsor met with Missoula County Prosecuting Attorney, Jennifer Clark, today.  Captain Bill Burt of the Missoula County Sheriff's Department, Investigator Chris Shermer of the Missoula County Police Department, and Judge Tyler Dugger of the University of Montana Law School class were all there."
He just can't stand Tyler Dugger.  How dare some kid point out Bill's numerous transgressions. Tyler is 21, Bill is 66.6 years old, therefore he has disqualified Tyler's work, all of it.
Well it didn't take long for Bill's endearment to the DA to wear off.  This morning we are back to a full dose of tin foil:

"Bill Windsor's stalkers have located his hotel in Missoula Montana.
It is reported that they obtained the information from the Missoula County Attorney's Office...
Bill Windsor has emailed Jennifer Clark, the prosecuting attorney, to ask if her office gave the hotel information to anyone as the Joeys claim.
Just when William M. Windsor wanted to believe that Jennifer Clark was not corrupt.
So, looks like Bill needs to move."

What the hell are you talking about?  No one is stalking you, no one cares where you are. The "Joeys", whatever that is, aren't saying anything about hotel information or what not. No one have an ankle bracelet, the only people that need to know where you are do know. Bill is in full desperation mode trying to get someone to do something to him so he can play the victim.  Maybe he will get back to setting up his "sting" operations since he can't seem to illicit someone to stalk him by any other means.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Bill Prepares for Court

                                              Windsor Takes the Stand

Windsor is taking all those rules, laws, procedures and protocols he never learned, understood or followed in civil court and is now applying them to his criminal case.  While complaining about how he doesn't have enough time to properly prepare for his preliminary hearing next week, Bill has spent all his time composing (while typing with his two fingers mind you) all kinds of frivolous and spiteful motions.  He doesn't like the judge, and for that matter he isn't going to like any judge that follows the law, so he is back to playing his game of "you can't be the judge because I say you are conflicted". This time, instead of saying the judge's wife is a "joey", Bill is going to call the judge as a witness. Bill also spends an entire motion calling for the case to be dismissed for not giving him a speedy trial within 6 months while completely ignoring two major facts to that point: 1.  He fought extradition both in TX and ID and 2.  He was a fugitive from justice for nearly two months.

Bill gives us a sneak peak into a "chapter" of a "book" he is never going to publish.  And guess what? That sneak peak chapter just so happens to be a rant and spew fest against his family. How dare Ryan not take Bill's phone call while he was in jail.  After all, it was Bill that took Ryan's stupid ticket scalping internet company and made it into one everyone across the nation now knows.....and laughs at.  He then goes on to violate his divorce order by mentioning his ex wife, ending it by saying he will never speak to them again.  That may be true but you can bet that they still we get spiteful messages from Bill through some kind of internet conduit.

While Bill is still spewing and ranting about judges.....he has a special hatred for Missoula DA intern Tyler Dugger.  Tyler and Bill are polar opposites.  Tyler earned, from hard work, his current position in life.  Bill was handed everything he had which he then squandered.  Tyler has his whole life in front of him, Bill is nearing the end of his.  It is no wonder that Bill has a special hatred of Tyler. While Bill gives Tyler the usual online defamation treatment that he loves to do, Tyler continues to whip him in court....and that will most likely continue on to trial.

If there was ever a time in Bill's life to focus and get to work....its now.  But he's as distracted as he's ever been.  In usual Bill form, his legal defense strategy seems to be  to throw thousands of pages up against the wall and hope something sticks.  He is also finding out that the discovery process is much more focused and regulated than what he was use to in civil.  He can't quite understand why he isn't allowed to go intimidate, bully and defame the listed witnesses.  Windsor wants no part of an America that wont allow witness and jury tampering.......that's why he calls it Lawless America.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Windsor is Free....Sorta

Bill Windsor finally bonded out and is a degree.  Bill must wear his ankle monitor and stay in Missoula County until his upcoming trial at the end of June, but other than that he is free.  As always, Bill ran home and immediately jumped on facebook.  He seems to now understand that he must focus on this upcoming trial in Montana.....but he hasn't figured out that he needs to hire a lawyer.  Thats right, he is still going all the way pro se, and he thinks he found a good argument.  He is going to argue that he didn't get a speedy trial because MT didn't schedule this new trial until well after his math says it was 6 months. I guess we are just supposed to forget that whole fugitive and fighting extradition thing.....yeah lets just pretend that never occurred.

One thing Bill's time in jail has seemed to effect is whatever filter he had left is now gone. His little diary he kept in jail which he now promotes as a "book" is a deviant's reflection of his time in county lock up.  Is it any wonder his grand daughters can't speak to him?

Then we have this:

"Bill hadn't had a haircut in 81 days.  Bushy is the word.  The barber has Parkinson's Disease.  Seriously.  Bill says he was shaking so badly that he could't even imagine what might happen.  His comb was like a lawnmower blade.  When the barber took his razor to Bill's unruly eyebrows, Bill said all he could do was close his eyes and hope for the best.  He still had eyebrows when he opened his eyes.  His nose was missing, but Parky said it will grow back.  Bill Windsor would never think of getting up and leaving after seeing the man shaking like a washing machine on an uneven floor.  It was a hair-raising experience, but Bill Windsor says he was shocked to see that he got a really great haircut.  No idea how, but it appears that Parky the Parkinson's Barber knows how to control it."

Real classy Bill....making fun of a poor old guy trying to make a living and dealing with a horrific and debilitating condition.  Windsor always was just a junk yard school bully and this is it on full display.  Leave it to Windsor who has never worked a day in his life to make fun of the local barber.

"So, you may be wondering about P & P Nail Salon.  Yes, real men do get mani pedis.  Sierra worked wonders.  Bill Windsor went 60-some-odd-years without ever having a mani pedi, but his ex-wife talked him into accompanying her one day, and he now goes about once a year.  He says it's like getting a new pair of feet.  After Parky the Barber, Bill was quite apprehensive about Sierra.  She spoke ENGLISH!  Bill asked if she trained in Viet Nam, Korea, China, or The Phillipines.  She laughed and assured him that she got her training right there in Missoula Montana.  Bill Windsor promised Sierra and Parky autogaphed copies of his Wanted Poster."

Uhhhhh, here we go again with the belittling of the working class.  No one is ever going to hold up Bill Windsor as the standard bearer for male masculinity and heterosexuality, and that was true before he admitted he is addicted to manicures.  Then its on to Asian stereotypes as Bill's mind is blown by the fact that the woman doing his "manly" nails isn't from the far east and can actually speak the language.   What a wonderful person Bill is....inside and out.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Windsor Gets His Jury Trial

From the official.....well not really official, public mouthpiece for Bill right now:

Cruz Gomez 14 hrs · 5/7/2015 Greetings Lawless America participants and supporters, Today I received the following message from Bill Windsor. Please help if you can. Bill is still in jail in Montana. "Bill needs help. He needs one or two typists (must type at least 60 wpm) and also one or two people to help with legal research. Pay would be $12/hour contract labor. His Trial is set for June 22-25 in Missoula. If there are any people who can come on the 25th to testify on his behalf, please email him at"

This post is true, Bill now has a jury trail set for those dates. And as you can tell from his request....."pro se baby" is going to be his choice of defense. I'm not sure if Bill is all that in tune with the economy these days, but $12 a hour contract labor doesn't exactly get them to come running to you for work. Of course $12 an hour is bigtime money for his followers, but he would also have to supply with a computer.....and be a little flexible on the 60 wpm standard. His followers can type 60 things per minute....some of which can be considered words.

Anyway, more to the did Bill get to this? Is this another case of Bill being Bill? Did he reject any and all plea deal offers? Is he fully aware of the serious time he could face if his dog and pony show backfire? Certainly, some things have had to occur behind the scenes here. Regardless, the date is set, and it sounds from this request that he plans to stick to that date (of course Windsor reserves the right to postpone anything for any reason with no notice). Just how big of a circus does Bill plan to put on in Missoula court? Will he call himself as a witness? Does the jury get to hear all about the wild story about Bill being shot at on the highway? Ohhh, how about how these all powerful "joeys" control everything and everyone and somehow set this whole thing up? One thing is for sure, there will be a tinfoil shortage in Missoula MT that week.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Windsor Continues to Wait in Jail

Not a whole lot to say this month other than Bill continues to be held in Missoula County detention center.  Its not clear if he is waiting on/fighting extradition back to Ellis County TX or if MT is still holding him. purported as being one of the conditions for Bill's release, has gone offline and bill has claimed that he paid the bond for the MT charges.  Bill continues to file away in all his civil and criminal cases.....objecting to any and everything.  He says he likes the Missoula jail (its nicer than Ada and Ellis according to him).  I think the taxpayers across the nation hope he continues his stay in this county jail.

Most of the info from Bill has been coming out by way of Cruz Gomez.  Bill seems resigned to being in jail for a while longer and wants others to update his facebook page and slander sites. Gomez decided he lost his country in 1985 when he had a heart attack and he didn't get the care he thinks he deserved.  He is now a full blown conspiracy nut who wants to bring down the nation.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Windsor Just Needs a Hug

Its now been 18 days since Bill said goodbye to his civil litigating career.  He continues to try and fill the void with pointless motions and appeals at locations he knows he wont be attending, as well as domain name defamation.  He desperately keeps reaching out to his followers for reassurance, but they continue to dwindle and only the especially insane are the ones left to give him a hug.

This fugitive thing was supposed to be more fun than its turning out to be.  He expected the world to wake up each morning with a where is Windsor quest, turns one really cares including his followers.  His trial by facebook of his criminal charges in MT isn't generating much buzz so now he figures its time for phase two of his master plan......paper bomb MT with 13 gigabytes of his repetitive blather under the title of "love letters" to Montana.

Reality, a dirty word in Lawless land, is starting to set in on Bill.  He ran to avoid jail.....but in the process he opened himself up to all his victims to exact justice on his vexatious litigation.  His vexatious soul is about to die a death of a thousand paper cuts of hearings he can't attend and sanctions he won't be able to fight.  Being a fugitive on the run isn't exactly an excused absence for court.  And even worse than that, his own paranoia continues to consume him....."is that a Joey"  "is that police car coming my way"  "will they track that credit card payment" "why is that waitress looking at me funny" "can they see my IP"

Monday, January 12, 2015

Billy Starts To Get Bored With this Fugitive Thing

The exhilaration of being a fugitive on the run is starting to wear off for Bill.  Windsor is a multimillionaire who has lived his life in luxury.....this living on all cash on the run thing is starting to irritate him.  To make matters worse, he has scared off all his worshippers on facebook.  They really don't care any more what day as a fugitive it is for him and where he may or may not have been that day.

Windsor tried to focus his pure evil into his second love, besides frivolous lawsuits, that being defamation on a widespread scale.  He set up all kinds of websites on anyone he decided he doesnt like, defaming them by copy and paste including even Barbara Windsor's sister in law. But the ole question arises, if a tree falls in the forest and no one was around to hear it....did it make a sound?  There is no one left to care about Bill's daily defamation exploits and his countdown to eventual prison time.

Bill is waging his new jihad against TX and MT, but it could just as well be any state that follows the law.  As a criminal and career con artist, Windsor hates the law and therefore anyone who enforces it. When Bill says corruption, just replace that word with justice and you have turned a lie into a true sentence.  Windsor has lived a life of corruption and in his classic narcissistic way, he is trying to project his evil on to everyone else as a way to try and cope with his own internal immorality.

At this point though, the only thing that really matters is that Windsor is a fugitive on the run.  He seems content to max out his charges while on the run.  No one will every accuse him of being remorseful.  This will remain true at his upcoming trail....he will go down in flames kicking and a rabid animal, he knows no other option.  His time is short, and he knows it. The greatest part is he has no one left on his side to defend him.  He can write in third, forth or even 5th person but it still wont change the reality that he is alone and nearing the end of his life outside of prison.

Friday, January 9, 2015

BIll Windsor's Crimes of Fashion - By OReader

This blog has been many things to many people. We've covered many topics in various ways - parody, illustrations, games, commentary, and we've even delved into the DSM. But, somehow it seems we've overlooked something very near and dear to Bill Windsor.  . . . fashion.

"It was old pro se me against The Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson. Patrick Wilson is the main man. He’s probably typical of many small county district attorneys – not that sharp. Patrick Wilson is bald and always wears what appear to be Walmart suits that have pants that are too tight and a suit coat that is way too short. Sorry to be rude, but this does paint the picture – wouldn’t want anyone to think I was up against a super attorney or a sharp dresser. I didn’t feel that under-dressed in my orange-striped prison jumpsuit and my orange fluorescent rubber shoes. "

The fabulous Mr. Windsor is likely delighted to share fashion tips galore!

Mr. Windsor is wearing a classic navy blazer with khaki slacks. Notice his blazer is adorned with brass buttons. These are the height of fashion (for 1982)!

Let's see what our stylistas have to say about brass buttons for today's hot fashion:

The brass buttons don’t say, “Trusted professional!” They say, “I seem to think I’m a Navy admiral who’s forgotten the rest of his dress blues.”

When I see a gold buttoned blazer, I don't see a blazer. I just see gold buttons. To me, it seems rather garish. Yeah it’s a classic, but so are fedoras.

No thanks to this good old boy look...its lame. I swear this is like the old man’s uniform seriously...look at them all, pleated (disgusting) khakis, with a blue button down shirt, under this most of the time boxy monstrosity.

The whole look is too collegiate or country club, and is too often the default look for guys that don't know how to dress or what to wear. When I see someone wearing one I can't help but think "nice buttons Admiral."

Ouch, that hurts.

Well, that’s just the buttons. Let’s take a look at the fit.

Don’t the sleeves seem just a tad long, and is the jacket supposed to hang down like that in the front? I thought that the shirt sleeves were supposed to peek out, but what do I know? Let's see what the experts say:

 It doesn’t matter what it says on your business card if you’re handing it out with a hand swimming in fabric. It may sound minor, but if the sleeves of your shirt and jacket are not the right length, you’ll look silly.

Most men assume that once their pants are hemmed, they're done. (Bill forgot that step.) But jacket sleeves are just as important, if not more so, to have tailored. Too-long sleeves look careless, and too-short sleeves look dorky. Make sure the jacket ends 1/2 inch above your shirt sleeve. In addition, take care to tailor the jacket width around the bicep and the torso. Most guys' suit jackets are way too roomy, making them look heavier or simply sloppier. (or both)

And now that the expert has mentioned it, what’s up with the way it gaps at around the lapels? It's like Bill found a fashion website while suffering from his tax blindness, and he picked the wrong illustrations from the above diagram.

Yeah yeah, I know what you trendsetters are looking at: those shoulders. Are there shoulder pads underneath that broad spance across the top? Or, is it possible that Mr. Windsor has such a manly physique?

I’m not sure that he even has shoulders.

Well at least when he was in Atlanta somebody knew to get his shirts pressed, though I’m not sure it matters when the shoulders are 3 sized too large. 

More recently, Windsor has been known to shun an iron.

If he can photoshop his eyes, maybe he could smooth out those wrinkles digitally too. Just sayin’ 
(He could probably retire that Lawless America hat too.)

Is this a dress or a shirt? Oh wait, maybe it’s a tunic. 
That’d look great with some jeggings.

And who is he calling tiny feet?
Those are some princess feet if ever I saw them. . .

                                        It'd probably be fashionable to buy hairspray too, 
                                             it’ll really help keep that combover in place.

But, does this all really matter? Let’s look at Bill’s audience. I just know they will be highly judgemental of the mere idea that Patrick Wilson shops at Walmart.

That’s what you wear to go on camera and be in a movie?

Well at least he knows where to find a hat to go with his jacket.

So what does a sharp dressed man look like?
I’d say like this:

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Just Before He Loses, Bill Wants to Start a New Game

As Windsor was about to receive his anti-slapping, he tried to remove the case to federal court at his made up home in South Dakota.  Cute trick but only a defendant can do that and even then the proper venue would be in the Texas Federal Court system.  Well lets don't sweat the details as the whole scam is a smoke an mirrors trick anyway.  Windsor knows full well it wont work but he is only trying to stall so he can pretend the deadline passed for an anti-slapp ruling:

"So, the good news is that Bill Windsor called the Clerk of the Court for the United States District Court for South Dakota in Pierre, South Dakota.  The case was docketed.  Windsor v. Joeyisalittlekid, et al (formerly case #88611 in the 40th Judicial District Court in Ellis County Texas) is now Case #14-3020 in the United States District Court for South Dakota.  The Joeys will now have to try to remove it to Ellis County.  But the action of the corrupt judge in Ellis County who had no jurisdiction is wiped out, and Sean D. Fleming and his lying attorney, Barbara Hachenburg, lost on their motion to dismiss under the so-called Texas Citizens Participation Act, and there is no $320,000 judgment against Bill Windsor.  An order under the Texas Citizens Participation Act had to be issued within 30 days, and the 30 days has passed.  Now all they can do is appeal.  If the appellate court judges are honest, they will croak at the actions of corrupt Judge Bob Carroll and this other corrupt judge whose name Bill Windsor never even caught.  Gee, first Bill Windsor beat corrupt Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson in court and then dishonest attorney Barbara Hachenburg.  Pro Se, baby!"

Yeah Bill, you are doing a bang up job as pro-se right now.  Incidentally this is the first time Windsor has acknowledged his judgement to Fleming....even though he can't even remember the name of the judge who gave it.  Repeat after me:  the honorable Judge Davis.

Bill says he received this from the MT DA's office by email:  

"Mr. Windsor:  We will provide discovery when you make an initial appearance in Montana.  You may bring a jump drive for a download of the all the documents.  The file is too large to send via email.  You should have been advised to appear in Montana within 10 days of your release, however I will ask that an appearance be set for January 29 to allow you to arrange travel.  Will that date work?

Thats right, you the criminal fugitive do not get to decide the rules here.  Turn yourself in properly to the MT authorities and they will be happy to show you all the charges (which are too vast for a mere email) you are going to face.  Well Bill doesnt like that response so he tells the effect, Ellis County is corrupt, you're corrupt, everyone is corrupt and I'm not turning myself in.....but could you do me a solid and still send me all the charges so I can try the case on my facebook page with my fellow lawless terrorists?  Bill is also having a hard time finding an attorney to represent his fugitive self.  But the person who said he was broke and had no money claims he might hire a very high profile attorney to represent him.

Then today, after claiming he was starting up his fake movie filming, now Bill asks his zombies what should be the name of his new book.....ohhh ohhh I know, how about Round America? What is that a sore subject or something?  Oh and bill's fingers are getting carpel tunnel from typing lies.  They are asking for a new host body from which to operate.....the current body must recuse.  Windsor plans to sue his and through carpel tunnel.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bill Windsor Plays the Geezer Card

As Windsor tries to adapt to his new life as a criminal fugitive,  he continues to have difficulty accepting his new reality.  He can file all the new motions and appeals he wants, but without being able to attend any more hearings, his vexi career is over.  He has now adopted his new defense strategy.....I'm a senior citizen how could you arrest me?

Meanwhile, as he continues to name just about every public official in Ellis County as a "Joey" his followers continue to dwindle as it becomes clear to them, once again, that he isn't the least bit concerned with their issues....only his vengeance.  In short, he picked his poison and now he doesn't want to take it.  Its pretty hard to try all his court tricks and stall tactics when he is a verified fugitive from two different states.

Windsor's life story is pretty simple in a way.  He wanted to break the rules to give him an advantage in life.  When he was called on that and sent to court...the court ruled appropriately.  That is what Windsor calls "corruption" and he and his few remaining followers are nothing more than people who can't accept what a court decided in their personal situation.  Thats why Windsor has no proof of anything, and never will.  As he continues to slander, defame and attempt to intimidate public servants, he falls deeper and deeper into his own hole and alienates the few lemmings that are still following him.

Sleep deprivation continues to be Bill's complaint.  That is only going to get worse for him as his own paranoia will start to eat him alive.  Who is tracking him?  Who is calling him?  Does this hotel know who I am?  What happens when they get my bank account information?  Yes, fear and paranoia are reigning supreme in Windsorland.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Fugitive Bill Windsor Tries to Disguise Himself

Now that Windsor is a wanted fugitive in TX and MT, he is starting to let out hints that he never planned on going to MT in the first place.  As he writes about himself in creepy third and sometimes even 4th person....he is giving clues that he is a fugitive and will be one for a long time.  He claims he ditched his phone, reminded everyone that he uses IP hiding software.  He claims that well now that all of his fellow criminals are advising him to not turn himself in....maybe he should listen to them. He is even asking for a PI to loan him his license number so he can look up something illegally. Multiple requests have gone out for "helpers" to help him carry out tasks in the Dallas area he can no longer do.  Anyone considering that at this point should know that they are aiding and abetting a known fugitive.

Windsor is not cut out to be a fugitive.....mainly because he can't shut up and he can't overcome his addiction to filing frivolous lawsuits.  DA Patrick Wilson has Windsor scared, and rightly so.  Just like a cornered animal that is scared, Bill continues to lash out relentlessly with constant lies and defamation as its the only defense mechanism he knows.

Another big problem for Windsor now is his assets.  Was he able to hide them all in time before he had to flee TX?  Will this make it easy for Fleming to collect his $250,000?  Geico their $80,000 and Ellis County their $100,000?  Those are all default judgements and while I'm sure he would love to appeal that.....not being present, along with having no grounds anyway, is going to greatly hamper his appellate process.  What happens when they find the honey pot of Bill's seemingly endless supply of money?  Bill is going to have to be present at the hearings on asset seizure and court document production.  But being present will mean prison.  Yep, Windsor is on the run now and you can't unring that bell, the problem for him is while it may delay his looming prison sentence, its going to greatly hamper his vexatious desires and asset protection defense.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 On The Run

Windsor is starting out the new year as a full fledged fugitive.  He is now wanted in two states and he has taken to the road to run from his responsibilities.  Out of all the terrible things Bill is, chief among them is he is a pure coward.  He will not go to Montana or TX to face his charges, he will run for the rest of his life if he has to. 

Bill has brought in fellow paper terrorist Susan to help organize and carry out his latest war on trees.  Windsor incorrectly called her a "former Joey", but that's not true as she tried for months to hang with the cool kids but was never accepted as there was always something wrong in her sick mind.  Now she is right back where she belongs, aiding and abetting a known terrorist and fugitive from the law.  The good news is, like Windsor, she really isn't actually good at anything and the last thing she is good at is rallying other people to a cause.  They can write all the affidavits they want, reach out to as many Me The People groups as they want....but at the end of the day they will still be right back where they started.  All of Bill's remaining followers are not good at doing things, if they were, they wouldn't be following Bill.

Windsor is going to find that life on the road as a fugitive is going to hamper him greatly.  His vexatious desires must end, his constant public statements now must be filtered.  His paranoia will be at a level never before experienced as now he knows for sure if MT ever gets ahold of him he will spend the rest of his miserable life behind the cold bars of a Montana prison.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bill Windsor Runs

Vexatious litigants, pathological liars, and sovereign citizens would be well advised to steer clear of Ellis County as DA Patrick Wilson will make an example of you if you choose Ellis to conduct your "activity".  Yesterday, having received the signed warrant, Wilson posted on his FB page that Windsor is wanted and called on social media to help bring him in for his charges in MT.

Obviously this freaked Bill out.  It seems the warrant is in and there is a hearing today on it.  Bill doesnt wan't to play that game as he knows he will be heading to MT so he decided to say he can't attend the hearing in person (too dangerous) while he offered to call in.

Bill Windsor I am on the way to Montana. I will go with my new attorney and turn myself in by January 20, 2015 as agreed with Judge Cindy Ermatinger.

That was posted late last night as Bill is back to playing his semantics.  Judge Cindy advised him at his last hearing BEFORE the warrant was in that he should go up to MT and turn himself in before the then scheduled Jan 21st hearing back in TX.  Now that the warrant is in, Bill wants to go back and play that game.  But thats not how it works, his time for turning himself in has passed and if he skips the hearing today as expected, he is now a full fledged fugitive.

But lets go back to the first pic, thats Bill's very unwrecked jeep sitting nicely at his secret hide out location.  Barbara Hachengburg's background check on Bill's assets listed an interesting location in Dallas.  That along with the room arrangement in Bill's "selfies" convinced OReader that Bill was staying at the Mitchell Lofts at 3800 Commerce street in Dallas TX. Sure enough, there was the jeep and its clear that Bill is/was staying in room 212 and has been subleasing that unit for almost a year now. This is information Windsor intentionally withheld and tried to mislead the court when Wilson pinned him down on this exact issue. Windsor wants everyone to believe he is staying at the Marriott in Richardson while he hides in room 212 of the Mitchell Lofts. This was done to try and give him a chance to run when the heat came down and thats exactly what he is now doing.

Now that he is wanted for the warrant hearing today, Windor has bolted and pretends like "ok I'll just turn myself in to MT when I feel like it" plan. But that's not how it works, Windsor doesn't get to set the terms of his freedom and he now enters a new era of lawlessness.

this is the view of Bill's "humble" abode from the outside.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

William M. Windsor Takes On Too Much

Bill has been active on his facebook and lawless page over the Christmas weekend.  His hired help (jail bondees) don't seem too interested in becoming his slaves.  He has decided to wage war against Jennie Morton and blame her for just about everything including wrecking his jeep.  In perfect Windsor fashion he posted her phone number, named her boyfriend, and mentioned calling her parents.  This of course is the woman he previously claimed was trying to remain anonymous because of domestic issues.

What is clear from Bill's online ramblings is that he plans to run from the Montana charges.  Its also clear that his new form of terrorism is going to be of the cyber variety.  Windsor is absolutely a terrorist and enemy combatant of the United States.  While he isn't violent, his weapons of choice are online defamation and legal terrorism.  His goal is the exact same as any other enemy of the State, he wants to destroy our government in its current state and he's willing to use just about any means necessary to do it.  Its clear that he wants to go back to his domain registering and online defamation of public officials who had the audacity to follow the law in his case.

While Bill wants to skip out on the MT charges and go on the run, he's a little worried about the bond posted in Texas.  While it wasn't a monetary amount, if he runs from the charges as planned, he will also have Ellis County coming after him in addition to MT.  This is a major problem for Windsor as it will put him right in the crosshairs of Ellis County DA Patrick Wilson.  Its Wilson's job to put away monsters like Windsor, and Wilson is especially astute at it.  Windsor got a brief taste of Wilson at the last hearing on extradition, and he isn't looking forward to any more appearances in front of him.  This is why Bill has an appeal in to the State to try and void the current TX bond that is in place.  Having MT chasing him for the rest of his so-called life is bad enough, but having Wilson and Sherriff Johnny Brown after him as well, might be too much to overcome.  Windsor's terrorist like demands to Wilson and the State to void his TX bond with the threat of civil action will always.  Once Windsor runs, it will thankfully mark an end to his litigating career (or at least I would think so) as he simply wont be able to attend any scheduled court hearings especially with everyone watching him.  But, at the same time, his defamatory and stalking behavior will be put in to overdrive as he goes out on the run.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

All I Want For Christmas is A Bold Over Post

So Windsor knows his time is short and he is amping up his lies per minute to a staggering rate on his facebook page.  Turns out that bonding out inmates doesn't turn them into your slaves as very few seem interested in following his slave-master instructions to stay in touch with him for further instructions.  Anyway, lets relive some of these spurious facebook posts Bill seems to be spitting out at "ramming speed".

 IMPORTANT UPDATE FROM BILL WINDSOR well not really, just another late night rant -- DECEMBER 22, 2014
Hello friends. I would call you employees but the IRS is watching 
I have now added the three exhibits in my criminal case to Part 2 of The Saga of Bill Windsor --…   added what to who?
When you review these documents when?  ummm, no one really cares that badly Bill, the most important thing to look for is what's not there facts, rational thought, a competent legal argument....yeah you are on to something there Bill . Those of you who want to jump ahead in the story may simply compare the documents to Article 51 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure or just go all the way to the are wrong. You will see that I was illegally detained minus the "il" part, illegally incarcerated, illegally denied bond, and illegally denied discharge after 30 days ditto previous. But by the time I write Part 6 of the Saga you lost all the lemmings by part two, you can see it explained by me in writing well who else would be explaining it? with the law and the relevant portion of the exhibits right there before you but no one cares.
There is absolutely no question about the illegality of what Ellis County Texas has done or the gross illegality of everything done in Montana I wouldn't bet your life on that.....oh wait, you kinda are. Unfortunately, the big problem that began all of our efforts is that we live in "Lawless America;" we have laws, but the dishonest and/or corrupt attorneys, law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, and judges do not go by them. so says the american criminal population...kinda figures 
The reality lets just say you know nothing about that word anymore  is that I am likely headed to prison in Montana for the rest of my life because I have filmed a movie to expose the corruption no, because you continually..even to this day. taunt, flaunt, and repeatedly violate a lawful restraining order agianst your out of Montanta. I believe my only hope is if we can get some big-time First Amendment, Constitution, Civil Rights groups/attorneys to take this on kinda like our only hope for this fake movie to be produced is if we get a really rich person to give me all their money?. They might be able to get the national publicity that might force someone somewhere to go by the law. any kind of actual media is going to be laughing at you, if they decide to cover it
The most important thing for me at this point is to pray to yourself? that the Texas Tenth Court of Appeals grants my Habeas Corpus Appeal and orders me discharged you have a much better shot at winning a huge lottery in the next week. That will deny Texas any legal ability to detain me again unless the Governor of Texas signs a Governor's Warrant ordering me to be extradited. So, I anxiously await word on that. It's a shame the holidays are here, because that could delay consideration I wouldn't hold your breath on this answer.
There was a $100,000 bond claimed against me I think its called entered against you....this isn't a charity action, but I argued my way out of jail for no bond if thats how you want to remember it. My power-of-attorney attorney I think you just created a new word says that's the first time she's seen that in her career its probably also the first time she called herself an power of attorney attorney. Well, the law is clear. Judge Cindy Ermatinger should have discharged me outright hmmm, then maybe its not so clear, but I suspect what she did was done to preserve her political connections your suspicions are usually about as far off as they could possibly be. When/if the Tenth Court of Appeals orders me discharged or the more likely if not, I will leave Texas ohhh now you are just taunting them aren't ya?. I have no restrictions on travel, so I am heading out of state ASAP.Free Willy goes fugitive.  Just try and run away from your Montana charges for the rest of your life huh?  
I spent Monday gathering up some of my stuff that a childhood friend (who I haven't seen for 50 years) well that explains why she doesnt hate you came and got from the jail and from my former employee who had quit helping me lemming help these days is just not what it used to be. Kristy lives in the outer boondocks so you mean she doesnt live in a Deep Ellum loft apartment?, so it was four hours roundtrip  for the lemmings reading this that means two hours there and two hours back. If it were not for Kristy, one of my siblings, and attorney Nita Edgecomb in Waxahachie, I would be in far worse shape well this is the worst shape I have seen you at any time yet. After a Tex-Mex lunch with Kristy so you went all the way to the boarder? , I went and started a complete physical 4 jumping jacks?. After being exposed to so many diseases in the Ellis County Jail, I wanted to be checked, and it was time for my annual physical.  so what was the result of your tex mex physical?
Only two of my six fellow inmates who were bonded out called me yesterday like they were supposed to wait what happened to random acts of kindness?  Now there are strings attached to this generous offer, are you telling me you might have had something sinister in mind when you bailed "the guys" out?. I've got to let those guys know I am serious about the daily calls funny how you never had time to take even one lemming call in a day. If they don't call, I'll go off their bonds in a heartbeat  so what, they are still free, power of a bonding company now?.
I feel asleep at 7 pm, up at 1 am. I remain terribly sleep-deprived well stay asleep dumb ass, you can't get any sleep in jail you can't get any sleep in your quiet loft apartment......maybe its time to just give up. Those younghsters in jail could sleep throgh anything, but I am a very light sleeper lying for an entire life can lead to that, and the lights and the noise and the freezing temperatures made sleeping a rare pleasure. wait till you get to Montana, you will have a new definition of what "freezing temperatures" are
Tons to do so many lies to state, so little time. Be sure to check out the exhibits that are now on Part 2.
Folks, please share these articles these are not articles, these are rants. We need to try to build up a big following again again?  you mean the bangledesh facebook likes? so we can accomplish some things none of which are legal. Among the things that we need is someone to complete the movie wait I thought that was you?, assuming I am in prison as a political prisoner for the rest of my days.what if you are just in prison for being nothing more than a common felon?

BILL WINDSOR NEWS FLASH -- DECEMBER 23, 2014  flashing just one day later
I spoke with the Tenth Court of Appeals in Waco Texas today you can speak with the entire court at once now?. The Clerk was preparing my Emergency Motion for Discharge for review by one of the justices. It sounds like it might get reviewed before Christmas and certainly very soon. yeah you know what...I think we can deal with this real quickly, no need to spend much time debating this one.
This is great news its actually not, but why listen to reason now?, because what happens at the Tenth Court of Appeals will give me direction somehow your life really got off base didn't it?  You need to hear from the 10th court of appeals in Texas to give your life direction. If my motion is granted, the public recognizance bond gets canceled, and I will have nothing restricting me for now except all the charges up in Montana.....uhhh did we forget that part?. I will never have to return to corrupt Ellis County Texas. It will take me longer to get to Waco and Austin as I will have to drive way out of the way to avoid Ellis County, but you can be sure that's what I'll do I think that both Waco and Austin are begging you to reconsider your travel plans.
I've been scanning this afternoon so stalking again?, so I will have my Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus posted with the law and the evidence later tonight or tomorrow. It shows how badly they violated the law "they"?. I plan to send my brief you have yet to ever send a "brief" on extradition to every bail bond company in Texas and every county sheriff's department in Texas when will your senseless terrorism against trees end?. I want the bail bond companies to know the law so they can argue if a jail says they can't bond someone on extradition, and I want every sheriff on notice that if they continue to violate people's rights on extradition, I plan to pull all the victims together in a huge class action lawsuit. "want, plan" never actually get
The laws on extradition are identical in most states except not really, and more to the point this only matters in terms of TX and MT but why focus now?, so what I write about extradition applies just about anywhere. so says Windsor.....with his power of an attorney 
Act Swift Bail Bonds told me that she the whole company is a she? received a phone call warning her that I may be seeking a bond and that you don't exactly have both oars in the water?. It sounds like the Ellis County Sheriff's Office or District Attorney's Office called the bail bond companies to discourage them from bonding me did you monitor these calls yourself or are we just randomly blaming Ellis County for your own incompetence?. Corrupt a$$e$ that they are  coming from you, thats a compliment. Well, I didn't have to post the $100,000 bond that I arranged on October 28 and 29; I got out for $0.00.  we will see what the final price tag ends up being