Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Windsor Cracks His Case Open

As I continue to chronicle, among all the other things that Bill is including an American terrorist, he is first and foremost.....unbelievably stupid.

Whodunnit? ummm, you.  Next question Who falsified physical evidence to charge William M. Windsor with a FELONY? 
Criminal charges have been filed with the Missoula Police Department and will be filed with the U.S. Attorney and the FBI.   And the supreme chancellor of the galactic federation
Someone manufactured a Tweet...  either that or you are incredibly stupid
Someone has manufactured a Tweet where have I heard that before? ohh yeah previous sentence  in order to charge William M. Windsor with a felony.
I discovered this just yesterday.  Sometimes I don't see the trees for the forest. you also don't have both oars in the water  There's so much stuff flying (stuff:  made up lies and crazy conspiracy theories meant to distract everyone from my criminal behaviour) around that I haven't focused on the alleged evidence against me -- a few sheets of paper printed allegedly online.   "pro se baby!!!"
I needed to go to the Lawless America YouTube Channel to check on a statistic.  I noticed the video that was done when I was served with the Temporary Order of Protection on August 23, 2013.  This video was allegedly Tweeted by me on December 30, 2013.  But it wasn't.  I don't Tweet.  We who the hell is we?  have automatic Tweeting applications on various websites that send a Tweet when something is posted.  This video was posted on August 23, 2013.  I was recovering from a fractured skull you never did recover remember? on December 30, 2013, and the YouTube account will show that nothing was posted by me on that date and any time before or after that.
All of a sudden, I noticed the title of the video. shouldn't you have noticed that right off?
The title of this video is: “Bill Windsor is banned from the University of Montana. Corruption at its finest.”  It does not mention Sean Boushie as the manufactured evidence Tweet does.The State of Montana claims the Tweet is titled: “Bill Windsor is banned from the University of Montana and Sean Boushie.  Corruption at its finest.”  
This sentence does not make sense.  I don't not write sentences like this that do not make sense. like how you can't see the trees from the forest? 

Yes folks there you have it.  After nearly a year since he has been arrested and charged with these crimes.....after hours of intense focus.....Windsor has figured out that he didn't send out the tweet.  This is mainly due to the fact that he doesn't tweet or have any idea how. Some might say what took him so long?  But I would say its about right.  Remember, we are dealing with someone with the body of a very old man and the mind of a small child.  Taking a year to discover he didn't tweet the tweet because he doesn't know how to tweet is about par for his course.

The main reason bill can't see the trees from the forest (or even vice versa), is because he isn't in the forest, he's in his own desert.  He is a nomad wandering around in a wasteland reporting on every mirage that crosses his eyes.


  1. Love your bold overs!!! Make my day every time!!

    So, even though Windsor can go changing his articles, titles of Video's etc., you know, scrubbing the web from traces of HIS wrongdoing--so much so that even the Way Back Time Machine won't work sometimes--Twitter has it's own "way back" type time machine.


    So, Windsor semantic games begin. He claims this "The title of this video is: “Bill Windsor is banned from the University of Montana. Corruption at its finest.”

    Ok, sure. The title NOW is, but it wasn't back in December. ^^^^ IS how it was in December. Look at the dates on the left calendar. One month timespan. Nice cover-up, except now, you just admitted to Tampering with evidence during a criminal investigation/trial.

    "This sentence does not make sense. I don't not write sentences like this that do not make sense."

    Uh, you just did again. Sit down and shut up. You're a fool if you think you can bamboozle or shall I make up a new word, Billboozle or perhaps from your obsessive baby babble, Bampaboozle, your way through the criminal trial.

    Ta Da. Have a great Talk Snooze tonight. Don't choke! Remember, all your lies are being documented.

    1. Yes. The best part was that his sentence "I don't not write sentences like this that do not make sense." is itself a sentence that does not make sense.

    2. Well it makes sense if you're rectally inverted like Billy, dang it.

      Ninja's new snigglet, billboozle, is brilliant.

    3. #Billboozle © ™ ® @Ninja

      Done. All legit.

      You're welcome.

      ℗ ♛ ❥

  2. "Sometimes I don't see the Forest for the trees" so I guess in Windsor world that would be the same as "Cutting off his face to spite his nose?"

    1. LOL see, I wrote that right, because the way he wrote it was so wrong.

      Let me do again Windsor way--

      "Sometimes I don't see the Trees for the Forest"
      Windsor world = "Cutting off his face to spite his nose."

      HAHAHAHA oh man!! That actually hurt my head trying to write it wrong.

    2. Head hurt?
      Awwww shit. We got another fell down on ice that ain't formed yet victim. File motion to phone in your appearance in future litigation NOW!

      #Billboozle IS brilliant!

  3. Windsor is still in full Lawless America Agenda mode. Hasn't one time deterred from his main agenda, nor have the original followers. The sideshowbob types are simply a distraction, but they just can't get away from their extremists goals.

    Vic Fedorov-- Judicial power comes from the constitution. The constitution enables corrupt judges. Until this is addressed courts have no authority. Their power comes from the constitution. The constitution is too flawed as all the crooked judges demonstrate. Thus there can be no adjudication by a flawed system, logically. You take away the judges power by questioning what gives them their power, the constitutions. So if the state division of law of the a.g. who as lawyers represent state employees and judges, who are chartered on paper and in practice towards constitutional and legal concerns, cant deal with this: the judge cant touch you, because u would just point out their power comes from a flawed document their lawyers are unable to deal with."

    A few articles that highlight what Windsor and his ilk do, have done, and will continue on to do.


    You can go to any Sovereign Whack-a-doodle site, read for a few minutes and feel like you're reading Windsor's crap. Although Windsor has changed certain wording since his launch, it's still the same crap, different day. There was a reason the FBI contacted Windsor and Schied. There is a reason they were and are still watching. They have to, they watch all the whack-a-doodles. I'd have to hold hope that they will, at some point, step in and put a stop his alleged paper terrorism. Certainly over the past two years of frivolous cases, filings, appeals, there is enough evidence of this.

    1. Here's more of Mr. Fedorov's (AKA "The Vic") most considered opinion:


    2. Any POS like Vic that doesn't respect and appreciate the U.S. Constitution? Needs to haul ass to another nation with a better system of government and in a hurry.

  4. I'm a little confused.

    When does Bill go on trial for bond jumping?

    Should that come before this one?

    1. As long as he's 'in trial/on trial'? Somewhere? Anywhere? He's ok.
      He's such a dipshit, proven again with his Talkshoe Show tonight.
      #Misspoke keyword

    2. Talkshoe tonight was abysmal. He promoted it as "help" for others and it really amounted to once again, the Bill Windsor show. He needs more people. Him. He. Needs. People.

      Then the Hans Crawfish guy throws out the news that he has someone willing to FUND the Lawless America Revolution. And how would that Revolution be again? Windsor denounced the "Revolution" in the TX civil court. Nope, no Revolution. Never was. Probably misspoke that too. But he needs more people now--now that he isn't standing in front of a Judge, lying out his ass and looking for any excuse to get out of the whole limited public figure thing.

      At this point, there is no possible way for him to keep up with all his contradictions, so he's back to square one. Millions and Millions of people to spread Billshit.

    3. Yup. I was there the day Windsor denounced THE Revolution. Heard every word.
      Scuse me. I gotta go Tweet or sumptin....

  5. When does his trial start?

    1. Supposed to be next month but I wouldn't bet on it...even with your money.

  6. So Windsor now has Cox, re writing basically the article you posted on this page. How does one highlight "Conspiracy and RICO" in the Government, when it appears Windsor et al have been "Conspiring" and committing RICO of their own. Since they are all anti government, they write "News" stories, and have domains that drive traffic to them as if they are true "News" sites what gives them the power to blame on one hand, but act the same?

    Does Cox's new lawless article parroting Windsor's false allegations not fall under RICO? Doesn't Windsor calls for sleuth help, and for their sharing far and wide of his anti government "News" pages, along with people like Eugene Paulson, Cary Andrew Crittenon (or whatever) Rhoad Island Rebecca, Louis Piccone, and all the other wingnuts doing what Windsor instructed who are continually arrested, and or charged, and or imprisoned committing RICO?

    Windsor keeps crying RICO, and usually when Windsor cries anything, it's because he is doing it himself. IMO

  7. Oh Billy, you surely messed up big time writing your latest utterly DELUSIONAL story on your Billsh*t blog: Montana Judge asked for protective order for Bill Windsor and confiscation of an arsenal of weapons

    I think Boushie should file another TOP complaint to protect him from your delusions. Frankly, he should say YOU obviously had, along with your spy camera pen and poison dart umbrella , keestered a small nuclear device into the courthouse.

    PLEASE...someone put Billy in a PADDED ROOM--STAT!

    1. Yup.
      That was a doozy. He outdid himself. Didn't think it was possible.
      The criminal on trial requests protection from victim. #Idiocy.

    2. It has to be painful to be so stupid. I don't generally use that word, but in the case of Windsor, he is that stupid.

      Bill has billboozeled ( love that word Ninja :) ) himself into thinking he can scrub the internet in his favor. LMAO- I hope he got a written guarantee from Cox when she promised she could 'fix' the internet for him, maybe he can sue her? LOL can you imagine the court filings for Cox and Windsor???

      Bill the internet is forever. And you have littered it endlessly. You, as always are your own worst enemy. Do you really think a title change on that video will work? LOL I bet you do...can't wait till this too blows up in your face, Filing false claims after altering evidence is never a good way to start a trial...