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Monday, October 6, 2014

Windsor's Time is Kinda Valuable

Inside the lawsuit of Windsor vs. the World, there is a fracas breaking out between Bill and Sean Fleming....specifically his attorney Barbara Hachenburg.  In short, she is making Bill look like a fool and he doesn't appreciate that.  In addition to her air tight argument that Bill is a public figure and her anti-slapp motion, she also made one that makes the case that Bill should be labelled a vexations litigant and put up $50,000 in security in the extremely likely scenario he loses and is charged with Fleming's expenses.  This is not a happy subject for Bill as he thought he already dodged that monkey by playing his "ohhh I forget to pay the fee on time" game.

So that starts this little email game that Bill likes to do "please advise me on your strategy to fight what I'm doing so I can prepare for it"

Notice her shut-down of him at the end....uhhh yeah what is the name of that business entity you are suing for damages again?  Crickets chirp, Windsor goes dark on that one.  She could have also asked him to show her that affidavit from Barbara Windsor where she claims she divorced him because of the "Joeys".  His entire suit is based on lies.

Anyway, back to the spat.....Bill thinks he wins because she filed this 4 days past his calculated deadline while she points out the court has the inherent power to do whatever it wants.

So, apparently it took bill 4 "long" days to come up with a response to the simple fact that he most defiantly is a vexatious litigant.  He could have spent that time filing additional frivolous motions and asking for discovery on defendants who have stayed all discovery.  Maybe if he had those 4 "long" days back he could have finally sorted the 37,000 comments on this blog by author (he says 96% of them are anon).  If Bill had paid for this tedious work which he performed pro se, he would have paid $15 an hour totalling $480.  Now, when we break down the math on that, it turns out that those 4 "long" days equate to 8 hours a day.  So now we know what a really long work day is according to Bill.

So in the "interest of economy"....lets just strike this whole motion altogether without having to make me try and argue against the merits of it.  And, even though the "court can't give me back my valuable time" can just pay me the $15 an hour I'm worth.

Notice #35. seems that some of these defendants are copying from their classmate's answers. This really bothers Bill.....if there is one thing he can't stand is for someone to just copy and paste duplicative charges and accusations against someone else without specific and unique evidence in each case.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Everyone is Out to Get Bill

First it was Google, then Craigslist, Ripoff Report, the AMPPS, the Joeys, Facebook, now its Ma Bell who is out to get Windsor.  AT&T through its Yahoo email site has pulled the plug on Bill's nobodies account. And of course that means they must be in on the conspiracy too.  Maybe this is all part of Judge Thrash's plan.  Bill sees $$$$ in his eyes as he continues to add muliti-billion dollar companies to his lawsuit roster. His cable provider better watch out as they may be next in line after a late night infomercial "lures" Bill into buying a knife that can cut through shoes.

Then again, maybe there is a simple explanation.  Maybe enemy of the State Bill Windsor really is the horrible person everyone says he is.  He did violate the terms of service and has been justifiably shut down....the better question is how was he able to use those conduits for his stalking and terrorist activities all that time?

Bill is also back to bashing Facebook as he claims to have received a message from their legal counsel:

"Then today, I received an email from the attorney for Facebook saying: " an active Facebook user you have agreed to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, which provides in part that Facebook may stop providing all or part of Facebook if you violate the letter or spirit of the Statement or otherwise create risk or possible legal exposure for Facebook."

Now the first question is.....if Bill Windsor said it, can it be true?  I would maintain that its not possible. We have read, through court documents, just how these email exchanges go between FB's legal team and Bill. Just about every email he sends is laced with several scurrilous tirades followed by more threats. 
Facebook's attorney's respond with a professional, tempered and topic specific response.  But more to the point....why would Facebook continue to allow this monster to operate a page?  He is already suing them, while using their very service to slander and defame the company to his fellow zombies.  Case in point, he is currently using FB for some kind of countdown till Friday with bloody red background that could be construed as a threat for violence.

All of this is simply another attempt to distract his followers from his utter failure.  Even now they are sounding off their praise for their F├╝hrer, as they thank him for all that he has done (none of them can list one single tangible result, however).  But this little foray into his made up Lawless America world is only a brief exit from reality....and reality has pushed him into a corner he can not escape.  Even a slightly sane person would give up at this point knowing when he was beaten, but Bill has lived his evil life on not taking no for an answer so we can expect him to continue his hopeless endeavour of being a 65 and 2/10ths year old bully.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Windsor Melts Down, Admits He is a Fraud

With all his legal endeavours collapsing on him, Bill took to his facebook page in an effort of revisionist history.  He lashed at out Sean Fleming for putting Bill's words in his mouth, specificity his plan to form citizen grand juries and use them to try officials for treason.  Well lets look at the facts:

Seems pretty clear cut, surely he isn't pretending he didn't say and send all that?  This was in the comments under his meltdown post last night with his new #2 (of 2) Susan:

Susan Harbison Bill, Fleming and some of the other GENII indicate you propose the formation of citizen grand juries which would hold criminal trials and sentence the convicted. Is that statement true or false? Did you propose that the citizens grand jury could impose the death sentence and somehow see that it was carried out? I never heard you suggest such a radical plan but there are those that insist they did hear it. ???

Bill Windsor No, Susan, I never said any such thing. I never said any jury of any type could impose a death sentence and somehow carry it out. I spoke many times about the fact that citizens grand juries were worthless because no one pays attention to what they do. What I presented was a way for people to go to the county/ state and federal grand juries with their criminal complaints, and I shared the list of criminal statutes that I researched and determined to be possible. There have always been links to this information At one time, I used the term "citizens grand juries" (unfortunate choice of words since I feel they are a joke) as to something I proposed that could be done if the government grand juries could not be reached, but that was to be like the case review that the New Hampshire legislature has done. It would have no power, but it would be a way to highlight injustice and alleged wrongdoing. There were never any details discussed about that. These Joeyisalittlekid people have no evidence of any of this outrageous stuff they say.

Susan Harbison OMG, all this time from what I read on Joey I thought you were a proponent of citizen grand juries! So you were really just trying to help people REACH legitimate grand juries to try to get indictments? Incredible.
Bill Windsor They knew the truth. there are multiple looong TalkShoe shows about this. There are links on the home page of about this.
Bill Windsor There is a video where I used the term "citizens grand juries." That was a bad use of words by me. All the TalkShoe shows will show that my thought was never defined. My ideas had been made crystal clear, and there is massive proof of the grand juryeffort being the county/state and federal government-sanctioned grand juries. They then take the fact that I feel the death penalty should be abolished except for treason to be that a jury would find that death should be the penalty for treason. Treason is punishable now by prison and with the possibility of death as a sentence. I never ever said I wanted people to be sentenced to death. In fact, I joked about some of the victims volunteering to work for free at the prisons where the traitors would be put (if a legal jury found them guilty). I never planned executions and murder and all this garbage that these sick people have written. And the only way to get new people in office is to have them elected; that's how it works in America. Since these cyberstalkers cannot produce videos or audios or stories where I said I was going to kill people or have them executed, they have a big, big problem. Accusing someone of being a killer, murderer, executioner is defamation to the extreme.

Now, obviously we have the clear fact that his pants are on fire.  He lied, he didn't just misspeak one time on he made that the crux of his threatening letter to Congress (where he stole their seal too).  He can't run from his past, but he sure is trying.  I want to highlight another fact that he just gave away in his meltdown.......Bill admitted that what he was preaching to his followers was "worthless, waste of time, and a joke".  That is exactly why I call him a fraud, he doesn't even believe in what he is proposing.  Its all an illusion intended to scam his audience.  Last night, Bill said that very thing.  Its not defamation if its true.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bill Windsor Tries to Scrub His Past

Bill Windsor never lies, as he reminds everyone repeatedly.  But one important component to that statement is the ability to erase everything he has said in the past.  Late last night, Bill sent out a plea to his followers for spying, but this time its to spy on himself.  You see those over 100 talkshoe shows of him blabbering on and on may have statements in them that contradict what Bill has already sworn in court that he never said.  You see, all those "haters" are lying about me, but just in case I'm gonna need to review and edit all the shows that I did where I spoke about grand juries, 501 c3 non- profits, proposed legislation (I never did that did I?), donations....oh and I forgot all the different things I said about the fake movie.

If Bill Windsor never lied then he has no reason to worry about all those talkshoe shows.  But he did, and now he does have to worry.  Oh and anything anyone else said is not important, only what Bill says....but then again we already knew that didn't we?

Friday, February 21, 2014

First Rule of Fight Club?

So the phrase of the week seems to be citizen grand juries.  It seems that Bill and David Schied were both contacted by the FBI and asked about their involvement in the Sovereign Citizen movementand specifically their plans related to citizen grand juries.  And with this coming on the heels of Lawless member Paulson being arrested for trying to carry out the stupid stunt, Bills' and David's answers differ quite a bit.

Bill is only playing games and he can change his story in mid sentence without batting an eye.  When asked if he was a Sovereign....he adhered to the first rule of being a Sovereign  He then brought in a new phrase to his lexicon by saying he didn't propose citizen grand juries but rather "Special Regulatory Grand Juries" despite the mountains of documents and videos where he did propose citizen grand juries.

Then we have ole David Schied who really is a believer.  He isn't playing games and he refuses to lie.  This puts him at a great disadvantage in this world of underground anarchists and makes him a liability to the them. David recaps all the details and more in this article:

Incredibly long story slightly FBI agent contacted David because of his connections to both the late Trish Kraus and Bill Windsor and that they "were somehow involved in a "domestic terrorist" organization called Lawless America".  Will Bill now be adding the FBI to his lawsuits?  Well, instead of following SOP, David like a boy scout went right ahead and gave this agent a long lecture about the sad state of our Country, particularity the legal system. Then when asked about the buzz word of the week, citizen grand juries, instead of denying it or making up a new word like Bill, David went full speed ahead.

"In addressing Agent Brand’s concern about independent grand juries springing up in Michigan without the authorization of these very same (corrupt) judges (and their counterparts in the executive branch), I reasoned that I and others across Michigan and the United States have enough evidence to show that We The People have no other means of accessing any other state or federal grand juries for reporting these government crimes. As case-in-point, I referred to my own numerous case demands to both the judicial and executive branches of both state and federal government for access to the real government of “the People,” by way of either petit or grand juries, and as both a civil “plaintiff” and as a bona fide “crime victim.” I also described how I have thereafter been repeatedly denied such access to anyone outside of government (i.e., “the People” of a petit or grand jury) by both the courts and the prosecutors. I pointed out that I have had so many denials of grand juries by the judicial branch that the latest responses to my demands, at both the state and federal levels, have been to threaten me with sanctions if I file such a court action again clarifying and redressing my demand of this all-important recognition that government crimes are being committed…in spades."

So there you have it mr. FBI agent in an unusually open, honest and transparent way.  Agent Brand goes on to articulate the whole platform of this blog and why we have been following bill and his appointed number two guy Schied:

"I doubt that Agent Brand was taking notes, though he was likely recording our conversation as he further elaborated upon his characterization of the classic sovereign by his definition. He described the person as one who locates a single code or statute and uses it to justify one’s own exemption from being subjugated to the chain of other written laws. This is the person who propagates wrongful information while relying upon just that one statute and a limited interpretation of the law, even though such an interpretation might be entirely correct. His concern was the disregarding of the greater context of other laws, either leading up to or encompassing the one being referenced by the sovereign; and that they were encouraging others to join in on relying upon such a limited interpretation of the law while breaking other laws. In regard to those who are undermining and circumventing the laws to form their own grand juries, Agent Brand insinuated that some of those involved in this movement appear to be people who might have fought numerous court battles and emerged as “disgruntled litigants” (like Bill Windsor) who simply did not like the results of the judicial rulings against them."

I give a standing ovation to our brave public servant FBI agent Brand in articulating exactly what is going on here.  Bill, David and Lawless are not about exposing real government corruption, its about revenge against a system that rendered a ruling they didn't like and they simply refuse to abide by the ruling of the court. Instead, they want to destroy the very fabric of our society.  No evidence, no due process, no actual democracy, just pure vigilante justice at its most primitive form.

The rest of the piece is Schied putting on his reading glasses and giving the agent a long....long.......loooong lecture filled with the usual Sovereign Citizen propaganda with the all caps word TREASON littered throughout the dissertation.  The main point being that when asked by a man with a badge, David didn't run from the Lawless America dogma, he reiterated it.  Bill Windsor, when put in the same spot, ran from his previous initiates.  For all his faults, and they are many, Schied sticks to his guns as a true believer in what he espouses.  I can at least respect that.  Bill is just simply a vindictive baby hell bent on getting back against any and everyone who dared to speak out against his self serving goals.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bill Windsor Never Lies

So Bill decided last night it was time to answer our calls about why he isn't even bothering to make his fake movie anymore.  Its funny how he ignores all his followers but he answers anything we say over here, instantly. 

Those who haven't read my recent posts here may be asking this question well actually they are asking that exact question? There are several reasons (divorce, medical problems), but the primary reason is the perhaps unprecedented libel, slander, and defamation that has been unleashed on me by people who I believe are either mentally ill or paid by someone to do this, or both hey thats slander, at least by your definition of the word.
When people search for information about me online, instead of reading good things about what I have been trying to accomplish, their eyes get drawn to beyond outrageous lies well maybe if you had done something good, just one thing, they could read about it. Sadly, in today's world, it seems folks love to believe the crap that gets splattered on the wall. especially when its true
Until I can get courts and law enforcement to do something about these people, it is unlikely that I will obtain the financing needed to complete the film properly or a distribution deal ohhhh now you need financing for the movie, I wonder if you told that to all those people you filmed for the movie? Nope, that little issue was never raised until now. So, my focus hast to be on trying to bring these creeps to justice. mainly because I don't know how to make a movie and never intended to do it....the "haters" can be my scapegoat.
The latest lawsuit is against the people who have posted on ummm there is like 37,000 comments on this blog. This is a case where a number of people have what, who?, with extreme malice not just regular malice?, conspired no we didn't to destroy me through thousands hundreds of published articles and comments I dont moderate the comments, they just happen. Published statements that I am a pedophile never happened on this blog, a pedophile lover never stated, anti-gay never, bigoted nope, a tax evader your own divorce filing states that you haven't filed a tax return in 3 years, a criminal operating a scam didn't call you a criminal but where is the movie?, a terrorist Paper terrorism refers to the use of false liens, frivolous lawsuits, bogus letters of credit, and other ungrounded legal documents to harass others, especially against government officials. It is the filing and sending of false documents to intimidate police, government officials and private citizens. , a sexual deviant you asked to hear people's stories of rape and incest, oh and you posted a screen shot of you surfing porn, a liar where is the movie?, and a con man are false where is the movie?, and this constitutes defamation, slander, libel, intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy, conspiracy, and stalking those are a lot of big words....used randomly and without a shred of proof.
The Joeys what the hell is "the Joeys", I run this blog set out to do harm to me, and they wreaked havoc with one defamatory statement after another or just exposed what you...a self proclaimed public figure said and how it was not quite factual.
In Texas, the elements of libel as defamation are: (1) false and defamatory words (2) published to a third person (3) that defamed the plaintiff (4) while either acting with actual malice or negligence regarding the truth of the statement. An organization may be liable for the defamatory utterances of its agent that are made while acting within the scope of the agent’s authority. A statement is defamatory if it tends to injure a living person's reputation you were already labelled a vexatious litigant in the eyes of the court before we ever said a word about you, there wasn't much of a reputation to start with and thereby expose the person to public hatred, contempt or ridicule, or financial injury or to impeach any person's honesty, integrity, virtue, or reputation. The Joeys have published false and defamatory words about me no. Published statements about me that are false and defamatory include that I am a pedophile we are repeating ourselves but never stated, a pedophile lover, anti-gay, a bigot, a tax evader, a criminal operating a scam, a terrorist, a sexual deviant, have had sex with animals what the hell? never stated by this blog, am a liar where is your book, your movie? , a con man, a con artist, a huckster where is the movie?, created the movie as part of a con game right, so where is it?, am conning people movie?, am a fraud movie?, am Hitler never stated, am Hitler-like you are dictatorial in your rule over your lawless minions, am psychotic never stated, claim I have a movie but it is a fake exactly, had a psychotic break never stated, threatened people with physical harm never stated, am a dickless coward lol thanks for sharing but never stated, am mentally ill boy you really can't stop talking about that can you?, want payoffs from people to not extort them on YouTube never stated, have published complete lies where is your movie?, have published a distortion of any reality huh?, am mentally disturbed you keep saying that, am showing a distorted one sided view of every story I dont think that was stated here....but you do, am showing lies what does that even mean?, am showing less than half truth so like a quarter truth?, am not intelligent you are not, you are below average, am of dubious moral character yeah, my Lawless America business has died you just said you can't make the movie, have no significant intellectual skills never stated but I wouldn't disagree, am a sociopath never stated but do agree, had a woman sitting on my lap during filming in Michigan and was grabbing her on the ass you mean like that pic I have up at the top from your own facebook page? Thats perjury Bill, got convicted sex offenders to do my filming never stated by this blog, am a maniacal monster thats one way to put it, have herpes never stated on this blog, falsify information you faked your facebook "likes", was cheating on my wife never stated on this blog, my wife (now ex-wife) and I are going to jail never stated on this blog; support cold-blooded killers you did; Washington DC event was a disaster it was, not one single Congressman or media official ever knew you even came, have lost my mind never stated; The Plaintiff “has hurt so many through black mail, coercion and has threatened the safety of so many mothers and their children by sharing their intimate and confidential information.” thats wasn't stated by this blog Other published statements that are defamatory include that the Lawless America movie does not and will not exist it doesn't, and you just said unless some money falls out of the sky it wont; I have been making up information about Soushie for years what?; the itinerary with the movie was filled with pedophiles never stated; I am a sexual deviant you are, you showed us your screen shot, a sick animal never stated, moral-less, unethical you are, and a freek its spelled freak but never stated; I am a psychopath never stated; I was fired for being a crook never stated, am operating a scam where is the movie?, and lie about anything and everything where is the movie?; there is no movie exactly, glad you admit it; I am a monster well what are you?; anything I am involved with is bound to be a complete lie and a distortion of any reality never stated, at least not like that; I am only showing my mentally disturbed and distorted one sided view of every story you keep saying that, most of it lies and less than half truth; Anyone like me who is stupid enough to support a extortionist, scam artist, elderly abusing scum like Crystal Cox is obviously not very intelligent and of dubious moral character never stated by this blog; I have scammed people all my life there are decades of court records that seem to indicate that. The Joeys have conspired no conspiracy with one person's blog to libel, slander, and defame me to put him in a false light and cause me emotional distress or tell the truth about you. They succeeded yay.
None of these defamatory published statements about me are true but all the true comments carry on, and I have sworn to this under oath under penalty of perjury and just committed it...see picture above .
These people haven't just damaged me; they have damaged all of us who are trying to correct the massive INjustices that we face with government, law enforcement, and the judicial system. — in Waxahachie, TX we saved our country....yay again
Then Bill posts more lies in the comments under this:
Bill Windsor Michael Warnken and others who don't know the divorce story: My wife of 40 years divorced me because she is in complete, total fear due to the stalking, threats, and more that comes from these cyberstalkers. She is afraid she will be killed. My children have the same fear. These sick people caused this. 52 minutes ago · Like · 2
That is absolutely not true, we saw the divorce papers and Bill himself admitted that his family gave him an ultimatum, either keep obsessing with this fake movie or move back with your family.....he said he won't let them tell him what to do and bam, he is divorced. More specifically, neither I or anyone associated with this blog has ever contacted Barbara or any of his offspring in any way, nor has anyone associated made any kind of threats of physical harm. You can keep saying it over and over, but it will never make it true.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Same Ole Same Ole

Hip hip hooray, Bill Windsor chimed in today.

Hi gang what do you mean by gang?. This should be an exciting year for all the serial liars out there. you mean your "gang"?
I am very pleased to report that I got a bad cold on New Year's well that is great news...I sure hope you spare us the details, but the good news is that I was finally forced to blow my nose you have to be forced to blow your nose, maybe you need a court order next time? after a three week order to not blow. As I started blowing my nose, some stuff in my right inner ear apparently got jostled around, and my hearing has improved a bit well thanks for sparing us all the details.
I had another cat scam, and it shows that the skull fracture is healing, but there is some "debris" in the inner ear that will likely have to be removed with a procedure its called hot air. I suspect that is debris from all the garbage I have heard about over the last seven years, but it could also be dried blood. or maybe from all the lies your poor ears have had to endure
I am so tired of having medical problems!!! well make up a new lie then
I need to post the various lawsuits that have been filed you don't have to. I will try to get that done in the next day or two. We have a San Mateo County California action -- William M. Windsor v. Facebook for fraud and tortious interference through the removal of the Lawless America page claiming "nudity, pornography, and the solicitation of sex." that wont even make one hearing We have an Ellis County Texas action -- William M. Windsor v. Joeyisalittlekid and 1,000 Joeys one may ask what a Joey really, what is a Joey?. This is a massive case of defamationis the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation (what was said that was false Bill?, conspiracy  an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act (A. Thats not true, and B. You don't even have a shred of evidence to back that up. , libel which is just defamation but in print...once again what have we said that was false?, slander defamation that is spoken (I'm pretty sure I have never spoken anything about you), tortious interference you don't have a legal business so how can it be interfered with? Is this about us pointing out how your 50,000 likes were fake?, and more what jaywalking?. Service has already been obtained for Joeyisalittlekid why kind of service?, Google oh good, that will make it real fun, and several of the other defendants many of whom have no idea what the blog even is, much less had any part in it. We have a federal lawsuit in Montana you mean you want to -- William M. Windsor v. Sean M. Boushie, the University of Montana, and John Does 1-100 why not 1000?. This is a massive defamation and conspiracy action not really, there are only 100 Does vs 1000 Joey Does.