Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Joey Dauben's Navarro Trail, a Look Ahead

In some ways, things couldn't have gone worse for Joey.  At first it looked so promising, he had a mystery woman from New York come down and make his bail, but Joey couldn't control himself and ended up violating his bond.  His attorney gets the Navarro case delayed to the point where the Ellis County case ends up going first.  His new felony conviction gets him a double punch from Navarro, the first being that his Navarro bond (the one the mystery woman paid for) is revoked because he has been convicted of a felony, and the second is that if he is convicted in the Navarro case his sentence will no doubt be more stiff as he is already a convicted felon.

So lets look at the case.  Who knows what really happened 4 years ago, its possible Joey got caught in the perfect storm.  But its also possible he really did do it.  Either way, he has to be able to give the jury reasonable doubt that he didn't do it.  How is he going to do this?  So far the main attack that has come from team Joey including Daddy, is that the kid is a foster home kid and has a history of making those allegations. Now if this kid really did accuse others to the point of charges being brought and then found false, then he really might have something here.  But immediately after Joey's arrest, he had Brandy post on the ECO his own prebuttal to the charges.  Joey posted the kids name and left a long chat history of his sessions with the boy.  The parts Joey wanted us to look at were related to the boy saying he might accuse this other guy who was with Joey at the Navarro camp, of the same thing.  That may be something but late night online chat session is a far cry from actual charges.

On the other side, the DA is going to ask why he was still chatting with this boy and why did the have such an interesting friendship.  The DA is also going to trot in as much as 20 witnesses that were at the camp that can attest to Joey and the boy being alone on several occasions as well as having a special relationship between the two.  Then you bring in the boy who I'm assuming is going to give a pretty detailed account of what happened and I think the jury is going to be leaning his way.  I know the burden of proof is on the prosecution but I think they are going to make a strong enough case that the ball is going to be kicked back into Joey's court and its going to be up to him to prove he didn't do it.


  1. This is what I think we should be discussing here. The other characters are tangentially interesting, but Joey is the main story. And quite a fascinating story; it needs to be the subject of a book. It would tell the story of the current controversies, the Meissner mess, and all the way back to the beginning. Joey's story offers insight into the depths of human nature. As with any other story in the news, only a small fraction is being reported; there's much more waiting to be discovered. Some of the information will come out during the trial. Some may come out after the trial if people continue looking into it. I look forward to what may emerge.

  2. I agree. I have tried to post a could of other times, but it did not go through because of browser issues...or conspiracy reasons. I'm not too into the "he's gay or not and is in bed with whoever" part. I am glad and feel that justice was served in his Ellis County case. Whether or not he is gay, is none of my business. Not sure if he's a pedophile. We'll have to wait and see what the court says.

  3. Replies
    1. The "is he gay" debate has come up mainly from his defenders who say he was straight and couldn't possibly have done this with a boy. I continue to point out to them that Joey admitted to having gay relationships after high school a fact which I don't think they are aware of. Now yeah that still doesn't mean he did it or not, but the idea that he would vomit at the very idea isn't supported by his personal history.

    2. In a defense of Joey, I don't think it would be fair to classify him as a pedophile even if he is guilty of the charges. This may start a debate, but I think there is a distinct difference between child molester and pedophile. While if guilty of these charges, Joey did something both illegal & very morally wrong, he may not be a pedophile. (He might be, but that's really more the job of a psychiatic professional to deside.) I could go break out my DSM to more thoroughly define pedophilia & paraphilia, but essentially, pedophiles are attracted to children (not always exclusively - but that's somewhat debatable too). Usually these children are younger, like 13 or younger, prepubescent or right on the cusp of adolescence/adulthood. I really doubt Joey has the sort of global attraction to really young males (or females) to fit the definition of a pedophile. If he did it, yes it's still wrong & disgusting, but shouldn't automatically earn him the label pedophile. At least that's how I see it.

  4. PS I'm not a fan of blogspot. I'm seeing my post double, and at times I see multiple comments duplicated and other strange anomalies. I don't understand the load more function, it seems stupid. If the comments were posted from newest to oldest, I could understand having the oldest not load, but I don't get the arbitrary break in the load more like on the DW post last night. I've tried a couple of browsers & seem to have the same issues. And like right now, I see my post double in two browsers, but not on my phone. Ugh. Conspiracies all around.

    1. Like this, is anybody else seeing this crud sometimes?


    2. Yes I have almost every time I post. Only when I close my browser and reopen, then its ok. I usually click at the top "Timeslide" and then click which of GInger's articles I want to read. Not sure why there's these glitches.

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