Thursday, January 28, 2016

To Catch a Predator

Bill has found his new calling in life.  In fact,he has been training his entire life for this.  He has found that he has the ability to spot other con artists and explain their tactics and goals.  Bill has decided to take advantage of a woman who was being preyed upon by a Bill.

"I was reminded of this yesterday when helping a sweet Mom with an online predator who I believe is trying to take all that she has. There are a lot of documents and court filings. Big mass of stuff.
And the most effective way to lie in court is to lie so much that it takes forever to deal with all the lies. And then, how do you get a judge to ever do anything about it?
Dealing with one lie and perjured statement after another, I discovered two tiny little pieces of information that should win the day for this nice Mom."

For a man who finds massive corruption wherever he goes....he sure does "know" a lot about this doesn't he?  Imagine a monster overwhelming court documents with so many lies that no one would know where to start in terms of dismantling them all.  That is the "most effective way" as Bill has learned.  If you tell just 3 lies, they will call you out, so cover those 3 lies with 450 more and everyone will just roll their eyes and ignore it.

Bill is "helping" this sweet old mom out by applying his old convoluted saying of "can't see the trees for the forest".  Basically, like with all his failed legal cases, he doesn't have a good argument, can't refute the facts so lets just seize on one little remote piece of paper that really doesn't have anything to do with the overall case and pretend it will "win the day".  FYI to "a sweet Mom"......don't let Bill's confidence fool you, he never wins in court for a reason and his understanding of basic words and concepts is completely inverted.

Windsor might have struck a nerve here with this story (even though he isn't giving out any details). Believe it or not, it seems his few remaining followers all have the same kinds of stories in terms of people taking advantage of them and then leaving them high and dry.  Maybe Bill can become a modern day (not nearly as clever) version of Frank Abagnale.  It seems he has a great gift of knowing exactly how these monsters think. Imagine that.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Terrorism by any Other Name is still Terrorism

I haven't touched on the loons at the National Liberty Alliance lately because....well there isn't much to say.  They are still spinning their same wheels, but one thing they have done is wholeheartedly supported the domestic terrorists who are illegally occupying the government building in Oregon. And why not?  These guys are only living out in action the propaganda that John Darash and Bill Windsor spew on a daily basis.  Take note of this article:

Sound familiar?  Illegal citizen grand juries to foster in a sort of shadow government.  Bundy is simply following the play book that John and Bill give their allegiance to.  International terrorism gets most of the press these days and for obvious reasons, but the growing number of domestic terrorist in this nation is alarming as they intend to wage their Jihad by another name.  While the tactics may be different, the goal is the same......the complete destruction of our laws and way of life. Much like the terrorists in Al Quada or ISIS, these domestic american terrorists are poorly educated and only seem to know vague generalizations about this Nation's Founding Fathers and its Constitution.  Instead of educating themselves, they have banded together and formulated their own bastardized version of our Constitution.  Group think is a double edged sword.  Instead of being hesitant and shy about their own lack of education, they are bolstered by fellow idiots that insure them they are right.  This is how cults are formed, and that's what we are seeing play out now in Oregon.  Sure the government is inefficient, burdensome, sometimes corrupt.  Newsflash: that's the way its always been and the way it always will be.  We can help fix some things at the margins but the construct is here to stay....and I for one am glad I live in a nation with laws that don't succumb to the whims of sore losers who can't take responsibility for their own failings. These terrorists are not going away, they are only going to get worse and more extreme.  Its our responsibility to call them what they are and to show them that they are alone and don't speak for the actual American population.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bill Calls in All His Chips, Raises $60

So the drama queen came back to Dallas and as he stayed at the Candlewood Suites in Park Cities, his brand new decked out Jeep Grand Cherokee was allegedly broken into.  Bill claims they stole all his fake movie making equipment and put the price tag on that at around $100,000.  Its now time to throw his on pity party and he invited all his followers around the world to join him by way of a gofundme account to help raise money to get his fake movie going again.  He sent the word out far and wide through his internet world and it seems all the kings horses and all kings men can't seem to put ole Dumpty back together again.  All he has raised is $60, which won't even be enough to get him a new tie.  His goal of raising $50,000 seems about as attainable as buying a movie ticket to go see the movie Lawless America.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Windsor Seems to Have a Death Wish

Now that Bill has had some time to sit and reflect on his colossal defeat in Montana, his rage has consumed him.  He is making it very clear that he will not abide by any of the sentence given to him in Missoula.  He will not stop harassing Sean Boshie, nor will he cease his attacks on Judge Haynes or deputy DA Clark.  Its driving Bill crazy that Judge Haynes would have the audacity to tell Bill or his fellow terrorists that they can't publish any information pertaining to the jurors in his pro se trial. As a self made member of the press how dare they tell him what he can't say, he has freedom of speech.....meaning he can say whatever he wants whenever he wants.  This is why he is Lawless Bill, the laws dont apply to him.

As he drives off into the sunset and away from Montana, Bill filed a:

Notice of Withdraw (because he doesn't like the ruling of the "kangaroo court" and he wants a do over)
Notice of Criminal Charges (he's filing these on everyone he can think of and even though he can't actually file criminal charges.....he did anyway and wants someone to notice his authority)
Motion to Vacate the Sentence (he doesn't understand the sentence, he didn't have good counsel, the poor thing had to represent himself, he didn't even have a backup counsel after he filed a motion asking his back up counsel to be removed, he didn't have anyone to advise him during sentencing, and that "there is a strong likelihood that the outcome would have been different if Windsor had counsel"  I think we can all agree on that one)
Motion to Vacate the order regarding Jurors (because the guilty verdict was the final scene in Lawless America even though he didn't film it, Bill is a member of the press and this order is greatly happening his terrorist right to defame and intimidate innocent citizens)

So he is demanding that the courts to vacate everything they did and do a re-do, ohhh but when you do Bill can only participate by phone as he's not really keen on returning to the scene of the crime.

Coming off that striking defeat, what's the stupidest thing he could possibly do?  If you guessed drive back down to Ellis County and go into Judge Cindy's court and demand would be correct.

"If there is anyone in the Dallas area who will accompany me to Ellis County, please send me a private message. I could be arrested when I go there, so I'd like to have someone join me just in case.
I will have a hearing in Ellis County Texas in which I will subpoena Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson, Ellis County District Attorney Investigator Barnie Fife, Ellis County Clerk of Court Melanie Reed, Deputy Ellis County Clerk of Court Kate Roberson, Ellis County Deputy Sheriff James Cook, Ellis County Deputy Sheriff Cheri Lujan, and a few other special guests."

Would anyone like to join me in getting arrested in Ellis County, I could use a buddy?  As we all know, Bill jumped his $100,000 bond set by Judge Cindy about a year ago.  He was given very specific orders which he broke.  Now the multimillionaire-nationwide domestic terrorist is going to return to the scene of his crime.  Or at least he is pretending to.  He is never going to cease his criminal activity until the authorities pull the plug on him.  Stern warnings and slaps on the wrist only inflame his criminal behavior.  Bill is stepping into uncharted territory if he returns to a county that now knows his game.  His MO has always been hit and run, and never return.....will he actually test his own blueprint?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bill's Mock Jury Turns the Table on Him

All Bill has ever wanted was a chance to be heard by a jury.  Now he has, and he has been found not credible.  Yesterday's court room circus culminated in a rather quick jury decision of guilty on both counts.  Bill reportedly now has a PPO in place against Sean Boushie, he must pay Sean $2K, the court $1K and he must remove all references to Sean's name is his vast array of defamatory websites. He was credited with time already served so he will forgo the turkey loaf diet his body needed.  Bill of course will appeal.....after all he didn't have good representation and he couldn't even find his tie.  I guess lets first start with the opening statement he wanted to give the jury....before all those obnoxious legal objections (I know its long but we can get through it together, in fact I actually condensed it):

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, I am William Michael Windsor. I am a senior citizen they can see you are old. I have never committed a crime in my life other than automobile-related you stole a car?.  I do not even have a traffic ticket or parking ticket in the last 15 years thats not what you say in your memoirs. I don’t smoke, rarely drink socially in fact rarely do anything socially, don’t drink and drive but you do want all those DWI prisoners set free, have never struck anyone, have never killed an animal what about trees?, have never shot at anything but a target generally speaking, you usually shoot at your target, am absolutely non-violent unless you don't do what I ask, have never used drugs of any type well except prescription, adhere to all laws except driving a few miles an hour over the speed limit you have the right to remain silent, but I guess not the ability. I even make full stops at every stop sign I like long walks on the beach at sunset. I did not commit these so-called crimes that I am charged with, and it will be very easy for you to say NOT GUILTY actually its even easier to say word.
Before I begin too late, you already did, I’d like you to know that I am not an attorney pause for courtroom shock and gasps. I could not afford one unless you count my multimillion dollar hush fund. I was offered a court-appointed public defender, but I did not accept one. If you aren’t aware of this, public defenders get their paychecks from the same place as the prosecuting attorney and the judge. I know I can trust myself.
You should always be able to remember I am not an attorney dont worry, they got it. Male attorneys wear ties and appropriate suits. I apologize to you that I am not wearing a tie, but the only tie I had with me when I was put in jail in Texas seems to have somehow disappeared during the 134 days that I have been behind bars thus far in three jails. I have more ties at home in Texas your court documents list South Dakota as your home?, but I haven’t been able to return home for 15 months. I guess there is no other conceivable way for you to attain a tie then 
Some people feel the man who represents himself has a fool for a client he does.  I feel that the man who represents himself will be the most honest person in the room outside the jury box well you sure killed that theory then huh; he will know the facts backwards and forwards; and he will do the best possible job he can.
I was a pre-law student in college you mean you took a class, and I was accepted to law school they let me use the bathroom one time, but I decided to get married instead. and obviously you can't do both at the same time  But for the last five years, I have studied the law. in the law library?  I’ve actually never been in a jury trial before, not as a juror, witness, or party.  Much of my “legal training” thank you for the "" comes from TV shows and movies. some might point out that isn't actually training at all  I have no doubt that I will make mistakes, but every word that I speak will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. others, however, will have quite a bit of doubt 
Please realize that the Prosecuting Attorney, Jennifer Clark, is not testifying they usually dont, and nothing, absolutely nothing, that she says is a fact in this trial. what if she calls you by your name?  This is very important for you to remember; she is simply presenting arguments. Thats it Bill, talk to them like they are in the 3rd grade They won’t be valid.  Don’t be confused in thinking she is giving you facts as she cannot.
I may appear to be extremely nervous but the truth is I'm just very nervous.  While I am a little nervous, I have developed a Parkinson’s-like tremor in both hands since a Wanted Poster was distributed nationwide for my arrest, I was unlawfully incarcerated for 134 days with my bail bond as high as $4.1 million, and I was facing five criminal charges that could have had me spending the rest of my life in prison. wait a minute swore in other courts that your claustrophobia caused by your incarceration is why you have the shakes 
Have you ever known someone with a Wanted Poster?  Well, you have now. they don't know you
I hope you are sitting there thinking “are you kidding me – they are charging this old man with crimes for sending an email to an attorney and for having a website!  And there is a Wanted Poster for him!”
If you are sitting there thinking, there must be more to this story, that would be very perceptive.  I think they are sitting there looking at their watches and wondering when you are going to get to anything closely related to a point 
This trial is an outrage.  I would say it is a joke, but it isn’t funny.  joke is on you
Many people have given me advice on how to present my defense.  As I drove to Missoula a few days ago, I had a lot of time to think you should have been paying attention to the road.  In the clear light of day the light of day isn't clear, I decided to tear up this watered-down version of my presentation to you. well why did you get water on it? I have always told the truth and I am the only one that can verify that, have not been afraid to expose dishonesty and corruption wherever I find it, and I see no reason to change now.
This trial is a horrible injustice. and an outrage? There is no basis for the charges. I believe the only reason the charges haven’t been dismissed is to try to give the Missoula County Attorney’s Office some protection for the malicious prosecution of this case.
I am a documentary film producer/director. I'm just one that hasn't actually produced anything The film is titled Lawless America. and a title is still really all I have
I filmed and worked on my movie and the pilot for a proposed television show from August 4, 2013 until August 23, 2013 in Missoula County Montana and Ravalli County Montana.
On August 21, 2013, to obtain a protective order, The UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE swore under penalty of perjury before a notary that he never emailed me. He wrote: “I have never emailed Mr. Windsor, contrary to his claims.” He sent approximately 88 emails to me.
On August 21, 2013, to obtain the EX-PARTE TOP, The UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE swore under penalty of perjury that I had a gun in Montana. He wrote “he claims to be carrying a firearm” you did claim that and that he was carrying a firearm “on person.” I did not take a gun to Montana in August 2013 or at any time, and I never said I claimed to be carrying a firearm you didn't "say" it but you posted it electronically on your fb page. The UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE knew this. He published statements online acknowledging this.
Please understand what a temporary order of protection is and how it is issued.back to talking down to them....good idea If someone gets mad at you, all they have to do is go online or come down here to the courthouse and obtain a set of forms. yeah its not really that easy They fill out the forms, hand them to the Clerk of the Court for filing, and go home. The Clerk gives them to a justice of the peace or a judge. In this case, a traffic court judge is the one who received the forms, looked at what the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE swore I did, and he signed the EX-PARTE TOP.
The judge never spoke to the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE or me. I didn’t even know it was happening. And virtually everything that the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE swore happened did not happen. I swear it
So, if someone who is mad at you does that and is willing to blatantly lie knowing courts rarely do anything to liars, then a temporary order of protection will be signed affecting your rights. A Missoula County Sheriff’s Deputy will knock on your door and serve you. And you have to abide by the order. It is really, really easy to get a temporary order of protection you have been trying for years now and haven't been able to do it…the more you lie, the easier it is. you have blown that theory sky high 
You’ve probably heard the expression “innocent until proven guilty.” you have probably heard the expression "are we there yet?" But with a temporary order of protection, you are guilty unless a miracle happens and you are able to prove that you didn’t do something that never happened.  or just use facts
It is absolutely outrageous that this is allowed to happen in America. And, it could happen to you. I’m living proof.  everyone's eyes roll at this point 
In my documentary what documentary?, Montana is identified as the most corrupt state in America. where can I view this movie? It’s your state, and I’m sorry that I have to be critical of it, but this place is off the charts corrupt. As you probably know, know, know know no? Missoula has been considered the Rape Capital of America and that has what to do with you?. The U.S. Department of Justice had to get involved to try to clean things up here. The Missoula County Attorney’s Office lets most of the alleged rapists go free. I have said their slogan is “Forget the Rapists; get the emailers.” actually you said tweeters but thats another story isn't it? They let University of Montana football players accused of raping innocent girls go free, but they filed five charges against me for things that are not crimes in an effort to deny me my most fundamental Constitutional rights.
You should know right up front we are way past up front that Judge James A. Haynes was hand-picked to be the judge in this case by whom? – brought in from Ravalli County because I believe he hates my guts not just your guts. Judge Haynes is a fact witness in this case, and he has no business serving as the judge you are telling that to the local citizens that elected him?. You will hear more about this later unless Judge Haynes denies me the ability to present my defense, which I fully expect so you dont have one?. When Jennifer Clark says “objection,” and Judge Haynes says “sustained,” I anticipate that this will usually be Judge Haynes denying me the ability to present my defense  or it could be that you are breaking the rules. I have named Judge Haynes as a corrupt judge along with every other judge who is a judge, and I have filed a 113-point Judicial Misconduct Complaint against him ohhh 113 points, that means you really got him. There will be more to add to the complaint when the trial is over.  at least 200 points 
One of the myths in our society is that we will have an impartial judge and a fair trial. This is a fairy tale. In my opinion, there has been little or nothing fair or impartial about Judge Haynes, and the proceedings in this case have been one violation after another. how many ways can you keep saying the same thing?
Judges all across America do whatever they want. They ignore the facts and the law, and they damage honest people. so says the lawless uneducated vigilante 
Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark looks like a real sweetheart  creepy old man alert. She may be. But in prosecuting this case against me, she has proven that she is dishonest and corrupt. or, that she does her job as the law states Please don’t let her pretty face and smile fool you dirty ole grandpa alert. I do believe that someone else has forced her to pursue this case. Deputy DA's usually do take orders from someone in their office...great work there bill But that gives her no excuse as she is supposed to abide by the Constitution and the law. When I met with Ms. Clark in late November, she told me that she hoped Judge Haynes would dismiss the charges against me.he did, remember?  He didn’t do what I believe the law required, so you must.
As to the charges, yes, I knew there was an Ex Parte Temporary Order of Protection issued against me. I will use the term EX-PARTE TOP in referring to it. Guilty
The EX-PARTE TOP says it expired on September 16, 2013. I know what the word temporary means, which is limited duration. please keep explaining to the jury your mastery of the definition of basic words
I believed the EX-PARTE TOP expired on September 16, 2013 because that is what the EX-PARTE TOP says.
Yes, some mail was sent to attorney Claudia Denker-Eccles.  At the time, I thought the EX-PARTE TOP had been expired for four months.  I also thought the EX-PARTE TOP would not, could not apply to something as vital as service of legal documents.  I was confident that I was not violating the EX-PARTE TOP and would not have sent anything if I knew doing so was a violation. It wasn’t a violation. Guilty 
It is true I did not release or  There was no date on the order.  The law says that you can't be forced to give up property without a hearing.  I assumed the reason there was no date on the EX-PARTE TOP was that the court didn't intend for me to release it unless or until there was a hearing.  The UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE never ASKED me to release anything; there was never a hearing; and the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE withdrew his petition even though I hadn’t released the site.  Under those circumstances, I had no idea I was expected to release the site.  Guilty....ok can we go home now?
I didn’t intend to violate the EX-PARTE TOP. ohhh well then no harm no foul My actions did not violate it.  If I had deliberately ignored the EX-PARTE TOP, I would take responsibility for it.  but I wont  And I would have done hundreds of things that would have violated the order. did thousands 
But I did everything I could to abide by what the EX-PARTE TOP said, even after it expired, solely in an over-abundance of caution.  everything except abide by it 
This trial is a horrible injustice. There is no basis for the charges. creepy old man is repeating himself....bailiff....
When you came to the courthouse today, you had no idea that you would be making history, but you are. history is made everyday  Based upon my research from watching tv shows?, this is the first time in the history of the United States that anyone has been charged with a crime for sending a legally-required service copy of a court filing to an attorney. I haven't actually checked on that, but I'm sure I'm special, my mommy told me I was And it is the first time in history that anyone has been charged with a crime for not giving away personal property in total absence of due process of law. This trial is the final scene in my movie. The movie ends with your verdict: guilty or not guilty. its also the first scene and middle since there is no movie 
I have been producing and directing a documentary film called Lawless America. and I never repeat myself 
I was a magazine publisher for most of my career; began my media work in high school; why dont you tell us what you wanted to be when you grow up? have been a radio and TV announcer and radio news reporter; formerly hosted a weekly TV news show. so clearly this establishes some kind of credibility?   For the last several years, I have published online meaning I have a facebook page, and I have produced online radio and TV shows.  I have over 1,200 news videos active at I worked for several months on a TV special about the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE and the University of Montana. I just don't usually produce anything 
In 2010, I had been married since college well for that matter you were married since college in 2001 too, with two grown children and two wonderful grandchildren, and had retired from a career as an entrepreneur and corporate CEO you forgot serialI began to use the Internet to join with like-minded individuals in pursuit of my interest in exposing government, judicial, and law enforcement corruption. so you fond a bunch of lawless people I developed a website called Lawless America. naturally  In furtherance of these interests, I spent a year driving 50,000 miles across 49 states filming a documentary.  But in 2012, I learned that I and my work had been targeted for destruction. to make a long story short......ohhh never mind 
a lot more blah blah blah ending with:
If you are sitting there thinking at this point they are asleep, my goodness, there’s so much to remember, let me make it simple too late for that. If any of this – any single point – causes you to believe there is reasonable doubt as to whether I committed these alleged crimes, you simply vote NOT GUILTY. And if you think it is an outrage that the State of Montana would have me, a grandfather, put into jail for 134 days so far, strip-searched, sprayed with de-licing spray, exposed to Staph – MRSA – Tuberculosis – Herpes – and Lord only knows what all else, frisked hundreds of times, handcuffed hundreds of times, required to have chains around my waist with handcuffs securing my hands at my waist while shackles were around my ankles (that’s what happened to me every time I came into this courthouse while I was in jail here), held on $4.1 million bond, brought 2,000 miles from Texas and forced to live in jail or a nearby hotel for a year, and forced had to spend tens of thousands of dollars defending myself, then just say no. NOT GUILTY.  well that sounds like something that would happen to a guilty person
You owe no one any explanation of your vote. YOU have the legal right to vote according to your own conscience. Simply vote NOT GULTY.  or even more Guilty