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Monday, March 10, 2014

Bill Windsor Tries to Scrub His Past

Bill Windsor never lies, as he reminds everyone repeatedly.  But one important component to that statement is the ability to erase everything he has said in the past.  Late last night, Bill sent out a plea to his followers for spying, but this time its to spy on himself.  You see those over 100 talkshoe shows of him blabbering on and on may have statements in them that contradict what Bill has already sworn in court that he never said.  You see, all those "haters" are lying about me, but just in case I'm gonna need to review and edit all the shows that I did where I spoke about grand juries, 501 c3 non- profits, proposed legislation (I never did that did I?), donations....oh and I forgot all the different things I said about the fake movie.

If Bill Windsor never lied then he has no reason to worry about all those talkshoe shows.  But he did, and now he does have to worry.  Oh and anything anyone else said is not important, only what Bill says....but then again we already knew that didn't we?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lawless America a Non-Prophet?

I guess Bill should have seen this coming when he scrambled to sign up his Lawless America as a non-profit.  Sean Fleming, you know from the Sean Fleming Show, has a great video explaining Bill's shenanigans between trying to play LLC and 501c3 non-profit corporation.

Bill, as usual, is trying to play both sides of the coin.  He registered Lawless America as a non-profit listing his wife as the Director.  But non-profits are not allowed to engaged in the political arena as that is specifically reserved for that is called PACs (Political Action Committees).  Beyond that though, both are to be set up with a committee and must track all donations and expenditures.  As a non profit, LA could have paid Bill's expenses and a "salary" for running his fake movie, but that would have to have been approved by the Board of Directors with a full accounting of all revenue and expenses.  As we know, Bill just took the donations and says he can't read when it comes time to file his taxes.  So Lawless America, the non-profit, engaged in political activity without a PAC and took in donations with no appropriate BOD approval and accounting.