Monday, January 25, 2016

Terrorism by any Other Name is still Terrorism

I haven't touched on the loons at the National Liberty Alliance lately because....well there isn't much to say.  They are still spinning their same wheels, but one thing they have done is wholeheartedly supported the domestic terrorists who are illegally occupying the government building in Oregon. And why not?  These guys are only living out in action the propaganda that John Darash and Bill Windsor spew on a daily basis.  Take note of this article:

Sound familiar?  Illegal citizen grand juries to foster in a sort of shadow government.  Bundy is simply following the play book that John and Bill give their allegiance to.  International terrorism gets most of the press these days and for obvious reasons, but the growing number of domestic terrorist in this nation is alarming as they intend to wage their Jihad by another name.  While the tactics may be different, the goal is the same......the complete destruction of our laws and way of life. Much like the terrorists in Al Quada or ISIS, these domestic american terrorists are poorly educated and only seem to know vague generalizations about this Nation's Founding Fathers and its Constitution.  Instead of educating themselves, they have banded together and formulated their own bastardized version of our Constitution.  Group think is a double edged sword.  Instead of being hesitant and shy about their own lack of education, they are bolstered by fellow idiots that insure them they are right.  This is how cults are formed, and that's what we are seeing play out now in Oregon.  Sure the government is inefficient, burdensome, sometimes corrupt.  Newsflash: that's the way its always been and the way it always will be.  We can help fix some things at the margins but the construct is here to stay....and I for one am glad I live in a nation with laws that don't succumb to the whims of sore losers who can't take responsibility for their own failings. These terrorists are not going away, they are only going to get worse and more extreme.  Its our responsibility to call them what they are and to show them that they are alone and don't speak for the actual American population.


  1. Frank Lee BillsadickJanuary 25, 2016 at 12:12 PM

    "The movement is a group of people who believe they are not subject to the laws and orders of the federal government. If local officials govern closely to federal government rules their authority is moot, according to the movement’s ideology."

    Yep, just like Windsor's plans announced in DC. Of which his disappointed followers flocked to Darish/NLA and probably then they trickled over to join up with the Oregon DT's. (Domestic Terrorists)

    They are all the same. While Windsor appears to have shoved his extra puffy tail up his big, blubbery butt, shorty after his DC blustery Bill show, and the call from the FBI, it does appear he has stayed firm in his own DT plot by single handedly bogging down numerous courts across the US--with the same cost to taxpayers the as noted in the article from the Oregon mess.

    Why should the people be subject to these abuses? There needs to be far swifter punishments IMO.

    1. Very well put GS. I read your blog post yesterday afternoon and agree with every point you made.
      After last night's debacle by #TheWorstMilitiaEver, I'm anxious to hear how these #SovCitz #DonesticTerorists "ranchers", pffffftt, will spin today.
      I must say I was very amused that Jon Ritzheimer, aka but just lemme make yet another goodbye video first, pusscake was safely in AZ at home when the shit got real. Within moments of his buddies being wounded or killed, Jon Ritzheimer was videoing himself, begging for money, again, before he turned himself in to authorities, with barely a mention of those fallen comrades. Seriously reminded me of Windsor making any & every situation about himself.
      #BlueTarpMan? "Pry from my cold, dead hands?" Meh, if you say so. How did that work out?
      IMO, this entire absurdity was allowed to go on far too long. The Feds gave these criminals were more than ample opportunities to leave Oregon & return to their home states early on & they chose not to do that (with the exception of social media video badass Jon Ritzheimer).
      How will the umpteen other splinter groups react? I'd venture a guess Connie, that was over on Windsor's Facebook page, urging him to go to Oregon just days ago, will be stamping her little Sovereign feet, boohoo-ing. I found it typical cowardice that Connie was urging someone else to go join those morons in the Oregon bird refuge, but wouldn't posse up herself.

      I loathe these anti-Americans, spewing ignorant rhetoric, while they're all on the US government's welfare dole. Very hypocritical. Almost as much as calling them "ranchers". Pffffftt. I'll certainly wager blathing Windsor doesn't tear ass off anywhere near Oregon again anytime soon.

  2. Here here. Good call, GS. I'd never heard of Citizens Grand Juries until Bill, and now I see the same thing from pretend cowboys and real terrorists.

  3. I love Bill's facebook post explaining how he really meant to say he couldn't see the trees for the forest.

    I think what he meant to write was that irregardless of the fact that Ginger mockingly pointed it out, Bill literally could care less about what "the Joeys" think. But, for all intensive purposes, he wanted to share his wealth of knowledge that he's gathered while traveling to all four corners of the Earth.

    1. I don't think your elevator goes all the way to the bottom. You are a few fries short of a family meal. You know, what goes around.....makes a circle?

    2. Well, you have to forgive him. He doesn't see forest or trees for the paper.

  4. John Darash/Vidurek might want to be involved by sending faxes from his mighty bank of fax machines, but he has already lost to Jokey DeMoron-Fuckwit in the fight to become the Common Law Grand Jury for the Talibundy terrorists.

    Vidurek and DeMoron-Fuckwit are peddling similar sorts of sovcit garbage, but Darash/Vidurek is too cowardly to stick his head up and expose his stupidity and scams to the wider world and the possible attention of the IRS and law enforcement. DeMoron-Fuckwit has no such shame.

    1. Sounds just like Windsor. Acted all big and bad until the time came to actually implement his plans, but the people following him expected action. So a few did follow his goals, and, the result? Arrested and convicted.

      It's very entertaining to watch these professed leaders spew the Sov Cit play book, but once called on it, are very quick to denounce the title "Sovereign Citizen." Like that fools anyone?
      Changing the wording from "Citizen Grand Jury" to "Common Law Grand Jury." If they're going to act all big and bad, and "Take their country back" then why not own it. They're all butthurt over the "Government betraying them" in some way? Taking away their "rights and freedoms?" How is what they're demanding any different? And with them, they answer to no one but how do they not see or grasp "their" way is a sure fire way to end humanity? In a nut shell. Each little group of whack-a-doodles all believe their way IS the best. They all have their own professed self appointed "Leaders."

      So, lets play out their little plot. They all take over, ridding the Government of the ones they don't like, by way of "treason and death", until they're just left with the rival Sov Cits all running around, all taking over, sitting down with their little whatever the hell name grand jury they made? Then what? some point--they'd be left with grand jurying each other, because the one thing that rings true? They all want to rule the world--the world they believe they own, and everyone else has to bow down to them? It will never end. There will always be one shithead narcissist demanding THEIR way is THE way.

      We need a STFU law for these terrorists. Normal, rational, law abiding citizens should not be paying the bills for these assholes to play their ego-power trippin' games.

      In my opinion, upon information and belief, blah, blah, blah.

    2. Toodaloo to all the douchbaggery in Oregon...

  5. Trump won't attend GOP debate because moderator is "biased."

    Megalomania. We know it well.

    1. You know Megyn Kelly?
      Ya...we know a lot of fake journalists too.