Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Ellis County Case, After Action Report

So Joey has been convicted, it took the jury less than an hour to return that verdict and he is now banned from the internet for 5 years, either after he is acquitted in Navarro, or after he gets out of state prison for the Navarro case.  We know what happened, but lets now look at the story behind the story of how it happened straight from Joey in his manifesto.

Kristen Spencer
He starts off with: "If I were female, I’d bash Kristen Spencer’s face in myself, but, I’m not, so, I can only counter with a book, a pen, a notepad or keyboard and/or a future newspaper"
then he goes to this: " Red Oak police had ample reason to find a way to enact revenge on a history of punishing them in print, so with or without Spencer e-mailing me and alleging (later to find out, falsely) that her little daughter was being molested, those jackals would have thought of something.

Then Joey explains why it was he fell for the scam in the first place:

"Unfortunately for me, I was still single and had become instantly attracted to Kristen, mainly because I thought I was helping a little girl by becoming her voice against abuse, but secondly, because her mom was flirting with me. Ah, yes, well, black widow spiders don’t appear as poisonous."
"Kristen Spencer caught me in a vulnerable spot. My mistake was taking the cause and running up the flag pole with it on the drop of a dime. Given that she was somewhat fairly attractive, that blended for total future failure."

So she made him horny, so he would write whatever he could to get in her good graces to possibly score for the night.  Where is the "he had good intentions" crowd when you need them?  And did anyone else noticed that he is comparing this black woman to a black widow spider?  I'm not Jesse Jackson but that may be considered racial.

Ok, brace yourself, we are going to crazyville as we get into what Joey was thinking:

"She said that Buchert’s family was friends with the people who owned the Rockett CafĂ©, the hang-out for influential law enforcement types. I thought, well, there’s a plausible explanation for why Buchert was “getting away with this."

Yeah, the lines of logic here are perfectly sound.  I mean even though she didn't have a youtube video to back her up, the reason was sound.

"Rule No. 1 in this business: don’t fall for every attractive mother you see"

Yes, that is rule number in journalism.  Hey, David, I bet you can tell us.  I bet you got so tired of repeating that motto in journalism class it made you sick?

" I didn’t really want to get involved with mothers because my role was to be an advocate, a voice for those who had no one else to defend them. "  but she was hot, I had no choice

"I fell for Kristen Spencer’s lie because I was focused more on having a sexual relationship with her on top of crusading against child abuse."

thats so brutally honest I really can't add anything to it

"Buchert was scared, and went to the Red Oak PD and filed a criminal complaint alleging that I committed a criminal act by publishing court documents and then threatened to kill him if he were guilty of abusing his daughter"

He was right, you did

"First, a source supplied me with information in an interview, that in of itself, no matter how many perverted prosecutors or wayward cops misinterpret statutes, is not a crime. Second, this case had a striking similarity to the Combine case just two years prior. I wrote the same things, just interchanged the names"

Yeah, they were both crimes.  You really learned your lesson didnt you?

"DA Patrick M. Asshole needed a pretext to shut down The Ellis County Observer, and Red Oak PD gave him one. "

This is what being a Dauben is all about.  Demented view of reality where personal responsibility does not exist.


  1. NothingbettertodotodayNovember 20, 2012 at 6:34 PM

    I had no idea Ms. Spencer is black. If so, I would consider Joey's comment to be racial.

    Your right about the lack of personal responsibility. He also had professional responsibility as a "journalist". What I see in this post is that he was mad at himself. Yes, Spencer used him. But Joey played along and let it happen. He took what she said at face value because she stroked his....uh.....ego. When he was forced by threat of civil suit and/or arrest to admit the allegations were false he wanted to bash in Spencer's face. Spencer wasn't the one that got Joey in trouble. Joey got Joey in trouble but he can't admit that.

    Had Joey been more responsible as a "journalist", he would have checked the facts presented by Spencer and he would not have posted Buchert's information. I've been researching TX laws for a completely unrelated matter; it appears Joey may have violated 2 laws, other than the one he was charged with, for criminal harrassment and libel.

    With regard to the police, there is probably a little truth in what he said. I support the police, my kid is a cop. But in living around cops I've found that they can get a little excited when a pain in their butts gives them probable cause to take action. Joey would have not been subject to arrest if he hadn't given them probable cause to take the case to a judge for a search warrant.

    Case in point: Twelve years ago I got severely crossways with an Ellis County Deputy over something really stupid in my own driveway. I refused to tolerate what I felt was official oppression and an irrational anger over a false complaint. The cop wouldn't listen to reason, the more he tried to beat me (not physically) into submission, the more I resisted. I quit cooperating and literally told him to f... off and get the f... off my property. Well, that resulted in more cops coming to my house, they were more rational but supported the 1st cop. I ended up with several tickets, none of which was justified. My kid calls them POP (pissed off police) tickets. I hired an attorney, we went to court, the tickets were all dismissed. The cop that started the mess was pissed. The cop so obviously had a problem with me personally that my attorney told me I should move out of the county. He thought I would be an on-going target of this cop. I didn't move, I do not break any laws, I do not give the ECSO probable cause and I've haven't seen the cop since that day in court 12 years ago. Last I heard he still works for ECSO.

    1. Well and I didn't put this in but there is a whole secion on Daddy Dauben meeting the cops when the initially arrived, lets just say they got off on the wrong foot from the get go. So by the time we get to the part with Joey and the officers tensions were already sky high.

  2. Why did you reveal the vivtim's name? I know I never did, and I don't think any of the newspapers did? You've also identified the children by identifying their parents. You've further exacerbated what Joey did. There could be people who might target them for some kind of retribution. There are so many nuts in Joey's orbit, specifically yourselves, that there is no telling what horror you could be unleashing on those people.

    1. NothingbettertodotodayNovember 20, 2012 at 9:23 PM

      The victim's name is all over the internet and 2 local papers. Otherwise I wouldn't have known the name. I don't think I've let the cat out of the bag for anybody that knows the family or the kids. I'm sure it's common knowledge by now.

      You are right, no telling the horrors I have probably unleashed on the victim and his family. Maybe I should go to journalist school so I'll know better next time.

    2. yappy can be a real nameNovember 20, 2012 at 9:32 PM

      Start drinking early tonight Webb?

      The victim wouldn't have been any victim if Joey didn't do what he did. I'm with NBTDT, it takes all of 3 seconds to find this poor man's name. Its horrific what Joey did to him and many countless others, seemingly because he acts like a dog in heat. Everything surrounding Joey has a sexual component. Every story he wrote, be it Kristin, Connie or Presley was because Joey didn't know how to control his raging hormones.

      So are you going to address what I keep asking? You claim Joey stood by his allegations while we all hide behind our fake names. Maybe yappy isn't a legal name but my mama called me that since I was about 5 and for some odd reason, she lost her hearing by the time I was 12. Anyway, I digress as usual.

      Joey didn't stand by his allegations Webb. That would take being fully accountable and responsible EVEN IF the DA finds statutes to bring charges. Joey has no concept of accountability. Maybe the little freak thinks its an accounting term or something. Since he doesn't pay taxes, he doesn't need to know about accounting. Another meaningless tangent.

      Baffles the monkey crap out of me why you are hanging your hat on this monster. Very few would end their careers coddling a child rapist but hey, its a free country.

  3. And you are so obsessed with the idea that I have an attraction to Joey Dauben. Are you sure you don't have some sort of lustful thoughts about him yourself? I mean after all, I met with him four times over about a year's time to interview him and as a result earned money for the stories I wrote, but you have devoted a whole blog to him. I can't imagine you get paid for the trash you write so what gives? When one was shut down, you started another. I think you may be a little weird. I was told that your name was that of a man, but you go by Ginger Ale, I mean Ginger Snap. Are you a woman trapped in a man's body? Is Ginger Ale, I mean Snap, your alter ego? Just curious.

    1. look, I know you are cranky today because of this ruling

      But why make fun of guys confused about their sexuailty? Calling them weird? Thats just not cool, they can't help it. I thought we had advanced past the day when we would single people out like that, but I guess with people like you holding us back, we will never advance.

    2. and furthermore, you know people like that were born that way, they can not help the way they are. I thought Lady Gaga settled that debate.

    3. I'm trying to fundraise for a sex change to a chihuahua but PETA is preventing me. I may have to go to the ACLU. What do you think?

    4. NothingbettertodotodayNovember 20, 2012 at 9:40 PM

      Just curious, why did you to interview Joey? What was the subject of the article? When and where was the story published?

    5. NothingbettertodotodayNovember 20, 2012 at 10:06 PM

      I seriously believe some animals are born gay. I have a gay Gr. Dane. He has absolutely no interest in my female, in fact they barely tolerate each other. But his love (not in sexual way) for my other male is so obvious that even non dog people notice. He's very sensitive, sort of shy and bonded only to me and the other male Dane. I always tell people that notice it that if the dog were human, he'd be my sweet, sensitive gay son. The people always laugh, but it's true.

  4. Sad. Oh so sad. Blogspot hates OReader.

    1. Yappy thinks the NWO and Billy Lawless is trying to silence OReaderNovember 21, 2012 at 12:17 PM

      See, now there's a legit conspiracy!

  5. I'm not holding you back. Get a sex change. Do whatever you need to do so you can quit accusing people like me who are openly gay of only being interested in an issue because of some sort of romantic attraction with a source.

    1. ok, well maybe you just have a "passion" for defending males acused of sexually molesting young boys? Kinda like a NAMBLA surrogate. You like that angle better? Yeah, let me undergo the operation tomorrow and maybe I can come out and explore that idea a little bit.

    2. No, I don't have a passion for "defending males accused of sexually molesting young boys." You are again defaming me. I abhor the thought of the organization NAMBLA even being in existence. You have wrongfully accused me of getting your website shutdown, of abandoning professional ethics because of an alleged attraction to a source and now suggesting that I am supportive of one of the most vile organizations in existence. How far are you going to carry this?

    3. "How far are you going to carry this?"

      I'm just going to keep walking through each door you open for me, so I guess you are the only one that can answer that question.

    4. I guess it is your choice whether you walk through a door or not. Don't blame me if it turns into an unpleasant experience.

    5. Whatever you do, don't go through the backdoor!!!

    6. Unpleasant experience Webb? What you going to run to blogger now and report Ginger? Or the ACLU because you keep coming back to a blog on your own, even calling us names back. I could take offense for being called nuts but I laugh instead. Water off my back. Your opinion based on a few paragraphs, meaningless.

      Now Ginger is correct in her evaluation. Joey is facing child rape charges. You are writing about him and showing very strong support for him. He's an alleged pedophile you feel somehow has been wronged. yet I don't see you giving a damn about Joey's victims. What part of Gingers words are untrue?

      "defending males acused of sexually molesting young boys...."

      In order to be 'defamed' and actual 'harm' caused to your life and career, it has to be false. NAMBLA is an organization that supports grown men having sex with young boys. Again, true. So Webb, instead of whining, why not point out what part of Joey's life you do not agree with. Instead you whine and make a threat "unpleasant experience'.

      My God Webb, that statement just shows how you play the victim card in life.

      Cripes if someone called me a pedophile supporter as you called me an intolerant to gays the other night, I simply stand up and speak my mind and speak out to what I support and what I'm against. I don't go running and whining to shut down Gingers blog because you called me a name. Grow up.

    7. yappy an 'alleged' fake blogger nameNovember 20, 2012 at 10:54 PM

      Oh ooops, actually Presley, Joey's chicky and her bestie Connie call me a pedo-lover all the time. Boo hoo hoo poor yappy. They shall suffer the consequences of an 'unpleasant experience'....

      or I can just keep yapping my opinion and laugh at the pedo-lover comment. I know inside what's true but it appears more and more Webb that the adage "thou doeth protest too much" may fit in your case.

    8. As I understand, Yappy, your daughter watches your comments such as those with great interest and humor.

    9. yappy IS NUTS therefore must hate squirrelsNovember 20, 2012 at 11:06 PM

      How does this go GInger? Webb tries to sue you for defamation.

      Rarereporter: " your honor, I kept going back to a little blog in no where land on the internet. They were mean to me Judge and I was over sensitive to their every word spinning it to make me look like a victim. Essentially, I was stealing Joey's thunder because I too need attention".

      Judge "and what were they saying that defamed you"?

      Rarereporter: "they said i supported a man named Joey Dauben and they had an OPINION that I support pedophiles"

      Judge: "what is this Joey Dauben charged with"

      Rarereporter: "um sexually abusing a child"

      Judge: "Where is the defaming part"

      Rarereporter: "because they keep saying I support Joey"

      Judge: "is this true, do you support this Joey"

      Rarereporter: "I write articles in favor of him and I believe he's wrongly incarcerated.

      Ok then.... geesh.

    10. I know who most of you creeps are. I've been slumming to see what life in the sewer does to people. I'll say bye-bye now.

    11. Yappy aka "the other shane crowe" lmaoNovember 20, 2012 at 11:08 PM

      LMAO WEBBBBY is drinking the Dauben koolaid, probably SPIKED with moonshine.... For the RECORD WEBB, I'm not Shane Crowe. WOW lmao there it is again and again and again and again. YOU HAD the real Crowe on Gingers blog the other night but ignored him. BY the way, I have 3 daughters. Which one do you refer to?

    12. yappy loves a dumbassNovember 20, 2012 at 11:10 PM

      I'm sure you do, you're quite the investigative intelligent journalist

    13. yappy never knows when to shut upNovember 20, 2012 at 11:23 PM

      I also have 1 son and a dog. And a husband and a truck and a house and some very old Cognac I was going to throw out until the old man told me it was $800 bottle. I still might, its worse than paint thinner. Shall I ship it to you Webb? I hear you like an occasional drink every few minutes or so.

    14. I don't drink anywhere near as much has been suggested here, but if you want to send me an $800 bottle of cognac, please do. Still, you might want to consider having a few shots and sitting on it to loosen up a little bit. You're awful tight-assed in your opinions.

    15. Wow, you are repeating the Daddy Dauben and Presely theories word for word now? Your name will be tied with Joey Dauben for decades to come in cyberspace. That will be your legacy, I'm not sure you chose wisely.

      But beyond all that, back on the first post, I took time to ask you point by point to defend yourself on some of the issues we have with Joey. No name calling, no gay jokes, nothing but an adult conversation and you totally ignore all of that and instead come back on here and pick a fight with name calling and the gay card right from the get go. And now you want to run back to your lonely home and hide again. I think you are intellectually vapid, or maybe you are senile (you are certainly old enough to have it)

    16. Age discrimination as well. Who do you think you are to question me and ask for a defense from me about my work? Ginger Snap the blogger whose total body of work involves attacking one person. What a joke. I have written thousands of stories over the years so my name is not tied to one thing as yours is

    17. Yeah you are right, you have a pretty common name and you don't even come up in the top 5 pages of your name, not even if you filter it down to texas. We will have to work pretty hard to change that so that you can finally break through and be known to the general population.

      Ok, so you can't defend the indefensible position of backing up your support for Joey so you just call us names trump your "credentials" and run off?

    18. yappy the non-tight ass versionNovember 21, 2012 at 12:53 PM

      Tight ass? Aahahaha you're all about the ass hey David? Now you're all in a tizzy because someone labeled you old? Hmm how could Ginger keep defaming you like this is beyond me!

      Big smooochy for you Webby.

      Since David feels we all should take a break and not be so tight with our asses, lets watch this youtube clip....

      Disclaimer: This may be offensive to some viewers including but not limited to: chefs, roommates, humans who prefer to love the same sex, animals, religion, black people, white, purple and green people, people who party, drink, or may consider drinking in the future. Should you choose by your own free will to copy and paste the above clip, you solely are responsible for the actions you choose. Please note, Ginger nor yappy nor any other commenter on here can be held liable or accountable for your ability to keep your ears and eyes open during the youtube clip. Just because yappy is the messenger doesn't mean you're being forced to read or view anything he/she/it says to do. Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. I read it online in other newspapers. Funny, I never read you ever saying those same statements about Dauben's crap but for some reason you now think that this blog is on the same level as that little weasel's. Do you drive a blazer?

  7. Completely off topic yet a very humorous read. This guy is wanted for killing his neighbor, he's the creator of the McAfee virus products. While police continue his search, he updates his blog claiming to be hiding in plain sight using various disguises.

    I guess the guy must know he'll be caught so in the meantime, he's having some fun.

    1. Yappy...I yap therefore I must be realNovember 20, 2012 at 11:55 PM

      I don't mean to imply killing a guy is funny. The blog McAfee is writing is while he's on the lam and the fact he's so freaking rich, it just might take authorities a few years to locate him.

      How dumb are some journalists? Read the headline on his blog and see how gullible one of these journalists can be.
      "Stuffmonger and Bluelight"

      Then read the journalists article. http://blogs.westword.com/latestword/2012/07/john_mcafee_interview_anti_virus_yoga.php

      This woman actually believed McAfee's observational yoga and weight loss studios were real.

      There are no words to how sad our journalistic world has become if we use this example. They blindly believe just because someone yaps something out of their mouth, therefore it must be true.

  8. Here is the little scrapbook I put together of the fun times we had over at ginger snap's word press. Hopefully everything is there, but I got a few error messages when cutting & pasting. Some of the comments may have been too long for Blogger. I'm not sure. We also lost photos that were embedded in the actual posts themselves. The only way that I could figure out how to retrieve these was going to cached versions in Google and copying them. Since there weren't that many photos, I figured it wasn't worth the time investment.

  9. P.S. What is with this whole "prove your not a robot" stuff? Even the host site is prejudiced. Seriously? What if I am a robot? What do you have against robots??? I may not be a robot, but I feel really bad for all the robots that aren't afforded their rights to speak. How has our society not moved past this hatred??

    Do your part. Google "robot discrimination" this is a real and growing problem.

    And think about this, someday a robot may just save your life.

    "There are hundreds, if not thousands, of American soldiers who are alive today because of robotics . . . this triumph of technology should be celebrated. Many of the people I talked with described robotics as being equivalent to the rise of the steam engine." (I see lots of steam already on Blogger, so why are robots put down while steam is uplifted?)

  10. http://thegreatspecialed.wordpress.com/2012/11/22/my-response-to-butthurtler/

  11. NothingbettertodotodayNovember 23, 2012 at 12:25 AM

    There's a new FB page called Whatwould Joeydo, page was started on 11/19. There's one post it says:

    The joeyisalittlekid was removed for being a cyber bully

    One comment:

    Whatwould Joeydo The purpose of this is to stop the cyber bullying craze that is all about the Internet so it is ironic to call it wwjd and I just got the irony of those 4 letters. I really hadn't thought of it Joey became somewhat lost but he didn't deserve the garbage that was that site neither did anyone else Presley Cheri. David Brannon etc.
    November 19 at 7:22pm via mobile

    Brannon, did you let us blame David for something you knew he didn't do?

    1. the terminology of that page sounds similar to what jimmy was spouting off. Either way, like Joey at life, they failed.

    2. NothingbettertodotodayNovember 23, 2012 at 9:58 AM

      Yeah, "Joey became somewhat lost", you think?? Funny how Joey's supporters didn't cared that the people Joey attacked didn't deserve that "garbage".

  12. nope, I posted on the 20th this response:
    "Brannon BridgeNovember 20, 2012 12:39 AM
    hmmm, well so first off I really in all seriousness doubt It was David that got you shut down, 2nd, haha, ya I found the site this morning, I fig. It would be posted on douchebags site, so I went and checked there (oh douchebag is Curtis)"

    Saying David didn't do it, however I don't know who that is, they added me on fb, so I went ahead and befriended them

    1. NothingbettertodotodayNovember 23, 2012 at 9:51 AM

      I forgot about your earlier post re: David didn't to it, I'm sorry.

    2. WWJD? WWjD? No matter how you spin this, its pathetic. WWJD? Seriously? For real?

      Honoring Joey to the level of a messiah is about as sick as it can get. Poor Daubens. I suppose it probably is enough punishment for Presley and the Daubens to have to deal with and live with this monster.

      Whomever created WWJD FB is pathetic and sad. You don't have a clue, not an ounce to the reality of evil JOEY has done. Can't wait for that lightning in Navarro to put this monster away for a very very long time. I for one have no problem admitting it will be a very happy day and I will rejoice in seeing justice being served.