Friday, August 21, 2015

A Wicked Offer?

Have Bill Windsor and Lawless America finally inspired a television series? 

There's a new show featuring one of the key players in Bill's plethora of vexatious lawsuits. Weasel Curly has his own new reality show on the CW.

Here's what the CW has to say about this new series:

     In the outrageous, darkly comic, one-hour docuseries A WICKED OFFER, couples who need some extra help in making their dreams a reality are presented with a series of Faustian bargains, as they must decide to complete various scandalous and controversial tasks involving their unsuspecting friends, families, and co-workers for cash prizes.  With each challenge testing the couple’s moral and ethical boundaries, the couples must weigh the potential havoc wreaked on their relationship with each other and with everyone involved.  As each task is completed, the stakes and the cash value are raised, forcing the couple to decide how far they’re willing to go for money. 

Was Bill Windsor featured on the un-aired pilot for the series? Was Allie the first recipient of this lawyer's wicked offers? If she were, how could she say no? Attorney Matthew J O'Connor is definitely easy on the eyes. 6 foot 2 inches of good looks, charm, style, and just the right amount of ruggedness that a woman can't help but go weak at the knees over. And that voice? Smooth and mellow with just a hint of manly gravel. (not at all like the wobbly tremored voice of a certain nervous old man) Oh, you know what else doesn't shake? That's right, his hands.  I can finally see why Bill was so intimidated by the man he chose to call Weasel Curly. Bill must have felt like a worthless shaking blob of fatty gelatinous goo next to Matt. Bill should always feel this way, but being in the presence of Matt O'Connor obviously drove this reality home. And, to add insult to injury, now Matt has the T.V. show and audience that Bill has always wanted. 

Bill couldn't get a show on television even if he paid for it. 
Maybe if he'd just signed on the dotted line . . . . 

Blood money. Was it worth it? Yes.


  1. That's wicked irony.
    Over always thought Mr O'Conner was dashingly handsome & very witty.
    I've watched his new series and I liked it.
    What a kick in the teeth to the multi-millionaire Windsor. A practicing attorney, busy with many endeavors and not nearly the fortune... And he has a TV series.
    Well done Matt O'Conner.

    1. Over? •typo• I have always thought...

  2. Weasel Curly? As in W.C.? As in the W.C. Fields of Bill's idolatry? Oops, I believe that would be a Freudian slip.

  3. Oh now this is rich!! Way to go Mr. O'Connor!

    Hurting people for money? I can see Windsor doing a major Facepalm right now! While O'Conner is doing it as a joke, he's actually making money, and it's actually ON TV. Windsor? Does it for pleasure, but how much pleasure can he get when he keeps losing, his "audience" is on Facebook, and he's actually PAYING money to the courts he hates so much, and he owes money to the people he thought he could turn into a huge pay day with all his fraud and lies?

    While it would appear this entire charade of Windsor's is SO outlandish it should be on TV, so everyone can see, it WAS just a big joke at the end, the greatest satisfaction anyone could have, after being dragged down this Vexatious road with him, being trashed along the way, is Windsor behind bars, with Karmic Justice whooping his ass, and leaving him exactly as he wished upon everyone else. Broke, disgraced, humiliated, and whatever else he said.

    1. Right. It should be on tv, but turn the tables. Let the angle be from law enforcement's, judge's and law maker's point of views as they had to learn about this jerk and deal with him.

  4. It's a good thing he's not on tv, seems he's having a break down of sorts, trying to go hide the evidence. Maybe someone should explain to him, how the internet works.

    1. Explain what? Billy is MENSA-qualified AND a self-proclaimed expert of the Interwebs.


    Billy, this one has to be hard for you.....