Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bill Finally Realizes He's About to Get the Boot

Its all fun and games until Bill Windsor actually has to show up to prepare for his pro se criminal case.  What was supposed to be a eye opening "deposition" with his sworn advisory Sean Boushie, turned into Bill's own Crying Game as he learned that the crux of his whole defense is actually a federal violation of law.  Bill planned to go into that court room next month and mockingly say how could he commit a crime in MT when he was busy committing the crime in TX?  DA Jennifer Clark pointed out how Bill just admitted to committing a federal crime as this would be crossing state lines. She also informed Bill that she had turned that information over to the proper authorities.  Windsor went into full freak out mode at that point....which means he goes to his little keyboard to hunt and peck out another fictitious rendition of what happened.   Mrs. Clark was none too happy with Windsor's wild misrepresentation of what she said.

"From: Jennifer Clark 
Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2015 2:57 PM
Subject: False information

"Mr. Windsor:

"I have been advised of information you posted on your website that I told you to expect Federal Charges. This is a misrepresentation and I would like you to correct the false information that you are sharing.

"thank you"

At this point I kinda have to wonder if anyone gave Jennifer the basic scouting report on just what it is she is up against? If he went on his website and actually properly represented what happened he wouldn't be Bill Windsor. It is impossible for him to tell the truth. Then we get this:

UPDATE: 7:46 PM ON AUGUST 18, 2015

I just received this from Jennifer Clark:

"You did misrepresent what I said because I never said it was in the hands of the U.S. Attorney's office. You have made several misrepresentations and if it continues during trial, I will ask for sanctions. Your recklessness with the facts is concerning."

Here is my response to Jennifer Clark:

"What misrepresentations? You say I have made several. Let's hear them.

"I believe you said it was in the hands of the U.S. Attorney. That was my understanding. "It's up to the U.S. Attorney," or words to that effect. If you want to type up what you believe you said, I will be delighted to publish it.

"I have no desire to misrepresent facts. You do it too well.

"I need my freedom of information documents. May I send a courier to pick them up tomorrow?

"I will update this article with your latest email"

Mrs. Clark has had to deal with murderers, rapists and various hardcore convicts on a daily basis......but I'm not sure she has ever encountered someone as detached from reality and truly deranged as Bill is.

Bill goes on to play his little 3rd grade tactic of "nuh uh you can't sanction me I'm going to sanction you". Junk yard bullying at its most primitive level. But all of these threats, insults and grandstanding serve to try and deflect from the very obvious fact that Bill Windsor has well below average intelligence. He is out of his element. All of these different laws and statutes are hard for his simple mind to understand. You combine that with an ego that would even make Hitler blush, and what you get is an out of control oversized manlike creature with the mind of a child. The more he can't understand the more he screams conspiracy and corruption. That's the only way a narcissist with a simple mind can cope with a complex world that completely surrounds him.


  1. I trully hope your astute analysis of Windsor's situation acts as an eye opener for those who have been following him.

    1. ^^^^ It won't. They are blind idiots who only see what he tells them they see.

  2. Perfect summary. I agree.
    I also find the same theme here, as in other cases, where Windsor's attempts to Bully information out of people in order to know how to prepare his sidestepping defense. Like this:

    "What misrepresentations? You say I have made several. Let's hear them."
    In other words, can you please show me what I need to defend at trial, so I know what lies to prepare?

    "If you want to type up what you believe you said, I will be delighted to publish it."
    This is the fun part. See, he will simply claim she never said what she said. "What you believe you said" is Windsor's way of setting up the spin of Conspiracy. Even though there were others in the room I would guess, Windsor has created a theory that no matter what, they are all covering up for each other. In his world, on his "News" dot com, it's his spin.

    I also think right about now, all these attention grabbing drama tactics he's pulling, are to attract the real Media to cover this cluster________. He has been doing anything and everything he can think of, including violating the TOP to get Media. What better way now, (since his readership is seems to be plummeting) to put out a last ditch effort to have his trial by Facebook and his Dot coms? With all the Windsor semantics, lies, and Conspiracy crap? I don't believe there is enough popcorn on this planet to watch this unfold fully.

    1. LOL case in point--

      "Bill Windsor-- More threats from the Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark. She seems upset that I publicized what she and Missoula County Police detective Chris Shermer said to me about alleged federal crimes by me. I wonder if they made the whole thing up."

      Windsor spin begins--I'm going to tell you that she didn't say what she said, and that she said what I say she said, and that's that.

  3. Mary Deneen
    My 27 yo old son and female friend MT victims of premeditated double homicide multiple gun shot wounds by a Canadian causing surgeries disability, and possibly amputation, a federal crime. MT state actors not prosecuting a federal gun double homicide crime, going for gross "unfair" plea bargain to avoid trial - taxpayers dollars at work.

    Wait, was it a homicide? If so, why "possible amputation? That poor woman really needs mental help.


    2. And bat crap crazy Mary calls that a "double homicide"? She's obviously a graduate of Willy's school of Billshit. Probably graduated head of her class.

  4. Bill Windsor said, "More threats from the Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark. She seems upset that I publicized what she and Missoula County Police detective Chris Shermer said to me about alleged federal crimes by me. I wonder if they made the whole thing up."

  5. Will Vic get the Windsor boot?

    "Vic Fedorov-- They make up a lot of things. I think humbly u are too confrontational. Its not about you but daily injustices through the judiciary. Can u offer to withdraw civil action against joeys in return for charged being dropped and finish the movie instead?"

    I guess Vic doesn't understand that the civil suits are over. All that's dangling are dwindling appeals. So there isn't any leverage there Vic. Also, Windsor couldn't prove his case, he doesn't have a 'movie' and the youtube clips PER Windsor aren't even in the non existent "movie." Wake up Lemmings!! You've been snookered by THE William M Windsor.

    It is all about him Vic. Have you not been paying attention? It's always about him, and his pretend "Corruption" which he can never prove. Just "Upon Information and Belief" and "Because I signed a sworn affidavit."

    "Confrontational?" Dude!! That is your leader. That's all he's got, because it sure isn't about Merit to his claims.

    It's amazing to me, after all these years, they still don't grasp this fact. And it is a fact. He's even said he can't "help" anyone until he takes care of all these personal issues. SMDH!!

  6. Umm, I think we all want windsor to change the misinformation he has shared endlessly for the past couple of years...LOL but I doubt Bill knows anymore what the lies and fabrications are.

    And "Your recklessness with the facts is concerning" LMAO she just summed up every filing Bill has ever made.

  7. Billy got some more bad news from the 10th COA yesterday: a letter notifying him his (paper) exhibits won't be returned because they have been burned (destroyed). Poor Billy...can't seem to follow instructions or directions.

    1. But he is William M Windsor!! You don't do that to him! He makes his own rules, and they just aren't getting it. How dare they!!

      It's been almost a year for a few of those appeals. A YEAR!! SMDH!

  8. He's just spun out a new whopper!
    I'm curious, are these interviews that took place on Monday recorded? Seems logical to me, to have record of exactly what was asked & answered.
    That might be YouTube or Netflix worthy.

  9. Bill now says he can hardly drive and is endangering himself and others. And that he needs to try hard not to drive.

    For those in on the pool of excuses game, the fall on the non-existent ice is the reason given.

    Time to turn in your driver's license Bill, before you kill someone.

    "Let me briefly touch on the comment that I made above about a very dangerous drive. I have come to the realization that I should be driving as little as possible. After being in only one minor fender-bender in a lifetime of driving, I am now running off the road, almost rammed a lady today at 70 mph on the Interstate, etc. My recent dizziness problem comes from the back of my skull, bottom right. This was where the impact of my fractured skull was in December 2013. When I am driving and turn my head sharply to the right to look to see if my right side is clear, I get a dizzy spell. My depth perception seems a little off, everything does when I drive. The tremor in my left hand is extremely bad, and my arm starts shaking badly at times as I am holding the steering wheel. I've written before that I was going to limit driving until I finally get to see a neurologist, but now I must try really hard. I could be dead today from running off the road on the side of a mountain in a hairpin turn. That's scary."

    1. His "Depth perception" isn't the only thing off. His Perception of reality is.

      IDK but it seems like he's making monkeys out of the MT prosecutor, investigator and everyone else. Doesn't seem like they have been paying much attention to the menace that is Windsor, the fact that being a Vexatious asshole is his life, and he lives to just mock the Judicial system. With the amount of frivolous papers he is capable of flinging at them, and her surprised response at the Billshit he writes on his FB & Dot coms-- Clark better eat her Wheaties.

    2. Probably blind with rage and driving recklessly. But bragging about how he almost involved another person in what would have been a serious/lethal accident (if true) is beyond shameless. Every resident has a right to know that their roads are safe. If he really felt this way he could have pulled over, but once again without any witnesses or proof he wants a pity party for himself and not the person he claims was nearly killed, this time not by an alleged sniper but by himself.

    3. The only people he put in danger are the ones on the street between the courthouse, the local glory hole, Fudruckers, and the Staybridge Suites. That lying ass never left town!

    4. Good now I can send him a pizza covered with his favorite toppings. anchovies.

    5. ...and Reese's® Pieces.

  10. Wow, he is really desparate to get attention. He posted up a "Blistering Cox" article, then went so far to pretend his is the new Onion. SMH
    Then, he has to explain that it was all in his head because NO ONE GOT IT, which means Windfart, you SUCK at your idea of humor. You've been spinning drama for too long to pretend now, that some things you write are just jokes. Kind of negates the whole point when you have to say your joke, was just a joke...

    "Bill Windsor-- Don't tell anyone, but I didn't record them. I imagined what was said and typed it up. I think a site like The Onion might like it. I'm proud of this work."

    No Bill, the Onion is way out of your league. Idiot!

    1. Bahahahaha!! Please, somebody, anybody...go read my article...I'm telling you it's funny!! Damnit people! Say something to feed my ego. Mary? Vic? KPat? Rebecaca? Floridizilla? Anyone!! knock, knock--is this thing on?

      "Bill Windsor-- Friends, I think this is pretty funny. I encourage you to read the "transcript."

    2. Hey the funny part is real...

      It's where he says it's funny, and says it's good enough for the Onion...LMAO

    3. OMG it is painful reading the comments on the last two of his posts. Holy crap. They didn't get his joke, then he doesn't get theirs. How embarrassing for him. I mean, if he had feelings that is.

    4. I imagined what was said and typed it up.

      OK, I'll play. Image a couple of months from now; Windsor writes Cox:

      Pastor Cox,
      You may be "in love and in light," as you say, but because I took your legal advice, what they do to me in the dark every night isn't love.

      Sincerely and truly butthurt,
      Bill Windsor

    5. Only one lemming finally got that the article was all in his head. The others still believe every word he types is fact. So just how much of the crap on the LA dot con is fake? In his head, made up, imagined, for drama or because HE thinks it's funny--which no one else "gets?"

      Karen Jutkiewicz-- WOW BILL YOUR A RIOT
      Bill Windsor-- Thanks, Kay Kay. I thought it was really funny. I enjoyed the heck out of writing it.

      Which makes me think back to the previous claims he's made...were those also made up? Funny to him? Just wing them into civil suits for drama?

  11. Lemmings never get his humor, and Bill doesn't get that having to explain it makes him look the fool among fools. Some of them take multiple explanations of it being funny before the understand he was trying(pathetically) to be funny. I do laugh at your lemmings lack of any hint of critical thinking, but hey, that's why you love them!

    I think he believes he is incredibly funny, and is good at writing. It really is only in your head Bill, you are not funny ha ha, more like funny, does that guy need a psych eval kind of way. Turns out even your prosecutor agrees with the latter.

    1. Bill Windsor It was hidden in the dictionary of my mind...
      1 · 45 mins

      Karen Jones So this is a stock photo?
      44 mins

      LMAO Karen, now that is funny!

  12. He did tell the lemming to always record how do we know Windsor did not have a spy pen? He says he always has some spy device on him. I suggest that they strip search him and give a full cavity search for recording devices at the jail before hand.

  13. Windsor posting about "Stop Bullying?" Really? He's the biggest Bully around. If you get in his way, he'll just slander the crap out of you and sue. Doesn't matter what you did or didn't do, he'll just say whatever the hell he wants and that's that.

    It is so infuriating, the lengths he has gone to, with this entire Corruption/Revolution scam and his Narcissistic entitlement is fed by those "Corrupt" people he hates so much because they just keep dancing with the devil. I guess when they get burned bad enough, maybe they'll put him in his place. Until then, it appears they are all just complacent and happily allowing him to waste their time, bogging down the system, and basically holding all those he's sued "hostage" because he can. He is a terrorist plain and simple.

    1. Lawless America Company? What state is that incorporated in?

    2. It's incorporated in his warped "state" of mind.

      Or, he can't recall, doesn't remember, or needs one of his ASSociates to help him dig up that missing information that was probably deleted from a "Highly Confidential please delete after reading" mission impossible style email.

    3. Yeah, that Lawless America Company snit jumped off the page for me too.
      Wasn't it a a non-profit? A political movement? The name of a movie? I can remember what all it's supposed to have been, but "company" was a new one.
      Wonder how all those that gave their 'congressional testimony' to Windsor think about it being a company now? Are they co-owners? Shareholders? It was all about them, seems reasonable to me that they'd be part of the company.
      I just thought he was spun yesterday! He's moving into warp gear real fast.

  14. Ok 1) Was he even legally allowed to have a recording device much less use one secretly. 2) Would cheapskate Bill splurge for a spypen and would incompetent Bill understand how to record and download the audio. 3) He has refused to release any alleged audio. 4) He may have only been trying to threaten authorities who might have reminded him if the recording was illegal or false 5) Bill admitted he lied about the recording and 6) Bill has now just admitting to manufacturing evidence. 7) Let's all have a beer.

    1. ^^^ Ok, did you not figure out that was all fiction by Windsor to try to be funny? Manufacturing evidence of what, for what?

    2. You musta missed a few chapters. Windsor is notorious for his fancy pen that doesn't write, but always takes to hearings. When it's all about him? Nothing is too expensive, bail, food, lodging, vehicles, domains, gadgets, whatever. Cost is only an issue for Windsor when it has to do with him doing for others or following legal procedures (filing fees, copies, sanctions, court costs).

    3. No, I was responding to Fleming and anyone else dumb enough to think there still might be an audio that maybe he only chickened out of.

    4. Maybe Fleming was being sarcastic because of Windsor's FB post claiming he was going to be filming or recording everything from now on, up until the trial. If Windsor's going to post this stuff, why should people mock it?

      It was discussed in the past that Windsor kept putting that fake recorder pen up in Allie's face, so why not think it's a possibility, and he just took the Billshit way out by claiming he didn't record?

    5. Well, if he really did record, what would that be? Probably another felony!

    6. ***correction to my 7:09 post** it should say "Why shouldn't people mock it? Most definitely--they should. He's an asshole.

      As for another felony? Who cares at this point? Windsor will not stand trial if he can help it. He's such a professional vexatious filer, he'll have appeals and crap filed all the way to SCOTUS, so heaven forbid anyone deny his rights and actually hold a trial to hold him accountable.

      Windsor has a history of putting everything off. Just did it again in TX. He doesn't play by the rules, and people aren't paying attention to the warnings. This is not some average joe schmoe. This is THE William M Windsor--who claimed everyone in the Senate knows him, and he also said he wanted everyone to fear Lawless America. That's what he is bringing to each and every courthouse in America.

    7. Windsor will not stand trial if he can help it.

      Who wouldn't?


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