Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bill Windsor Reemerges from his Undisclosed Location

The Daubenistas new messiah, Bill "is that pie" Windsor has decided to come out of his self imposed exile, coincidently being the same week that was Thanksgiving.  He has emerged unharmed, refreshed, rejuvenated and carrying several more pounds on him.  

Bill has now announced that the March of the Lemmings is scheduled for Feb. 4-6 where he and his followers will hand their representatives a packet and say "here, can you throw this away for me?"  They will then invite any congressman or media person to their own private showing of their movie which will be about 8 hours worth of 3 minute testimonies of people all across America who didn't like the ruling they got in court.

This is going to be a fun train wreck to watch.  Bill knows he has to figure out something as he continues to amass a large group of nut-cases who expect him to lead them to the promise land.  Poor Bill, this started out as a simple con to get pie, but now he is stuck with a roving heard of angry people.  How much longer can he keep them from figuring out he is just a huckster?  What other tricks will he have up his sleeve after this Mr. Smith goes to Washington bit?


  1. yappy loves rhubarb pie (weird, I know)November 27, 2012 at 3:24 PM

    Whew, thank goodness. I was getting worried someone would mistaken him for a turkey. Wait, errr....

    Poor Billy is a crying up a storm. Damn DAMN DAMN those unpaid crazy volunteers. They can't do NUTHIN!

    quoting Billy's lawless FB: Lawless America
    25 minutes ago

    One of THE MOST IMPORTANT projects that we have is to clean up and build our database of websites related to go vernment and judicial dishonesty and corruption. These are all sites/people with a following who we need to try to get involved in the movie and with the Revolutionary Party.

    But i have assigned this work again and again and again and again and again, and the work has never been done.

    It's simple work. All it requires is a little time, a good Internet connection, and Excel software.

    If you will really do the job, please email me at Bill@Nobodies.us.

    I will send up to 10 people approximately 500 records in an Excel database. A Word file will be attached with the clean-up instructions. You add emails, phone numbers, and addresses when you click on the supplied website hyperlink and review the site quickly. Then you look for a list of links. This is usually on the home page or on a “Links” or “Resource” link from the toolbar or menu. You copy these into a Word file or text file for all of the sites you handle.

    Some of you have said you would do anything to help. Well, here's a great chance to REALLY help!

    Now don't go disappointing Mr Lawless again. He's got a job to do. He promised dem all upset people in da court system he was a gazillionaire and would get it done. But everyone keeps leaving him high and dry. Insanity, Einstein, Insanity.

    1. I wonder how the lawless people will deal with those inside their ranks who get out of line.

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  4. At the bottom, it says "load more" and you can see the new comments. Its a conspiracy Ginger. They're trying to silence us, I mean you since we're all the same.

    1. well I'm glad one of my personalities was able to figure it out.

    2. I'm insulted.

    3. ok at least two of my personalities

    4. Better. I was already plotting my revenge.

      It's on hold for now.

    5. yappy, the loud voice in your headNovember 27, 2012 at 10:29 PM

      Ginger can't hear O"Reader over yappy in her head. Sorry, Oreader said it first Ginger, she gets dibs on it. Lets all sing Kumbaya before bed.

    6. Ack!!! I've just been fighting with my computer in and out of safe mode after numerous blue screens of death this morning! Which one of you is responsible??? err which one of me? talk about in-fighting. Conspiracy!!!

      Seriously though, I seem to have fixed it. Big sigh of relief.

    7. I think you just suffered a lightning attack. I guess you are now a survivor.

    8. that would explain the static cling . . .

  5. Those idiotic videos are like a bunch of junior high kids that got a hold of a video camera and decide to film each other. Almost everyone is upset that they didn't get the ruling they wanted in court and tie it into some vast conspiracy. I know I'm repeating what others say but Geezus H. Christ, these people are nuts. He's on a mission to infest YouTube with videos of people bitching. One of his most recent posts "Eyes". She goes through a timeline of married in 1980, 1988 moved to CA, 1993 started to have issues and 1999 she "realized" her husband was someone who would commit premeditated crims? Nineteen years to find this out? All that time but in just a few short months, Windsor puts his best team on her case and solves the case. It's amazing how some pie be the missing key to fixing the problems of the world.

    What is the percentage of his videos are of people who truly are mentally ill? Numerous ones were somehow ordered to attend some sort of therapy or ordered to take some sort of medication.

    Windsor sure knows how to put the juke on the FBI or the CIA or Interpol or the Boogie Man by posting from an "undisclosed location" and then posting some city. He sure is a cranky old man though. Has to keep telling his patients that he can't respond to their emails but when someone criticizes him in an email, somehow he finds the time to sort through the thousands of emails to get his thugs to attack.

    He seemed to get some advice from Connie when posting how his website is in the top 100,000 of the millions of website addresses. Too bad Dauben is in jail, he could probably Photoshop some fine pieces of work. I still think his best best is to blog about pies and rate them as he travels across the country.

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